Monday, February 15, 2010

SBPDL on Twitter and Facebook

Be prepared, is the Boy Scout motto. When we started Stuff Black People Don't Like, we didn't expect much. It was an outlet to publicize what most people know, but what few people are willing to discuss.

Now, we have been performing the duties of educating the world on Stuff Black People Don't Like for nearly three quarters of a year.

We have put together something of a following and are finally ready to implement changes to the site (a website redesign).

So, to be prepared for the changes coming, we ask the following: if you like, follow us on Twitter.

If you have Facebook, become a fan by going here.

We don't ask for donations, but we do ask that you donate your time to helping us spread the message of SBPDL. If you have a website or blog, link to us. We link to numerous sites, and if we like yours, we will return the favor.

If you post at forums or other blogs, help spread the message of SBPDL by mentioning us. We grew by word of mouth and believe firmly that that is the way to continue growing.

And, if you have suggestions for how to improve the website or any criticisms, concerns or material (news items to report), email us at

We are preparing for massive growth, but those changes won't come overnight. Until then, be prepared for a number of new posts today. Black History Month Heroes will continue, plus a few surprises are ready to roll out of the SBPDL factory.

Thanks again for reading and we appreciate all of the comments and thoughtful emails we get.

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