Monday, November 1, 2010

SWPL Whites March on DC with Jon Stewart: Where's Craig Kilborn when you need him?

Last week Stuff Black People Don't Like discussed Stuff White People Like (SWPL) whites vs. Untouchable whites.

Picture from Jon Stewart rally on October 30, 2010
The impetus behind this discussion was the march on DC that happened on Halloween Eve, the "Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive" rallies that attracted - based on some sources - a quarter of a million SWPL whites to hear Jon Stewart say this:
In one shtick, Stewart and his associates queried some crowd-goers to identify themselves by category, eliciting answers from attendees such as "half-Mexican, half-white," "American woman single" and "Asian-American from Taiwan."

"It's a perfect demographic sampling of the American people," Stewart cracked. "As you know, if you have too many white people at a rally, your cause is racist. If you have too many people of color, then you must be asking for something - special rights, like eating at restaurants or piggy back rides."
As many have pointed out the Stewart rally had all the diversity of the Adam Sandler film Big Daddy (a film Jon Stewart starred in), with white people congratulating fellow SWPL whites with self-deprecating signs that enabled themselves to feel completely superior to those nefarious whites who gathered to hear Glenn Beck speak but a few months before in the same city. 

Both rallies, though ideologically different, consisted of near monochromatic crowds of white people. 

In the status-game that white people play in Black Run America (BRA), the intense desire to achieve Black approval is a never-ending game that both SWPL whites and Untouchable whites tirelessly participate in, a Sisyphean task if ever there was one

Tea Party participants go out of their way to create the illusion of a non-racial based movement, though the heart of the rebellion is onerous taxation that disproportionate goes to pay for BRA. Constantly promoting Black people within their ranks, the Tea Party claims to be 79 percent white, a number the leaders of the movement probably find embarrassingly high. 

At the Jon Stewart Restore Sanity rally, the crowd appeared to be whiter than a NASCAR race or a National Hockey League (NHL) crowd. Black people might be the object of both SWPL whites and Untouchable whites affection in their ongoing status-seeking contest, mere pawns in a game of who can pander and acquiesce to BRA with the greatest devotion, but SWPL whites emerge as the greatest hypocrites in this tiresome scrum. 

Think back to Michael Oher, when an Untouchable white couple adopted a dexterous Black football player from Memphis, a mere by-product of SWPL whites social engineering. Untouchable whites - for the most part- care about the sorry condition that most Black people in the South find themselves in and desire nothing more than cheering for underprivileged Black athlete-students at Predominately White Institutions (PWIs) on Saturday's in the fall.

SWPL whites live in cities where few Black people dwell, crying from afar that the perpetually disadvantaged Black race is under the continuous iron heel of white oppression, when Black disadvantages spring from the continued negative choices that Black people make in virtually every city they call home.

Two white people with the lone Black guy at the Glenn Beck rally 
When one juxtaposes the Glenn Beck rally from the late summer with the Jon Stewart rally, the dichotomy of white people in 21st century America is on full display. Both groups comprise completely different world views on issues such as abortion, God, guns, immigration, homosexuality, foreign policy, etc., but both seek Black approval with a fidelity once reserved for Deities.

This is the essence of Black Run America (BRA), when competing ideological rallies - held at the exact same venue - must deflect criticism for the horrifying and unforgivable sin of being lily white in attendance. The incessant pandering to Black people ensures that Restoring Sanity will be but a pipe dream.

Jon Stewart is host of The Daily Show, a once humorous ensemble newscast that did provide us with the immortal skit White in America. Prior to this gig, Jon Stewart was best known for his role as the aptly labeled Enhancement Smoker in the stoner comedy Half-Baked.

This film is a favorite of SWPL whites, who long for the day of the legalization of the chronic weed so that they may enjoy cannabis while watching Stewart's show before inevitably flipping over to  The Cartoon Network. Marijuana only enhances the viewing of these channels, which provide the bulk of the SWPL whites television diet.

Stewart took over hosting The Daily Show when original anchor Craig Kilborn bolted for the fertile grounds of late-night network TV. Less political and more an irreverent pop culture fun, Kilborn's show is scarcely remembered now-a-days.

But it is a few days after the Restore Sanity rally that we hope in earnest that Craig Kilborn one day returns to Comedy Central and saves The Daily Show. Better yet, replace Glenn Beck on FOX News.

To paraphrase the Joker from The Dark Knight: "This country deserves a better class of white people."

Both groups are ashamed that they partake in events that attract only white people. While one group bemoans the lack of Black people in cities they call home, the other group retreats to suburbs further and further outside of major cities that Black people methodically and problematically make untenable for raising families in, once Black people assume power.

SWPL whites vs. Untouchable whites. It's a shame there is not - as of yet - a viable alternative to root for that eschews the ritualistic submission to BRA.

In a war between Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck, we at Stuff Black People Don't Like will sit back and enjoy the inanity of it all. Both warring ideologies serve an omnipotent master and BRA still dictates what is permissible in polite society.

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Desiree said...

That Jon Stewart satire is hilarious. Those white children are very sweet. There is hope after all. Thank you, black Jeezus.

What I don't understand, SBPDL, is why you are so obstinate to relinquishing that gilded superiority complex!

Can't we all just get along? Can't black people be entitled to not liking stuff without being derided? When will it end, SBPDL? When?

What's going on with SBPDL 2.0...?

"Two white people with the lone Black guy at the Glenn Beck rally"

LOL! What a great shot. Of course, the answer to their question is 'yes'. Always; if they have to ask, there is a problem.

Black guy at a Glenn Beck rally? LOL! Uncle Toms would be funny if they weren't so damn deadly. There is no place for a black person in the Republican party.

Anonymous said...

"There is no place for a black person in the Republican party."

In 2010, a record number of black Republican candidates, you dumb fucking whore.
Like a broken record, you can repeat stupidity, but you can't change the facts.

Anonymous said...

The Democrat Party has done wonders for blacks by creating welfare programs that correlate with their terrible decisions.

Jon Stewart has become insufferable. He called Truman a war criminal. He compares Al-Qaeda lawyers to John Adams for their shared nobility. He is a self proclaimed socialist but he is supposed to represent moderates. Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

"There is no place for a black person in the Republican party."

The democrats have places for blacks.

Detroit, Atlanta, New Orleans, Baltimore, Oakland, and every other crime-infested inner city.

And blacks can only say "Thank you massa".

Sheila said...

"There is no place for a black person in the Republican party." - Desiree.

"Why you are so obstinate to relinquishing . . . " - Desiree's AA version of educated English.

Diversity + proximity = war - truth for the ages.
There is no place for blacks in a civilized country - Whites' unvoiced consensus after enduring BRA.

Bill Hicks said...

Is it just me or does Glen Beck look like one of those gay guys who likes to have other gay guys pee on him?

Anonymous said...

"Uncle Toms would be funny if they weren't so damn deadly." - Desiree

Why are black people so against Uncle Tom? The original Uncle Tom was a protagonist, an admirable character. Is black culture so infused with criminality and violence that being compared to a good black character is considered an insult?

Anonymous said...


"There is no place for a black person in the Republican party."

What place do we have in the Democratic party?

This speech by Malcolm X in 1964 sums thing up perfectly.

-Black guy

Desiree said...

The Uncle Tom is not a protagonist. He's a self-hating black person who will support 'Massa' over his fellow blacks. If Massa has a good idea in comparison to the blacks, he'll support it. If Massa has a terrible, genocidal, reckless, greedy, violent idea in comparison to the ultimate truths delivered by his fellow blacks, he'll still support Massa.

He is not 'good'; he is bad. He was bad circa 1850 and he's bad now as the Version 2.0 house negroes.

White people like Unc because he is safe and he will never, ever encroach on your neighborhood, your job, or your beautiful white wimmens without permission, thanks, and the promise to behave as a good house negro should.

Black guy:

There is no place for black people in the Democratic party, either, but it seems to be the lesser of two evils.

Malcolm X always brings it on a real tip. I wear him on my chest every week under the heading: 'Think! It Ain't Illegal!'. Pre-Hajj, post-Hajj; he's brilliant.

I am still trying to understand why you frequent, Black Guy? You clearly have a disdain for whitey and yet, these whiteys like you?!?

How is this possible?

Anonymous said...

All blacks are self-hating, even you Desiree. You hate yourself and each other to the core, it is part of the black culture. Didn't blacks create the term "Playa Hata"? That is why you press your hair and hang out at white girl parties. Duh!

We "Whiteys" are amused by both of you.

You are quite harmless and often entertaining. You keep reminding us that this truly is Stuff Black People Don't Like. Your feathers are easily ruffled, you are predictable, racially sensitive, and show your discomfort with funny comments like "LMBAO" and "LOL" and "thanks sweetie". This is a good place to try out your home-made false personality. We know you are very different from the person you present on this blog. Desiree at least you stopped trying to educate us with your long rants and massive lists of internet links. Thanks!

The fact that you are both still here posting here is amazing to me.

Anonymous said...

Here are a few other loving names that blacks give other blacks who refuse to identify themselves as eternal victims of racism (thanks Larry Elder):

Oreo. Uncle Tom. Boot-licking Uncle Tom. Straight-up Uncle Tom. Judas. Boy. Bug-eyed. Foot-shuffling. Sugarcane Negro. Handkerchief head. Trojan Horse. Anti-black. Pro-white. Remus. Sambo. Sambo-Tom. The Anti-Christ. Clarence Thomas supporter. Sniveling weasel. Evil. A-s-kisser. Coconut. Wannabe white. Nickering nabob of negativity

Nice huh? Black people love each other so much.

Uncle Toms urge other blacks to reject welfare in favor of self-help -- breaking the monopoly of public education, privatization of Social Security, and the adherence to responsible moral, personal, and sexual behavior. This is a direct threat to race hustlers like Desiree. If you declare your independence from the black collective, or "act white" (which means educated, well-spoken, literate, responsible) then the black collective gets very jealous and rejects you. You get your black card revoked.

Remember, blacks need to keep whites on the hook for the financial payoff. Blacks are the most racist and hateful people on the planet.

So who's the Uncle Tom, Desiree?


Anonymous said...

Shelby Steele on Uncle Toms:


Anonymous said...

The Religion of Racism


Anonymous said...

"The Uncle Tom is not a protagonist. He's a self-hating black person who will support 'Massa' over his fellow blacks." opposed to the self-hating black person who projects all his/her anger outward, and onto the most convenient target.

It also comes as no surprise that this comment also included the usual bitter jab at "beautiful white wimmins." Lord knows we can't get through a single post without THAT coming up in the comments section at some point, no matter how off-topic or irrelevant it is.

It's quite revealing.

Anonymous said...

Ah, one of the most fascinating intricacies of black culture.

This Uncle Tom idea is just another way for blacks to dismantle any sort of commonality they might share. It is one of those black family values that is passed on from generation to generation. Same with the labels of "light skinded" and "dark skinded" and calling each other "uppity negro". Blacks are truly harmless for the most part because they despise themselves and each other SO MUCH that they can never form a strong alliance (except for the black victicrat mentality. All blacks are members of this cult...). Think black on black crime. White people, do not even try to understand this, you never will.

Blacks are not able to work toward a common goal for the betterment of society. They are unable to ever realize true freedom, and will remain slaves to their own low intelligence and need for immediate gratification. They do not punish their own bad actors, the black criminal culture runs amuck terrorizing the entire population. Blacks do not create or build wealth for their descendants, and piss away any money they might save on cheap trinkets and never ending materialism.

They do not have the skills to pull off a true revolt and will eventually obliterate their own race, burning and looting neighborhoods along the way.

I am finding that whites know so much more about blacks than blacks even know about themselves.