Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Black Privilege articulated in One Article: Grand Rapids Public Schools punished for punishing Black Students Disproportionately

Remember that in Black Run America (BRA), Black people are never at fault for their actions. Black (mis)behavior can only be explained by rampant racism inherent in a corrupt system that demands that they abide by the same rules as everyone else.

Only when you consider how BRA influences governing decisions in America will this story make sense. The Grand Rapid Public School System in Michigan must divert money from education to address the disproportionate suspensions of Black students:  
The state has cited Grand Rapids Public Schools for suspending a “significantly disproportionate” number of black and special education students -- a move that has forced the district to shift $1 million in federal funds to address the problem.
The district is reexamining policies and creating early intervention strategies, but it has not stopped suspending students for serious offenses, Superintendent Bernard Taylor said this week, seeking to dispel misconceptions.
”It is a misnomer that anyone has been told not to suspend students,” he said.
“Every concerted effort is being made to address issues around safety,” Taylor said. “We have built a support structure around students that is designed to keep them in school -- but not at all costs. We are not talking about weapons violations, bomb threats or fights."
He said the district is under sanction by the state Education Department requiring it to redirect $1 million in special education funds into general education “to deal with the over suspension of special education students and African American males.”  

The state monitored Grand Rapids for rates of suspension and expulsion greater than 10 days for black students with disabilities, and for all students with disabilities.
“They were selected for monitoring because the data reported by GRPS indicated a significant discrepancy in the rate of suspensions for all students with disabilities as well as African American students with disabilities,”  the state reported.
GRPS was directed to develop a plan and be in compliance within a year.
The state’s findings came in the spring of 2010, but they were disclosed by Taylor this week because of growing public questions about suspension policies.
The report, which reviewed 2008-09 data, revealed that out of 268 special education suspensions/expulsions, 186 were black, 34 Hispanic, 29 white, 18 multi-ethnic and 1 Asian. Ottawa Hills had the most of the high schools with 22, all black students. 
The building principal ultimately makes the decision whether someone warrants suspension, administrators said.
The state said GRPS was required to reserve 15 percent of its federal IDEA (Individuals with Disability Education Act) funds for early intervention services.
The state says this is not a financial sanction, but a requirement that more special education funds be used for programs to prevent high rates of suspension and expulsion.
“We began last March doing some pretty comprehensive planning involving principals and departments such as student services, to figure out how we could not suspend as much and also come up with some alternative interventions,” said Veronica Lake, the district’s executive director for accountability and compliance.
For example, she said, intervention rooms were implemented this school year.
Taylor said what gets students suspended often is that catch-all category, disruptive behavior.
’”I think direction from the board is going to have to be obtained in order for us to seriously deal with this issue about over-representation of student groups that comprise the highest number of suspensions,” Taylor told his board Monday.
The district has nearly 19,000 students and blacks represent more than 40 percent of the population.
Taylor said the issue of minority suspension rates has come up in previous decades.
“It is clearly something that is not a recent phenomenon.”
We no longer direct money towards advancing the best and brightest in America, but instead allocate money to uplift the obtuse and the miscreants who cause trouble in classes. Worse: schools are punished for punishing those who act out in class, if those punished happen to be overwhelmingly Black.

It should be noted that those who don’t get into trouble in Grand Rapids require bribes from a community initiative called I Believe, I Become where they get free laptops for completing the program, because the graduation rates in this school system that disproportionately suspends Black students is abysmal:
Success stories of high school heroes such as Campbell are being shared by a community coalition launching a grassroots initiative called I Believe, I Become, with the goal of improving high school graduation rates and eliminating the achievement gap between white and minority students.

The campaign -- reportedly backed by the Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation and 50 community partners -- had a soft launch this summer with billboards showing the smiling faces of local students. I Believe, I Become also is rewarding 250 middle school students who complete an extended-day summer school with an $800 laptop computer and 200 high school students who recover credits in summer school with a paid work experience.

The first of four five-week community development meetings kicks off Thursday evening with a forum for residents of central neighborhoods.

Similar series will be scheduled in 2011 in western, eastern and southern neighborhoods, which are home to about 15,000 children, many of them economically disadvantaged and Hispanic or black.

To entice community participation, the organizers are providing dinner, child care, raffle prizes and $25 gift certificates to the first 250 adults, just for attending.
"To use the wisdom of the residents, we've got to respect what will bring them to the table," said Jeremy DeRoo, executive director of Lighthouse Communities, a Grand Rapids nonprofit community development organization.

While the community development planning will be compressed into a few weeks, the commitment to work the plan likely will extend a decade or more, said Joe Jones, of the communications group E.E. Milestone.

"Grand Rapids Public Schools can do a lot, but it can't be expected to do it all," said Jones, noting that only about 25 percent of a child's time is spent in school. "What we're talking about here is everything it takes to teach a child."

The school district is launching several secondary reforms in the coming year with the hope of improving graduation rates, even though the state is imposing tough new graduation requirements for the Class of 2011.

More online:

Four-year graduation rates from 2009 at the district's alternative schools is dismal -- as low as 8 percent at Southeast Career Pathways.

Graduation rates also are low at the district's comprehensive high schools: Ottawa Hills, 65 percent; Central, 71 percent; Creston, 72 percent; Union, 74 percent.

Graduation rates are 93 percent at City High School and Grand Rapids Montessori High School.
Even worse than the poor graduation rates are the academic records of those who do graduate:
GRPS loses a third of its freshman before graduation. In some schools, over half of freshman have cumulative grade point averages less than 2.0 on a 4.0 scale, she said.
That school systems are now punished for punishing Black students that act out in class because they can’t follow the same rules that white and Asians students have no problem following is a cause for federal involvement.
Never mind that in such diverse geographic areas as Charlotte, Seattle, Chicago, and Delaware that the one constant variable in school discipline is a propensity for Black students to be overly represented in those suspended.

This could never explain why the proficiency of Black male students was found to be much lower than anticipated, right?

The federal government will soon require every school system to be cognizant of Black student’s proclivities for not abiding by the rules governing proper behavior. Their rebellion will be a state-sanctioned form of self-expression.

Money dedicated to teaching and educating will now be diverted for discipline and being tolerant of those who are intolerant of the behavioral guidelines in class.

In Black Run America (BRA) the worst behavior by Black people is protected and ultimately excused by those in power. Black people can never be shown in a negative light and for Grand Rapids School Public Schools to dare defy this decree is grounds for immediate action.

It seems the federal government is demanding a cessation of rule enforcement in schools, because those who disobey and are reprimanded for scholastic infractions have the misfortune of being overwhelmingly Black.

To the tune of $1 million, Grand Rapids Public Schools must now shift money that they don't have to address the problem of Black students misbehaving. Below is a video of The Young Turks (the same people who talked about this Web site back in 2009) addressing the problem of Black students misbehaving.


Anonymous said...

The Young Turks absolutely cannot accept the fact that the black students are the most disruptive kids in the class.

Anonymous said...

Well gee willigers, they aren't getting suspended because they , you know, cause more problems do they?

I'd be willing to bet that if you looked at a majority black school, the suspension rates would also be high for blacks even with a non-black student presence. Now that seems like an obvious statement but what I am getting at: it isn't the non-blacks causing the problems, hello?

This is why I will go broke sending my kids to schools that have no blacks in it. It is worthwhile to me. I do not wish to see blacks held back for rightfully earned things, but I do not want my kids educated with blacks and it's not going to happen so long as I have a breath in my body.

We need to stop mollycoddling this minority population of people who will not take responsibility for anything they do, namely raising their problem children who are cheating others out of education and education funding.

Don said...

I REALLY don't think blacks will ever get it?!!.

I mean really, how much more evidence do we need?..Day in & day out. From the pitiful state of our schools. To the appalling coniditions of all of sub-saharan Africa & Haiti. From Detroit to Memphis to New Orleans... STD rates that are beyond imagining.. Ditto with crime..We SEE it everyday/all day (& STILL the lefties-& those who cannot see-are convinced "we are all the same"!).

My youngest daughter's best freind is a young high school teacher of English/English Lit. We all often go for lunch together & she talks of her job often...Her home room class she said has 22 students, 2 of whom are black. I'll give you one guess as to the demographic of the most disruptive students?!!..In fact she told me that about 85% of her disciplinary actions that she has to mete out are against those 2 black students! (who make up some 9% of her home room class!)..She said EVERY teacher there has similar stories to tell (I would imagine also that EVERY white teacher in America would also have the same stories!)..Most though keep a lid on it (1st-to keep their jobs. 2nd-to avoid discrimination lawsuits).

Well America, this is the country you wanted right?!..I mean our cities & neighborhoods have been destroyed by blacks. Our women are raped by the tens of thousands every year by blacks (more than 37,000 in 2009). The black underclass has wrecked our economy & rendred large parts of our country as "no-go" zones for whites...But hey, that's okay. We can all at least have that warm, gushy feeling of being oh-so tolerant & "politically correct"!.

May whatever descendants we have forever curse us!.

Anonymous said...

This is just another post that is SO self-evident, it is a crime that it is even debated.

I grew up in a beautiful small town. When I started school, the system was probably 80/20 White. By the time I gradumacated, it was the opposite. In that time, niggers RUINED everything. The place was the epitome of White flight, and a wonderful place became garbage.

The only people who fight this truth are 1) niggers, and 2) disingenuous whites of BOTH the Liberal AND Conservative bent.

SBPDL, I think you should consider adding to the groups you speak about. You should include DWC (conservatives) to the mix (the Hewetts, Medveds, Ace of Spades-type bloggers, etc. They are our biggest enemies...

Anonymous said...

We know that fully grown Negroes are more likely to commit acts of violence, property crimes and to break other laws. It's unrealistic to expect their offspring to behave any differently. Little criminals being trained by big criminals.

Give me a fucking break.

Anonymous said...

I teach in a high school that is roughly 15% black, but that 15% amounts to roughly 60% of the shit behavior problems that get sent to the office. Go figure. You can take the Negro out of Africa, but you can't take the Africa out of th Negro.

White Guy said...

Maybe if white society adopted 'Ebonics', things wouldn't be so bad for these victimized youths ... they clearly don't understand basic English, maybe that's part of their problem.

An aside:

If I were black, the whole 'Ebonics' fiasco would be an infinite shame - a psychological flogging serving as a painful reminder of the difference between myself and the pale faces.

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up in all White schools, if somebody was making a raucous in the hallway, the teacher made it a point to immediately stop the class, open the door, and tell the misbehaving students to quiet down.

Fast forward to college. When a pack negroes would start getting uppity in the hallways, the White teachers would briefly pause and roll their eyes. They were powerless to stop anything. Negroes are loud and obnoxious and this is just a "cultural barrier" that we need to get used to. After all, "diversity is our strength."

And The Young Turds, wow. Everything they say is so self-evidently stupid that it would be an insult to my intelligence to make a rebuttal. The whole world has gone batshit insane and it is not easy being one-who-can-see, especially when so many outright REFUSE to see!

Anonymous said...

To understand most white liberals naivete you simply need to look at their background. According to Wikipedia, Cenk Uygur, the male host of The Young Turks, attended East Brunswick High School. Looking at the demographics of East Brunswick, you see that its residents are 71% White, 20% Asian, and a whopping 3% Black. So as anyone can see, he has had no experience with black students.

The disparity in suspensions directly correlates with the disparity in racial IQ. Almost all racial disparity can be explained with this simple fact: Black Americans have an average IQ of 85. An IQ of 70-84 is considered borderline intellectual functioning, so that means nearly half of all Black Americans are verging on mild to severe retardation. So remember, the thug mentality and the worship of all things Black is just a facade to hide the retardation inherent in the Black population.

Anonymous said...

Here is the problem. Desiree told us this a few times in her rants and we should listen to her.

Black people don't see what the real problem is because they are immersed in black behavior outside of school. They have not been taught how to live in a civilized society, they are self-centered, and not required to follow any rules.

Blacks choose to live such a separate life from whites that they do not know the "rules" by which whites live. White people find black/African behavior to be rambunctious, loud, impulsive, disruptive and annoying. Blacks are difficult to teach, distracted, self-important, unable to concentrate and by our standards, and very disrespectful. A young innocent white teacher is a target for most black students. It is their job to destroy and disrupt her until she cries. Black parents teach their kids to disrupt white teachers and scare and intimidate them. The dysfunctional black culture is mostly to blame, add the fact that 30% of blacks born to unmarried teens under 18, low birthweight, low IQ and childhood neglect to the mix and we have a huge problem.

When white establishment imposes its difficult white rules and codes of conduct on blacks, they are punished more because they cannot comply. Black administrators and parents refuse to admit the problem because the black behavior is quite normal to them. Everyone is loud, disruptive, antagonistic in the black world (except for Black Guy, of course), The simplest solution is to scream "racism!". Blacks do not belong in white schools, unless they are of the higher IQ sort, and motivated, and have decent parents who will support them.

We need to stop feeding the underclass. We need "special" schools for blacks with black teachers, military style control, basic core learning, and job skills training. Blacks, the lowest 50% in ability and effort in our schools, are clogging up and disrupting learning for our kids. They are physically and mentally unable to do the rigorous work that comes naturally to White and Asian students. If you separate them, they can thrive in an environment more suited for them, and move right into the job force instead of causing so much trouble and going to prison.

Good book - "Real Education" by Charles Murphy

Anonymous said...

The special needs kids are "diagnosed" so that we can explain their behavior away with a simple diagnosis and remove them from the classroom.

My Aunt has taught elementary for 40 years in a black inner-city school, she has noticed the number of special needs kids has increased dramatically in the past 10 years because these kids receive special funding.

This is just another welfare program in disguise. Special needs, in this case, does not mean a kid in a wheelchair like it used to. It means developmentally disabled, remedial in ability, which describes the majority of black students in the classrooms. They get a free pass with the diagnosis and no one expects much more from them.

Anonymous said...

My city is dealing with the school choice/vouchers issue right now. I see it as forced desegregation, others think that if black kids rub up against white kids they will magically become smart. The white private and public schools are doing just fine, thank you. Scores high, parents pleased, high graduation rates.

Problem is with the black inner-city public schools and the ghetto black students. Low scores, high dropout, high crime, teen pregnancy, lots of disruption and expulsion of students. Instead of allowing the smart white kids excel in their schools, let's flood those schools with low IQ blacks and mexicans! Obviously it is the school building and location that is the magic to their success.

I am amazed that any white parent would support this bill of goods, but they do. They don't realize what is about to happen to their schools, neighborhoods and their children. All of those single black mothers are not only demanding vouchers for schools, but will soon demand "quality low income" housing and jobs near the schools in the safe white suburbs.

Diversity only means "anti-white". Wake up people.

Anonymous said...

No child left behind..unless they are white. Sad but true.

Florida resident said...

To "Anonymous", who wrote on March 10, 2011 12:06 AM.
The book
"Real Education: Four Simple Truths for Bringing America's Schools Back to Reality"
is written by Charles Murray (not Murphy), of "The Bell Curve", 1994, and "Losing ground", 1984, fame.
"Real Education" may be bought for $3.75 +$3.99 S&H via Amazon (used copy.)
I also reccommend the book "Bad students, not bad schools", April 2010, by Prof. Robert Weissberg.
Respectfully, F.r.

Anonymous said...

My ex girlfriend, big time liberal hippie chick, has been teaching for 10 years now. In HS she graduated top 25, not percent raw number top 25, in our class of 700. Her black and Mexican kids are incapable of solving the equation 2x + 4 = 8 or proper conjugating the "to be" infinitive. Her white and Asian students pick everything up the first time, and some actually read ahead of the lesson plan.

As long as you have a building and 1 teacher for every 100 students, the smart kids will find a way to learn. You could give I pads, hooked on Phonics monkey, a state of the art building, and 10 to 1 teacher student ratios to black kids and they would still flunk remedial courses.

Anonymous said...

These remarks are the ultimate in ignorance,biogotry & stupidity. I guess the kids at columbine were well behaved. White kids behave worse than black kids because they are more likely to get away with it because of racial prejudice. I guess the "craiglist killer" was well behaved too. Get real & face facts --99% of serial killers are white. So who has the behavorial problems?

The way that these children are treated by society is enough to make them "misbehave" Who enjoys being at the bottom the ladder in almost everything? They have witnessed their parents struggle and feel that nobody cares.
They should be give every opportunity available to make progress.

Anonymous said...

'The way that these children are treated by society is enough to make them "misbehave"

Dear black/liberal DWL Anon,

Have you done any reading on this site AT ALL??? I highly suggest that you take time to read the older posts. All of your questions will be answered and then some. Please also see and any other HBD blog. Why should blacks get a free pass???? You obviously feel that blacks suck too since you have such low expectations of them.

Black culture in general, anti-intellectualism, not "acting white", stigma for being smart, neglectful black teenage mothers, black absentee, incarcerated, disinterested fathers, black rage, extreme black financial dependency on government handouts, low IQ, low birthweight, drugs, and black self-hatred are the cause of these misbehaviors. Who else can you blame, white people?

Parents struggle? Puhleeeze! The only struggling I have seen lately is struggling during arrest and blacks struggling to punch each other in a blacks brawl. Blacks struggle with their own incompetencies and shortcomings. Blacks have made it! Please spread the word! They are promised equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Two entirely different things. If you want to promise equal outcome, then you must remove black children from black culture. Won't happen. Someone has to be at the low end. Let nature take its course.

If blacks don't want to be at the bottom of the ladder, then blacks have to start climbing on their own.

Anonymous said...

"The way that these children are treated by society is enough to make them "misbehave"."

This is your opinion. Please cite examples or STFU.

"...because they are more likely to get away with it because of racial prejudice."

Please give examples of this too. Websites?? Studies??? Proof??? You can't. Blacks are given EVERY opportunity to succeed, and yet they don't. Because they don't want to. Please wake up. What does this site have to do with serial killers? This is SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

"Charles Murray (not Murphy)"

Yes thank you for the correction. Had a typing problem, but the book is highly recommended and full of hard stats.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA The idiotic "whites be serial killers" and "Columbine massacre" comeback. You are so innumerate, yeah look it up because you are also illiterate, that it's absolutely laughable. It proves you have no understanding of basic math and therefore are incapable of understanding crime statistics. Well, I'm going to go ahead and fry your puny brain anyway with math. (

The following facts are derived from data found in the FBI Uniform Crime Reports (online link) for the years 1995 through 2000.

- The average Black commits murder about 7.1 times more often than the average "White" (where "White" includes Hispanics etc.)

- The average Black commits interracial murder about 13.8 times more often than the average "White" (where "White: includes Hispanics etc.)

- The average Black kills a "White" 15.9 times more often than the reverse.

- Weapons violations are committed by Blacks at nearly 5 times the rate for Whites;

- Blacks are caught receiving or buying stolen property at nearly 5 times the rate for Whites;

- Blacks are involved in prostitution at almost 4 times the rate for Whites;

- Blacks are arrested for drug crimes at over 4 times the rate for Whites;

- Blacks are more than three times as likely as Whites to be caught at forgery, counterfeiting, and fraud, and almost three times as likely to be caught at embezzlement;

- Blacks are more than 3 times as likely to be thieves as Whites;

- Blacks are more than 4 times as likely to commit assault as Whites;

- Blacks are almost 4.5 times as likely to steal a motor vehicle;

- Blacks are more than 5 times as likely to commit forcible rape as Whites;

- Blacks are over 8 times as likely to commit murder as Whites;

- Blacks are more than 10 times as likely to commit robbery as Whites;

- Nearly 25% of all Black males between the ages of 20 and 29 are in jail or on probation - this does not include those wanted or awaiting trial;

- For all violent crimes considered together, Blacks are almost 5.5 times more likely to commit violent criminal acts than Whites; all this according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

Anonymous said...

The disturbed Columbine kids were a relatively isolated and unusual case. The Craigslist killer was a disturbed individual. Neither of these examples indicate a larger trend similar to the widespread AIA (Africans infesting America) dysfunction that is destroying our school system at the expense of intelligent, capable white children.

AIA children are the result of AIA parenting, therefore the human values and civilization skills taught at schools are at odds with the ghetto values and jungle-anarchy embraced within their homes and neighborhoods.

The original hope was that sending AIA children to human schools would instill human values in the AIA children, but instead, the AIA children bring the jungle, the anarchy and the ghetto with them into the schools. It's sad, shameful, and nauseating.

People struggling at the bottom of the ladder is sad. However, nobody wants to reach down to help, because history has taught us that those AIAs in their cesspool at the bottom of the ladder will not grab a hand to be pulled up, but will instead pull with all their might to drag others into their filth and misery. It's in their nature.

Anonymous said...

The African Scorpion and the American Frog

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"Destruction...Its my Nature", said the African Scorpion...

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I was a freshmen in high school when Columbine happened and I have thought long and hard about this question since that day.

Simply put, majority Black schools require students to go through metal detectors to gain entry to inevitably fail or get removed from class for behavioral problems.

Majority white schools require no such thing.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous at 12:48pm

Ah yes, the good ole "but serial killers are white" retort. Keep on denying reality.

You claim that white kids behave worse than blacks in school. Do you have any evidence to back that claim up? Of course you don't, because the hate facts prove the exact opposite. But hey, you've got a hunch, so you must be right.

Face it -- you're either a clueless DWL who never crosses the railroad tracks (but tell all your white friends that you have) or just another run of the mill black apologist. Either way, you're a clueless douche bag.

Anonymous said...

Black people are their own worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"We've got to respect what will bring them to the table". Realspeak: They're expecting their free handouts if they must lift their head from the trough(aka the government teat), usually with that dead-eyed stare. And "motherfucker" upon their lips.

Anonymous said...

"99% of serial killers are white". Okay then lets see how many people white serial killers kill each year vs. how many people blacks kill each year. Your example is weak sauce bra. That's right, bad reasoning on your part. And I didn't even have to factor in that blacks are only around thirteen percent of the population. Violent is as violent does. Go ahead and get mad, I won't blame you. It's genetic after all.

Anonymous said...

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1. Matthew Emanuel Macon (Murdered and Raped 5 White Women in Lansing)
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57. Chester Dewayne Turner (12 women killed in, Los Angeles)

Anonymous said...

Our Government has become a Looter Militia. With the Civil Rights Act, they started a cold, urban civil war. Thanks for suggesting "Real Education" by Charles Murphy. I'm going to read it. And if you guys haven't read the CATO institute's "Money And School Performance:
Lessons from the Kansas City Desegregation Experiment" (found here: then you should grab a cup of coffee and read it. It really supports the following statement: " You could give I pads, hooked on Phonics monkey, a state of the art building, and 10 to 1 teacher student ratios to black kids and they would still flunk remedial courses."

The Engineer

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Da troof beez rayciss' an' sheeit.

Anonymous said...

About the numbers...

One of the things people often forget when computing the statistics is that while blacks are only around 13% of the population, black males are only 6-7%. If you look at all the violent crime committed by black MALES, the statistics become even more astounding.

And if it were possible to factor our the Hispanic perps from the Caucasians, the comparison between black and real white crime would be even more mindboggling.

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18% of serial killers are black men. Black men make up, what.....6% of the total population?? Yet they are 18% of the serial killers?

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"They are promised equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Two entirely different things."

I applauded this. Truth!!!

Anonymous said...

"99% of serial killers are white."

LOLOLOL This was disproven at least 10 years ago.

And you guys are STILL repeating it?????


Anonymous said...

"The way that these children are treated by society is enough to make them "misbehave" "


Blacks are incapable of taking responsibility for themselves.

Anonymous said...

"These remarks are the ultimate in ignorance,biogotry & stupidity."

This sentence is one of Dishonest Crusader's favorites, he's used it many times before.

Hey Dishonest Crusader, do you type this out, or just copy & paste?

Anonymous said...

Da system jus' be racis'. Dat's da hook. Da whiteys in kontroll jus' be hatin' on da black man. Sheeeeeeeet.

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I remember reading once that blacks accounted for somewhere around 22% of all serial killers. Seeing as how they are 13% of the population, they're also overrepresented as serial killers. Hell, even if they weren't overrepresented as serial killers that'd be a moot point. Black one-time killers are far more common than their white counterparts. Serial killing requires either two things, an incompetent police force or a serial killer who knows how to cover his tracks. Blacks serial killers tend to benefit from incompetent police work.

So no not all serial killers are whites...

Anonymous said...

The real question is, how many black serial killers would there be, if blacks weren't so low-IQ-stupid that they get caught after their first killing?

Anonymous said...

So what were blacks doing all those thousands of years be fo' slaberrie?

Why they were murdering and eating each other of course.

While human kind sows and reaps crops and breeds animals for food....

The negro's act of sowing is to rape.
His harvest is murder. His food is his children.

Ever wonder why blacks have so little emotional attachment to their own children? It is because up until the last century they routinely murdered and ate their own children. Or else sold them to other blacks to torture, murder, and eat.

So next time a black savage brings up serial killers being white, remind the beast of it's cannibal past.

Blacks are the true 'Boggy men' of every child's worst nightmare.

Their nature has not changed despite decades living on food stamps. They are still the same savage cannibals they always were and always will be.

Their thoughts and feelings are those of cannibals.
Just look at they way they treat their kids, each other, and especially us.

If the hand outs stop, ghetto lobster will be back on the menu in less than a week, right along with crackers.

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xxxxx said...

Blacks are insanely disruptive in classrooms today. So of course they need to be suspended more and kicked out of school more. I doubt black school kids acted so crazy back in the pre-1960 days of segregated schools. Those black teachers were as strict as the white ones. The black family was more intact and kids weren't eating so much junk food

A lot of black kids are very ADD and loony due to the junk food diets their dumbass parents have them growing up on. All those additives in processed food, mounds of fatty meats and fried foods, grape soda, Cheetos and chips of all kinds. The availability of illegal drugs. It is a wonder any of them graduate high school. Lots of the Hispanics are in the same boat

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When you combine the black genetic inferiority with the inherently black sociological factors (maternal drug use during pregnancy, poor nutrition throughout childhood, absent/unknown/dead fathers) and add the black propensity to devalue education, black disapproval of proper English usage in speech and writing, and the deeply ingrained black love of ignorance and anarchy, really, white kids have no chance if they are forced into schools with blacks.

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Fact: black males between the ages 14 and 24 make up 1% of the US population but commit 30% of the homicides.

Source: Heather MacDonald, Are Cops Racist (2010).

--Karl Ketzer

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Stories like this one are probably why a lot of White kids are being home-schooled now.

I know somebody who home-schools her White kids. I sometimes send her the URL links to all of these black-kid-related school problem stories as a way to remind her that she made the right decision to keep her kids out of her local, totally run-by-leftists, and ghetto-dwelling-black-infested public school system since kindergarten.

I also know that all of her home-schooled kids are quite smart for their ages too. They all score very highly on the state-mandated achievement tests. Plus, she'll never have to worry about any of her kids getting their teeth punched out by savage African refugee kids in a school cafeteria, like what happened to a 12-year-old White girl in Manchester, New Hampshire, or being attacked by black kids on the school bus, like which has happened in Oklahoma, Missouri, and probably even more places that I have yet to learn about, or being pummeled into a coma by a mob of six black kids, like which happened in Jena, Louisiana. (That's the part of the "Jena 6" story that the leftist-run media never covered very much - a White kid was nearly killed by those black kids.)

Anonymous said...

I am a black man and I have to agree with most of what is being said here by the white people, I am a teacher at a predominantly black school and the number one problem is behavior. The only disagreement I would have is that it is not every kid but it is about 3 kids on average in each class with the worst classes having about 7 out of 20 who want to be loud and rude. But 3 is critical mass and shuts down everything if those three are hot(as in really bad) that day. If I could get rid of the 10% of the kids out of my elementary school , it would be great.I myself don't like loud obnoxious black people either. It is important that the whites people be careful in overextending generalizations, I am black and I am working hard to contribute to society, raise my children to be polite, and practice humility and civility in public and I wish those blacks not doing that will follow.

Anonymous said...

" I am black and I am working hard to contribute to society, raise my children to be polite, and practice humility and civility in public and I wish those blacks not doing that will follow."

And that is all anyone really wants, but our cultures are so very different and multiculturalism is a mistake no matter how hard a black person tries to "act white" and that is what you must do in order to get along and be successful. Blacks have lower standards and loose morals, for the most part.

Please help in educating blacks about perception of others. Please tell them that they are the cause of their own misery, not racism. That their behaviors do not fit in in a civil society.

Anonymous said...

the ignorance ive seen in these comments is astounding. i feel sorry for all of you. blind as bats you are. study history and psychology then make some INFORMED comments.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in GR all my life. the make up of the white student populace in the grps can't be higher than 5%. So, to have equal amounts of suspensions based on race would be an impossibility!!!

No Parent of any race who cares even slightly for their child's welfare or education would subject them to the GRPS.

The-Famously-Dead said...

Are The Young Turks Disingenuous White Liberals? To use Cenk Uygur's own CONSTANTLY repeated words, "Of Courrrrse!" In fact every person who works there is the very embodiment of a Disingenuous White Liberal. And for the record there is no other human on this planet that irritates me as much as The Young Turks female co-host. I don't know her name but I hate everything about her and would love to see Scarface's Cocaine hook up throw her from a helicopter with a rope around her neck.