Wednesday, November 24, 2010

#52. Mall Envy

What is the greatest detriment to the success of a mall or shopping complex? Location? Natural disaster? Recession/depression?

The Black mall: devoid of business
None of the above. Try clientele. Shopping complexes and malls last as viable consumer destinations only as long as the clientele engaging in frequenting the establishment remains conducive to those stores staying business.

Once that shopping complex/mall becomes breeding ground for delinquency, fights and shoplifting, those consumers who keep the stores in business will inevitably flock to the newest, shiniest and safest shopping complex/mall until the process of urbanization transpires again.

Who are these clientele that erode the consumers confidence in the shopping complex/mall? Black people:
With the news that the Shops of Grand Avenue are going to be sold at public auction, it reminds me of a joke by Chris Rock, who I consider one of the most socially conscious African-American comedians working today.

During a stand-up routine, Rock talked about his experience visiting various American cities. In each city, he noticed a curious thing:

"They've got the white mall, and the mall white people used to go to."

It's a funny line made all the more funnier by the fact it's a true reflection of what has been happening to malls in urban areas all across the U.S. I don't think Rock's joke accuses whites of racism as much as it just reflects real life. Racial dynamics do play a part in the success or failure of some business ventures; if nobody ever acknowledges it, that's a sign of denial.

And that's no joke.
Every major city in America has a mall that is relatively new, with refugees masquerading as consumers who have been forced to flee an older mall that Black people have unfortunately brought to economic ruin with  behavior that is replicated in geographically diverse locations as Kansas City, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Wherever Black people shop (or, mill around) that shopping complex/mall will quickly enter a state of economic disarray brought about by a removal of non-Black capital from those stores. Black people don't like this and refer to it as "Mall envy":
Tracey Munno, executive vice president and general manager at Lincoln Mall in south suburban Matteson, has spent the past four years trying to build a high-end retail presence at the once-thriving mall. Such a project is an ultimate numbers game for malls and retailers: How much space exists? How much money do people in the area make? How much revenue does the mall bring in?

But Munno said there was one number in particular that concerned retailers interested in setting up shop. “I had a meeting one day with a sit-down restaurant—a national chain,” she said. “I had a call back from them, and [the restaurant representative] said very straightforward: ‘Look, we like your site best, but you have one number that concerns us.’ I said to them, ‘I know exactly what number you’re talking about, so let’s talk about it.’”

The “diversity” of the trade area—the area between three to 10 miles surrounding the mall—has been a source of concern to potential retailers, Munno said. According to the 2000 Census, the population in the Lincoln Mall’s ZIP code, 60443, was 54.2 percent African American. And she’s spent a considerable amount of energy trying to debunk the preconceived notions about the shopping patterns of black consumers.

Munno said once she explained to the restaurant representative that African Americans living in the area were purchasing $250,000 and $350,000 homes and had median family incomes of $74,797 in 1999, she received a letter of intent two weeks later from the chain to build their restaurant.

The Chicago Reporter examined four South Side and south suburban malls located in areas with large black populations and two north and northwest suburban malls in predominately white areas based on a number of variables— such as size, number of “anchor stores,” extra amenities like movie theaters and food courts, and profit—along with an analysis of crime statistics, median area income and shoppers’ observations. The Reporter found myriad ways in which shopping can be a markedly different experience for black shoppers trying to buy items in their own communities than in white neighborhoods.

But the issue of perception among retailers about how African Americans want to spend their money and where they want to spend it seems to play a significant role in what shopping options are available for black shoppers. Retail experts say there is a pervasive belief that black shoppers lack either the money or the taste to get high-quality goods and services—an impression black consumers say is undeserved.
For those consumers who might have stumbled upon a "Black mall" a few signs that can give away the once flourishing, but now floundering monument to consumerism can be quickly identified and will undoubtedly be of great service to you.

1. Foot Locker, Champs Sports or other "shoe stores" as one of the only brand-name "anchors" in the mall is a dead giveaway. 

2. No brand name restaurants in the food court.

3. No white people shopping. In fact, very few people shopping but most would-be consumers engaging in a form of perpetual loitering.

4. Security plexiglass safely keeping DVDs, perfume/ cologne and other valuables from the consumer with the fear of shoplifting being the greatest concern instead of actual sales. 

5. If a mall can no longer pay to keep lights on, then you need to leave immediately. 

6. No classical music playing over the PA system. 

How many malls/shopping complexes have faded into bankruptcy and irrelevancy because of the negative impact of Black shoppers/loiterssealed its own fate and eventual demise:
Once again, it seems there's a problem with black kids at the shopping mall.

This time it's the Bayshore Town Center instituting temporary new rules banning teenagers from the mall during certain hours unless accompanied by an adult or guardian. A few years ago, problems were reported with black kids at Mayfair Mall, which responded with a similar policy.

Although never targeted at any specific racial demographic, the restrictions at Mayfair sparked a debate about the perception of certain young people in our community. It's happening again.

The problems at Bayshore Town Shopping Center involved the behavior of mainly black kids who have recently discovered the mall as a popular hangout.

The tipping point reportedly came the day after Christmas when more than 100 young people congregated in the food court. Some store owners and shoppers became upset with their behavior and police were called.
I've seen the report on the incident by the Glendale Police Department. It says there was a "report of 100 juveniles fighting in food court," but officers found there was "no fight. Just hundreds of juveniles gathering using obscene and threatening language."

This all harks back to the days of the old Northridge Mall, which closed after experiencing similar complaints about unruly behavior and inadequate security. Young black people were blamed for that, too.

How many malls/shopping complexes now sit empty and are a colossal eye-sore because of the impact of not a natural disaster nor an economic collapse, but because of Black people? This question might not be answerable, however a list of dead malls can be found at this Web site.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes mall envy, a conundrum that plagues every city in America where Black people shop. Eventually, builders will locate more land to erect a massive shopping structure upon that will inevitably be overwhelmed by the presence of Black people, thus necessitating the building of another shopping complex/mall.

The process is never-ending and is repeated in every state, city and county that has a Black population equating to more than five percent.

Worse, online shoppers find purchasing from Black people on the same popularity level as shopping with the


Whitey McProudcracker said...

The only mall near me in Miami is Aventura Mall, which suffers from blacks as well:

We've stopped going. Will never return.

Anonymous said...

The Chris Rock bit:

Chris Rock: What's up! Good to be back - I live here! So, I guess it's not good to be back. It's good to be here - my alma mater. This is where it all started. You know, I've been doing a lot of things the last couple of years - doing commercials, L'il Penny, stand-up. What makes me the most happy is doing stand-up - you know, the road, going on tour, checking out America! There's no more America! Remember when you were a kid, there'd by an America? You'd go see your Grandma, and go to her little town? There's no more little towns - it's all malls! And they're all the same! The mall in St. Louis is the same mall in Detroit.. it's got the same Gap, Banana Republic, Chess King, Sunglasses Hut, all the same crap! And every town's got two malls! They've got the white mall, and the mall white people used to go to. 'Cause they're ain't nothing in the black mall! Nothing but sneakers and baby clothes!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately our once nice mall has become a black and arab mall. It's just a stone's throw from the Beltway around in DC in Mclean called Tyson's Corner. This once grand place changed in the timeframe since obamao was put into gov't housing. Most of the stores have been replaced by second class operations that sell urban wear...whatever that is. Can't bring children there unless they are trained in indirect fire weapons. Needless to say, there is a brown mall called Fair Oaks just south of this place. THe only white place is Reston Town center in the Tech Corridor near Dulles Airport. Sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Here in DC once the Metro reaches a mall that mall dies a slow and painful death.

As the Metro expands around the DC suburbs it allows feckless coconut jumpers to catch cheap rides and begin the chaos. Shoplifting and hollerin' at white wimminz reaches its peak and the decline begins. Whites stop going and the businesses close one by one.

When you keep a mall in a nicer area and can only reach it by car this will keep the nuttiest and poorest of the blacks at bay.

Ray Syst said...

They built a small mall near downtown Columbus in the 1070's called Singletary Plaza. A place for FUBUs ('for us by us') dedicated in a ceremony attended by Jimmy Carter. It failed of cource, folks shoplifting and only shopping at the first of the month when the check arrived. I don't think the mall lasted 2 years.

The mall was around Mt Vernon ave, the joke was 'What is the definition of mass confusion?...Father's day on Mt vernon Ave.

Hirsch said...

Another classic Rock bit is about how a white family moved into his all-black neighborhood in Bed-Stuy. As they were pulling up in their U-haul truck, a black couple sneered, "Here comes the neighborhood."

There's an area downtown in Cincinnati where I live, about ten square blocks that have been deemed the most dangerous neighborhood in the America. It's directly adjacent to a great open-air market, selling everything from fish and vegetables. I've been going on and off now for fifteen years, without incident. It's strange, as if there were a forcefield around the market. Perhaps black people fear kumquats?

Anonymous said...

We have 3 black malls in my capital city, one is entirely full of hip-hop fashions, hair weave store, Burlington Coat Factory, Baby Phat, cell phones, gold fronts, eyebrow threading, security guards, 3 nail salons, generic food court, and athletic shoes and loitering blacks. All of the anchor stores and LONG gone, and the parking lot is full of weeds. I am sure this is all due to racism.

Now the blacks are migrating north to the white Fashion Mall, I have seen groups of black ghetto girls shoplifting and the white store clerks are clueless. The downtown mall now has a 9:00 curfew because of unruly black teenagers and thugs. Darkness descends as all of the whites leave.

I hate the mall. It is now a place for poor underclass to suck up the heat or air conditioning, find mates, and pretend that they have money.

Funny, black people are so different from whites!

Anonymous said...

"It's also more about the language and demeanor of some African-Americans - males in particular - who appear threatening to people not familiar with that particular group."

Why do we have to tolerate this?? Not familiar? We are not familiar because this is a Western culture and black behavior is third-world behavior. Of course it is not familiar to us!

Blacks would die if they could not express their "blackness" in all situations, we know, but they are not the majority culture, and yet we are required to just adjust to their lack of control and foul language in public places and on private property? Why are we still compromising on this?? Everyone knows that black behavior is negative, even blacks know.

This is why whites avoid black events, black stores, black malls, black neighborhoods, black movies and black clubs. Let's call it what it is.

Anonymous said...

"When you keep a mall in a nicer area and can only reach it by car this will keep the nuttiest and poorest of the blacks at bay."

So very true, my city is trying to plan a huge transportation project (thanks Obama stimulus!!), to run light rail from downtown up to the white suburbs. Hello? We don't want it!!!! We know that the poor blacks will jump the first train north to explore the new diggs, seek employment in the fast food joints, shoplift, cash in their section-8 vouchers, or just take the chiddrens on a day trip out of the ghetto.

Of course, no one would dare admit the real reason for this objection, white republican policy makers just stall on the plan. White people would rather drive two hours per day to the suburbs and blow their entire paycheck on a mortgage than put of with black behavior.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps black people fear kumquats?"

Black people do not shop at open air farmer's markets. It is truly SWPL.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Greenbriar Mall, in SW Atlanta, GA, has been going downhill for decades. Even today prominent Atlanta politicians bemoan the lack of businesses wanting to move into the southern parts of the city. There was a time, and it still may be true, where there was no Publix grocery store south of I-20. Publix simply wouldn't bother opening up a store in a predominantly black neighborhood. Black consumers are absolutely their own worst enemy.

For those that don't know, Atlanta is sort of divided in half: the rich, the powerful, and the innovators all live in the NW, N, and NE suburbs of Atlanta; basically Cobb and Gwinnett County, plus the northern half of Fulton County (the county that Atlanta resides in). In other words, white people.

The politically powerful and connected live in downtown Atlanta proper and the SW, S, and SE corners of the city. In other words, black people.

The gap between the northern part of Fulton County and the southern part has grown so large that the northern part of the county which provides an enormously disproportionate amount of tax revenue for the people living in the southern parts of the city and county, are attempting to partition the northern part of Fulton County into a brand new county:

News stories about Greenbriar Mall violence and crime, listed below, vividly illustrate why so little new capital is injected into these areas

WSB News
2 Hurt in Greenbriar Mall Shooting
By Condace Pressley
@ July 20, 2010 4:38 AM

(WSB Radio) -- Police say two men were injured after an argument led to a shootout outside an Atlanta mall.

Atlanta police say 27-year-old Shontae Jones is recovering from a single gunshot to the leg after being shot by Brandon Woods in the parking lot at Greenbriar Mall on Monday afternoon. Police say a wounded Jones returned fire, hitting Woods in the scrotum.

Greenbriar Mall temporarily saved from foreclosure

With foreclosure proceedings already in the works on Atlanta’s Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta-based owner Hendon Properties L.L.C. has just managed to escape an impending confiscation with the sale of the 809,700-square-foot property to an unidentified foreign investor.


2 Teens Killed at SW Atlanta Mall

Last Updated On: 6/18/2007 1:13:07 PM

Police are investigating a fatal double shooting at Greenbrier Mall on Greenbrier Parkway Southwest in Atlanta.

Police said two teens were shot to death just before 9:30 p.m. Saturday after some kind of argument inside the mall.

This is the second shooting at Greenbriar Mall in three months. On March 31, a security guard and two other people were shot in an attempted robbery.

Anonymous said...

There really is a mall in every town in America that has been ruined because of Black people. This is an irrefutable statement.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Regarding that article at "But teenagers asked about the new policy used words like "bogus" to describe it, an assessment shared by Black on Black Crime, a non-profit Cleveland group that said the policy unfairly targeted minority shoppers at the mall, whose clientele is largely African-American. "We have many pertinent and important questions which our community needs answers to concerning our kids," said the group's founder, Art McKoy. He said the organization was considering calling for a weeklong boycott of Tower City."

ROTFLMAO!!!! Civil rights activists are considering a "boycott" of a mall where their children are already no longer welcome and on a curfew because of bad behavior???? In what universe does that make any sense? I'm quite sure that the shop owners at Tower City would *LOVE* for Black on Black Crime to boycott their mall. Heck, why limit the boycott to just one week? Why not make it permanent?!?

In a previous post I mentioned Greenbriar Mall...I want to add a bit more to that. Here are excerpts from an AJC article about a Magic Johnson Theater being closed last year at Greenbriar:

11:50 p.m. Monday, October 5, 2009

The movie theater that bears Magic Johnson’s name at Greenbriar Mall — opened amid much hoopla 13 years ago – will show its last movie on Sunday.

The theater owner, Kansas City, Mo.,-based AMC Entertainment, said the 12-screen complex is underperforming. Employees were told last week the theater will close Oct. 11.

The project was hailed as investment in a slumping area. The Atlanta theater received a controversial $118,000 break on the city’s developer impact fees.

It was one of four theaters Johnson opened nationwide -- part of a larger business strategy Johnson employed to bring private projects into economically depressed areas.

In 2002, Johnson was interested in buying Greenbriar Mall, but talks stalled. It would’ve been Johnson’s fourth mall investment at the time.

In 2004, Johnson closed a T.G.I. Fridays restaurant he owned near Greenbriar Mall, and admitted it was due to poor customer service.

“That one was on us, and I learned a lot from that,” he told the AJC at the time.

...the theater failed to spur “cross-pollination” with the mall because it sits so far away. “I don’t think one added to other either way,” he said.


And now I'll give you the politically-incorrect, un-sanitized version that the AJC refused to print: Everything in that area has gone to hell in a handbasket because very few, if any, outside the community are willing
to invest in the Greenbriar and Southlake areas because they are prone to dramastically increased amounts of homicide, violent assault, rape, shoplifting and drug dealing. The local communities can't support the existing businesses because the existing communities are the ones who are causing the loss of profit, and all those racist white families that live north of these malls aren't going to make the trip down to Greenbriar and Southlake because there's nothing down there that they can't buy somewhere else cheaper, more safely, and with less hassle.

It is a damn disgrace and embarrassment when you can't even keep a T.G.I.Fridays running in a suburban Atlanta neighborhood. Magic's TGI Friday's is the ONLY ONE that I know of going out of business in Atlanta.

The *ONLY* things that the Greenbriar and Southlake communities have to offer are the exact things that "white-flight" families don't want: shootings, stabbings, robberies, assaults, rape, shoplifting, loud and boisterous "cruising" in the parking lots. People who want hassle-free shopping go to THE MALL OF GEORGIA, which is about 50 minutes northeast of downtown Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that my home town Houston has shitty public transportation, thereby isolating the TNB in their own neighborhood. The problem though, is that there's been a building spree of new lower rent apartments around my middle class neighborhood, so the nig nogs are constantly walking around along the street because they can't afford cars. Seriously, the only people who walk around everywhere are black. The Mexicans work their ass off, pool together the assets of 5 families, and buy a big used pickup. Black families lack father's and they steal from each other anyway so they are stuck walking and taking the bus.

Sheila said...

When we first moved to our Texas suburb, there was one mall. It hasn't been totally ruined by blacks, but its clientele is less White every year. Whites go to the two newer malls built in northern suburbs. These are not entirely White, though, and attract substantial numbers of Indians and Chinese. White mothers stopped bringing their kids to the mall's play area because it contained a majority of Indian, Asian, and hispanic children.

For anonymous in the D.C. suburbs - too bad to hear about the decay at Tysons Corner. I remember when that first opened (before I was old enough to drive) and it was truly a whitopia.

Other anonymous - you are right, blacks don't shop at farmers' markets. Indians and Chinese do, however, so I now avoid those as well. The only place in town with a majority of whites is the highest-end grocery store which does not push super bargains every week and does not multiply coupons. Only there can a white shop in relative peace and comfort.

Anonymous said...

In Detroit, when YT was raped, burned and murdered in the riots and forced to run for the suburbs, YT set up malls ringing the city. When I was a child, before the riots, I would see black yoots robbing old white wimminz in the one remaining department store downtown, JL Hudson’s . So I kind of knew even at a young age what would happen with the black ‘shopping experience’. Even during the riots there were blacks running down the street with shopping carts saying “it’s like Christmas down there”. Well all the malls are going through the same fate because of the afro shoppers following them out to the suburbs. All the retail in the city, even grocery stores are gone within the city limits.
A few years ago, the city of Dearborn, placed a ban on nonresidents using their parks. The NAACP and all the groids promised to ban shopping anywhere in the city. This affected one huge shopping mall. For that month, there were no muggings in the parking lot, shop lifting was nonexistent, there were no muggings and stores had some of the best and most profitable months ever. The city almost wanted to ask them to please keep on boycotting the mall. Well that didn’t last long. All that proved was home much the groids needed us and how little we need them. It almost woke up a few liberals.
I do all my shopping online and will never buy from a store that advertises with groid models or that target groids only. I support those that support me. From their advertisement they only want groids buying from them - let em

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there are any dead malls that have names containing words like "Dixie", "Rebel", or "Confederate". If I were to embark on any new retail venture, it would be strategically named to repel groids. Country music would fill the air and TV's would be tuned to Fox News, CMT or channels that have the lowest rates of black viewership. If it was a restaurant, a 20% gratuity would be added to all tickets.

Anonymous said...

Sheila, wow, you are just racist and I don't mean in the "hey the media under reports black crime" sense. You really harbor a resentment towards anyone who isn't white. What college did you attend? What was your degree? Have you ever lived or been outside of the US? Your mental deficiency is just appalling. Let the record show that Chinese and Indians had silk, written language, gunpowder, and architecture long before the time Braveheart was painting his face and waving a giant sword. They are also the very societies that are underwriting your profligate spending on vehicular monstrosities (SUV's), flat screen televisions, and cultural dining experiences at your local Applebee's.

Your undeserved sense of superiority towards blacks is understandable. However, your sense of social class entitlement over newer immigrants illustrates your myopia and ignorance. My suggestion to you is to put down the US Weekly and pick up a world history book or at least a travel guide.

laz said...

Yes, Tyson's corner was nice when it opened. Even then I remember most people commuted 1-2 hrs one way just so they didn't have to live near the ghetto. Back then the D.C. subway was a nice, clean, warm, inviting place too.

@ Percy Kittens Reloaded:

I know exactly what you mean about the Atlanta area. I moved to Knoxville in '92, around that time me & friends went to Six Flags and had a grand ole time. I went back 5-6 years later and the whole "color" of the place had changed. We looked like salt in a sea of pepper. Didn't have any problems other than being a little uncomfortable around a large crowd of people we don't usually hang out with. That is, until my cousin's friend didn't come back from the bathroom and we came to find he had been jumped by some black dudes outside the bathroom and beat half to death. He spent 3 weeks in the hospital. They never found any suspects (they melted into a crowd of people who wouldn't say anything anyway). It's very surprising how quickly things can change.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...


Sorry about your cousin. Unfortunately, as the "demographics" of the area around Six Flags Over Georgia have changed over the past 20 years, the rate of violence at the park has increased.

Link above goes to an article about a beating that took place outside Six Flags in the summer of 2007. The beating included 3 employees of Six Flags, and at least four or five other people not employed by the company. In all, close to 8 or 9 people savagely beat a 19 year old at a Six Flags MARTA stop.

When I was a kid, we could get dropped off at Six Flags during the summer (mid-80's) and be assured that everything was fine until we were picked up. Can't do that anymore. Six Flags used to be one of the safest places to go have fun, but the surrounding area has degraded. Property values have gone down as low-income workers or illegal aliens have been able to move in.

I can remember when there was major hotel chains in the Six Flags area. Now they have all gone out of business, and a few have actually been used for prostitution. There's at least 3 strip clubs within a two mile radius of Six Flags now, several liquor stores, 3 XXX-rated video stores, and a couple of check-cashing facilities for those who don't want the responsibility of opening up a bank account and saving money, but instead want the first %10 of their check taken out so that they can complain that the Jews are stealing all their money and ripping them off.

SuperCracker said...

Rochester NY was the home of several high profile shopping centers that catered to the well payed industrial employees of such companies as Eastman Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch and Lomb, as well as the ancillary automotive industries of Delco and Rochester products that made GM auto parts.
The huge whitopian suburban areas of Gates, Henrietta and Greece were home to most of these employees.
However, affirmative action hiring policies completely destroyed this once peaceful area. I can recall being a security guard as a young man in one of the parking lots of one of these companies. A negro employee would take cigarette breaks near my guard shack, and we would discuss his situation. Apparently, he was caught operating heavy machinery while drunk because he was involved in an accident. Well, rather than being fired, he was instead offered a position at the main office in human resources, hence his freedom to come to my guard shack and smoke cigarettes at will. At the time, I thought nothing of it, being a product of the early 80's diversification efforts in my high school, and I thought for SURE he deserved that situation.
Over time, my entire family save one unfortunate cousin has had to leave that area due to negroid preferential treatment and overseas hiring because the companies involved simply could not be profitable due to the demands of the entitled.
Eventually, the "entitled" ones broke the back of even the unions in this area because of disability claims, workman's comp, inflated and unnecessary health care claims, and failure to pay regular dues.
As a last resort due to boredom I suppose, the negroid population has overrun the malls in the area, causing two of them to shut down and the remaining three to institute curfews pertaining to "youths". But we all know who the "youths" in question are. Just like the word "Diversity" actually means "no whites allowed", the term "Youths" mean large and unruly groups of Negroids.
No matter where else I have gone in the United States, I see the same problem. Whites out, negroids in, big trouble, chaos and a breakdown of the economy of that place. In my little white boy world I was taught to respect and honor the contributions of the Negro and accept them into my society because HEY I must be a racist if I did not. However, I have witnessed the destruction of my home city and the flight of my family because of this ingrained mantra.

My civil rights minded teachers and society did their best to convince me that we should all live in harmony and peace and love, but my real life experiences have shown me that things are far different. I don't understand why negroid people can't see how actions speak louder.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I would love to try and have this entry become the place where people delineate the destruction of every shopping complex/mall in their respective city.

I'll throw in a couple from where I have lived:

Shannon and Southlake Mall.

Silent Running said...

Let the record show that Chinese and Indians had silk, written language, gunpowder, and architecture long before the time Braveheart was painting his face and waving a giant sword.

I guess the Europeans of the 13th century hadn't yet developed a written language, eh? You accuse others of racism, but your comment is transparent anti-white bigotry. By the way, by 1297 (year of the Battle of Stirling Bridge) Europe was already beginning to use gunpowder weapons.

Western history didn't begin when Frankish tribes began to emerge from the Dark Ages, it began in pagan Greece thousands of years before. The Greeks, and later the Romans, were the most advanced people in the world during their respective Golden Ages, and it is they who laid the foundation of modern Europe. When Alexander encountered the Indians at the Hydaspes river, they were not as advanced as his own Macedonians, and that was more than a century after Athens was renowned for its greatness.

Considering that there is evidence of writing, pottery, and advanced building techniques from the Minoan civilization circa 2700 BC, some seven centuries before the first Chinese dynasty showed up, it's safe to say that European civilization is more ancient and advanced than Chinese.

So I'll take the advice of our resident Sinophile and serve it back to him. Even if we take your fashionable lie for truth and accept that the Chinese are oh-so much more ancient and advanced and wise than we are, they've never managed to create a society that most people would want to live in. The China that "underwrites profligate spending" arrests and executes its subjects for speaking out against Dear Leader. There's far more to being a great civilization than just technology.

DGB said...

Rolling Acres Mall -- Akron,OH.

Opened 1975... 1.3 million sq. ft.. 2-story.. state-of-the-art.

Diversity showed up in the 80's, doing what diversity always does; paying customers refused to go back.

Mall renovation in mid-90's to attract customers back, to no avail.

Mall dies in 2005. RIP.

A microcosm of America.

D J said...

I make a point of not going to Birmingham (AL) proper; I stay on the better side. But I was up until recently a resident of Nashville TN.

There, Hickory Hollow has descended into darkness. I was there to get a watch band mended. The watch does not scream "Rolex" but I still did not like the looks I was getting from those milling around. Other trips there yielded the same feeling, along with fast driving through the parking lot, loud talk, and obese negresses screaming into cell phones when not screaming at their kids.

The downslide for HH has begun: empty storefronts, empty stand-alones, maintenance is falling off.

Meantime, up the road in Goodlettsville, RiverGate is starting to swirl the bowl as well.

In Portland OR, I watched Lloyd Center self-destroy. Someone bought this fine old classic mall and did three things that killed it:

a) they enclosed it
b) they added a food court
c) they put in a movie theater

All the seeds you need to plant to grow mall-rats. And, believe me, they got them.

Sheila said...

To anonymous (obviously an Asian) at 7:38 AM: Let me help you. I'm obviously a racistsexisthomophobantisemite and an ignorant hater. If I missed anything, you're sure to add it.

FWIW, I attended a Seven Sisters college, had a Fulbright Scholarship, have two graduate degrees, lived in five other countries for about seven years, and visited at least a dozen others - i.e., I'm probably far more well-traveled (and well read) than you. But then, I'm White, not Chinese, so I must be an ignorant racist. My dislike of your race (and others) comes from "familiarity breeds contempt." Tribalism + democracy + stupidity = racist idiocracy.

Anonymous said...


There are only two types of malls. Ones that make money and ones that do not.

Just because you see three black people doesn't make it a "black mall" As a person who regularly patronizes a mall in a predominately black neighborhood the mall's true problem is teenagers.

Mall rats regardless of their race are not conducive to business and commerce.

-Black guy

Human Toy said...

"I would love to try and have this entry become the place where people delineate the destruction of every shopping complex/mall in their respective city."

Insanity, thy name is "Stuff Black People Don't Like"!! This sounds insane, no? To want to shift the onus of destruction of the All-American shopping center on a particular race? What about class?

Middle and upper-class individuals of all races will keep a store clean. People who are socioeconomically disadvantaged are more likely to "mess up" an establishment.

Race has nothing to do with it. Class is everything. When disparities in income are fixed, there will be no more questions about the "race" issue.

Race is socially defined, anyway. Sure a couple of proteins code for skin color, frame, features, and hair texture but what else??? Humans are 99.9999% identical to one another. I assume the only 0.0001% difference is minimal at best. Why a white baby born in China and raised by Chinese parents is basically Chinese in every way, save his phenotype?

Race is a hoax.

"Even if we take your fashionable lie for truth and accept that the Chinese are oh-so much more ancient and advanced and wise than we are, they've never managed to create a society that most people would want to live in. The China that "underwrites profligate spending" arrests and executes its subjects for speaking out against Dear Leader."

Silent Running, communism has never been realized. Athenian democracy was an idea not a reality; they never lived up to the standards to which they created. It's a great hoax of romantics.

"There's far more to being a great civilization than just technology."

I agree. There are civilizations in the South Pacific, as simple as they might be, that have achieved perfect harmony and eliminated war. They are totally communal.

American is the richest nation in the world and yet we still have poverty which begets crime which begets animus, hostility, and clandestine talks of eugenics. So advanced are we and yet we will not help the least of us.

How do they do it in the South Pacific???

MIss Ann said...

"I would love to try and have this entry become the place where people delineate the destruction of every shopping complex/mall in their respective city."

Eastmont Mall aka Eastmont Town Center, Oakland, CA.

MacArthur/Broadway Mall, also in Oakland, CA. (Gee, what a surprise!)

Anonymous said...

I'll keep this brief, because I am pissed off. I live in massachusetts, our mall is dying because of the black menace. I pulled into a parking space and was alarmed at a large vehicle sounding the horn. It seems it is very difficult for a large female congoloid to drive a brand new hummer, color it took up 3 parking spaces diagonally. After the 8 loids piled out of this 40,000 dollar vehicle, I tried to shake it off and carry on with my wife and 2 year old. At the checkout, this SHE-APE was cashing out, buying 7 spiral-cut holiday hams. With an EBT card. Who buys 7 hams?
A corrupt scammer who no doubt sold them for cash money. merry christmas.

Malls Be Racist said...

In Durham, NC we have the black and dying Northgate Mall and the white and thriving Streets at Southpoint (which is located near liberal, white, and wealthy Chapel Hill). Several gang related shooting deaths and an ongoing problem with "youths" around the movie theaters at Southpoint means that the place is now crawling with security after dark and on weekends.

Anonymous said...

"Let the record show that Chinese and Indians had silk, written language, gunpowder, and architecture long before the time Braveheart was painting his face and waving a giant sword."

Firsty, India was at one point in time ruled by a white caste system. Secondly most alphabets come from the Proto-Sinaitic alphabet, as such most languages have had a written alphabet for about the same amount of time. Lastly, there is much debate over who invented gunpowder first, some think it was invented by Roger Bacon, some think Arabs and some think Chinese.

Silk is a non-issue, every race has textiles, silkworms just happen to inhabit South East Asia. On the other hand I don't recall any Asians ever inventing synthetic fibers.

Anonymous said...

"Race is a hoax."

And the earth is flat.

And the moon is made of green cheese.

Anonymous said...

"There are only two types of malls. Ones that make money and ones that do not."

And money-making malls that become overrun with blacks magically become malls "that do not".

Anonymous said...

"Mall rats regardless of their race are not conducive to business and commerce."

Bullshit. Name a single mall that was driven out of business because of excessive WHITE teenage mallrats.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

It is not just shopping malls. The blacks have the same effect on the entire economy of any place they infest. Shopping malls are a great example because of their scale and visibility but it does not matter what business or institution, the effect of blacks is the same.

Miss Lee said...

White flight in Fresno, CA is the north side. As the neighborhoods south go to blacks and mexicans so go the malls. Manchester Mall. Fashion Fair Mall. Dark. White people build a lovely spanking new mall called River Park. Now the black "youths" in their Escalades are causing trouble by exhibiting gang behavior. Go there at night? I don't think so.

"Race is a hoax"???? And I'm Uncle Wiggley.

Anonymous said...

"Bullshit. Name a single mall that was driven out of business because of excessive WHITE teenage mallrats.

Good luck."

Mall rats are people who hang out in malls and don't spend money. These people aren't all white or teenagers. They are every color of the rainbow. That's why most malls got rid of arcades long before the internet.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"Mall rats are people who hang out in malls and don't spend money."

Your ability to state the obvious is awe-inspiring.

Now, if you'd be so kind as to cite a single mall that was driven out of business because of excessive WHITE teenage mallrats. Just one.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Anonymous wrote: "Just because you see three black people doesn't make it a "black mall" As a person who regularly patronizes a mall in a predominately black neighborhood the mall's true problem is teenagers."

For that neighborhood, maybe. For mostly white neighborhoods or demographics, it's black teenagers. I've seen this before. The problem within the problem is that when mall owners make even the slightest generic rules to curb the presence of unescorted teenagers to the mall, black mothers (because there are never any black fathers in the picture) in association with "community activists" go on television and condemn the mall's new rules.

Even though there were no rules specifically excluding black teenagers, black people as a whole pick up on the new rules as an attempt to keep black teenagers out of the mall, and rather than sit their children down and explain to them proper behavior, or instead of spending time with their kids on more productive projects in life instead of letting them roam aimlessly at the mall without adult supervision, the black mother and activists attack the mall owners through the media and threaten to "boycott".

Never in this equation do you see the parent admit that they, and their children, were the problem. Instead, it's always someone else's fault. Someone is picking on their kid, trying to take their civil rights away. Child learns from an early age how to avoid responsibility and embarks on an adult life of crime and selfish behavior.

Anonymous said...

Highland Park Mall in Austin,Texas. A very nice place when it opened. Then arrived a dose of vibrant people. A few years ago,the place had to close for an afternoon due to rioting by participants in the Texas Relays-a statewide track meet held in Austin. Anyone care to guess what race of the majority of the entrants of that event?

However,the afternoon closing thanks to rioting is only the icing on the chocolate cake. The place has been sliding downhill for years as fewer and fewer white people even bother to drive past the place. And the nails in the coffin are being forged as I type this:

The City of Austin is in the process of completing a light rail system that will connect the hood with the middle class neighborhoods that are adjacent to Highland Park Mall. When these trains make it possible for urban youf to get fast,low cost access to those pleasant neighborhoods that were built from the 40's to the 60's and where baby-boomers could be left all day at the park with no worries....

The stampede will begin. But the thing is,there aren't many places left in the Austin area that are affordable and safe.

Anonymous said...

I really miss Eastland mall in Charlotte NC. I remember going to the skating rink, great food court and cinema and enjoying it's multi-level design and atrium feel. It was great and then the black thugs came. Game, and mall, over.

Fayette White Guy said...

Hirsch-I live in Northern KY now, so I know what you're talking about. Over-the-Rhine started out as a German enclave, now you see what it has become. It looks scary, yet beautiful with the old Italianate architecture.

Fayette White Guy said...


As you know, I was born in Fayetteville, and Shannon Mall is about 5 miles from my old neighborhood. My brother went back there this past weekend to show his wife and kids where he grew up. Now there is about 2 white families left. It's sad and pisses me off.

I went to Southlake Mall about 5-6 years ago, and it was pretty black then. My parents were surprised, as they hadn't been to Clayton in a while. What was once a beautiful area is under siege.

Anonymous said...

Franklin Park Mall in Toledo Ohio has gone way downhill. That mall is dying a slow death due to unchecked black youths. The idea of having kids going unescorted throughout the mall is ridiculous.

SBPDL, a simple solution would be what many clubs in the US do today- have a dress code. Prohibit long jerseys, baggy jeans, etc. and put a guard at every entrance to the mall- A simple solution, really. Mall cops just wander around aimlessly anyways- at least have them do something constructive. Educated blacks who arent "hood" appreciate that type of environment as well.

Interestingly enough while whites tend towards "flight" hispanics tend to stand their ground- and most Caucasians have no beef with them in this part of the country. Does this mean young white conservatives like myself are passive? Absolutely not- in fact the exact opposite when we are threatened. However in non-life-threatening circumstances (such as intimidation, cat calls to our wives/gf etc) we know that a response would risk prosecution and possible jailtime by a city that is liberal to the core, bankrupt, and waiting to prove itself a harsh punisher of the people who actually pay taxes and work for a living.

Anonymous said...

Aside from a few very inconvenient outdoor malls, all of the Indianapolis area's malls have been taken over and destroyed by the brown and black hordes (but mainly black). Eastgate Mall and Lafayette Square Mall were the first to fall, followed by Washington Square, Glendale, Circle Centre, and now the two last bastions of whiteness, Greenwood Park and Castleton Square, are on their last legs. I stopped going to Castleton Square, the mall I spent so much of my youth, about a year ago, and it seems a large portion of the area's white population have done the same.

But I suppose that is the reason the Simons have invested in so many outdoor malls lately. Sure, 8 months out of the year Indianapolis has less than ideal weather to be outside, but at least it wards off the roving gangs of rowdy loitering black youth.

Thanks, black people (although the Mexicans and increasing Muslim population have their share of the damage), this is why he can't have nice things.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Fayette White Guy,

Being of the millennial generation, I had the pleasure of watching the steady destruction of Shannon and Southlake Mall.

My family always went to Phipps or Lenox, but I do have found memories of Shannon and Southlake. Once the bookstore leaves a mall, the death sentence has been granted.

Open air malls are the smartest move now in prosperous areas, or a 90-100 percent white population.

D J said...

"Open air malls are the smartest move now in prosperous areas, or a 90-100 percent white population."

That, and don't have a food court. Restaurants maybe, but never a food court.

See my remarks above about Lloyd Center.

Anonymous said...

Here in KC Mo, a once thriving antioch shopping center is reduced to a Burlington coat factory and a sears. Ditto to Metro North mall in NKC....

Fayette White Guy said...


I agree with you. I know the hoodrats sometimes frequent Buckhead too, but I have more faith in that area than the southside.

A lot of places are building open-air "town centers." We have one right by my work up here. I tend to frequent outdoor outlet centers when I can as well. Thankfully, most blacks up here are on the Ohio side of the river, so the traditional mall is still a nice place to visit.

Carlos said...

I can expand upon DJ's comments on Nashville's malls. Keep in mind that I have only been in Nashville since 1998...

Rivergate mall in Goodlettsville has always been right by a working class white area. It's also only about ten minutes from the northern suburb of Nashville. You can really only get there from downtown by driving 15 minutes north on I-65. When I first got here it was in great shape, the only thing you had to worry about was the usual teenage crap that Black Guy refers to. However, his blinders will not allow him to view the realities and interpret them correctly. More blacks have moved into the surrounding cheap apartment complexes as Metro Nashville business literally stop right here at the mall and at the apartment complexes. The drug trade has increased 10 fold from nearby Madison to all over Gville. The food court is a prominent feature of the mall. I still am not against going there for the Sears,etc. but I will not take my wife and child there. There is a definite decline in people shopping there and the upkeep of the stores.

2)Hickory Hollow is a mess as he said. Bellevue mall is a running joke of a ghost town. The only mall that is consistantly nice is Green Hills Mall and it is almost exclusively white and tightly surrounded by the Beverly Hills of Nashville(Green Hills/Belle Meade area). It also has ridiculous prices so that most people really don't shop there as much as get a trinket or one time gift. The movie theater is seperate from the mall itself. As for a refute of Black Guy's crazy youth hypothesis, this place is constantly packed with teenagers from the local schools, college kids, and young adults. There are even a few blacks, etc. there. What makes it still safe and enjoyable is that the attitude in the air is that you will not fuck around here. There aren't hotspots to loiter in and police are around but not conspicuous. Because the place seems classy and upscale, people start to behave that way. Since people there only to make trouble would have little to do and be easily isolated, they rarely go there.

You could argue when a place starts to go to shit everyone acts like shit. It is unfortunate, but a truism that the more blacks in the area, whether it be a neighborhood or a mall, the less money that floats around, hence less of this air of perceived high class. Keep in mind I said "perceived". Lots of money does not always infer class. People are reluctant to mess up what's nice and good when they identify with it as being theirs or a part of it. Or they simply marvel at the niceness of a place, kind of like a Catholic Cathedral and immediately show some manners. It's fascinating. Continued below....

Carlos said...

When spills aren't cleaned up timely and stores get old and rundown people start to think they are in a dive and lower their mindset. This is well known to the big box stores. Think about Kmart. When was the last time you went to one? It's probably not because lots of black people started going there, cause Kmart is just a Kmart. You probably stopped going there because it's dimly lit and dirty. The staff are uninterested and the items sold there are crap. This immediately acts like White people repellant and what is the company left to do? Go discount. Then you have lower income whites and blacks going there exclusively. Profit margins go down. The main priority is less keeping the place nice and more keeping people from stealing everything. More security is installed. The last whites leave for good. Now you are left with low income blacks and minorities and the perception that all black people screw up stores. Chicken vs. the egg and all that. Big Boxes spent a fortune keeping the stores well lit. Their staff has to at least appear to be courteous and management has to quickly address even trivial matters as if they were extremely important. Renovating parts of the decor is a yearly thing. Again keeping the place upscale, makes the clientele act more upscale.

An interesting study could be made of this. If anyone is reading this I'd love to hear what you think as I am always late to post on these things.

ward9son said...

Harper's Magazine reported in it's statistics page that there have been MO new enclosed malls built in the mainland USA in the past 4 years . The entire trend of unenclosed shoipping centers - called "Lifestyle Centers" are obvious reactions to BRA and the hellish realities "they" bring to everything that they touch. Obviously, the hope is that no air conditioning, benches, hallways, and pockets to hide in will deter "them" from even shopping there, thus allowing the prospect for prosperity to occur. This is the sick reality, this is the new mormal. And it is because "we" have allowed "them" to create this - BRA.

I weep for our children and grandchildren, and the world that the'll have to live through ....

KuduStu said...

Springfield Mall in Northern Virginia is a perfect example of a black mall. Every shop in the mall sells Tall-Tees, sneakers, and fitted caps. There is literally no reason for a white person to come to this mall at all. The mall cannot pay to keep the lights on and gangs of minorities stand around in packs and stare at you when you walk past, the egos these punks have is unreal. I will stick to Tysons corner from now on

Anonymous said...

In what universe does that make any sense?

...ladies and gentlemen of this supposed jury, I have one final thing I want you to consider. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chewbacca. Chewbacca is a Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk in a galaxy far far away. But Chewbacca lives on the planet Endor. Now think about it; that does not make sense!

Why would a Wookiee, an 8-foot-tall Wookiee, want to live on Endor, with a bunch of 2-foot-tall Ewoks? That does not make sense! But more important, you have to ask yourself: What does this have to do with this case? Nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, it has nothing to do with this case! It does not make sense! Look at me. I'm a lawyer defending a major record company, and I'm talkin' about Chewbacca! Does that make sense? Ladies and gentlemen, I am not making any sense! None of this makes sense! And so you have to remember, when you're in that jury room deliberatin' and conjugatin' the Emancipation Proclamation, does it make sense? No! Ladies and gentlemen of this supposed jury, it does not make sense! If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit! The defense rests.

Anonymous said...

Large numbers of blacks are the kiss of death to any retail environment, not just shopping malls. Few blacks actually shop. Many just loiter, or steal. They seem to poison the whole atmosphere at malls. The best solution is to locate them far away from urban areas and far away from public transportation. The idea here is to make it as difficult as possible for blacks to go there. Playing loud classical or country music doesn't hurt either.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn N.Y., The kings plaza mall, now commonly reffered to as "plaza of the apes".

Anonymous said...

Dear "human toy", you state PC tenets that are easily disprovable.

You state, "race is a hoax" or "race is a social construct".

Yet some races are susceptible to diseases that others are not. How many Japanese have sickle cell anemia? How many blacks have Tay-Sachs?

On every test of IQ ands every standardized test of academic achievement, the average black score is lower than the average white score, even when corrected for income.

You state a percentage of genetic similarity between blacks and whites, ands then assume the difference in minimal.

scientists in Israel could accurately predict an athlete's color on a test measuring vertical leap. There has never been a test of vertical leap in which whites were able to outperform blacks.

Chimpanzees and humans share 98% of their genres, but chimps are not 98% similar to humans.

Uh oh, you just got pwnd.

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Anonymous said...

Also, the mall stores employ a lot of female blacks. I find these employees in general to be disinterested in actually serving the customer.