Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bad Weaves and Curtis Getting Slap: Just Another day in Paradise

Black people don't like school discipline. This much has been established.

Demands in the "Curtis Got Slapped" story: Only one of the many pages
Black people don't like their own hair. This has also been established.

Two stories of late help punctuate these two points and shed on light on the Black community and the Black mindset as few other tales possibly could.

Take Kaukauna Y. Gethers Rudolph, a Black woman who attacked her husband for failing to help cut her weave:

Lynn couple got tangled in a hairy situation when the cops showed up at their basement apartment after the woman went after her husband with a 15-inch knife when he wouldn’t help her tame her tresses, according to the police version of events.

The couple has kissed and made up. But while Kaukauna Y. Gethers Rudolph, 51, admits she had a bad hair day, she insisted yesterday she’d never ask her husband to do her hair, no matter what police say.

“Men do not know how to do a woman’s hair,” she said. “Would you trust your husband to do your hair?”
Kaukauna admits the big to-do started early Saturday as she sat on her bed, taking out her old hair weave.
Her plan, she said, was to color her short, graying locks with Revlon jet black hair dye and put in her new hair weaves, which she had recently picked up on sale for $3 a piece at a nearby beauty supply store.

As she removed the old weaves, she asked her hubby, Kenneth “Kenny” Rudolph, 48, to fix her some food so she could finish the tedious task. “I was getting sort of hungry,” she said.

He had other plans. Kenny said he didn’t feel like cooking and wanted to go out. Kaukauna said he was “tipsy” and she didn’t want him to leave. A bitter argument erupted. Kenny, apparently alarmed, dialed 911. Meanwhile, Kaukauna claims she went into the kitchen to start cooking. Hence the big knife that was in her hands when the cops showed up.

Police say they heard yelling inside. Kenny answered the door and said his wife “came at me with a knife” and it’s “all about her asking me to help do her hair and I don’t do hair,” according to a police report.
 Hair is one thing, school discipline for misbehaving is a horse of a different color. Just ask Curtis of "Curtis got slapped" mother:

When a child named Curtis Bowen was slapped by his teacher at Martin Luther King Jr., Elementary School, no one really heard about it. Except for President Obama, Vice President Biden, their wives, three senators, and more than 20 other officials.

They all were CC'ed on the whopping 40-page letter that Curtis' mother, Lisa Henry Bowen, sent to school district superintendent John Covington. In it, Bowen makes mind-boggling demands for reparations. One recipient called the letter "one of the craziest things I've ever seen" and leaked it to the Internet. And Lisa Henry Bowen even created her own web site for the occasion:

Lisa Henry Bowen, who copyrights her name and her son's name throughout the letter, kicks it off by identifying herself as the "intellectual property owner" of fourth grader Curtis Bowen (C). She alleges that Curtis was caught horse playing and was slapped by a teacher named Ms. Curry. Lisa Henry tried to report the teacher to social services for child abuse, but was denied as Curtis' skin wasn't broken.

That sent Lisa Henry into a spiral of outrage. She calls Ms. Curry "one audacious white bitch with 'balls'", and then conducts some informal gonad comparisons. "I happen to have some big 'balls' too. And I ain't afraid to use them." (All emphasis hers, throughout.)

Mrs. Bowen uses her balls-to-the-wall logic to devise a way for the school district to repay her. She claims that Curry slapped 1/4 of Curtis' "million dollar face." Therefore, Lisa Henry encloses a homemade bill for a quarter of a million dollars. The $250K bill is issued to five educational entities, so she's really demanding more than $1 million.

And that's just page eight!

The weird part about Lisa Henry's list of reparations is that most of them have nothing to do with her child being slapped. Sure, she makes a few perfunctory demands to improve the school district, including the introduction of a "We Don't Hit Kids Here" campaign throughout Kansas City and a revocation of Ms. Curry's teaching license. But she reserves the real meat of reparations for Curtis and herself.

Curtis shall receive, among many other things: $13,500 worth of Wal-Mart gift cards, a free college education, two trips to Disney World, nine years of private tennis lessons on the Plaza, season tickets to the opera, theater, and ballet, almost a decade's worth of psychological counseling by "the best black child psychologist in the country," a whole orchestra's worth of new musical instruments, a three-week trip to Africa at a five-star hotel, and a personal audience with President Obama.

Lisa Henry's demands are just as WTF-worthy. She demands the full payment of her mortgage, a new car, home remodeling, free psychological, dental, and medical care for the next nine years, and the cherry on the sundae:
Independent consulting contract position with the Kansas City Missouri School district, for the next nine years. My consulting fee begins at $15,000 per month, minimum 6 months contract.
Because nothing screams "hire me" like a maniacal 40-page threat.

The mother ironically rants to President Obama and Dr. Covington about how the educational system doesn't "give a damn about black children." She almost loses it at the end:
There was a time, in THIS AMERICA, when a white woman could get away with slapping black children around. There was a time, in THIS AMERICA, when a black woman had no choice, but to accept her children being slapped, whipped, rapped [sic, we think], abused, molested and psychologically tortured by this white supremacist society...There WAS a time. I AIN'T THAT BLACK MOTHER, THIS AIN'T THAT TIME!!!!!! THIS AIN'T THAT AMERICA!!!!!!!!
A message to the haters: Lisa Henry Bowen (C) invites anyone who thinks she's gone a little overboard to "KISS MY ENTIRE BLACK ASS!!!!!! I HAVEN'T BEGUN TO GO FAR ENOUGH!!!!!!!"

Black students might not be proficient in scholastic work, but Black students are quite proficient in being the subject of disciplinary actions in those schools they routinely perform poorly in, regardless of the state.

"Curtis got slapped" and  Kaukauna Y. Gethers Rudolph: two shining examples that Black people love being Black.


Fayette White Guy said...

You have to be careful around blacks. Many of them are just looking for reasons to start a lawsuit. This case almost appears to be a joke, it's so ridiculous.

Porter© said...

I do believe that ape is serious.

The above sentence is the sovereign God-given intellectual property of Porter©. Any use or misuse of this sentence without the author's express written consent is prohibited. Failure to observe said proscription will result in fines of 75,000,000,000,000ZWD (seventy-five trillion Zimbabwean dollars) per letter per instance, payment due upon receipt. (schedule of speaking fees also available upon request)

I also demand a lifetime supply of Thunderbird and that the letter "Q" be stricken from the English language.

Post Suicide said...

The weird part about Lisa Henry’s list of reparations is that most of them have nothing to do with her child being slapped. Sure, she makes a few perfunctory demands to improve the school district, including the introduction of a “We Don’t Hit Kids Here” campaign throughout Kansas City and a revocation of Ms. Curry’s teaching license. But she reserves the real meat of reparations for Curtis and herself.

Hirsch said...

I actually read the entire letter at "Something Awful." This woman seems to be suffering from severe asperger's syndrome. She's like the ghetto version of Rain Man. "Yeah, Wal-Mart. Definitely Wal-Mart."

I Buried My Guns said...

The great thing aboutthis site is the odd mix of humor coupled with antisocial, pathological behavior by folks who just can't seem to behave.

This entry is no different. At first I laughed, but then,, after exploring this story on different sites and reading this woman's entire letter, I was saddened.

The source of my sadness is not that people like this woman exist, but rather the fact that our once-great Nation tolerates her neaderthal behavior.

Anonymous said...

Because I had the foresight to actually save money and live within my means, I hope that the double dip recession comes in sooner rather than later and stays long enough to convince taxpayers to abolish welfare programs that encourage this mentality of dependency upon handouts.

Anonymous said...

She demands to meet Dr. Cornell West on a quarterly basis and Eric Dyson. These are two of the leading black hucksters disguised as intellectuals. Dr. West and Mr. Dyson are probably the inspiration for this list of demands. Walmart gift cards and top notch dental care are reparations she just doesn't want forty acres and a mule as that would require work.

Curtis needs a gas card to drive to Golds Gym. At Golds he will train to defend himself against slap-happy white teachers.

Anonymous said...

"The weird part about Lisa Henry’s list of reparations is that most of them have nothing to do with her child being slapped."

She's a negro.

Anonymous said...

There should be a gameshow on BET called "Are You Smarter than a Dolphin?"

Anonymous said...

I'd give Lisa Henry Bowen(c) a month's worth of gas at Quik Trip if she'd let me slap the snot out of her. Just once.

Anonymous said...

"""that the letter "Q" be stricken from the English language."""

I agree about the letter "Q". Shameful letter.

Anonymous said...

We found Disiree!

Anonymous said...

and what is the difference between this list and the requests list of any woman of any skin color in any divorce trial?

Anonymous said...

I love how black women like Henry always claim to be such loving and dedicated mothers. White liberals fall for this lie too often. Black women have higher rates of abortion, abuse and neglect, infant mortality, fetal Alcohol Syndrome and child abandonment, drug addicted babies and pre-term birth. Breastfeeding is practically non-existent with blacks, which is an important way promote bonding.

Lisa Henry, like most black mothers, use their babies to get free stuff for themselves and to keep a black man in their lives by getting pregnant in the first place. I know a woman who used to be a social worker, and the black mothers were by far the worst lot to deal with. They have no sense of attachment to their babies and children, would sell them for money for a hit of drugs in a pinch, and would let their new boyfriends and family members molest the girls.

I hate to admit that I have seen more abuse and harsh treatment of black children in public places - slapping, name calling, shaming, cursing, ignoring, verbal threats. Black women treat their children like DIRT. That is why they grow up with so much uncontrollable rage lack of empathy for fellow humans.

I feel sorry for the children, until I remember that they will grow up to be little thugs just like their "parents" one day.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Dr." Cornell West: black intellectual=the ultimate oxymoron.