Friday, February 26, 2010

Black History Month Heroes - Dr. Ed 'Braz' Brazzelton in "The Core"

The month of February is nearly over and having Black History Month condensed into such a short amount of time is a criminal offense that should be punished with the swift justice of Black Run America's (BRA) judicial system (thankfully, Black farmers have just received $1.25 billion for their collective discrimination during Pre-Obama America).

365 days exist in the year and spending a trivial 28 (29 some years) days learning about Black people and Black history is hardly enough time to educate oneself on the contributions of a people who were brought to America originally in chains.

With those chains of bondage broken, Black people were free to become whatever they wanted. However, laws were created that established "separate, but equal" facilities throughout the land. Eventually, Black people (with the help of Disingenuous White Liberals) rallied for equal rights before the law, which they eventually garnered.

However, this was not enough and thus the idea of BRA was created. The majority population must be subservient to Black people in each of the 50 states that comprise the United States of America. College admissions, job applications, the lack of minorities on television became issues that demanded extra-rights for the previously unequal before the law Black people. The unequal distribution of LSAT, SAT, ACT, MCAT (even Wonderlic) scores between the races is but a lasting remnant of discrimination that must be uprooted. All blame for the poor performance of Black students in BRA can be easily placed upon white people and the historic stain of racism.

The notion of the racial gap in learning is an apparition that can be removed with the skillful teachings of Crusading White Pedagogues. Anytime the discussion of crime turns to the strange coincidence of a high preponderance of Black criminals compared to their proportion of the general population, that conversation can be quelled immediately for the high crime of using outlawed Hate Facts in a debate rigged by agents of BRA, who blame these insignificant facts on white racism.

The culpability for any Black failure in America is always white racism. Always. Even in Black Run America.

Black History Month and the gatekeepers of this important month long festival that celebrates Blackness in its every form are at a crossroads. If the Out of Africa Theory of human evolution is true, why are so few of the advances in technology from the imaginative minds of Black people?

Black inventors have a Hall of Fame
, but the names that have been pulled together would barely be enough to field a pick-up game in basketball. Black inventors of inventions that are of important use to 21st Americans are so difficult to find, a top resource for teachers is reduced to making some inventions up!

Black Run America
(BRA) needs heroes. Athletes can only take the notion of Black supremacy so far, but actors have the ability of manipulating peoples minds through the positive mainstreaming of certain characteristics that are noticeably absent from history. Mainly, the ability to imagine new devices that will reduce once difficult tasks to the mundane - inventions.

Thus, the need for fictional Black History Month! Stuff Black People Don't Like has worked hard all month to locate positive images of Black people from film and television that have absolutely nothing to do with reality and no influences to base the character upon.

In Delroy Lindo's character from the 2003 film The Core, we have found a Black fictional scientist so unique in his uniqueness that he stands out as the ultimate fictional Black History Month character.

Don't remember The Core? Well, don't fell bad. The film was a bomb on par with The Princess and The Frog, grossing $31 million in the US despite its $60 million budget and status as one of the big summer disaster films.

Lindo, an accomplished actor, is not be blamed for his decision to be cast in a film so embarrassingly bad that it is rarely aired on television. What was the film about?:
Several worldwide events, such as pigeons losing their ability to navigate in Trafalgar Square, and the computers on the Space Shuttle Endeavour sending it far off course and forcing the pilots to land in the Los Angeles River basin, cause leading geology experts Drs. Josh Keyes (Aaron Eckhart), Serge Leveque (Tchéky Karyo), and Conrad Zimsky (Stanley Tucci) to surmise that rotation of Earth's molten core is slowing down, leading eventually to the collapse of the electromagnetic field which will expose the surface to the Sun's lethal radiation. The three develop a top-secret plan with the United States government to bore into the Earth's core and plant a series of nuclear charges at precise points to restart the core's motion and restore the field. They design a multi-compartment, snake-like vessel called the Virgil with the help of Ed "Braz" Brazzelton (Delroy Lindo), who has developed both a means of quickly boring through rock using an array of powerful lasers, and a material called "unobtainium" for its hull that can withstand the high pressures within the core.
Brazzelton created Virgil, which bore to the core of the earth, and was an advanced practitioner of weaponizing lasers. The scarcity of Black inventors throughout history notwithstanding, the character of Brazzelton stretches the bounds of credulity to new dimensions (the plot of the film is explained here).

The oddity of a Black scientist in The Core was picked up by two actual Black owners of PhD's in advanced sciences who hoped the positive image as portrayed by Lindo would encourage Black people to pursue degrees in the hard sciences:
In 2001, Moore and Penn co-founded the nonprofit “Brothers Building Diversity in the Sciences,” aimed at increasing the number of underrepresented minorities obtaining PhDs or MD-PhDs in the biomedical sciences.

And on Tuesday, March 25, Moore and Penn’s foundation will get a boost from Hollywood - at a special movie premier of the science fiction thriller “The Core,” starring black actor Delroy Lindo. In the movie, Lindo plays a geophysicist and inventor who becomes a member of a team of gifted scientists bent on saving the world from total destruction. The special premier, the brainchild of Lindo and hosted by Paramount, is intended to raise money for the Building Diversity nonprofit, as well as for The African American Male Achievers Network and The Algebra Project.

The need to increase the numbers of underrepresented minorities in engineering, math and the sciences is great. In the biological sciences, for instance, blacks and Latinos represent less than 6 percent of PhD scientists. Moore and Penn, who received their PhDs at UCSF and who say they have tutored and mentored hundreds of minorities during their academic careers, are now applying what they learned along the way.

“There is a completely different culture in science - one that I had to learn how to integrate, while keeping my identity and personality. I want to teach students this culture before they get to graduate school in order to make an already hard transition easier,” says Moore.

“Brothers Building Diversity in the Sciences,” which will be launched next year, will include the mentoring effort that Moore and Penn currently carry out with high school and college students - particularly those at junior colleges, “where many minorities are,” says Moore.
Though the group has since changed its name, Brother Building Diversity in the Sciences (now Building Diversity in the Sciences), primary mission is still intact; to wage a war against the whiteness of the hard sciences:
Over the years, minorities have made tremendous strides in the workplace. But you still don't find many in fields that require science or engineering degrees. ABC7 Salutes two men who are trying to change that, one student at a time.

Oakland's Jason Randolph is studying for a degree in biology, but it is his own genetics that make him feel out of place at school.

Jason Randolph, student: "I kind of feel like I am basically just kind of another name, a name on the list and I fulfill the quota."

Less than three percent of African Americans and even fewer Latinos, earned doctorates in science and engineering fields in 2004.

Michael Penn, M.D., Ph.D.: "Minority students are significantly under-repesented in science and medicine."

Michael Penn knows. He and friend Fred Moore are among the few who've earned advanced degrees.

Fred Moore, Ph.D.: "No one gets ahead in life by themselves."

The two UC San Francisco graduates felt they had a responsibility to help minorities succeed. In 2001 they created the non-profit Brothers Building Diversity in the Sciences.

Fred Moore: "The organization basically is to help under-represented minority students, college students get interested, get excited and get that passion for science."

They team up students with minority mentors working in the sciences.

Fred Moore: "The non-profit creates this very nurturing environment where students get two or three mentors for each student that can help assist them with whatever their strenghts and weaknesses are, bring those out and help to nurture them."

The failures of Black people in the hard sciences has led to some California schools to re-consider the goals of public education, by handcuffing overachieving white students in the sciences by doing away with the classes altogether:

The racial madness that has left-wing America in its thrall finds its apogee in the Berkeley, California public schools. Berkeley High School is now poised to eliminate science laboratory classes because "science labs were largely classes for white students." Eric Klein writes in the East Bay Express: "The proposal to put the science-lab cuts on the table was approved recently by Berkeley High's School Governance Council, a body of teachers, parents, and students who oversee a plan to change the structure of the high school to address Berkeley's dismal racial achievement gap, where white students are doing far better than the state average while black and Latino students are doing worse."
Black scientists are so rare and the achievement gap between the races is so grand that the only potential leveler of this problem is the removal of classes that equip some students to acquire greater knowledge than others in the field of hard sciences. If reality can't produce a Dr. Ed Brazzelton, than film can. If reality can produce white scientists of Dr. Ed Brazzelton's intellect, than we must do away with the classes that prepare those students from achieving that type of scientific advancements in our technology.

The Core is a science fiction movie. Dr. Ed Brazzelton is a science fiction character and he is also a fictional Black History Month hero at Stuff Black People Don't Like.

When whites become a minority in the United States, will Black failure still be blamed on the inherent white racism that permeates throughout the land?

The Core has been named one of the worst movies of all time and coincidentally, one of the movies with the worst usage of physics ever made (Rotten Tomatoes gives it an aggregate rating of 42 percent out of 100). We hope the inclusion of a Black geophysicist had nothing to do with this.


Phalluster said...

While I am hesitant to plead for any pandering from this excellent blog, I would be disappointed if Fictional Black History Month lapsed without the inclusion of the two black altruists from 'American History X.' The rational, magnanimous Dr. Sweeney enlightens the white nationalist that nothing in his ideology has ever made his life even one bit better, which is why he gave up his own hatred of whites long ago. He preaches his message of tolerance through African literature. The humble, generous Lamont provides both self-deprecating reductionism and fatherly protection for this misguided white man. He shies away from credit for staying the beasts and expects nothing in return for his impressive efforts.

The finale of the movie also teaches whites an important lesson, as the newly-reformed younger brother of the white nationalist is murdered by a black peer for his past indiscretions. Though racism is logically proven futile, a literal warning shot alerts any skeptical white audience that sins of racism will be punished most harshly, without trial, and that mere epiphany does not clear your debts. Beware, you racist whites!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Two days are left... don't worry, we still haven't done any movies with Denzel Washington or Will Smith.

American History X is one of my favorite films and I noticed the exact same message you did.

I have five more to do... let the countdown begin.

Steve said...

The black inventions video is disgusting. If I was black I would at least want to the truth and take it from there and actually invent something not try to steal others work or re-write history to make myself feel better.

This theft of history is the worst result of political correctness. When a mans work is ignored or re-written to appease a minority that has achieved so little.

Anonymous said...

The error of this blog is that it sees White/Black relations in an American history context only. As we enter the 21st century the history of the world, and not just North America, will appear to become intertwined.This is because the world is shifting to a multipolar scenario, totally new to Americans under the age of 80. Gradually it will dawn on us that the race relations improvement mission is an errand to nowhere. No one, outside of a few narcissistic blacks in academic humanities or popular entertainment, cares. Granted there are some strange twisted narcissistic whites who also love the crushing out of white aspirations in the coming century, but these are few compared ( and this is important ) to the millions of Chinese who really are hungering to put white America out of business.
And they really don't give a crap about Africans whether they are here or in Africa or elsewhere.

charlie sierra said...

Well, judging from the amount of industry/blue collar jobs that have already been lost to China (and other countries), it seems America is already out of business, in that respect anyway.

Anonymous said...

Eliminate all commercial aspects of "Black History month" now! Also, no Black History events in predominately white schools and communities. The posts on this site should be exhibit A of why doing that has been a terrible idea. It is the number one cause of idiotic blacks and whites butchering history and facts.

Besides smart people don't need TV, movies, internet rumors, etc.. We can read books.

It's sad and pathetic to see the history of this nation being reduced to childish pissing matches of who did what and when.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that great black scientist Prof. Sherman Klump (Eddie Murphy), who invented a special chemical that turns him into Buddy Love in "The Nutty Professor."

Then there was the African American computer whiz "Freeze" (Reginald E. Cathey) who worked for Dorian Tyrell's gang in "The Mask." And don't forget the brilliant black scientist that invented Sky-Net in "Terminator II." And Donald Crease (Sidney Poitier) in "Sneakers."

While I Googled the topic of black computer experts, I found an academic article that notes the phenomenon as an example of "benign racism.: "The black computer expert . . . usually has a small but important role in the plot of films such as Jurassic Park, Die Hard, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Outbreak, and Mission Impossible. While there are distinctions to be made between representations in these movies, a definite pattern emerges: a black man sitting at a computer screen helps a white action hero save the world. Kevorkian compares this new image to Sam in Casablanca: "the white hero issues a request and the black man obligingly puts his hands on the keyboard". The black computer expert is not only a recurring figure in Hollywood films, but in corporate advertising and marketing as well."

From "Color Monitors: The Black Face of Technology in America" by Martin Kevorkian (himself obviously a white man).

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

You mean Miles Dyson for T2? Already done!

Great suggestions, and great article. Enjoyable read. The Die Hard is hilarious. An all-white Germanic gang with a Black hacker...

Anonymous said...

When whites become a minority in the United States, will Black failure still be blamed on the inherent white racism that permeates throughout the land?'

Judging by South Africa it would be a safe bet to say that yes black failure would continue to be blamed on whites.

Anonymous said...

The irony of Black history month is that the largest demographic by far to celebrate it are white, female middle school teachers.