Sunday, November 21, 2010

40 Acres and a Mule? $1.15 Billion Sounds much better for "Black Farmers"

One of the great powers bestowed to Black people in Black Run America (BRA) is the ability to sue virtually any company or corporation for discrimination (real or imagined) and receive significant restitution in the form of monetary payments, commitments to greater Black employment opportunities and an increase in the audacity of future Black plaintiff's intent on capitalizing on their Blackness for capital gain at the expense of a country and legal system swimming in the lucrative waters of white guilt.

Where did all these Black farmers come from?
Black people can profit for any slight (real or imagined) perpetrated by a person, company or the United States government because Black people have been anointed with a power once reserved for the gods of ancient times, as they have reached infallible status and are treated reverentially by all (Disingenuous White Liberals being the greatest enablers of Black mendacity of all).

No group on the planet is coddled with such an intense devotion like Black people, enabled to the point that school discipline results in a 40-page letter listing demands normally made by an individual who has taken hostages and is negotiating with authorities for their safe release. Perhaps the best metaphor for the condition of 21st century America is found in the "Curtis Got Slapped" missive, for Black people have taken America hostage and every list of demands Black people produce - no matter how egregious - is greeted with a groveling complicity from white people merely to deflect away the dreaded "racism" charge.

Pre-Obama America is being held hostage by Black people and virtually any demand Black people make will be met with enthusiastic fulfilment by white people, regardless of the veracity behind the justification for the acquiescence. The burden of proof always falls upon white in Black Run America, because all white people are inherently racist in the eyes of the legal system, the sorry state of Black people the obvious fault of white racism and The Man's continued application of dastardly machinations to forever enslave them.

No greater example of this can be found than in the recent decision to award $1.15 Billion to Black farmers who alleged discrimination at the hands of the Agriculture Department for failing to lend money to Black farmers who lacked the credit, assets and collateral to qualify for loans in the first place:
The U.S. Senate yesterday approved spending $4.6 billion to settle two lawsuits: one by black farmers who alleged racial discrimination by government lenders and the other by 300,000 American Indians who said they had been cheated out of land royalties dating to 1887. 

Passage of the measure, by voice vote, unblocks a legislative logjam that has thwarted payouts, negotiated by the Obama administration, of $1.15 billion to the black farmers and $3.4 billion to the American Indians.
“We are one step closer to ensuring that the black farmers and Native Americans in these suits are fully compensated for past failures of judgment by the government,” U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, said in a statement after the Senate vote. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a Maryland Democrat, said he hopes to seek a vote after Congress returns from a week-long recess on Nov. 29. 

The farmers’ 1997 class-action lawsuit alleged discrimination by the Agriculture Department’s lending programs. Under a negotiated settlement announced in February, qualified farmers can collect as much as $50,000, plus debt relief. Others may collect monetary damages up to $250,000. 

The Obama administration requested $1.15 billion in its 2010 budget, on top of $100 million that Congress approved in the 2008 farm bill to finance the settlement. 

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a statement yesterday that the Senate’s “bold step” to finance the black farmers’ settlement “marks a major milestone in USDA’s efforts to turn the page on a sad chapter in our history.”

Pretty soon, those Black people who failed to produce sufficient funds for a down payment and quality credit scores to qualify for a traditional home loan will sue for discrimination. Whoops, too late for that one. Or those Black people who are denied a seat at a restaurant will sue for poor service and discrimination. Too late there again.

Black farmers make up a whopping 1 percent of United States farmers, yet their power to manipulate and induce sympathy from white liberals is truly astounding. Here is more background on the lawsuit:

Though civil rights legislation was supposed to have eradicated racism, at least on the federal level, a 1982 report issued by the Civil Rights Commission stated that the USDA was "a catalyst in the decline of the black farmer." That year, African-Americans received only 1% of all farm ownership loans, only 2.5% of all farm operating loans, and only 1% of all soil and water conservation loans. That year, too, the Reagan administration closed the USDA's Civil Rights Office - the very arm that investigated discrimination complaints.

In 1984 and 1985, the USDA lent $1.3 billion to farmers nationwide to buy land. Of the almost 16,000 farmers who received those funds, only 209 were black. By 1992, in North Carolina, the number of black farms had fallen to 2,498, a 64% drop since 1978.

Despite some new regulations by the Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) designed to offset discriminatory lending practices, and the restoration of the USDA's Civil Rights Office under President Clinton, black farmers are still not getting adequate help. A recent USDA report showed that loan applications by white farmers were processed in 60 days whereas black farmers' loans took 220 days. The 1990 Minority Farmers Rights Act, which authorized $10 million a year in technical assistance to minority farmers, has delivered only $2-3 million a year, and is in danger of being de
A lot of people - not just Black people - stopped farming in the 1980s for reasons that have to do with higher prices for operating and doing business, the discriminatory practice of inflation that strikes everyone, not just Black people.

With profits down and costs growing, many people stopped farming and those who had enough land could utilize it as collateral for loans. Black people get denied loans, not because of racism, but because of a higher rate of not repaying those loans and defaulting.

Black people default on loans at a higher rate than any other racial group in America, and the Agriculture Department obviously took this simple economic realization into consideration when accessing the application of Black farmers and decided such loans were not economically viable.

Worse, where do all of these Black farmers come from? The rate of Black farmers was declining at an unprecedented rate in the 1980s and it only accelerated in the 1990s and 2000s. Who are these Black plaintiffs?
More than 92,000 blacks have signed up for reparations from the Obama USDA after the Pigford case was extended this past year. That’s five times the number of blacks who were actually farming during the time period in question and would possibly qualify for the reparations.

Pigford v. Glickman was a class action lawsuit against the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), alleging racial discrimination in its allocation of farm loans and assistance between 1983 and 1997. The lawsuit ended with a settlement in which the U.S. government agreed to pay African American farmers $50,000 each if they had attempted to get USDA help but failed. To date, almost $1 billion has been paid or credited to the farmers under the settlement’s consent decree. Democrats want to add another $1.2 billion to the money pot and continue with the reparations.
Something is rotten in Denmark, though few people in power will point this fact out lest they be declared a virulent racist denying the rightful benefits Black farmers are entitled to. The failure of the Agriculture Department to properly analyze risk (with Black people, the great risk is not capitulating to early demands, for they will add up over time and the interest will be enormous) in this scenario will galvanize Black people to create lists of their own that will rival "Curtis Got Slapped" mother's catalog of demands.

Forty acres and a mule was once the government's decision in how to deal with Black people who were granted freedom. Black people under the watchful eyes of Black Run America have unlimited freedom to create lawsuits that will be greeted with sob stories by the media intent on providing sufficient proof that white racism is alive and well, guaranteeing that the legal outcome is always on the plaintiffs' side.

One problem exists though, as a lot of those discriminated against Black farmers didn't really exist at all:
During that 16-year period, however, the number of African American farm operators in the United States peaked at 33,000 in 1982, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. By 1992, says the Census Bureau, the number of African American farmers had fallen as low as 19,000. (There were 2.24 million total farmers in the United States in 1982 and 1.93 million in 1992.)

A "farm operator," according to the Census, is "a person who operates a farm, either doing the work or making day-to-day decisions." Farm operators include both individuals who own farms and who rent them.
A Department of Justice spokeswoman told that the $1.15 billion the administration is requesting from Congress to settle what is called the Pigford II case is based on complaints of discrimination from 66,000 individual African American farmers who allege the Department of Agriculture wrongfully denied them federal farm loans or benefits between the beginning of 1981 and the end of 1996.

About 2,700 of these 61,000 were deemed to have satisfied an “extraordinary circumstances” test and were permitted to participate in the original claim resolution processes despite missing the deadline.

Ultimately, a Justice Department spokeswoman told, a total of 66,000 individual African American farmers came forward after the original 1999 Pigford deadline seeking to make a claim against the USDA for discriminating against them on the basis of race in the period of 1981 through 1996.

Counting the original 20,000 who met the 1999 deadline and the 66,000 who did not, there are a total of 86,000 African Americans who “farmed or attempted to farm” from 1981 through 1996 made a claim of discrimination or are seeking to make one against the U.S. government.

Yet, the alleged discrimination against these 86,000 African American farmers occurred during a period when the peak African American farm-operator population was 33,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
Facts are of trivial concern to those who pull Black Run America's levers of power. One can only guess at the next industry to be hit hard with a suit where Black people pile on the charge of racism to ensure their cause is just and the restitution for their case is in the billions, if not trillions. Perhaps student loans? Black people default at much higher rates than other races in regards to student loans and seem to have difficultly finding suitable employment after college. Well, not in the government at least.

America is held hostage by the idea of Black Run America.


Post Suicide said...

Isn't it enough that Blacks are on welfare and affirmative action. If they think they have it bad now, wait until there's no white people left to sue or give out hand outs.

I can't wait til America is safe and sound. And black people are 6 feet underground.

Anonymous said...

The 0bama Regime exists solely for wealth redistribution. Take from the producers/earners and give it to the worthless bums. The goal is to have 55% of the country vote higher taxes on the 45% of the country who actually work for a living. One slight problem is that among things that productive Americans have been stocking up on is guns and ammo, plus food and various commodities that are safer than the dollar which may completely crash and burn in 2011. The defecation is just about to hit the oscillation and blacks who can't do a damn thing thing for themselves (except vote democrat!) are going to be sho' nuf' shocked how bad things will be for them.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with tax money being used to settle these claims,and settle them generously. With only a few conditions.

The payout checks would be drawn from an account set up at the National Bank of Liberia ( or another financial institution in that country,as long as it has walls,doors,and something close to a bank vault. ).

The settlement checks would only be cashable at that (very likely mythical ) bank in Liberia. By the individual whose name appears on the check. Payment will only be rendered in Liberian currency,or just possibly the CFE Franc,if that still exists. Absolute amount to be determined by current exchange rates.

Transportation ( one way ) to Liberia to cash or otherwise dispose of said financial instruments can be provided gratis by the U.S. Government.

No assistance of any sort will be given to individuals wishing to return to the United States. Said return should,in fact,be discouraged by all U.S. FSO's,as a matter of policy.

Anonymous said...

Waaaay off topic, but...

I haven't to this point, but for the first time since it was released, I'm watching a sociopath being cheered by tens of thousands, being congratulated - between plays - by fellow thugs, and being gushed over, by announcers. This country has completely lost it's way. Go Vick!!

I really hope, as I turn the "game" off, that tomorrow I read that it had it's neck broken, and will spend the rest of it's life essentially dead.

Disgusting, but hey! What an athlete!!

Anonymous said...

In addition to the $1.4 billion given to black farmers, this ruling is also giving some $4 billion to American Indians who were mistreated by the government.

In my opinion blacks in America should thank their lucky stars that their ancestors got sold into slavery (by other Africans). The real blot on our nation's history isn't the enslavement of black Africans, it's the treatment of American Indians.

While I don't subscribe to the views presented in books/movies like "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee," "The Last of the Mohicans," and "Dances with Wolves," which present American Indians as angelic beings incapable of malice, I think it is inarguable that the U.S. government's treatment of the Indians was inhumane and treacherous.

I also think that EVERYBODY can learn a lesson from the government's treatment of American Indians. The government will make promises and pretend to have the highest of intentions, but always remember that if you get in the way of the government's plans then YOU will become the bad guy and your privacy, property and rights will mean next to nothing.

BTW, watch out black people, your days as the Democrat party's golden goose are coming to an end soon, vaya con dios.

South East Asian said...

When white americans become a minority and the asians/hispanics/arabians take over america, let see how much money can Black people can get from them

Anonymous said...

This ruling is shocking. I have a black associate who has had acres of farmland in the family for a several generations. It has been sitting since at least the 1960's empty. No one in their family was interested in moving to this area (it was in the south), or farming the land, or anything. All they wanted was to sell the property to a housing developer and split up the money. I think they each got a few thousand dollars, and lost every bit of the land that one of their ancestors probably died for.

Nothing left for future generations, no family legacy, nothing but cash. A day late and a dollar short, once again. Blacks are not interested in farming. Give me a break!

Blacks do not even shop at the farmer's markets in my city! What makes anyone think that blacks are going to be interested in farmland? Farming requires WORK and brains. Blacks are not even interested in environmental issues, and believe that farming and preservation is SWPL and worth avoiding.

They will piss that money away in a matter of a few years and then there will nothing left.

Anonymous said...


The whole 40 acres and a mule was never a government decision. It was an idea thrown about by ONE Union general. Lets not totally distort "our" nation's history. Besides we have to get our facts striaght for "we love black people month".

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

No matter what, the vast majority of blacks (and browns) will always have their hands out asking for more. There is nothing whitey can do - not a black president, not a black supreme court justice, not the anti-white racist practices (affirmative action) at our colleges, universities and workplaces, not forty-acres and a mule, not $1.5 Billion, not free housing, healthcare, food or clothing - not anything. We will pay for the sin of being born white without pause, hesitation or question.

Explicit white racial conciseness is the ONLY solution to this never-ending dog and pony show. Until then, the cowards in Washington, the disingenuous Tea Partiers and the silent whites around the country will continue to be the slaves of their own racial impotence, and of the colored peoples’ ability to use that racial impotence as weapon against them - just ask the race-hustlers: Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. How did we become so shameless?

Since the dawn of history, we have been a mighty people of builders, explorers, artists, warriors, inventors, philosophers and cultivators. We have sailed the seas, tamed vast wildernesses, scaled towering mountains, journeyed to depths of the ocean ... and into the cold void of outer-space.

We have built great civilizations, created breathtaking works of beauty, and made the desserts bloom. The technological achievements of our people, from the megalithic calendar of Stonehenge, to the moon-walk of the Apollo astronauts are unequaled.

We have devised sublime philosophies, conquered deadly diseases and performed soul-searing acts of heroism and self-sacrifice.

For Christ's sake! The glories and greatness our men and women have won over the centuries should serve as a source of eternal pride and inspiration.

We are the people of Shakespeare, Leonardo Davinci, Beethoven and Homer. We are the sons and daughters of Leaf Erikson, Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake and Magellan. We are the folk of Alexander, Caesar and Washington. We are the descendants of Pythagoras, Gaileo, Copernicus, Newton and Darwin. Just to list the great achievements of our people would require the work of a life time - NO ONE, has more to be proud of than we do. It's time for us to start acting like it.

Anonymous said...

On the Indians:

Europeans were the first North Americans. Watch the groundbreaking Discovery program: Ice Age Columbus. You can find it on YouTube.

Also, Study the Kennewick man. He's the oldest know human being - ever discovered - on the North American continent, and maybe, the world. There was a HUGE controversy because a scientist concluded that the remains were Caucasian thus destroying the liberal lie that the Indians were the first Americans.

-White Guy

Anonymous said...

MORGAN FREEMAN? @1:15 in the last video

He really is a magic negro!

Anonymous said...

"We will pay for the sin of being born white without pause, hesitation or question. "

I will never accept responsibility for slavery or black oppression. I am not afraid of black rage, a black planet, or being called a racist.

Blacks are not a threat because they have limited thinking ability, are suspicious and fearful of each other, and so are not able to mobilize or stage an effective revolt.

I am mostly disappointed in my own people, the cowardly whites who continue to cater to the black agenda and know better. I mostly "blame whitey" for allowing things to get out of hand, for abandoning their lands, and for running away.

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Anonymous said...

There is no being more bitter and destructive than a bi-racial (mulatto).

They are able to channel the intelligence and ingenuity gained from their white side to enact the destruction and jealous rage from the black side. This makes for one monumental pain in the ass that has only one agenda...."git whitey"
Proof??.....B. Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Ben Jealous, etc...