Monday, April 25, 2011

McDonald's 365Black Transvestite Attack in Baltimore Not the Original Transvestite Moment at McDonald's

Boycott 365Black at McDonald's
In all the fun over this past week's racial transgendered beat down of a white girl dude by a group of enraged Black women at McDonald's, we failed to mention a past moment of hilarity that included two of three elements already cited.

The racial transgendered (Disingenuous White Liberals in the news have changed the narrative to fit the agenda of a small minority, instead of a continually dispossessed shrinking majority) beat down in Baltimore was not the first occurrence of convergence where the strange combination of Black people, McDonald's and Transvestites resulted in disaster.

From the annals of Stuff Black People Don't Like, we present Memphis Transvestites. Back in 2007, three Black transvestites found that a closing McDonald's ran counter to their plan of devouring pre-365Black food:
Things got a little out of order after three hungry transvestites found their service at a Memphis McDonald's drive-thru unsatisfactory. The three, er, men, tried to get the manager's attention by tapping on the drive-thru window, and when they were ignored, decided to grab a tire iron and go inside and throw a supersize tantrum.

That's when things got ugly.

As any good cross-dressers would, the three began to kick off stiletto boots (to better keep their balance while swinging), remove hoop earrings (no danger of having them yanked out), and take off their jackets (less restriction of movement) in order to deliver a McWhoopin' on the staff.

The manager retaliated with a pot of scalding French-fry grease. When all was said and done, one worker was sent to the hospital by ambulance, windows were smashed, and the three trannies escaped before the police arrived.
You always hear or read of people saying, "It's 2011." Thereby, all types of behavior - once deemed deviant and unhealthy - are now tolerated. How could anyone be stuck in 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or even 1990s thinking (this hilarious scene from Ace Ventura could never be filmed today, because it would infuriate a small sector of society and inevitably lead to a boycott of the film)?

{I was reading the comments section, and want to address one point quickly: This is Stuff Black People Don't Like. That's it. Search the archives. We do not discuss religion, sexual orientation or abortion. I'm sure there are people who visit this site that hold views anathema to other visitors. I know there are Christians, Jews, and Hindus who post here. There are Homosexuals and people who are radically opposed to Homosexuals. This website is SBPDL. Nothing more; nothing less.}

Because of the progression of time, attitudes should change. High rates of Black crime and the high levels of Black dysfunctional were never discussions tolerated, sadly, in any time period.

Instead of protesting McDonald's for the racial transgendered beat down of a white female male by a bunch of Black women thinking they were watching Denzel Washington kiss Julia Roberts (yet another Black dude going for a white chick and spurning Black women), this story has become grounds for rallying around transgendered rights:
Advocates for transgender rights are planning a rally outside a McDonald's in Maryland where an attack against a transgender woman that was caught on video took place.
The rally condemning the attack is set for 7 p.m. Monday outside the restaurant in Baltimore County.

The video posted online shows a woman being beaten and then apparently having a seizure. Baltimore County police say a 14-year-old girl has been charged as a juvenile and an 18-year-old woman, Teonna Monae Brown, faces assault charges in the case.

The victim, 22-year-old Chrissy Lee Polis, says she's the victim of a hate crime. Polis says before she was attacked, one teen said Polis was a man using the women's restroom and accused Polis of talking to her man.
Despite the plethora of documented moments - that show why all races move away from the Black Undertow - transpiring at Denny's, IHOP, Burger King and especially at 365Black McDonald's, the only people daring to protest the horrific attack of a white female male by a bunch of Black women could have been extras in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.

They have the right idea. Though Black transvestites in Memphis destroyed a McDonald's back in 2007 and had hot fry grease thrown at them in a failed bid to ward them off, the initial boycotting of the Baltimore McDonald's is a huge moment to reflect upon.

Stop eating at McDonald's. The entire marketing campaign has long been predicated upon enticing Black patrons to spend their money under the Golden Arches. You'll feel healthier a week after you stop eating food from a restaurant that values diversity above all other worldly pursuits.

What happened in Baltimore between a bunch of Black girls and a white female male was entirely uncalled for, but with the development that the she is a he takes on a whole new dimension. The DWL-led rainbow coalition is breaking apart.
Not only the McDonald's in Baltimore, but all McDonald's should be avoided and boycotted. The 365Black marketing strategy is emblematic of the type of clientele the restaurant is aiming for, and, thanks to the advent of technology that made Rodney King a star, we all have a chance to see this behavior on YouTube, and other online venues.

This Web site is Stuff Black People Don't Like. That's all we'll talk about.  Join us in boycotting McDonald's and its 365Black campaign, not because of one attack on a she he by truculent Black women, but because of a long chain of abuses perpetrated by truculent Black people that finally culminated in the beating of this white dude, who looks like a lady.

Boycott McDonald's and boycott 365Black. Many thanks to those who sent in graphic designs for our boycott. If others wish to join in the fun, E-mail them to

Thanks are due to the writer of the Web site for Unamusementpark for the graphic asking WTF is 365Black? Check out their site. When you think about it, a more fitting marketing strategy for a restaurant couldn't be created by the fine people at The Onion.

365Black wonderfully captures McDonald's.


Anonymous said...

Would you like a side order of McNigger with your McRib?

White Devil said...

I haven't eaten McDonald's for years, save the smoothie I bought a few weeks ago(and even that sugar laden crap wasn't worth the money) - they will never get another dime from me again.

It's amazing the corporate leadership at McDonald's threw their lot in with the African population. What positive outcome do they envision by attracting Africans to the steaming pile of dog-shit that is the golden arches?

It truly is pandering in its most perverted form. Just like the NBA is hemorrhaging White patronage, so shall McDonald's due to the racial line it so proudly and arrogantly drew.

McDonald's fries refuse to decompose - it's too bad the degenerate ghetto black culture refuses to do the same.

Anonymous said...

The only thing McDonald’s understand is money, or the lack of money thereof.

I have called McDonald’s and expressed my outrage and sent them a note on their website. By embracing this 365 black culture they’re condoning this type of behavior and I’ve let them know that.

I avoid fast food chains and dining out for the most part. It’s no good for your health and waistline and it costs too much. I dine at home. I also avoid IHOP, Denny’s and other chains that attract these monsters.

I was with my hubby for date night Saturday night at a yuppie enclave restaurant. Saw very little blacks and the ones that were there I’m sure knew better to act like idiots. As we left the restaurant (there’s a nightclub next door), there were 4 cop cars outside the restaurant and security everywhere. I like that. That ensures that these type of sheboons not only wouldn’t come into those establishments but would be arrested and hogtied if they pulled that type of shit.

Once again as a white separatist I avoid black people like the plague. If I see a group of black men or women I get away from them as soon as possible. I also avoid eye contact with the pet darkies. Any perceived insult to their fragile asses could create a shitstorm. But then again, I’m not afraid of these people.

This is one white woman who wouldn’t back down. Ever.

Porter said...

Sometimes the subtle garnishments are the wittiest. I laughed at an earlier post where you mentioned “The Department of Justice (sic)” and now again with your graphic mocking McDonald’s 365black statement of purpose regarding “African American culture and achievement (sic).” Sic indeed.

It reminds me of the time I wrote to a fairly prominent “conservative” columnist in response to his hagiography of blacks related to their history month. His paraphrased conclusion was that America would be unrecognizable without the achievements and contributions of African Americans.

I fulsomely praised his keen insight and agreed that certainly America would be unrecognizable without their contributions: unrecognizably beautiful, safe, and prosperous. I noted that some of the most unrecognizable places would be Detroit, South Chicago, Memphis, and East (make that all) St. Louis. Though I did concede that employment prospects for prison guards, social workers, rap music executives, and fake gold jewelry craftsmen would suffer in the absence of black “achievement.”

Well you can imagine my consternation when he responded—in a most icy and querulous tone—saying he plainly meant that black contributions had been positive and that America would have been unrecognizably worse without them. He then went so far as to impugn my character with insinuations—if not outright accusations—of racism(!) Yes, I gasped aloud as well.

At any rate, now thoroughly chastened I sheepishly penned a brief reply: “Oh my goodness, I had no idea that’s what you meant. Don’t I feel foolish. Happy Black History Month.”

missbosslady said...

I sent a quick note to Mickey D's this morning. I don't patronize McD often, but will never again spend another dime in one of their establishments.

In my note I took the time to point out the obvious,that McD's would likely suffer if only 12% of the population were their clientele.

So be it. You reap what you sow Mickey D's!

Anonymous said...

Whites have been "boycotting" McD's for years, that's why it's gone 365 black. Notice that you don't see this kind of behavior at the Soup and Salad shop.

Dissident said...

I too have sent Ronald and his patronizing pimps a nasty note reminding them of their overt bias and complicity in pandering to a specific racial group.

I'm sure they won't give a rat's @$$, but I let them know nonetheless!

I'm constantly amazed at how they pander to the minority and risk alienating the largest most affluent demographic groups? What are they thinking?

Next, they'll be marketing to pedophiles and cross-dressers?

Everyone on this blog should send them a reminder that they are disenfranchising their most affluent customer; maybe that's a good thing on second thought!

Karen S said...

A good adage that was passed on to me is:
"If you see Black, Don't Go Back!"
Ergo, when Chrysler decided to actively seek the black market, we stopped purchasing Chrysler products. We have always had a Jeep in this house; Chrysler lost out on the sale of six Jeeps in the last 5 years; and pretty much every house in our cul-de-sac also boycotted.

We canceled our Allstate Insurance, etc.

As soon as McD's went dark, we never went back.

It's an interesting marketing strategy: grovel for black $$, a minority market, at the expense of your majority market.


Pretty hilarious that Chris(sy)-criminal with a long rap sheet-Polis is trying to get protection as a transgender under 'hate crime' statutes.

God, why doesn't little Chrissy admit he is a sociopathic criminal who loves attention and that fight started because he was a boy in the girls' bathroom? No one was hitting on him like he claims. He is CRAZY.

I can tell you how it went blow-by-blow (no pun intended) before the camera started rolling:

1. Chris went into the ladies' restroom;
2. LaShonda and Taleequa noticed his five o' clock shadow and bulge and told him he shouldn't be in the ladies' restroom because HE'S A DUDE (this is what you call 'breaking a social norm'--Sociology 101);
3. Being a tranny, Chris felt he was entitled to use the ladies' restroom;
4. TWO OPTIONS THAT COULD'VE HAPPENED NEXT: (a) all three 'girls' got into an argument OR (b) Chris called someone a name and started chicken-necking (check the video--Chris has a ghetto white girl in him!)...

Well, not exactly a hate crime. He was not beat up because he was a gay transgender or because he was white. He was beat up because the literal girls got TOO HEATED at his provocation. Those dumb cunts should have stopped (shakes head); dude was DOWN! (I say the same thing about those cops who beat Rodney King.)

I mean, come on, Chris! And now he's just eating this fanfare up like a typical sociopath.

And NOTICE how he's not saying it was because he was WHITE!

So why is the a SBPDL again? Most of the readers are conservative, anti-gay rights white people who wouldn't give two squirrel shits if Chris the Criminal was beaten up by white girls. Hypocrites.


Because it's ALL ABOUT PIGMENT with you people.

Damn! You got to love America.

BTW, SBPDL... only older black women care if "DANZELL!" kisses white women. Black people are much more sexually egalitarian than whites.

A funny paradox is that white racists hate black guys more than ANYTHING because most white women CRAVE black men--maybe not to marry but to screw--yet you feel the need to rub it in CEBFs (?) faces that white girls and black guys shack up?

LOL! Talk about double talk. Which is it? I thought the archetypical Black Man was enemy numero uno? Get it together!

~AV~ said...

HOO HOO HOOO! Apparently the McNigger has a PRIOR on randomly attacking and fighting with people at the same McDonalds.

Last time was a 38 year old women with daughter in tow!

Brother Anonymous said...


Regarding posters like Pigment...

Seriously, a third grade arithmetic problem instead of a captcha should do the trick.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I've always wondered what would happen if I didn't require all comments to be approved, no screen question, etc.

I think the comments section would become a mess of racial pejoratives, links to insane web sites, and Desiree posting her thesis.

If it could be done, I'd require a two-minute Wonderlic Test. Maybe a Breathalyzer Test too.

~AV~ said...

to Karen who said: ""If you see Black, Don't Go Back!"
Ergo, when Chrysler decided to actively seek the black market, we stopped purchasing Chrysler products. We have always had a Jeep in this house; Chrysler lost out on the sale of six Jeeps in the last 5 years; and pretty much every house in our cul-de-sac also boycotted."

That was my approach...when I saw every Honda turned into a ghetto mobile...I soon relaized...that the ghtetto gansta's would have to STEAL parts from the foolish whites who continued to buy the car of choice of black thieving thugs...

MY rule...if a black worships it and worst covets something...stay the fuck away...


I've noticed whites gave up owning tennis shoes that led to their mugging, sports jersys, etc...and I am sure we could come up with a list of similar "THANGS" blacks worship and are willing to go to jail their pursuit of "FUBU" quest of white rejected shit...

Spunkmeyer said...

Even though you could easily segway SBPDL into related right-wing coverage of immigration, the JQ, etc, I am still glad that you are making this a one issue site operation. SBPDL can easily stand and generate content (perhaps too much) on its own, and covering only this will not only not exclude anyone, but it will also overall be more effective attacking just one leg that the DWLs stand on instead of spreading it out on all of them. I even think BRA can fall just by successfully attacking and destroying (exposing and normalizing) this issue alone, so keep up the great work.

On the topic of McDonalds, I now won't even stop there when I am doing 3-hour commutes. The last straw was finding out that they inject that high fructose corn syrup into literally every component of the food they give you. Here is a popular lecture that was recently discussed in NYT about how poisonous and toxic sugar really is:

Anonymous said...

I live in Baltimore and while it took a few days the s**t is really hitting the fan over this one. Regardless of one's racial or political views I think a turning point of sorts has finally been reached.

Anonymous said...

Please read "Racism Schmacism" by James Edwards. A truly great read for SBPDL fans. Makes a great Christmas gift for all of your liberal friends.

White Devil said...

"A funny paradox is that white racists hate black guys more than ANYTHING because most white women CRAVE black men"

You fool, your wisdom is only surpassed by your ignorance, AAP ... oops, I mean Desiree.

Below are the results of a most recent dating study focusing on interracial dating, conducted by none other than ultra liberal UC, Berkeley.

Read it and weep, troll.

I could never feel inferior to the African - I view the vast majority of them exactly how they should be viewed: like low IQ savages, cursed by nature to commit crime and destroy, a people who have quite literally contributed nothing to the advancement of human thought, knowledge or science.

There is a case-study the size of a continent, i.e., Africa. It goes FAR beyond pigment you nincompoop.

What White girl, with a strong father figure in her life, would squander her natural beauty, her cultural, biological and genetic heritage, to an African??

Disconnect yourself from the boobtube - you have a skewed version of reality.

The Engineer said...


Why do you keep reminding me that this blog is "all about pigment"? Isn't the name of the blog "Stuff BLACK PEOPLE Don't Like"?

I actually googled "stuff black people don't like" because I was planning my vacation and that's how I found this site. Black people don't like boats and they don't like camping ... they also don't like spelunking.

So yes, it is all about pigment. Now what? What exactly is your problem?

Stephen said...

Dear All About Pigment, below is a passage from the book White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party aka one of the biggest racists to ever live.

"If Black men are simply White men with dark skins, then it would be stupid and wicked bigotry to discriminate against Black men.

If there is NO OTHER difference between White men and Black men than skin color, if there are no differences of mind or character, then everything the liberals and race-mixers preach would be true.

Just as it would be insane and wicked to hate and discriminate against people with red hair, so it would be insanity and wickedness to discriminate against a man born with a dark skin - IF the dark skin is the ONLY difference.

There would be no excuse for not admitting Negroes at once to full equality with White men, including the complete right to marry and breed with our women, if they are really equal.

But if there ARE differences of mind and character between the Negro and White man, in addition to skin color, and if the Negro has a lower grade mind and major character defects as a whole race, then it is the height of wickedness and insanity to pollute our White Race with these low-grade traits of mind and character.

The Negro question is thus not a question of philosophy, but of fact.

If, as the Communists and egalitarian liberals contend, Negroes are the same as White people, except for skin color, then I am indeed a hate-monger, a bigot, and a wicked man for fighting race-mixing as hard as we do.

But if the race of Negroes is, as a matter of FACT, INFERIOR, then it is the other way around and the liberals, Communists and egalitarians are the wicked poisoners of a million years of White evolution and breeding."

Is that clear enough for you or are you going to keep ranting and raving with that tired straw man?

Anonymous said...

Even using a different screen name, Diarrhea writes the same old garbage.


To White Devil:


Where do you live? An all-white hicktown or a metropolitan city? Not that it should be taken as a microcosm of all trends but all of my white friends have been with black and all of my black friends have been with white. We are not talking 'online dating', here. We're talking in-person, the REAL world.

It is getting pretty hard not to find a white woman who has not 'had' black, if you get my drift. Whether the white girl has a father or not. KEEP DREAMING in that bunker of yours; you're stuck in 1950 (and even then white women were screwing black guys)!

The point is that SBPDL has highlighted the hypocrisy of the white racist. The Black Man is hated unless he is used to make a point against the Black Woman (think: SBPDL's future attack against CEBFs for NOTHING ELSE but being 'jealous' (?)). I've seen on this website white women tell black women that black women are 'just mad' (?) that black guys like white girls more (which is not true, BTW).

But I thought you HATED the Black Man due to his PIGMENT? WTF?! It's interesting because I heard that the majority of the consumers of black man-white woman porn are SOUTHERN WHITE MALES. Freaky, LOL!

"I could never feel inferior to the African - I view the vast majority of them exactly how they should be viewed: like low IQ savages, cursed by nature to commit crime and destroy, a people who have quite literally contributed nothing to the advancement of human thought, knowledge or science."

And what exactly have YOU contributed in terms of human thought, knowledge, or science? Or are you just taking credit for other people's accomplishments because they have white skin? Theoretically, almost all black people in the US have white blood, too; they could also take the credit of dead white guys as well.

I, PIGMENT, have hereby taken the credit of contributions to the world of all the great RUSSIAN scientists, mathematicians, orators, and writers, thinkers, doers, movers, and shakers!

What scientific research do you have to back up your claim that black people are BY NATURE more likely to commit crime and destroy?

This is an open forum: supply both your scientific contributions and your studies NOW!

Oh, wait. Is your 'Blacks are more criminal by nature' thesis based on that (cue dumb Southerner voice) "fancy THANKIN' tool" you got between your ears that's blighted with a disease that makes everything ALL ABOUT PIGMENT, White Devil?

What? That's ALL?

*mad scientist hysterical laughter*


*more mad scientist hysterical laughter*

So basically you've got NOTHING and white girls still love BLACK GUYS.

Damn! You totally just lost this one... sucks for you.

Anonymous said...


A two minute Wonderlic or an IQ test is a great idea. That way when someone posts we can see their comment, but next to their name would be their (projected) score.

Using that logic we as a society should go one step further and have IQ tests at the polls to prevent the mentally deficient from voting. But that would be, of course, racist.

Ivan Urkinoff said...

"Because it's ALL ABOUT PIGMENT with you people."


Which pigment is most closely associated with atrocious, irresponsible, self-destructive, anti-social, criminal, uncivilized, sub-human behavior?

Ivan Urkinoff said...

"It is getting pretty hard not to find a white woman who has not 'had' black, if you get my drift."

Diarrhea, you've repeated this claim more times than I can count, yet you've never once backed it up.

Source, por favor.

BTW, aren't you banned?

Anonymous said...

"Where do you live? An all-white hicktown or a metropolitan city?"
I would rather live in an all white hicktown than a metropolitan city and I am not white.

~AV~ said...

GOOD just never ends

Stabbing at National Zoo During African American Family Day

WASHINGTON--D.C. Police tell FOX 5 a teenage boy was stabbed inside the National Zoo in Northwest.

We are told the teen was stabbed several times. EMS received several calls of a stabbing in the vicinity of 2900 block of Connecticut Avenue. The teen was transported as priority one trauma patient.

Easter Monday is traditionally African American Family Day at the National Zoo. Easter Monday has been a Washington-area multicultural tradition that spans more than 100 years.

A witness tells FOX 5 the scen was chaotic as police evacuated the zoo. She says people were stumbling over each other as they ran from the zoo.

More details as they come into the FOX 5 Newsroom.

guess, and guess and guess...what the black bastards used to organize and how the game plan played out...

fucking niggers...strike again...thank GOD we have this website and eyes are opening..we may have time....

Stephen said...

"What scientific research do you have to back up your claim that black people are BY NATURE more likely to commit crime and destroy?

This is an open forum: supply both your scientific contributions and your studies NOW!"

Oh what's the point in giving it to you? You'll just denounce it as "rayciss" anyway. But here goes.

Now before you ignore these books, both of them provide scientific research and references even from "non-racist" resources.

Brother Anonymous said...

"What scientific research do you have to back up your claim that black people are BY NATURE more likely to commit crime and destroy?

This is an open forum: supply both your scientific contributions and your studies NOW!"

Gee, where have we heard that before?

Could it be possible that PIGMENT isn't Desiree, but Snape?

Now that'd be REALLY weird.

White Devil said...

Desiree, I've thumped you many times on this blog - don't make me set the fly paper again.


It is a microcosm of racial realities as they exists - not as you wish them to be. The sample size was one-million people. Your eyes are not lying to you and neither is UC, Berkley.

The fact is: Whites prefer Whites. African Females prefer African males ... surely they are not all ... wait for it ... RACIST!!!

As for African males, they're in a constant state of musth - they don't care where their genitals rub against, be it a man's rectum(we all know about the 'down-low' bruthas), or, a dingy vagina.

Their low IQs allow them to function on the ID and the ID alone; see the U.S. prison population and Africa for the evidence.

I'm currently in a multicultural hell-hole - and yes, I rarely see Whites with Africans. All your alleged White female friends who date black guys have MAJOR issues with their fathers - in most cases, as observed by my experience, these White girls have feminized father figures which, coupled with the constant barrage of Black Fictional Super Heroes, pumped out by the media, leads the girl into the arms of an inferior African - she's, by nature, looking for dominance. They don't realize that African dominance is a manufactured illusion.

Thank God these women are in the extreme minority.

"And what exactly have YOU contributed in terms of human thought, knowledge, or science? Or are you just taking credit for other people's accomplishments because they have white skin"

Do you attack your fellow blacks in this manner when they lay claim to the creation of peanut butter?

White people are an extension - a continuation - of all White achievement, grand and mundane, from the contributions of the intellectual elite, to the contributions the common man.

As for myself, I'm working hard to make my contribution in literature. Maybe I'll make it big, maybe I won't ... either way, I'll utilize and employee the same work-ethic of my forefathers, the work-ethic that typifies my people, the work-ethic that is the antithesis of your people.

"What scientific research do you have to back up your claim that black people are BY NATURE more likely to commit crime and destroy?"

A case-study, Desiree, the size of a continent: Africa.

I think an encore from Hirsch is most appropriate:

"Desiree, you are to this blog what the foul oder is to the sexual act."

Well said, sir.

Anonymous said...

I dated a lot of ladies after my divorce and NEVER met one that could stand black men. When you set up a profile on a dating site it asks you for age and ethnicity of the person you are looking for. Scan thru the profiles and try to find a white woman who desires a black, less than 1 in 50 do then its exclusively blacks only. Then see who the white men desire, never black women, sometimes asians or latinas. I think the "pigment" troll has been watching too much porn, the trashy whites on those sites already have herpes so they make a few bucks at it.

Ivan Urkinoff said...

"Desiree, you are to this blog what the foul oder is to the sexual act."


Dissident said...

It's All About Pigment, aka. Desiree, aka. $hit for brains.

I live in a "hicktown" and not some metropolitan, multicultural, Hell-Hole, and guess what-I like it here!

You wanna' know why I like it here, because I can leave my house unlocked and people are friendly, courteous and I don't have to constantly look over my shoulder and worry about black savages stealing, killing or raping.

Hicktown vs. Metropolitan area........easy choice for me.

My desire is that all blacks leave rural America and return/immigrate to the cities. Leave rural America for the whites and we'll do just fine, thank you.

From a WHITE civil rights activist!

Anonymous said...

Responses to Disarray (masquerading as ALL ABOUT PIGMENT):
"What scientific research do you have to back up your claim that black people are BY NATURE more likely to commit crime and destroy?"

- “How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement?”, A. Jensen, Harvard Educational Review, 1969
- The Bell Curve, Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray (see especially chapter on National Longitudinal Study of Youth)
- Bias in Mental Testing, A. Jensen, 1980
- Crime and Human Behavior, Prof. [Richard] Hernnstein and Prof. [James Q.] Wilson
- "Straight Talk About Mental Tests" (1981), A. Jensen
- "The Raising of Intelligence", Herman Spitz
- “Spearman’s g and the Problem of Educational Equality,” A. Jensen Oxford Review of Education, Vol. 17, No. 2, 1991
- 1982, a panel assembled by the National Academy of Sciences
- "Racial and ethnic differences in psychopathic personality", Professor Richard Lynn
- IQ and Global Inequality, Lynn and Vanhanen
- Scarr-Weinberg adoption study, 1977
- The Minnesota transracial adoption study: A follow-up of IQ test performance at adolescence, Richard A. Weinberg, Sandra Scarr, Irwin D. Waldman

"And what exactly have YOU contributed in terms of human thought, knowledge, or science? Or are you just taking credit for other people's accomplishments because they have white skin?"

Your comment is irrelevant; the point is not about whether I or any individual takes credit, the point is the historical preponderance for innovation, creativity and societal advancement already exhibited by the white race as a whole versus the black race, and most especially its use as a predictor of future performance in support (or otherwise) of that society.

Your mantra that "it is all about pigment" is idiotic. It is a strawman that you are either unable or unwilling to see. As stated before many times, regardless of skin color, what is disgusting about blacks involves their statistically significant majority's low IQ (as a measure of predictability throughout life and adjusted for socioeconomic factors), high impulsivity, victimology mindset, refusal to accept personal responsibility, thievery from productive whites to support their career welfare hustle, their hate-filled envy of whites, their endless blame-game rationalizations, their magical thinking style, their inability to speak the English language, their criminality, their vile, feral, bestial behavior, etc., all documented daily in the pages of SBPDL and elsewhere.

This is getting old, honeychil'. Your refusal to read the literature, your progressive fantasies and narratives in pursuit of reality-avoidance, and your marginal ability to analyze logically what we're saying here (regardless of the occasional poster's angry remarks and sometimes overheated language), is now very predictable and very tiresome. Nobody here enjoys having to cover the same ground with you, over and over and over again, especially when it is now so obviously hopeless that you will ever come up with the mental acumen and/or moral fiber to understand.

~AV~ said...

"What scientific research do you have to back up your claim that black people are BY NATURE more likely to commit crime and destroy?"


Screw that...get down to the real facts...the ones the penal systems provide...

just visit your local jail/prison....

enough data there...and read your local crime reports...hick town and or large city...

crime stats are fact...

Karen S said...

I agree.
We have rejected any product and/or service that is viewed as a "must have" by blacks.

It has paid dividends -- by rejecting most corporate branded crap made in third world sweatshops, we bought Christmas and birthday gifts that were one-of-a-kind items crafted by white artisans. Instead of buying a "Coach" or other type purse, I purchased a hand-sewn bag made my a local saddle maker designed to my specifications.

By rejecting blacks and black culture, our quality of living has gone up, as well as our emotional well being.

I highly recommend living a BFL (Black Free Life) to everyone.

Unknown said...

I find it very funny that whites on this site think all whites are on the same team. News Flash: The whites that really matter (High IQ whites, Elite Whites, and SWPL) either ignore don’t care and openly detest SBPDL type of whites. How many elite white want you guys living in their cities, not many. Many of you are like whiny little kids who a just mad because you angry that elite whites either care for NAMS more than you or Elite whites are not helping you out as they should. This proves that many of you are low quality and low IQ whites because the whites that matter (Don’t’ live near NAMS and for the most part NAMS are invisible to them. Perfect examples are NYC, LA and DC. This environment is majority NAMS but on the average day Elite whites rarely encounter NAms in a meaningful way. There are plenty of places in this country where SBPL's whites can move to and never encounter any NAMs. So what's the problem? If you don’t move to the cities, you will not have to encounter any NAMS and it’s as simple as that. It’s sadistic for SBPDL’ type of whites wanting to move to cities that are controlled culturally and politically by SWPL when you detest these types of whites.

Anonymous said...

@"PIGment" :

The idea that white women desire black men is laughable.

The only whites that I see with blacks (ie: "coal burners") are fat, trashy whites who bottom feed by shacking up with recent prison releasees, because they have been rejected by successful white males.

The majority of white, accomplished women find black men physically repulsive.

My beautiful white, blond, blue-eyed daughters as do their equally beautiful and talented friends are repulsed by black males. However, that doesn't stop predatory black males from continuing to harass them and even attempt to "guilt" them into associating with, and dating, them.

Keep dreaming, PIGment.

Anonymous said...

The idea that DWL that live in NY, LA, etc are somehow "elites" is gut-busting funny. They self-identify as "elite" because the truth is too painful for them to cope with.

My SIL married a self-identified "elite" (NYC born, Columbia educated) and moved to Manhattan. The guy was a complete idiot but very full of himself. The "elites" in environs like NYC and LA are, IMO, even more insecure than blacks. I posit the theory that the reason they congregate in majority-minority cities is so that they can assauge those feelings of inferiority by coddling their pretentious "do-gooder" impulses.

My parents worked overseas, so I had the privilege of being educated in ( White-only, upper income )french language Swiss boarding school, and went on to a very select top tier university, majoring in the "hard" (aka "real") sciences. However, I do not presume to be an "elite", nor do I wish to be associated with the type of self-doubting losers who do self-identify as such.

You are clearly the type of person who can not distinguish between "real" wealth and the illusion of wealth. A few rungs lower, and it's called being "nigger rich".

Your prejudices and biases are extremely funny. Thank you for sharing!

Professor Snape said...

White Devil:

Your rationalizations for why white women date and/or marry black men are specious and reek of patriarchy. Before the feminist movement, white women dated and congressed with black men; in rank from most important to least in terms of Jim Crow measures, whites believed the prevention of white women from having sex with black men was number one.

It is only now that black male/white female couplings are in the mainstream. There are actually American marriage records in the very early 1600s that had white English women and black men marrying each other.

Only in such a segregated society will you see such dating and sexual boundaries! My God, just look, in general, about how some whites are treated when they date blacks (or whoever is the hated group du jour). That stigma alone keeps whites in their "sexual place", so to speak. Can you not even account for that?

Given what I've just described, I think, overall, it is somewhat folklore that black men and white women have a secret passion for each other. However, it is ludicrous to assume that white women who date black men cannot get white men or have some Freudian psychological problem. It is absurd! I see this fallacious argument parroted all over more conservative forums, not to mention the gamut of bashing the white woman's morals, looks, intelligence, etc.

Would you not agree that white men were not yet "castrated" by the feminist movement in the 1800s or first half of the 1900s? I think you would; and, even in these periods, white men were terrified that white women would go off and congress with black men - absolutely terrified! If we want to talk about Freudian analysis, perhaps these white men were transfixed by the seeming masculinity of the black man and projected their own shameful attraction onto their female counterparts. I don't know; it's possible.

"White Devil", there is an acute difference between dating and having sexual relations, and settling down for marriage. In the former category, colors have, do, and will merge and blend. In this society, at least, the latter category is still quite segregated. You are ignoring the history of all of it.

I believe if racial stigma were not attached to interracial unions, there would be more of them, they would increase exponentially. And this stigma is from all races against their members. What a sad state of affairs; people should be able to date, love, and marry whomever they'd like. Isn't there more important things to worry about?


Brother Anonymous said:
Could it be possible that PIGMENT isn't Desiree, but Snape?

No, it is not possible. Don't you people get tired of trying to "pin the tale on the donkey"? It is getting very, very old. Perhaps "ALL ABOUT PIGMENT" is Desiree - who knows - but what is the importance of it? If you can identify Desiree, you can preemptively invalidate all of what she says because she is Desiree?

I don't understand that logic. Why don't you simply debate regardless of your interlocutor's identity?

Anonymous said...

Riley said:
" This proves that many of you are low quality and low IQ whites because the whites that matter..."

Hilarious. Riley plays into the narrative that any white who chooses to live outside of the minority-infested cities must be "low quality and low IQ".

Yep, those day students here in rural Virginia who attend Powhatan school, The Hill School, Wakefield, Woodberry Forest, et al are clearly just the spawn of knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing "low quality", "low IQ" whites - who, miraculously, somehow, "just happen" to find the income to pay $15-25K per child per annum in tuition and ancillary fees. I am sure the same "low quality" whites also populate areas of bucolic, NAM-free NY, CT, MA, etc ....

The hipster, SWPL type whites who populate Portland, NY, LA, etc can't swing the note to relocate to the prime rural areas when (and if) they decide to have children, and that enrages them....almost as much as white flight (and their pocketbooks) enrages blacks.

My pharmacist niece and her physician husband, currently enjoying the "hipster" SWPL lifestyle in Sacramento (trendy renovated downtown Victorian home, biking to work, etc), now that they are expecting are asking about local property prices, since they seek to relocate so their daughter/son can attend the same independent rural prep school she and my children did when they were growing up. This has elicited much envy and resentment from their fellow SWPL hipster "friends" who don't have the income, nor the family connections, to buy in and escape their SWPL trendy "ghettos."

Jealous much?

Greying Wanderer said...


"I find it very funny that whites on this site think all whites are on the same team."

Pretty sure everyone realises that rich whites and liberal whites are not on the same team. Some don't know the truth, the rest are enemies.

"There are plenty of places in this country where SBPL's whites can move to and never encounter any NAMs. So what's the problem?"

You may not have noticed the forced integration of white neighborhoods (but not the very rich or very liberal ones) that has been going on in one form or another for 50 years - section 8 being a recent example.

Anonymous said...

..and after Disarray, we next present Snape, filled with his usual fact-free assertions.

You're blathering, Snape, it is obvious to everyone here that you are simply spouting off about your sexual fantasies. They are mildly amusing, but since they originate only from that miasma you call a mind (more specifically, your limbic portion), they certainly aren't the basis for logical discourse.

You have repeatedly refused to understand the well-documented, fact-based themes presented on SBPDL, or even to admit there are any themes at all other than your absurd strawman of "it's all about pigment". Here's news for you, Snape... incessantly repeating it doesn't make it true, it only exposes you as an idiot and a sactimonious enabler of black dysfunction. Please, Snape, go peddle it somewhere else. You've done nothing but bore us to death.

missbosslady said...


As a long time white female let me set you straight.

It is not the skin color that fails to attract white women to black men, it is their cultural differences. It is not difficult to find a few black men that may be physically attractive, but it ends there. We see how black men treat their women and we want no part of such. There is NO commonality between us, and since commonality is a must for a successful relationship, the uniting of white women and black men is a no go.

You may find examples of this union, but they are few enough to be nothing more than abberations.

The more I read your posts the more ridiculous you seem. You clearly live in a bubble and view the world as you want it to be (from the aspect of a feminized, weak-willed, white)rather than viewing the world as it is.

Your bubble will one day burst and a black will be holding the pin.

Anonymous said...

Snape, your repeated confused attempts to portray the specific as the general ("...records in the very early 1600's...") prove once again that narratives and theories prevent you from ever confronting reality except for carefully cherry-picked factoids (and rather absurd ones, too). It's called reality-avoidance, and you are stuck deeply in it. And you are filled with tired leftist memes (patriarchy, Jim Crow, castrated, Freudian). It's mindless, Snape, and it's tiresome trying to deal with mindless people who think they are the height of intellectual achievement but in reality do nothing except parrot banalities.

It's all about reality, Snape. Too bad you don't live there. And too bad for you that there are statistics over decades and disparate venues all proving that reality is racist.

Brother Anonymous said...

@ Snape

"I don't understand that logic. Why don't you simply debate regardless of your interlocutor's identity?"

Because it's much more amusing to entertain the possibility that you are expressing your understanding of black authenticity by creating the persona of PIGMENT.

Anonymous said...


WHITE MAN Caught Performing Oral Sex On Female Dog
Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky I think of the access white men had to little slave boys in the Antebellum South. No lame-stream media... no accusers. He was free to indulge his every perverted whim. When the law finally said no, he formed NAMBLA to lament his right to screw little boys. Now his sins have come to light. I wish some responsible media outlet would do more than just report tragedies like this. Do what they did with Michael Vick. Form a panel to examine the white man's proclivity towards children- boyish women and trannys. When Michael Vick got nabbed, all young black males were suddenly guilty of dog-fighting. Seems like every day some white man is discovered to have child-porn on one contraption of another.

Their evil ways are unraveling. This week alone, we've seen how many of these low lives are raping our Black kids. If these paedophiles were Black men, they would expect ALL Black people to hang our heads in shame. they would blame the Black community and ask us to explain why our men are paedophiles. Whites are sick and inhumane perverts. Look at all the catholic priests molesting kids. That organization is an organization set up for their perverted ways and to steal money legally. I'm not surprised they're having sex with animals. they're kissing animals in public so this comes as no surprise to me. They're evil, nasty,war mongering assholes. They go round the world invading nations solely to steal and rape yet we're not scared of them but the whites are scared of muslims over 9/11. Ask yourselves, how many people of other races have whites killed? 95 million Africans died during slavery. Do you know how many of our young boys and girls these perverted whites raped during that time? Can you imagine the evil they did to our people? It's time for Africa to stand up and realize these people are not their friends. If all other races stand against whites, they won't win and their empire will fall. They're afraid of everyone even though they're the ones invading and killing people. They're afraid of Blacks, muslims and anyone that doesn't sound or look like them. They've destroyed Africa, now they're starting on the middle east. Just as they turned Blacks against Blacks, they're turning Arabs against Arabs and we all let them. How come when whites invade people's countries, they're not terrorists or insurgents? These people are delusional. It may not be in our lifetime when they crumble permanently but I hope it will happen. The most evil race is the white race.

1389 said...

I never ate at McDonalds very often anyway, but I quit eating there entirely after I found out that Bill Clinton liked the stuff.

When any company uses ghetto imagery or noises in their ads, I immediately conclude that their product or service is something that I would not value or enjoy, and I spend my money elsewhere.