Thursday, January 6, 2011

L'Enfant Plaza: A no-go zone

L'Enfant Plaza:stay away
L’Enfant Plaza in Washington D.C. was home to a massive riot/brawl in the summer of 2010 that went largely unreported. Those in the melee represent a protected class of individuals that the media like to label “youth” (from The Post): 
Post managers, from the top down, regularly remind the newsroom that coverage must have a "for and about Washington" focus. So when a large brawl broke out in the Metro system on a recent Friday night, it seemed a perfect chance to show local readers that The Post is their indispensable source for news.

The fracas occurred near midnight on Aug. 6, and authorities said it involved as many as 70 people. It started at the Gallery Place Station and continued to the L'Enfant Plaza Station. There were arrests, and several people landed in the hospital. On deadline, The Post gathered enough information for a news brief in Saturday's paper, and a short story was quickly posted online

Robert E. Pierre, the weekend editor for local news, said he saw no need. "It wasn't about additional people," he told me, noting that social media searches and an online appeal for witnesses had yielded little. And, he added, "the police didn't have very much," and what little information they disclosed was sketchy. The size of the crowd was in question, he said, and police couldn't say how many were actually brawling.

Pierre also worried about hyping a story that involved race. Although The Post's coverage on and after Sunday did not specify the racial makeup of those involved, many readers assumed they were black and offered racially insensitive online comments. "So ghetto," read one. Another urged ending "all welfare benefits for parents whose little animals cause this type of mayhem."

When The Post finally produced a more substantive story for Monday's paper, Pierre believes it was given too much prominence, even though it included eyewitness descriptions of multiple fights and bedlam as people tried to escape the pandemonium. The Post "overplayed it," said Pierre. "It was a fight on the Metro. Kids get into fights."

The Post should always be sensitive to overplaying stories, especially if race is involved.
In other words, we should all look away and shut our eyes from the reality of criminal behavior. The incidents in Milwaukee, Kansas City, St. Louis, Philadelphia and Atlanta are just examples of "youth" having fun. After all, “This is a Black world” as we learned from the incident in Akron in the summer of 2009. Remember Beat Whitey Night in Iowa? Imagine that event being stretched out 24/7/365.

Flash forward roughly six months from the wild brawl at L’Enfant and we are entitled to an incident just as shocking involving “youths” merely having fun:
On Sunday night, Allen Haywood was randomly and viciously attacked by two kids on the platform of the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station. Dozens of people witnessed it. Several people filmed it. Nobody helped.

Haywood was trying to transfer to the Yellow Line around 7:15 p.m. when the assault happened. He was headed home to Fort Totten after working out at Results on Capitol Hill, a gym bag slung over his shoulder and a book in his hands. As he read with his back to the station wall, “all of a sudden someone whacked me on the back of the head really hard,” he recalls.

Haywood turned around. The boy looked to be about 11 or 12 years old. Baffled, Haywood asked, “What the fuck are you doing?” The boy stood there laughing. Then someone else cracked Haywood from the other side. He turned around again. This time it was the girl in the video above. She didn’t stop swinging for more than a full minute, chasing Haywood around the platform as other kids egged her on.

As seen in the video, Haywood repeatedly asked the girl why she was attacking him, pleading with her to end it. “Stop it! Stop it! Goddamn it! You stop this shit right now! I did nothing to you!”

Haywood looked to strangers for help, but all he saw were other kids with their cell phones out, recording the scene and laughing. Judging from his voice-over, the man shooting the YouTube video above doesn’t appear to be part of the group. The video showed up yesterday on Unsuck D.C. Metro, which posted an anonymous account of the attack Tuesday.

“I can understand people not wanting to get physically involved,” says Haywood, who’s 47 and works in a Friendship Heights flower shop. "But nobody pressed the emergency button or went to the booth,” as far as he knows.

Haywood tried grabbing hold of the girl but she squirmed away. She grabbed his book, which had fallen to the ground, and threw it on the tracks below for no reason. All the while, the cell phones kept rolling.

“That may have been the whole point, if there is such a thing: 'Let's make a video,'" says Haywood. “They held them high, a pack moving together.”
Mr. Haywood was a victim of what is called “happy slapping” a celebrated event in the Black community when a group of “youths” gather to film an unprovoked attack on an unwitting individual. That Mr. Haywood is white and oblivious to the spirited game made him a prime candidate for a quick session of “happy slapping” at L’Enfant.

No authority figure dare stand tall and say what needs to be said. The most dangerous place for a Black person might be the womb, but the most dangerous place for everyone else is a close proximity to what comes out of that womb.

An example of “happy slapping” can be found here, the assailants unfortunately picking the wrong victim.

It should become increasingly clear why the phenomenon known as Breathing while Black (BwB) exists, when a growing segment of that particular population is incapable of abiding by societies laws.  The ultimate question is this, courtesy of Death Wish:
Paul Kersey: Nothing to do but cut and run, huh? What else? What about the old American social custom of self-defense? If the police don't defense us, maybe we ought to do it ourselves.
Jack Toby: We're not pioneers anymore, Dad.
Paul Kersey: What are we, Jack?
Jack Toby: What do you mean?
Paul Kersey: I mean, if we're not pioneers, what have we become? What do you call people who, when they're faced with a condition or fear, do nothing about it, they just run and hide?
Jack Toby: Civilized?
Paul Kersey: No.
The video can be viewed here.


Anonymous said...

Two interesting views on the story can be found at these links:


Anonymous said...

This is why I want nothing to do with blacks. I do not live near them, do not go around them, and minimize my interactions with them. I am to successful and have too many assets to be the subject of the following headline, "White man with concealed carry permit guns down black youths who were harrassing him on metro." Where I live I would probably beat the wrap but I would then be sued in civil court by Mammy who would be crying about how I blew away her misunderstood future brain surgeons. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

The murdered John P Wheeler was scheduled to take Amtrak from DC to Wilmington. There were four trains scheduled, all arriving after dark. Because of the holiday, there were probably fewer riders when he ran into trouble.

Downtown Wilmington Delaware is crime ridden. The Amtrak station's parking lot is on MLK Boulevard. I wonder if Wheeler's homicide is related to our black crime problem.

Anonymous said...

What those kids did was reprehensible, but that guy's reaction was absolutely pathetic. I could be 3 sheets to the wind, one handed, and one eyed, and still throttle an 11 year old and I'm not even a big guy. I mean, why the hell would you scream at someone who just hit you? What is that going to do? Wouldn't it make more sense to throw a right cross smack into her fat face? or at least grab her by her nappy hair and faceplant her into the ground?

Listen guys, take some self defense classes for at least a month, it will make a world of difference. Here's a quick self defense clip from MMA legend Bas Rutten. I hope it inspires some of you guys to be prepared so you don't end up on youtube getting bitch slapped by some kid.

Anonymous said...

I could only watch a few seconds of the video. Why won't people defend themselves?

That guy should have grabbed those kids up and thrown them against the wall.


~AV~ said...

It's days line this, that reminds ne how appropriate the words, "fucking niggers" ring true. No wonder they want to take away the best descriptive word for animals like this...from the white man's vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

It never ends...


Anonymous said...

If he had put one finger on that girl, then he would have been swarmed and beaten by every black within a 30-yard radius.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 501

You know what would happen if you defend your self with sufficient force. Suddenly the politicized law enforcement officers are on your ass for "abusing" kids.

Franz said...

I cannot fault this guy for behaving the way he did. Punching a 12 year old is against the very nature of decent men. Even if the velcro-topped biped in question is misbehaving severely. If I was attacked in this fashion by a boy, I am in no doubt as to how I would react. But a girl?

Let me add an observance: It appears to me that the dark skinned races have a way of sensing weakness in the same way dogs are able to smell fear. I highly doubt that the negro girl in the video would have attacked a habitual wifebeater. She would have sensed that the man had an aura of violence about him and gone her merry ways.

The same goes for black men. I have rarely seen them go manos-a-manos on a determined white guy. In such a situation blacks either go on looking for some more pliable victim or try to organize a pack to give the obstinate cracker a beatdown.

SBPDL has harped on the theme of white people "who can see". I would argue that negros also have their very own gift of "seeing". To their eyes, whites probably have a some sort of description written on their forehead. Such as: "Will hand over my wallet", "I need to get got", "Will cry like like a bitch". Or alternatively: "Viscious Honkey. Keep yo' distance", "White ho be carrin' pepper spray" or "Cracka packing heat."

Let me add that DWLs seem to be the negro's favorite victim class, as the dark races tend to interpret any sort of kindness as a show of weakness.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have very keen animal senses. They can smell fear, and will go after anyone who shows weakness or general decency. Arm yourselves. Carry a gun or club and protect yourself. My People, My People, we are capable of defending ourselves against these goons.

The main goal of the black religion is to put a hurt on whitey for all of the past transgressions like slavery. There are no moderate blacks. They may not all have the balls to start the fight, but they will all jump in like animals once it starts.

None of this behavior should be surprising to anyone here. Wait until whites wake up and start REALLY discriminating against blacks across the board. Think you can't get a loan now? Think that white man is keeping you down? Think the unemployed black rate is too high? Think that whites are the cause of your poverty and dysfunction? Just wait.

Blacks think that their lives are bad now, just wait until white people change the game and drive the gravy train off the road. People who cannot even understand how money works will never have power.

Anonymous said...

What is needed is a Penny Patterson to teach them sign language or a Jane Goodall to live with them and maybe we could begin to understand what is going on in their minds. Maybe all they want is some candy or a kitten for a pet! Or NOT! Arm yourselves America!!

White Guy said...

"Let me add an observance: It appears to me that the dark skinned races have a way of sensing weakness in the same way dogs are able to smell fear."

Very true.

Whenever I walk by a pack of black vagrants, I give direct eye-contact and spit on the ground - very loudly - as I pass. This small, passive form of aggression, is usually enough to convey I'm not easy-pickins.

The dark races, in particular blacks, primarily understand, and prefer, aggression - whether through physical violence or financial violence in the form of taxpayer shakedowns. It's primary to their very nature and, as such, serves as their dominant survival mechanism.

This violent nature expresses herself in every class of negroid, from the dictators of Africa, to the colored criminal class in the U.K., to the unwilling and unable Negroes here in America whom claim white productivity with tears and pity.

We all know their worldwide, self-imposed plight, is a mortgage on white ingenuity, progress and earning power.


We are waking and sooner, rather than later, we will remove the yoke of black pathology from our white necks if we can understand that the same negroid psychology that made blacks enslavable is the same slave-psychology their using to chain us to their caricature of white existence.

Miss Ann said...

Two words, Humans...KRAV MAGA.

You won't be sorry. I promise.

Anonymous said...

Shalom Miss Ann, I've been doing kickboxing but am eager to try out the fighting style used by Israeli Defense.

Anonymous said...

And every single one of you knows that if he would have fought back the national news headlines this morning would have read "White man attacks two black children."

Natassia said...

I know everyone is calling this man's response pathetic, but perhaps he had a very good reason for behaving the way he did. Considering there were dozens of black bystanders laughing and recording the incidence, he probably assumed that if he did retaliate against the young black hooligans, he would be jumped by all the much larger hooligans who were enjoying the show.

By not fighting back he probably saved his life.

Anonymous said...

This comment belongs more properly on the
Mayfair Mall post perhaps. The news media,among their other failings,often characterize the closing of the mall as a "lockdown".

In fact, what they did was to tell everyone to
exit the premises. Store gates were pulled, down
but to prevent entry, not to keep people inside.

This is important. A "lockdown" of the sort that
is unhappily now standard policy in most schools,
does indeed confine students and teachers, rendering them helpless in the face of whatever
evil-doer has entered.

Here's someone with real expertise. Start reading his blog, now:
Freemendo: I want to add this post for emphasis.

"Here's the point: if you take the time to do online homework, you'll see that the default response for an active shooter is for the school
to go into lockdown. Well, looks like I did your homework for you."

Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown. No, no, no. When the terrorists began their assault at Beslan, around 40% of the students and staff ran like
cuh-razy to get away from the school. A few hid in the boiler room. Every single one of those children and adults lived.

What should a free man do?: Lockdown


-- etcetera

WestSiderATL said...

I feel sorry in a sense that this guy had to go through this, but another part of me has to wonder why he was riding public transit alone in a majority black city at around midnight on a Friday night? Uhhh...common sense? I live in Atlanta and no one in their right mind would consider doing this. There is a sense of vigilance that needs to be developed by all Whites...a sixth sense as to when it is safe to venture into certain areas at certain times and when it is not. One of the reasons that certain metro counties rejected MARTA here is because they knew these type of animals would be loitering around the stations.

Anonymous said...

"There is a sense of vigilance that needs to be developed by all Whites...a sixth sense as to when it is safe to venture into certain areas at certain times and when it is not."

What needs to happen is a return to the days when those people would not DARE attack whites in this manner. The result was a rope, a tree, a perp, with some assembly required. End of story. The end result was far better safety for decent people regardless the color.

Anonymous said...

Westsider... according to the report, it was 7:15PM... barely past rush hour. Either way, it's sickening.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

This is why there is a stigma regarding public transportation.

In a sane world, public transportation would be safe and it would be efficient. For those who care about the environment, it would be easily accessible and would severely cut down on reliance on foreign oil, congestion on the highways and give men and women more time to spend with their families instead of wallowing in their metal graves to and from work.

I do agree had the pathetic white guy fought back that he would have instantly been attacked by a swarm of Black people and would have been viewed as the aggressor in the situation.

Still though, the words from Death Wish ring true:

"What do you call people who, when they're faced with a condition or fear, do nothing about it, they just run and hide? "

Anonymous said...

Many good points made, from Bad ass Bas Rutten to not frequenting groid areas if at all possible. It seems many whites, especially DWLs, continue to venture into areas inhabited by, for lack of a better term, rabid animals. And like an animal, the only thing they fear and respect is superior force. I would rather die fighting a crazed pack of animals(I'm not defenseless mind you)or face the legal ramifications, than live with the memory of some grinning punk and sheboon "bitch-slapping" me around in public as the above poster said so well. Live and die as a warrior not a fucking sheep. Maybe pepper spray would have been a viable option in this case. Bottom line, walk with a powerful presence and carry back up. The wild animals are running loose among us and nobody seems to care. And the DWLs probably feel they deserve a beating as, like lemmings, they buy into their own bullshit agenda unto their eventual demise. Small blessing that it may be.

Anonymous said...

"What is needed is a Penny Patterson to teach them sign language or a Jane Goodall to live with them and maybe we could begin to understand what is going on in their minds."

Your forgetting that Jane Goodall was with mainly peaceful apes AND came out alive.

Anonymous said...

Any time a DWL laments why Americans are hesistant to embrace public transit, just point them to this story.

Anonymous said...


I wish I could find more background on the video, but just like the video of "The Epic Bread Man",I believe it was a case of the clash of the lunatics.

In the Epic Bread Man beat down drunk crazy black dude talks shit to a crazy possibly drunk white dude on public bus, gets ass kicked. It came out later that the Epic Beard man has an extremely sad story and multiple mental issues.

I don't have the complete context of the train station Beating so this is only a theory based on the fact that the dude was screaming like a drunk lunatic. Leaving me to assume that just like the black dude in the Epic Beard man beating, this dude was talking shit to a bunch of crazy black chicks on the train.

I'm not saying that a crime wasn't committed, but this dude was far from an innocent victim. Remember bullies get their asses kicked also. We all have a tendency when ever we see an out of context video of someone getting their ass kicked we label the loser as the victim.

I seen an out of context video of the Epic Beard man beating it was labeled "Racist white dude beats up black guy". Just food for thought.

This kind of lunacy is par for the course on public transportation. I live in Los Angeles and if you need to be somewhere on time you have to drive.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"this dude was talking shit to a bunch of crazy black chicks on the train."

Whites instinctively expect blacks to behave like animals, and therefore minimize interaction.

Your theory is moronic.

Anonymous said...

"Whites instinctively expect blacks to behave like animals, and therefore minimize interaction.

Your theory is moronic."

Great points! One of the most thought out and intelligent rebuttals I have ever read. You must write for the local newspaper. Your wit would put Hemingway and Mark Twain to shame.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"I'm not saying that a crime wasn't committed, but this dude was far from an innocent victim."

You have no way of knowing this and you are making shit up. He was probably screaming because he wanted those feral bitches to leave him alone.

Tell me, O Mystical, All-seeing Sage, what is the proper way to respond if a group of people start beating on you? Is even yelling at them unacceptable?

You should quit while you're behind. You only make us more anti-black with this gibberish.


Anonymous said...

"Great points! One of the most thought out and intelligent rebuttals I have ever read."

Black Guy, your silly theory is at odds with reality. White people don't start shit with black people, white people stay the fuck away from black people (the same way they stay away from rabid dogs).
Your lame attempt at sarcasm won't disguise the fact that your theory is idiotic.

Anonymous said...

I guess that hideous sheboon (President Charley) who attacked the elderly lady on MARTA was just responding to that older lady talking shit to her. Yeah, I am sure that's it, since it's inconceivable that a feral sheboon would simply attack.

I am thinking of starting a blog: WHEN SHEBOONS ATTACK!!! So much material, so little time....