Monday, January 31, 2011

Brawling for God: What's wrong with Black people in North Carolina?

It was two years that a study came out discussing the religious tendencies of the various racial groups in America. The most religious group is Black people, though the high rates of abortion, out-of-wedlock birthrate and Black-on-Black crime is but a minor deviation from the gospel:
A 2009 study by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that African-Americans were more religious on a variety of measures than the U.S. population as a whole, with 87 percent of African-Americans describing themselves as belonging to one religious group or another. 

Nearly eight in 10 African-Americans said religion is very important in their lives, compared with 56 percent of the general U.S. adult population.
 That same article would state the number of atheists within the Black community is growing, that fact revealing a direct correlation to the above cited problems plaguing that racial group.

Despite evidence that some Black people are beginning to spurn the word of God in favor of a world devoid of a deity to worship, the majority of Black people are still incredible pious according to surveys (disregarding crime rates, marriage rates, out-of-wedlock birthrates).

Rarely has evidence of this deep devotion to God been on display like this past Sunday in North Carolina, when rival groups of Black people attending the same church got into a royally theological rumble:
 A large brawl broken up by about 30 police officers at a Fletcher church Sunday stemmed from an attempt to get rid of the current pastor, church members said today. 

Officers from five agencies in Henderson and Buncombe counties responded just after noon to Greater New Zion Baptist Church on Asheville Highway after a sheriff's deputy at the scene for routine security called about a fight, said Capt. Jerry Rice with the Henderson County Sheriff's Office.
Sunday and church is a deadly serious time for Black people, with two, three, sometimes even four hours devoted to worshiping the lord in a service. The Sunday sermon offers Black people an excuse to get dressed in the most opulent outfit in their wardrobe and an exhausting spiritual cleansing transpires once they sit down in a pew.

It has been called America's most segregated hour, but rarely are the differences in the various races on full display then at church:
Americans may be poised to nominate a black man to run for president, but it's segregation as usual in U.S. churches, according to the scholars. Only about 5 percent of the nation's churches are racially integrated, and half of them are in the process of becoming all-black or all-white, says Curtiss Paul DeYoung, co-author of "United by Faith," a book that examines interracial churches in the United States.

DeYoung's numbers are backed by other scholars who've done similar research. They say integrated churches are rare because attending one is like tiptoeing through a racial minefield. Just like in society, racial tensions in the church can erupt over everything from sharing power to interracial dating.
 Fighting over faith happens all the time. That's why we don't talk about religion at all here. But we will showcase events that require 30 cops to restore order, especially when this event transpires at a place of worship.

It's fitting that on the day of the massive church brawl, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) held its annual pay-per-view, the Royal Rumble.

Something tells us that had Vince McMahon known about a real brawl - instead of his choreographed male soap opera - that he would have broadcast the Black church brawl instead, guaranteeing a higher buy rate.

We know: you aren't supposed to make fun of Black people or admit that they have problems within their own community. The mere Saturday Night Live skit Blackenstein has infuriated Black people all over the Internet, showing how closely guarded Black people are regarding how other races few them.

The secrets out Black people, thanks to YouTube and World Star Hip Hop. Black riots transpire constantly and thanks to the Internet they can no longer go down the memory hole.

A riot broke out at a basketball game in Charlotte this past weekend, when a parent hit a resource officer. 10 students were arrested at Vance High School in Charlotte (70 percent Black), for brawling.

Video of the church brawl can be found here.

Is there any reason to continue posting stories of depravity in a community that is so obviously lacking in self-control? We at Stuff Black People Don't Like find it sad that the most pious people in America can't find commonality when airing their grievances and resort to brawling amid the pews.

Well, not for a month at least... it's time for a whole new batch of Black Fictional Heroes for Black history month.


White Guy said...

This entire article highlights the tragic irony in the black community.

White Guy said...

Excuse me,

I should have said:

This article highlights the ironic tragedy that is the black community.

Atheism Be Racist said...

I am a (very) white atheist in NC and in spite of living in a city with twice the percentage of black population as the national average our local organized atheist community of nearly a thousand people has but two black members. I find it very telling that the local black community seems to be constantly engaged in violence, criminality, out of wedlock births, and other maladaptive behaviors at a very high rate while the members of our group, who are almost entirely European or East Asian, represent the best of the local community in terms of productivity, education, and civility.

There is a correlation between religion and social dysfunction as the linked study below shows.

Anonymous said...

Black churches are just another type of gang.

Anonymous said...

Taken together, the black dude who 'swagged' in traffic and got hit by an ice cream truck, along with this church's volatile congregation, there is definitive proof that there is absolutely no place where blacks won't dance or won't riot.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL, what is the relevance of Dishwalla??

Anonymous said...

Assault on an officer of the law? Consistently deliver this easily understood message to America's MLK Blvd.

Anonymous said...

The relevance of Dishwalla are the song's lyrics. The entry is about religion and so is the song.

Anonymous said...

"The relevance of Dishwalla are the song's lyrics. The entry is about religion and so is the song."

Oh jeez. Sorry for the dumb question.

But thank you. :o)

Anonymous said...

Odd how blacks let themselves become forever "spiritually" enslaved by continuing to embrace their enslavers faith. This becomes even more ironic when blacks like to tout their "strong faith in the lord". Don't you think with all their "african pride" and "keeping it realness" that they would want to throw off the yolk of their enslavers beliefs and try to reconnect with their african root religions? As to God(s) I have no idea but I do feel that, in general, religion has been a scourge upon mankind. I think I'll just continue "worshipping" the sun here in sunny North Carolina. At least I'll get an enjoyable endorphin release out of the deal.

Anonymous said...

I was raised Roman Catholic, so Sundays were always very integrated for me. The CWP aka missionaries ensured a very racially diverse papal dominion. We had quite a number of Nigerians in our congregation, and they would wear their native attire to mass. There were hardly any American blacks as far as I can remember.

joe said...

ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME: the ultimate negro cop-out...

Atheism Be Racist said...

Steve Harvey

joe-6 said...

Sure a church brawl is funny but the peaceful and wise blacks that I have met are churchgoers. Or they come from a churchgoing family. Blacks really need God to tame their wildness. Whites do too (and I have met them) but not as many. Scandinavia is full of calm peaceful white atheists. You won't find that in Africa where they are pagans anyway.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you couldn't find a way to work in "Coral Sky" instead of "Blue Cars". Much better tune although not relevant to religion.

Anonymous said...

Black churches need to be exposed for the evil frauds that they really are. I would rather live next to a black crack house than a black church house. Black churches are communistic terrorist gangs and their church services have more in common with a voodoo dance than with a real church.

Silent Running said...

There is a correlation between religion and social dysfunction as the linked study below shows.

That explains the appalling Mormon murder rate.

Black Christians are not deeply religious. They are overtly religious. Jesus is Whitey's god, after all. But the irony there pales in comparison to that of Hispanics, who take such fierce pride in both a language and a religion that was forced upon them at the point of Spanish steel.

Of course, when blacks go Muslim they can have their faith and keep their crime rate. Win-win.

Anonymous said...

Church for them is an organized "looks at meez" fest. Especially when they start shrieking and wailing and convulsing.

Anonymous said...

I think a movie that showcased black religion in an accurate way was the original 1933 King Kong. It demonstrated how they worship during the voodoo dance. Kong is what black people really worship, not the Redeemer who payed for our sins on the cross. Black people do not repent of sin, they glory in sin. When Kong was chained to the big steel X it was like he was crucified. Kong then rose to heaven by climbing the Empire State building. He was then resurrected in later remakes.
Seriously, blacks want nothing to do with White mans King and Redeemer. His very commandments are repugnant to their negritude.

Anonymous said...

There are some really sick sad responses here, wtf is negritude?! Stop making up racist words to back up your nonsense. We all came out of Africa you schmuck! All our genetics can be traced back and shows the paths that early man took. On the basis of color and culture Africans were enslaved and then sold as chattel, can you not see how horrific this is? They kept better records of horses lineage coming from England than they did human beings... Do you not think that it is a difficult transition for a people to attain their freedom?! They were just given the right to vote 1-2 generations ago and you already want to figure out what's "wrong with them", blaming their faith and being a racist prick only furthers the mess they have to deal with, the constant feeling of inequality that people like you instill in them as young children! Then we target them, arrest them, charge them with the most serious possible crime, give them the longest sentences and hope that they are disenfranchised as a result so they don't have any say in a government that still enslaves them and enables people like you to find reasons to keep up the hate. So fucking sad.