Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"America I AM": What is the real "Black Imprint" in America?

Do you live far away from a major urban area – such as one of these cities - and commute to work?
The Real Imprint is in Detroit, Birmingham and other failed cities.

Do you watch your local nightly newscast and shake your head at the stories of human misery, crime, corruption, murder, and mayhem? 

 Do you watch the local nightly newscast from the living room of your home in a comfortable, safe neighborhood? Chances are, that neighborhood is in a Whitopia. 

The collapse of major cities (population of more than 100,000) such as Atlanta, Washington D.C., Birmingham, Memphis, Detroit, Baltimore, Columbia (South Carolina), St. Louis, Richmond, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Harrisburg (Pennsylvania), New Orleans, Newark and others on this list, warranted the creation of Whitopia’s surrounding these abandoned metropolitan areas (consult this link on Thomas Sowell vs. Norway to learn more). 

It is with this in mind that we now consider the following exhibit:
Tavis Smiley presents “America I Am” The African American Imprint at the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C. Presented by Walmart, Microsoft, Northern Trust and the Boys & Girls Club of America.
What is the Black imprint in America? An online exhibit tour of the “America I Am” gallery is available here.
The real Black imprint (you’ve heard of a “Carbon footprint” so perhaps it should be the “Black footprint”) is not the pictures you will see in the Tavis Smiley exhibit. 

To understand what the real Black imprint in America is one only need to look at Detroit. Or any of the other cities mentioned above. 

Exclude two of those cities however, as both Atlanta and Washington D.C. are undergoing rapid gentrification, which threatens to destroy the firmly ensconced Black political class in those cities. Black leaders in Atlanta wrote a memo about their constituents dispossession by free market forces (white people buying up cheap property) and what their reaction should be in the face of losing power in the city. 

The same thing will happen soon in Washington D.C., where The Washington Post is already lamenting the displacement of Black people by the gentrifying white population. That crime rates are falling as whites move into the city and crime rates are rising in the surrounding suburbs that Black people end up (most notably Prince Georges County) is not a connection the Post will report on… ever.

One can only guess the percentage of city employees in both Atlanta and Washington D.C. (consider MARTA and The METRO rail transportation systems in those cities) that are Black. We would wager in both cities it is more than 90 percent.

One could also spend all day trying to quantify the opportunity costs lost by whites living in suburban of both cities who were forced to commute two hours each day so they could live in a peaceful city. Same goes for every major city on this list.

As gentrification raises the white percentage of the population in each city, when will city employees reflect those changes?

Worse, people in these cities will slowly learn that public schools and public transportation can work, if you remove one variable from the equation. Just look at Portland, where Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) there bemoan the fact that things actually work and look forward to the day they don't.

This, Tavis Smiley, is the real Black Imprint in America. That Detroit is the butt of jokes across the world is why one Black writer in Atlanta wrote this:

Detroit is a microcosm of Black America. I believe if you cannot love Detroit, you cannot fully love Black people. The Detroit Metropolitan area represents the best and the worst that Black folks in this country have to offer. The Black middle class was solidified in and around Detroit with steady unionized blue collar labor in the auto industry.

The middle class expanded as more Black folks with college educations occupied managerial positions. Detroiters experienced and vigilantly fought the racisms of housing redlining, riots, as well as White and Black flight. Detroit has benefited and suffered at the hands of White and Black leadership. If there is a city that tells us about the promise and perils of Blackness, it’s Detroit.  I’m so interested in what happens in Detroit because if we can turn it around, we can turn around the rest of our cities.
Detroit is being abandoned by Black people who have the means to leave. Areas of the city are being abandoned by the Black city government and turned over to nature.

Sadly, Detroit is not the only collapsing American city. Birmingham, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Memphis, and, well every city on this list, are failing for exactly the same reason: the Black Imprint.

Atlanta and Washington D.C. are thriving (or on the verge of thriving) for reasons that aren't too hard to explain.

Chances are, if you go to the "America I Am" exhibit, any pictures of Detroit under Black governance will be censored (just go here to see them).

Far too much focus is put on Detroit though, as many of the cities listed here have property available for purchase that rival Detroit's famed prices.

The Black Imprint can be felt in those cities listed above and will no doubt be left out of the discussion at Tavis Smiley's exhibit.

Funny though, when the Black Imprint is moved through gentrification -- as in D.C. and Atlanta -- everyone seems to complain.

Why don't these nice Disingenuous White Liberals who write for The Post or live in Portland just move into these areas they care so much about?


Anonymous said...

"Detroit is a microcosm of Black America."

Crime, chaos, poverty, squalor, violence...

Definitely a microcosm of negroes.

Hirsch said...

Jean-Paul Sarte once said "Hell is other people." Based on my own experiences living in Memphis, Cincinnati, and Columbia, SC, I think it would be more accurate to conclude that hell is wherever black people reside in large numbers.

I am not yet thirty but am already weary from their antics.

When I left my suburban neighborhood in Cincinnati ten years ago it was a thriving little hamlet. The clever little switcharoo of suburb and ghetto, playing a shell-game with black public housing tenants, has not gone unnoticed by any of the whites (but it is, of course, unremarked upon).

If I want to drive to my local convenience store, I must pass a gauntlet of section eight apartment houses where blacks stare at you as if they'd just watched a Roots Miniseries marathon. Black girls resembling elephants in every dimension sans tusks insolently jaywalk in front of me with impunity, forcing me to mash the brakes. There has been a murder and a fire (arson suspected) within a two-week time period. Because the apartment is adjacent to my backlot, I cannot even put my dog in the backyard because of the feral ghetto ponies (pitbulls) that are barely tethered and occassionally escape their leashes.

Rap music, rumbling bass, is audible day and night. Gas stations are rally points and hangouts for rival factions of local gangs. Whites sheepishly hang their heads and pass, hoping that their Obama stickers can ward off an attack, clinging to their liberalism as if it were a garlic-draped amulet to ward off black vampires. And as for the other whites...oh, those are the metally colonized, backwards hat wearing, deracinated wiggers who will hopefully one day realize that they have made themselves into the slaves of a slave race.

Muhammad Ali once said that "no Vietcong ever called me nigger." Fair enough, but no Taliban or al-Qaeda ever called me cracker. I regret my service in the military because it was an unnecessary war, but even if it had been for the preservation of our society, it would have been a wasted effort. Remember the black football player who proudly proclaimed that he didn't say the pledge of allegiance, specifically because he was black? Blacks are and will always be a fifth column, a seditious sleeper cell more dangerous than any Islamic rabble rousers.

To whoever inherits this Gomorrah and when I am interred in some cemetary, whether you are Latinos, Muslims, or the Chinese, here's a bit of advice: when you see the remaining descendants of Jessie and Al with their hands out, smack it down.

FoxSnooze.com said...

Regarding "gentrification."

Blacks who oppose gentrification should keep in mind that the neighborhoods they occuply were once White. The displacement of Whites with blacks could be considered "reverse gentrification."

White people are simply reclaiming what they once dominated.

Anonymous said...

Few questions: 1) Does the exhibit remind that it was their African "brothers & sisters" that sold them to the traders in the first place? 2) How much of our tax dollars went to pay for this exhibit? 3) Is the imprint of Ho's, Pimps and Baby Dadddys properly represented?

S.A.Dutchman said...

Someone should produce a satire-video using only mug-shots.

Anonymous said...

Negroes seem to be unaware of their shortcomings, and it appears that this people are living in the dream world created funded and supported by DWLs.

The truth is that many races have ignorant people; however the Negroes numbers are disproportionately higher than that of other races, as government statistics clearly demonstrate. (Refer to the, U.S. Department of Education and US Census Bureau)

The Negroes will continue to be under achievers, until all other races both recognize and proclaim that Negroes simply lack the intellectual capacity to compete in modern day society. (See: Africa)

The Negroes struggle will indeed be more pronounced if all other races fail to edify the Negroes to their disparity in culture and intellectual pursuits, (See: U.S. Department of Education) by continuing to give these people the false hope of parity, we only add to their frustration, which in turn only serves to increase their resentment; nearly everyone but the Negro seems to understand that they lack the capabilities’ most people take for granted and therefore function at the most rudimentary level that society has to offer. (See: Haiti, Jamaica, or any other place blacks rule)

Anonymous said...

"by continuing to give these people the false hope of parity, we only add to their frustration, which in turn only serves to increase their resentment;"

Thank You! Well stated!!

Anonymous said...

This really says it all:


Anonymous said...

If you can't earn it, steal it - so says the leader of BRA:


Anonymous said...

Blacks are the terrorists here in America.

Anonymous said...

"no Taliban or al-Qaeda ever called me cracker"

Oh, that's good, I'm gonna use that. Any white guy who is stupid enough to join the ground forces deserves to have his legs blown off. He's fighting for a regime, regardless of what party runs the Whitehouse and Congress, that considers the annihilation of all his kind its highest moral goal.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are the terrorists here in America.

Like the Crips and Bloods, black terrorism is American made.

SBPDL, let this through because it is a somewhat interesting correlation I've seen on this website. And, if I may, I'd like to bring it up.

Hirsch's anecdote about the ghetto he lives in has got me to thinking...

I've noticed that most whites on here, the ones who actually have contact with tangible black people, have contact with 'ghetto' blacks. Because of this, they say all blacks behave in that way. But is that really accurate?

I live in a diverse neighborhood in Las Vegas and we have several white families living on my street (my next door neighbors are friendly white people). Most people on the street are minority, but this is blacks, Latinos, and Asians in equal measure. I don't live in the ghetto, although a trailer 'community' is not far from my neighborhood--but those are white people.

To get to the point, if you live in the ghetto, you are going to encounter people exhibiting ghetto behavior. But if you lived in my neighborhood or other middle to upper class neighborhoods with blacks, you would have a different outlook.

I think the problem is that most of the white people who come on here are poorer, maybe less intelligent, and live in the ghetto with other colors just like them. That tends to be how it is. But you cannot paint with a broad brush; you need to experience others. The ghetto that Joseph describes sounds horrible but what do you expect? It's a ghetto...

I think this is why white liberals have positive experiences with blacks because they tend to be richer and if blacks live near them or come into contact with them, they are not ghetto blacks.

Just saying...

Midwestern said...

" the ones who actually have contact with tangible black people, have contact with 'ghetto' blacks. Because of this, they say all blacks behave in that way."

Diarrhea, you really are a stupid, stupid moron.

I live near ghetto blacks AND AAA/welfare/taxpayer propped-up "middle-class" blacks who work for the government or factories. In my life I know or have known a catholic former black attorney general and her business owner husband, a black attorney in a prominent law firm, a black politician, a black graphic designer, several black teachers and professors, two black law professors, a black preacher, a black Museum director, a black art curator, a black small chemical business owner, a black potter/artist and a black grandmother who is 89 and raised 20 children in the ghetto.

While I do respect a few of them for rejecting ghetto black culture, learning to control their impulsive behaviors, becoming educated and civilized by white standards, they have only done so by rejecting black culture for the most part. They are ALL very sympathetic to the black ghetto, however, and ALL still mingle with many black friends and relatives who are ghetto blacks. They all voted for Mein Obama and suport programs and welfare for blacks. They work hard to be accepted by whites, most live in white neighborhoods away from other blacks, but for the most part, they are very different from me, are all liberals, love Obama, and can become loud and ghetto when in the right environment.

They all harp on and on about the plight of blacks, the black "agenda", all are black separatists in theory, but mostly like to hob nob with whites. A few of the attorneys date white women and have black wives.

All like the terrible two Sharpton and Jackson, all attend black segregated churches except for the two Catholics, all are hostile toward the police, none give money to the Negro charities, all send their kids to private schools away from ghetto blacks, and they ALL believe the insane black mythology tales of crack and AIDS being invented to wipe out the black race. They all think that racism is a huge problem in America, They don't like African immigrants, and all the women have processed hair or extensions. They are all hypocrites and race apologists, in my opinion. I don't trust them as far as I could throw them. I know that if it came down to life or death, they would choose blacks.

Oh yes, and they all think YT is the problem with the world, even though YT is the reason they have found success in the white corporate world.

So ghetto blacks are different from uppity Negroes in some ways, but deep down, they are still race hustlers and black apologists, and very sympathetic to the black victicrats and suspicious of YT. They seem to hate blacks at the same time. Funny!

Midwestern said...

Oh yes, forgot to mention that I worked in retail in college, as an assistant manager, and the blacks were the only ones to steal, act suspiciously, and use stolen credit cards. We have all had the experience of shopping with blacks.

I experience black "middle-class" people at movie theaters and events in the park and they act like morons - talking loudly on cell phones, their 30 kids running wild, they talk constantly through the movie and segregate themselves from everyone else. I used to be a server at Applebees restaurant in college, and the blacks would jump from table to table, not tip, act like idiots, return their food and drinks on a whim, get into loud verbal disagreements, and sometimes walk out on their check.

I hate to have to tell you this, but white people are sick of black behavior. We all have a few black people we know who are tolerable and often, enjoyable to be around. These blacks do not make a big deal about being black, and everyone can just be human and socialize or conduct business. Most blacks, however, are black first, always have an agenda with whites, have an attitude from hell, a chip on their shoulder, and they cannot let you forget their victim status. They will never just be happy to be alive in America instead of being a slave in Africa. They want to live in both worlds, and this is not possible.

Whites are tired of being forcefully "diversified" with sheltered, government protected, entitled blacks. We are tired of black criminality, and the refusal of more intelligent blacks to denounce and fight it publically. We are tired of having our hard-earned money taken from us to support a group of people who are seething with hatred for us.

We are tired of being blamed for black people's laziness, neglect, underachievement, poverty, and station in life.

You don't get this, because you have been told that blacks are the greatest thing since sliced bread. You are told that white people love and need you, both not true. Whites don't want this message forced down our throats, because our personal experience with blacks tells us otherwise.

missbosslady said...


Just what exactly is a "tangible" black person, and what would be an intangible black person?

Better yet, do you even know what the word tangible means?

Anonymous said...

"I've noticed that most whites on here, the ones who actually have contact with tangible black people, have contact with 'ghetto' blacks."

That's because most blacks are "ghetto blacks", they just don't always show it.

Thus the phrase "You can take the negro out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the negro".

Anonymous said...

"Just saying..."....

....is one of the latest terms in ghetto slang. I have heard more than one black woman adding this to the end of every sentence she speaks. It has replaced "noamsayin" as a useless, meaningless piece of negro dialect.

“I’m just sayin’ . . .” is related to the phrase “all’s I’m saying.” The phrases are used to convey innuendo and opinion which is not supported by fact or eyewitnesses. It’s a subtle way of disagreeing with what someone else has said. The phrase sends the message that the person making an editorial comment doesn’t want to be held responsible for the consequences or the proof to support his opinion."

So in other words, classic Diarrhea.

Anonymous said...

I forced myself to sit through the video clip of "America: I Am," and will now pose a question: Why is it that Black history can't stand on its own? Why does it inevitably have to include oppression by Whitey? Aren't there enough historical contributions from the African continent to merit Negro history without mention of the white man? Well, the answer is obvious "no." Black history is not, and cannot stand on its own and apart from European-descended people. If it wasn't for Europeans, there would be ZERO black history...after all, how many accolades can mud-hut villages and cannabalism merit?????

EARTH said...

to Desiree

Hirsch said...

Desi wants some attention, so I'll give it to her. As to the insinuation that I'm poor (or that the neighborhood where I live is bad) she missed the point entirely. It is an upper-middle class enclave that, thanks to the trickle-down effects of gentrification, has been ruined by one square block of blacks. The section eight houses were retrofitted from a senior citizens home.

It's rather ironic to think that in the pre-antebellum period women of Desi's tone would have been worth as much as $4000; I'd be willing to bet her net worth today is less than the price she would have fetched at auction.

Anonymous said...

Why is Desiree Back?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

She lobbed up a softball and I was hoping a few people would hit it out of the park.

An occasional cameo by Desiree is needed. Sometimes she says something that needs to be refuted, so I let it through.

Anonymous said...

if it wasnt for conservative ideal of deregulation maybe the corporations wouldn't have outsourced millions of jobs and be able to have offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes and then these black folk and poor white folk could get jobs besides dennys, wal mart, and strip clubs without having to invest thousands into college. im a moderate who's on both sides of this issue.

Anonymous said...

"I don't live in the ghetto, although a trailer 'community' is not far from my neighborhood--but those are white people."
I hope that these privileged people in this 'community' had the chance to attend the White Privilege Conference in Minnesota this week.


Anonymous said...


Let this through as well. I will say, how revealing it is that you won't let me comment on the blog UNLESS I deliver things you think the rednecks will be able to 'refute'. OMG, you revealed SO MUCH without saying much...

@ Midwestern:

I was unsure if I was going to be censored but I ignored every letter of your screed following your use of 'Diarrhea'. By the way, you must be giving redundancy one hell of a workout with the 'stupid moron' bit!

I'll just say this, though: you were obviously upset by my insinuation that you lived in the ghetto. I should tell you that in another thread on this blog, you described where you lived, which sounded like a ghetto to me.

Don't blame me just because you are ghetto white trash and I'm upper-middle class living in a quiet, safe, and DIVERSE neighborhood.

@ missbosslady:

Just what exactly is a "tangible" black person, and what would be an intangible black person?

Better yet, do you even know what the word tangible means?

Of course I know what 'tangible' means. And in my saying 'tangible' with reference to black people, I mean not something from your imagination to make a point. And since most of you people are poor Tea Partyers, that is usually a 'ghetto' black.

I'll throw you a bone, though: I don't like ghetto blacks either. Thank God the majority of blacks aren't like them (remember, I'm black, and I've encountered more blacks than you have, including ghetto blacks, and you're stereotyping).

@ Hirsch:

I'm sorry you live in the ghetto. That being said, it is a common tactic of housing authorities to place those on assistance in different neighborhoods instead of creating a section of the city where these people reside all together. It is a good plan to put welfare recipients in richer neighborhoods; this is very important, especially for the children.

If it bothers you to be around people struggling to survive, I suggest moving, maybe to Las Vegas. Our ghettos--which I'm assuming will be what you can afford--are very nice, much nicer than Eastern US slums. You can come to my neighborhood on occasion and see how we belonging to the 'other half' live, not to mention how races 'coexist' in perfect harmony.

And, you are right: my net worth is low. I don't pay taxes, I live with my parental unit and her husband, and I've never worked. I do, however, have a life insurance policy that is about $20,000 but I don't know how that figures into net worth...

Hirsch said...

Our chunky mulatto (price $4000, circa 1850) should have taken her sister's advice, posted in an earlier entry; Desi managed to contradict herself rather quickly in this last comment. First she admits that the ghetto is being liberally peppered in better neighborhoods: "It is a good plan to put welfare recipients in richer neighborhoods."

But in the next sentence she lapses back into incomprehensibility, saying not that I live in a nice neighborhood where some ghetto dwellers have been imported, but that I am poor and living in the ghetto. Oh, well. Dementia is a byproduct of obsession, and as Jessica (her sister) stated, she is obsessed with SBPDL, despite all of her protests to the contrary.

Try not to stare at the screen too hard, big girl. It'll make your eyes bloodshot.

missbosslady said...

Desiree said....

"remember, I'm black,"

Ha ha, as if you would ever let anyone forget! That's hilarious. Of course, that is probably the crux of your problem, you see everything through your myopic colored lens. How very one dimensional of you.

Desiree also said...

"and you're stereotyping" Again, this is hilarious, first because I did no such thing, and second because you made this statement right after doing exactly that! - "And since most of you people are poor Tea Partyers"

You are obviously a clown, unfortuantely you live in a world where no one is allowed to say that to your face lest you run screaming for your attorney, of course, at the end of the day, since you're never confronted with your ludicrous conduct you never learn a life lesson. Pretty sure this is what this whole site is about, and it's pretty funny that you don't even get that!

But, my favorite part is where you claim that you are upper middle class, then claim you've never worked and live with your mother, which means you are no where near upper anything. Your a bottom feeder, a taker, a non-contributor and by virtue of such your opinion has little or no value.

Jeffrey of Troy said...

The former city of Detroit...

Anonymous said...

@ Missbosslady:

This might not be published but here goes.

But, my favorite part is where you claim that you are upper middle class, then claim you've never worked and live with your mother, which means you are no where near upper anything. Your a bottom feeder, a taker, a non-contributor and by virtue of such your opinion has little or no value.

I guess something failed to register with you. I am a college student and, therefore, I have the option of working while attending university or of going to school full-time. I've chosen the latter because I can.

Because we are upper middle class, I do not have to 'contribute' to my household and we will still have money. Don't fault me because I'm still in the 'teenage' stage of life and can do this.

What were you saying again...? Oh yes, you were blabbing away about those intangible blacks.

Dissident said...

"Why is Desiree Back? "

Because, much like a yeast infection, jock itch, or hemorrhoid flare up, she just keeps coming back. Can't seem to get rid of her, which is typical of the parasitical classes of people.

As much as she despises the white race, she knows that she needs us to survive.

It's a love-hate relationship with blacks. They love the white mans tax money, but they hate our culture and our rules. They love our work ethic, because it sustains their lifestyles of entitlement and riotous living and slothful ways.

Desiree and her racial brethren can't leave whiteys side, because they know full well that it would be the demise of BRA, free meals, section 8 housing, welfare, etc..

Midwestern said...


You may not know that Desiree especially hates white women. You are new here, but she really has it in for us! We constantly taunt her with our silky locks and natural beauty. White women have a natural innocence that white men honor and protect and this drives her completely insane. Desiree believes that the white woman is placed on a pedestal by our society, and she really hates that. She believes that we need to be knocked down to her level. We hear about it quite often here at SBDL - it is truly a thorn in her side.

Desiree is very frustrated with her black features, her earthen skin, her crinkly hair, the lack of interest from black men, and she has not learned to love herself like we have. She is full of rage and envy.

You are only encouraging her jealousy, and she will lash out at you because you are a sacred and protected white woman.

Midwestern said...

"Because we are upper middle class, I do not have to 'contribute' to my household and we will still have money...yada yada yada I despise myself yada yada yada...."

SBPDL, you have truly slipped! We trusted that you were going to ban this pest, but you have not, and never will. I know she draws ratings for you, but give us a break! You really cannot block her, you like the controversy she creates and the 110 comments (and growing) on each entry. We have had enough of the black victimologist perspective, OK? We get it in our every day lives.

We don't care about the educated feminist Desiree and her "black middle class status" and "higher income" and "educated parents" and her "white friends", etc. She is out of touch with her people the truly "authentic blacks" whom she despises.

You should be more concerned with the comfort of your loyal followers.


Midwestern said...

"An occasional cameo by Desiree is needed. Sometimes she says something that needs to be refuted, so I let it through."

Are you sure about this? It is quite a turnoff really. You are only looking for higher ratings. We have already refuted every point, including the ones that you have let through again and again.

Can we please move on now?

Anonymous said...

If there are any black people currently posting on this site, could you explain why many blacks feel it's just fine to cheat and "game" a poor white person (possibly poorer than most blacks...and disabled) apparently just because that person has light skin? I used to be very liberal and I try to treat everyone as decently as possible, whatever their race. I have seen and received the nastiest, most malicious treatment from ghetto blacks, even though we share the same/similar lifestyle. When I have had black friends, they were always warning me about OTHER blacks: "Don't trust them" and so on, "don't leave your bag in the other room - don't you know there's niggas around here" (and no, this wasn't a joke, either.) When blacks do get comfortable with me, out comes more prejudice against their own race than I've heard from any skinhead. So, anyway, why do so many blacks - who say all they want is acceptance - treat white people who DO accept them like absolute scum...or act in such a way that no one (including other blacks) could possibly accept them? (By unacceptable actions, I mean general dishonesty, the "life is a game...do anything to win...and always make sure other people lose!" attitude, constant high noise level, aggression/"looking for a fight...any fight", pushing to the head of the line...hey, you all know the drill.)
The only thing that can come out of all that is more prejudice, more hating on all sides. I am very wary of black folks now, but I didn't start out that way.

Dissident said...

To anon @ 2:43:

Congratulations!! It sounds as if you've finally acknowledged what this site has been saying for over two years. Blacks have no love affair with whites, except what they can extract from us in the form of giveaways and freebies.

I hope that you have officially renounced your liberalism...I hope.

Personally...I don't think that anyone starts out hating other races, but then reality sets in; doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

White people are the only thing keeping the Negroes on this planet alive. Asian nations couldn't care less about the welfare of Africans.
Imagine what would happen if White people simply stopped all economic dealings with Negroes, separated and protected themselves so that Negroes could no longer live parasitically off of them, and ended all food & medical donations to Africa. The Negroid race would, for all intents and purposes, simply cease to exist (after a short period of Black-on-Black cannibalism).
White people abort their own children, but continue to feed the starving millions in Africa so that they continue to reproduce. Nature has selected this inferior race for EXTINCTION, but stupid White people continue to stubbornly keep these people alive!