Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Major Payne: The Digital Divide and the Lack of Black Officers in the Military

The hopeful face of a military officer?

It’s time to get serious about closing that racial gap in learning. After all, if the military is going to eliminate that pesky problem of being led white officers it is, then, vital that the test scores of Black recruits improve so that academic standards at The Coast Guard Academy and Naval Academy don’t have to be lowered anymore to ensure that an acceptable number of Black people can be admitted: 
The U.S. Naval Academy has agreed to a legal settlement with a dissident faculty member after a federal investigation found evidence that it had illegally denied him a merit-pay increase to punish him for his public criticism of its affirmative-action policies.

The findings and settlement, announced on Wednesday by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, represent a significant victory for Bruce E. Fleming, a tenured professor of English. He is the civilian employee who filed a complaint with the federal agency in September 2009 after being denied a merit-pay raise that year.

The office's finding also represents the latest embarrassment related to affirmative action for the Naval Academy, where the superintendent resigned last year in the wake of a scandal over excessive administrative spending related to its diversification efforts and to athletics.
Don’t get us started on who is actually enlisting in the armed forced and who is failing the entrance exam at a rate of 40 percent. Just how diverse are senior officers?:
The U.S. military is too white and too male at the top and needs to change recruiting and promotion policies and lift its ban on women in combat, an independent report for Congress said Monday.
Seventy-seven percent of senior officers in the active-duty military are white, while only 8 percent are black, 5 percent are Hispanic and 16 percent are women, the report by an independent panel said, quoting data from September 2008.
One barrier that keeps women from the highest ranks is their inability to serve in combat units. Promotion and job opportunities have favored those with battlefield leadership credentials.
The report ordered by Congress in 2009 calls for greater diversity in the military’s leadership so it will better reflect the racial, ethnic and gender mix in the armed forces and in American society.
Efforts over the years to develop a more equal opportunity military have increased the number of women and racial and ethnic minorities in the ranks of leadership. But, the report said, “despite undeniable successes ... the armed forces have not yet succeeded in developing a continuing stream of leaders who are as diverse as the nation they serve.”
 “This problem will only become more acute as the racial, ethnic and cultural makeup of the United States continues to change,” said the report from the Military Leadership Diversity Commission, whose more than two dozen members included current and former military personnel as well as businessmen and other civilians.
There’s not much we can do about the lack of Black people in special forces units that exist across the branches of the military unless we are willing to compromise what makes them special in the first place.

Demographic changes do point to the future of the Navy, Air Force, and Army being significantly darker; but, like the future of the state of Texas, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be better.

Just who is going to fly those F-16, F-22, and F-35’s in this future Air Force? We already know which group does the majority of the dying in wars in the Middle Eastern wars, but diversity is the future so this must change.  It is for this reason imperative that the so-called digital divide must be immediately sutured closed::
Researchers have noticed signs of segregation online that perpetuate divisions in the physical world. And blacks and Hispanics may be using their increased Web access more for entertainment than empowerment.

Fifty-one percent of Hispanics and 46 percent of blacks use their phones to access the Internet, compared with 33 percent of whites, according to a July 2010 Pew poll. Forty-seven percent of Hispanics and 41 percent of blacks use their phones for e-mail, compared with 30 percent of whites. The figures for using social media like Facebook via phone were 36 percent for Hispanics, 33 percent for blacks and 19 percent for whites.

A greater percentage of whites than blacks and Latinos still have broadband access at home, but laptop ownership is now about even for all these groups, after black laptop ownership jumped from 34 percent in 2009 to 51 percent in 2010, according to Pew.
But wait. Black people have greater access to the internet via cell-phones and equal access to laptops? Then where’s the digital divide? The federal government has worked overtime to equip those less fortunate (yes, many will be white, but a disproportionate percentage will be Black) with tax-payer funded cell phone service:
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission took the first step Thursday toward reworking two related programs that provide telephone subsidies for low-income residents, with commissioners calling for part of the funding to support broadband service.

The FCC's Lifeline Assistance and Link-Up America programs, in place since 1985, now subsidize monthly telephone service and installation for poor U.S. residents. The FCC voted to launch a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) that asks for public comments on whether to include broadband and bundled telecom services in the programs.

The NPRM also looks for ways to eliminate waste and abuse in the programs, and questions if the programs' budgets should be capped. The budget for the Lifeline and Link-Up programs, part of the larger Universal Service Fund (USF), has grown from US$162 million in 1997 to $1.3 billion in 2010.

"This trend is unsustainable," said Robert McDowell, a Republican member of the commission.

Some critics have noted that prepaid mobile phone plans seem to be driving up the programs' budgets, which are supported by fees on traditional long-distance telephone service. But Democratic commissioners questioned a cap on the fund, saying it would be difficult for the FCC to support both phone service for low-income residents and expand the program to cover broadband with a cap in place.
The federal government pays for cell phone service for those less privileged. Like food stamps, welfare, free lunch programs, section 8 housing and virtually every government program, it can easily be surmised that those less fortunate are disproportionately Black people. Is this how the digital divide was ultimately fixed, and would this explain why Black people overwhelmingly use cell phone internet connections for entertainment purposes?

Detroit Public Schools recently unveiled a plan to give out 40,000 laptops to students as part of a stimulus plan. Half of Detroit schools are closing. And half of the students attending those schools fail or lack the ability to read. And yet somewhere someone thought it would be a great idea to pass out free laptops (paid for, of course, courtesy of the taxpayer).

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. believes the United States Constitution should be changed to give an iPad, laptop and free broadband access to every “ghetto” child. He also mentioned something about free housing for everyone to stimulate the economy.He didn’t mention Alvin Greene action figures as a plausible way to jumpstart the economy, though we here at SBPDL heartily endorse such an idea not so much because it would stimulate the economy so much as it would stimulate our funny bones.

The United States military, already overburdened with white recruits enlisting to be Real American Heroes, is taxed to the breaking point with white males representing the core of the nation’s officers in every branch of military. United States special forces units are even worse.

Only the digital divide can explain this horrific situation. Requiring lower scores for Black applicants to gain entry to The Coast Guard Academy and Naval Academy portend absolutely nothing; but they do help make our military a more diverse fighting machine. Blame that on the digital divide, along with the low scores of Black recruits and the low proficiency of Black students.

It’s time that Congress not only pass The Michael Oher Act, but it is also high time Congress enacted the Digital Act Granting and Guaranteeing Equal Representation (DAGGER) in Technology Act: Free iPads and iPhones, plus broadband access for all Black people.It will be costly, but DAGGER could cut to the root of the racial gap in learning once and for all.

Though Black people might never use this technology for educational purposes and only for entertainment, we Americans will be able to claim that we at least mightily and altruistically strove to close the racial gap in learning and thus create potential Black recruits for the military that can finally pass the entrance exams.

In Black Run America (BRA) it is an inconvenient truth that white males still have too much power.And this is why we constantly see reports such as the one recently ordered by Congress that found the US military is too white and too male at the top, in desperate need for diversity.

I call on all good Americans to support and the Congress to pass DAGGER to save America.


Hirsch said...

Here's the deal. In a clerical office environment, promoting or hiring people on the basis of skin color might breed resentment, but aside from the occassional lawsuit, it will only breed stares of contempt from around the water cooler.

Playing the same games, with say a structural engineering firm or your fighting forces, will lead to death. If I'm driving on a suspension bridge and the cables give out because the city government had to fill its minority-hire quota by contracting an inferior firm, it's going to be small consolation as I plunge to my death knowing that I and all the other drivers on the bridge were doing our part to close the racial achievement gap.

Awarding officer commissions on the basis of anything besides merit or time will lead to an increase in combat deaths. Assuming these initiatives pass, have your piecharts handy and notice the trend-line. Relations between non-commissioned officers and their commissioned staff leads to tension under the best of circumstances. In Vietnam it lead to fratricide.

As for women, as long as they stick to non-combat MOSs (military occupation skills) I frankly don't care if they ascend to the highest echelons. Putting women in or in charge of combat arms regiments will be disastrous.

You know all those pesky little sandbox conflicts we've been having for twenty years or so? Well culture clash doesn't begin to describe what happens when men whose religion allows them to murder women for insubordination see their American allies saluting and subservient to females. I can personally attest to the effect this has on morale in joint operations between Iraqi Jundhi and the US Army.

White Guy said...

"Obama's going to pay for my gas and mortgage."

This very black statement, paints a disastrous picture, with the most tragic stroke of African pathology - those nine words encapsulate Negro failure, in totality, from antiquity to modernity and beyond.

The difference between white people and black people could not be more obvious.

Anonymous said...

I was literally left saying wtf to myself @ the J. Jackson Jr. video. Since when is a laptop and an ipod a basic human right? Is he being serious? I would like to think not but I'm sure he is passionate about it.

That kind of thinking is a problem. You do not need an ipod or a laptop to sustain life. That he would even say such a thing just really makes me angry and to think he was elected by people who support such a train of thought. Un-real!

I personally would have serious issues with our military being run by a black majority.Look at any major city that is run by majority black and you get the idea. It would spell disaster, in any shape form or fashion. This all comes back to putting black faces in a space just for the sake of black faces, and not ensuring that they at least know what they are doing, or be qualified to do it.

Enough is enough!!!

Anonymous said...

This recession is a blessing in disguise. It's going to be like chemo unleashed upon the body that damn near kills a patient in order to save the patient. Over the next decade politicians will be forced to slash the structural deficits through cutting welfare, social security and medicade, ending two G damn wars, and getting us off of foreign oil so we don't have to give the rag heads hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

One step at a time though, and step one is slashing the freebies. I can't see it happening any other way, no matter how much idiots like JJ Jr and Shelia Jackson Lee complain. In fact, they only complain and make outlandish demands so that they can make a big show to their ghetto voters that the white man be keeping them down.

What were they going to do, preach austerity? Ghetto voters think austerity is LaQueesha's babby daddy's cousin who got pregnant from Darnell who be locked up in da pen!

Anonymous said...

I think that a rollback of welfare, especially welfare food, will be a good thing for blacks and Mexicans. They could stand to lose a few lbs and it will cut down on medical expenses for diabetes and high blood pressure meds.

Anonymous said...

Long as dey keep lettin' da Negroes buys wut dey wants wit' dey foo' stams, weez beez OK, causes deys will jus' keep on buyin' da sheeit dat beez killin' em.

If only we could get them to eat each other like they used to.

Anonymous said...


My sister in- law works for BP. I have few cousins that are employed by Chevron. My brother and sister both own SUVs

While we watch the news of Barry the half breed's minions contemplating military action in Libya(OPEC). We just want to thank the thousands of WHITE military officers that will put their lives and limbs on the line for our stocks and bonds, 401ks,and..Oh wait,I mean freedom.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Seeing that pic of the "diversity officer" made me think -- Ever see a white person as a "diversity officer"?

Added fact: As a teacher, I once had my classroom taken away and had to "roam" (use other people's rooms during their breaks) when the school hired a black teachers IN THE SPRING, with just a few months left. I quit at the end of the school year. It was a zoo, anyway. (Rockford, IL, an hour outside Chicago, if anyone's interested.)

Desiree said...

Well culture clash doesn't begin to describe what happens when men whose religion allows them to murder women for insubordination see their American allies saluting and subservient to females. I can personally attest to the effect this has on morale in joint operations between Iraqi Jundhi and the US Army.

Interesting. Makes good sense to me.

It seems imperative to actually think of the situation holistically, and from a view of someone who'd actually be impacted, than to get on a PC bandwagon. Men and women do not have the same physical strength, unless most of the women you'd be on the front lines are bodybuilders (and they aren't, right?).

Honestly, I don't even think your strongest lesbian could match a thin guys strength. Women don't have good upper body strength.

Hirsch, how many women actually want to be on the so-called front lines? It seems to me that the main people spearheading this egalitarianism are those not even in the military, but those in the media, or politicians with an ideology to uphold.

This is probably why CNN and others play a lot stories involving some gay who was outed or the sexual harassment and rapes of female soldiers. I'm sure it happens all too frequently (esp. the latter) but there's an agenda of some kind behind it. Interestingly, Fox News tends to downplay these reports, not to mention any report of soldiers killing/raping innocent people is contextualized to the nth degree or totally hidden.

By the way, why does a diversity quota fill immediately represent poor quality? This is such an ugly propaganda tool by the right wing. It is wholly untrue. Why don't these people just say white males are the only ones who should be working or doing anything; it'll save a lot of brainpower to avoid that linguistic trickery. And they need all the extra power they can get.

No one is going to hire an unqualified woman or minority. It's suicide.

In Black Run America (BRA) it is an inconvenient truth that white males still have too much power.

Wow, what a contradiction. SBPDL, even though you wrote that sentence, I guess you still fail to realize BRA is just a concept you've made up.

Hirsch said...

@ Desiree

Here is the problem, encapsulated in one sentence from the article: "The U.S. military is too white and too male at the top and needs to change recruiting and promotion policies and lift its ban on women in combat,{an independent report for Congress said Monday.}

"An Independent report from congress," said. While any organization needs oversight, the best advice would come from those who have years, sometimes decades of experience in the organization. I don't want independence driving these decisions. I want the very subjective opinions of the people who are going to be forced to live with the outcome.

I can make peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches and microwave a meal here and there. If a group of gourmet chefs wanted "an independent body" to provide input on what ingredients they use, I'm about as independent of their industry as they come. But independence does not translate into being especially informed.

Incidentally our congress who has mandated quotas should be forced to apply consistency in their own ranks. Damn the torpedoes. Either I want to see at least 20% minority and 40% female in both the Senate and House or they should repeal all existing quotas based on anything besides merit for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

"I guess you still fail to realize BRA is just a concept you've made up."

Like a broken record...repeat...repeat...repeat...

Anonymous said...

No one is going to hire an unqualified woman or minority. It's suicide.

Nope. Doesn't work that way. What's suicide for a company is to not hire a woman or minority if mandated to do so by Those That Make the Rules. "Qualified" and "unqualified" don't really enter into the process,although it would be nice if every so often,"qualified" could be made to trump "woman or minority",but life just doesn't work that way.

When the feds are waving guns and EO lawsuits around,sensible managers do the sensible thing and hire women and minorities,qualifications be damned. You see,Des,in the real world of business,losses have to be kept to a minimum,and it's regrettably cheaper to hire an unqualified individual and pay them to stay away from anything resembling real work than it is to get slammed with an EO lawsuit and after paying the feds to go away,still being forced to hire women and minorities. Qualified or otherwise. Call it being on the bonus plan.

So sensible managers treat the EEOC and all other branches of federal,state,and local governments dealing with minority and womyns' empowerment as they would a hurricane about to make landfall.

Take all reasonable precautions,keep your head down and hope for the best. And treat the costs of dealing with the government/storm as a more or less ordinary business expense and pass them along to the customer.

Ex Gladio Libertas

Anonymous said...

Desiree said..."By the way, why does a diversity quota fill immediately represent poor quality?"

Alvin. Greene.

Alvin Greene is really all anybody needs to know about black people and the military. He was an "intelligence" specialist (hilarious). I'm not even sure he has opposable thumbs.


Anonymous said...

"the Military Leadership Diversity Commission, whose more than two dozen members included current and former military personnel as well as businessmen and other civilians."

Everyone take a look at who is on this "diversity commission." What you don't see is a commission that reflects the diversity of America. Instead you see black males and a mix of females with any white male being a very undistinguished minority. This commission was rigged from the start with its own agenda, one that has nothing to do with quality but everything to do with quantity of race and gender.

Many commission members who were senior military officers got their jobs because they were quota fillers, not because they were the most highly qualified.

Can you imagine what would happen if any panel composed of a population 180 degrees out from this one (i.e. white males, straight females) that said our military had too many minorities (10% of the civilian labor force is black but nearly 19% of the military is black..not very diverse)would be torn apart. How about if they then said that minorities would be forced into combat jobs, which they don't want to serve in now, so they would have the combat qualifications for future promotions. There would be riots in the street.

Don't allow these divesity thugs to gain more power. It will be the death of us all.

D J said...

I just finished up an assignment at a major joint US military installation in Texas. I saw all of the services in one base.

The number of blinged-out Chrysler 300s and aging Mercedes Benzes, old gold-trimmed Cadillacs, and Escalades with "20s" was incredible. I presume that the only reason I didn't hear "thump thump thump" as they drove along was due to very strict on-post noise regulations.

Combine this set of values with the behavior of these people and one sees today's military. It was not just all the "M-F"-ing. It was the slovenly syntax and speech of the ghetto. How do those with any rank compose memos or write fitness reports that can be comprehended by the readers? Oh, and did I mention how rude they were when asked for something as simple or neutral as directions to a building?

I will give credit where it is due, however. I saw quite a few that were squared-away, neat, polite - and if I may borrow a phrase from none other than our Democrat VeeP - clean, attractive, and articulate. I wonder how many are accused of "not keeping it real"?

Unknown said...

To Anonymous:

Sarah Palin is the white version of Alvin Greene. .What's scary is that Sarah Palin commands such large support from most of the low Iq whites(which are a large Percent of the white population that she has the possiblity of becoming President of the u.s. Affirmative action does not mean unqualified. Desiree is right that is an right wing proprogranda tool. If that was the case, would there be more blacks/mestizo doctors and investment bankers.

Anonymous said...

"intelligence" specialist

This was a military role held by many other black men. Would be interesting to research this. I have heard this title mentioned several times by blacks in the military.

Anonymous said...

Dezzie, we ALL have stories about working with black AA hires. White women, not as bad. Most of the white women are bent on proving that they are more useful and qualified than men. The blacks, however, have that famous chip on their shoulder, and feel that they deserve that position, it is a payback for years of slavery that their ancestors endured by the white man. No work is really expected or required of these people, they are probably as amazed as we are that they have even been hired.

Reparations for blacks come in many forms, as you know; jobs, phones, childcare, rent, food, free health screenings, after school programs, free medications, dental, free clinics and the list could go on forever. Blacks never feel that moral nudge telling them that they should not take money and gifts which they have not earned. White culture teaches one to feel this tug and know right from wrong.

Blacks feel entitled to free things and AA positions, because they know that they could not exist without them (and paybacks are a bitch.) My spouse works in a large international shipping company, and the black managers behave like African dictators. They shout orders at people, sit on their asses all day surfing the web, show up hours late for everything, miss appointments, tell everyone to call them "King", take their girlfriends to sporting events using tickets that should go to clients, and are lazy and ineffective. They cannot produce a spreadsheet report to save their lives.

These guys cannot be fired because they will sue, and so they get shuffled around the company, holding out for their pensions. They show zero loyalty to the company (blacks are unable to work in a group toward a common goal), and waste time and money. Everyone at the company knows that these guys do not deserve to be there. It infuriates white employees, who have worked their way to the top from the bottom.

I would love to hear other people's stories about AA black hires. It is never good.

Anonymous said...

Wow...where to begin on this one. I have just 2 months left before retiring out of the Army after just under 32 years of service. From my limited view, pun intended, blacks and other minorities take the entrance exam and are only marginally qualified for very basic and specific jobs. If a black is qualified for infantry or supply, 99 times out of 100 they take supply. Thankfully, I went to helicopter flight school where the pilots and mechanics are as white as snow. There were a few women in operations and they were very capable. The only blacks I ran into were the fuelers...or aircraft gas station personnel. THis job is so basic I coulod have my Border Collie do a better job. After all this time flying, I've been sent to the Pentagon for my final relaxing tour. It's a nightmare. Most of the federal workers are planet-sized blacks and officers/enlisted are black logistics and finance types. Overstaffed, underqualified and underworked. THe few white souls that have the brain power, retire and come back as a contractor but they do not last long. It's impossible to understand exactly what these people want as the english skills are totally lacking. When they are not at their desks (filled with the pictures of the 100 out of wedlock future criminals), they're shufflin' through the halls jiving along with take-out boxes and orange drink. I guess they think they are owed higher rank due to the sheer number of them concentrated in one place. One last note, I only new just 1 black that tried to be a pilot. THey seem to lack spatial orientation on instruments in the clouds and he damn near killed his instructor and the trainees in the back with him. Glad I'm getting out bacause the gay classes will be soon rammed down our collective throats!

Desiree said...

@ Gladio:

That's fear-mongering. Most people hired to fill a diversity quota are at least completely qualified to do that particular job. The goal of quotas and affirmative action and the like are to make sure qualified minorities and women are not overlooked due to race or sex. Because it happens, so much so they started that stuff in the first place.

All of what you said is typical rhetoric. It's not worth a damn.

The right uses this to keep minorities and women out of the white men's club. Can you please find me legitimate articles showing that people hired to fill these quotas are disproportionally under-qualified? I do not believe this; it's tripe.

The popular visualization from the right is that there is some giant angry hammer in the shadows around these businesses or organizations that will pound them in the dust if they don't hire women or minorities where need be in the allotted timetable. And, of course, this leads them to 'haphazardly' hire 'stupid' people, essentially, out of fear.

This is a scare tactic to prevent civil rights protections and equality, which would upset the status quo. Amazingly, there are the Phyllis Schaflys and black/minority conservatives supporting this nonsense that does nothing to help them.

I know Clarence Thomas has a problem with his law degree because he was most likely admitted to the law school due to affirmative action. Of course, this guy--and other idiots like him--disregard the work they put into their accomplishments.

I'm not saying that there aren't activists with single-minded goals of having ever business and organization in the US to reflect the population within the EEOC, etc. Sure there are activists. But you are trying to say it's more expedient for them to hire just anyone and survive the EEOC than to actually look for someone of quality. That is a lie.

Actually think about these things before you engage in debate. Usually if you give it more thought than what accompanies the knee-jerk response, you'll realize that I am right. A lot of 'forgetting history' must go on to rationalize your point of view regarding AA and 'quotas'. They are there for a reason.

Desiree said...

@ Hirsch:

You did not answer my question. I'm assuming women do want to be on the so-called front lines. I imagine doing non-combat jobs--or whatever they are, I'm no expert--makes them feel downright secretarial, definitely not what they want to feel like going into the military in the first place.

I can make peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches and microwave a meal here and there. If a group of gourmet chefs wanted "an independent body" to provide input on what ingredients they use, I'm about as independent of their industry as they come. But independence does not translate into being especially informed.

This is a terrible over-simplification. I don't know if there are any reports delineating who makes up these independent bodies but I am sure they have, at least, substantial military consultations. How do you know that the make-up isn't former military people? The only argument you can make without that knowledge is that these people--given their prescriptions--are activists. They could very well be former military people chafed by the way the company is ran at present.

You know, ones with decades of experience in the military, as you advocate.

If they are, then you can trust what they say.

Either I want to see at least 20% minority and 40% female in both the Senate and House or they should repeal all existing quotas based on anything besides merit for the rest of us.

We can take the former for Congress but race/sex quotas have yet to show their uselessness. Americans are still very much racist and sexist, or at least hold tangential stereotypes. We may not be able to control how people vote (everyone still chooses white and male) but we can control other things. It's good to try to do what we can at this point. I've heard that many of the soldiers are minority, so it would be good to reflect that in the higher ranks.

I still don't know if even the hardest lesbian can withstand combat, especially seeing that 'weak'--for lack of a better term--men go into the service and are severely damaged by it. I don't think women are mentally weaker but a lack of physical strength can lead to some ugly situations, I'd imagine, situations wherein it is possible to undergo psychological damage.

I appreciate your perspective because I've never heard that reasoning, and it seems to make sense...

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:13 PM said:

"Desiree said..."By the way, why does a diversity quota fill immediately represent poor quality?"

"Alvin. Greene.

Alvin Greene is really all anybody needs to know about black people and the military. He was an "intelligence" specialist (hilarious). I'm not even sure he has opposable thumbs."

Okay, you get the prize for the best comment of the month.

LBD said...

Desiree doesn't get it. It's not whether or not the black employees have the "qualifications" on paper, it's how they behave once they are in place. No discernible work ethic.

Anonymous said...

"Sarah Palin is the white version of Alvin Greene."

Sarah Palin was elected Governor of Alaska, where she enjoyed a 75% approval rating. She is also a multimillionaire author.

Alvin Greene is an unemployed loser with the grammar skills of a first-grader, facing felony obscenity charges.

And you're a fucking idiot.


Anonymous said...

I have had to work with blacks entrenched in government jobs. The thing they ALL seem to do is: do NOTHING. As long as they do nothing, they are safe. If they ever do anything, this will create evidence that will immediately expose their inherent incompetence, thus jeopardizing their jobs, pensions and cushy, undeserved lives.

Not only do they lack any real work ethic, they resent it when they detect it in others, because it reminds them that we are better than they are. They are willfully ignorant and willfully lazy. Their sense of entitlement is breathtaking and nauseating. Everywhere there are black people, standards are lowered to accommodate their part-devil/part-child malevolent ignorance. Close your eyes and imagine the country we would have now, the progress we could have made, if there were no black people?

Anonymous said...

"This will create evidence that will immediately expose their inherent incompetence".

So true. Ever see a black employee sweat when they are asked to speak up in a meeting? Always unprepared, always fumbling and bumbling, always talking in gibberish. There is so much evidence of their incompetence, they think we are as stupid as they are.

"Close your eyes and imagine the country we would have now, the progress we could have made, if there were no black people?"

I can already imagine.

When the rental full of section-8 riff raff underclass blacks (15 of them) next door to me were evicted by the Prosecutor's Office a few summers ago, I cried hysterically for an hour, burned a sage bush in my back yard to clear the funk out of the air, and then drank an entire bottle of wine by myself. Sweet victory.

Anonymous said...

desiree does not live near or associate with real 100% authentic blacks. no black posting on this site (including mr. "I love segregation" disingenuous black guy -whatever!!) bumps into them regularly. they feel very morally superior in commenting about the underclass, but have no real experience with real ghetto blacks. very typical behavior from the more educated blacks. they want to remove themselves completely from the black underclass, because it means they can get cozy with the white man and have a better life. they will still hold a special place in their hearts for the ghetto blacks, but do not want to live near them.

please please stop entertaining desiree, just hit the bottom arrow key and scan right past her posts. Easy to do, they are the longest rants on the page and are proudly labeled by her.

you are only wasting your time reading her rants, she is very out of touch with the reality we all face. we have tried and failed to eduate her. since SBPDL will not block her, we can block her by not reading.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe that entitlements, welfare, AA/government jobs for blacks will end with the budget cuts or anytime soon for that matter? I want to be hopeful, but I also know that if they do end or are greatly reduced, we run the huge risk of our cities and neighborhoods being burned down by the black underclass riots. I am not sure I am ready for this, my city has a growing underclass population. I won't run.

I am envisioning different scenarios, but I can't believe that liberals would allow for entitlements and social spending to end completely.

Anonymous said...

About 15yrs ago, I worked for a large bank as a mortgage loan specialist(loan officer). The bank had come under fire from the EEOC for a lack of minorities, especially minority middle managers. Eventually, they hired a 50 something black man to be a manager of a district comprising aprox 25 branches/offices. This guy was so incredibly ignorant that former employees of this now long gone corporation still get together on facebook and laugh about the utter foolish and nonsensical babble that we were forced to listen to every Monday and Friday morning during our sales conference calls. The thing that sticks in my head the most was the way that he always started his meetings(always 15-20 minutes late)by telling us that"to hur da train,you gots ta be putt'n yo ears to da tracks", and this was always followed by him yelling at his admin to "fitch mines lattes!", or "stephanies, wur beez mines coffees!".He was VERY proud of his position. Sometimes, he would say that if "we wudz wurks as hard as himz, we couldz habs a pretty lil red heeid secretaries someday too". No lies here. He was the biggest, dumbest, baffoon(think King Louie from Disney's Jungle Book) that I had ever had the displeasure of working with. At least once a month, he would visit our branch. We had two young, average looking 20ish white gals that processed our paperwork for underwriting consideration.These two gals would just roll their eyes in disgust, whenever he paid a visit to our office as his sole reason for dropping in was to flirt with them and pretty much force them to take a 2-3 hour lunch as his personal companions.The bank had a VERY strict policy reguarding procedure. If you needed an exception or special consideration on a loan application, you had to follow the chain of command. In other words, you could not call underwriting for an exception directly, you had to submit your request to your district manager. It got to the point were our district was the ONLY district that was allowed to contact underwriting directly, as it would take weeks, even months for Mr. Baffoon to submit our exception requests to the underwriters. Plus, underwriting had a few females that hated talking with this sub-par moron, as he spent the better part of the call flirting with them(they were white females, and VERY professional). Eventually, the bank was bought out and merged with another lending institution, but not before he hired a LOT of sleazy, lazy blacks to fill forcibly vacated positions in our metro Detroit branches.The Detroit offices were non productive zoos and had constant compliance issues costing the company 10's of thousands of dollars.

Anonymous said...

A couple of responses from Sailer's site:

"The military is too male. I don't have a joke, I'm just really in awe of that phrase. I'm thinking about the length of a journey that a culture must undertake in order for that to stop sounding crazy."

"Any study that says too many Jews are running Hollywood, Wall Street, and top government positions? Or one that says too many blacks are in professional sports and popular music? Or that too many gays are in fashion and theater? Or that too many Asian-Indians are in Silicon Valley? Or too many Mexicans are illegally breaking into this country? Or too many non-white-minorities--Nams--are committing too many violent crimes? Or that too many women are going to college while male enrollment figures drop? Or too many liberals are in MSM?"

And something relevant from James Edwards:

"[Victor D.] Hanson is a neocon, so he pretends that he doesn’t understand the real meaning of Diversity:

'My own farmhouse is now in an area of abject poverty and almost no ethnic diversity; the closest elementary school (my alma mater, two miles away) is 94 percent Hispanic and 1 percent white, and well below federal testing norms in math and English.'

Diversity doesn’t mean a mixture of different races. That’s simply what TPTB want gullible white people to think it means. It actually means non-white. Period. Far from having “almost no ethnic diversity”, the school is actually 94% Diverse, and will soon have reached 100% Diversity when there are zero whites. Hanson is well aware of this, but he’s just being PC."

White Guy said...

"Close your eyes and imagine the country we would have now, the progress we could have made, if there were no black people?"

We would have landed on Mars 20 plus years ago. We would have an alternate fuel supply and be disconnected from the Middle-East tit. All manner of disease would be nearly eradicated. Poverty would be a rarity - popular culture would be healthy rather than destructive. The list can just go on and on and on and on ...

Hell, we would probably be mining minerals from the moon and other planets had it not been for our African friends and their propensity for progress.

But, we must open our eyes and realize we got "civil rights' and AA instead, and thanks to Ted Kennedy, damn his soul, we got the Immigration Act that flooded the U.S. with the third-world; the same third-world whose contribution to human advancement amounts to nil.

We basically halted the march of Western Civilization, i.e., white civilization, because a great number of our kith and kin suffer from libertarianism, otherwise known as moral syphilis.

White Guy said...

"you are only wasting your time reading her rants, she is very out of touch with the reality we all face. we have tried and failed to eduate her. since SBPDL will not block her, we can block her by not reading."

It's important SBPDL catalog Desiree's pathologies. She is not, and never will be, authentically black, however, by and large, her world-view is indicative of the greater African diaspora.

Anonymous said...

Desiracist is the product of, proponent of, and poster child for "gibs muh dat." She is a malignant narcissist, a malignant racist, and in deep denial about the Affirmative Action nature of her (and her family's) artificial success and fake middle-class status. Her own double standards of blaming whitey and excusing/endorsing ghetto behavior are very telling. Furthermore, she is a shining example of that bizarre unwarranted self-esteem common in many black people. And finally, she has the self-awareness of a cinder block. I agree--her "perspective" is important, because it reflects the pathological delusions of black people in general, and is a useful reminder of the moral decay that our society must conquer if we are to save our civilization.

Here's an entertaining video from one of Desiracist's sistas. This chick reminds me so much of Desiracist I couldn't pass up sharing:


Anonymous said...

White guy you have hit the nail on the head. It is the so called "civil rights" agenda that has stopped the US in it's tracks. We would have long ago put a base on the moon and moved on to Mars. Now we are mired in a national debt that will never be repaid. We can not pay for all the food programs, government employees and their pensions and healthcare, free school and college programs, affirmtive action, ad infinitum. We just don't have enough white people to fund what the US has become.

White Guy said...


This person is truly 'ignint'.

Desiree said...

@ Desiracist anonymous:

You can go to my blog and see what I actually look like. Precious and her ilk need not apply...

By the way, why do I have the strangest feeling you are Tired O' Nigs from Why Blacks Suck?


Anonymous said...


It was BlkCoffi's similar communication style and ghetto-blame-whitey-ebberting-beez-rayciss worldview that reminded me so much of you.

Anonymous said...

"Precious" (the actress) was nominated for an Oscar. You knit, are addicted to overpriced makeup, write a blog about a dead African pedophile, and spend your spare time espousing racist views and hitting on older white men on a blog written by a guy you clearly envy.

Now for what is it you are saying "Precious" need not apply, exactly?

Desiree said...

Desiracist anonymous, you're even wrong along those lines. Communication style? Let me just put it like this: if you met me in person, you'd be shocked how I fit absolutely none of your beliefs about me. There is no fake middle class status in this direction.

Sure, there are many blacks who are currently middle class or even upper class that come from a long line of poorer upbringings, so much so they act accordingly, regardless of wealth.

That's not the case for me or my family. It's a long line of middle class blacks. My mother, my mother's mother, etc. My grandmother was dirt poor and picked peas and cotton during her school days. This was in the 40s and 50s South. But as soon as she was married at 18, she was married to black middle class stock and raised her children as middle class individuals. She used to take my mom and her sisters to the library every week to get a week's worth of books; my mom did this with my sister and I. If my grandma was alive, she'd tell you how much she likes white people. Loves them; white people and Southern blacks from her generation.

So, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. I can have whatever political opinion I'd like. Kindly shove it, Tired O' Nigs.

It's important SBPDL catalog Desiree's pathologies. She is not, and never will be, authentically black, however, by and large, her world-view is indicative of the greater African diaspora.

White Guy, he barely publishes my comments now. Unless I say something indicative of what he believes blacks would say. Then that's okay. If I'm subdued, or, making a point, he'll trash it. A black making sense does not fit his agenda.

Hell, I'd be surprised if he publishes this. Anything directed to 'Hirsch', for example, is banned...

Anonymous said...

@anon March 9, 5:10am:

{snip} "They show zero loyalty to the company (blacks are unable to work in a group toward a common goal), and waste time and money."

agree… easy to find this character type among the Head Blacks in Charge.

Strangely, with other endeavors, this does not appear to be the case. The 'Big Man of Africa'-Me-izz-da-new-King(!) posturing takes a distant back seat when organizing for, say, gang rapes of young children. (the non-fictional type rape, as opposed to the Tawana Brawley sort-- i.e. fictitious-- the latter, trumpeting the arrival of self-agrandizing, fire and brimstone black preachers)

In the above, solidarity is only a mask from which to perpetrate a cowardly crime (sword), but used as an excuse latter, when accountability is sought (shield). "I was just sorta der, ya no?? I din do nuffin!! I din see nuffin!" When all else fails: "Dat biotch waz axing fo it! She kno she wan it!" or simply "…sheeeeeeeeit." as lawyer encourages no comment, straightens defendant client's tie, and courtroom camera pans to sad and confused facial expression that hammers home the years of white oppression that are the TRUE perpetrators of this heinous act!! Solidarity among blacks IS shown toward the supposed oppression that seems to befall all hapless blacks and abscond from any personal responsibility. The black is always acted upon, maliciously, by external forces, and never able to contribute - positively or negatively - toward self-determination.



Anonymous said...

I just watched nat geo LA: gang wars...... random fights, "gibs me dat" attiudes.... yikes

Anonymous said...

If you are from a long line of middle class, then how could your grandmother have been dirt poor only 50 years ago? And if you are from a long line of middle class, why did your mother have her family live in a roach-infested barrio? And where exactly does your Caucasian grandfather fit into this picture?

I am sorry Desiree, but the beliefs you espouse are more underclass and ghetto than they are middle class. It's true; middle class is more a mindset than a money thing. Your attitude is strictly ghetto, but your aspirations are strictly white-acting.

Desiree said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Your grandmother sounds like an impressive woman. I bet she's disappointed in her ghetto granddaughter.

Middle class people do not defend, embrace and endorse ghetto culture and behavior. YOU DO. If you do not believe that you do, go back through your posts on SBPDL. You are well on your way to becoming a female Louis Walcott (who gave up a potential future as a classical musician to become the dreadful thing he is today) or Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. You're already a world-class amateur race hustler.

Middle class people do not post on their blogs that they have spent "in the low four figures" in two years on a particular brand of makeup. They don't. Middle class people MIGHT actually spend that much money on the makeup, and they might confess this to their hairdressers, but they would never brag about it to the world, because that would be vulgar and low-class.

Middle class people VOTE.

Middle class people are not "black radicals," imaginary (your case) or real.

Middle class people do not think African people are gorgeous.

Middle class people do not have inter-racial marriage aspirations.

Middle class people do not brag about their IQs. They might tell you the number if pressed, but they won't throw it out in an introduction to the world.

Middle class people know that "bias" and "biased" are not the same word, and know how to use each of these words properly in a sentence.

Middle class people do not declare their middle-class status unless asked, and they sure as hell don't have to *defend* it.

That's just a start. It is possible to be ghetto, have ghetto values and a ghetto worldview, but to grow up in a middle-class home. It's a sad trend, but there are examples everywhere. "Reverting to the mean."

I am aware that Africans living in Africa are different than Africans living in America. However, I do not consider the Africans living in our country to be American in any usage of the term "American" that I respect. The Africans living in my country are "African" or "black" first, in their own minds, and that makes them patently un-American. Being American is about holding and honoring a set of AMERICAN values, that are diametrically opposed to the sacred values of AFRICAN people. It is impossible for an African to be an American, no matter how long the African has infested America, despite what their "citizenship" may be.

It doesn't really matter to me who you think I am, and I am actually tired of Negroes, but I am not, and have never used the moniker Tired O' Nigs. I wasn't even aware there had been a blog called whyblackssuck until you referenced it in your post. I Googled to find that you and your kind have destroyed this former haven of sanity, and I was sad.

All that aside, I respect the honesty you used in your last post to me, and in many of your posts. I realize that you are writing from your heart, and that you believe a lot of what you write. Similarly, I believe most of what I write too, although I do exaggerate to make my point sometimes. I would encourage you to look within. Examine this weird image you have of yourself as a middle-class black radical feminist, and tell me how that holds up. I *know* black radical women and *real* feminists, and let me tell you, they can fight their fights because they *have* examined themselves and deeply know themselves, with all their foibles and human frailty. You can argue and defend almost any perspective from a place of self-awareness, and at the same time even gain or keep the respect of your opponent. But if you are self-unaware, you just come across as a narcissistic ass-hat (like yourself). I can't respect you because you still see yourself in some enchanted (narcissistic) fairly-tale mirror. Like the emperor from another fairy tale, you, Desiree, have no clothes.

White Guy said...

"However, I do not consider the Africans living in our country to be American in any usage of the term "American" that I respect."

Well said. The U.S. Africans are black first. Period. To them, America is one big welfare dump where money grows on trees and the unwilling and unable have a claim on those trees in the name of 'fairness' and 'equality'.

From this post forward, I will refer to the black diaspora as African first, and only make the distinction between U.S. Africans and indigenous Africans in cases where IQ must be ascribed.

Hirsch said...

@ Desiree,

Assuming this post is still active and you want to know whether or not women can hack it in combat, I'm sure you've heard of the IDF. There is an entirely female ancillary, though I personally have little or no knowledge of their activities.

On a case by case basis, there are women who can beat men on any one of the three dimensions of the physical fitness test: pushups/situps/running. One never knows how anyone, male or female, will react to combat. Plenty of muscle-bound guys who inject anabolic courage into their bicep fold and start crying. Plenty of otherwise meek men (and some women) maintain steady nerves. The culling process for who can hack it and who can't is somewhat inexplicable. So, I must regretfully admit that, based on the data available and based on my limited time around female MPs (military police) I honestly don't know the answer to your question. It needs further study. However, I will say that if one wants to experiment with the combat-effectiveness of women, they should be in sex-segregated battallions, and some of your guinea pigs will invariably die.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what a web counter tells you, I never posted on your blog or on whyblackssuck, I have never threatened or emailed you, and I have never posted under any name like "Tired O' Nigs."

You have some relationship with SBPDL. I think he will confirm for you that I am *not* the person you claim I am.

One thing to consider, Desiree: you never address any real points brought to your attention, about yourself or otherwise.

Another thing to consider: everything you actually *do* contradicts everything you tell us about who and what you are.

Your walk walks and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks.

There's some ghetto lingo you should understand.

Anonymous said...

Desiree said...
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

What a beautiful thing....made my day SBPDL!

Anonymous said...

Disarray wrote:
"She used to take my mom and her sisters to the library every week to get a week's worth of books; my mom did this with my sister and I."

Proper grammar is "my mom did this with my sister and me." Apparently all that reading didn't help you very much.

"Hell, I'd be surprised if he publishes this. Anything directed to 'Hirsch', for example, is banned..."

That's because SBPDL doesn't tolerate your anti-Semitic statements. Good for him. Your anti-Semitism is an illness, Disarray.

Anonymous said...