Thursday, April 21, 2011

Atlanta is the City where Black Run America Collapses

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It all starts in Atlanta, where the experiment of BRA ends
Whitopia’s around Atlanta formed because capable white people fled the Black Mecca, only to return in their metal coffins for employment at Georgia Power, Coke, SunTrust, Georgia Pacific, and other Fortune 500 companies.

The Black crime in Atlanta made raising a family there an untenable proposition, and the cheap gas and cheaper land made fleeing to new white suburbs a winning idea.

Flash forward to 2011. The suburbs of Atlanta are darkening. DeKalb County has been successfully sued for trying to create a “darker administration”; Clayton County has completely fallen apart under Black rule – remember white police officers were fired and Black snipers were placed on the roof of the precinct by the new Black sheriff-  after whites fled from that once prosperous county; Gwinnett County, once the fastest growing in America, has turned from all-white into a majority-minority county that is quickly disintegrating into public trust as Robert Putnam’s studies showed it would.

Many of the college-educated white males who decided to raise families in the suburbs can no longer find employment.

The suburbs of Atlanta are where Blacks from around the nation are seeking solace and community in, having found northern cities unreceptive to their lifestyle.

It is important that everyone reading understand that Atlanta, “the city too busy to hate,” perfectly encapsulates and represents the problems plaguing all of America. Horrible rates of Black crime go unreported in the news and Black-run school systems collapse amid one scandal after another.

But no scandal is as horrifying as the one brewing with MARTA. Atlanta’s poorly run metro system, MARTA caters primarily to a Black clientele (76 percent of riders are Black) and serves as a jobs programs for Black people who wouldn’t have employment without such empowerment.

MARTA is broke, a poorly-run jobs program for Black people in the city (rumors persist that 97 percent of city employees in Atlanta are Black; being that Atlanta is almost 50 percent white, how can this disparity exist?) and is assiduously avoided by the white citizens of the city save when a sporting event requires cheap transportation.

The prospect of $6 or $7 gasoline makes MARTA a much more attractive form of transportation, though the presence of menacing, loitering Black people who shamelessly approach every patron and beg ask for spare change makes such a journey unpalatable.

Atlanta’s newspaper, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, has been publishing joyous pronunciations of the metro areas population changes. Whites are losing in the population battle; Blacks and their “supposed” non-white allies are winning, while Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) cheer on the righteous coalition of People of Color (PoC) against the hated conservative whites.

No story captures that hate like this one, published today, that details plans for MARTA to expand into formerly all-white counties that voted down such proposals because, as we all know, MARTA stands for Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta. The idea of MARTA was to contain the movement of Black people to within the city, thereby keeping intolerable crime rates where Black people live and white counties free of such unpleasant reminders of why they were created in the first place.
With former white suburbs now majority Black and facing crumbling infrastructure, MARTA is now needed:

Metro Atlanta is car country, but as cities and counties put together their transportation wish lists, there are signs that some in the suburbs, which rejected mass transit decades ago, are ready to embrace it.
Next year, voters will be asked to approve a 1-cent special sales tax to pay for a list of projects that could smooth their commute. It remains to be seen which road and rail projects state and regional officials will put before voters.

But if officials assembling the final list pick mass transit, will metro Atlanta voters say yes to the tax?

Recent polls and interviews with residents and business people show a mixed picture, but the metro area’s decades-long opposition might be softening.

Sharon Fischer, general manager at the IceForum rink at Town Center, said personally she supports the idea of a light rail line, which is one proposal for the Cobb County corridor where she works. She thinks other Cobb residents may, too, although the county voted down MARTA in 1965.

The list includes at least $13.5 billion worth of mass transit — even though the final total for all of the projects probably can’t exceed $8 billion.

On the wish list so far:
Commuters might travel 50 miles or more by rail, from Gwinnett Arena in Duluth to Hampton near Atlanta Motor Speedway, passing through five counties at rush hour.

Or they could get from Acworth to a Turner Field MARTA station without ever touching a brake.

Or tool through neighborhoods on a streetcar or local circulator bus.
But some ask: Is the cost worth it?

“I don’t know that it would be a priority if I had $1 billion right now,” said Elizabeth Wright, who runs a business referral network in Lawrenceville.

She noted the “positives and negatives” of ways a rail line could change the county.

“You’d have to wait and see where the stations were going to be and what the proposals were,” she said. “It totally depends on how it’s sold or promoted.”

Advocates originally hoped to build MARTA in Cobb, Gwinnett and Clayton counties, as well as Fulton and DeKalb. But at the time, only Fulton and DeKalb approved the tax, which is why MARTA doesn’t serve Cobb, Gwinnett or Clayton.

Since then, growth has exploded in those counties — including migrants from big cities who want mass transit.

Clayton County voters, who rejected a MARTA tax in 1971, asked to join MARTA and pay the MARTA tax in a nonbinding vote taken in November.

And just last month, MARTA found that 43 percent of the cars parked in its lots come from somewhere other than Fulton and DeKalb.

Who will support what?

Malaika Rivers, executive director of the Cumberland Community Improvement District, said businesses in Cobb need roads and rail, and it’s important in attracting developers.

That’s why the CID, a self-taxing business district, has paid to get preliminary studies for the rail line going.

It is still clear that a strong roads package will be key to winning support in those counties, and especially in more distant ones such as Cherokee County and Fayette County.

For some, it may not be possible.

Harold Bost, co-founder of the Fayette County Issues Tea Party, is taking the lead coordinating tea party groups to oppose the referendum.

He says the burden of another tax is only one reason he opposes it; he also opposes mass transit because of the people it would bring into the suburbs.

“Criminals catch that kind of transportation into our county,” Bost said, “and I’m not going to support anything that works toward increasing our crime either.”

Public transportation should work. It does in Europe, just as it does in Portland. In Atlanta, public transportation is a nightmare because of the combustible elements of white flight mixed with Black indifference to committing criminal offenses and creating an unsafe environment on all forms of MARTA transportation.

Though completely broke, MARTA might try and expand into areas where white people once protested its expansion, but now are all-Black counties that have been fiscally mismanaged and ruined under Black governmental rule.

We are nearing the end of the experiment of Black Run America (BRA). As Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent has shown, the commitment to placating a population representing 13 percent of the United States requires a misappropriation of tax dollars and Federal funding through programs paid primarily through white and, yes, Asian tax dollars.

Jason Richwine of Heritage has produced a study showing that a Black students receive far more in funding then their white counterparts.  The NAACP peddles an idea that education should get more funding then prisons, but spending per pupil is higher among Blacks then it is for whites. What kind of return on investment do we get for this disproportionate spending?

An overburdened penal system.

If scientific inquiry into studying differences in Federal expenditures directed toward different racial groups for subsidized housing, welfare, EBT cards, food stamps, free lunches at school and over-employment of Black people in the public sector could be quantified – and were not taboo – the truth of what we call Black Run America (BRA) would be startling.

As it is, we find it axiomatic.

Atlanta is a microcosm for all that is wrong with America. The creation of an artificial Black upper-class (ruling class) through taking over the day-to-day administration of Atlanta, thereby Fulton County, allowed for a virtual monopoly of public jobs to go to employing (unemployable in the private sector) Black people.

No-bid contracts for minority owned firms at Hartsfield Airport, the complete removal of all non-white judges from the Fulton County and Atlanta city court system (knowing a number of lawyers in Atlanta, SBPDL can confirm that courtrooms are staffed by virtually all-Black supporting staffs), a school system on the verge of collapse under Black rule, and a city on the brink suffering from high rates of Black criminality point to Atlanta being the site of the major crackup of Black Run America.

Indeed we already saw that in 2010 when 30,000 Black people showed up to sign-up for Section 8 Housing vouchers that won’t be available until 2017.

We at SBPDL take no pride in reporting this news. Enjoying sports and popular culture, we wish we could return to the old # posts that helped this site grow and eventually led to Google blocking most of our entries on search results through manipulating search engine code.

However, Stuff Black People Don’t Like is reaching unprecedented levels of traffic (3,000 – 4,000 visitors a day), so we must be doing something right.

It’s coming though, the dissolution of BRA. Not through any actions of insurgents, no, but because of the complete ineptitude of those who receive the bulk of the goodies in this system of entitlement.

DWLs attempt to throw a disproportionate share of Federal dollars at a seemingly insoluble problem; why can’t the Black underclass change? In the process, they augmented the Black underclass to the point where 75 percent of Black births are out-of-wedlock (and Daniel Moynihan was attacked for his piece on “The Negro Family” when that number was much lower) and have created an educational system that blames all Black failures on persistent white racism.

Most DWLs and Stuff White People Like white people walk around with the belief that their support of Mein Obama and minority causes puts them above untouchable whites who remain uncouth in their attitudes toward race.

Let this be known: Black criminality has no prejudice. You could have supported Obama, and dedicated your life to the cause of equality, but wanton criminality from Flash Mobs and Black gangs care little for your political predilections.

Crusading White Pedagogues (CWP) peddling lies of “white privilege” have enraged a generation of Black people who never made it to the NBA or the NFL.

Atlanta, “the city too busy to hate,” is where BRA collapses.


Anonymous said...

"the complete removal of all non-white judges from the Fulton County and Atlanta city court system"

I think you meant to say "complete removal of WHITE judges".

wise DWL said...

You really don't get it, Paul. Without DWL spending, you'd be dead.

Take away their food, shelter and schools and they're armed and knocking at your door.

There would be no such thing as "going out in public" without DWL spending.

DWLs have the proper grasp on the situation. The only thing we can do is spend money.

We tried giving them a false idol in the White House and that did nothing. What else are we supposed to do other than distract them with the media and give them food, shelter and schools?

If we don't provide for them, they are forced to provide for themselves. Look at Atlanta or better yet look at Africa if you want to know how much chaos and destruction that brings.

Anonymous said...

You really don't get it, Paul. Without DWL spending, you'd be dead.

You are the typical coward. The cowards on the right are always wringing their hands about giving the left ammunition with which to make the right jump and the cowards on the left fear the reality of the world they have helped to create. Our ancestors didn't run and neither will we anymore. To use a favorite quote of the DWL's You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have more children than whites.

The future belongs to those that show up.

Blacks just keep winning. Whites keep losing.

Anonymous said...

Wise DWL,

The point is that there is no homeostasis in the situation you're describing; it's decaying.

Fayette White Guy said...

I would be proud of my hometown if indeed it's the site of BRA's crumbling. I would be on the first plane down to celebrate. Hell I may already be down there when it happens. One can only hope BRA's dismantling will be a peaceful one.

Anonymous said...

"DWLs have the proper grasp on the situation. The only thing we can do is spend money."

No. Don't give up so easily, scared white man. Don't forget that because of your larger intellect and privilege, YOU have a bigger responsibility to help fix the problem. Here are a few ideas, some already proposed by Jared Taylor.

FIRST require birth control shots or voluntary sterilization BEFORE she picks up that welfare check EACH MONTH. Don't allow these single moochers to make the mistake 6 more times. Then eventually, phase out welfare for all once the population of underclass dwindles. Keep funding abortions for low income women.

Temporarily increase prison spending when TSHTF and allow good citizens to arm themselves. Make a zero tolerance for criminal behavior if she is on welfare or enjoying free food and section-8. One police call to the house, and you are cut off permanently. Or, move all welfare recipients to one place in concentration (gated projects) and keep a close eye on them military style. If they hate this enough, they will work harder to be productive and get out. I would rather pay for this than pay to feed them to reproduce indefinitely.

Offer to pay the underclass males over 18 $1,000 for voluntary sterilization. I said voluntary. We could use the free clinics that already exist in the black ghettos. Trust me, for a grand, they will do anything and most black men this age have at least one child that they don't pay for.

Close the borders to illegals and enforce the law. This will create more low skill jobs for the blacks to work.

You can think of many more if you try.

Learn a Lesson said...

The comments about the MARTA being an entitlement program for Atlanta blacks can also be made for the Washington DC Metro system. At one time METRO posted employment figures by race and then stopped about two years ago. At that time, METRO employment was over 70% black. Talk to anyone who rides the DC metro today and they will tell you how the system is collapsing on itself and the poor quality of METRO employees contribution to the collapse. Yet no one dares mention anything about the quality of people they hire to do “work.” (where else can an ex-con get a job (not work at a job) washing buses for $100K other than METRO).
As the original white workers and managers are retiring (in droves), they are being replaced with blacks whose only qualifications for the job are that they are well connected and “politically correct” but who couldn’t work, manage, lead to save anyone life. ANYTHING that is the least technical (like escalator and elevator repair) is nor done primarily by whites since blacks found out you can’t fake technical skills. Commuters pay the increased price and decline in services because they have to. No one can complain because, of course, then they are called “racists” and “people who believe in slavery.”

The other interesting issue is the concerns of Harold Bost who is groups to oppose the referendum to expand MARTA into the suburbs. He is right when he says “Criminals catch that kind of transportation into our county and I’m not going to support anything that works toward increasing our crime either.” His county will end up paying on two levels; more than their fair share of the overall costs of MARTA and the cost of increased crime once the suburbs are opened up.

He needs to take a look at the experience of DC when it finally opened up its final stations on the green line through Ward 8 (90% black, 50% adult illiteracy rate, less than 42% HS graduation rates). The decision of Georgetown in 1970 to not have a metro stop was vindicated once the green line opened. Black teenagers from DC flooded into shopping areas and entertainment districts once safe. Shopping malls and Union Station shut down multi-plex theaters when they started being the gathering place for inner city thugs. They had to pay to increase security protection and enforcement because shoppers were avoiding these areas due to increased crime and assaults. L’efant Plaza in the heart of a federal building, the intersection of the green line with other routes is now to be avoided at all costs because of assaults by roving black gangs. Tourist areas are heavily patrolled (police and rent-a-cops) because these little animals don’t care where they decide to have a fight or commit an assault. If the rumor ever gets out that the city can’t control these “people” revenue for upscale bars and restaurants will take a nose dive.

Wake up. Don’t let Atlanta scam you into expanding MARTA. Find a work-around, ANY work-around that ensures Atlanta fends for itself. Learn a lesson from Washington DC.

Porter said...

DWL (“wise” is taking self-flattery a bit too far in this case),

It’s been some time since I’ve seen such honest, albeit abject, pusillanimity from a commenter here. For God’s sake man, get off your fucking knees.

You DWLs created this Hell. The American population wouldn’t replace its traditional culture to suit your designs, so you set about replacing the American population. And now that the gaping maw of our replacements grows ever wider, your solution is to bribe these prehistoric predator/parasites to eat you last. It is but to weep.

DWLs have the proper grasp on the situation. The only thing we can do is spend money.

Wrong. The only thing this tribute purchases is time. Time for our numbers to shrink as theirs grow. Time for them to engorge themselves on our labors producing millions more black mouths who will, in turn, scream for more white money and blood. This is not how our people and civilization will be preserved:

Separation is.

If we don't provide for them, they are forced to provide for themselves.

A dog is not morally obligated to provide blood for the tick. Our obligation is not to blacks. It is to ourselves: to our forefathers who built this civilization and our posterity who will inherit what remains of it.

And what remains will be determined by whether whites follow your prescription or mine.

White Guy said...

Another excellent article!

"However, Stuff Black People Don’t Like is reaching unprecedented levels of traffic (3,000 – 4,000 visitors a day), so we must be doing something right."

Yes, indeed, you are ...

Anonymous said...

No "wise DWL," without DWL spending the DWL would be dead. DWL are the ones who can't see, and as such do not view every city block as a potential battleground like those-of-us-who-can-see. Those-who-can-see will be prepared, and it won't be pretty for DWL and their shit-skinned pets.

Anonymous said...

wise DWL, couldn't you guys give them government-paid for sterilizations?

wise DWL said...

The southern states imported black people.

I can't get too mad at a monkey for monkeying around. I am always going to be mad at white southerners for breeding and importing them.

All this macho talk coming from you guys cracks me up.

We run the country (not you) and we curb black crime by providing for them. Nothing short of a blacks-only plague could do the job 100% so we do the best we can dealing with the shitty farm equipment you imported.

I'm telling it like it is and you guys are living Rambo fantasies. Keep lifting those weights and working on your gun skills....

You know who else does that? Hahaha too easy. Maybe you guys are less like us DWLs and more like you know who. Come to think of it, both groups are more prone to violence.

I'm not saying, I'm just saying ;)

Wolf said...

Outstanding post. For years I've been predicting that the US will break up in the future. Now it looks like it might happen sooner than I thought.

Hirsch said...

I sometimes wonder how much the climate has changed since Bernard Goetz shot those black thugs on the subway all those years ago. Could a Bernie Goetz-like vigilante avoid jailtime in our present-day world? These days policemen who defend themselves are called brutal thugs.

It's ironic that the only thing that can contain black violence at a city level is the one no-no in majority black towns, and that is a white mayor. Giulianni kept the schvoogies of New York well in line. Either abide by the law or enjoy her majesty's pleasure at Hotel Rikers.

Atlanta's current mayor I believe is Kasim Reed, who went to Howard and endorsed Obama for president. In other words, he's a black automaton who will bilk, siphon and bleed any whites dumb enough to remain in the metro area in order to feed his black succubi.

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is, with the current twisted logic so rampant in BRA, when these black majority areas go to hell and a hand basket and become indistinguishable from 3rd world Sh*t holes.....It will be blamed on white America, for one reason or another. It will always be our fault.

Greying Wanderer said...

"You really don't get it, Paul. Without DWL spending, you'd be dead."

Snape fantasizing about White genocide again.

"It’s been some time since I’ve seen such honest, albeit abject, pusillanimity from a commenter here."

He's not being honest. He's a genocidal Jewish racist drooling over the thought of anti-white pogroms and mass slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Throughout history economic downturns whether in medieval times or the Great Depression, are accompanied by animosity between ethnic group and social classes. The weakest ones repeatedly got slaughtered, and guess who doesn't need food stamps and government aid in order to survive?

I don't feel sorry for us at all. Opposite day started with good intentions back in the 60's, but our post WW 2 bull market is over and this artifice of multiculturalism is about to come apart at the seams.

When the welfare funds dry up I guarantee that black criminality will get to a point that the pendulum of DWL power and PC bullshit culture will swing back the other way. Blacks can riot all they want but they are totally disorganized and incapable of forming or responding to a combination of increased police brutality and a citizen militia, which I think are both foregone conclusions.

The blacks are in much more danger than you realize. Just remember where they get there money, who owns more guns, and who has had the power for the last 500 years in this relationship.

Anonymous said...

Here's a fun fact: These United States have 1,450,000 (approx) active members in the military. The current U.S. population is 310 million (approx). So if my "higher level algebra" is right, then the size of the US military is (HOLY CRAP!) only .467% with respect to the US population.

13% of the US population equals 40.3 million negro people. Let's suppose -- and let's low ball it -- 10% of these negros are angry enough to form a militia and turn against American citizens. How many active-duty fighting negro people is that? Just over 4 million.

The last time I checked my constitution, it is the absolute right of US citizens to form militias and arm themselves. Fortunately, negro people can't organize because they have zero natural cohesion ... so that's good news; but still, there are more than 4 million angry, violent negros walking freely among us ... that's not good news.

Here's another fun fact: the negatively-affected surface area of Greater Atlanta is only .36% of the habitable United States (9000/2500000). That's miniscule. There's still lots of room to swing an ax.

The Engineer

Anonymous said...

.... the backlash against black criminality will begin when the media drops the ruse of racial code words such as "teens", "hooded sweatshirt", "wearing all black", "dark skinned", and at the behest of overwhelming internet protestations begins calling the suspects BLACK. The revolution begins with you folks. It's obvious that the media "black out" is in full effect when the 19 black man gang rape of an 11 year old is just a blip and the false Duke rape accusation turns into a media circus.

You can make a difference even without patrolling your neighborhood with a shotgun. Start hitting the commentary sections of your local paper and calling them out on intentional racial ambiguity in the crime blotter. Link people to this site, Thugreport, Chimpout, Occidental, and other sites that tell it like it is.

Douglas said...

I only hope whites will band together when the real riots come. I have too often seen whites running or begging not to be harmed too many times when I was in school with blacks. Whites would never band together and we often got our asses kicked even though we outnumbered them.

Whites are so afraid to be called racists that they will pick any black person and say, "look here, I have a black friend." They are terrified of being placed on the SPLC hate list. Only when they resolve themselves of this fear will be regain our place foothold.

Anonymous said...

"I can't get too mad at a monkey for monkeying around."

Do you pat your dog on the head when he shits on the floor?

Anonymous said...

"I am always going to be mad at white southerners for breeding and importing them."

They're all dead, your anger is wasted.

Anonymous said...

"I'm telling it like it is"

You're admitting your fear/weakness. Hopefully you don't have a family that will depend on you for protection.

Anonymous said...

"I only hope whites will band together when the real riots come."

After Katrina, white neighborhoods first put up warning signs, then shot at looters.

Snape refers to this as a "Rambo fantasy".

Anonymous said...

I live in a northern suburb of Atlanta, and I'd like to offer some clarification to some of your statements:
You are entirely correct about Clayton county- it has become hell on earth, especially the northern half.
DeKalb county is an interesting mixture; South DeKalb county is bad, though not as bad as the west side of Atlanta. Decatur, North Druid hills, etc. are nice. So are the parts of Chamblee that border Buckhead. The rest is largely unlivable.
Gwinnett county is majority-minority due to its large Asian and Hispanic populations. Blacks only make up about a fifth of Gwinnett residents. Nonetheless, there are a number of unsavory parts. The better areas are in the north, where the Asians and Whites reside.
So Atlanta isn't totally a lost cause. The northern part of the city itself is rapidly gentrifying, and the northern suburbs (especially North Fulton and Forsyth counties) are very nice- median incomes there are well over $100,000.
You are right about Marta, though. $2 a pop to be harassed for an hour by idiots selling fake watches.

Laz said...

"Take away their food, shelter and schools and they're armed and knocking at your door."

It's a moot point. Whites outnumber blacks about 6/1, have more guns per person and, the training to use them properly and effectively. Even if only a quarter of the whites in this country carried a firearm it would still be the same story.

It's kinda hard to get practice with a firearm when you're not allowed by law to carry. You can't use the gun range and a black man in the country is automatically suspicious.

"There would be no such thing as "going out in public" without DWL spending."

Wrong. Almost every white I know, man or woman, carries a LEGAL firearm.

Case in point, twice in the last year I've had to pull my piece because black dudes don't think a pasty white dude with glasses is gonna put up a fight for his car.

Soopercracker said...

You really don't get it, Paul. Without DWL spending, you'd be dead.

"Take away their food, shelter and schools and they're armed and knocking at your door.

There would be no such thing as "going out in public" without DWL spending.

DWLs have the proper grasp on the situation. The only thing we can do is spend money."

I believe this comment was meant as sarcasm, if not..Dumb as hell. Fucking brilliantly sarcastic, I think.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"The future belongs to those that show up."

If you have to be there on time or early, guess who won't show up? lol

Anonymous said...

black run America

Should be

black-run America.

Hyphen required.

See rule 4 here:

Anonymous said...

DWL, you're an idiot.

We don't need to fight the negros. That's what the military / national guard / police / private security firms are for.

wise DWL said...

All those slaves had babies. And all their babies' babies' babies had babies.... born in America.

The only way that's even possible is because southern whites imported a boatload of slaves. Don't ever make the argument that all the slaves are dead. They still have your last names!

Stupid ninjas are too dumb to get them changed but whatever. It is kind of funny watching Alabama football fans cheer on the people their great-great-granddaddy bred. Seriously, some ninja on Alabama with a rare last name like Larimore is making Jan and Steve Larimore awful proud when he scores touchdowns.

The South didn't just lose the war, they got dominated by the North. The North has always been smarter, so trust me when I say that we know what we're doing. Plus, we are even more disgusted by black people than you are. You lived on the farm with them hahaha

The bottom line is that I'm not taking advice on curing cancer from the stupid asshole who gave me cancer.

I live in a palace, so I could give two shits what you rednecks do with your lives. Go ahead and fire the first shot Texas Rambos. Don't think for second we won't throw your dumbasses in prison to prevent Armageddon. We work too hard to want to fight ninjas in the streets.

Professor Snape said...

This is one the most bizarre entries I've read on this blog to date: alarmist, yes, and fatalistic.

I am still not understanding this concept of Black Run America. It seems more of a slogan than reality, a clever catch-phrase used to encompass - and capitalize upon - the abstraction of right wing angst over Obama's presidency. Frankly, it's propaganda.

The question I have - and one I've had since finding this site - is why we look at race-relations as a zero-sum game?

Obama in the White House = whites suffering under black rule? Obama in the White House = black supremacy and white submission?

The only answer I can think of to this is that we don't realize our privilege until we "think" we've lost it, and this psychosis - this panic - leaves us feeling anxious. One of the black commenters on this website - I believe it may have been "Desiree"? - stated something to the effect of "Whitey" - apparently that's us - being worried that previous social and economic abuses "He's" inflicted on blacks or minorities will be given back unto them if these groups obtain power.

The unfortunate reality is that is a real (irrational) fear.

Someone once said, "Getting white people to describe white privilege is like getting a fish to describe water." A fish doesn't think of water until he's flopping on his side in a fisherman's boat. Then he's thinking, "Oh, yes, that stuff; I need it!" Our underlying pathology is that we believe it is necessary to survive.

But why does it have to be that way?

I'm starting to feel that many whites on here have no substantive contact with blacks. When I say "substantive", I mean interactions that have emotional depth. One of my closest friends is a beautiful, intelligent, and loving black woman; hell, if she was not happily married herself, I would probably pursue her. I'm not naive enough to assume that my friend and her black husband are representations of every black person. However, I know that since they exist, they disprove the wanton generalizations some commenters on this site make about blacks.

I should point out that I am not some negrophile - not at all. I have eyes: I can read the numbers, I can watch the news. What I am not is a fatalist. Some would like for so-called "DWLs" to be disillusioned by so-called black criminality so they can "learn" the error of their ways; how dreadful to prescribe such a thing to your political opponent.

More and more, I am finding this blog sad and disheartening, but not for the reasons you'd expect. Prejudice is somewhat expected given American history; it's deeply ingrained and grafted to white privilege. It's sad because I feel you are all languishing in a mental prison of fear and loathing. Knowing deeply, inwardly that what you feel is burdensome and irrational, you selectively seek information to justify your clinging onto this security blanket.

Come on, let's move forward, not backward. Blacks - or any minorities - are not less-thans; there is no component in blacks that make them predisposed to crime. (A note to Hirsch: I've refuted your claim of a black "crime gene" in the Trump thread. Feel free to rebut, or accept reality.) They are people, and like people in general, some are very good and some are very bad but most are Average Joes.

Enough of all of this. It's 2011. In the inimitable words of Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get along?"

S.A.Dutchman said...

Bring on Austerity. Shut it down. Let the Niggers riot and be killed. Let it all be done...

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Guys (and ladies),

Probably about 30 comments for this entry and 40 comments from yesterday's entry won't be approved.

Please do not compare Black people to apes or other forms of simian.

A lot of posts about "having more guns" and "race war" will not be posted either. Don't waste your time writing stuff like that.

Porter - love your stuff, keep it coming and you can write a guest post anytime.

I love that comments from people like CWN, Hirsh, even "Black Guy", Mencken, OneSTDV, Shiela, Former Black Militant, B. Herder and the elusive "Phalluster" created "fake" gmail accounts to post.

Everyone reading this blog could do the same. Create a "fake" gmail account and instead of posting as anonymous, you could start a web persona.

I have "Paul Kersey" for a reason. We all like anonymity. I encourage you all to do the same.

But please don't write idiotic stuff about "race war" and "having more guns" then "the Blacks" or other people. It won't get posted.

With that said, the past few days have seen an explosion in traffic. Thanks to everyone for reading and comment responsibly.

You never know at what point the MSM will find this site and report on it, and attempt to use the comment section against what is written.

I'm not trying to be egotistical by saying that; I truly believe it is only a matter of time before that happens.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Oh, and Silent Running, Midwestern, and others. Sorry to include you.

Again, I encourage everyone to create "fake" non de plumes through google and post with those. Follow SBPDL that way.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that you are acknowledging Porter and Phalluster, two pathological anti-Semites. Take a lesson from Jarod Taylor, and don't associate with Jew-haters. Pointing out the problems of the black community is rational, and commendable; but ranting about Jewish conspiracies and spewing hatred at real and imagined Jews is indicative of a mental illness.

You discredit yourself by acknowledging those people.

Laz said...

@ Snape

I "had my eyes opened" 20 years ago when my best friend in high school reverted after meeting his biological father. Most of the people here have similar stories, there was a whole comments section on it a couple weeks ago. Barry the figurehead in office had nothing to do with it for most of us.

As to genetics: Care to explain why blacks in every area of the world are at the bottom of the barrel in IQ, self-restraint, etc. and highest in crime, out-of-wedlock births, etc? It can't be cultural because they're not all living in the same culture.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

You can search the archives and see I have never once said anything that could be construed as anti-semitic.

I have no time for that. This blog is about Stuff Black People Don't Like. That is all.

I make it a point to block any and all references to Jews and Israel.

However, I have no problem praising the contributions of Porter and Phalluster. They have unique voices that and enhance the discussion. If this discredits me; so be it.

However, I do not approve any comments that are anti-semitic. What they have written here is not anti-semitic. I can no more control their posts elsewhere then I can control the weather.

I'm reminded of something Murray Rothbard was quoted as saying at a John Randolph Club meeting when told there were Nazi's present:

"There's always one," said Rothbard. To which the person who told Rothbard of the Nazi being present: "One what?"

Rothbard replied, "A complainer."

The point of this story is that I do not endorse the views of any poster here. Not you, not Porter, not Phalluster, not Desiree, not Black Guy... not anyone. I'm sure Black militiants post here, radical white nationalists, liberals, neocons, Jews, Hindus, Christians, Atheists, conservatives and normal people who have been mugged by reality.

This has become a forum, though heavily moderated, where people can discuss a taboo subject.

The rules are pretty simple of what to discuss in the comments section: the post in question.

If I discredit myself for thanking people for contributing to this site, so be it.

Just know that I have no tolerance for anti-semitism either. I have not once ranted about any Jewish conspiracy, nor will I ever.

wise DWL said...

So basically, my thoughts aren't welcome here.

Paul's more interested in appeasing CNN's sensibilities (should they mention his blog) than he is legitimately outraged that they won't cover black flash mobs 10 miles from their offices.

This comment has no chance in hell of getting accepted, but I want the coward who censors the comments to read it.

Anonymous said...

"Please do not compare Black people to apes or other forms of simian."

When you act like one people should be able to describe you like one. The only thing some of those fools don't do is fling feces. What about other animals? How about crazy? According to Phil on Survivor last night crazy= ni**er

Porter said...

The southern states imported black people.

Some of these Southern states which imported black slaves include Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey.

Though in keeping with the “D,” this WL is assiduously silent in regard to the actual point: America was nearly 90% White before the Left began its population replacement program. And now with that figure declining hourly as a direct result of DWL policies he now whines that “we do the best we can.” Well stop doing. Your best has been atrocious.

Anonymous said...

"This comment has no chance in hell of getting accepted, but I want the coward who censors the comments to read it."

"I'm a fucking jackass."

Anonymous said...

"I am still not understanding this concept of Black Run America."

Wow, another Snape patented "Statement Of The Obvious".

White Guy said...

wise DWL:

I'm not sure what to make of you. I find your posts satirical which leads me to question your authenticity.

The true DWL has a psychological stake in his/her pandering to the African - the incessant placating masturbates the ego of the White liberal; you seem to devoid of such pleasure, save the safety you purchase with White tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

"So basically, my thoughts aren't welcome here."

You say wildly speculative things like "Without DWL spending, you'd be dead" (sheer conjecture), then continue with idiotic things like "the shitty farm equipment you imported" (slave importers are long dead), then amazingly you announce "I'm telling it like it is".

No, you're not "telling it like it is".

You're spewing nonsense.

It gives the impression that you're a douche-bag.

Lee said...

"I am still not understanding this concept of Black Run America." No shit. Please Snape. Allow me to grant you permission to stop beating your head against the wall.

Anonymous said...

Seeing that this country appears to be on the verge of economic collapse I believe that self preservation should be discussed. Unlike most DWL's I happen to live in an area that I would estimate is about 50% black. I live within walking distance to 2 large section 8 apartment complexes. It wasn't always this way, but the last 10 years or so the area has turned black which correlates with my car being broken into for the first time ever and a gun being pulled on me in a robbery attempt. I often think, what's going to happen when the welfare system collapses, will the hordes of blacks that I see shuffling down the sidewalk stream down my street to take "revenge" on whitey? I'm generally an optimist about things and I don't like to dwell on such horrific thoughts but I have devised counter measures to protect my home. I don't look forward to this but I fear that the path we're on is unchangeable at this point.


Constructive Feedback said...

Stuff Black People Don't Like:

I am not familiar enough with your work to understand your agenda - pro or con. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and posit a more carefully honed view of metro-Atlanta.

There is no such beast as "Black Run" as if "Black people" - in of of them/ourselves have a certain "Governing Style" that is defined by some intrinsic/genetic attribute found exclusively in Black folks.

YES - Black people are disproportionately Progressive-Fundamentalists. YES too many Blacks govern with a RACIAL chip on their shoulder.

In the broad political spectrum there is "Left and Right". A Black politician has to deal with that AND an internal "Fight The Power" Blacks versus "Civil Rights - Work Within The System" Blacks.

Most of the dysfunction that you speak of has its roots in the perverted notions of QUASI-SOCIALISM and their view of what the GOVERNMENT should do for the people.

In the context of our CAPITALISTIC system they are in a perpetual state of denial about the critical importance of capitalism that fuels the treasuries of government for them to REDISTRIBUTE to the masses, standing in front of the oversized check at the ribbon cutting ceremony by which they can claim their Socialistic altruism as evidenced by the portrait.

More than any racial attribute that you can think of this ABSTRACTION is at the root of all that you speak of.

A people that has STRUGGLED - JUSTIFIABLY - against a system that attempted to roll over us has never developed an infrastructure by which we focus sufficiently on our internal health - doing a necessary "colonic cleansing" to get rid of the undigested waste matter that we carry around.

This has the effect of tying the hands of the government as it relates to management of the criminal element that lurks within. With the CULTURE having failed to guide young Black males with a structured "rites of passage" - allowing them to become pillars of the community - the SYSTEM catches them on the back end after they are caught doing some devilment.

As the system clogs from too many of our sons locked up - the EMBEDDED OPERATIVES stand at a fork in the road. They can:

A) Take a dose of contrition and ADMIT that they have FAILED!! Scale back on their "Tea Party Chasing" and instead huddle back together an get their INSIDES together - managing people without placing the dependency on FEDERAL ENTITLEMENT in the spirit of "People over Profits"

B) Save Face via the use of REDIRECTION. Claiming that AMERICA'S will to build "For Profit Prisons" instead of Schools is the cause of our present condition. In doing so they can continue their STRUGGLE against some external forces that are doing them wrong.

If you sample the viewpoints of immigrant Blacks - who have come from nations in which "their kind" had to govern themselves - you hear a markedly different consciousness about governance than what is found in the general population of native born Blacks.

The point of all of this is to say that it is NOT an attribute of "Blackness" but instead an INTERNAL POWER STRUGGLE where the vestiges of the Civil Rights Movement is still riding on "Back In The Day" (See John Lewis) when there is way past time for a new generation of leadership to come along and move the community forward.

Phalluster said...

I am delighted to be lumped in with Porter, regardless of the besmirchful context. He is my favorite commenter on this blog.

However, I wouldn't suggest that he is "beyond reproach", as that is a status reserved for only the most privileged of minorities.

Midwestern said...

SPDL, this is a great place for all to find the truth. I appreciate your bravery and dedication to America.

Regarding public transit, our Indiana school voucher bill just passed, and I have a feeling that there will be a push to expand our public transit system into the white suburbs next. The Republicans are pushing this one without realizing that they are shooting themselves in the foot. Next, the "low income" blacks will be demanding housing and jobs near the private schools, and the crime rates will soar.

No one asked the white private school parents who have worked their entire lives to afford the exclusive white suburbs and the $10,00 per year tuition at the Christian Academy. We all know that $10,000 a year it is a small price to pay for a school with no little black miscreants. Now there is no protection for whites as the government forces them into a multicultural nightmare. Next the demand for jobs, housing, and "services" for the miscreant parents.

Please cover the school voucher issue in greater detail if you can.

This is a new form of racial bussing and forced integration of schools and communities that are "too white". I am thinking that this issue alone is going to change the face of our communities more quickly than anything else.

Midwestern said...

"This comment has no chance in hell of getting accepted, but I want the coward who censors the comments to read it."

SPDL just does not want you mucking up the comments section with your ramblings. I love to hear about other's stories of progression from DWL to "One Who Can See". It is like the story one tells of "finding Jesus". It is a religious experience indeed. Maybe wise DWL and Snape are in the initial stages of The Transformation. They ARE here posting, aren't they? Maybe a good sign.

They must go through a process. First the denial, white guilt, and self-loathing. Then anger and frustration, next name calling and blame, crying.... But then, a sort of peace sets in, a love for one's own, a heightened sense of purpose and awareness of one's surroundings, an interest and amazement in one's OWN history, pride. And finally, acceptance of and determination to press forward for the truth. Spread the word to other lost lambs.

The DWLs who cannot be turned around will leave here in disgust, but the ones who have potential stick around. We are missionaries.

Silent Running said...

A lot of posts about "having more guns" and "race war" will not be posted either. Don't waste your time writing stuff like that.

Fair enough. It's your blog, so I'll respect your decision in this. I wrote my last post over at the MARTA thread before reading these new rules, but I'll keep them in mind for the future.

wise DWL said...

DWLs are worried about the same things you're worried about. We get off on the fact that we can purchase our safety, you're right about that.

Think of life beyond the domestic sphere as life on stage for us.

DWL parents overtly plant the seed of just W.L. and then subliminally manufacture the D. by putting their kids in tennis camp, rowing class, archery ect. That makes their kids instinctively DWL which means they'll avoid "capture" (i.e. a public outing of their true self) ....which would be detrimental to dealing with the only problem beyond DWLs immediate control.

Why do think movies like Fight Club and American Beauty do so well? It's because we love watching the characters on screen break free from all the "acting" in their characters' lives.

You're crazy if you don't think DWLs study and watch over the racial makeup of the neighborhood they live in. We keep track of it a lot better than you guys which is why you never see us on the bus with them.

We're one step ahead of thinking in Mad Max terms. We have passed the "rage" stage of dealing with blacks. The author of this site is still in rage mode.

WL's exist. DWL's outnumber them and laugh at them behind closed doors, but yeah there are a few "pure-bred" WL's which I think is why you have such a hard time accepting my views as my actual views.

This isn't satire. I'm revealing to you what a real DWL is. I'm breaking code, because I don't want to loose ends like you screwing things up for me in public.

Anonymous said...

"I am not familiar enough with your work to understand your agenda"

Learn to be pithy, otherwise you are likely to be ignored.

Porter said...


I got a hearty chuckle from that last sentence. Well said.

Greying Wanderer said...

"but ranting about Jewish conspiracies and spewing hatred at real and imagined Jews is indicative of a mental illness."

Are Jews subject to the same rules as everyone else? Yes or No?

Two cases in point

1) Are only white people racist or does every ethno-sectarian group have a percentage of racists / bigots? Your answer can't be yes because that in itself would be racist. If the answer is no then every ethno-sectarian group will contain a percenatge of racists and/or bigots. This includes Jews.

I'm not saying all of them. I'm not even saying many. Im saying there will be *some* Jews who are racist against blacks. There will be *some* who are racist against Whites. There will be *some* who are bigoted against Christians. There will be some who are bigoted against Hindus etc.

If you're talking to DWLs most of them actually believe in their PC religion but some are actually Jewish racists or self-hating Whites who jumped on the DWL bandwagon because it gives them the opportunity to attack White people. The way to tell them apart is the DWLs trade almost exclusively in White guilt. When one of them, like Snape or DWL, slides into talk of bloodshed and backlash then they're the kind of fake DWL who underneath are a kind of anti-white version of Nazi.

No conspiracies, just human nature.

2) Snape talks about white privilige, a concept often connected to disparate impact. Disparate impact is considered prima facie proof of racism when White people are the beneficiaries. Should this rule apply to all ethno-sectarian groups?

No conspiracies - just the same rules applied across the board and not just when the results are harmful to White people.

I won't keep on about it as it distracts from the main point. However i'd just re-iterate for people who haven't had much personal experience of DWLs that although the vast majority believe in their PC religion some of them just hate White people and that's all it is.

wise DWL said...

There are two types of white people who comment on this blog.

Those who accept reality and those who don't.

When you guys were young, you didn't dream of war. You're parents didn't have you so you could become the John Connor for white people. If they did... go for it, John. You'll only end up in prison with the cyborgs you hate so much.

You dreamed of being an astronaut, cowboy, doctor, football player etc.

Americans live in an America poisoned by slavery. They kept their masters' last names as a reminder (in case anyone tries to excuse slave traders from blame). Anyway, the only way to become an astronaut is to personally overcome the greatest obstacle(s) to becoming an astronaut; which for DWLs is black crime and black crime only. Our young astronauts are privately schooled and housed far away from this obstacle.

That's it. Throw in driving in the rain and you have narrowed it down to the two biggest obstacles in the career paths of DWL children.

DWLs live in whitopias and currently govern America. BRA is our pawn. This is how things are going be as long as we're in charge. Nobody is exacerbating our greatest obstacle if we can help it.

Midwestern said...

Not impressed, Mr. Wiseman,

Sorry to have to take some wind out of your sails, but you forgot one thing about DWL title....the Disingenuous part. I don't "get off" on the fact that I could purchase safety. I can purchase a gun, but that will only get me so far. You are an elitist and you are in denial.

What you are doing is NOT superior or right. You are more than you have become. You are an armchair warrior. You like to spout off about your superior attitudes, knowing inside that you are only a coward. My mother is a seasoned 60 something DWL, you sound just like her when you speak. You are all-knowing, yet you are so cowardly that you do not speak up and fight for what is right for your own people. You, like her, are a happy talker. Liberals happy talk themselves into a circle, yet they are still cowards. You are lazy, uninspired, hopeless and defeated.

In our situation, anger and rage is useful, but you are such a happy talker that you could never say this aloud. Outrage gets you off your butt and away from your comfy surroundings and causes you to take action. You are too complacent. Where is the rage? We need more outrage from the white community. We need for cowards like you step up to hold our leaders accountable and turn things around.

Yes, you watch the racial makeup of your towns and neighborhoods change for the worse, and once you let things go straight to hell as you stand by watching, then cry and run away like a little girl because you are no hero. You talk to your other liberal friends about how "bad it is getting" and try to come up with cute little solutions that have been tried over and over again. You are a victimologist and a true sellout. You are afraid of any scratch on your delicate little self.

We know exactly who you are. You are nothing new. Your opinions are weak and so are you. You have no solutions, you are in denial, and you will change no minds here.

Professor Snape said...

Midwestern said:
I love to hear about other's stories of progression from DWL to "One Who Can See". It is like the story one tells of "finding Jesus". It is a religious experience indeed. Maybe wise DWL and Snape are in the initial stages of The Transformation. They ARE here posting, aren't they? Maybe a good sign.

"The Transformation" will never strike this Professor!

It disturbs me that, for you, accepting one's ignorance is akin to spiritual conversion. That deeply disturbs me. Thank you for proving that racism and prejudice is, in fact, a mental illness.

Someone in this thread stated hating Jews is a mental illness but hating blacks is not? That's like saying it's better to have major depression than be schizophrenic! All hatred is a mental illness, in that it impedes one's ability to live a peaceful life. You erroneously believe that not hating blacks means you have to live around blacks, befriend them, marry them.

Absolutely not.

Your hatred involves taking away civil rights - that goal is under the guise of "limited government interference". Please stop with your silly ramblings.


Wise DWL said:
We're one step ahead of thinking in Mad Max terms. We have passed the "rage" stage of dealing with blacks. The author of this site is still in rage mode.

So, the alternative to being in "rage mode" is to throw money and run away? You are Mr. Solutions!

The hallmark of intelligence, among other things, is the ability to engage rational thought. What you have described is anti-reason. The whites on here ask what will happen when that is no longer an option, throwing money at blacks and running away?

You do not provide a service expressing the views of SBPDL's archetypical Disingenuous White Liberal; you are showing your ass. The lesser of two evils is that the "DWL" is in control instead of the "redneck", yes. "Rage" is certainly not the answer, because rage overtook Germany and the result was death marches and the mass murders of Jews. However, what are your plans? You are content in a status quo but what happens when this country is brown and black?

You, sir, are repugnant; you are a fair-weather bigot.

WL's exist. DWL's outnumber them and laugh at them behind closed doors, but yeah there are a few "pure-bred" WL's

The DWL outnumbers the white liberal because white privilege is an embedded part of our consciousness as whites. You may laugh at us because we've managed to beat that cancer. We've chosen to ignore one's skin; you've chosen hypocrisy.

The first step to recovery is to admit that blacks are sentient beings with humanity. If you cannot even see that, and I don't mean to be coarse, but you just do not deserve to breathe air. This country has changed. The US is "colorFUL". Get with the times.

wise DWL said...

Midwesterner, you know who else keeps talking about their "guns"?

You're absolutely correct. I believe that you aren't good enough to represent me. You are living out Mad Max fantasies now, because you partied too much in school. Get a real job and make enough money to keep your family out of harm's way.

You're an angry joke of a man. The only thing you've ever shot is a tin can.

Porter said...


Thanks for the offer to write a guest post. If you are willing to suffer the decline in quality, I am willing to provide it.

I'll send you an Email sometime. And best of luck with your new book.

Midwestern said...

The best of liberal teaching says that one must accept reality. Just the way it is, get used to it! You must be nuts.

We are all very near black crime. I am about 3 houses down from it. Blacks are killing each other, terrorizing whites, creating mayhem, destroying property, and preying on good American citizens. They are urban terrorists. You do not know any "authentic" blacks, trust me. You are afraid of blacks and do not understand them, and you fear them. And hiding behind your computer, you can call yourself an expert.

White kids SHOULD be privileged in America - our ancestors made sure of it. This is not Africa.

My DWL mother tried to drill her values into me in my childhood, and now she hates the fact that I am calling her out on the hypocrisy. White children will have minority status in our White European country in the future. What will be your plan then? Or do you, like most liberals I know, just feel happy to be white NOW and happy that you will be dead by then? White means boring, white bread, flavorless, and we deserve to die out? It is time for whites to see "what is like" once and for all? Paybacks are a bitch?

You are just sitting back, enjoying the ride as the train goes off the track......

Your patchy posts show that you are mentally delusional. I can't really make much sense out of your message, except for the elitist white BS. I bet you are probably a useless gamer-type, sitting in an armchair eating Cheetos as you type. Could have pulled this comment straight out of one of my son's comic books:

"DWLs live in whitopias and currently govern America. BRA is our pawn."
(Insert evil villain laugh here...)

Anonymous said...

Southerners have always been right about black behavior. Though I have never condoned the mistreatment of any human being as was done to blacks in the Jim Crow days, I do believe segregation of the races was and is still warranted. The North never stopped punishing the South after the Civil War. In 1954, our government turned on it's own citizens by forcing integration in a Kansas City school at gunpoint (Brown v. the Board of Education). Forced integration continued on, starting with the South first. Once integration and busing hit the North in the late 60's and early 70's, we found out just what hypocrites Northerners are. They liked dictating to Southerners who we socialized, worked, and went to school with, but didn't like having to do it themselves. But, it was a good learning experience for Northerners. They found out what Southerners have known about blacks since this country was first founded.

Everyday, we are forced to work alongside and deal with impulsive, parasitic, ignorant, incompetent, criminal, and lesser intelligent people who are incapable of self reliance. All whites are allowed to do is work, work, work so that our government can take, take, take away from us and give to these dim witted ingrates who have been taught from birth they are underprivileged due to white racism, are never at fault or held accountable for any of their actions or shortcomings, and rightfully entitled to a cut of what's in every white person's wallet. Why? So the Progressives or should I say Oligarchs, can count on their votes to stay in power. I'm old enough to remember when there were poll taxes. It kept a lot of stupid blacks and others from voting. In America today, we have reaped what was sowed by Progressives half a century ago. America today is the result of what happens when stupid people are allowed to vote.

Fortunately, for whites, we have been backed into a corner, and our eyes have been opened. For quite some time, many of us have been expecting and preparing for the coming civil unrest and rioting when America starts to implode and the money runs out for the parasites entitlements. Predictably, when the white man's money stops flowing, the blacks and browns will start behaving much the same way as what we saw in New Orleans during Katrina, and start attacking whites and trying to take what they believe is rightfully theirs. Unfortunately, for them, we'll be ready and it won't be pretty.

wise DWL said...

Snape, you're a walking contradiction. You're clearly Jewish, yet you fantasize about sleeping with your neighbors wife who happens to be black.

The real/original Jewish religion has rules about marrying Jewish people only. You have no two legs to stand on when it comes to promoting free love.

You're promoting sleeping around, while "tasting the rainbow" in order to become a better person. Then you would cut those women off no matter how far things go, in order to marry a Jewish person.

You aren't as big of a joke to me as all these Texas Rambos on here, but you're still a joke.

The only non-jokes on here are me, Paul and that guy from Finland.

Midwestern said...

"Get a real job and make enough money to keep your family out of harm's way."

Hey Libtard, don't worry I can handle your attacks. Once again, you are way off base.

Like most people on this site, I make sure I walk the walk. I am a woman, by the way, a mother, and a Patriot. I practice self-reliance every day of my life. I teach responsibility and personal accountability to my children, especially my son, and in our home school, teach them to love their country and why our freedom is not free. I speak honestly about race, they need to know the truth. I have more education than you ever will.

I work the most important job in the world, caring for my family. I am more of a hero than you will EVER be. My HUSBAND'S is our provider, and his money provides more than enough for us and ensures a solid future for our children.

I wish I could keep more of his monehy, but instead I must paying for your liberal programs that will never help me or my kids.

I have experienced the real deal with race, I speak only about what I know. You live in a liberal fantasy world, which is crumbling at your feet.

Wake up man! You are more than what you have become.

Midwestern said...

White Liberals only want power to rule over their subjects. You are all way too stupid to run your own lives. The government daddy will take good care of you and make all of the hard decisions so that you can sit back and relax.

Just listen to Mr. Wise Libtard, he explains this so well. Pander to the miscreants and pay their bills, this impresses your white liberal friends so that they vote for your agenda, and then you shall rule the world!

Oh yes, and call all of the objecting conservatives and patriots "hateful" and "racist" and "fearful" as they cling to their guns and religion.


wise DWL said...

Dear Anonymous Texas Rambos,

You aren't going to do jack shit. The only thing you've ever shot is a tin can. Your ideal path for America is to relive the Wild West Era.

The extent of your medical knowledge is changing a tire. You need DWLs more than they need you.

I find it hilarious that when arguing with me, you make reference to your black neighbors "down the street". Have you ever given them one of your patented testosterone rants?

Give it a shot, Texas Rambos. Have fun at the O.K. Corral!


wise DWL

Midwestern said...

"The first step to recovery is to admit that blacks are sentient beings with humanity."

Oh Snap! Brilliant! So now that we have tried and failed the experiment of integrating blacks into the white European culture which is America, why not do the right and just thing and send the Africans back to live in Africa where they can compete with other Africans?

Surely even you would agree that it would be a win-win for all? But then the libtards would have to start all over again and find a new pawn to exploit...

Professor Snape said...

I don't know to whom Midwestern's 8:28AM comment is directed - myself or the other "liberal" - but she has shown yet again her true ignorance and the flickering lightbulb hovering above her head.

Who are these "authentic" blacks? Every black person believes themselves to be authentic. Are the ones who are inauthentic the law-abiding ones who make up the majority of blacks? The authentic ones are the minority who make a ruckus? Who is the designator of such arbitrary nonsense?

Are whites who make a ruckus inauthentic whites?

You, madam, are full of contradictions and specious rationalizations. You spout histrionic babble and you don victimhood while accusing others of wallowing in it. If your conclusions make sense to you, your brain is on another planet.

White kids SHOULD be privileged in America - our ancestors made sure of it. This is not Africa.

BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF MINORITY CHILDREN! You are a soulless cretin if you believe it is right for minority children to be taught - to know - that they are less-thans. Do you also support a continued white hegemony if or when whites shrink to a minority population?

You say America is not Africa but, no doubt, you would support a reinstallation of Apartheid in South Africa, where whites are the minority in a black country. By your reasoning blacks should have been privileged in their ancestral lands. Disagreeing with this makes you a hypocrite.

Midwestern said...

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

"Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded. Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave." ~Dr. Lyle Rossiter

"A racist hatred of one's own race – auto-racism – has become a defining characteristic of the liberal mind. Yet the source of such suicidal guilt remains a mystery."

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Hate to break it to you Professor Snape, but this study by Jason Richwine - which barely touches what BRA really is - shows what Black privilege is in America.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to navigate through the comments here. Some of you really are concerned with the crime problem in a legitimate sense, whereas others hypocritically talk about the "blacks with chips on their shoulders" in a way that the chip on their shoulders is blatantly obvious. It goes both ways. The silence of the media on these topics is a good thing to debate and write about, as long as you don't do it in a way that makes you seem simply angry at a color.

Some of you would seem to say that if the negative portion of black people would clean up their act then you wouldn't have a problem with them (this is a good and rational way of thinking).

Others seem to have an inherent distrust of the color black on someone's skin even if the person is well-spoken, polite, self-less, and intelligent (this is fear, self-promotion, and senseless).

Noone can deny the numbers, but we can deny our thoughts to pre-judge, condemn, and flee rational discourse for the safety and comfort of mirror-philia.

Anonymous said...

"There are two types of white people who comment on this blog."

Notice to newbies:
This blog has been around long before your arrival, many of us have been here from the start.

Please show some common fucking courtesy, and avoid writing things that have already been said a million fucking times.

Thank you.

Laz said...

@ Snape

Still didn't answer my question. Here, I'll post it again.

"As to genetics: Care to explain why blacks in every area of the world are at the bottom of the barrel in IQ, self-restraint, etc. and highest in crime, out-of-wedlock births, etc? It can't be cultural because they're not all living in the same culture."

Anonymous said...

"You are a soulless cretin if you believe it is right for minority children to be taught - to know - that they are less-thans."

The alternative is to lie to them and tell them that they are just as intelligent as white and Asian kids. Then when they can't keep up, just dishonestly blame "white racism".

We've been doing this for 50 years, it's not working.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Professor Snape, but you are so blind at what you will not see. The people who read and post on this blog have learned, and understand all too well about race and what America has become thanks to gullible and naive egalitarian believers such as yourself. To use an old cliche - the road to hell is paved with good intentions. You and your like minded believers have made America into a hell that's about to boil over. You think pouring billions more hard earned taxpayer dollars into education will help raise black's test scores and make them our equals. Liberals ARE truly insane as they keep doing the same thing over and over again and believe each time the results will be different.

We are not stupid, uninformed, and ignorant as you insinuate in your post. I myself used to buy into some of that Progressive b.s. such as blacks being kept down because of white racism, and lack of opportunities. Then I saw what happens when blacks overrun everything first hand, time and time again, both on the job and in the neighborhood I've lived in for 24 years that I'll be leaving soon to get away from the "diversity."

If you are so smart, educated, and enlightened, it would certainly behoove you to Google about IQ and the wealth of nations in the world. It doesn't take a college degree to figure out every black run country (and lately, in America, black run city) has disintegrated into Third World status.

When Europeans set about exploring the world back in the 15th century, they encountered blacks in Africa who had been living in the Stone Age for thousands of years and not progressed any further. These people hadn't even invented the wheel. What civilization that was brought to them was courtesy of Europeans. Now most of Africa is black run because the whites relinquished control and Africans are returning it to what it used to be - uncivilized and savage. Is that our fault and are you going to maintain these heathen people are equal to whites? As I stated at the beginning, I hate to let you know this since you can't see it yourself, but your emperor has no clothes. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Wise DWL, your patronizing little ignorant rant is only a reflection of your own denial of what's going on today. You believe that one day if conservatives and Tea Party supporters no longer pose a threat to your Utopia, like minded progressives such as yourself will join together with the blacks and browns and celebrate this wonderful diversity in America. Collectively, you'll turn America into a share the wealth socialist nation like no other ever created.

You better think twice and hope that scenario never plays out. If blacks and browns end up controlling this country, you gullible liberals who show up as their altruistic allies will be the first ones they kill. I can only imagine the stunned look on your horrified face would be priceless.

Instead of taking potshots at people who can see the handwriting on the wall and are preparing for the inevitable collapse of America, you should be doing some soul searching and thinking about sticking together with your own race instead of defending those who want nothing more than to leech off whites and destroy them.

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand what the purpose of this website and your postings is. The failure of any city is not directly correlated to which race has the majority of the decision making positions. There are PLENTY of white run cities that have been ran into the ground and some no longer exist. What studies have you done about the % of white run cities versus the % of black run cities that are experiencing financial, social, and educational depressions?

It's ideas like this that make it difficult for the stable and educated black population in Atlanta to make true unbiased progress.

What black people hate is being grouped into stereotypes and questioned about activities which only reflect a small percentage of their population.

I personally believe that non-black groups spend a lot of time protecting their image about their own failing communities, downplaying white collar crime, and censoring media messages about their high drug and substances abuse.

Anonymous said...

"I fail to understand what the purpose of this website and your postings is."

Then you clearly do not belong here. Perhaps one day when you have more life experience, you will come to understand.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

"There are PLENTY of white run cities that have been ran into the ground and some no longer exist."

Please provide a list of those cities.

If you are unable to do so, please be honest enough to admit your dishonesty.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't black people. The problem is a segment of the black population on welfare that is promiscuous and pops out babies like rabbits. Remember on average every street thug has a sister. How does she live her life? The problem in NYC was solved by aids combined with cheap drugs and countless crack houses. Crime spiked briefly but this segment wiped itself out in about a decade, 10 tough years. An effective solution we are not supposed to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Snape wrote:
"BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF MINORITY CHILDREN! You are a soulless cretin if you believe it is right for minority children to be taught - to know - that they are less-thans."

White children are being taught that they are worth less than blacks EVERY DAY.

"The silence of the media on these topics is a good thing to debate and write about, as long as you don't do it in a way that makes you seem simply angry at a color."

Why? What's wrong with being angry at black people? Nobody complains when black people are angry at whites. DWL double-standards are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

"What black people hate is being grouped into stereotypes"

Who gives a shit?

One out of three black men between the ages of 20-29 is in prison or jail, on probation or parole.
Is this a stereotype?

More than 50% of black males do not finish high school.
Is this a stereotype?

Blacks represent 13% of the U.S. population but account for more than half of all new HIV diagnoses.
Is this a stereotype?

More than 70% of black children are born out-of-wedlock.
Is this a stereotype?

If black people don't like being associated with behaviors that are common among blacks, then instead of whining on internet message boards, they should change their behavior.

Anonymous said...

"What studies have you done about the % of white run cities versus the % of black run cities that are experiencing financial, social, and educational depressions?"

White-governed cities prosper.

Black-run cities deteriorate and fail, then turn into god-forsaken shit-holes of squalor, degeneracy, and crime.

Any other questions?

Anonymous said...

"Please do not compare Black people to apes or other forms of simian."

Odd that such a rule would be necessary.

But OK, I'm fine with it. Will they now stop referring to women as bitches & hoes? Because it should really work both ways, ya know.

Dissident said...

"What black people hate is being grouped into stereotypes and questioned about activities which only reflect a small percentage of their population. "

Good, then start policing your own. As I'm sure that good, decent blacks are embarrassed by the behavior of a few. Quit defending the deplorable actions of the "few" that commit these acts of savagery and begin in earnest to call them out on it.

Quit acting tribalistic when the white man makes observations on black criminal behavior as Racist(TM).

Quit blaming your own peoples actions on "oppression" and poverty, etc.

Quit MAKING EXCUSES for your people and their excesses.

Anonymous said...

To the author and webmaster: I don't know which race you are, but that is questionable. Clearly you appreciate the fact that your boards gets so much attention, but many of the post are driven by fear (of change and shifting demographics) and not based upon research and sound reasoning.

I believe there is more hatred being cultivated on this site than any type of conversation towards understanding or acceptance.

If the mission of the website is to "This website will serve to educate the general public on Black people and the Stuff That Black People Don't Like. Black people have many interesting eccentricities, which include disliking a litany of everyday events, places, household objects and other aspects of their everyday life. Black people are an interesting subject matter and this website will chronicle the many problems in life that agitate this group of people."


Anonymous said...

"I believe there is more hatred being cultivated on this site than any type of conversation towards understanding or acceptance."

No one gives a fuck what you believe.

Now fuck off.

Anonymous said...

I need to move out of the area where I live. The number of blacks keeps increasing, and it is clear eventually one of them is going to attack me soon for no other reason except that I am white.

"than any type of conversation towards understanding or acceptance."

The time for conversation has come and gone. There is nothing to say, Blacks show who and what they are by their actions every day.

Constructive Feedback said...

I don't know if there are one or more Anons posting but:

[quote]Learn to be pithy, otherwise you are likely to be ignored.[/quote]

PITHY-ism does NOT mean "accurate".
There are plenty of posters on blogs that suffer from the "Bigotry Of Brevity". As they do their part to maintain the "congregational complicity" - their friends who read their posting believe that their reply that says "I Don't Care What You Say" sufficiently rebuts a well reasoned 5 paragraph response which not only says they are wrong but also tells them why and how to improve their argument.

Southerners have always been right about black behavior. Though I have never condoned the mistreatment of any human being as was done to blacks in the Jim Crow days, I do believe segregation of the races was and is still warranted.

ANON - WHO is watching "Southern Behavior" and commenting on IT?

WHO gave the "Southerner" the right to make such judgments?

WERE BLACKS who lived in the South not "Southerners" as well?

CLEARLY you are not talking about "Non-White Southerners"!

It is ironic that you attempt to place attributes that have CULTURAL bearings into that which is exclusively attributable to RACE.

Your theory is fundamentally undemocratic and we only need to look at the brutal oppressive government system that is necessary to bash people into "staying in their place".

I, a Black man, AGREE that certain behaviors and cultural enforcements lead to dysfunction in societal sub-sets and the general society as a whole.

Lady Gaga, IF her theories were to gain mass domination is just as a threat to me than if Lil Wayne's world view was to take root.

I wonder if you have the consciousness of mind to get beyond stereotyping people by RACIAL CONTAINERS and instead appraise them by their character and their willingness to buy into the NATIONAL CULTURE that allows them to contribute to the nation's advancement AND receive the reward and recognition as such?

Constructive Feedback said...

As I type this I have 25 physical pages of 50 pages of the article and comments that it attracted. Interesting to say the least.

Within the Black community there is a saying: "If you want to hide some knowledge from Black people.....put it in a book".

Upon reading the comments from SOME of the most strident posters on this rather illuminating blog I am forced to posit an equally powerful and true statement:

"If you are a government or financial markets operative who is intent on diverting White people's attention away from your own banditry that is stealing the more proportionally significant monetary value of the dollars that they hold in their wallets ......send a 'Ninja' to run across their field of vision and have him steal a White woman's purse. It does it every time!!!".

I am a Black man.
A resident father - married to a Black woman.
A college graduate.
A gainfully employed American who has never been in jail.
(In a preemptive strike to one of the comments that I read which said "Who Gives a F**#*" about what I have listed above - THESE POINTS are merely to lay the groundwork for my argument)

I run the "Within The Black Community" blog.
I focus upon the results of the HIJACKING of our "Black Community consciousness" - in which the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers have formed a joint-venture with the "White Liberal Snarling Fox Bigots" who value the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT being invested to help them drive home their Confiscatory Progressive Agenda. Some of you are correct that IDEOLOGICAL POWER is their goal, where the central government makes us serfs.

The commonality that I see among SOME of you in kind with the people who I debate against most frequently is the MOLESTATION that you put forth regarding your MODEL of the real world. The measure of your inaccuracy is the amplitude of your bigotry. The unwillingness for you to focus on YOUR real problem as you remain entrenched upon what is comfortable to you.

Constructive Feedback said...

For a nation with $14,000,000,000,000 in debt - and growing fast - HOW DOES "Welfare Spending on 40,000,000 Black people fit within this from a PROPORTIONALITY stand point?

If I were Treasury Secretary/Fed Chair and wanted to avoid you "kind White folks" from kicking in my door I would be coming to a board like this and posting "self-chumming" rants focusing on "Nijas" as some of you do.

As I do research in the world of the BQPFRC where they lay out a grievance and then they jump a rational valley and conclude that CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS are too blame - it is quite disconcerting.

Likewise as I come to THIS blog and read several Anons, Midwestern, Porter and a few others who make the logical leap and blame the "Nijas" it is equally disconcerting to learn that "Logical Evil Kenevils" are not contained within a RACE or IDEOLOGY.

It MERELY serves as "Ideological Entrenchment Protection".

I have no hopes for "racial unity" - where the day comes where none of us seeks advantage for "our people". ONLY that we each arrive at a mental model of the real world that has fidelity in its PROPORTIONALITY and contains as many of the variables necessary to retain credibility.

Many of you have flawed models of the world.
(Again - preemptively: "I know you don't give a F#**# about what I think". YOU SHOULD worry more about if your view will ever bring about the prosperity that you desire - while mitigating the Outright Subjugation Of Human Rights that was once your trademark.

Isn't it IRONIC that you now look at the large number of "paper cuts" that the Nijas are executing today as you call them SAVAGES. Yet the slashing wounds that let blood throughout history were made by "valiant MEN".

It seems to me that BLOODSHED and VIOLENCE is not your main INDICTMENT. Instead you are critical of the PURPOSELESSNESS of this tool - as seen today by the Black Street Pirates who strike randomly for your tastes - threatening you rather than working in line with your agenda - if they were in the American military, for example.

Anonymous said...

Dude, seriously...learn to be pithy, no one is going to read all that horse shit.

Brother Anonymous said...

@ Constructive Feedback


Anonymous said...

Fear not; they are killing themselves with abortion, gang violence, hiv/aids and the ones that aern't dying are going to jail. Or they are already there.

Some white (and other minorities) will have to die in the meantime, caught in the crossfire or they will be the targets, but that's just the way it is.

The ones that are decent human beings are marrying into other races. Creating mixed race children.

Steve in Pittsburgh

Anonymous said...

@Constructive Feedback

You write the way black preachers talk on the pulpit. What's it called when they start yelling... hollering?... whooping?

"The measure of your inaccuracy is the amplitude of your bigotry."


Do you speak it?

The measure of your incompetence is the standard deviation of your 2.5 GPA.

Dissident said...

@ Constructive Feedback.

I think I understand what you're getting at; albeit in a somewhat disjointed and mataphorical way.

You're saying that many/most whites that visit this forum don't see the "agenda" behind the "veil"?

I know what you're getting at, and I can relate to what you're saying; however, that "agenda" still doesn't explain or diminish the black responsibility to live as civil people.

You can't blame all the social engineering and the past transgressions on someone else.

I know what you're couching, without you coming right out and saying it. It still doesn't excuse black behavior and a pattern of criminality within the black community.

You simply CAN'T blame others for everything. There IS this issue of personal responsibility-don't you think?

Constructive Feedback said...

Anonymous and Brother Anonymous:

It Is What It Is!!!

Why not pick out one PARAGRAPH, ignore the rest and use that snippet as my moment of "Pithiness"?

THEN give a response that contains ANALYSIS of what you have read and not just one that can fit in a Twitter post?

You have to empathize with me (get out your violins) : I am a Black man who went to a public school and I managed to graduate.

Though I proudly proclaim to have never knowingly accepted an "Affirmative Action" based opportunity - maybe my inability to be "PITHY" to your liking is something that my past sponsors never wanted to break to me because of the image that they saw of me per my skin color. :-/

Brother Anonymous said...

@ Constructive Feedback

All right, fair enough. Here's a sentence from your last post:

"maybe my inability to be "PITHY" to your liking is something that my past sponsors never wanted to break to me because of the image that they saw of me per my skin color."

Who are the "past sponsors," and what does it mean to say that these sponsors didn't want to "break to [you]" good writing skills? It's a confusing, hard to understand sentence.

Anonymous said...

first and formost, hoow the hell do black people scream "black is beautiful" when their actions speak other wise. For years, black men say their women are the most beautiful, yet when was the last time you saw a black woman (one who actually physically represents Africa) in a rap or r&b video? No, they all; from Jay Z to 50 have spanish, white or near white black girls with nice long hair. Black men die and will give up a lung to be with a spanish, white or brazilian girl. Just look at the last 5+ years of black men traveling to Brazil to sleep with women who will do and screw anything including horses for a $1.00 By the way and a word to the uneducated; outside of Africa, Brazil has the highest reported Aids and HIV cases. A condom...come on nigga the heat of the moment...your going raw because she looks like Shakira, how can she be sick? ohhhh, and also, remember when blacks used to pick or make fun of whites calling them wiggers for trying to look or be black with their haircuts and the way they dress? Well, how about blacks, nobody wants to represent Africa anymore, no more afros, relaxers are in and to me...thats trying to look white!

JSM said...

DWLs say, "You Southern Whites are the ones who bred the black slaves."

That was scores of years ago.

WHO is responsible for the breeding of blacks now? Easy.

DWLs, that's who.

(By advocating for welfare programs to provide the necessities of life for the products of today's blacks makin' whoopee.)

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

What a powerful article. I find nothing I don't agree with in this article.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy it's 2012 not 1960!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok so you dont like blacks get over it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to leave the Atlanta area. I'mk sick of fucking niggers. The media parades some well dressed, college educated nigger on TV and tries to pass him/her off as the average black. What a fucking joke! The average nigger has no job, sits on the porch waiting for welfare, spits out 20 kids to get more welfare and drives a $40K car to pick up groceries. They're fucking ignorant, and can't speak proper english. They commit the most crimes, tie up the court system, and drive down proprty values. It's time for them to take responsibility for their own actions and straighten out there horrible existence. It's funny how they bitch about no opportunites; however, the system is setup to allow blacks more access to government assistance programs than anybody. Foreigners come to this country on HB-1 Visas and become doctors, lawyers, etc and earn jobs making over $100K per year. Dumb niggers would rather be "respected" on the streets acting like thugs than make something out of themselves. The days of "White Guilt" are over. Whites better wake the fuck up before it's too late. These pieces of shit are popping out nappy headed kids at alarming rates. We are losing our country to these ignorant bastards.

Anonymous said...

The kind of change you hoped for I mean you voted for handing power over a country to the suppose minority is a wake up call that if you are not smart enough to factually foresee then you will become the minority and do you think for a moment you are going to get special treatment simply because you voted in their favor ha.ha.ha think again take a look at parts of Africa and now the U.S where the suppose minority are abundant and you can see the clear picture of where your life will be headed based on how pale your skin tone is you will be a endangered species without rights or freedom and hunted like a animal

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the north freed em so let the north feed em