Sunday, April 17, 2011

Michael Vick vs. Peyton Hillis for the Cover of the Madden 2011?

White running backs are getting a lot love in the SportsNation vote for the Madden video game cover
Black Run America (BRA) even dictates rules for professional sports.Any sport without sufficient Black representation is always on the lookout for its version of a Tiger Woods, though Woods isn't really Black and never opened up the game of golf for Black participants. (By the way, look for the rules of sports in Black Run America as an upcoming post.)

We already know that the National Basketball Association (NBA) went all in on the thug game. Short-term monetary success was followed by long-term desertion by the white fan base, putting the league in financial jeopardy.

Michael Vick and Dez Bryant represent the direction the National Football League (NFL) is headed. In an ESPN poll conducted to celebrate Black History Month, a huge disconnect emerged over how Black and white football fans view Vick:

African-American sports fans who took part in the online survey also indicated the media had been biased in its treatment of black athletes. By a margin of 57 percent to 7 percent, the African-Americans surveyed say the media unfairly criticizes black athletes more than white athletes, while the white fans suggest there is no difference in the media's handling of various cases.

Of black sports fans surveyed, 65 percent say they admire Vick, compared with just 25 percent of the white fans.
That same survey showed that sports fans view collegiate and professional athletics as highly progressive, i.e., an opportunity for positive examples of Black people to emerge where every other segment of society fails to produce them.
What will be said next is no conspiracy theory: Toby Gerhart showed us in the 2010 NFL Draft that white running backs (and by extension, white athletes who play wide receiver, safety and other positions reserved for Black players) are discriminated against.

Enter Peyton Hillis, a white running back who in 2008 showed he could be a star in the league for the Denver Broncos. Riding the bench in 2009 for that same team, Hillis was traded to Cleveland, where he infuriated Black defenses around the league by running through and around them.

In one season, Hillis showed that the decision by the NFL (and college scouts) to discriminate against white athletes was the wrong one to make. He exposed the caste system for all the world to see.

Though the NFL has gone all-in (like the NBA before them) on the Black athlete -- see the hilarious story of Warren Moon's Black reactionary attack on those who criticize the smug Cam Newton, completely disregarding the vicious assaults on Tim Tebow before last year's draft -- it seems white fans aren't going along with that message.

For some reason, the makers of the immensely popular John Madden NFL video game franchise allowed fans to pick the NFL athlete who would grace the 2011 cover. Before we tell you how the vote came down, a quick word on just how popular the franchise has become:
You can measure the impact of "Madden" through its sales: as many as 2 million copies in a single week, 85 million copies since the game's inception and more than $3 billion in total revenue. You can chart the game's ascent, shoulder to shoulder, alongside the $20 billion-a-year video game industry, which is either co-opting Hollywood (see "Tomb Raider" and "Prince of Persia") or topping it (opening-week gross of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2": $550 million; "The Dark Knight": $204 million).

You can witness the cultural power of "Madden": grown men lining up outside Walmarts for the game's annual midnight release; rock bands, such as Good Charlotte, going mainstream via inclusion on the "Madden" soundtrack; a pokerlike underground circuit of cash tournaments; the black-cat mojo of the "Madden" cover curse superseding the Sports Illustrated cover jinx; Madden himself being recognized less for his Hall of Fame coaching and broadcasting career than for a game that beat him into Canton.
Care to guess who the final vote is coming down too? Michael Vick and Peyton Hillis. Another white running back, Danny Woodhead of New England, made the final eight. It won't be announced until tomorrow, but Hillis is beating white Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, making a final vote between the former dog fighting champion Vick and the discriminated against Hillis a likely match-up:
Rodgers was trailing Hillis 56% to 44% in the Madden NFL '12 cover-vote semifinal heading into April 12th, 2011. Rodgers featured decisive victories against Ndamukong Suh(notes) (72% to 28%) and Sam Bradford(notes) (76% to 24%) before a competitive third-round victory against Danny Woodhead(notes) (56% to 44%). Hillis secured victories against Ray Rice(notes) (62% to 38%), Matt Ryan(notes) (51% to 49%), and Jamaal Charles(notes) (60% to 40%).
When I viewed the tournament bracket in March, I thought EA Sports was making a deliberate attempt to make Rodgers's bracket an automatic bid to reach the finals. I'd reckon that EA wasn't anticipating the positive response that the Caucasian tailbacks have received.

Statistically and from a career achievements standpoint, Woodhead was one of the weakest candidates. Woodhead is a situational running back for the New England Patriots. He accumulated 547 rushing yards and five touchdowns on 97 attempts in his first season of significant action. Woodhead also had 34 receptions for 379 yards and one touchdown.

As previously mentioned, Rodgers barely beat Woodhead. Hillis poses an even greater obstacle because he has a more established resume and Browns loyalists. Hillis rushed for 1,173 yards and 11 touchdowns on 270 carries in 2011. He also caught 61 passes for 477 yards. Hillis was the first white running back to eclipse 1,000 yards since Craig James of the 1985 New England Patriots. Hillis was the heart of a team that was transitioning into the Colt McCoy(notes) era.
That the NBA faces financial problems and the NFL does not is because the latter has white players that the predominately white fan base can cheer for and relate to. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, Brian Urlacher, Clay Matthews, Matt Ryan and a host of other white athletes are household names whereas the NBA is unable to provide the same amount of white players for the fan base to cheer for (the NFL is 31 percent white compared to the NBA at 19 percent).

The emergence of white running backs like Hillis and Woodhead has shown that, yes, white guys can run the ball too. It's just that they have been denied that opportunity by a caste system that moves whites to fullback or away from the tailback position. reports:

What we’re talking about now is the undeniable truth that Peyton Hillis is extremely popular because he is a rarity: a white superstar running back. Being a white back has hurt Hillis in the past because he was discriminated against, but now that he’s received an opportunity to be a featured back, he’s proven he can succeed, and he’s become a national fan favorite as a result.
10 running backs outrushed Hillis last season. Steven Jackson, Michael Turner, and Adrian Peterson all run as hard and with as much of a punishing style as he does. Maurice Jones-Drew, Chris Johnson, and Ray Rice have shown more spectacular moves and shiftiness in their rushing.

All three were eliminated in the first two rounds, all three are black.

If Peyton Hillis defeats Vick to be on the cover of the 2011 Madden game, and if the NFL Lockout ends, one can expect the almost entirely-Black defenses Hillis faces to be gunning for him, trying to deny him a second-straight 1,000 yard rushing season.

That's the burden a white superstar athlete faces (remember what "Pistol" Pete Maravich faced playing in the all-Black NBA of the 1970s). A lot of great white hope athletes exist, but they rarely get recruited by major colleges to play running back or receiver. White guys can't run, right?

Just ask Brock Forsey about that truth.

Michael Vick vs. Peyton Hillis for the cover of the 2011 Madden NFL video game. It's a well-known fact that the Madden NFL game is one of the only video games Black people play, and having a white running back grace the cover could be absolutely hilarious.

The NFL and NCAA have long tried to keep white athletes from running with the football at the tailback position; judging by how white sports fans voted for both Woodhead and Hillis in the Madden contest, that seems to be something they want too see.

Michael Vick or Peyton Hillis. The National Football League has decided it wants to have a sport dominated by players like Vick. Going all-in on Black athletes and the "thug" game doomed the NBA and drove away white sports fans.

The NFL discriminates against white players. If it were a true meritocracy, it would undoubtedly have more players like Hillis.

But because of the caste system, guys like Vick and Dez Bryant are promoted over white athletes.

We hope that Hillis lands the cover of the game. Vote here.

We recommend telling all of your friends on Twitter, FaceBook, Digg, and on forums to vote for Hillis as well.

And be sure to tell them SBPDL sent you.
One day soon, the NBA will be looking for its version of a Peyton Hillis. Hockey, Nascar, swimming and tennis will still be looking for its Tiger Woods.


Anonymous said...

This poll is incredibly easy to break, I've already found out how to vote from the address bar. Going to write a Python script, my knowledge of Python is rusty though...

Anonymous said...

"By a margin of 57 percent to 7 percent, the African-Americans surveyed say the media unfairly criticizes black athletes more than white athletes..."

The Blacks not only have dark skin, but it's incredibly thin, too. The Blacks are always defensive. They are hyper-aware that if they ever acknowlege that the media and America in general are more than fair towards them--actually biased for them--, then whites might suddenly wake up and decide to quit supporting them. So they never miss an opportunity to complain about how shoddily they are treated. Whites have bent over backwards for decades, begging blacks who have never been slaves to forgive them for a sin that they have never commited. And since they have no shame, no pride, no morals, and no empathy, blacks never say "thank you", "apology accepted", or "that was our ancestors and it has nothing to do with us". Blacks are petrified by the thought of ever having to feed, clothe, or house themselves by the fruit of their own labor. So they are programmed to never express any satisfaction or graciousness about anything less the white man might say "very well, your wounds are healed, now carry your own weight".

The EAS/Madden Football people must be shitting bricks. They have truly painted themselves into a corner! If they do the right thing, Capitalistically speaking, they will put Hillis on the cover. But I bet that they won't have the balls to do that. Appeasing the savages trumps profit in BRA.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL, whites, I feel, start sounding like Disarray and your average black steadfastly denying white intellectual superiority when they constantly state there is no difference athletically between the two races. Blacks are superior in sports that require explosive, unsustained strength. All evidence points to this. That it serves no purpose in modern society other than enriching a few athletes professionally is of relevancy only in relation to the concomitant violence and dysfunction that these people bring to our societies.


Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Actually, voting for Hillis may do him a disservice; we all know about The Madden Curse. If he gets on the cover of the 2012 game, you can probably write off the rest of his career.

Meanwhile, in ESPN's unending quest to leave no stone unturned when it comes to reporting about black people, we have yet another tear-jerking sob story about the underrepresentation of black kickers:

Oh the humanity! When will this national nightmare be over? How can a people expect to thrive and survive when they only represent 69% of the industry? When will we have true equality? When black people are 80% of the NFL players? When are we going to get women in the game and not just on the sidelines? When are more Asian-Americans going to put down their slide-rule and calculator and become pro-athletes? Until we have more blacks, gays, women, midgets, and Asians in the game, we can not say that we are truly a diverse nation.

Anonymous said...

Hillis will get his this season - or whenever they have a season again. He will be eaten by the black football machine.

Of course, I couldn't care less either way. Until far more Whites are allowed back in the game THEY started, I'm done and have been for quite a while.

rahm said...

I'm not entirely certain it works (because ESPN doesn't show vote totals until voting is over), that said here's a macro I made. It's designed to do two things, vote Hillis up and make certain that dog killer Vick doesn't reach the finals (by voting Peterson). As I said though, I can't be entirely sure it's working.

If you want it here it is...
It's written in C and utilizes cURL for managing connections.

Anonymous said...

Sports brought Whites and blacks together and now it is driving a wedge between them. Poetic justice.

Anonymous said...

"The NFL discriminates against white players."

Please let go of this weak argument. The whining negroes make the exact same contention that the NFL discriminates against black coaches, and they point to Tony Dungy and Lovey Smith as proof, just as you point to Peyton Hillis.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

Look, I agree with a lot of what Jon Entine says in "Taboo" about racial differences. However, I also believe that Black males mature faster than white guys, given them an advantage at the high school level.

I was amazed how much muscle I was able to put on from my first two years in college and if we actually had scientist (instead of PC-scientists) in America, studies could be done on this subject.

the problem with calling this argument "weak" is that white players don't have the threat of class actions lawsuits on their side as Black coaches did, which led to the creation of the Rooney Rule.

See this book by Black lawyers, "Advancing the Ball," which brags about how they filed lawsuits against Texaco and threatened the NFL on behalf of Black coaches.

White athletes don't have a Richard Lapchick, who started an entire academic program at Central Florida that attacks professional and collegiate sports that don't placate Black people at every turn.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Shoot, should giving, not given.

And scientists, not scientist

Anonymous said...

"However, I also believe that Black males mature faster than white guys, given them an advantage at the high school level."

Point taken.

Personally, I think this explains why so many European players excel in the NBA, because their growth as a player is not truncated at the age of 15.

rahm said...

I finally figured out how to find out the poll results before they release them. Peyton is leading 61-39 with 530k votes cast total. Vick however is winning in his poll.

This leads me to my next point, ignore that macro I posted earlier. It isn't working.

rahm said...

By the way here's how you check the votes...

Hillis vs Rodgers

Vick vs Peterson

rahm said...

Sorry for another comment, after doing some more research I've concluded that the poll results update incrementally. That said, the macro therefor could be working so please continue using it. Each instance only takes about 4KB/s so it won't hurt your net much to run it.

Anonymous said...

Notice how Michael Vick licks his lips several times as he's beginning to comment? That's a typical "tell" with blacks. When they're lying, they begin licking their lips profusely. If you think I'm kidding, just watch closely whenever you so one being interviewed about damned near anything where they're "spouting the cause".

BTW— Peyton Hillis may as well be a nigger, when you consider the way he waves his hands and displays other affectations of the negro male. Notice how he says "I don't THANK" instead if "I dont' THINK". Hanging with the brothers and just wants to be "in" wit 'um, I guess.


When you mix ice cream with shit, it ruins the ice cream. And doesn't improve the shit one little bit.

Question: If I had an Olympic-sized swimming pool filled with your favorite flavor of ice cream, and just added (with an eye dropper) just one single drop of shit and mixed it all up good and proper . . . would you eat a bowl of the finished product?

THAT'S why I look upon blacks insisting on their "ciboh rahts" as the turds that they are.


CWN said...

"We already know that the National Basketball Association (NBA) went all in on the thug game. Short-term monetary success was followed by long-term desertion by the white fan base, putting the league in financial jeopardy."

Who wants to go to a game and take their chances getting violently attacked by a thuggish player like Ron Artest? The Malice at the Palace. It is not worth it.

"Of black sports fans surveyed, 65 percent say they admire Vick, compared with just 25 percent of the white fans."

Absolutely they admire him. See, blacks and whites treat their animals differently. To blacks, pit fighting, torture, beating,and murdering a dog is normal behavior in da hood. To whites it is called animal cruelty and looked at in shock. So ofcourse blacks have no problem with Vick. Its all good.

"However, I also believe that Black males mature faster than white guys, given them an advantage at the high school level."

I agree, what's with blacks getting facial hair when they are so young? Running around with beards in highschool. Ofcourse the black chicks seem to get facial hair also. Which is quite nauseating.

Also, speaking of facial hair. Why is it that blacks always seem to have to have facial hair?Do they think that one is only a man with facial hair? They seem scared to be clean shaven. Two things I have noticed with alot of blacks. Earrings and facial hair. It is like they can't do without those things. Plus you could add tats and other bling to the mix. Comes off as insecurity to me in my humble opinion

Greying Wanderer said...

"SBPDL, whites, I feel, start sounding like Disarray (snip) All evidence points to this."

I wouldn't disagree that blacks have physical advantages in certain sports - race is real and not a social construct - but it's a question of percentages.

Say you have two groups
Group A are 20 million and 10% are very high IQ.
Group B are 120 million and 5% are very high IQ.

In a fair competition the proportions of group A and group B at top colleges would be 2:6

Say you have a sport, or positions in a sport, that requires explosive power, and you have two groups:
Group A of 40 million with 10% very high explosive power
Group B with 120 million with 5% very high explosive power

In a fair competition the proportions of star players would then end up being 4:6.

I'm not saying those numbers are right, just illustrating that it's about percentages.

Black people on average may be better athletes but it will be on a Bell curve like everything else and black people being better on average just means their bell curve is shifted to the right of the white bell curve by some distance. There will always be some overlap. If there was no overlap it would mean every black person is a better athlete than every white person.

Lee said...

I recently read a book called "The Lost Dogs" about what happened to the surviving "Vick dogs," the ones seized from the dog fighting ring. Michael Vick personally beat dogs to death (the ones that wouldn't fight). He is a cruel, dog killing thug. And of course he would be most admired by blacks. This man should be shunned from society.

Unknown said...

The layout of this blog is offensive to my eyes. Don't get me started on the content.

Anonymous said...

If blacks are such "Superior Athletes", why are there so many sports that they are bad at?

Wolf said...

This post reminds me of blacks complaining of discrimination and bias because of low achievement in education and the workplace, high crime rates, difficulty in getting loans, etc.

The truth is blacks, disproportionately, are better at sports that require explosive speed, quickness, shiftiness, which includes the position of NFL running back. This is all about genetics. Just as blacks, on average, are less intelligent, they're also, on average, better at being very fast. This is simple bell curve stuff.

If Peyton Hillis was discriminated against, then what about, oh...thinking off the top of my head, Ryan Grant? Or how about Willie Parker? Maybe Priest Holmes. Were they discriminated against as NFL running backs? All were undrafted. All have achieved success in the NFL once they got a shot. All three are black.

Paul are you suggesting that success as an NFL running back is simply a social construct?

Wolf said...

I'm not finding the case of Toby Gerhart as a discriminated-against running back very compelling. He was a second round pick (51st overall) of the Minnesota Vikings. That's a fairly high pick. I saw him play often this past season with the Vikings, and quite honestly, as an NFL running back, Gerhart's really not very good.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


These are interesting points you make. Gerhart had one game for the Vikings where he was a feature back and ran for 80 yars (considering they faced eight - nine guys on the line of scrimmage for the defense because of the inept Black Vikings QB, that's impressive).

He came on later in the season and was reasonably healthy all year. Expect a bigger 2011 (if there is a season) from him.

My personal opinion is this: because of the dominance of Black athletes at the positions of running back and wide receiver, white coaches in college are afraid of recruiting white athletes to play these positions because fans have been conditioned to believe white = slow.

In the book "The Blind Side" one of the top recruiting gurus points out that white running backs, safeties, corners and receivers, coming out of high school, will be moved to more palatable positions (lb, te, de, etc.).

I'm friends with one of the top high school running back recruits from the early 2000s and he had an opportunity to go to a number of big time schools. Sadly, the school he chose only gave him a few opportunities to carry the ball as the No. 1 running back.

He has point blank said that he faced massive discrimination during the recruiting trail and while at this university. Coaches wanted to move him to safety.

Again, Jon Entine is right about a lot of things in his book "Taboo" but I firmly believe in Hillis' case, he faced discrimination not only at Denver, but Arkansas.

I can count 10 white running backs off the top of my head who deserved a shot in the NFL over the past 10 years, and only Hillis has had the opportunity to break through.

Success as an NFL running back is not a social construct. It's a combination of unbelievable talent, luck from major injuries, durability and being on the right team with a good offensive line.

However, many talented white running backs are moved to fullback in the NFL (and college level). Heath Evans, in his prime, could have been a feature back. Brian Leonard as well. Same goes with Jacob Hester.

Look, NFL running backs have maybe what, two or three good years?

My final point is this: Many of the NFL defenses are coal-Black. Hillis said he was taunted all year for being a white guy.

You don't think that these Black defenses get royally pissed when a white guy is running around, through and over them?

Your point about the three undrafted Black guys is interesting, because Danny Woodhead also went undrafted and finally had a chance he could do the same thing as those guys.

He got a chance. How many other white running backs never got that opportunity?

Greying Wanderer said...

"If blacks are such "Superior Athletes", why are there so many sports that they are bad at?"

Because they're not superior athletes in a general sense.

On average certain groups have advantages in certain areas. East Africans are world class long distance runners but White people beat them at sprinting. West Africans (and people of West African descent) are good sprinters but White people would beat them at long-distance running. Southern and Central Africans aren't particularly noted for anything as far as i'm aware although that maybe lack of opportunity.

The people who generalize to "black people are superior athletes" are mostly trying to score PC brownie points. If you want to have fun with someone like that you can ask them are black athletes superior to Indians as well? (Or Chinese or Native Americans or whatever.) They don't like saying it except about White people.

The other thing of course is people who like to say race is a social construct sometimes also like to say black athletes are superior. Both can't be true.

(This is becoming increasingly obvious with each olympics as each sport gets more and more specialized to very specific body shapes and sizes and therefore often very specific ethnicities.)

Anonymous said...

"If blacks are such "Superior Athletes", why are there so many sports that they are bad at?"

Sorry, it was meant to be rhetorical.

Anonymous said...

"That the NBA faces financial problems..."

False. The NBA is more ppular then ever. You need evidence.

Everyone likes wathcing black me. Especially white women. Black men have muscular athletic bodies and big genitals. White men do not.

Wolf said...

Paul, it could be that college coaches favor blacks coming out of high school for running back (and some other positions) due to bias, but I don't believe that's true, or at least I believe you're overstating the bias factor, for NFL personnel folks.

I'm a big follower of the NFL draft. Most would call me a draft geek. The NFL combine, along with the Senior Bowl, and the pro days, are events where the prospects are poked, prodded, measured, quizzed, examined, every which way. They participate in the 40 yard dash, bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, 3 cone drill, 20 yard shuffle, 60 shuffle, plus many other position-specific drills, and are compared against each other.

The pressure on GMs to make good picks is immense. I have difficulty believing that they let race get in the way of analyzing prospects.

Still, there are productive players who slip through the cracks. As you mentioned, some are white like Woodhead and Hillis. But many are also black, which leads to me believe that there's not nearly as much racial bias as you're stating there is. In addition to the guys I mentioned in a previous post, Priest Holmes, Ryan Grant, and Willie Parker, there's also the NFL leading rusher, Arian Foster, who was undrafted. The two most productive rookie running backs of 2010, were LeGarrette Blount, and Chris Ivory, both black, both undrafted. The Patriots' top running back also featured an undrafted black running back, BenJarvis Green Ellis. The starting running back of the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers was James Starks, a 6th round pick. If any of these guys were white I believe you would point out that they were victims of discrimination in not being drafted or being drafted in the later rounds.

Also, you've mentioned Brock Forsey as a white running back who didn't get a chance. I'm a Bears fan and have seen every game and every carry of Forsey. Yes, he did have one 100 yard game, but then so did James Allen (black guy) for the Bears. Both running backs weren't very good. Forsey was small (about 200 lbs) and slow (4.6) While he did well in college for Boise State, he was very limited once he got to the NFL. He averaged a very pedestrian 3.5 yards per carry during his brief NFL career.

Explosive speed and quickness is so important for positions like running back when you get to the highest level. In that area, blacks of West African descent dominate the far right reaches of the bell curve. That's why every finalist in the 100 meter dash at the last several Olympics have all been blacks of West African descent. The stopwatch doesn't lie.

Wolf said...

I'd like to add a correction to my previous post in the interest of accuracy: Brock Forsey, according to the 2003 Pro Football Draft Guide, ran a 4.7 40, NOT a 4.6. 4.7 is extremely slow by NFL standards. Especially for a guy who's only 200 lbs.

I mentioned I'm a "draft geek"; I've kept all my NFL draft guides over the years!

Wolf said...

Another thing: I've been in several arguments over the years with liberals (more accurately, DWLs)who deny that genes are the reason for black athletic superiority in the areas of sprinting, jumping etc. They make the similar claims that Paul does about discrimination and stereotypes in football. They hate the fact that virtually all cornerbacks (actually I think ALL cbs are black!) and running backs are black. To them it simply reinforces stereotypes. Their view is that all races are the same and only other forces like discrimination, environment, or hard work account for the differences.

Lee said...

Colin, please elaborate. I'm always interested in what DWL's have to say.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

It's officially Vick vs. Hillis for the cover of the Madden Game:

Wolf, I'll respond later. Again, I stated that I agree with you on many of the points from Jon Entine's book "Taboo"; however, I know too many white athletes who had the same 40 time, shuttle run and abilities as Black athletes who never got a look from major schools.

The suburbs produce plenty of talented white athletes, but they are either forced to either walk-on at a major school or play Division II or III.

rahm said...

Here's the results so far for the Vick vs Hillis poll.
Hillis has steadily dropped since the start of the poll, that said I believe the final results will be somewhere in the area of 55-45 and Hillis winning.

Fayette White Guy said...

Not only is Vick black, but has proven himself to be a truly disgusting person as well. It's a shame he's even being considered for the cover. I just hope Hillis isn't jinxed if he wins it.

Anonymous said...

"False. The NBA is more ppular then ever. You need evidence."

You are a fucking idiot.

Greying Wanderer said...

"I've been in several arguments over the years with liberals (more accurately, DWLs)who deny that genes are the reason for black athletic superiority in the areas of sprinting, jumping etc"

Sure. The smart and dishonest ones realize the contradiction and avoid making both claims in the same time-slice. However there's plenty of dumb, honest trance-people who believed both bits of propaganda i.e a) blacks are superior athletes and b) race is a social construct, in the two separate time-slices they originally heard them and haven't thought about the contradiction because most people don't think unless you prod them with a stick.

Unknown said...

SBDLP: It makes absolutely no sense for NFL to discriminate against whites. Do you honestly believe that the predominately White NFL establishment: Meaning the mostly white coaches, scouts, executives, GM and Owners are conspiring the keep the white man down? Remember most of these whites are probably conservative whites, so they don't have the mythical "White Guilt" you claim. It will makes absolutely no sense for them to do this because white players and white superstars are the more marketable than black players. The NFL is about 70% black, but the faces of the NFL are Tom Brady, the Mannings, Farve and Brees. 7 out of the ten of the top ten best selling Jerseys are white player players. The players in the NFl who make the most money from endorsements are white.( Peyton and Brady. Peyton Hillis popularity this past season disproves your claims once again. Hillis had a good season this year, but is he the best player or back at his position? No. Is he the second, third, fourth or fifth best at his position? NO. And usually, the madden cover includes the best player at his position which hillis is not player do

From a business Standpoint, It will be good to put peyton hillis on the cover.

Anonymous said...

How about EA Sports create a game called "Ghetto Pitt Bull Fighting". They can put the evil Micheal Vick on the cover of that. I even bet it would sell millions of copies. Make a version in Spanish too.
May the good and just God punish Vick and all those like him. May the same God also punish those who forgive unrepentant third party sin.

Anonymous said...


Blacks often don't shave because they can get razor bumps from shaving. Can't blame them for that.