Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Young Turks Discuss SBPDL as we Discuss Haiti and Adoption

SBPDL is a relatively new website. We have no budget. We don't ask for donations. We merely perform the general service of educating the world on Stuff Black People Don't Like (if you would like to contact us, send an email to stuffblackpeople@gmail.com)

It is a vital enterprise in a nation that is governed by the iron rule of BRA (Black Run America). What is the number one law that dictates life in BRA? Simply this: Thou Shalt Not Display Black People in a Negative Light.

A look the archives of SPBDL will give you an intimate picture of life in BRA and grant you the rare opportunity to walk in polluted waters of the real-world of what it is like to be Black in America.

We posted an innocuous look at the Michael Oher story that is featured in the Michael Lewis non-fiction best seller and cinema sensation of the exact same title, The Blind Side.

We also have posted an entry on the reality of adoption, something that is included in Stuff Black People Don't Like.

The tragedy of Haiti has long been an unfortunate reality, but compounded with a massive earthquake, that Lord of the Flies nation has been reduced to a state of great melancholy. There is no hope for Haiti.

White people have flocked in mass to help the Black people on that Black run island-nation, in a desperate attempt to locate Black children worthy of plucking away from Haiti and inculcating with love and compassion in their homes back in America. Call it 'TBSS' - The Blind Side Syndrome.

White people hope to bring these Haitian children to America and raise their own Michael Oher's in a laboratory experiment with one hopeful conclusion: NFL stardom.

Some white people have gone to great links to get Haitian children out, even kidnapping Haitian children in act of open defiance of the law that governs Haiti:
Anyone sitting in a dank, fetid Haitian jail for any reason probably deserves at least a measure of sympathy, so in that sense I feel sorry for the Baptist missionaries from Idaho charged with kidnapping 33 "orphans" and trying to take them out of the country. But what the do-gooders allegedly did was not just misguided. It could be criminal, and Haitian authorities are right to hold them accountable.

When the Haiti earthquake struck, Silsby and nine others flew down, assembled a group of 33 boys and girls, and headed for the Dominican border. That was where Haitian police stopped them and discovered they had none of the documents required to take children out of the country.
Never mind that before the Haitian earthquake, kidnapping and child slavery were a cottage industry in that Black-run nation, on par with sub-prime mortgages in the United States:
On market day in Dajabón, a bustling Dominican town on the Haitian border, you can pick up many bargains if you know where to look. You can haggle the price of a live chicken down to 40 pesos (72p); wrestle 10lb of macaroni from 60 to 50 pesos; and, with some discreet inquiries, buy a Haitian child for the equivalent of £54.22.

"You just ask around town," says Hilda Pe-a, who monitors border crossings for the Jesuit Refugee Service. "People know who the scouts are. You just tell them what kind of child you are looking for and they can bring across whatever it is that you want."

There is a thriving trade in Haitian children in the Dominican Republic, where they are mostly used for domestic service, agricultural work or prostitution. Eight-year-old Jesus Josef was one of them. Numbed by a mixture of trauma and shyness, this small boy with huge eyes cannot recall how he left his three brothers and mother in Haiti and ended up doing domestic work for a Dominican family in Barahona, 120 miles from the capital, Santo Domingo.

Funny, it is white people who are adopting these hapless Haitian children and giving them homes in America. Drunk on the power of TBSS, white people are attempting to repatriate Haitian children from their native land and bring them to America.

The reality of adoption is on display in Haiti. White people are bringing the children of a failed state to the United States of America, a nation bent on joining Haiti in the near future as the biggest failed state in history.

Funny, citizens of Florida who live near Haitians have no desire for anymore Haitians in their state.

The Sunday Standard, a Botswana newspaper, published a brave article calling out Black people for not helping a majority Black nation in times of trouble. We could of told you why, based on the evidence from New Orleans and Katrina.

But back to the point of this post, The Young Turks. An entertaining internet show, The Young Turks (TYY) was recently profiled in Fast Company, a brilliant business magazine SBPDL reads on a daily basis:

Television studios are airport-hangar-size buildings with green rooms, overflow trailers, and people with massive salaries bustling around. I'm sitting instead in a cramped office on Wilshire Boulevard, a mile from Beverly Hills, which has been converted into a makeshift studio for the Internet-based TV talk show The Young Turks. In the control room, three staffers in T-shirts and a perky producer, Ana Kasparian, 23, man eight computer screens and clutch boxes of various Willy Wonka candies. A wall-size window separates them from a modest newscast-esque set.

Just before 4 p.m., host Cenk Uygur, 39, arrives -- "early," he says, so we could talk -- not at all fazed that his three-hour show is streaming live in 10 minutes. I've seen the show; his musings are thoughtful, insightful gems in a sea of digitized diatribes. I look around for a teleprompter. There isn't one. No writers either. Uygur watches the day's video clips for the first time during commercial breaks, seconds before he discusses them on-air.

Uygur doesn't look like a rebel, but there is something revolutionary going on here. Roughly 450,000 people watch The Young Turks on YouTube alone; thousands more in the precious 18-to-35 demo listen on Sirius Satellite Radio and through the TYT Web site, making it competitive with, say, MSNBC's Morning Joe (382,000 viewers a day in September), or CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight (616,000). And that, says Uygur, is only the beginning of a campaign "to take down television."
Why is this important? Recently, SBPDL was featured on TYT for "being against the movie The Blind Side." We aren't against the movie, but we do find it perfectly in tune with the zeitgeist of the day, The Blind Side Syndrome, and our theory is backed by the empirical evidence of adoption rates between the various racial groups and the outpouring of compassion coming from white families in the tragedy of Haiti.

White people are doing everything they can to make Haiti a better place and Haitian children will be brought to America in the hopes they can be remade into perfect white children (save for the unfortunate over abundance of melanin).

Stuff Black People Don't Like thanks TYT's for discussing our review of The Blind Side. We suggest they do an in-depth story on adoption and we bet they'll find out that white people are opening their doors to Black children from Haiti (in some cases trying to kidnap them) at the same time Black people are closing them here in America:

Call them kidnappers. Call them good Samaritans. Call them unwitting victims to a political drama staged by the beleaguered Haitian government.

Call the 10 American missionaries under arrest for taking 33 children out of earthquake-ravaged Haiti what you will, two fact—rarely mentioned in news media accounts—are indisputable:

All of the detained members of the Idaho-based Baptist group are white.

All of the 33 children are black.

The Blind Side Syndrome... coming to a whitopia near you. You can bet disingenuous white liberals won't be anywhere near Haitian adoptions, too.

For a Youtube viewing of white people saving Haitian children, click here. You will find a copious amount of heart-wrenching stories of white people infected with TBSS.


Anonymous said...

you guys are pretentious as fuck

Phalluster said...

the young turks discussion was both disingenuous and uninformed. michael oher was indeed a functional retard who had never played football before coming to private high school. oher required ten years of intense private tutoring just to be able to carry on an interview in a controlled setting. consider the special help he was given, by charity and then by the charity of college football learning centers. he was the same timid oaf who stared at his shoes in real life.

as for the IQ increase, i read somewhere (probably Sailer) that his actual growth was more like 12-16 points rather than the reported 20-30, largely attributed to his reading troubles. even with this generous assumption (and superlative conditioning), he did not breach the triple digit IQ of the average white person. in the book, the tuohy family appealed to the ncaa for an extension to earn eligibility based on mental disability. this was the only reason oher squeaked into college.

of course, this movie represents a number of conundrums. it placates white liberals, who believe that underprivileged blacks simply require a higher socialized base of conditions to succeed in life (well, sports). it angers blacks who resent the white man's burden as a cause for celebration. and it also satisfies race realists, who quietly nod at the idea that despite an infinite support network, the best case scenario for ghetto dwellers is the first round of the draft.

Anonymous said...

"as for the IQ increase, i read somewhere (probably Sailer) that his actual growth was more like 12-16 points rather than the reported 20-30, largely attributed to his reading troubles. even with this generous assumption (and superlative conditioning), he did not breach the triple digit IQ of the average white person. in the book, the tuohy family appealed to the ncaa for an extension to earn eligibility based on mental disability. this was the only reason oher squeaked into college."

Here: http://reasonradionetwork.com/?p=4813

"Actually, more like 16 points: at the NFL draft combine, Oher scored a decent 19 on the league’s Wonderlic IQ test, which equates to a 96."

His significantly lower IQ prior to all of this probably had a good deal to do with transient effects related to poor education- IQ becomes less permeable with age, and since he was an adult when all this happen, I'm guessing his genotypic IQ didn't increase much.

I don't see why you say it's so generous and superlative, though. The wonderlic is a widely recognized IQ test.

Anonymous said...

The young Turks? How revolting! http://www.subvertednation.net/the-young-turks/

Anonymous said...

In regards to the posts about Oher, maybe he did see some appreciable boosts in his IQ. If he was that "unintelligent" due to poor education, then he probably would have caught up rather quickly, especially as an adult. But he was able to go from 2.0 GPA to a 2.5 after a good deal of tutoring, and seems to have settled in there.

This was all before his mid 20's, when the brain becomes fully grown.

Anonymous said...

All TYT do is play the "racism police." They pretend to be controversial while pandering to their listeners. Limbaugh and Savage basically do the same thing but they are on the right and TYT is on the left.