Sunday, March 27, 2011

San Francisco Too? Black People Flee San Fran Because of Problems Caused by Black People

The Black population of San Francisco is dropping dramatically
San Francisco is losing it Blacks population. Quickly. Unable to afford home prices in the city, the Black population is migrating to less expensive areas. The Black population, once confined to ghettos and economically depressed areas of the city, have decided life among one of the most Disingenuously White Liberal populations in America isn't that wonderful of a proposition.

Those areas of the city that were once economically depressed because of the saturation of Black people have now become booming examples of gentrification, thriving hipster cities where property value rises as each Black family moves away.

USA Today tells us why Black people are leaving San Francisco:
According to Census estimates, the number of blacks here shrank from 13.4% of the population in 1970 to just 6.5% in 2005 — the biggest percentage decline in any major American city.

Other cities are losing blacks to the suburbs — Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Washington and Oakland among them — but none has seen anything like what's happening here. The actual number of blacks has dwindled to about 47,000 out of a population of roughly 744,000. 

In Los Angeles, the proportion of blacks is 9.9%, just over half what it was in 1970, although the number of blacks remains relatively high — 366,000, according to 2005 Census estimates. And in Chicago an estimated 1 million blacks remain — about one-third of the population — even though more than 55,000 have left since 2000, says Kenneth Johnson, a Loyola University Chicago demographer who analyzed 2005 Census data.

"The flight is certainly more intense in San Francisco than elsewhere," says Hans Johnson, a demographer with the Public Policy Institute of California here.

No single cause explains the continuing exodus, according to city officials, leaders in the black community, demographers and current and former black residents. The high cost of housing — one of the highest in the nation — is a dominant theme, but there are other factors:

•The loss in the 1950s and 1960s of a key black enclave to urban renewal.
•High crime rates in some of the city's surviving black neighborhoods.
•Substandard public housing, as acknowledged by city officials.
•Dissatisfaction with underperforming urban schools.

"Black people really don't matter in San Francisco. It's what this generation of political leadership inherited," says Chuck Collins, president of the YMCA of San Francisco. "There's been a very uneasy truce with the black population."

The task force "ought to study what's wrong with the white power structure, why they can't be responsive to the African-American community," says Amos Brown, pastor of Third Baptist Church and president of the local NAACP chapter. "They didn't need us anymore."

Stopping black flight will be "an uphill battle," Blakely says. "If you're a middle-class African-American, one of your dreams was to move into a nice mixed neighborhood and send your kid to a decent school."
Today, African-Americans across the USA are "suburbanizing" at a rate slightly higher than whites, he says. "As their incomes go up, they move out."

Lower-income blacks are leaving, too, typically to a city's closest suburbs. When cities redevelop blighted public housing or replace it with mixed-income units, many residents are left out.
Wait. The Black population of San Francisco is leaving because of problems created primarily by Black people? High crime rates in a city usually are reserved to areas with a high concentration of Black people, which USA Today affirms is a reason. Check.

Loss of Black enclave to gentrification? Check.

Substandard public housing? Black people complaining about Section 8 and government provided, tax payer supported domiciles and their haphazard condition? Check?

Under-performing urban (read Black schools) schools that the cities DWL population would never, ever send their kids to, unless they desired having them learn around Black kids more likely to be disciplined then earn a degree? 

If a school is failing in America, chances are it is failing because of the quality of students taking the standardized tests that represent that school. That predominately Black schools in San Francisco failed is a reflection of the academic abilities of the predominately Black student population.


White liberals are pricing an undesirable Black element out of their cities, a progressive move being replicated in Washington D.C. and New York City. Quality of life dramatically increases as the percentage of Black people in a cities population decreases.

Watch the video below to show the Federal Government's reaction to this crisis and realize that it will only be employed with greater frequency as America becomes increasingly diverse and white people (DWL's included) look to save some remaining civility by setting up enclaves. White people can no longer flee to Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Montana or Maine and hope to set up Whitopia's. The Federal Government has declared war on white people, even DWLs. The strategy they will use to break up these attempts of escaping diversity is illustrated in this video below.


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

With apologies to Steve Sailer...

I have no idea if I posted this story first or Steve Sailer did. I've been doing stories on the loss of Black population in Washington D.C., NYC and Atlanta the past few days, and came across this hilarious story on CNN while researching a horrible story out of Athens, Ga., about yet ANOTHER Black cop killer.

This "Whitest county" story is absolutely hilarious and worthy of The Onion.

Could you imagine CNN doing a story on Detroit, Newark or Camden and complaining about it being too Black?

Schools are failing, city employees are being laid off and crime is rampant because we are "too Black"!

That would be a hilarious story worthy of The Onion, or CNN. Not sure which news outlet is more trusted now-a-days, but you get the picture.

So apologies to Sailer if he got this up first. Hadn't checked your site yet, and was blown away by the hilarity of this CNN story.

I found a USA Today piece from 2008 that bemoaned the exodus of Black people from the Bay Area and it gave reasons for this problem (or improvement to the city, if you think about it):

•The loss in the 1950s and 1960s of a key black enclave to urban renewal.
•High crime rates in some of the city's surviving black neighborhoods.
•Substandard public housing, as acknowledged by city officials.
•Dissatisfaction with underperforming urban schools.

Black people are responsible for every problem listed above as reasons given by USA Today for their departure from the city.

We live in such a bizarre world, that laughing at the increasing absurdity of 21st century American life is only way to stay sane.

Anonymous said...

If White areas are going to be forced to import Blacks, why stop there? Why not also import multi-drug resistant tuberculosis and Ebola?

Anonymous said...

There's still plenty of blacks left in the city to cause a ruckus. I know. They still commit most of the violent crime. Add to the fact that the Latino population also has a sizable amount of black ancestry to boost their already criminal tendencies, what you have is black behavior wrapped in latino package. San Francisco is now a asian, hispanic city with a sizable DWL population the latter pricing its lower income white brethren out of town.
I believe this trend might lead to a worse problem than blacks whose power was solely given to them by whites. Blogs about asians and latinos with the quality this one has will soon arise due to the problems they bring. Displacement the chief one.

White Guy said...

That CNN video is absolutely hilarious, in the most tragic sense imaginable. The anti-white agenda couldn't be more obvious - it's in plain sight.

I, personally, have no desire, whatsoever, to live around Africans or Mestizos. What happens to me, and every other white person who wants to escape the mud colored tide, then, when the parasitic classes decide to invade and destroy our communities with their criminality, poverty and low IQ?

BRA cannot let whites self-segregate and prosper as an Independent group - we all know this. For that reason alone, I only see one solution to rid the white population of this multicultural albatross: Revolution.

How and when it will commence is anyone's guess. With the way the BRA agitators poke and prod us with their genocidal agenda, I can only hope sooner rather than later.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Anonymous said...

The bad thing about them fleeing San Fran and New York is...they are going to infest and destroy some other place.

Warrior said...

Let 'em move to Oakland so they can hook up with the Marxist Uhurumovement!( city council could not not afford to keep their police force up to full complement and laid off 80 cops last year. The black criminals in Oakland are having a field day! Believe me, it's just a short drive over the bay bridges to continue their crime spree in San Francisco. I'm surprised the federal government is not building million dollar condos for the remaining black population and issuing new GM cars to these welfare rats! Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed!

Anonymous said...

I guess Marin County just isn't livable because it isn't 3rd world enough. Oh whatever will we do?

Anonymous said...

How can we get them to flee to Haiti?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Even Oakland is losing its Black population. It's not white enough, and like you pointed out, the tax base is drying up and they can't pay for police officers.

Lee said...

Nobody keeps blacks out of any city. Why don't they get an education, get a great job, behave as a responsible, law-abiding citizen and they too can live in a nice place. Oh, wait . . .

Anonymous said...

We can get them to flee to Haiti the same way we can get you to flee to Europe.

Courtney B. said...

I am a black person, living quite well in San Francisco and I'd venture to say that my family is much wealthier than any of yours, by FAR. I hope none of you low life's ever coming begging to live in one of our buildings or homes. :)

Anonymous said...

@ Courtney B.

You sound like your full of hot air. And how did your parents become wealthy? I doubt it's in any honest fashion. Even Wealthy blacks can still act like thugs and can be insufferable pretentious uneducated entitled Nouveau Riche.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect?Courtney B. sounds like the average wealthy San Fran. liberal who you guys would call a "token".Now,if only he went to the inner city and get the "brothas" to be more civilized and hard-working.

Anonymous said...

Im a Black guy. i kinda grew up here but went to the south when the drug thing got bad. I spent most of my time in the military after i graduated from school. Blacks are not important to the liberal agenda. we are seen as a problem in the city no matter how well we do in life. unless you walk, talk, and agree with the liberal agenda. If not then there is no place for the darkie in san francisco. Yea I said it Darkie. thats what your thinking Anonymous, you just ain't got the balls to say it

Anonymous said...

There's a well-off area of LA called Ladera Heights. It was once a white area, now it is mostly black. Plenty of million-dollar ranch homes, ocean views, incomes well over $100K & kids in high-end private schools. The area is now out of reach for the average white family. Let's build some Section 8 projects in the middle of Ladera Heights to win back those whites that are now priced-out of the area.

Anonymous said...

Ladera Heights? Hah! What a joke. LH is the backwash of west LA. Oil pump jacks in every back yard and the noise of LAX in the background...what a luxury that must be! I'll take Santa Monica over Ladera Heights any day. It seems even the wealthiest blacks lack the taste to settle in a truly beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

Wow I did not know the west coast was so racist. I have an education and a decent job. I don't plan on moving to San Francisco, I don't understand how it can be such a gay friendly I guess gay "white" friendly city , could be so cruel to its minority counterparts... disgusting

Anonymous said...

The majority of American Blacks are seen around the world as the worst group of people, period. Arrogant, show off, vulgar, dirty, loud and have no respect for anyone.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing how black people are so lazy and stupid. It will proven that blacks are genetically inferior.

The black people that seem capable of working are half white inbreds such as the Obamas.

Interest how both of the Obamas are 1/2 white and they met each other. Wow, two black people that have both held a job for more than a year and the surprise..the are both 1/2 white.

Anonymous said...

If you can punish me for what your ancestors endured, I can continue to punish you because your ancestor wasn't a good slave.