Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Taco Bell, Burger King go 365Black

365Black behavior is spreading to all fast food locations
Remember that McDonald’s went 365Black in a bid to win over the Black consumer. Many other restaurants have gone 365Black as well, but they didn’t require a marketing campaign to attract Black patrons.

Just ask Denny’s.

How about this Black patron of Taco Bell who triggered a more than three hour standoff with police over a $3.50 increase in the price of seven burritos. And we thought single Black women had it rough with that $5 net worth.

More on that story:
A disgruntled Texas taco lover shot at police and triggered a 3 1/2-hour standoff after he became upset that the price of his favorite fast-food snack had gone up 50 cents.
The man, whose name was not disclosed, allegedly flew into a rage Sunday when a drive-through attendant at a San Antonio Taco Bell told him that the price of the Beefy Crunch Burrito had risen to $1.49 from 99 cents, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

"They did use to be 99 cents, but that was just a promotion," restaurant manager Brian Tillerson told the paper.

The man had ordered seven of them, adding an extra $3.50 plus tax to his bill, the paper said.

Tillerson told police that the man got angry, pulled out a BB gun and fired at him before fleeing into the parking lot.
Or, how about this story of yet another fast food place going 365Black, with Black spring break patrons in Panama City engaging in an impromptu battle royal at a Burger King:
A cell phone camera captured the action in the Panama City Beach Burger King on Front Beach Road Saturday, as a crowd of tourists nearly rioted at the restaurant.
Employees dialed 9-1-1 for help, as one bikini-clad woman, later identified as Kimesia Smith of Montgomery, Ala., jumped up on the counter and threw a charity coin jug at employees, and 3 of Smith's friends also began throwing napkins, utensils, and trays throughout the location.
The woman in the bikini, who became concerned about the whereabouts of her two children after Panama City Beach Police placed her in handcuffs, was taken to the Bay County Jail on charges of simple battery, in part because of allegations she pulled a Burger King employee's hair. Beach police contacted a friend of the woman, who told police she would take care of Smith's children.
The video has already been watched thousands of times, but be warned, there may be some harsh language overheard as the out of control group destroyed the Burger King.
Horrible. Just horrible. We hope that the woman in the bikini locates her two, lost children.

We recommend that all Stuff Black People Don’t Like readers purchase a Flip camera and carry it around with them at all times. You never know what type of behavior you might film.

The most popular show on Comedy Central right now is Tosh.0, which pokes fun at hilarious Internet video sensations. Most of the time, these individuals profiled are Black. Here is his bit on “Is this racist?”, and here you can watch a web redemption bit with the Black guy who got hit by an ice cream truck. And here is our personal favorite, Tosh.0 interviewing Latarian Milton (just search the archives for news on this guy).

Daniel Tosh is a very Stuff White People Like (SWPL) white person, yet his show is incredibly funny and risqué. He makes of Black people, which are grounds for immediate termination in most fields of employment in Black Run America (BRA).

But like most people who log onto YouTube and e-mail friends funny videos, his show is proof that almost everyone in this country likes to laugh at ridiculous Black behavior. And live as far away from it has possible.

That’s why Chick-fil-A is so popular. It isn't 365Black.


Dissident said...

It's to bad in a way that Desiree has been banned, I'd love to see her defense of these savages and vandals wrecking Burger King.

Her defense would go something like this," That behavior is indicative of white privilege and the lack of a diverse workforce in that restaurant. The white workers insulted the black patrons, by not delivering their chicken in a timely manner! The restaurant is owned by the descendants of the white oppressors of our beloved and noble African people, blah, blah, nauseum.

It's a shame she's gone, because I'd really like to see her defense of such vile behavior one last time.

Phalluster said...

Strategic use of the Oxford comma; I see what you did there!

Anonymous said...

The brawl video is precisely why I do not go inside of fast food places anymore, or even patronize them much these days.

If you don't get the black buffoonery on the inside, you get it at the windows with employees who have to take your order 6 times and still get it wrong. It is not worth my time or my money to be honest.

You know what I find really telling? The black onlookers were not embarrassed from the behavior of the black woman, nor did they try to stop her.
You can't even enjoy a meal out now without having the fear that this will happen.

We need a return to polite civilized society, without blacks in social settings, or very very few. It is the only way.

Anonymous said...

Tosh rhetorically asked the black fool who was hit by an ice cream truck, "is there anywhere that black people WON'T dance?". Classic.

Tosh is providing a service. He's using comedy to remove the scales from white eyes. I know a social worker who no longer pretends that blacks are normal human beings. She's a Tosh-head, and it's refreshing when someone you know, who you think might never see the light, finally "gets it". Hell, I told her to check out SBPDL, and she friggin' loves it!

D J said...

I still grab stuff on the run from fast food joints, but I will grab my stuff and walk out of the dining area if I see a group of more than two blacks come in the door together.

Anonymous said...

The absolute worst part?

You put a suit and tie on these savages (Charles Barkely, Eric Holder, B Hussein Obama, etc....and the Hugh Hewett's and Mikey Medved's, and Sean Hannity's, and Rush Limbaugh's of the world are completely fooled. They go right into their "isolated instance, you RACIST!" routines.

Blacks are garbage. How much MORE proof does anyone need?

Anonymous said...

Funny thing. I've been looking at that McDonald's ad picture above for the last few seconds and I still can't figure out: is that supposed to be the silhouette of a tree or of a black woman's head?

Anonymous said...

I wish the other employees hadn't held back that first employee who got the tray in the face. I would have loved to see what bikini chick would have done then.

BTW: Did anybody notice her super mullet?

Anonymous said...

Blacks do not hold the criminals in their communities accountable for bad behavior. Snitches get stitches. From Lawrence Auster at :

"While there are many decent, upright black people, there is a notable failure on the part of blacks effectively to resist the bad people in their communities. The result is that the bad people—the orators, the hustlers, the corrupt, the despots—always seem to rise to the top. That is why black countries, and black-run cities in America, are the way they are. There are good people living in those places, but for the most part they are only good in their private, familial sphere. They are not actively good in the social and political sense and thus rarely take leadership or succeed in creating a civilized political order. The number of morally courageous and principled blacks who actively resist the corruption and racialist conformism around them is very limited; in fact, such upright and intelligent blacks often separate themselves from the black community when they recognize how unwelcome they are in it."

Blacks love to whine and moan about white people's accusations that they are all the same, but their actions prove otherwise. Blacks choose to move in one giant collective clump, and so when something happens to one black, they are all included in either the

1. celebration of the "first black to ______"
2. the protest, outcry, and rioting over their grievances

One thing I have learned about living in a black neighborhood is that black people have one face and behavior for the black community, and a false face to present to white people when necessary. Blacks believe that white people are naive, square, and clueless, and easily hustled, which is mostly true thanks to DWLs and white apologists. Blacks tolerate crime in their neighborhoods because they don't know what a decent society looks like, and they see nothing wrong with it. The white man's rules and laws are such an inconvenience for the black man who is just trying to get his groove on.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much that dark bikini black woman looks like a primate, flailing her arms around and jumping onto the counter.
What type of human being acts like that?

I was waiting for her to take a big shit in her hand and fling it at everyone.
Is that racist?

B. Herder said...

Desiree got the boot? Awesome ;^) ... Now I can start enjoying the 'comments' section again. (Although I suspect she'll put a wig on, along with some Groucho nose-glasses and attempt to sneak in..)
but for the mean time I can say 'Thank God for small favors' ...

Anonymous said...

"Although I suspect she'll put a wig on, along with some Groucho nose-glasses and attempt to sneak in.."

Oh dear, what shall we ever do without Diarrhea and her great wisdom?
Just see her other "Onye, A Black Woman" posts. LOL!

Now we must reach out further to the black community for their input on these very important issues. You know, the "Black Point Of View". There always is one, you know. It is exactly opposite of the white point of view.

Hopefully, SBPDL will be able to identify and block Diarrhea's quirky writing style, her long rants, her stupid emoticons after each sentence, and her sickening self-indulgence.

Blacks do not have a clue, and just as they follow whites into the suburbs where they are not wanted, they can never leave politely when asked to.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I am no longer irritated with black people acting like this. Getting mad at black people for, well acting like black people is like getting mad at a cat for licking its own butthole. My qualms lie with the DWL who say that we're all the same, that segregation should be illegal, etc... Maybe I should create a "Stuff DWL Don't Like" blog. Topics would include all the overwhelming evidence, like this, that show that the average black cannot behave in a becoming, civilized manner.

D J said...

The cure for any DWL is to throw them into the car, and drive them to the heart of Compton, Gary, Detroit, Memphis, PG County or Harlem. Open the door, kick them out, slam the door, and hightail it out of there.

IF they get home, ask them how they found the "all the same" folks they had to deal with.

Anonymous said...

i have to agree with you DJ. i used to be a liberal and then i moved to milwaukee. ive dealt with a fair amount of black racism and most people i meet or their relatives or friends have been robbed by a black man. the race card is on blacks minds at the drop of a hat. i meet blacks who left the city or have 'come up' and made something of themselves and we always refer to the 'north side' problems as a nice way of saying 'black' problems. im a moderate now as i see the far left and the far right requiring blinders to be believed. here and there they both have good alternate ideas to throw into the political spectrum but they also have the crazies in their ranks. i have yet to meet a moderate lunatic as far out there as some far leftists and far righties ive met.


Anonymous said...

gee, you're so right! I never thought before that smart people in the middle were the ones who were right all along! You're so brilliant. changing.....what insight!

Anonymous said...

Everyone here has made some good points. First let me say this-- WE ARE ALL SLAVES. For the black community to say that they are oppressed mistreated or are not provided with opportunity is an ignorant statement. As for the whites to say that the blacks were freed and they should get over it is an ignorant statement. The blacks were never freed and the whites just joined them. We are all slaves to the MONEY MASTERS. The ones who manipulate the economy so they can further secure their strangle hold on the nation and further strengthen their position to share in the power struggle for world domination. So while they bombard your minds with misdirection, Roderick, blind news and just plain old bullshit. They progress toward a total dehumanization of the average citizens. As work brigades we helped build their empire and now they don’t need us anymore so they throw us away like you would take out the morning trash. It’s my advice to all of you to prepare for the uprising that will occur. Be prepared; for the troops will come under orders to round you up and place you in internment camps. Those who accept a verichip/rfid chip will be allowed to go home the rest will be humanely euthanized. There is another economic downturn coming and this one will be worse then the last. Your owners hope that it will drive you to madness. They want you to riot in the streets. They want violence to overtake your neighborhoods no matter if it’s up town or down town. They want to see the world burn. Then you Mr. and Mrs. Nice People will be begging for it all to go away. Then they will tell you in order to solve the economic problem everyone must have an implantable chip. The implantable chip will include a neurotoxin that can be released remotely. This way they can decide who lives and who dies. Its total control of the people! So you think what happened at burger king, taco bell, Compton, Watts, Brooklyn, Detroit, St Pete is bad? Just wait and see what happens next.