Thursday, April 14, 2011

#11. The BYU "Honor Code"

You can have high standards for your student body population and student athletes by maintaining high moral, ethics, and academic achievement values, or you can have Black athletes. But you can’t have both. Every major college program relies on a disproportionate number of Black athletes to compete on the football field and the basketball court save the Air Force Academy and Brigham Young University (BYU).
Having an "Honor Code" burdens Black athletes who go to BYU

Unlike the Naval Academy, Air Force has yet to lower its academic standards to admit Black students whose grades and standardized test scores are far lower than their white counterparts.

BYU was called the most monochromatic team by Sports Illustrated (SI) in a 2010 story, and in the famed “What Happened to the White Athlete?” story in SI, the school was lambasted as the last refuge for white players to succeed.

Located in Provo, BYU is funded by the Mormon Church, and all students and student-athletes are required to sign an Honor Code:
Honor Code Statement
We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men. . . . If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things (Thirteenth Article of Faith).
As a matter of personal commitment, faculty, administration, staff, and students of Brigham Young University, Brigham Young University—Hawaii, Brigham Young University—Idaho, and LDS Business College seek to demonstrate in daily living on and off campus those moral virtues encompassed in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and will
Be honest
Live a chaste and virtuous life
Obey the law and all campus policies
Use clean language
Respect others
Abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee, and substance abuse
Participate regularly in church services
Observe the Dress and Grooming Standards
Encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code
Specific policies embodied in the Honor Code include (1) the Academic Honesty Policy, (2) the Dress and Grooming Standards, (3) the Residential Living Standards, and (4) the Continuing Student Ecclesiastical Endorsement. (Refer to institutional policies for more detailed information.)
Sadly, Black athletes at the school – which ESPN stated were needed if the team was to be successful at basketball – means that the Honor Code might soon be in drastic need of amending. Dead Spin reports:
Over the past month, BYU has been held up as a symbol of all that is decent in college sports for its unsparing treatment of Brandon Davies, the African-American basketball player who violated the school's honor code by reportedly having sex with his girlfriend. Davies was suspended shortly before the NCAA tournament, and a braying mainstream press lauded BYU for sticking to its principles. Sports Illustrated's website even wondered if a values-driven, "non-hypocritical" BYU was "on the verge of becoming America's team."

The reality isn't so appealing. While it's impossible to know how many students disobey BYU's honor code, which prohibits fornication and alcohol use, among other things, the honor code violations that come to light almost always involve student-athletes. And they almost always involve athletes of color. Since 1993, according to our research, at least 70 athletes have been suspended, dismissed, put on probation, or forced to withdraw from their teams or the school after running afoul of the honor code. Fifty-four of them, or nearly 80 percent, are minorities. Forty-one, or almost 60 percent, are black men. These are conservative numbers, compiled from media reports and interviews. In several cases, we could not confirm an honor code violation. In other cases, we could not establish the race or ethnicity of the athlete involved. We excluded those cases from our tally.

Clearly, though, something is amiss at BYU, where around 23 percent of the athletes are minorities, according to the university. Only .6 percent of the student body is black (176 out of the 32,947 students enrolled in 2010). Yet a majority of the honor code violations involve black athletes. Do these numbers mean these athletes "sin" more than everyone else? Hardly. Several former BYU football players told us that their white teammates routinely broke the honor code and got away with it, either because they didn't get caught or because their violations were covered up. (To a lesser extent, this holds true for Polynesian athletes, 14 of whom are included in our honor code tally. More on that later.) Mormon athletes can turn to bishops and church leaders from their own homogeneous communities — people who look like them and might even be related to them — to "repent" and avoid official punishment. Black athletes, who are typically non-Mormon, rarely have this option.
That's not surprising. Of the 116 players currently on the football roster, only 10 of them are black. That's less than 9 percent. A few years ago, the team was 15 percent black. Intentionally or not, the program seems to have sidestepped the honor code's racial and religious biases by signing more Polynesians, who tend to be LDS and now make up 23 percent of the roster. Whether these numbers indicate a recruiting shift away from blacks or an increased effort by the school to find LDS players is unclear. (Only eight or nine players on the team are non-Mormon, according to Chambers.) But the effect is the same: fewer black athletes and a difficult experience for many of those who do enroll.

"We want students to come to the university who are very comfortable with the environment," Jenkins says. "We're working very hard to make sure that every student understands the honor code before they get here. We start the day they apply. It's something that defines us. For the last 13 years, we've been The Princeton Review's number one stone-cold sober university. We're proud of it."

This year, Brandon Davies was the latest honor code martyr. Davies took his punishment in stride. He had little choice. How his suspension will affect his career or his outlook remains to be seen. But BYU's treatment of scores of black athletes should give pause to any African-American considering enrolling there. Our research indicates it already has. Almost every black athlete we spoke with had tried to dissuade a black recruit from playing for BYU. "We had some recruit coming to school," Thomas Stancil recalls. "I just told him what it was really like at BYU. I told him that if he was going to come here and think he was going to be having sex with all these women and partying, you got the wrong school. The next day the guy redid his plane ticket and left." Stancil's honesty only got him in trouble with the coaching staff.

You can look at police blotters in college towns across America and see that the majority of athletes getting arrested are Black. The majority of violent crime offenders are Black (our thanks to Jeff Benedict for cataloging this data) and virtually all of these Black people wouldn’t be on the campuses if they weren’t athletes.

One could state that if every college had standards like BYU, their football and basketball programs would field more white athletes.

SI ran a cover story on the 2010 Top 25 football programs and the incredible arrest rates the racked up by the athletes that played for them. Not surprisingly, the majority of the big crimes were committed by Black athletes. (Boise State had a large number of arrests, but almost all were for alcohol infractions.)

It’s funny: the popular college football blog has what they call the “Fulmer Cup” where they keep up with all arrests at major colleges and award a prize (named after Phil Fulmer, who relied on thugs to win games at Tennessee) to the school fielding the most criminals.

The reliance on Black athletes to compete at major academic institutions has required every school to lower their moral and academic standards so that Black players can stay in school.  Richard Lapchick has shown that Black athletes can’t compete in the classroom as compared to white athletes – graduation rates always reflect a huge disparity between white and Black athletes – and stories of major colleges staking Black athletes in easy classes (Auburn had its sociology scandal; Michigan had its scandal, as did Stanford) show that the caliber of student-athlete being recruited is far below that of the normal student enrolling to take classes in hopes of earning a degree.

Every school in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), the Big East, the Pac-12, the Big 10, the Big 12, and Conference USA has had to lower moral, ethical, and academic standards just to accommodate Black atheletes. Read this story from 1991 that shows how the SEC went from lily-white teams to virtually all-Black athletic teams.

Indeed, having any standards to aspire to at all is something Black people find highly offensive and exclusive.

BYU has recently left the Mountain West Conference (MWC) and will be, like Notre Dame, an independent. Knowing that most colleges and universities are administered and controlled by radical Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs), it’s only a matter of time before BYU finds it difficult to schedule teams to play against on the field of athletic competition. GLAAD and the NAACP will pressure ESPN and other media outlets from televising BYU games.

That the Mormons are the last group to oppose homosexuals and gay marriage; that the Mormons try and stop the march to lowest common denominator behavior by having an honor code; that the BYU football and basketball team relies on white athletes when every team in America relies disproportionately on Black athletes all point to a future where the school will be boycotted.

  A university can either have standards or it can have Black athletes. Just look at what is happening at Oxford in England, where Black people find it exceedingly difficult to gain admittance to that prestigious school. Standards are vital to integrity.

BYU wants to have integrity, thus they have an Honor Code. Oxford wants to maintain its status as one of the elite institutions of higher learning in the world.  That both schools' drive for maintaining standards has a tendency to leave Black people behind is a sign that values and principles at some institutions are more important than regressing to the mean.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes the BYU Honor Code, because if every school in America had this code, Black athletes would be forced to play for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). And as the New York Times reported, degrees from those institutions aren’t worth much.

That HBCU degrees aren't worth much must have something to do with high academic standards, right? While ignorant alumni of SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big East, and Conference USA colleges and universities cheer on teams that field players who have no businesses at a major institution of higher learning, BYU fields a team of actual student-athletes.

Schools like Florida, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Iowa, Oregon and Oklahoma recruit Black players whose athletic ability is the only requirement they need to gain admittance to the university. That they get into trouble on campus and with the law is of little concern to ravenous white alumni desirous of football or basketball glory.

As we learned in the terrifying book on the University of Washington football program, all that matters is Scoreboard Baby (all the players profiled in the book for committing heinous crimes that the Washington coaches, prominent alumni, and police in Seattle cover up are Black).

Well, at BYU the Honor Code still matters. Notre Dame once had similar requirements, but they abandoned them in the pursuit of football glory.

In Black Run America (BRA), all standards have been abandoned so that the Black Undertow can be placated. Having moral, educational or ethical standards runs counter to BRA’s goals, and BYU will be targeted with boycotts and threats.

Daring to field a team of white athletes; requiring morality which disproportionately affects Black athletes; and opposing the mainstreaming of homosexuality is just too much in a nation dedicated to regression to the mean.

Such is life in Black Run America (BRA), where having an Honor Code is tantamount to Jim Crow and oppression.

Because Black athletes provide so many positive images for their community that their communities are unable to provide, high rates of Black crime, out-of-wedlock birthrates, anti-social behavior in school and overall degeneracy is excused.

BYU's honor code, attacked as hypocritical by Dead Spin and the Black athletes who violate it, exposes so many truths of life in Black Run America. The attacks on the code of honor show that our dead sprint to lowest common denominator behavior is all but confirmed.


Anonymous said...

"Yet a majority of the honor code violations involve black athletes. Do these numbers mean these athletes "sin" more than everyone else? Hardly. Several former BYU football players told us that their white teammates routinely broke the honor code and got away with it, either because they didn't get caught or because their violations were covered up."

You should have focused on this part, It reveals the hypocrisy and white priveilege inherent in Moromon U.

Of course you didnt becayse you are an ignoratn white supremacist.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Those are the opinions of Black players who violated the code. No one else.

Again, you have proven the Omar Thornton of Black-white relations. Black people will defend the worse behavior of other Black people and blame it all on white racism.

It is a well-known fact that the majority of crime committed by student-athletes in the big two sports (football and basketball) is perpetrated by Black players.

And worse, the white coaches cover it up:

Rich Nieuhesal did it at Colorado and Washington:

Even so-called "conservative" Tom Osborne did it at Nebraska:

That is what we call "Black Privilege": White coaches, alumni and fans will look the other way when Black athletes commit crime, because they feel they can't win without these Black players. Excusing away the worst behavior of Black athletes is something white people have long become accustomed to doing.

In the South, white fans of Georgia will accuse Florida of playing thugs, but excuse away the thuggish behavior of their Black thug athletes.

It's pathetic.

BYU has an Honor Code. Black players have been caught violating or admitted to violating it.

They then throw out accusations that white players have their violations covered-up.

All I can say is this: At every school, poor behavior by Black athletes is excused. Hell, the Doak Walker Award winner this past year -- Oregon's LaMichael James -- was charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend before the season and was still allowed to play.

Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Maintaining high standards: It's a white thing, you wouldn't understand

Anonymous said...

Speaking of keeping high standards, the US Special Forces would be something blacks don't like either. I remember reading an article lamenting how the US Special Forces were almost entirely White.

Midwestern said...

Oh those pesky rules and laws of the white man's world.

All created to trap and befuddle the negro race, to tempt them to steal, cheat and lie,

Those oppressive codes of conduct that make us have to control our impulses and think before we act. The white man knows that these laws are racist and cause more black men to go to jail.

John McClane said...

Ah, how the blacks bitch and moan about everything.

White Guy said...

Dissident said...

"Of course you didnt becayse you are an ignoratn white supremacist. "

I'd really watch whom you're calling ignorant, your spelling betrays you.

Standards, we don't need no stinkin' standards! Don't you know that only civil, moral, decent people have to abide by rules, regulations, and actually have some high standards?

I mean Hell! It's not like it takes a cohesive, law abiding people to accomplish anything that will last: Like civil society.

After all, rules, they be made to be broken'! The white mans rules are oppressive and Racist (TM), they be designed to keep our people down! infinitum.

Anonymous said...

"Of course you didnt becayse you are an ignoratn white supremacist."

LOLOL Looks like the vocabulary-challenged Dishonest Crusader is back.

Anonymous said...

What is it with black people, rules and structure?

Anonymous said...

The clearest modern audiovisual evidence of anti-social blacks absolute inability and refusal to grasp simply rules, structure and communication within a civil society setting is "Hardcore Pawn" on truTV. For the uninitiated, it's about the day-to-day operations of American Jewelry and Loan, a family-owned pawn shop on Greenfield Road between 8 Mile Road and the John C. Lodge Freeway in Detroit, Michigan.

The absolute division between "us and them" is defined within every 30 minute episode. The whites featured often kindly barter, negotiate and converse civilly, while the blacks often scam, blow hot haltitostic and putrid ebonical tirades, all the while having small illegitimate children in tow. The sense of value between the two cultures couldn't be more finely demonstrated.

This is truly must-see TV to supremely define "the difference".

Anonymous said...

Mega Dittoes to the poster who mentioned "Hardcore Pawn". It is a fascinating, honest, horrifying, jaw dropping look at black behavior and serves to demonstrate the vast disparity between blacks and whites. Seriously, if blacks in Detroit have IQs that are 5-10 points higher on average than those of Haitians, then I can certainly understand why "before the earthquake" photographs and "after the earthquake" photographs of Haiti are virtually indecipherable. My 12 year old nephew, after watching about two minutes of the show, concluded that Hell must be similar to Detroit. I agreed.

Youtube has a lot of clips for anyone who has not seen the show.

Anonymous said...

Let's get one thing straight. This is a CULT. A crazy cult that practices polygamy, amongst other things.

Being in a cult does not help white people, (except by keeping black people out). White academics just behave well in general.

The honour code is full of contradictions: "Be honest" contradicts "use clean language", "respect others", "participate regularly in church services", and "Encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code". And since it's usually illegal to tell the truth, it also contradicts "Obey the law and all campus policies".

"Live a chaste and virtuous life" contradicts "Obey the law and all campus policies", "Participate regularly in church services", "Encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code", and "Respect others".

My honour would certainly not allow me to be a part of this cult, which resembles Islam in its senseless restrictions on normal human interaction, its indoctrination with falsehoods, and its arrogant contempt for ordinary people.

But it's still probably better than a majority black university.

Anonymous said...

I do think the standards set up by BYU are covertly racist, but hey, "the more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the State."

What the difference between covert racism and registering yachts in the Cayman Islands? Nothing.

Don't hate the player.

The Engineer

Anonymous said...

In reply to the 'cult' accusations, the difference between a cult and a religion is the number of followers(if scientology has enough members they do as well). Also mainstream Mormonism DOES NOT practice polygamy, and is nothing like Islam. As an agnostic who had a passing interest in Utah and the LDS church, I can say that the State is one of the Safest places to live in the country even it the urban areas, and the church members are generally nice, hard working, and patriotic.
I don't know what your problem is with them but they are decent people.

joe said...

This incident is really not a great example of
TNB. I mean, he had consensual sex with his girlfriend. As much as i am repelled by the criminality players get away with, two adults getting it on is much ado about nothing. BYU needs to drag its sorry ass into the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Utah is the least Black state in the country and it shows.

missbosslady said...


You're missing the point completely. The student was not forced to attend BYU, but did so knowing that he was accepting their rules for their school. It really has absolutely nothing to do with what century we are in.

I am sure that he had other schools offering him a free ride, you know because he's black and can bounce a ball, so why did he pick BYU? Perhaps, he was the rare black that wanted to challenge himself. Naw, I'm kidding! More likely he thought, hey I'm black and I can play basketball, so the rules don't apply to me.

Guess he got himself a little surprise.

Good on BYU for sticking to their guns.

Anonymous said...

"two adults getting it on is much ado about nothing"
It depends on how you define "much ado about nothing".
At BYU, clearly it is a violation of the honor code.

"BYU needs to drag its sorry ass into the 21st century."
Why? Are they not entitled to establish their own code of moral standards?

Anonymous said...

Tea is bad to drink but is it ok to eat boogers?

Anonymous said...

Joe says, "BYU needs to drag its sorry ass into the 21st century"

Yep, and so does the rest of the American public. They need to stop being against child pornography, Pedophiles, rapists, murderers, etc. I mean, come on, being against these things is so 20th century!

Dissident said...

"Utah is the least Black state in the country and it shows. "

Probably a great place to live then!

To all those out there that despise BYU, Mormonism, etc. as a "cult". I say so what! What's the problem, if people aren't being held there against their will, I don't see a problem. Let them do as they please. It's called FREEDOM and LIBERTY!

Something we're in short supply of these days.

Professor Snape said...

Anonymous at 4:58AM said:
Yep, and so does the rest of the American public. They need to stop being against child pornography, Pedophiles, rapists, murderers, etc. I mean, come on, being against these things is so 20th century!

Come on, that's not what "Joe" was getting at. Just because someone believes BYU's Honor Code is archaic and in opposition to the desires and propensities of most college students in general does not mean they are pedophilia and child pornography supporters.

If you believe his comment was even tangential to advocating those crimes, you need a fucking brain transplant.

While I don't believe this Honor Code was even formulated to keep blacks from the school, I've read that Brigham Young, like many past Mormon leaders, was racist against blacks. I own a copy of the Book of Mormon - out of sheer curiosity - and there are many passages in the book that are obvious references to the already established American belief of black inferiority.

A wiki on Mormon racism:

I am gleefully agnostic; I am NOT an observant Jew. All religions are cults to an extent; Christianity began as a sort of "Cult of Yahweh". Mormon orchestrator Joseph Smith was murdered for his tripe. I respect people's right to practice whatever they'd like but, that being said, I will never submit to these theologies if the "Do you want to talk about Jesus?" topic is ever broached.

I find it interesting that this post and some of the commenters below it laud BYU's expulsion of this young man but most white college students around the country would be expelled for the same reason.

College kids have sex - I remember being in college and, although I considered myself fairly academic-minded, it didn't take much for my attention to be turned onto women. Hormones are surging. For all we know, the un-expelled "chaste and virtuous" students could be having sex under the radar. They have a right to uphold their expulsion policy but one also has the right to say it is Draconian or that the entire "Code" is just backward and for "Mormons Only".

That anyone would even use this incident as a hammer to beat blacks is just hypocritical.

I don't understand how this is a "Stuff Black People Don't Like". This is a "Stuff Most People Don't Like". SBPDL, even your guy, Daniel Tosh, makes fun of it on his television clip show.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


The point is that on every college campus, Black athletes get in a lot of trouble. Most coaches cover-up for the players and allow them to stay on the team.

Look at how Oregon allowed LaMichael James to play after assaulting his girlfriend.

That BYU holds players to a different standard - an Honor Code - and that Black players violate it is hilarious to me. That they try and say white players have their transgressions covered-up is laughable considering that at every other college in America Black players horrible behavior is tolerated.

joe said...

uhhh, pedophilia is the same as consensual sex between adults? This is the kind of foolishness i expect on other forums, not at SPDL.
My point is that the flimsiness of this really is a distraction from the stuff that happens in collegiate athletics. I am sure many players of all stripes geddition (and maybe even drink a beer yikes!).
Look at how Oregon allowed LaMichael James to play after assaulting his girlfriend. "
That's the kind of stuff that should be getting ink. Hyping this story just adds to the blacks-as-targets-by-white establishment mentality.

Anonymous said...

"most white college students around the country would be expelled for the same reason."

White college students "around the country" who did not voluntarily agree to the BYU Honor Code are completely irrelevant, because they can't be guilty of violating an Honor Code that they never agreed to abide by, you dipshit.

Anonymous said...

"uhhh, pedophilia is the same as consensual sex between adults?"

No one said that, so stop being a dick.

John McClane said...

Professor Snape,

Like Diahrea, you don't know when you are not wanted. Fuck the hell off.

Anonymous said...

"For all we know, the un-expelled "chaste and virtuous" students could be having sex under the radar."

And therefore demonstrating the implicitly required discretion as well as a higher level of intelligence.

Once again I think you are missing the point. Mormon elders very likely know that the rules aren't being followed by most students, but keeping base behaviors from proliferating to the point of becoming the defining characteristic of a society (be it Mormon or mainstream society) begins with being discreet. Something that blacks and especially athletes aren't exactly known for.

Anonymous said...

"College kids have sex"
Thanks for pointing this out Snape. Your ability to state well-known facts as if you are being profound is truly awe-inspiring.

"I remember being in college and, although I considered myself fairly academic-minded, it didn't take much for my attention to be turned onto women. Hormones are surging."
Like Diarrhea, you have a bizarre need to share your personal life with people who are not interested, and who don't give a fuck.

Anonymous said...

@anon, April 14 3:20p

Good reference to the TV show Hardcore Pawn. I watched a few episodes on youTube - nearly every one demonstrates a huge disparity in behaviors. (Even basic things like eye contact when speaking, initiating a greeting, or returning one.) In theory, pawn shops would provide quick liquidity to those with no alternative means… hopefully used as a one time fix. (ex. there is a white music student reluctantly pawning her flute, a guy who loans his motorcycle after being let go from work). Each pawn has a story. I can only imagine those tales given in anticipation of negotiating a price are often BS. But some, no doubt are genuine. Many people comment on paying bills, but with blacks it's often after the fact (bill arrived, overdue), whereas whites procure funds before things have deteriorated so far. Many blacks seem to completely neglect forward planning. ($5 avg. black woman savings not surprising!) Clearly, some whites on the show are genuinely strapped, but the difference in how they conduct themselves is night and day, 95% of the time. Some blacks seem to routinely pawn cherished possessions and then gamble it on slots at a casino. They boast about it. My point is, casinos, pawn shops, *black* Fridays, capitalism, democracy, ..debatably/arguably guns, and who knows how many other things(!) have some place with one group, yet spell catastrophe 9 times out of 10 with blacks. It's really unjust to allow such a childlike group to fail so hugely when it's often certain.

Even if a black applicant has the supposed credentials for a simple job, I can't envision them being hired when they deal so rudely with others. Many companies prefer an attractive, well-spoken female as a receptionist. It is the first person to greet the sight of most arriving/calling clients. Dress, speech, mannerisms -- all important. Aside from black ebonics, their entire conduct is so frequently unbearable. They don't exude professionalism, but reluctance and potential for conflict. Uncertainty at the very least. They're aggressive, immediately- and unnecessarily confrontational, unrealistic in their expectations, unwilling/unABLE to listen for a moment to info that would save everybody time & a hassle, happy-go-lucky one minute, but abruptly, causing a shameless commotion the next… blacks seem to be like children in large bodies. Whites mistakenly speak to what they see as an adult, and like all children, basic communication often suffices. But the sheer volume and magnitude of black deception and stupidity indicates that when their childlike persona doesn't emerge, it was by sheer fluke alone. It was still there.

The show is clearly scripted and edited a lot. I don't believe it's fake as some might suggest, HOWEVER there are wireless micas visible on many customers, clipped on to the waist on some that are physically removed from the store. Why would they consent to wearing a mic & participating in the show, then behaving so atrociously that they're kicked out?!

To those 1/10 blacks who are not like this. I am so sorry for you. Please: distance yourselves from those who strengthen the stereotype and don't give in to the the conformity of color.

Anonymous said...



Oh yeah.. another few things regularly featured on this show:
Blacks hate…
…waiting in lines
…not throwing a crybaby fit upon entry to-/prior to exit from store
…saving money
…spending money on anything wise
…not having Xboxes and Playstation3s
…non-frivolous purchases (ex. buying PS3 after stating only $200 to his name, on welfare, …)
…not having a TV, preferably some 50"+ behemoth
…no 'bling'
…not displaying 'bling' in the most garish, ostentatious way
…being called out for their obvious BS "Baby, dis gold real!! $10000!! Iz goin to a reeel joo-ree stoh. muhfuggah"
…not getting " 'spect" even when respect is totally unwarranted or unrequired
…not being 110% obstinate and unreasonable ("[I'm pawning somebody ELSEs stuff and you WILL take it or I'm not going anywhere… bitch! I don caaa ef is illegals!!]"
…"dis iz boo-sheee(t)! you say dat… you say dat…"
…trying to empathize with other people
…recognizing the obvious nature of business: to make $, not help each dumb-ass get hiz cuz out of the slammer by paying x10 the value for a fake ring
…being forthright in business dealings
…not flaunting their poverty of thought, financial situation regardless
…others not bending over backwards to help them, despite obvious personal loss and own stupidity that created this urgent need for quick cash
…not feeling that the world exists to serve them, irrespective of how they conduct themselves appropriately
…appropriately conducting themselves.

(I was going to post an episode that demonstrates these points, but nearly all do. Then I found one that shows something rarer: a polite, discreet black woman who behaves well. I *think* it's in Ep.9)


Anonymous said...

PS. the longer one has been able to see, the less surprising these stories seem (even in Canada!)

Of course, Toronto knows enough black crime as is. Comments in some newspapers are often banned (The Star), while some are completely unedited but garner a reputation as low brow for their tolerance…

The more studies, stories from all corners of the globe we see, the more apparent it becomes. Like a bolt of lightening. 'Of course -- all along it was there in front of my face! No mystery. No further yoot improovmnt prograns."


Anonymous said...

Bait car is another show that highlights black behaviour. The hidden cameras in the car capture the joyous feelings they get from stealing somebodys property. Then when the police shut down the "bait car" and bust them, the pathetic lies they tell are hillarious.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous April 15, 2011 9:28 PM

Your 2 part short essay is hands-down the best analysis comment of the week.

You nailed it.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

BYU accepts no federal money so they can do as they damn well please. As to whether Mormonism is a cult is a matter of individual opinion. I'm sure many consider Catholicism a cult in some quarters.

BYU students sign the Code of Honor each semester and go through an interview process with clergy. By the way, there are no paid positions in the Mormon religion. Church service is totally voluntary. However, no one holds a gun to the heads of BYU students.

The black player who was suspended grew up in Provo and is a member of the church. He knew the rules and he broke them. To his credit, he didn't whine and cry racism. He took the punishment like a man.

BYU sports hearkens back to a time when sports created character in young men. Now it creates violent thugs who are taught their actions will have no consequence because they are talented in sports.

As to the ignorant black poster who said Mormons practice polygamy, he is wrong. The LDS church outlawed polygamy in the late 1800's and, at the time, only 3% of men in the church practiced it. Just about the same percentage of Southerners who owned slaves.

I salute BYU for sticking to their guns, not taking taxpayer dollars, and for turning out great students.

Anonymous said...

Pastor James David Manning, "A Call To Arms for White People of Truth"

Anonymous said...

Bait Car and Hardcore Pawn, along with Cops and The First 48, provide an unfiltered view into authentic negro behavior (also known as black folks "keepin' it real").

These are unquestionably the most honest shows on television, and should be saluted for their integrity.

Anonymous said...

If BYU believes black athletes can not abide
by their honor code,then why do they go to great lenghts to recruit them.They must know what every one recognises,that white boys are
physically,physiologically and athletically
inferior to black men.Even they,know they need
black athletes to have a respectable program.
And by the way,the black athletes real crime was
sleeping with white women.Those pencil dicks at BYU could care less about the honor code.

Dissident said...

So, let me see, now.

I'm physically inferior to you, and athletically subordinate to you, and physiologically blacks are the greatest, huh?

You know, you're more stupid than you sound to make such a claim as that.

"White Boys" are the worlds greatest explorers, innovators,most courageous,greatest developers, and strongest, most talented athletes! So shut your imbecilic pie-hole, black-boy!

Blacks lack courage, they lack fortitude, and they have no aptitude for anything of consequence, outside of sports. I know there are exceptions, but as a general rule I'll stand by my comment.

If all you've got to brag about is some basketball or football silliness, then you are a complete and utter fool. Let me know when a black conquers the South Pole, or climbs Everest, or even wins a gymnastic event (real sports) or how about an Iron-Man triathlon?

Oh yea! You blacks are certainly superior in every way, aren't you?

I'll bet ya' a black man even invented the internet (sorry Al Gore), maybe it was the same guy that made the Super Soaker.

Since your willing to state that "white boys" are physically inferior, would you also be willing to state that blacks are intellectually inferior...I'm just curious? How about it, what sayest thou black boy?

Anonymous said...

"white boys are physically,physiologically and athletically inferior to black men."

So you're admitting that races are not equal????

Welcome to the club!!!


Anonymous said...

"Those pencil dicks at BYU could care less about the honor code."

You can always identify the grammatically-challenged Dishonest Crusader by his improper usage of "could care less".

Anonymous said...

to anon 11:01pm ..

that's all you negros think about 'muh dik muh dik muh dik' like a brainless savage and 'blame whitey blame whitey blame whitey' .. negros are perpetual victims with no impulse control .. you're the most pathetic, useless race ever known to man .. whites have dominated you for ages, even enslaved you, owned you like property .. whites are the innovators of everything you see around you .. and you're stupid enough to continue rehashing those ridiculous, stupid claims ? .. par for the course for a negro

Anonymous said...

A crazy cult that practices polygamy, amongst other things.

If you knew your history you would know that
to become the 45th State Utah banned polygamy.

(I know the s and d keys are close together on the keyboard but I know that was not a spelling mistake)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I'm impressed at the sophistication of the author's rationalization. Just goes to prove that you can rationalize anything.

And it is all based on the hearsay witness of former Black BYU athletes who were suspended/expelled for their own honor code violations and who claimed that the white athletes do the same things, but it gets covered up.

Yeah, right - THAT is a real credible source.

This whole article, when stripped of its foolish rhetoric, is nothing more than an argument that Blacks shouldn't be held to the same standard as other people, and that standards should be lowered to allow blacks to stay in their failed philosophies, self-interested lifestyles, and broken culture and still be able to hit the standard.

What a crock of BS.

BYU holds a high AND ACHIEVABLE standard, but the voice of this block would prefer to reduce everything to the lowest common denominator. The pursuit of moral excellence DOES discriminate against those who love or would excuse immorality.

Pops said...

In the article you cited there appeared the allegation that there have been many white athletes who violated the honor code but were allowed to remain on the team thanks to a "cover-up." But since the writer(s) of the article didn't offer a single example it is meaningless and unable to fact-check. This kind of hearsay journalism fools uncritical readers, but smarter readers catch these tricks and discard the unproven allegations. The fact remains that black athletes DO violate the honor code of BYU much more than non-blacks. I attended and graduated from BYU (although I didn't play sports) and I NEVER felt the black students had been raised to believe that due to past injustices they were somehow given a free-pass to live by much lower moral standards. At most universities that works--at BYU blacks unfortunately get their wish--they are treated equally.