Wednesday, November 17, 2010

#390. The backlash against the Transportation Services Agency (TSA)

The TSA has a workforce that is 22 percent Black
The United States government is in the practice of employing Black people, a task the private sector finds increasingly difficult to do (unless the vocation has diversity enforcer/educator in the title) and the onus on the post office is reaching levels that threaten that organizations competency.

A correlation to the growth of the Federal government can be traced to both the augmentation of the welfare state and the requisite administration of it through an ever-increasing in scope bureaucracy, with Black people disproportionately found in both categories.

With this in consideration Black people are correct to feel threatened by the explosive growth of the Tea Party movement, which desires a serious reduction in the leviathan state. The growth of Washington DC was/is fueled by a growth in Black reliance on Federal aid through both jobs and daily sustenance, which translates to a last-ditch effort by Tea Party activists to undermine Black Run America (BRA) by cutting off its coffers.

The United States military (outside the Special Forces and fighter pilots) largely consists of Black people content with subsisting on remedial tasks far removed from the war zones of Iraq or Afghanistan. Dying in war or being maimed is a task for white people intent on proving their inner Rambo; Black people desire a Sgt. Bilko military experience, all expenses paid by the gullible tax-payer.

A slow revolution against BRA is transpiring in America, punctuated not by the 2010 mid-term elections, but the backlash against the Transportation Services Administration (TSA). Like most Federal agencies become, the TSA is a jobs program for Black people. Venture to the large airports in Atlanta, Detroit, Washington DC, New York, Minneapolis, etc, and the security checkpoints will be overwhelmingly staffed by Black TSA agents.

The TSA is 21.5 percent Black, compared to a civilian workforce which is only 10.5 percent Black and is in the business of generating revenue and profits as compared to the TSA, which is in the business of groping and agitating airline travelers.

White people comprise 58.9 percent of TSA, as opposed to 72 percent of the private sector which generates the tax returns that enable the employment of 21.5 Black people.

A power point chart can be found here of TSA's workforce

The great majority of the people who fly in the United States are white (Black people can found at the airports wearing family reunion t-shirts) and it is these white people -all airline passengers are included -that are treated as guilty until proven innocent by the TSA.

Pilots – Black pilots are rarer than a white running back in the NFL – are incensed at the indiscretions by the TSA in the name of security, and are some of the leading proponents of restoring sanity at the security lines.

Forced into dehumanizing situations because of the governments past failures at maintaining security, the airline travelers – the great majority being white – are punished by their own government for having jobs that require them to travel; or for visiting family; or going on vacation. Enduring invasive security procedures by individuals with questionable job qualifications, airline passengers are starting something that every Black person in America should be worried about and understand could greatly impact their standard of living: Black Run America (BRA) is allowed to endure only because of white acquiescence to a system that enslaves them to the perpetual betterment of Black people through the inordinate application of tax revenues collected that go disproportionately to enabling neglectfully behavior by Black people.

Continued Black failure in the education system is the fault of everyone but the twin forces of nature and nurture, thus requiring the appropriation of billions more to continue Waiting for “Superman” to arrive.

These byproducts of unwed mothers and dead-beat dads will undoubtedly make splendid government employees eventually, harassing airline travelers, or perhaps acting as human resources employees for some government agency. Or, continuing to help post billion dollar losses at the US Post Office.

The backlash against the TSA is growing daily, with airline travelers desiring a cessation of Guantanamo Bay – lite searches that serve no purpose other than to dehumanize these paying customers. And this backlash is more important than the 2010 mid-term elections, because the TSA is – like most government agencies – a jobs program for Black people unemployable in the private sector.
TSA employee breakdown by race

At the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, minority contractors receives preferential treatment in an effort to help out ‘disadvantaged business enterprises’ (DBEs) and virtually every employee (save the pilots) at this airport are Black. The only disadvantaged people entering that particular airport are the airline passengers, 90-95 percent of whom are white (or the non-DBE business owners attempting to do business with the airport).

The backlash against the Transportation Services Agency (TSA) is just part of the continued rise of Middle American Radicals (MARs) predicted in the 1990s, and it is of the Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

Change can happen slowly in America, and few will take notice but the Cassandra’s. Yet, if it happens quickly, the hoi polloi will notice. That is what motivates the Tea Party at its core, a realization that Mein Obama at the helm of the United States finally puts a true Black face on the notion of Black Run America.

Patting down three-year-old blond white girls, subjecting them to electronic wand’s to ensure they don’t have explosives on their person and considering them potential terrorists until properly authorized by the TSA to continue on through security is change much too fast.


Anonymous said...

Weird article from Time magazine that claims Black people are the best screener's at airports (from 2006):

"Why? "They're hiring the wrong model," he says of today's screeners. Few of them are African-American or immigrants, Argenbright says. "After 9/11 people wanted white, West Point-looking cadets, and from a PR standpoint that worked, but college-age or college grads are the worst screeners."

Argenbright points to a study he commissioned by researchers at Georgia Tech University that found that non-college-educated minorities were the best screeners, both because they took the most pride in the job and because they became less bored or distracted with the repetition of watching x-ray screens or staffing metal detectors.

Whether or not he's right, ongoing studies by the Government Accountability Office in 2005 and this spring, along with an internal 2005 Homeland study of screeners, back up Argenbright's overall assesment of screeners' performance, noting that in one instance planted weapons got past screeners in all 21 airports tested. The reports also state screeners are not getting all of the TSA-mandated training and often have criminal backgrounds, and that starting salaries of $24,000 fail to retain employees.

Yolanda Clark of the TSA calls Argenbright's theory "interesting. But there are all sorts of theories," she says. "This agency was set up after 9/11 to serve our country. I don't think there's much more to say than that."

Clark added that the agency could not supply the demographic makeup of some 43,000 TSA screeners on duty today. The reason to replace ID checkers would be "using human technology, if you will," says Clark, "to search for behavioral stress levels."

Read more:,8599,1228247,00.html#ixzz15Z7ftSGT

God help us all.

Fayette White Guy said...

Anonymous, that article lost all credibility for me when it called Georgia Tech "Georgia Tech University." It's the Georgia Institute of Technology.

I Buried My Guns said...

the good news is that with the groundswell of anger that's been happening in the last 2 weeks, a lot of these flunkies will be unemployed soon.

On second thought, maybe that's not the best outcome, as you and I will continue to support these nice folks.

Steve said...

I travel frequently and I can say with certainty that most if not all of the TSA workers Ive encountered have been on work release program from the nearest special school. Pick a major east coast city and its planet of the apes. I'm not gonna give whites to much of a pass either, many of them I've dealt with are equally worthless.
TSA needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. The same slack jawed retards running the screening on the morning of Sept 11th are now higher paid, federal employees.
Fire them all and start a new organization that has a professional academy with high standards. Israel has a great model for airport security we should follow.

Anonymous said...

When the TSAer is white, or is a foreign black, they are polite. But, the vast majority of them seem to be morbidly obese black females incapable of assembling six words into a declarative sentence. Their game is not security. It is "hassle the honky".

Nothing more, nothing less.

- The Aging Viking

Anonymous said...

I'll not fly again. F them.

Anonymous said...

Fly naked. Or at least go through the screening in a trench coat and a speedo.

And lean into the crotch grab and moan.

(Easy for me to say, I'm not flying anywhere.)

Purist said...

Your article is interesting but I don't like the gross generalization of black incompetence. This is simply not true and is unfair to black individuals who do excellent work. With that being said, your website is an excellent reason why affirmative action should die, because incompetent blacks are getting positions they have not earned, damning the competent blacks to undeserved suspicion of their merits.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Thanks for the post. I just have to ask you this:

Have you flown into airports like Atlanta, either DC airport or Baltimore, Chicago, Memphis, Detroit or Philadelphia?

The only reason TSA doesn't have more Black employees is because the Black population is massed around either big cities or the South (54 percent of the United States' Black population is found in the South).

Most airports (Denver, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake, Minneapolis, San Diego, Boston, Orlando, Dallas) don't have large Black populations in the city, thus a smaller pool of Black people to hire.

And yes, the Post Office is a wonderful source of excellent stories of Black people excelling if I ever found one.

rashid1891 said...

The backlash against the Transportation Services Agency (TSA) is just part of the continued rise of Middle American Radicals (MARs) predicted in the 1990s, and it is of the Stuff Black People Don’t Like.