Sunday, February 28, 2010

#344. The Earthquake in Chile

Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) salivate over the opportunity to help those less fortunate than themselves, especially if those people are Black.

When the 7.0 earthquake devastated an already devastated nation in Haiti, DWLs jumped at the opportunity to showcase the horrendous state of this poor, 99 percent Black nation and gave a multitude of reasons why every effort to lift up a nation already propped up through massive foreign aid and charity must be helped once again:
Eight days after the devastating earthquake struck near Haiti's capital, donations for relief efforts are still pouring in -- in excess of $305 million..

Charities, companies, individuals and celebrities across the U.S. have been rallying together in the aftermath of the 7.0-magnitude quake last Tuesday, and their efforts are paying off.

As of Wednesday afternoon, over $305 million in donations had been raised, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, a newspaper covering nonprofit organizations. The estimate is based on a survey of 29 charities contributing the largest amounts of money to Haiti.
Haiti, a Black republic run by the (Black) people, for the (Black) people and of the (Black) people, was in such a melancholy state prior to the seismic activity that leveled the shanty town of Port-au-Prince that showing pictures before the earthquake and after would leave people scratching their heads as to which depicted the devastation from the geological event.

We've said it before: Haiti shows the sad reality of human existence (while simultaneously showing the altruistic spirit that white people are famous for bestowing on the Black world) and it also paints an unsettling picture for Black people in America.

Looking around majority run Black cities and counties (Jefferson County in Alabama and Clayton County in Georgia), one can see signs of a slipping to Haiti-like conditions - see Detroit - and this worries Black people.

Riots, nothing new to Haiti, were prevalent before the earthquake and ubiquitous after, despite the onrushing of aid to the Black Republic:
At a makeshift tent city in a schoolyard in Port-au-Prince’s Delmas neighbourhood, now home to between 5,000 and 7,000 homeless people, violence broke out over food.

“Too many people need to eat — it’s not organized,” said Guerline Stjour, standing on the sidelines with other women.
“People are desperate,” said Birgit Zeitler. “We asked for security. It didn’t come.”

The six Nepalese UN blue helmets sent to help the German group watched on the sidelines, helpless to stop the riots and unable to communicate with the large group.

Haiti’s national police officers waved their guns in the air to no avail.
Then a convoy of large trucks arrived in the school’s parking lot and the crowd rushed forward. The trucks carried medication and the people walked away with looks of desperation.
A refusal to have rioting in Chile, swiftly defused with a proficient military incursion. Why didn't that happen in New Orleans after Katrina, when even police resorted to looting?

We are the World, the theme song for white people who fancy themselves as cool, hip and crusaders in the cause of leveling the biological inequities that exist among disparate population groups, won’t be used as a selling point for guilt-trips to send money to Chile.

That nation in South America is not privy to the largesse accumulated through the efforts of celebrities through telethons and endless commercials for one reason: a lack of a pathetically inept Black population to feel paternalistic toward.

Chile was hit with a horrifying 8.8 earthquake on the Richter scale on Saturday (the equivalent of nearly 32 billion tons of TNT for Seismic Energy Yield, as opposed to the paltry 32 millions felt in Port-au-Prince) that left just under 1000 dead:
Buildings caught fire, bridges collapsed and debris blocked streets across swathes of central Chile, but the initial death toll was relatively low from a quake packing many times more power than the one that devastated Haiti last month.

A 15-storey building collapsed in Concepcion, the closest major city to the epicenter, and overturned cars lay scattered below a fallen overpass in the capital Santiago. Telephone and power lines went down, making it difficult to assess the full extent of the damage and loss of life.
The rioting that Haiti has had to deal with since the earthquake (and well, since Haiti was founded) has not been quelled in the same manner that riots are stymied in Chile:
Chile's president sent the army to help police attack looting on Sunday and appealed for international help in the wake of an earthquake that shattered cities and killed at least 708 people…

Police said more than 100 people died in Concepcion, the largest city near the epicenter with more than 200,000 people. The university was among the buildings that caught fire around the city as gas and power lines snapped. Many streets were littered with rubble from edifices and inmates escaped from a nearby prison.

Police used water cannon and tear gas to scatter people who forced open the doors of the Lider supermarket in Concepcion, hauling away everything from diapers to dehydrated milk to a kitchen stove.
Black people look at the images from Chile and cringe. Some in the media have tried to discuss the glaring differences in the earthquakes between the undeniably poor Haiti and prosperous Chile:
The earthquake in Chile was far stronger than the one that struck Haiti last month — yet the death toll in this Caribbean nation is magnitudes higher.

The reasons are simple.

Chile is wealthier and infinitely better prepared, with strict building codes, robust emergency response and a long history of handling seismic catastrophes. No living Haitian had experienced a quake at home when the Jan. 12 disaster crumbled their poorly constructed buildings.
And Chile was relatively lucky this time.

Saturday's quake was centered offshore an estimated 21 miles (34 kilometers) underground in a relatively unpopulated area while Haiti's tectonic mayhem struck closer to the surface — about 8 miles (13 kilometers) — and right on the edge of Port-au-Prince, factors that increased its destructiveness.

"Earthquakes don't kill — they don't create damage — if there's nothing to damage," said Eric Calais, a Purdue University geophysicist studying the Haiti quake.

The U.S. Geological Survey says eight Haitian cities and towns — including this capital of 3 million — suffered "violent" to "extreme" shaking in last month's 7-magnitude quake, which Haiti's government estimates killed some 220,000 people. Chile's death toll was in the hundreds.
Mr. Calais can be pardoned for his rather misinformed statement. No one can know how many people died in Haiti, but the number can be ascertained in Chile for one reason – they are a nation that is capable of taking care of itself.

And Black people know another apparent reason is true too – the Black person in Chile is as rare a sight as the Black person at a Tea Party or a Republican function in America. Out of 16 million people, Chile has so few Black people that they constitute a statistical anomaly and aren’t even registered as an ethnicity by the CIA Fact Book:

Studies on the ethnic structure of Chile are non-conclusive and might vary significantly from one study to the next.

UNAM professor of Latin American studies, Francisco Lizcano, believes Chile has an estimated 52.7% of European descent, with mestizos estimated at 44%.

A study conducted by the University of Chile found that within the Chilean population 30% are white, the mestizos component of predominantly white ancestry is estimated at 65%. Other study of the University of Chile and other found a white majority that would exceed 60% to 90% of the Chilean population.

According to the Census 2002, 4.6% of the Chilean population considered themselves indigenous, although most show varying degrees of mixed ancestry
Chile has no Black people. Haiti has an overabundance of Black people that make the island nation look like District 9, compared to the nation of Chile that looks like Avatar in comparison.
Haiti has 9 million Black people.

Of those 9 million, 99 percent live in such a state of poverty that their Black ancestors, who slaughtered the white people in the 1790s and early 1800s, might reconsider their actions if they could see the surreal, truculent life their actions helped pave the way for.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes the earthquake in Chile, for the power of that quake was of such a higher magnitude than the one that destroyed the already destroyed Port-au-Prince that the only obvious answer for why that could be is due to the population dynamics that helped create each nation.

Chile has white people and no Black people. Haiti has 9 million Black people and realizes on the generosity of white people to function at even a 3rd world level.

These are facts of the highest discontentment to Black people (look at the history of Haiti vs. Chile for more information on this melancholy realization).

We are the World? Chileans have no use for “being” the world nor helping every nation become Haiti. Black people wonder when Atlas will shrug in Black Run America (BRA), for he never had to in Chile.


Anonymous said...


I never realized that there were so many black Americans from Haiti. Or that we compare and contrast footage from the recent quake in Chile. I don't have a personal connection to neither of those places.

I can't tell you if the earthquake is # 344 of things us blacks don't like , but I bet the quake is #1 for stuff people of Chile don't like.

Since there are white people in Chile. I suppose you guys will be behind YOUR president Barry the half breed in sending emergency aid to your "brothers and sisters". Personally the people of Chile will receive what the people of Haiti got, nothing.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

The people of Haiti got nothing? Typical ingratitude from blacks.

Porter said...

"That nation in South America is not privy to the largesse accumulated through the efforts of celebrities through telephones and endless commercials for one reason: a lack of a pathetically inept Black population to feel paternalistic toward."

Dead on point. When tragedy strikes, whites expect other whites to behave like civilized human beings: to persevere, organize, and rebuild. In contrast, whites expect blacks to behave precisely as they do, i.e., to alternate between helpless sloth and mindless rioting-- all the while demanding to know why whitey wasn't better prepared to help them.

Blacks should truly worry that one day whites will simply disassociate from them utterly. No food, no medicine, no technology, no agriculture, no engineering, no machinery, nothing. Just 365 black, as McDonalds might say. Within 30 years the population of Sub-Saharan Africa would be halved.

kurt cobain was a fag said...

Negroes are nothing if not predictable.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL never did do a topic on the "Winter Olympics"...I must say there was nary a black person on any of the coverage for this event, not even for sportscasting!

Anonymous said...

30 Years??????????

Without food aid to Africa, it would only require about a year for the population to be halved.

Anonymous said...

you all all idiots and believe your own lies about "Black" people
i will leave it athat because thats the only truth in this post

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last Anon,

Every post on this site uses facts - Hate Facts maybe - but they are facts...

Haiti is a Black nation. Chile is not.

End of discussion.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

We did do one about the Winter Olympics!!

Anonymous said...

im laughing at black guy's comment about getting nothing. What are we? The hated santee clause to you?

Anonymous said...

Quote from Black Guy;

"Since there are white people in Chile. I suppose you guys will be behind YOUR president Barry the half breed in sending emergency aid to your "brothers and sisters". Personally the people of Chile will receive what the people of Haiti got, nothing."

Dude that was mighty whiny sounding to me. I thought you were the 'intellectual' type of your kind. Hrmm... Stereotypes win again...


Anonymous said...

I have turned 40 yrs. old and have been a liberal all my life and will always be a liberal to a point. But, I am done with trying to pass the Black litmus test everytime I encounter Black folk. I don't think any race is better than another, but I do know having experienced enough violence and intimidation from Blacks over the last 25 yrs. I am done. Don't want to be around you, live near you, or put up with the lame excuses any longer.
I prey for the day the white/European race says "Enough, you are on your own" just like Egypt said to the Jews, hence the Jews had to pull themselves up and leave Egypt.

Instead of bling, bling, bling, and hoe this and hoe that perhaps you all shut develop some true grit and help yourselves become productive people.

Anonymous said...

Well what do you expect. Here in America black people riot when a CRIMINAL of their color is arrested by a white officer for killing someone.

There's a saying.

"You can take an animal out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the animal."

I think that applies here.

Anonymous said...

I am a 39 yr. old, black male in Philadelphia.

When I received a full academic scholarship to attend a prestigious boarding secondary school, I was one of 24 black students in a school population of 650. There were many (both black and white) who said I received the scholarship because of my race. Not because I studied hard, made good grades, and scored well on standardized tests, no - it was because I was black.

When I went away to college, I was one of 14 black students in a school population of over 2,000. There were many there (both black and white) who told me I was only there because I was black. Not because I graduated on the Dean's List from one of the most prestigious secondary schools in the world and not because I scored 1300 on my SATs - no, I was only accepted into college because I was black. Most also assumed that as a black student, I was receiving financial aid that should have gone to a qualified white candidate. Granted the people that made this assumption did not understand that the United Negro College Fund only provides financial aid to students attending historically black colleges and all of my financial aid came in the form of Pell Grants and Student Loans (which I have paid back in full).

When I graduated college, I taught at another prestigious boarding school. I was one of six African-Americans on a Faculty of one-hundred and fifty-one. And, once again, there were a number of people who said to me at one point in time or another that the only reason I was there was because I was black. Not because I was qualified.

After a couple of years there, I decided I wanted to live in a City.

Living in the City of Philadelphia has taught me that no one has a monopoly on ignorance, prejudice, and bigotry, just as no one has a monopoly on hard work, effort, and kindness.

The world is a vast and varied place with vast and varied people. Some people can face the struggles of modern life and take what comes at them in stride. Others prefer to cling to some fleeting notion of tribalism.

Whether that individual clings to a notion of their "blackness" or their "whiteness" the end result is always the same narrow minded, shallow, bigoted asshole in spite of their ethnic heritage.

Porter said...

To the poor put-upon black fellow from Philadelphia:

I'm struggling to imagine why it is your white classmates and colleagues might have thought you were an undeserving affirmative action selection. How could they have come to such a plainly erroneous conclusion?

I give up. It's a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous black guy in Philadelphia:

It's "graduated FROM college. Graduated FROM college." Okay? You don't "graduate college." The college itself is not awarded a degree. You are. Or were. But I'm not sure why.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

To almost over the hill Black Man from Philadelphia,

Why do you think people looked at you with suspicious eyes as you made your way through the academic hallways of Predominately White Institutions (PWIs)?

Ever read or heard of The Bell Curve? There do exist high-achieving Black people and low achieving white people in terms of cognitive ability.

Why though, are there so precious few Black doctors and lawyers and why has a Black person never received a Nobel Prize in anything save for the categories of peace or literature?

Why no hard science Nobel?

Why is Chile a productive country? Why is Haiti the worlds perpetual charity case?

Race. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Negro:

What does your multi-paragraph pity-party have to do with the earthquake in Chile?

Anonymous said...

Well, look at all the racists going ape all over this. Guess what? Race hasn't got anything to do with it. Race is a social construct, it is biologically meaningless. I bet that if there was an earthquake, then chances are, you wouldn't have a first clue on what to do about it. Can you erect an earthquake-proof building? Can you organize a group of people in emergency situations? Let's face it, you can even imagine to live a decently easy life because of the kindness and the graciousness of the people who are smarter than you or work harder than you. You are all nothing but a bunch of smoochers taking credits for something you haven't even done. If you "race", or your "nation" has done something great, then it doesn't mean that YOU personally have actually done something great. Get your head straight.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

I'm not a trained engineer, or else I would be able to design a building capable of withstanding an earthquake.

It would be tough to build by myself though, which is why you have foremen, construction crews, managers, electricians, plumbers, etc., to help erect the building - plus the hundreds of part suppliers helping to provide the materials, and the countless individuals helping construct those parts.

It takes a lot of hard work to build anything and yes, that requires teamwork. Whether that is a building, stadium or.... a NATION, it requires people working together, if it that includes the horrible notion of the socially constructed false paradigm of race!

A nation is only as good as the people who inhabit that state.

Would you rather live in socialism in Finland or in the beauty of Haiti?

Would you rather have been in Chile during the quake there, or have been in Port-au-Prince?

Now, even though to you race is a social construct, which socially constructed people would you rather be around during the aftermath of the quakes?

Chile or Haiti?

Would you rather live in Chile or Haiti?

JAlexander said...

I am sad to see that this ignorance exists. I just checked my calendar and the year us 2010. I need for all of you to get a life. You are all probably typing your racists comments from your double-wide with your klan outfit on. You are probably right-wing "Christians" too! What a pity that idiots like you exists. May God show some mercy and give you some wisdom.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand why the people that don't like what is being said is even on this site. Being black, I know if I click on a site that says, stuffblackpeopledontlike, I'm probably going to see something that may make my head turn to the side a bit.

If we don't like what is being portrayed about us, we need to do something about it. Where I used to work, black people complained all the time about being passed up for promotions. I would hear the same tired excuse about not being the right color, blah blah blah. In less than a year I was promoted 3 times. Why? Because I worked my ass off! It can be that simple sometimes... We need to stop holding our hands out waiting for someone to open the door. Open the damn door yourself and walk in!

As far as Chile vs Haiti goes... Facts don't lie. Sad but true...

Anonymous said...

Jalexander, I am not sure if you know what hypocrite means but you sure as hell need to look in a mirror.
"I hate ignorance and prejudice so I am going to type ignorant, prejudiced comments".

Anonymous said...

The only thing I ever intend to donate to blacks is grief, misery and lead!

Anonymous said...

Race is a social construct. Yeah sure it is.

I've heard it said many times that we share 98% or more of our genetics with chimpanzees.

So, if that seemingly-minute 2% of our genetic code is enough to create THAT BIG of a difference, it wouldn't take all that much at all to create the physical and cognitive differences between the races, now would it?

If race is indeed a social construct, how do you explain the fact that the race of skeletal remains can be determined from differences in bone structure? This must be genetic, no?

I tell you it would be so much easier to be on the multicultural side. You can just make up and say whatever you want when the winds shift and no one says boo.

Anonymous said...

“Haiti’s problems are Haiti’s. Let them murder themselves, starve, and perish from AIDS. Good riddance to them. They brought their problems upon themselves. That entire pesthole is not worth a single American soldier’s life.”