Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Denny's embraces Primitive Cultures

Watch this video captured at a Denny's in Oakland over Halloween weekend before reading any farther.

McDonald's is 365 Black for a reason, just as Chick-fil-A is company predicated upon entirely different values. The Chicken Hut in Tulsa is a restaurant that all descendants of Black Wall Street can be proud of and consider the height of entrepreneurial genius now.

$54 million lawsuit paid and Denny's can't catch a break
But Black people look upon one fast food eatery and understand immediately the enormous financial impact that they have had upon the establishment and relish at how they were able to intimidate a restaurant into complying with their will and doing their bidding: Denny's.

 The demise of Denny's illustrates the immense power that Black Run America (BRA) had over both Pre-Obama America and what constitutes the country now, for the cry of "racial discrimination" is the most powerful and damning of all and can bring people (even dead ones), institutions and corporations grovelling on their knees in repentance.

Denny's paid $54.4 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought on by Black people intent on having the legal right to leave woeful tips free indiscriminately. Denny's attempted to shed the unfortunate image that Black people who alleged 'racial discrimination' helped manipulate and gave Black people the red carpet treatment in accordance with the rules that govern BRA:

A decade ago, the restaurant chain Denny's was nearly synonymous with racism.

Some of the restaurants were accused of making blacks prepay, not serving them as quickly as whites were served and sometimes not serving blacks at all.

In one case, black Secret Service agents assigned to protect the president said they sat unserved until the whites around them had finished eating.

What resulted was a class-action lawsuit that was settled for $54 million in 1994 and pushed Denny's to make an amazing transformation.

Today, approximately half of Denny's parent company's 46,000 employees are minorities, 11 percent of them black and 31 percent Hispanic.

Thirty-two percent of the supervisory positions are held by minorities, and for two straight years Fortune magazine has named it the "Best Company in America for Minorities."

"You will hear us all say here that that lawsuit was one of the best things to happen to Denny's," said Ray Hood-Phillips, chief diversity officer for Denny's parent Advantica Restaurant Group Inc.

"Although it was a historic low point, I think there were huge opportunities. We had no place to go but up."
As part of the lawsuit settlement, the company agreed to operate under a U.S. Justice Department consent decree and signed a Fair Share diversity pledge with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Through the agreement, the company increased the dollar amount of contracts with minority suppliers from zero in 1992 to $100 million a year.

That accounts for 17 percent of the company's supplier purchases.

Meanwhile, the number of black franchisees has increased from one in 1993 to 64 this year.

About 42 percent, or 450, of the company's franchised restaurants are currently owned by minorities.
The is the essence of Black Run America, as personified tragically in the demise of Denny's: Powerful enough to bring a lawsuit upon an entire company that operated as individual franchises and forever dragging that corporation's name into the mud. Black people can do no wrong and are always the victims of discrimination. End of story.

Denny's became a model for diversity, putting in place a new Black-centric philosophy that was absent during the restaurants rise to national prominence:
Adamson devised a four-part strategy to put cultural diversity in motion: Loosen up the hierarchical environment; make diversity a performance criterion for all managers; require the entire staff to attend workshops on racial sensitivity; and never miss an opportunity to preach the gospel of diversity. He had been at Flagstar only three months when he got a taste of the bad old days. He declared Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a companywide holiday. (The restaurants did not close, but for the first time, office workers were given the day off.) Some employees at headquarters fired off angry E-mail messages opposing his decision and requesting another day off instead. While the messages upset Adamson, he says he is pleased to have "opened up the company enough for employees to disagree. The bad news is that we have more educating to do than we anticipated."

Racism and Denny's seemed to go hand in hand, based upon a few lawsuits filed by aggrieved Black customers upset at waiting longer for service. Perhaps if Black people tipped with greater generosity instead of maintaining a niggardly disposition, restaurant employees would be more likely to give greater service.

Denny's has been hit hard by these suits and is a company that operates with an incredible imbalance on its balance sheets. Lowering prices and giving away free food has been the operating policy of a company that has seen dramatic losses lately.

Black people got their money though, and just as they did to Shoney's, helped bring about the death of a once great brand. Cracker Barrel is next.

It is interesting to consider one parting thought though: Animal House is famous for a fictional food fight scene. In real life, Black people engaged in a food fight that made up in ferocity what the college comedy had in hilarity. This food fight was at a Denny's.

In that same movie, an immortal line that infuriates Black people is uttered at a Black club:
In the club scene, Pinto asks his date what she is majoring in, and she replies "Primitive cultures," followed immediately by a shot of African-American performer Otis Day singing a rhythm and blues song. This scene was cut in the television version.
Primitive cultures is just a 365 Black thing, and any attempt to civilize Black people will only bring on "racial discrimination" suits that are lost no matter the evidence presented in the restaurants, corporations or individuals case. Just ask Omar Thornton's victims.

That is life in BRA, in a nut shell.


Hirsch said...

People have always said that the reason blacks don't tip well is that they don't get good service, and that the reason they get inferior service is that white waiters assume that they are going to tip poorly, so it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle.

The problem with this theory is that it runs counter to my own experiences as a pizza delivery man years ago. I would go on autopilot, whether the homeowner was white or black and say "Good Evening," and hand them their pizza, usually a few minutes early. There was no variation, no chance for me to even discriminate and justify a paltry tip. Still, for the most part blacks seemed to tip far worse. The only group that tipped worse than ghetto blacks was whites who lived in Mcmansion neighborhoods where all the streets have phony anglophilic or ivy league names, like Harvard Lane Or Nottingham circle. The best tippers were working class or middle class whites. In all seriousness, black drug dealers were pretty good tippers. Occasionally I would stand in the doorway of an apartment where what looked like pounds of weed sat on a triple beam and I would be given a $50 bill on a twenty dollar order. Of course, my car would be pelted with rocks upon leaving the public housing project, but my deductable covered that.

That ghetto pizza hut was ran like Fort Apache, the Bronx. There was a large map with different zones that we delivered to, and in the same way that certain areas of Vietnam were labeled light or dark green based on the amount of NVA activity in the area, certain areas were off-limits after sundown. Of course, certain greedy store managers would defy the no-fly zone and send me into the belly of the beast. Having guns pointed at your head is not a good way to foster good relationships.

On the subject of Denny's, as a comedian said, when you play strip poker with a bunch of waitresses from Denny's and you win, guess what? You lose.

Cry me a river said...

Denny's has had a bad rep with Blacks ever since, six Blacks from the United States Secret Service waited an hour to be served.

Jay Z in the song "Who you wit" says "Never eat at Denny's".

I know Denny's has given non whites a lot of crap. But that was then, this is now. I've eaten there plenty of times and everyone is so nice. It's like Hooter's without the booze and sex appeal.

Anonymous said...

There can be no discussion of Denny's without a quick look back at an awesome restaurant chain that fluorished for more than 20 years beginming in 1957. It was "Sambo's". The restaurants were architectural masterpieces, and the food, service, and prices were all typically very good. The name was merely a combination of the two founders' names, SAMuel and BOhnett. Because of the name, Sambo's, murals and assorted artwork depicting a dark skinned boy and a tiger decorated the restaurants. It was generally understood that the dark skinned boy was an Indian, but, frankly, nobody really cared. The chain thrived, growing to over 1200 restaurants in 47 states.
Long story short, groid Americans, around 1978, started to make a lot of noise about Sambo's being a racist restaurant chain. Of course, as usual, they ultimately destroyed the chain, and by 1982 Sambo's existed no more. Sambo's, to their credit, chose to quickly shutter 1200 units rather than slowly destroy themselves, as Denny's is doing, by turning over their entire operation to the very people who had called them bigots.
It's highly appropriate that wrecking balls are almost always black.
SBPDL: pancake houses.

Anonymous said...

A simple solution for Denny's would be to add gratuities to the bill. This way everyone is happy as blacks won't be forced to do basic math and the white people that work there will get tips.

Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant knows you avoid two types of customers; blacks and Indians.

Anonymous said...

Too bad I liked dennys. I'll never go there again. Let the groids have it.

Desiree said...

I will admit: I don't tip well but it isn't because I'm black. That's silly.

My tipping policy is $1 per person eating. Yes, it's because I'm cheap. I can tip well if I wanted to but I prefer not to because I also don't have a job. I remember the look on a pizza boy's face when I handed him a $1 tip. It was quite priceless.

Denny's, by the way, is the most disgusting restaurant. Just like IHOP. Who the hell wants to eat breakfast in the evening unless you've been smoking meth all afternoon?

word verification: cetatip. Ain't that funny?

Anonymous said...

holy crap, those videos are like watching chimps fling feces at one another at the zoo.

Anonymous said...

Loved this from the Cracker Barrel article:

"Though Williams says she had received shabby treatment on previous visits, she went back that morning. "I really enjoy Cracker Barrel's pancakes," she says."

I bet this woman will not pass on seconds either.

Anonymous said...

I served tables at an Applebees in the Midwest, which apparently black people really love. We had a $1.99 hot wings special after 10pm back in the 90's, and guess what happened? The restaurant turned completely black from 10pm until 2am and it was a mess. No white people came in, and if they did by mistake, they turned right around and left.

Blacks ordered basket after basket of wings and water. Huge ghetto black women came in packs of 20 and brought their small children and babies in for dinner at 11pm. Who feeds their children hot wings at midnight????

They made lemonade out of the water, lemons and sweet n low and ate wings. It was the biggest mess I have ever seen. They did not tip, hopped from table to table and ran out on their $7 checks. This is what made me realize that multiculturalism is a huge mistake. We finally got the company to raise the price and guess what? The blacks stopped coming and we got our business back.

Steve said...

Watch Chuckee Cheese follow Denny's down the path to closure. Seems like there is an article everyday about blacks going on rampages inside the kids restaurant.

Anonymous said...

In Chicago all taxis avoid the hotels where medical conventions are held. Cheapest group by far.

Anonymous said...

"I will admit: I don't tip well but it isn't because I'm black. That's silly."

Deziarrhea, you're like a fucking broken record.

Blacks have the highest murder rate...but not because they're black.
Blacks have the highest rape rate...but not because they're black.
Blacks have the highest violent crime rate...but not because they're black.
Blacks have the highest AIDS rate...but not because they're black.
Blacks have the highest illegitimacy rate...but not because they're black.
Blacks have the highest dropout rate...but not because they're black.
Blacks have the highest illiteracy rate...but not because they're black.

It's all whitey's fault.

Anonymous said...

" I remember the look on a pizza boy's face when I handed him a $1 tip. It was quite priceless."

This is just another example of common black thuggery. A way that very powerless and self-hating blacks can do little stupid things to degrade and embarrass their fellow humans. That fact that this black woman gets her rocks off by degrading a pizza delivery person shows that she is not capable of being a decent citizen. This is part of the black psychosis mentioned in a previous article, hope you all had a chance to read it.

Blacks do not tip because they are cheap, stingy, and unable to know the difference between right an wrong. It is also why they will always be "a day late and a dollar short" and never have decent neighborhoods and cities. It is why there are no successful black run cities or countries on the planet. Blacks are unable to feel remorse for such acts, and actually get a kick out of degrading others. Just like the black poster mentioned above, this "niggardly" cheapness is a trait of the black culture.

Blacks are not able to participate in a decent and fair western society because of their psychosis. They have completely opposite morals from whites, and therefore are unable to participate in the mainstream culture, which is white European.

One of these days, if we are so fortunate, restaurants will be allowed to refuse to serve them again.

Anonymous said...

"Who the hell wants to eat breakfast in the evening unless you've been smoking meth all afternoon?"

Who the hell would feed hot wings and water to their babies at midnight?? Answer my question first please. But I already know the answer.

Whites, including the French, eat omelettes, french toast, and crepes at night all the time. It makes a lovely evening meal, especially after a late night on the town. This has been a tradition in white culture for many years. My mother used to make us breakfast for an evening meal when I was small.

Ahh, I love, love, love my white people!

Anonymous said...

Good lord these people can't even eat at a restaurant without destroying it. Everything they touch will end up in ruins.

They are given a housing project because they are too worthless to afford housing and they piss in the elevator and cover the walls in graffiti. The basic lack of hygiene and energy to clean up after themselves brings the roaches and every type of vermin that can be named.

They are given a school that 99% or the world's children would covet and they turn it in to a war zone where learning anything is impossible. They do seem to learn the phrase "dat racis" though.

A local store is opened by a naive immigrant and the apes will pillage until the store has to close. The actual grocery store is long gone because they couldn't afford the 24 hour security patrol required in Ibo neighborhoods.

The pleasure you get from ripping off a pizza delivery guy is really fucking sick. Expecting human behavior from a black person is like waiting to win the lottery unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

"Good lord these people can't even eat at a restaurant without destroying it."

Here is the problem. Blacks do not make the mental associations required for the ownership of property. They are unable to see the link between working hard, and then with the money earned form the work, acquiring goods that are owned. Blacks believe that the government has a big stash of money and goods, but whites are only stingy and will not share. Whites are racist because they save all the good stuff for themselves. Whites work hard for what they have, blacks do not. And so there is yet another gap in understanding.

Blacks believe that everything and I mean EVERYTHING including their children, rentals, businesses, sidewalks, restaurants, public transit, and all public spaces are owned by the white government....The Man. And so, that is why they rip and tear through and destroy everything they touch. It is another jab at The Man and at whites.

The sole black purpose in life is to make whites pay for perceived past indiscretions. And so, each and every case of looting and burning by blacks is a score for the black team. Problem is, there is no competition between black and white and blacks always lose. Unfortunately, blacks will never have anything worth having, and they will be avoided by white people everywhere they go.

Brilliant is the fact that some businesses are promoting NASCAR and playing country music to keep destructive blacks out. It is our way of protecting what we have EARNED. Until we have legal protection to discriminate, we have to use unconventional methods.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

Hey SBPDL, this site is getting a little dry. Got any more fried chicken stories? Blacks in my city hibernate for the winter, is that why there is nothing exciting to report on your end?

You might want to send us all some encouragement to stick around, I have been looking for sites with more meat to chew. This site was funny at first, but I am finding that there is very little humor left in conversations about black dysfunction. I am getting a bad taste in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

"They are given a school that 99% or the world's children would covet and they turn it in to a war zone where learning anything is impossible."


Blacks are unable to be educated by traditional Western standards because of lower IQ and ability. This has only been a failed experiment in American education. Blacks are bored and lost in American schools, and will only disrupt learning and cause problems. We continue to throw more tax-payer money at the problem, create amazing buildings with amazing facilities for learning, unwilling to admit the real problem, but it is only a wasted effort. Better teachers, better buildings, air-conditioning, science labs, on and one, nothing is magical enough to solve the problem when you brain will not function.


SuperCracker said...

Another Anonymous poster said;

Hey SBPDL, this site is getting a little dry. Got any more fried chicken stories? Blacks in my city hibernate for the winter, is that why there is nothing exciting to report on your end?

What's the trouble? I come here to share "Ah ha!" And "wow, you are absolutely correct!" moments with the author, and fans.

SBPDL simply points out some of the characteristics of black folks. It intelligently highlights the things that black people do not like, and I take this knowledge into the real world so that I do not offend or upset this incredibly valuable race of people.

You, sir or ma'am, are looking for nigger jokes! Perhaps you can take your racist attitudes to some other site that caters to that disgusting appetite of yours.

Anonymous said...

Says Desiree @ November 16, 2010 9:32 PM : Who the hell wants to eat breakfast in the evening unless you've been smoking meth all afternoon?
Y'all don't eat breakfast food for supper? What more evidence do I need? Black be Black and white is white, and ne'er the twain shall meet.


Anonymous said...

You, sir or ma'am, are looking for nigger jokes! Perhaps you can take your racist attitudes to some other site that caters to that disgusting appetite of yours."

This is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Breakfast for dinner is quite tasty you ultimate moron. Picking on pizza "boys" now huh. That's just weak.