Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Riotless High School Basketball Games: Hoover - Spain Park Brawl

What was it we once said about Black people and riotless High School basketball games? Oh, that's right. They're included in the Stuff Black People Don't Like.

There is a reason that 88 percent of the white vote went to John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. White people in Alabama have seen the once magnificent city of Birmingham turned into the Detroit of the South.

Legion Field, the former home to college footballs premier rivalry the Iron Bowl game between Auburn-Alabama, might sell for even less than the Pontiac Silverdome did recently, as the surrounding area of the 80,000 + stadium is as unsafe as Haiti.

Alabama is the finest state in the union, and the state operates in a way that proves SBPDL's theory of sports and Black people's integration with society. Were it not for sports, Black people wouldn't have many positive images and worse, would hardly be represented at any major university in the south, let alone the rest of the country (indeed, Black enrollment at major university's across the nation is slipping dramatically).

The entire reason Black people are even at traditionally white university's is for their ability to run, jump and catch passes on the gridiron. Nothing more, nothing less. The University of Alabama is even said to have integrated so that the football team could remain competitive, after a shellacking they took in 1970 to the University of Southern California Trojans. That 41-21 win was enough to convince university officials that Black players were needed to win:
But the slowness of the South to accept integration started to hurt the Tide, culminating in that 1970 season opener against USC.

The legend of that night, which has become known as the Cunningham game, has been exaggerated, misremembered, misunderstood and mythologized. Books overstate Mr. Cunningham's yards and touchdowns. Mr. Cunningham is famously said to have done more to integrate Alabama in 60 minutes than Martin Luther King Jr. did in 20 years. Aside from whether he did or not, the quote is alternately attributed to Mr. Bryant and two former assistants. "I've been here 20 years," says Taylor Watson, curator of the Paul W. Bryant Museum in Tuscaloosa, "and I've never been able to figure it out."

According to myth, Mr. Bryant took Mr. Cunningham to the Tide locker room after the game to show his team what a football player looks like. Mr. Cunningham says Mr. Bryant did make the unusual gesture of speaking with him after the game but just to congratulate him. "It wasn't anything earth-shattering," he says.

But the game did have dramatic effects. Historians say Mr. Bryant—who already had a black player on Alabama's freshman team—would have added more black players sooner if it had been socially acceptable; after that game, fans recognized the need. Great black players soon started coming to Alabama, including future pro Hall of Fame tight end Ozzie Newsome. The Tide rebounded to win three more national championships under Mr. Bryant, who died in 1983.

Athletics (and by extension popular culture) is the only thing that keeps Black people in the good graces with the majority population of America. White people know the truth. They watch the nightly newscasts. The understand the reality of hate facts.

Sports offer a thin barrier between reality and the imaginary world that we currently inhabit. Occasionally, the truth sneaks out as it did with the Washington Bullet, ahem Wizard situation and Gilbert Arenas. Riotless High School Basketball showed us an image regrettable in its overwhelming sincerity. The Boise State-Oregon 2009 football game showed us something shocking, as do the continuous riots that occur at Miami football games.

Mein Obama's election was paved with the good intentions of white people buying into athletics and the impartiality of the playing fields creating a false sense of equality among the races.

States with a high concentration of Black people have an odd correlation of a near monolithic white vote in politics. Black people - in any state - always vote together, as exit polls of elections never fail to reveal.

Were it not for sports at the collegiate and professional level, it is hard to imagine where Black people would be in American life today. In South Africa, the appeal of international rugby competition was enough to convince the Afrikaners to abandon apartheid and give up the nation they built.

In the south, sports was enough to bring about integration and in turn the loss of every major southern city to a Black power structure incapable of running even the tiniest municipality (see Birmingham, Clayton County, Atlanta, New Orleans...).

Future historians from China interested in learning the day the United States officially collapsed are welcome to explore numerous events, but the simple date of September 12, 1970 will suffice. Upon this day, the hysteria of sports worship created an environment where the transfer of power to the Black Run America (BRA) was cemented.

Alabama gave up. Maintaining civilization wasn't as important as winning on the football field.

Thus, we turn our attention to an event that occurred on the hardwood of a recent High School Basketball game in Birmingham between Hoover and Spain Park. Both located in the suburban town of Hoover, Black people have found each school agreeable to the notion of sports triumphing civilization.

Hoover is a city of more 63,000 people, 87 percent being white. At the aforementioned basketball game, a Black player from Hoover found it incumbent upon himself to push a white player from Spain Park from behind and then sucker punch another white player:

Spain Park High School boys’ basketball coach Brian Moon envisioned a worst-case scenario in the final seconds of his team’s contest against rival Hoover in the Class 6A, Area 10 tournament at Oak Mountain High School.

Moon wasn’t worried about the outcome of the game. It had pretty much already been decided in the Jaguars’ favor, with Spain Park defeating its rival 57-35.

The veteran coach was concerned about what he was about to witness as he saw a Hoover player charging toward one of his players.

The actions by Hoover junior forward Roderick Booker following a loose ball situation stirred the Bucs’ bench, which created chaos on the neutral court and delayed the game for approximately 10 minutes.

In the end, six Hoover players and Bucs' head coach Charles Burkett were assessed technical fouls. Booker, who was restrained by the Bucs’ coaching staff, was ejected for his lack of control on the court and five others were sent to the locker room for leaving the team’s bench. Video replay, which showed Booker and teammate Jaron Davis each throwing an open-handed punch, shows five Hoover players leaving the bench area.

Booker initiated the incident by shoving Spain Park senior Bennett Snyder from behind. Booker then threw an open-handed punch in the direction Spain Park senior Reid Cunningham, who shoved Booker in response. Cunningham, who was also the target of an open-handed punch by Davis, was restrained by senior teammate Matthew Bowerman.

Burkett was also ejected due to a National Federation of State High School Associations rule that states a coach is automatically ejected after three technical fouls by his team.

Moon, who said administrators from both Hoover and Spain Park are scheduled to meet with Alabama High School Athletic Association officials Monday, was pleased cooler heads prevailed with the gym packed on both the top and bottom levels. Host Oak Mountain and Thompson fans were in the gym awaiting the start of their game.

“It could have been worse,” Moon said. “I think Hoover (police officers) and Shelby County (sheriff's deputies) did a great job. That situation could get ugly.”

Moon gave credit to his players for keeping their emotions in check.

“It was right in front of the (Hoover) bench,” Moon said. “Sometimes emotion gets the best of you. I would like to think our guys would have control if it was in front of our bench.” (Shelby County Report, Feb. 7, 2010)

For the Black players actions, Hoover High was put on one years probation:
Hoover High School has been penalized $4,800 in total fines by the Alabama High School Athletic Association as a result of a punch thrown by junior forward Roderick Booker on Feb. 5 in a Class 6A, Area 10 basketball tournament game against Spain Park at Oak Mountain High School.
Roderick Booker, the Black player who masquerades as a pugilist, was named one of the top players in the Birmingham area. Hoover's team is largely Black, Spain Park's is nearly all-white.

Without sports, positive images of Black people would be as difficult to find as Black people worthy of celebrating for Black History Month.

This is an indisputable fact. Sports are the reason integration occurred and why Black people are to be found in the classrooms of prestigious university's nationwide.

Yes, Myron Rolle is an intelligent dude, but for every Rolle you get tens of thousands of Willie Williams.

A recent CNN article by Peniel Johnson stated Haiti's Revolt Inspired U.S. Black Activists. To understand the world of BRA that we live, read this article. Think about sports and how they have lead to the strange world of 21st century America, where white people publicly cheer Black people in sports arenas, but not-so-privately live nowhere near them.

Watch the video of the Black basketball player from Hoover and then see how Black players come to his defense instantly, rushing the court with the speed of those in Mogadishu at the sight of a downed Blackhawk helicopter.

We pointed out in the 2010 Outback Bowl entry that one game should never be used to mandate sociological experiments, as the 1970 USC-Alabama football game did. However, Black people are beginning to participate in the This is a Black World - TBW - game in the sporting world now.

Yet, isn't one game always used to showcase the superiority of Black athletes over all-white teams? In 1966, all-white Kentucky lost to a Texas Western team in basketball that started five Black players. This game is remembered with the same perverse fervor as the 1970 USC-BAMA.

You see, sports is the one and only religion of BRA (Black Run America), and to be a heretic is to stray from the true teachings of our pious rulers. Worship those more capable on the playing fields and make sacrifices to these gods.

Stuff Black People Don't Like finds the situation brewing in Hoover a sorrowful reminder of the world we live in, for the imaginary world of the New Orleans Saints winning goes completely against nature.

Remember, without sports, positive images of Black people wouldn't exist (Civil Rights agitators don't count either). Somebody, please prove us wrong.


Anonymous said...

When does a douche bag throwing a sucker punch constitute a riot or even a brawl? The black players didn't "charge" the court to come to his defense. They were separating him from the other team.

Just be honest if this same incident occurred in the mostly white school in Spain Park or the mostly black school Hoover. It would have just been one of those things. "Boys will be boys" no harm no foul.

Since this is a capitalist nation, total segregation would be impossible. Black dollars and white dollars spend the same.

It may be a good idea if we limited our interactions with one another,because despite all of that MLK crap we still hate each other. Forcing schools to integrate, while the neighborhoods were not , was a recipe for disaster.

-Black guy

grendal said...

they just can't live in a civilized society with out some sort of violent out bursts.

Silent Running said...

Since this is a capitalist nation, total segregation would be impossible. Black dollars and white dollars spend the same.

True, segregation has been proven not to work. Separation, on the other hand, is another animal entirely.

With their propensity for violence, low mean IQ, and preference for large government, blacks have proven themselves to be a net loss for any civilized nation and a net loss for capitalism. Blacks need whites, but whites do not need blacks, and on a deep level both peoples know it.

One shouldn't wonder that you think yourself indispensable. How could you think otherwise and maintain any self-esteem? But you are not indispensable. You're a burden. Maybe you should be given your own country in the south (or, ideally, back on your own continent) where you can advance and flourish without the evil white man's meddling. What black wouldn't jump at the chance? :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, "Black Guy"...

We don't like each other. It appears you have contempt for us either because of slavery or our ability to excel academically and we have contempt for you because of your sub-human behavior.

I'm 47 years old and have been forced to integrate with your kind since kindergarten. The more I know about you the more contempt I feel. I wonder how America would have turned out if we had done our own menial tasks and never brought you over here.

Imagine: an all-White America and an all-Black Africa...

Anonymous said...

@Silent Running:

That blacks could be forcibly repatriated to Africa is an idea that "should" be met with consideration, but blacks in Africa are just as unable to run any vestige of a First World society than their brothers in America and every other White nation. Few blacks will go for it.

Ideally, we could easily start with the prison population; put them on a luxury cruise liner with all the amenities for a one-way trip. Upon disembarking the ship, they would be directed to a genuine Bantu or Bushmen tribesman hired to teach them the original ways of their ancestors. They would likely be furious at the loss of the 'bling-bling' lifestyle they have grown accustomed to, but in the end they would be much happier.

Anonymous said...

Itis true that the other Black players ran out to calm down the miscreant.

But the fact is, that it is Blacks that ALWAYS produce such miscreants . . .

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Black guy,

Watch the video again. Two Black players from Hoover run directly at the white players (no 3 and 20) and look to be throwing punches.

Read the riotless Basketball game entry that I did in the infancy of SBPDL. It is a MASSIVE riot between two all-Black teams in Montgomery.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right, SBPDL!

As I reviewed the tape, I did see the other miscreants throwing punches at White players.

So, now I say, Blacks always produce AND PROTECT such miscreants.

Anonymous of Feb. 11, 5:59 AM

Anonymous said...


Slavery officially ended in this country in 1865. I know a lot of black people, but no slaves. In my years on this planet I've encountered my share of stupid white people. I'm sure you know some of those people personally. So, my "contempt" for white people aren't for any of the reasons you've stated.

I can honestly say I have no hatred or contempt for white people at all. I just have no desire to associate with them outside of a business or school environment.

As a black person that attended predominately black schools K-12 in the city of Los Angeles. I feel for you, because for one semester we were forced by court order to attend a largely white school in the valley. White and black parents hated the program.

There were protesters meeting the buses in one of those communities. Can you guess which one? The short time I was there , there was no integration. All of my friends were the other black kids I bused in with. I was so happy when that crap ended. A 1970 gallop poll stated that 91% of blacks were against school busing.

This little "riot" proves one thing. We all need to just stick to our own kind.

Equal protection under the law, doesn't mean we have to hang out with each other or be friends. It never did. Brown vs. the board of education meant the GOVERNMENT couldn't discriminate. People have always had the right to associate with whom ever they choose. That's why even after the law, schools are more segregated today than they were in 1954.

Where would I get high-speed internet in Africa?
Also, considering what's happening to that nice white British couple that decided it would be nice to yacht off the coast of Somalia. My wife and I will probably visit family in San Diego.

-Black guy