Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dez Bryant - the Face of the Modern NFL

March Madness. The Super Bowl. Bowl Season. Opening Day.

It should be obvious that Americans live their lives vicariously through collegiate and professional sports. We have documented this on several occasions, pointing out that it was sports and sports alone that broke down the final barriers of the old United States and replaced them with the idea of Black Run America (BRA).

Dez Bryant, far right, represents the 2011 NFL with poetic irony
In 1956 a famous moment took place when an all-white Georgia Tech squad was to play an integrated Pittsburgh football team, which created quite the stir in Atlanta. Playing the contest meant the repudiation of the fragile world that existed:
A dozen effigies of Governor Marvin Griffin were hanged and burned during the students' march, which culminated in a 2 a.m. riot in front of the governor's mansion. 

Earlier in the day, the governor had incurred their wrath by a pinhead act: he asked the State Board of Regents to forbid the athletic teams of the university system of Georgia (e.g., Georgia Tech, the University of Georgia) from participating in games against any team with Negro players, or even playing in any stadium where unsegregated audiences breathed the same air. 
"The South stands at Armageddon," brayed Griffin to the regents. "The battle is joined. We cannot make the slightest concession to the enemy in this dark and lamentable hour of struggle. There is no more difference in compromising the integrity of race on the playing field than in doing so in the classrooms. One break in the dike and the relentless seas will rush in and destroy us."*
The dike did burst. Everything changed virtually overnight once Black athletes started playing for teams in the once segregated South. And the impact was not only upon Southeastern Conference (SEC) schools but also on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).

Generations of white alumni and fans who never interacted with Black people in real life -- who, in fact, participated in white flight when Blacks moved too close -- suddenly manufactured relationships with Black athletic stars when said Blacks wore the home team colors.

Thanks to their ability to run with the football and dunk a basketball, positive examples of Black people could be found in abundance.White coaches, afraid to discipline Black players for fear of being perceived as discriminating against them, gave in to outlandish behavior that would never be tolerated at an HBCU or a formerly segregated Predominately White Institution (PWI).

To placate prized Black recruits, a lowering of standards -- morally and academically -- occurred overnight.

Thus the world we live in now, where Black athletes' criminal actions are covered up by administrations, coaches (here's looking at you, Jim Tressel), and ignored by nearly all-white fan bases because of the belief that only Black players can bring championships and accolades to the university or professional sports franchise.

College administrators no longer look upon the miserable Black graduation rates with a sense of shame, because these hired talents -- most of the time -- have no legitimate goal of graduating in anything outside of a general studies degreeThey are simply enrolled to win championships regardless of the ramifications in the future when their recruitment becomes suspect.

White people, after decades of watching Black atheletes gradually come to predominate the play at one position after another, have been programmed to believe that Black people are better at athletics.  And these white spectators have yet to reach an understanding of what this capitulation ultimately represents.

The relentless seas rushed in and nothing will ever be the same again. Black criminality -- that primarily preys upon Black people -- was once kept in check because Black people wouldn't tolerate it. Now Black people excuse it, rationalize it, justify it, defend it, explain it away as just another lingering vestige of Jim Crow and a tyrannical judicial system. Every Black person's view is drenched in a sense of entitlement, and the repercussions are damaging and horrific.

Black athelets, present and former, meet any criticism of Black athletes attack, ridicule, and assertions of blatant racism.  Black athletes form a tight-knit fraternity and protect one another from outside attacks.

Most Black males believe they can grow up to become professional athletes. Those, that is, who don't have a promising career in criminality, government service, as a diversity hire at a major corporation, or even a career as a celebrated racial academician.

The National Football League (NFL) has locked out its players, because they ostensibly work under slave wages and demand a bigger piece of the pie. The NFL brand, built over the past 75 to 80 seasons, has eclipsed baseball as America's favorite sport.  The athletes who play now - 70 percent Black - enjoy the harvest sown by many players -- predominately white - from the rich history of the NFL whose tireless labors built a sport that once paid as much a year as some current players make in but one single quarter of a football game.

Black athletes have little appreciation for the sport and believe it is their right to be earn millions (and spend millions more) and be beloved at both the collegiate and professional level. Having no loyalty save to the Almighty Dollar, Black athletes will go to the highest bidder and spend every last penny with reckless abandon.

We already know that Michael Vick is a figure adored in the Black community, but Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant represents the true face of the NFL in 2011. Having been ruled ineligible at Oklahoma State for lying to the NCAA, character issues were quickly disregarded because his athletic ability necessitated his high selection in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Though the NFL Players created a lockout pool of money for players who paid into that systemBryant's fathers is a pimp. His mother had three children by the time she was 18. Were it not for his ability to catch the football, one is hard-pressed to come up with a viable employment option for Bryant that would present him the opportunity to earn $850,000 in a lifetime, let alone in exchange for one year of his labor.

That is precisely what the NFL gave the opportunity to do, which he quickly spent away:
Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is facing two lawsuits seeking more than $850,000 for unpaid jewelry bills, NFL and NBA tickets and loans.

A Tarrant County man is suing Bryant for $588,500 worth of watches, earrings, bracelets, rings and other jewelry, plus $15,850 worth of tickets and $11,000 in unpaid loans. All the transactions were between June 2009 and June 2010.

Receipts signed by Bryant show that they were supposed to be paid by July 30, 2010, “or when he signs his first Marketing or Sports Contract, which ever happens first,” the lawsuit said. The suit was filed in September and amended last week, before Bryant allegedly unleashed a tirade at a mall security officer concerned about his drooping pants.

Another lawsuit filed last week says Bryant owes a New York company $246,000 for jewelry purchases made between January and May 2010.
Bryant accepted loans while at Oklahoma State and made extravagant purchases, which he incorrectly thought he would never have to pay back.  One should remember that 78 percent of NFL players go bankrupt two years after retirement, and seeing the financial decisions of first-year NFL player Dez Bryant is a stark reminder why such events transpire.

 He was also recently kicked out of a Dallas mall for wearing baggy pants, a trend among Black males and a common accoutrement of Black criminals nationwide. Bryant wasn't happy:
Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was ejected from an upscale Dallas shopping mall after a dispute over the sagging pants worn by him and some companions.

A police statement on Tuesday says officers working off-duty on Saturday as security at NorthPark Center encountered Bryant and three companions wearing the drooping pants.

According to the statement, when the officers asked the four to pull up their trousers, Bryant launched into a profanity-laced tirade that prompted the officers to escort the four from the mall.

Police say Bryant refused to leave, however, until his “representative” could arrive and he parked in a fire lane until a friend arrived and persuaded him to leave.
Bryant represents the modern NFL and what the grotesque parody the league has become; the majority of the players have absolutely no concern for the fans and no respect for the history and tradition of the game.

And they'll have no problem calling themselves "slaves" in the process.

When that dike burst in 1956, the waters that poured in eroded what was once the United States. The flotsam and jetsam left behind is Black Run America.

Out of a possible score of 50, Bryant pulled down a 16 on his Wonderlic test.  He was heavily recruited by many of the major college football powers that would never have considered him as a student were it not for his athletic prowess.

He is worshipped by millions for his ability to catch a football during the course of a frivolous game. This is but a one example of why we find ourselves living under Black Run America (BRA).


Anonymous said...

As far as Bryant and his antics go, Just sit back and enjoy the show. Nothing will get thru to this guy. Like your article states, he is of such the entitlement mentality, he will only get it when his knees go and he no longer can play and hes is in bankruptcy court, being sued for millions and millions.

In the mean time, he is his own worst enemy. He will keep ramping up the stupid behavior, till it has a real impact on his career and life. Hopefully nobody gets hurt in the process.

Dissident said...


This says so much about the psychology of people that idolize buffoons like Bryant.

Or "athletes" in general. I never have understood the adoration of such imbecilic, juvenile, and socially inept people in all my life. Have people become so mentally arrested that all they can do sit around watching criminals in uniforms, strutting, and acting like fools?

Is our society really that bad?

I refuse to watch these carnivals grotesque' and I would urge anyone reading this to just turn the damned TV off!

Get outside and breathe, and explore, and purge your minds of this filth.

I know, I'm preaching to the choir here. NFL = Negro Felon League.

Anonymous said...

Dissident, you ask some excellent questions. I suggest that everyone watch the movie "Idiocracy" at their earliest convenience. Released in 2006, and set into the future, you will be stunned by how closely it resembles where our culture and our country are at this very moment.

WestSiderATL said...


As a reformed sports-oholic I think your analysis is dead on! I would urge anyone reading this who still clings to "sports" as an entertainment choice to do some deep soul searching. The idolization of the very lowest among us is just a further sign that our society as a whole is eroding beyond repair. I plan to spend this Fall with my family, outside, enjoying life and away from a stadium full of drunk, noisy supporters of the miscreants who call themselves professional athletes.

Anonymous said...

I concur. Throw off the yoke and blinders of the sports opiates! While you're sitting on the couch stuffing your face with chips and brewskis, sucking sports "stars" dicks and getting fatter and weaker by the minute, they laugh all the way to the bank. Despising you but lovin' spending YTs' cash. Reclaim your lives and if you're lucky, your souls.

Anonymous said...

It is not my intent to nag. Please take this as constructive criticism. You really have to pay more attention to this:

"and in fact participate in white flight when they move to close"

You mean, "too close".

I see this far too often these days, and it speaks to the deterioration of the educational system over the years. The nuns and teachers of my generation pounded certain things into our heads, such as the fact that there are three distinct words, two, to and too, what they meant and how to use them. This sort of educational foundation was the reason why people such as myself, from a humble background, could get an Ivy League education. Such educational excellence in primary school is today a thing of the past.

You write an excellent blog. I enjoy it and read it every day. Please consider my criticism as constructive. I want you looking as intelligent in print as you no doubt are in person.

Anonymous said...

Baseball is still America's pasttime and favorite sport, any way you measure it. It doesn't seem that way in the fall however because of the relentless NFL propaganda machine.

I do acknowledge however that the NFL is more popular than ever given the dumbing down of America. Baseball's continued popularity, however, and continued expansion and popularity does give me some hope for our country and it's future.

Anonymous said...

To the idiot above me-

Baseball will never be dominant again. The ticket sales of your average baseball game are barely half the average ticket sales for your average football game. And even if baseball did ever become popular again, it'll still be dominated by blacks, who only make up less than 10% of the league nowadays, but outcompete their white counterparts in every aspect.

It's a bitch, ain't it!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucifer said...

Who the hell is Dez Bryant? Blacks are not better athletes it's just the only thing they can do well so this is our way of apologizing for slavery. We give them a few good years playing college ball and then send them to work at Wendy's. I've seen it myself.