Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sports Illustrated cover story on criminal records in College Football

How many arrests did the last all-white national champion team, the Texas Longhorns (1969), have?
We write about college football a lot here. It is the opiate of America. Without college football, Black people in the southern states would never have had the opportunity to provide positive images to rabid alumni and fans of the majority-white marquee institutions there.

Even providing those positive images isn't enough as white people with means move away from diversifying areas (read Black) and create Whitopias that surround Birmingham, Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, and other major cities. These white people will cheer on the sons of the same Black people they will never live anywhere near.

Search the archives of this Web site and you'll find some hard-hitting essays on college football and race, but read the cover story of the latest Sports Illustrated and you'll find this essay:
Few football programs had a more difficult season in 2010 than the University of Pittsburgh. Led by running back Dion Lewis, a Doak Walker candidate, the Panthers were the preseason pick to win the Big East and go to a BCS bowl. But things quickly began unraveling -- on and off the field. 
In a span between mid-July and late September, four players were arrested for four separate, violent crimes. 
First, senior defensive end Jabaal Sheard was charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest after allegedly throwing a man through the glass door of an art gallery. Authorities told SI that even after an officer arrived on the scene, Sheard continued to punch the victim in the face as he lay on his back, bleeding. Sheard was suspended from the team. But after pleading guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct on Aug. 4, 2010, he was reinstated for the 2010 season. 
In an interview last month, former Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt, who resigned after his team finished a disappointing 8-5, defended Sheard, saying he was just trying to come to the aid of another player and break up a fight. 
On Sept. 12, redshirt freshman running back Jason Douglas was charged with aggravated assault by vehicle while driving under the influence. According to court records, Douglas hit a male pedestrian, whom police found lying in the street, bleeding from open wounds to his head and throat. As Douglas was handcuffed he said: "Hey I play for Pitt football ... please don't arrest me." He was suspended from the team and has pleaded not guilty. 
On Sept. 18, sophomore offensive lineman Keith Coleman was charged with aggravated assault and harassment. Police records indicate that in an incident on the street near the Pitt campus he beat up one man and body slammed another who attempted to intervene. One of the victims was treated for a broken shoulder. Coleman was suspended indefinitely. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges and is awaiting trial. 
Finally on Sept. 22, police responded to a 911 call reporting that a man was choking a woman at Chatham University in Pittsburgh. Officers found Donna Turner bent over on a porch, crying and vomiting. She identified her attacker as Jeffrey Knox, a freshman defensive back at Pitt. 
"Knox ... open handed slapped Turner in the head with such force that she was thrown to the ground," the police report states. "Knox then jumped on her, grabbed her by the throat, picked her up by her throat and slammed her head into the wall. He held her against the wall, continuing to choke her." 
When two female witnesses tried pulling Knox off Turner, he allegedly threw punches at them and knocked them down. He then left the scene before authorities arrived. A day later, Knox was dismissed from the team after being charged with assault and reckless endangerment. 
"The charges are garbage," Knox's attorney, Martin Scoratow, told SI. "They don't reflect the incident. There was something between the two of them. But it was like a teenage spat." 
When asked about Knox, Wannstedt said, "He did things he never should have done and was dismissed from the team." 
Knox will be formally arraigned on March 3 and could stand trial later in the spring.Before this rash of arrests, Pitt had no procedure for screening football recruits for past trouble with the law. But after Knox's arrest Pitt's athletic department implemented a new policy requiring coaches to seek more detailed background information on potential recruits. 
"This evaluation is not a legal criminal background check," the school said in a statement. "Rather, it is a checklist of questions that attempts to gain greater knowledge of the behavior and citizenship of an individual prospect from a variety of people." 
It's a good first step, but doesn't go far enough. An unprecedented six-month investigation by Sports Illustrated and CBS News found that Pittsburgh had more players in trouble with the law (22) than any other school among SI's 2010 preseason Top 25. The joint investigation involved conducting criminal background checks on every player -- 2,837 in all -- on the preseason rosters of those 25 teams. Players' names, dates of birth and other vital information were checked at 31 courthouses and through 25 law enforcement agencies in 17 states. Players were also checked through one or more online databases that track criminal records. In all, 7,030 individual record checks were performed. 
Pitt chancellor Mark Nordenberg and athletic director Steve Pederson declined requests for comment, but the school issued another statement, which said, "We have publicly acknowledged the unacceptable number of off-the-field incidents involving members of our football program during the past season. We have addressed these with the appropriate sanctions and spoke out against such behavior."*****Pitt was far from the only school with players who had criminal records. The results of the investigation include some striking revelations. Among them:• Seven percent of the players in the preseason Top 25 -- 204 in all (1 of every 14) -- had been charged with or cited for a crime, including dozens of players with multiple arrests. 
• Of the 277 incidents uncovered, nearly 40 percent involved serious offenses, including 56 violent crimes such as assault and battery (25 cases), domestic violence (6), aggravated assault (4), robbery (4) and sex offenses (3). In addition there were 41 charges for property crimes, including burglary and theft and larceny. 
• There were more than 105 drug and alcohol offenses, including DUI, drug possession and intent to distribute cocaine. 
• Race was not a major factor. In the overall sample, 48 percent of the players were black and 44.5 percent were white. Sixty percent of the players with a criminal history were black and 38 percent were white. 
• In cases in which the outcome was known, players were guilty or paid some penalty in nearly 60 percent of the 277 total incidents.
The majority of Black college football at major universities wouldn't be allowed anywhere near them were it not for their athletic ability. The Black-white graduation rate gap for major college teams is abysmal and shows no signs of improving. It would be interesting to see Sports Illustrated do a racial breakdown of those arrests. We at SBPDL wager the majority of DUI arrests were white guys. 

College football at major colleges is composed of almost 50 percent Black participants, while those same institutions barely have a Black overall enrollment of 4-6 percent of the student body. Race, though Sports Illustrated claims it is not, is a factor if 60 percent of the players with a criminal history are Black. 

Who cares about the character, intelligence and overall moral quality (hey, it works at Brigham Young University) of the player recruited, right? As long as Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Florida, Georgia Tech, Mississippi, Auburn, Florida State or the other southern schools win games, it doesn't matter how these players act. 

Scoreboard, baby is the only thing that matters (that is title of a book documenting abuses and criminal acts by Black football players at the University of Washington -- Highly recommended). 

Winning is all that matters. Who cares about the morality of the players recruited to represent the school. Sports is the main reason Black Run America (BRA) continues to exist. Once a sport that actual student-athletes played, it [college football] has become the breeding grounds for athlete-students with the character of Michael Vick.

Michael Vick, loathed in the white community, is a hero in the Black community. Whereas white fans of college football will excuse the poor behavior of Black players as long as they play for THEIR alma mater -- calling Black players for other teams thugs when they misbehave -- Black sports fans will ALWAYS cheer for Black players, regardless of how disreputable their behavior is off the field.

Jeff Benedict, the author of the study, wrote a book called Pros and Cons: The Criminals Who Play in the NFL which shows that the racial element of crime in professional football is even worse.

The point is simply this: College Football players are looked upon as heroes, Gods even, by students, alumni, sportswriters and young people. When the players are disproportionately Black (largely because Black males mature faster than potential white recruits) the heroes will be Black, though they might be the only Black people on campus.

And these fans will excuse poor Black behavior as long as the scoreboard says their team is winning.


Anonymous said...

How many of these violent Africans would even be enrolled in school if they weren't playing football? Seriously. A waste of resources.

White Guy said...

OMFG!!!! Vick is going to be honored as a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


"How many arrests did the last all-white national champion team, the Texas Longhorns (1969), have?"

If there were any I'm sure you wouldn't mention them here.

Despite many of your minions socialist leanings this capitalist machine won't be stopped anytime soon. College athletics is a major money maker and the fact that these are for the most part "unpaid" individuals that just sweetens the pot.

Economic segregation will never happen. Hell, if you know anything about history it never did. Even when racial discrimination was law of the land. In the end the only true color in this nation is green.

Mr. X

Anonymous said...

...56 violent crimes such as assault and battery (25 cases), domestic violence (6), aggravated assault (4), robbery (4) and sex offenses (3). In addition there were 41 charges for property crimes, including burglary and theft and larceny.
• There were more than 105 drug and alcohol offenses, including DUI, drug possession and intent to distribute cocaine.

I, too, would like to see a racial breakdown of each type of crime. Is there any doubt that the majority of the violent crimes, sex assaults, drug offenses (certainly the ones bigger than weed possession), and property crimes were the black guys and the vast majority of the other, not-so-serious, crimes (like DUI, marijuana possession, and vandalism) were the white boys?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

BYU is in the news. They suspended a Black player on the basketball for violating the Honor Code, a rule that once was seen throughout ALL of America.

Just imagine if all major colleges had this same rule governing behavior on campus. Yes, it might be realistic, but it speaks to rules of civility that once ruled over America. In Black Run America, people laugh at them because in BRA we regress to the mean.

What happened to the white athlete again?

Anonymous said...

"If there were any I'm sure you wouldn't mention them here."

Research it yourself.
If there are any, post them. Otherwise, STFU.

"this capitalist machine won't be stopped anytime soon."

This is known as a Mindless Statement Of The Obvious.
No one has suggested that "this capitalist machine" known as college football should be stopped, only that the criminals should be kept out.

Anonymous said...

"In the end the only true color in this nation is green."

This sounds like Black Guy's drivel.

Desiree said...

This sounds like Black Guy's drivel.

Mr. X is Black guy. I was thinking this for the longest. I'm guessing he wanted to start anew. Pretty funny. No crime in changing screen names.

Anonymous said...

"Without college football, Black people in the southern states would never have had the opportunity to provide positive images to rabid alumni and fans of the majority white marquee institutions there."

You're obviously upset that blacks are better athletes than whites, thus you retort by using criminal statistics against blacks, but nobody outside this small bubble of idiots actually care. You should see the many crimes white committ in college.

Guess what...I'm back!

Honest Crusader

~AV~ said...

A college that enrolls blacks for brawn and no brains, is like a day care center who will use pit bulls to wander among playing children on a swing sets as guard dogs.

Both environments offer way too much stimulation for the animal that is highly agitated by visual stimulation and has little or no impulse control not to react to it.

No wonder black thugs embrace a similar creature to represent their pathetic and threatening "image of ghetto toughness".

TMI said...

All spoken by a true black victimologist:

"In the end the only true color in this nation is green."
"If there were any I'm sure you wouldn't mention them here."
"these are for the most part "unpaid" individuals that just sweetens the pot."
"we only get one month to celebrate our history"

Mr. X, is blinded by his own victimology. Please do not forget that blacks WILLINGLY sign up for all of this and many other things that they claim to be victims of. Lets hold everyone equally accountable for their poor judgment. Blacks are unable to live within white standards, they will always fail and we should expect all of this.

Blacks, like Mr.X and the black criminal college players, keep pleading "not guilty", and will never truly take ownership of their own behavior. Blacks people are victims to their core.

Black victimology is a constant manipulation strategy and generous and kind whites keep falling for it.

Blacks in college ball, like welfare, is another form of voluntary slavery. And SPDL, I don't think you represent all whites in saying that it "improves" the image of blacks in the minds of whites. When I witness black behavior in real life, I am reminded that ghetto blacks, black ball players, and middle class blacks have very similar behaviors. Many whites like me are growing very impatient with all this and have very little sympathy.

Desiree said...

@ White guy:

OMFG!!!! Vick is going to be honored as a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's getting out of hand, I've noticed. I believe in a thing called redemption but his crimes were pretty bad. Worse than a lot of stuff. A rich guy doing that for even more money? How can one change, mentally, from that? Sounds like a sociopath to me. I have got to say, black people's pathological need to 'protect one of their own' is misplaced here.

Vick is scum. I still ask myself why he isn't dead, and I normally wouldn't say something like that...

On the flipside of the coin, the white owners of the matiff dogs that mauled San Fransisco woman Diane Whipple were lawyers looking to open a d--f---ting business with some skinhead prison gang.

Low lives, apparently, come in all shades.

Mr. X makes a good point, though: if any of those white players have records, SBPDL would not mention it. Hell, he didn't talk about the white Egyptians that raped the CBS news anchor! I bet it would have been on here if it involved real Egyptians, you know, the ones who make up a majority--over 90 percent--of the population, the ones not living in the Arab-populated capital and major cities...

You know, the black ones.

Anonymous said...


The CBS news anchor was white. The "Egyptians" that raped her were brown African scum. They might not have been as black as their evil hearts, but they were NOT white. They do not pass the brown paper bag test. Look at the pictures of the mob.

Leave Africa Alone

Anonymous said...

"You're obviously upset that blacks are better athletes than whites"

So you're finally admitting that we're not all alike?



Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I don't like to play the game of "who is a better athlete" because Black people tend to gravitate to only three sports: football, basketball, and track.

The rules of football have changed so much to favor shorter, speedier Black players and a complete specialization of positions (I'd like to see most of the current crop of players - white or Black - try and go both ways like they used to).

Blacks in swimming? Triathlons? Extreme sports? Soccer? Rugby? Bicycling? Football and basketball are considered the big two because of the amount of money to be made on them via gambling and playing fantasy sports (I'm not considering European futbol in this statement, as Americans don't care about soccer).

Read "Taboo" and "Darwin's Athletes" for more on this interesting subject.

Hirsch said...

Tangential but relevant, I've always wondered why blacks' numbers in baseball (both as participants and fans) has been on the decline for so long. All that Jackie Robinson barrier breaking led to naught.

Chris Rock used to have a joke that they used a Puerto Rican as Pocahontas on the Macy's Day float. It looks like baseball is creating the same optical illusion. You have Dominicano players as dark as Satchell Paige, but alas, I don't think they're fooling blacks.

I think some of the decline has to do with pacing. Basketball, and to a lesser extent, football, offer almost instant gratification. Baseball is chess on a diamond pitch, and even the blacks who generally excel at chess tend to play the speed variation.

The slavery metaphor applied to professional athletics really hits a hilarious pitch in this tearjerker:

"Flood wanted to challenge the legality of baseball's reserve clause, which essentially tied players to their team forever. Flood, who had endured Jim Crow discrimination and worse playing minor-league ball in the South in the 1950s, was angry that the Cardinals could trade him to Philadelphia without him having any say in the matter.

Most sportswriters at the time attacked his assertion that the reserve clause made him feel like a slave. When Howard Cosell asked him how someone earning $90,000 a year, one of the top salaries in the game at the time, could feel like a slave, he responded, "A well-paid slave is nonetheless a slave."

A well-paid slave is a slave nonetheless? Somebody get me some of the sensimilla these negroes have been smoking. Maybe if I toke enough on my meerschaum it'll all start making sense.

Anonymous said...

"A well-paid slave is a slave nonetheless"

Isn't that what the Saints said after Katrina?

Hirsch said...

For shits and giggles, here is a list of NFL players who stepped in a sticky wicket of the felonious variety:

(returned on the search engine using "NFL" and "Felonies")

Top Ten:

Michael Vick-Black*
Adam Jones-Black*
Tommy Reamon-Black*
Reggie Rogers-Blizack, my ninja**
OJ Simpson-The glove did not fit
Art Schlichter-WHITE!!!!!
Victor Riley-Wait for*
Marshawn Lynch-White...Just kidding. Black*
Jamarcus Russell-Find me a white guy named "Jamarcus," and I'll give you a gold star.
Lawrence Taylor-Black

*All suspects are considered "Keeping it real" until otherwise held down by "The Man"

*My ninja A more tasteful substitute for "the N-word", used to show comraderie rather than feelings of racial inferiority.

Anonymous said...

Again, just watch The Worlds Strongest Man competitions to see what color the most powerful men in the world are. The weaker races developed men who could run fast in order to flee the Most Powerful Men On The Planet. I'd like to see that uncontrollably enraged and huge black felon who sucker punched and then brutally beat some much smaller white dude at a pizza parlor try that on one of THOSE guys. Cowardice is as cowardice does.

Desiree said...

@ Hirsch:

You have Dominicano players as dark as Satchell Paige, but alas, I don't think they're fooling blacks.

Latino is a cultural distinction, not a race. If these 'blacker than blue' Dominicanos, Cubanos, etc. are doing well in baseball, it's because of black athleticism. They're black; of course, I am sure they would hate the categorization since everyone in Latin America wants to be white. Sammy Sosa did the skin bleaching thing, but his results were not as 'good' as Michael Jackson's...

Michael Vick-Black*
*All suspects are considered "Keeping it real" until otherwise held down by "The Man"

How was what Michael Vick did 'keeping it real' in the black community?

I don't understand.

Sure, some black people tried to make excuses for his dumb ass but no one condoned it. I don't get what you're trying to say here. I think many blacks fear dogs but it's a huge jump to go from fear to cruelty. If anything, it would be neglect. Something wasn't right in Vick's head, and anyone who does that.

What I'm saying is, you are trying to insinuate that is a black thing to do, and that is bullshit.

A more tasteful substitute for "the N-word", used to show comraderie rather than feelings of racial inferiority.

Great psychoanalysis of the black usage of 'nigga', Doctor Freud-Hirsch. Do you have a like opinion regarding gay usage of 'fag', or female usage of 'cunt', 'bitch', and 'whore'?

Do you think it's due to subconscious feelings of inferiority, or do you think it is rooted in taking ownership of a word that used to be used to demean and dehumanize a black, homosexual, or woman, respectively?

By the histrionics in that last comment, it looks like you've been hitting the sauce a little early today, Hirschie...

Anonymous said...

"Again, just watch The Worlds Strongest Man competitions to see what color the most powerful men in the world are."

Genetically, whites are better-suited to be weight-lifters...thicker torsos, shorter limbs...while blacks are better suited to be sprinters...longer limbs, higher center-of-gravity.

Anonymous said...

"it involved real Egyptians,"

coptic christians

Anonymous said...

" Race was not a major factor. In the overall sample, 48 percent of the players were black and 44.5 percent were white. Sixty percent of the players with a criminal history were black and 38 percent were white. "

Simple math says that the black athletes are therefore 47% more likely than the whites to have a criminal history. This isn't as big as the gap in the general population, but it is still a "major factor."

Also if blacks accounted for 60% of the criminal histories and whites 38%, that means only 2% came from other races. Not many hispanics play football, but it is more than that. I suspect some of the Hispanics were folded into the white numbers. The FBI does the same thing when tallying hate crimes. (ie hispanic perpetrators are classed as white.)

Anonymous said...


It would be interesting to learn just how many blacks attend BYU if you factor out athletics. Especially since 98% of the total student body is a member of the LDS church.

The athletic dept has nothing truly to do with the school. The mere existence of blacks on the BYU campus proves that. Hell, if the klan had a university it would have black ball players.

Wasn't it BYU that did the token gesture of lifting the ban on interracial relationships a few years back? If you look at the dating patterns of blacks and whites, it was totally pointless.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Really? In my humble opinion, I think you should STOP writing and do a lot more reading. Same goes for the majority of the folks commenting here.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

I don't consider the "Black 14 " at Wyoming heroes. I think almost every college football coach that tolerates thuggish behavior and makes excuses for players that shouldn't be in school in the first place - consult Richard Lapchick's studies on the disparity between white and Black graduation rates - should be fired and never allowed anywhere near major coaching again.

Read, "Scoreboard, Baby" about the 1998 - 2001 Washington Huskies football program under Rick Nuehisal. Unlike the majority of people who write about sports, I don't worship athletes.

The integration of the Southeastern Conference and the Southwest Conference allowed the toleration of bad Black underclass behavior in these states because, God forbid, alumni say something that dissuades the sons of this underclass from attending a university like Alabama, Ole Miss or Texas that they have no business attending.

I've read virtually every book you can on college football. Which is why in the next three months, you'll see the publishing of the most important book on college football - sports in general - ever publish:

The Opiate of America: How Sports Created the Notion of Black Run America.

Did you even read the SI article? 60 percent of the athletes with criminal records are Black; only 38 are white. This study ONLY researched the top 25 teams...

Imagine what happens when you don't have such a small sample size, but the entire Division FBS.

It would look a whole lot worse for Black "student-athletes".

So, I say you need to keep reading and stop ingesting the opiate of America without reading warning label.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a bunch of ignorant posts. I am a White Sociologist and all I can say is it's a shame how ignorant everybody is on here. Reporting crime of Whites is MUCH lower than Blacks in general. There are many reasons for this.
1) Lawmakers are White and therefore make laws that benefit them and burden other races (it's a well-known fact amongst scholars)
2)There is an overwhemingly high number of White officers which hold the power of discretion in their hands.

It would take so much for me to show the racist attitudes I've seen here and the stance of White privelege. You can't understand if you are White and uneducated to the social forces that foster and encourage inequality. It's just sad to read that so many people are still ignorant.
By the way, most violent crimes (such as domestic violence and rape) are committed by White males. In addition, DUI's and drug offenses are majority White males as well. While property theft and marijuana violations are committed in high quantities by Blacks.

I just wanted to get that off my chest. Most of the racism today is hidden in everyday interactions but surfaces frequently on the internet where you're guaranteed support from like-minded individuals.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

Thanks for yet another ignorant post. In what way is the law enforcement racist? Cops and laws don't force Black people to commit crimes that all-Black jurors will eventually exonerate them from.

I'm not even sure what you are trying to say. Why don't you take a look at this story in Seattle, one of the ultimate Stuff White People Like cities, and see how insane ideas of "institutional racism" sound.

This is a liberal site I'm linking to that I'm sure you agree with completely. Black people commit a disproportionate amount of crime. I'm sorry you can't see that. This Sports Illustrated study showcases that -- and fails to show how white coaches cover for Black athletes a lot of time -- and you have the audacity to call those who notice criminal patterns ignorant.

In a nation that is 65 percent white, I'd imagine whites would commit a numerical majority of crimes, but the point is Blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime that you seem to blame on laws and not the actions of the Black underclass.

Most of the racism today is blatant. Affirmative action, diversity pushes and from Eric Holder. I have little regard for sociology and white liberals.

Consult this web site to learn about the true color of crime amigo.

Please take your whiteness studies and white privilege nonsense elsewhere unless you are prepared to engage in a civil nature with people.

Anonymous said...

That last anon that posted was obviously black saying he was white to make their post seem more believable and less one sided. Even black people know how ridiculous they are and act. Take a look at how many blacks are in prison compared to any other race..what?? Are all the other races just so good at it they're not getting caught..get it together grouch.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Black Guy is no longer the coveted token negro anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yo is I'm dumb because I steeled something and got caught up. No, days because the racist cop only looked for me because I black. They racist because they mad at the black man. I told him it won't mines and because I'm black he ain't believe me. That proves like that guy said they racist.

Anonymous said...

It's not racist because you got caught stealing you idiot. It's your ignorant fault for what you do not other people, and don't write how you actually talk. You sound as retarded as you most likely look

Background Criminal Check said...

no racial discrimination but to think that they are enrolled and had a criminal records that was really alarming, given that they do that crime when they are on the university, maybe the university strictly do filter and monitor their students and incoming students..