Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament and Richard Lapchick: That pesky white-Black graduation gap strikes again

I recently watched the film Hoosiers again. You know, the high school basketball film starring Gene Hackman that Spike Lee said made him "uncomfortable" when he watched it. One day that movie will be banned, because it fails to show sufficient empathy for the Black plight.

Regardless, March Madness is upon us. Even President Obama took time out of his busy schedule avoiding the problems of the world and actually leading to fill out a bracket.
Richard Lapchick is on the far right.

And once again Richard Lapchick published startling statistics on the white-Black graduation gap present at the colleges and universities that will compete in the NCAA Tournament for the basketball championship. You remember Lapchick right? Constantly bemoaning the porous graduation rates for Black people and the lack of Black participation in managerial and front office as well as coaching and athletic director positions, he publishes Racial and Gender Score Cards of professional sports with a highly subjective criteria: sports with too many white participants get a "D" or an "F" while those with high levels of minority participation get an "A". 

Quoted as an authority on sports and race, Lapchick has built a career documenting Black ineptitude when it comes to academics and he has consistently put the blame for these failures on Predominately White Colleges that have failed to prepare Black students for the rigors of collegiate life (strange that he never mentions Asians who perform at levels that exceed white people).

The white-Black graduation gap grows in both college football and college basketball and we can thank Lapchick for documenting this fact for us all. In 2006 Lapchick wrote this for in an attempt to explain what is obvious to everyone save Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) who will never admit the obvious for their entire reason for being would cease to exist with such an admission of honesty:
It is my hope that, at some point, those schools also will be held accountable specifically for the academic success of their black student-athletes. If they graduate 80 percent of their white basketball players but only 45 percent of black basketball players, the NCAA should take away scholarships. Accountability is critical.
Should some of the blame for the disparity between graduation rates be directed at coaches who recruit students-athletes solely to win games? I have no doubt that some coaches work closely with the school's admissions office to admit student-athletes who have little or no chance at academic success.

In some cases, coaches might believe a player will leave after one or two years to turn pro anyway, so the coach will not have to be accountable. This is thinking without an ethical foundation. If a student is brought to a school, he or she has to be ready and must have the appropriate support to succeed. Are admissions officers at fault when they accept students who cannot succeed academically on their campuses? Some are fans of the game.

Some, no doubt, feel the pressure from an unethical coach. Either way, the student-athlete loses. And what about the fans and alumni who care more about winning than about the academic performance of the student-athletes on their favorite teams? They reinforce a coach who feels the heat to win. They make it easier for an admissions officer to admit a gifted athlete who can't compete in the classroom. 

They distort the value system for the student-athletes who ultimately win or lose the games. And how much blame should be placed on the student-athletes themselves? They are partners in the contract with their institutions. Surely, they bear some responsibility for their own behavior academically. But who is providing them with the road map to what is right? On many campuses, the climate sometimes isn't welcoming to students of color who might be underrepresented in the student body, among faculty and administration, and in the athletic department. 

Maybe there is a Martin Luther King Boulevard or a Malcolm X Center somewhere on or near campus, but it's a safe bet most of the buildings and streets are named after white people. Should the general public be held responsible? At least, the part of the general public that assumes black student-athletes simply aren't as capable in the classroom as white student-athletes? Every time I publish graduation rates, I routinely get e-mails, letters and phone calls from fans who represent that sort of thinking -- the sort of thinking I can only describe as racist.
The New York Times admitted that Black male students proficiency is incredibly low. Every test that measures intelligence shows that Blacks score on the bottom end of the academic totem pole. Yet every year, without fail, Lapchick publishes another study documenting Black athletes inability to graduate from colleges and universities that they have no business attending in the first place.

Their athletic ability represents their academic transcript. What's truly sad is that armies of tutors and multi-millon dollar athletic centers litter the campuses of every college in America and the graduation rates of Black athletes participating in sports still lag behind those of their white peers.

Attempts to legitimatize college athletics have always come under attack as racist, with any creation of academic standards an obvious attempt at barring Black athletes who post scores far below those of their fellow white athletes. Proposition 48 and 42 were both declared racist -- and eventually outlawed -- for imposing such stiff academic standards that would require athletes to score more than a 700 on their SAT and have a 2.0 grade point average in high school .

 As we have seen with Duke basketball and with white basketball players graduation rates, the idea of the dumb-jock seems to resonate with only one segment of the athletic community. It is this segment of the community that many people believe to produce superior athletes that must be recruited without hesitation to ensure basketball success. Such is the case of Georgetown:
But the fear, back then, had as much to do with race as hoops. Georgetown basketball under John Thompson was always intertwined with racial politics. That was inevitable when an elite Eastern university, then as now overwhelmingly white, started fielding teams made up almost exclusively of black players. When Thompson came to Georgetown in 1972, he wasn't plucked from some other sideline legend's "coaching tree." Rather, he had been plying his trade at a tiny Catholic high school in northeast Washington, D.C., at a time when the only notable black coaches were Lenny Wilkens and Bill Russell—both player/coaches for NBA teams.

Mediocre Georgetown teams composed of white parochial-school graduates soon became a relic. Thompson recruited inner-city black players, often well after they'd graduated high school. (He had to wait for one of his first recruits, Mike Riley, to finish a hitch in the Navy.) The Hoyas' rise came shortly after the founding of the Big East Conference in 1979. Before the Big East, Georgetown was part of the sprawling Eastern College Athletic Conference, which represented more than 200 schools. As part of the Big East, Georgetown played regularly against the finest black players from New York and Philadelphia, helping to market the Hoyas to both recruits and East Coast hoops fans. By the late '70s, the Hoyas were starting an all-black five. Soon, African-American basketball players—Patrick Ewing, Sleepy Floyd, Fred Brown, Reggie Williams—became the university's most visible symbol. Perhaps most visible was Michael Graham, a substitute on the 1984 team, who was the spitting image of every Angry Black Man stereotype: He was the bald-headed, bruising spark plug on a championship squad before academic troubles forced him to transfer away.

Around the time Georgetown won the 1984 national championship, the university trademarked the Hoyas name and snarling-bulldog logo. This was the first college sports team to become a brand—and it was a tremendously lucrative one. By the early '90s, Georgetown apparel outsold even schools with powerhouse football programs. Georgetown Starter jackets sold well across the country, but the team's image was especially resonant in black America. Not only was this an all-black team with a black coach, the Hoyas also played in a majority-black city run by a black mayor. Thompson took a well-publicized stand against Proposition 42, an NCAA rule change that he believed would threaten black athletes by imposing higher academic standards. Eventually the racial cues became more overt, most famously in the kente-cloth-trimmed uniforms of the Iverson era.

 People can hate Duke for playing white players and winning, while people can sing the praises of the Fab Five at Michigan for instilling the idea that thuggery on the court would equal long-term financial returns.

Watching the film Hoosiers is interesting: You get the opportunity to watch the America that once existed, when people were unabashedly proud of their nation. We no longer live in a such a nation, because the rest of the world decided that they wanted to move to that white nation that only existed because whites created it. The white Americans left, who still remain a hated majority, have been taught that every minority failure is somehow on their hands and that the nation that once existed was unequivocally racist.

So what if it was? Things worked. Public transportation was excellent and public schools produced students prepared to lead the world in innovation. Now public transportation is the exclusive mode of transportation for the population that most people have no desire to be around. Public schools still work, but they fail the one segment of the population that must succeed at any cost.

Black students. The failure can never be blamed on them.

Richard Lapchick worked tirelessly to bring down Apartheid in South Africa. As a true DWL, Lapchick undoubtedly sleeps well every night knowing that he liberated that nation from white rule while simultaneously refusing to acknowledge that in liberating South Africa he helped it become the lawless rape and murder capital of the world.

Looking at the 2011 NCAA Tournament teams graduation rates is interesting. Eleven of the schools failed to have a single white player on the roster, which is a statistic Lapchick is unconcerned with. All he is concerned with is the meager Black graduation rate:
Lapchick noted, “The report presents good news about the overall graduation rates, which continued to rise for both white and African-American basketball student-athletes. Academic Progress Rates also rose. However, the staggering gap between the graduation rates of African-American and white student-athletes grew by four percentage points to an even more unacceptable 32 percent. This was the third successive year that the gap grew from 22 percent in 2009 to 28 percent in 2010 to the current 32 percent.

“There was a two percentage point increase for all male basketball student-athletes to 66 percent, while 91 percent of white and 59 percent of African-American men’s Division I basketball student-athletes graduate. That was a seven percentage point increase for white male basketball student-athletes and a three percentage point increase for African-American male basketball student-athletes compared to last year’s study.”

Lapchick went on to say, “For years we have noted the deeply troubling disparity between the GSR of African-American and white men’s basketball student-athletes. While the actual graduation rates of African-American basketball student-athletes continue to increase, the gap increased to 32 percentage points! An ESPN poll conducted for Martin Luther King Day this year indicated that the greatest concern of both whites and African-Americans in the general public was this disparity. Hopefully that concern will generate new resources to address this problem.”
Lapchick continued, “Race remains a continuing academic issue. By itself, the increased 32 percentage point gap between graduation rates for white and African-American student-athletes demonstrates that.
“However, it is equally important to note that African-American male basketball players graduate at a higher rate than African-American males who are not student-athletes. The graduation rate for African-American male students as a whole is only 38 percent, a full 21percentage points lower than for African-American male basketball student-athletes. Presently, too many of our predominantly white campuses are not fully welcoming places for students of color, whether or not they are athletes. There are lessons that our campuses could learn from athletics. We have to find new ways to narrow this gap and that includes looking at the urban high schools which many of our African-American student-athletes graduate from…answers there must come from schools systems themselves, perhaps with help from the Department of Education.”
Mr. Lapchick is prepared to participate in Waiting for Superman, a strategy destined for failure. He did note that Black male athletes have a higher graduation rate then the Black male student general population. What he failed to note was that these same players have an army of tutors and mult-million dollar athletic centers at their disposal, resources which normal students - Black or white - don't have.

Watching Hoosiers will one day be akin to watching Triumph of the Will or Birth of a Nation. This is why Spike Lee said he felt "disturbed" watching the movie, where white athletes at a white school compete for the honor and glory of their small Indiana town.

This is why Lapchick is constantly invokes such names Martin Luther King Jr. and denounces Predominately White Colleges for failing to make campuses conducive to people of color (does he do the same for white students at HBCUs or include Asians in "people of color" diatribes?). Lapchick is one of the finest representations of a DWL, a person who is constantly bemoaning the sad state of Black America without acknowledging that most of the problems are largely self-inflicted.

White-Black graduation rate differences? Athletes of both races can be tutored to pass courses and "earn" a degree in sociology, all the while maintaining their eligibility so they can play in March Madness. This is the "nurture" part.

Ever wonder why so many schools with 90 percent + white student enrollments trot out teams of nearly all-Black players? Some would say that the "nature" part, a reason many would give for the inability of Black athletes to graduate.

Sports represent the primary reason Black Run America (BRA) continues to exist. The day will come when every excuse for continued Black failures in education finally runs out, when the bar for passing tests has been lowered too low.

On that day, Richard Lapchick will still find a way to try and explain the white-Black gap in educational achievement in terms that make sense to him. The data he continues to compile seems to be pointing at only one logical conclusion. 


Professor Snape said...

On that day, Richard Lapchick will still find a way to try and explain the white-Black gap in educational achievement in terms that make sense to him. The data he continues to compile seems to be pointing at only one logical conclusion.

I think it would be revealing if researchers finally stopped recording things on the basis of race. Every statistic in an almanac lodges things as how many people of this race does this; what really is the point of it? Sometimes I read these and think, "Why does it matter how many blacks steal in comparison to whites? You won't notice the race of the thief until he robs you!"

It certainly seems to at least indirectly continue the whole racial caste system. Non-racially carded stats would be revealing in that there would be no "color distraction" that we Americans tend to get sidetracked with.

At that time, we'll start to understand the importance of all children having the same opportunities. Income and opportunity disparity would be there in black and white, unavoidable. No more excuses and we'd have to fix it. About 2 weeks ago I was driving in a middle school school zone and saw some kid with a plastic bag holding their papers...sad. Call me an optimist but I do not believe someone's race impacts their abilities. I refuse to believe that after reading Kozol.

Interesting article.

Anonymous said...

A older white guy with a PhD takes up a phony cause and makes a living doing it. It's just capitalism. Do you really think he'd waste his time on this if he couldn't get paid doing it?

The beauty of his plan is that any white person who questions anything about it is instantly branded racist. No white person would ever care enough to take that chance in public. No black person will ever call him out on his b.s., because his b.s. can only lead to lowering the bar even further.

It's a fool proof way to make money so long as people are willing to read your "reports" -- which are mostly public domain information.

You could run the same hustle by pointing out the white-black gap in any arena.

I don't care about black people at all, but I tip my hat to anyone who can masterfully exploit capitalism during a recession. His whole career has probably been one layup after another. Who is ever going to challenge anything this guy says other than people on blogs censored by google?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should quit recording information about poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. All snakes are the same, really, right? I mean, it doesn't really matter which ones will kill you, unless one bites you, right?

Anonymous said...

I think Spike Lee dislikes Hoosiers because Gene Hackman's character puts the team before the individual. That's not Spike Lee's style. In all of his movies, he has to be the biggest star. Does anyone actually think he cast himself as Malcolm X's best friend by coincidence?

Maybe one day Spike Lee will realize that advancing his fellow Americans, African and otherwise, is more important than exploiting other people's struggles for his own personal gain.

Cry me a river said...

Hoosiers made Spike Lee "uncomfortable" because White men can jump. This coming from the guy who said Larry Bird was the most overrated NBA player because he was white.

Why is the "the lack of Black participation" in anything bad. I think Disingenuous White Liberals do know the reason why Blacks are such under achievers. They're smart enough to suck up to Blacks. But not dumb enough to interact with them. Maybe they just don't want to admit it.

What's even sadder is that even with all the lowered standards and money being thrown at them. Blacks still fall behind. And now anything that keeps the black man out of anything is racist. I find it all so amusing that instead of doing it all on their own, they rely on handouts.

Even IF all the "excuses for continued Black failures" are exhausted, Richard Lapchick may still not admit it. Some liberals are just so stubborn that no amount of talking is going to convince them. Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in large groups.

Anonymous said...

The difference between a DWL and a person who can see is a simple understanding that the United States and Europe, capitalism, institutions public and private, and white culture are not invincible.

DWL have grown up in areas where there is no visible threat to the status-quo. They see no consequence to integration either domestically through programs like "bussing" or internationally through amnesty for illegals. To these people the United States is an invincible, omnipotent, and self-sustaining governing body and no amount of social dysfunction can weaken its institutions. Its a naive and foolish belief that will weaken as the obviousness of the truth becomes increasingly apparent.

Richard Lapchick and people of his kin cannot face the reality behind achievement gaps because they have never been exposed to the individuals who produce the consistent failure. They are either EXTREMELY naive or they harbor deep self-hatred. Either way, people like Lapchick are a dying breed as their bullshit is seen for what it is by more and more people.


Anonymous said...

"Why does it matter how many blacks steal in comparison to whites? You won't notice the race of the thief until he robs you!"

Likewise, what does it matter whether you live in a high-crime neighborhood or a low-crime neighborhood?
You won't know the difference until you've been robbed or murdered.

Anonymous said...

"Why does it matter how many blacks steal in comparison to whites? You won't notice the race of the thief until he robs you!"

Whut? So if 'A' is more prone than 'B' we should ignore that fact.

Maybe one day Spike Lee will realize that advancing his fellow Americans, African and otherwise, is more important than exploiting other people's struggles for his own personal gain.

And maybe one day the Black Caucus is going to become a chess club.

Anonymous said...

"At that time, we'll start to understand the importance of all children having the same opportunities."

Give us some examples, Professor, please, of how black children don't have the same opportunities. You are demanding equal outcome, which is not the same as providing equal opportunity. In order to have equal outcome, we must lower standards across the board in order for blacks to succeed. Why is this fair? This prevents smart people from excelling and dumbs down our population. Do you really want this for America??

If I do everything in my power as a parent to undermine my children's success- make sure they are born into poverty, make sure that they don't have a stable home, make sure they are born underweight and weak, make sure I don't read to them or teach them ABC, then I have done quite a disservice to them and they will fail. Why don't you hold blacks to the same standards as whites? Surely you know that is the worst form of racism. You have lower expectations for blacks. You have fallen for the noble savage bit.

Desiree and her few black cohorts have already tried to make this argument here and they were never able to form a strong argument. You will change no minds here unless you can bring something useful.

Black children are off to a bad start just be being born to a black mother. Black culture is just full of surefire paths to failure. Black women CHOOSE to birth out of wedlock, to be financially irresponsible, and instead of educating themselves, choose to impregnate themselves by men who will not commit to raising a family. They choose to birth several black babies whom they can not feed and care for financially. They do not understand the responsibility of nurturing a child into adulthood. What would happen if they were not on the government teat? In your mind, would they starve and die and leave you feeling guilty?

If we were not paying for this madness, then I might be more sympathetic. We have done a terrible thing by funding black dysfunction, you get more of what you subsidize, and now we have a problem. I agree that blacks "are people too", but they are not able to function well or assimilate into our dominant culture. They are not "left out" or "underserved", they fail miserably when given chance, after chance, after chance, after chance. It is time for DWLs like you to see where this is heading.

So what is your solution for all of these "disadvantaged" black children with no opportunities?? Special training? Special buildings? Removal from the home? More programs? Tell us please since you know what is best for them instead of casting the net of blame on white society. You should explore this white guilt. It will destroy you in the end.

Your opinions are dangerous. You are the part of the problem in America right now. You are willfully ignorant. You fight for a group of people who are not YOUR people. This is unnatural and a token gesture. Do you think you know what is best for the Negro? Do you really think they have any love for you? Why not just let them be and get on with it. Blacks don't want white people fighting for their "rights" or for a false equality. They really don't like white people at all, no matter what they say to your face. You just end up looking silly and lame trying to fight their battles for them, especially when you denounce your own white race. You send a weak message and they do not respect you.

I agree, we should stop talking about race in all things. Focus on the success of your people and let the blacks fend for themselves. Treat them as equals for once. No leg up, no special treatment, no handouts. If you truly see them as equals, you will hold them to the same high standards. Leave the negro alone. Let him fall from the tree like a rotten apple if he cannot make it.

Anonymous said...

" I was driving in a middle school school zone and saw some kid with a plastic bag holding their papers...sad"

Why so sad, Professor? When I was young, I had a nice new backpack. I lost it the first week of school, and so I had to carry my belongings in a paper grocery bad to learn my lesson. My smart and tough mother had enough money for only one backpack per year no matter what.

What makes you think that this child's mother was not serving up some tough love and a life lesson (not likely, I know, but bear with me). What if the child was learning an important lesson about responsibility? Your DWL brain can not fathom this possibility because you hold blacks to a lower standard. You are a self-appointed caretaker of the blacks. You should find another hobby to keep you busy.

I hold blacks to the same high standards that I impose on myself. If they don't succeed, then it is because they just cannot or they are lazy. Life is not fair! There are no guarantees or promises. All men are not equal. Some must adjust in order to survive, just as I have. If we keep promoting and coddling the lower half of our population, then they will overrun our society and we will be a third-world country like Africa or Mexico. Is that what you really want, Professor? Try to really imagine it.

You are more that what you have become.

Anonymous said...

"ichard Lapchick and people of his kin cannot face the reality behind achievement gaps because they have never been exposed to the individuals who produce the consistent failure"

Yes, like the many DWLs and Crusading White Pedagogues who post here. If you have never lived near a black ghetto, you have no idea the degree to which they are NOT capable in our society, how their own culture cripples them, how they set their own children up for failure, how the reject the dominant culture and its belief system, and their complete self-inflicted lack of understanding of how the world works.

I call them armchair liberals. They know what is best for all of the poor people, but they sure don't want to live anywhere near them. We all have witnessed the truth, that is why we can see.

Anonymous said...

"I think it would be revealing if researchers finally stopped recording things on the basis of race."

Talk about an Orwellian statement. It would be REVEALING to OMIT information? Sounds like someone's afraid of the truth.

"Every statistic in an almanac lodges things as how many people of this race does this; what really is the point of it?"

I guess if trends and patterns can noticed in terms of race in order to better inform us about the nature of a subject, it's not valid if the results aren't to your liking because it's "racist" or something.

It's not like blacks and other minorities never exploit such information in order to shakedown whitey by making all sorts of outlandish guilt appeals. But I guess in those cases, having the information is okay. A white person using the information is evil. Using this information to create more undeserving EXCLUSIVELY black scholarships (for whitey to fund) or to create further black "enpowerment" is okay. Whites using it to learn about the dangers of the black community relative to their own communities is a big no-no.

"Sometimes I read these and think, "Why does it matter how many blacks steal in comparison to whites? You won't notice the race of the thief until he robs you!""

It matters because the information informs me about race. Why are you afraid of simple information? You know, not everyone believes that race is some random social construct. Not even the disingenuous white liberals who hide in the their gated communities nor the majority of blacks or Mexicans who themselves treat me VASTLY differently than they would treat their own.

Now, this all may offend your delicate sensiblities but I fear the day we become so PC that crime by race is not even allowed to be acknowledged due to political correctness. Oh wait. That's already happening. But I guess despite the fact that the race of thugs is hidden in local news reports (even though PROVIDING that information could easily protect people and even lead to an arrest), we can still force our children to learn about "evil" white people from decades and centuries ago who wouldn't let blacks vote or eat ice cream with them. Learning about how blacks rape tens of thousands of white women each year or how they commit the overwhelming majority of (interracial) crime? NonononoNO!!

"At that time, we'll start to understand the importance of all children having the same opportunities."

A world in which people have the same opportunities has never existed nor can it reasonably be expected to exist. Nor is it my responsiblity (or any other white person's responsibility) to see that Shaniqua or Tyrone has "the same opportunities" as my children (who happen to be white). And guess what? My children don't have the same opportunities as some doctor's children. (The doctor shouldn't have to make things more equal for my children simply because he was born smarter than me and thus better able to provide opportunities to his children by virtue of his income and status.) Life is hierarchy. And whites shouldn't have to apologize for nature's hierarchy in terms of scholastic issues anymore than blacks should have to apologize for dominating the 100 meter dash or the NBA. I accept inequality as a fact of life and even see the value in it. You crow about it like some child when it favors white people in some way.

Notice that no other race in the world has some responsibility to uplift any other races the way whites in the West are told they have a responsibility to put minority interests (a.k.a. "equality") ahead of their own interests. Maybe it's high time certain minorities stopped blaming white people for their grivances with nature and reality.

Anonymous said...

The average IQ of the African American is 85. Just a few points lower and we are talking mental retardation. This is the group of people that has taken over the US. We can see the results at all levels. Black run America has ran upon the rocks and is sinking fast.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear Snapes rebuttal to these brilliant comments. Good job everyone! I am going to pop some popcorn.

White Guy said...

"Why does it matter how many blacks steal in comparison to whites? You won't notice the race of the thief until he robs you!"


Your wisdom is only surpassed by your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

And his douchiness.

Anonymous said...

Borderline intellectual functioning is a categorization of intelligence wherein a person has below average cognitive ability (an IQ of 71–85), but the deficit is not as severe as mental retardation (70 or below).

Persons who fall into this categorization have a relatively normal expression of affect for their age, though their ability to think abstractly is rather limited. Reasoning displays a preference for concrete thinking. Others may describe such a person as "simple" or "a little slow". They are usually able to function day to day without assistance, including holding down a simple job and the basic responsibilities of maintaining a dwelling.


This means that MOST blacks we encounter are mildly retarded or, at best, "borderline intellectual functioning."

This does explain a lot.

Desiree said...

This means that MOST blacks we encounter are mildly retarded or, at best, "borderline intellectual functioning."

You must be in that category as well if you actually will take a stat that says the average black IQ is 85 as truth. My IQ when I was 20 (I am 22) was almost 130. Am I an anomaly?

Hell no.

Always remember, if it doesn't make sense--and this does not--it probably isn't true.

I suggest you understand that Lynn, Rushton, Jensen, etc. are linked to the Pioneer Fund (Rushton heads it), which has been promoting Eugenics since the 1930s. These people's 'research'--which I should note is backed by the Pioneer Fund who'll give grants in the 6 figures to people looking to quantify white superiority--was the research used by Herrnstein and Murray in a little widely-panned book called 'The Bell Curve'.

Yes, totally trustworthy and unbiased.

This does explain a lot.

No, it doesn't.

It seems like Professor Snape is the only white person on this site with a functioning brain...

Anonymous said...

"My IQ when I was 20 (I am 22) was almost 130."

You can thank Mr. Sperm Donor Whitey Grandad for that. Duh.

"Am I an anomaly?"

Shall we count the ways?

Even if your IQ is 130ish, you only neutralize *one* average ghetto thug with your exceptional-for-your-race score.

It's easy to believe that the average black is borderline retarded--it *does* explain nearly everything about these strange creatures.

White Guy said...

"My IQ when I was 20 (I am 22) was almost 130."

An acronym is most appropriate in this response: LOL.

Anonymous said...

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