Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where Have you Gone Thug Report? A Nation Turns its Lonely Eyes to You

Let's hope it comes back...
If is gone for good – hacked or taken down – let us remember the site for what it was: an aggregate of criminality from around this decaying nation, a forum where the flotsam and jettison of humanity - denied their rightfully place in newspapers due to an Associated Press (AP) editorial policy of not discussing the race of criminals - had their moment of notoriety.

Unlike a Whitewatch, a site dedicated to locating one strange story every few days from around the globe that delineated a mentally handicapped white person engaging in behavior that would be grounds for execution in a normal society, was updated hourly with tales of Black crime so macabre you’d think they were made up.

What's more, Thug Report wasn't a site dedicated to exposing Black crime: white, Hispanic, and Asian criminals were ventured, but they were overwhelmed by the propensity of criminals to have a Black face. 

If the site was hacked, then know that the effort you put into was worth it; that showcasing the true face of crime (not the Law and Order brand) was an honorable hobby, valuable, and sorely needed.

Gannett-owned newspapers (think USA Today) and the Associated Press have a vested interest in suppressing pictures of criminals, because dark patterns would emerge – in any city – that showed primarily Black faces.

These organizations are complicit in a conspiracy of plausible deniability; they report the crime, but they fail to mention important information of the suspect (such as race) and each death – be it Black, Hispanic, white or Asian – is on their hands.

It gets depressing seeing stories of Black crime under-reported, and ultimately forgotten, only to see stories of purported white misbehavior become fodder for the 24-hours news cycle, text books, and Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) newspaper columns.

If the site wasn’t hacked, we imagine that’s valiant owner found the endless parade of Black criminality he encountered on a daily basis to be a depressing reminder that no one event – however galling and shocking – will have the capacity to convince the general public of the horrors of the Black Undertow.

We tire of seeing the procession of Black criminality as well. But denying it’s not there while drowning oneself in shots of American Idol and Dancing with the Star followed by a chaser of Real Housewives of Detroit (mind you, that would be an awesome idea for a show) is what most Americans do.

Though it’s ugly (this story of three Blacks beaten up a delivery guy, or this story of a Black guy punching an autistic person for no reason, violence at African American Family Day at The National Zoo or this street execution), it’s necessary, vital even to never stop.

So let’s hope makes a comeback, as a nation turns its lonely eyes to you for the true face of crime that many local news stations and dying newspapers conspire to conceal from the public.

We’re reminded of the scene in 2010’s underrated Robin Hood film. Before the movie started, this appeared on the screen:
"In times of tyranny and injustice, when law oppresses the people, the outlaw takes his place in history.”
That is what Thugreport represented, an outlaw Web site. Every Web site that espouses views anathema to the ruling ideology of Black Run America (BRA) falls into that category. This is a time of tyranny and injustice, and the law does oppress the people.

And we aren’t talking about “the Blacks.”


16-Year-Old Arrested in National Zoo Teen Stabbing:


Anonymous said...

Thug Report is not down. Due to the horrible storm in St. Louis, the main web page is temporarily out of service.

It will be back.

Typical White Pedophiles said...

Well I guess you can pay attention to White Watch now.

I hope you like pedophiles! God, it's like that's all you people DO! I'd rather rob and steal! Yes, you bash it but ONE: you have not updated a sidelink to their new site (curious) and TWO: you are dismissive without even talking about the type of crime they ALWAYS feature (pedophilia, pedophilia, PEDOPHILIA).

Me thinks it's fear... A criminal is a criminal until he diaper swipes for his own pleasure (pedophilia).

(Let me guess: you'll have NO BALLS to post the link. Oh well--doesn't change the fact that it's there!)

Nick @ The Thug Report said...

Thanks for your concern. As you may have seen on the news, St. Louis was hit by a horrible tornado, which damaged a total of 2,700 buildings in the area. Since we host the site on our own server, the fact that our internet pipe is laying in the front yard under a pile of rubble presents a difficulty, to say the least. We have seen work trucks which give us hope that we'll be back up in the next couple of days. We will post an update as soon as possible on our Facebook page @

Ivan Urkinoff said...

Diarrhea, do you ever have anything new to say?

BTW, aren't you banned?

rahm said...

Typical White Pedophiles, maybe if you'd glance at some crime statistics from time to time you'd learn that blacks are 2 times more likely than whites to molest a child. Guess reality isn't your strong point though.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Drudge Report has links to a story involving an Atlanta officer punching a woman in an International House of Pancakes at 3:15 am Sunday morning.

Youtube video is here:

"Victim" is white, police officer is white, so nothing to see here, right? Wrong. I knew something didn't feel right about the story. Take a look at this video shot by the guys in the booth behind the woman who got punched (Dragon Con must have been in Atlanta; we don't typically get British black men dressed up as Storm Troopers and Bobba Fett in Buckhead at 3:15 am, but I digress):

Aha!!!! Black woman at the center of the whole fight (though she's not the one who got punched or arrested, but watch her go after the cops after they've handcuffed her friend). I knew it!

You know, if YouTube and cellphones had been around on November 23rd, 1963, we might know who the second gunman on the grassy knoll was.

missbosslady said...

Dear Stuff Black People Don't Like,

I am a newbie here and I was wondering if you could provide for myself and other newcomers a glossary of the acronyms used on this site.

Thank You,

missbosslady said...

Typical White Pedophiles,

Let me shoot some holes in your theory.

The large majority of incarcerated black criminals claim that they break the law because they were abused as children, with the large majority stating that their abuse was of a sexual nature and committed by a family member, or friend of the family.

I suspect a very large majority of these crimes go unreported, at least until the incident is needed as an excuse for their adult, criminal behavior.

Midwestern said...

I wish black people would finally admit that their entire race is self-destructing, and that blacks are their own worst enemy. I love to hear blacks lament about an incident after it happens. "They just be shootin' everyone! It's just crazy how these people be actin'! Can't no one have no fun nomore! They need to DO something about all this vilance! and on and on...

Aids, disease, black on black assault, suicide, drug overdose, abortion, and black on black murder are all natural selection and the end result of a decaying population. Blacks need to take a hard look at their "black culture" for the answers.

White racism is not the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hey Desi/Pigment/Pedophile,

I could post a story a day about black "pastors" that get busted for "raping the demons" out of some pre-pubescent kids.


Anonymous said...

Typical white pedophile, what about that 19 black man gang rape of an 11 year old in Cleveland Texas? We could go back and forth on this stuff all day but it seems that your tiny brain is incapable of understanding statistics and can only look at 1 story at a time. Well let's but it this way, for every one of your stories of whites behaving badly I could randomly throw a dart at the local newspaper and find at least 5 of blacks behaving badly.

Midwestern said...

If you want to learn about the pedophilia that is endorsed by the black community and an important part of black culture, just watch the movie "Precious". I would bet that there are many, many blacks whose daddy is also their grand-daddy.

I know a social worker who deals with the black underclass, and she knows of several such cases. Black pre-teen and teenage girls are at high risk of impregnation by their fathers, their step-fathers, mama's boyfriend, their cousins and uncles. Once they grow that booty, they are fair game.

The following information is from , and is a list of excuses used by black victimologists to explain sexual abuse in black families:

Children are expendable. Their needs come last. They are told,“This is grown folks business.” “Children should be seen and not heard.”

There’s no time or place for problems. If children aren’t the priority, they quickly learn, neither are their worries and fears. Many black families get caught up in the daily grind of working to keep a roof over their families head and food on the table. So much so, that it’s easy to become disconnected from expressing problems or feelings. Whether implied or verbalized, the parent conveys that “I have so much going on myself that I just can’t handle any more problems.”

Ain’t nobody’s business! For years, other people controlled and pried in our lives: Slave masters, welfare workers, social workers, prosecutors, judges, police, parole officers, doctors and employers. Experience has taught blacks not to trust the police or the courts to deliver justice. Thus, we avoid them at all cost.

Let’s not talk about sex. Some survivors are told that they were being prepared for relationships with men. Some think: “my mom didn’t talk about it so neither do we.”

Don’t ask, don’t tell. Our home is off-limits. With social service agencies prying into our homes, police, etc., many of us consider our homes off-limits. What goes on in the home, stays in the home. Challenging a parent’s authority over their children.

Our bodies our not our own. “Go ahead & give your uncle Junebug a kiss,” is an example of the expectations placed on a child. The child is expected not to go against the parent’s authority or risk getting a beating for “disrespecting” an adult he/she may not be comfortable with. Child gets the message that an adult’s needs are more important than a child’s needs.

Blacks are more likely to house extended family in the home, like cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc., thus, in some cases, exposing the child to a potential predator.

African-Americans are afraid of airing what is considered by some as “dirty laundry” in public. This makes it easier to blame the victim or not believe the victim at all, in an attempt to protect the reputation of the race or suspected perpetrator. (examples: Mike Tyson and Clarence Thomas cases).

Some believe that black males cannot be sexually abused or that women cannot be perpetrators, thus making it hard for black males to come forward about being sexually abused. Some black male victims of sexual abuse are afraid of being called gay if they reveal they were sexually abused by a man.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Thug Report is NOT gone for good! If so, here's a story that you simply can't make up

Even if they are down for good, a good site is Irateirishman

Left Coast Dude

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I've been meaning to put together a glossary. Thanks for suggestion.

White Devil said...


If possible, please block the IP address of Desiree/Pigment/TWP.

I know she's a lunatic and will go to the library to post from every computer, but, at least, if possible, make her work for the tripe she posts - make her leave the hovel she calls home to do it. Let her grind her hooves down on a public computer, far removed from her comfort zone.

Ivan Urkinoff said...

"If possible, please block the IP address of Desiree/Pigment/TWP."

Have you ever considered just how empty and pathetic her life must be that she obsessively posts on a blog where she is universally ridiculed and then banned?

Can you say "PSYCHO"??

Ivan Urkinoff said...

"If you want to learn about the pedophilia that is endorsed by the black community"

Look no further than Africa where child rape is epidemic.

Stephen said...

I never understood the "Whites commit crime too" argument. Well no shit. How does this justify the need to have blacks live with us? It's basically saying, "You have pedophiles in your community, so to balance this out you need robbers and rapists too." Seriously wtf?

Donzo said...

From: Typical White Pedophiles: "I hope you like pedophiles! God, it's like that's all you people DO!"

Hmmm, I truely feel that whoever posted this has no concept of proportion & percentages?.

I have a sister that works at a federal prison facility just to the north of Phoenix Arizona. We talk often about her work. She has told me that a huge proportion of her black prisoners are there for the sexual abuse of a child, FAR greater than the percentage of white prisoners. She told me also that the majority of her native American prisoners are there for that crime.

She has told me that the majority of her white prisoners are there for white collar crimes (money laundering, extortion, smuggling).

With whites outnumbering blacks 6 to 1, of course TOTAL numbers are going to be skewed towards whites, even if blacks commit this crime at 2 to 2.5 TIMES more frequently than whites, TOTAL numbers will still show more whites because of simple demographics. I recently read that 22% of known serial killers in the U.S. have been black. That would AGAIN make them wildly disproportionate percentage wise for this crime (12.6% of population-22% of serial killers).

It seems as if some people have a problem with rudimentary mathematics?!.

NW European said...

Ah, the white pedophilia syndrome. I can see how people think that whites are more likely to molest children. The mainstream media ALWAYS cover child molestation because it is simply a monstrous crime any way you look at it, and people buy it because they need to know in order to act and protect themselves. And if it's about a secret organization producing and exchanging child pornography, well... let's just say some people are ready to introduce stoning to Europe. And yet, the child molestation that goes on elsewhere, especially in Africa, is virtually unknown. Primitive peoples can sometimes be unbelievably cruel to children, and even in modern states like South Africa. There grown males rape infants to "cure AIDS". The president, a degenerate loser and perpetual embarrassment, thinks a shower after sex helps ward off AIDS. The former president, also a degenerate loser and perpetual embarrassment, said he doubted HIV causes AIDS!

Also, read this article for more information. WARNING, you will be sick:

Speaking of stoning in Europe, the muslims are sure to bring it in some day, but it won't be for pedophilia, more like non-married couples, or more often just the female "offender". Muhammad, the perfect human in every aspect, married 6 year old little Aisha. To muslims, this is apparently OK because he didn't have sex with her until she was 9. Wow, now I feel like a bigot, turns out this is the accepted age for marriage in the muslim world today, who am I to judge other cultures?

The internet is a godsend because of INFORMATION. People buy news, especially about crime, because they value information, they would like to know about their neighborhood, who lives there and what do they do? Are they peaceful and God fearing, or are they violent and white hating? The MSM will never let us know, they keep us guessing at who and what's going on, but God help you if you guess that black people commit more crime than others. If you make THAT guess you're nothing but a RACIST with no proof and no game, just shut up and go home.

Sites like SBPDL, AMREN, Thugreport etc, are invaluable in today's world. Can you imagine what would have happened to Soviet Russia if they didn't completely shut down and control all flow of information? They would have crashed, like today's multicultural society ultimately will, but much, MUCH sooner. Human beings act on what they know, and thus information becomes a way of controlling people. Thankfully, after the internet, that is no longer possible.

icr said...

72 year old Vietnamese man killed for sport by four young blacks:,0,1772868.story

Anonymous said...

How did I know the black guy was going to attack that pathetic fat man on the bus from behind?

Sheila said...

SBPDL - I realize you have your own life to live and posts to write, but please take some time to truly ban the black woman and her various akas. Desiree was purportedly banned, but her particular twist to standard English, the subject matter of her posts, and the anger and resentment permeating every word make clear that "It's all about pigment" and "Typical White Pedophiles" are her work.

I thought the initial ban was due to her constant drumbeat about pedophilia. Her continued posting (and as noted before, most here are already well aware of what type of creature she is and what she believes in) makes a mockery of your website.

I realize you want newcomers to read blacks' true views, in their own words. Perhaps, instead of interspersing comments from Desiree and her aliases, or other posters "of color," you could add a separate section at the end of each post, with a compendium of standard black opinion you've gleaned from those internet sites the rest of us avoid. Consider it, please? Her rants are hardly informative, and her presence truly mars your website.

Sheila said...

I'm glad to hear Thug Report is only down temporarily. Does anyone else know what happened to ""? I don't know where I first read of it or linked to it (I use the web now the way I used to peruse the card catalogue in the library - linking from one site to another and end up far from where I began), but it had some really interesting posts I had begun forwarding to my son and others. First I began to get warnings that it was an "attack site," but I could ignore the warning and go to the site. Now, when I click "ignore warning," I get the notice that the site is busy or unavailable. VDare mentioned this website as inexplicably "vanished" as well. I'd appreciate any info anyone has; I'm trying to keep track of the progress the SWPL are having in controlling web content.

Switzer said...

I think the Nation of Cowards guy now blogs at Matt Parrott's site

Warrior said...

Thug Report - Thuggeriffic!

Anonymous said...

I think the "pedi-poster" above must have overlooked the African tribe that as a regular rite of passage, the father deflowers his daughter thereby introducing her into "womanhood". Some as early as twelve. Now THAT'S a big ol' steamin' pile O' pedophiles.

Dissident said...


I also received those warnings of malicious web site, and I thought it strange as well. I'm using AVG's web detector/anti virus. Needless to say though, that I didn't click through to see if I could still get that site.
I hope the NOC returns as it was a very informative site.

I would suggest that folks reading these blogs/sites get a web-bot program like TelePort Pro to copy the website directly onto their hard drives. This way, there's a direct copy just in case the PTB decide to pull the plug or censor. We can then burn copies and disseminate truth again.

Anonymous said...

To those who mentioned the white cop punching the female, those females are black and on Drudge Report you can see them sitting with their black lawyer. They all look punched free to me. No bruises or black eyes. I bet that white cop won't be so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it may have been hacked and hi-jacked.

The adminitrative contact returned by a Whois search leads to a domain that Google Chrome says is a potentially dangerous website.

Anonymous said...

African-Americans are afraid of airing what is considered by some as “dirty laundry” in public. This makes it easier to blame the victim or not believe the victim at all, in an attempt to protect the reputation of the race or suspected perpetrator. (examples: Mike Tyson and Clarence Thomas cases).

As Clarence Thomas was a Republican he got pegged by a Democrat accuser for doing something for which he was not physically present as he was elsewhere. Only time you are ever allowed to say that all darkies look alike as it was a darkie doing the misidentifying!

Darkies of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your stupidity!