Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crystal Mangum Jailed, Duke Lacrosse Keeps Scoring

Once the virtuous, virgin and darling of an incensed Disingenuous White Liberal lynch mob out for blood, the now disgraced Jezebel and lady of the night Crystal Gale Mangum is back in the news.

Not for an alleged tryst with Duke lacrosse players, but for the obviously harmful psychological effects stemming from the legal ordeal she dealt with three years ago:
Durham police arrested Duke lacrosse accuser Crystal Gale Mangum, 33, late Wednesday after she allegedly assaulted her boyfriend, set his clothes on fire in a bathtub and threatened to stab him.

Authorities charged her with attempted first-degree murder, five counts of arson, assault and battery, communicating threats, three counts of misdemeanor child abuse, injury to personal property, identity theft and resisting a public officer.

The entire world seemed to turn into Crusading White Pedagogues, who used the story of rich, pampered and elite white boys - the Duke lacrosse team - and the alleged rape of a disadvantaged, destitute and vulnerable Mangum as a dastardly tale of white privilege in the face of crushing Black poverty.

Of course, the rape charges tossed haphazardly at the three members of the Duke lacrosse team were fallacious and Mangum was left to ply her trade in the matters of the flesh.

Now, it appears she is one the verge of long-term jail time. One of the three musketeers of hate crime hoaxes, Mangum is not expected to solicit Mike Nifong for his legal services.

Stuff Black People Don't Like finds this whole situation disheartening, for we had such high hopes for Mangum's literary career.


Steve said...

LOL there is a bit of Black History I didnt expect to see again.

Alex said...

As a resident of the Duke area of NC I have had a total change in my attitudes towards blacks after having lived and worked here for nearly 15 years now. Crystal Mangum and Eve Carson were my "red pill".

rida44 said...

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes male corrections officers are accused, rightly or wrongly, of sexually-exploiting female prisoners.

Do you think anyone would believe Miss Man-Gum if she now made such an accusation? What was that Bible verse? "Sow the wind, reap a whirlwind."

She's now available, willingly or unwillingly, assuming anyone wants to touch her.

DaveC said...

Whatever color or creed, women to make False Rape accusation should get 20-to-life in prison.

Anonymous said...

"As a resident of the Duke area of NC I have had a total change in my attitudes towards blacks after having lived and worked here for nearly 15 years now."
Four years in the Army in the early 70's was my epiphany.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a girl that was violently gang raped by evil nazi frat boys. Its never going to be her fault. Just ask the Duke faculty, they'll splain it to you.

I don't think black people like the Epic Beard Guy on youtube. Googo dat shit.

Anonymous said...

I hope they give this whore 50 years. This is proof positive that blacks and whites mingling outside of school and work is just a recipe for disaster, and should be avoided at all costs.

Despite the fact that many, especially those on this site would prefer total separation , but that will be impossible due to economic realities of a capitalist nation.

That's why it's always amusing when whites decry Barry the half breed for his perceived socialism. When many white nationalists support socialist ideologies. Ironically similar to the ideologies of many black nationalist groups.

So, I'm not going to shed a single for Ms. Mangum. This house Negro deserves everything she gets. This time her "buddy" Mr. Nifong won't be able to help her.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

SBPDL needs a post on the Epic Beard Man!!!

Anonymous said...

"Despite the fact that many, especially those on this site would prefer total separation , but that will be impossible due to economic realities of a capitalist nation."

I'm not for separating blacks and whites. I'm for aggressively reducing the black population through birth control and abortion. It's the only way. Thank God we have Planned Parenthood

Silent Running said...

Despite the fact that many, especially those on this site would prefer total separation , but that will be impossible due to economic realities of a capitalist nation.

I'm sure the Romans thought that their country would last forever. But it didn't. And neither will the United States.

The nation that replaces the U.S. could advocate any number of philosophies: capitalism, socialism, separationism... Time will tell.

The fact that you desperately wish to enjoy the white man's free market into eternity is understandable. Your wish that separation remain an impossibility is also understandable, but the future is not an extrapolation of present trends. If given the chance to begin again, do you think whites would choose to include your people? Every day, more and more whites are receiving their "red pills." Thank God.

Anonymous said...

Black people REALLY dont like Epic Beard Man.

Silent Running said...

My last response to Black Guy's wishful thinking was too risque for print, eh?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Silent Running...

Not in the least. I just didn't moderate it right away - iPhones don't always let you get things accomplished quickly!

Black guy makes, as he does often, very interesting points.

However, one question for him. I have deemed the USofA Black Run America (BRA)... and the Crystal Mangum story is one of the finest examples of why this is the truth.

Recall when the story broke of the purported rape. EVERYONE rushed to her side, despite a shocking lack of evidence. EVERY major newspaper published gushing accounts of her story, her life and discussed the evil white boys running around Duke, prepared to copulate with any biped on campus.

Despite her questionable past, very few if any people questioned the validity of Mangum's story of the lacrosse gang bang.

Rape is a serious allegation and it can destroy a man's life - regardless of race - and Mangum's charges (though she is still innocent until proven guilty) look to put her away in the safe confines of a jail cell. For her sake, make it padded.

Notice though, that I wrote INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

In BRA, a guiding principle is a white person is always assumed to be guilty until proven innocent in dealings with minority groups, as the Duke lacrosse team was from the very start of the fiasco they had to endure.

Anonymous said...

This is one black person that likes the Epic Beard Man.

-Black guy

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Black guy and everyone else,

Epic Beard Man is an interesting story. I'll look into it more before a post comes. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Question for Black Guy.....perceived socialism? Hell son, Obama is a marxist per and simple. Ever wonder why they keep his college records, papers, etc. from the public eye?

White Guy from Texas

Silent Running said...

SBPDL, apologies for my impatience. You make some excellent points.

What's most striking about cases like Mangum, where a supposed act of unspeakable racism turns out to be a hoax, is how quickly they vanish into the memory hole when the truth is made known. The loss of media interest is instantaneous. Apart from right-wing media, the Duke Lacrosse case turned radioactive overnight. This by itself is evidence of the anti-white racism that permeates the corridors of power.

Anonymous said...

White guy from Texas,

Everyone is an open minded liberal in college, because that where it is cool and hip.

The reality is Barry the half breed is a corrupt capitalist(not that there's anything wrong with that),because the liberal thing is an act that gets you elected.

Hell, you probably believe G.W. Bush was a cowboy, instead of just another privileged rich kid.

Saying you're going to help the poor, and then take billions to give to multi-national corporations doesn't make you a socialist. It makes you a liar.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows this chick got payed off so the duke boys wouldn't go to jail...they threw that chick more money than she had ever seen at one time - prolly like 20grand and waited for her dumb ass to do anything so they could tell the world who she was......and black people love epic beard guy

Anonymous said...

What Crystal Mangum needs in her life is a good black man like me: CRYSTAL MANGUM WILL YOU MARRY ME (Black June)