Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV - And the Winner will be?

We already pointed out the incredible correlation between the homicide rate in New Orleans and home games when the Saints are playing.

The tranquility of the city - as it relates to the euphoria surrounding the Saints - ostensibly wears off as soon as the Saints go marching off, when you consider the racial hysteria unfolding in the mayoral race.

So, will the incredibly white Indianapolis Colts defeat the racial congenial Saints?:
"In a place where music and food can break down racial barriers but true dialogue between the groups is rare, nearly universal joy over the Saints' newfound success has created a new common language and solidified a shared identity.

The French Quarter, a largely white domain during Mardi Gras, seemed equally crammed with black and white fans after the NFC title game. White Uptowners dressed in black and gold finery gleefully slapped high-fives with dreadlocked black men sporting gilded grills. As many black fans wore Drew Brees' No. 9 jersey as Reggie Bush's No. 25 and the same was true for the white fans."
We at Stuff Black People Don't Like have our money on a Colts romp. Peyton Manning connects with Austin Collie and Dallas Clark for three touchdowns between the two and the Colts win 38-21, dousing the hopes and dreams of the multi-racial, yet uniformly one Saints fan base.

After the game, New Orleans will be back to normal. The so-called Soul of America's city will go down in a might conflagration and return to a most unfortunate racial reality of misplaced dreams.

Of course, this all is supplanted with the news of the "Chocolate City" electing a white mayor:
Frustrated by term-limited Mayor Ray Nagin's leadership of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, voters elected Louisiana Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu to succeed him Saturday, turning to a political scion to speed up the city's recovery.

Landrieu, 49, became the majority-black city's first white mayor since 1979, the year his father Moon left the office. The mayor-elect, a moderate Democrat, won in a landslide over a field of 10 opponents. Democrat Troy Henry, a black businessman, came in second...

The campaign also focused on the city's violent crime and slumping finances. Landrieu, who lost to Nagin in a runoff four years ago, was a welcome change for some voters who grew frustrated with the city's current mayor.

Little known outside New Orleans before Katrina, Nagin became a central and sometimes controversial figure in a city struggling to recover. Nagin won re-election as he courted black voters in the 2006 campaign, and notoriously pledged after the hurricane that New Orleans would be a "chocolate city" again, offending many whites.

Sports are the only way positive images of Black people are created (outside of entertainment). (America's team) Saints lose big... New Orleans back to normal, even with a white mayor.


Anonymous said...


I was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles. I could give a rats ass about New Orleans, The Saints, or that dude those hicks elected mayor.

"New Orleans back to normal"

What exactly do you mean by that? The streets will be paved with gold? Most likely not. Although that would be great, since it would help to keep some of those yahoos out of L.A. seeking "fame and fortune".

White people were offended by the "chocolate city" remark? Wow! That's really pathetic. Especially when all of the smart people were more concerned about how that phony opportunist changed parties to run for mayor. Los Angeles is no chocolate city, but it is the place to be to make money. The weather is great and the women(black) are beautiful.

-Black guy

B Herder said...

Well Paul ... Hope you didn't bet too much $$

Pretty sucky SB this year.. Even the commercials were sub par. Although the one with the dog collar and the one with Favre were pretty good.

I wonder how much of NO is on fire right now?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the new WHITE mayor will not allow any monkey business or hi jinks.

The rules are simple. White folks flip over a police car, it's a celebration. Blacks do the same, it's a riot.

Does this mean "It's a black world" is coming to an end? If so I'll tell my wife to light a candle. It would be ironic for it to end on "black history" month.

-Black guy

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

No... The Black world has only just begun. Remember, most of New Orleans were displaced after Katrina and never returned.

They brought a taste of that city to Atlanta, Houston, Memphis and other areas.

Anonymous said...

Did they bring a taste of New Orleans to Russia? Those good white folks aren't doing so hot. One comedian joked that place is like Africa, but with millions of white folks.

Also it might interest you to that their resident house negro only won by less than 800 votes. Black people are moving out of Atlanta and whites are moving in. Soon there will be a white mayor and all will be right with your world. At least in Georgia, but you have to start somewhere.

Maybe then poor white Southerners will stop blaming the system for their problems.

-Black guy

Silent Running said...

I was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles. I could give a rats ass about New Orleans, The Saints, or that dude those hicks elected mayor.

Nobody cares what you think. You're one individual black. You obviously post here in an attempt to persuade SBPDL that blacks are like you, but your views and considerations aren't indicative of the black state of mind. All stereotypes contain a kernel of truth, and this is certainly true of the stereotypes brought to light by this website.

Blacks in this country are only relevant insofar as they are murdering, raping, and robbing whites. Poor white southerners aren't murdering your brothas so they shouldn't be any of your concern. We are not all in this together, we are not all Americans, and we do not have to learn to live with each other. Eventually whites will realize that the presence of the Negro in any substantial numbers is a net loss to his civilization and will take steps toward total separation. Blacks can be depended upon to further this view by their own innate savagery.

In the meantime, ask yourself what you're doing here. What is this need you have to engage whites? Do you secretly desire our approval? Do you want us to step up and rule you with a firm hand again? Tell me why it is that blacks are so obsessed with white people.

Anonymous said...

Silent running,

I'm here because outside of "Niggermania" this is one of the funniest sites on the internet. Also, because I understand that this country is controled by money, and nothing else. Besides I just like busting people's balls.

"Do you secretly desire our approval?"

We are all faceless strangers on the internet. Why would someone with family and real friends need to connect with or seek approval from total strangers? Maybe that's just a white thing.

"Tell me why is it that blacks are so obsessed with white people"

Do you see the irony in saying that on a blog that obsessed about any and everything black?

-Black guy

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

This game was a shocker. Peyton out played himself and out thought himself on the field. He audibled on nearly every play and executed a ball-control offense throughout the game by taking the playing clock inside the 5 second mark on nearly every play.

Unlike in the past, Manning is the only QB who calls EVERY play on the field, without the insight of an offensive coordinator high above the field analyzing each defensive formation and calling in plays to a radio in his helmet.

Really, when you think about the pace of an NFL game and the complex defenses, this is an incredible feat.

However, in Super Bowl 44, Manning out thought himself.

Kudos to New Orleans.

Silent Running said...

"We are all faceless strangers on the internet. Why would someone with family and real friends need to connect with or seek approval from total strangers? Maybe that's just a white thing."

I was speaking about blacks in general, since you speak for them. As a whole they are certainly obsessed with whites, you obviously being no exception.

My theory is that deep down blacks know that whites produce the wealth that sustains them (which blacks are incapable of producing themselves) and that without whites their standard of living would quickly come to resemble that of darkest Africa. So they need whites and resent them for that need. Think that theory has any merit?

"Do you see the irony in saying that on a blog that obsessed about any and everything black?"

This site isn't obsessed with anything; it points things out that a lot of people know but are afraid to say, and always in a humorous fashion.