Sunday, March 6, 2011

Listen to the archive of The Political Cesspool appearance here

You can't stop the signal.
Many thanks to James Edwards and Winston Smith for letting me go for an hour on The Political Cesspool last night. You can listen to the archive of the show by going here. I start in hour two and run the entire length of that segment. Provide your feedback below from the appearance!

I've been considering doing podcasts once a week for a while and after doing three interviews (Radio Free Indiana, Angry White Dude, and The Political Cesspool) I'm convinced it's time to start. Not everyone reads and it's time to open up things with podcasts.

I want to thank Matt Parrot, AWD, and James Edwards for having me on their respective shows and encourage all readers to listen to the interviews. Yes, they promote the book SBPDL Year One: 365 Days in Black Run America -- currently No. 10 on's minority studies listings -- but they promote a particular brand we are building here.

Tomorrow a press release for the book will go out to more than 300 media nationwide. Who knows what could happen?

The point is simply this: We are growing. I'm working on converting the SBPDL Year One into an E-Book. People with Kindle's, Nooks, iPads and other E-Readers will be able to purchase the book through that medium. After all, that is the future.

At some point soon, I will be doing a live interview. Few people read anymore and it's time to up the stakes by attracting a wider audience through videos.

In the next five months, four more books will be coming out. Yes, four more books:

The Opiate of America: How Sports Created Black Run America
Stuff Black People Don't Like Year Two: 365 More Days in Black Run America
A Black Nordic God in Thor? The Creation of Black Fictional Heroes in Popular Culture


White Flight: Stuff Black People Don't Like's Guide to Major American Cities and Counties

More information on each project is forthcoming. The inspiration for this Web site came from Christian Lander and his book Stuff White People Like. Since then inspiration has come from a number of well-written Black blogs - consult the links to the left - and the excellent work of Steve Sailer, Mangan's, Larry Auster, OneSTDV, and a whole cast of others.

Putting together a book for print-on-demand is time consuming, but working two or three hours a day to format the book isn't that difficult. You can still watch Two and Half Men while you do it. Why Steve Sailer hasn't combined all of his brilliant work on the Minority Mortgage Meltdown of 2008 and turned it into a quick E-book is beyond me.

Thomas Woods just published a book entitled Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse. It's too late to repeal Black Run America (Big Government)... much too late. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae continued allocation of unlimited resources despite massive losses should prove this fact (it would hurt minority workers to dissolve these firms).

Black Run America (Big Government in Thomas Woods paleo-libertarian speak) will collapse on itself. It is the duty of those who write to illustrate exactly why this collapse took place in the first place (Woods glosses over it).  So if you read this Steve Sailer, please consider putting together your writings at Vdare, TakiMag, Alternative Right and your blog on the Minority Mortgage Meltdown (MMM).

 In the meantime, listen to the archive of my appearance on The Political Cesspool. Feedback would be awesome. Also, expect two posts today.


Anonymous said...

I think you did pretty well on cesspool. You sounded prepared and informed. You spoke clearly and rationally with plenty of humor.

"SBPDL" is a tongue twister, especially for radio. Hopefully future interviews will have fewer technical difficulties and distortions.

Donald said...

I loved your Political Cesspool interview, but could not find a download link for the other two shows. It looks like they might be stupid enough not to save their broadcasts in podcast format or at all. Ugh, too bad for you, as we would have listened to them if they had been saved.

It would wonderful if you could churn out a podcast each week going deeper into the humourous (and not so humourous) aspects of your posts, cover stuff you didn't post (perhaps better covered though audio), and hopefully continue to bring it all together as you have done with BRA, DWLs, etc. Just make sure it is available on iTunes (or another podcast format if they ban you) for the sake of convenience.

As for your books, I am waiting for the ebook version of SBPDL: Year One. The Sports book would likely be the most groundbreaking, but I am personally most interested in the Thor and White Flight books. No pressure, but it would be nice if you could take advantage of Thor's release on May 6th to promote your book.

Keep up the great work, you are one of my favorite writers across Vdare, AltRight, and TOO.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much agreed with Donald.