Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SWPL whites vs. SBPDL whites?

An image from Portlandia, a show that mocks SWPL white people
One of the cool aspects of running a Web site is seeing terms that originated here picked up by other people. Check out the new blog Those Who Can See, inspired by the concept we coined from the movie They Live.  Also, Hunter Wallace over at Occidental Dissent has picked up on the term Black-Run America (BRA) and elaborated upon it to an extent that borders on the obsessive (we mean that in a good way).

This Web site was started as a joke, but we're inspired by readers who send in personal stories and have been inspired in return to work harder at showcasing the world that Pittsburgh television news directors are conspiring to censure.

One aspect of this site that will be elaborated upon soon is the Stuff White People Like (SWPL) white vs. Untouchable whites debate.

A self-identified SWPL white reader, Riley, wrote this in the comment section:
I find it very funny that whites on this site think all whites are on the same team. News Flash: The whites that really matter (High IQ whites, Elite Whites, and SWPL) either ignore don’t care and openly detest SBPDL type of whites. How many elite white want you guys living in their cities, not many. Many of you are like whiny little kids who a just mad because you angry that elite whites either care for NAMS more than you or Elite whites are not helping you out as they should. This proves that many of you are low quality and low IQ whites because the whites that matter (Don’t’ live near NAMS and for the most part NAMS are invisible to them. Perfect examples are NYC, LA and DC. This environment is majority NAMS but on the average day Elite whites rarely encounter NAms in a meaningful way. There are plenty of places in this country where SBPDL's whites can move to and never encounter any NAMs. So what's the problem? If you don’t move to the cities, you will not have to encounter any NAMS and it’s as simple as that. It’s sadistic for SBPDL’ type of whites wanting to move to cities that are controlled culturally and politically by SWPL when you detest these types of whites.

Has he (or she) coined a new term, "SBPDL whites?" Do SBPDL white despise SWPL whites? So much can be gleaned from this comment and we'll comment on it fully later. What do you, dear readers, think of this comment.

Knowing that the ultimate SWPL white cities (Austin, Texas; Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and Boulder) are overwhelmingly white and have few Black people, one is left to wonder if SWPL whites are attempting to insulate themselves from the Black Undertow that is overwhelming many other U.S. major cities (tomorrow, we will have a long post on the Philadelphia Experiment: The Real Streets of Philly).

SWPL whites vs. SPBDL whites... interesting debate. What do you think?

One more thought: we appreciate all comments, but we do not approve more than 70 percent of them. Please refrain from using racial epithets.

Also, the first video below is what we believe beautifully encapsulates the SWPL white person mentality. It's a music video from the band She & Him. If you prefer this song (instead of the one below it), you're probably a SWPL white person.

If you prefer the one below it, you're probably a SBPDL white person.

It should be stated that the person behind Stuff Black People Don't Like lives in one of the top 10 SWPL cities. 


Anonymous said...

Any white person who likes the first song should be flayed alive, doused in kerosene, and set on fire. Hope you guys had a Happy Easter.

Buckeye Copperhead said...


Stephen said...

Play some Skynyrd!!!! Great music and it will keep the blacks away from me, they HATE that stuff. I didn't even bother to play the first video. Great to see spinoffs of this great blog, hopefully you'll go viral.

White Devil said...

I love Skynyrd's music ... needless to say: I am an SBPDL White.

SBPDL and OD offer a valuable service - both sites educated an ignorant public and provide excellent analysis on the state of America, as it exists. Both blogs are daily reads for me.

As for SWPLs, I don't detest them, I hate their destructive ideology, but I do not detest them - they are my racial brothers and sisters. The vast majority of them will fall in-line once the ruling ideology in this country, the modern malignant form of liberalism, fails and implodes on itself.

missbosslady said...

Skynrd, of course!

Also, I love, love, love Portlandia!

Yes, I read Riley's comment on the previous thread and could only laugh. Riley does not realize that both SWPL & SBPDL whites seek to live as far away from black urban squalor as possible, the difference between these two groups is that one is honest about their feelings.

Switzer said...

Hipster music mostly sucks, and sounds even worse live, unlike Southern rock. Does anyone else get the impression the hipsters' creative process went
video->song instead of song->video? Speaking of hipster music, this guy hits the nail on the head:

Jehu said...

I don't hate the NAM at all. In many cases, he's doing what I'd do in his place. Demographic hegemony is an existential issue after all, and if I thought I could steal it for me and mine, damn right I would. He's my opponent, not my enemy. The SWPL on the other hand I loathe, because he's a traitor AND he insists on painting his status competition in moral language. The irony is, of course, that he's far more likely to be impaled on the implements of the NAM than on those of me and mine.

John Robert Mallernee said...


Well, I like the second song, but I love the blue eyed babe in the first video.

I don't know what they were singing, but I sure liked looking at her.

I kind of wondered about those guys in the second video, because one of them was wearing what appeared to be a Cavalry stetson.

You see, I actually did serve as a scout in the Seventh Cavalry, so when I wear my stetson, it ain't no costume.

It's kind of like that Black guy who calls himself, "SAIGON".

Who does he think he is?

"SAIGON" happens to be MY nickname, for I was stationed there with the Phu Lam Signal Battalion, and later got that nickname when I was stationed at Dong Ha, on the DMZ, because the other guys were jealous or envious that I was the only guy there who had ever been to Saigon, a city none of them were ever likely to visit.

That Black guy ain't never served a day in the military, and he sure as Sam Hill ain't no Viet Nam war veteran.

I did like seeing the Confederate battle flags being displayed among the crowd.

Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

Anonymous said...

Much of what appears to be racial conflict is actually a power struggle between these two white groups. SWPL whites use NAMs as muscle against SBPDL whites.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Zoey Deschanel was in a shitty band. Learn something every day from this blog. Anyway the best Skynrd song was Tuesday's Gone. The pianist used to live just around the block from me.

It's laughable that Riley believes that skinny jeans and neon throwaway sunglasses make one "elite." Disingenuous yes, elite no. Riley kind of counters himself though by recognizing SWPL's hypocrisy, ie largely avoiding NAM's while they attend their local art festivals and trendy clubs with nary a NAM to be seen.

I'm not an SWPL so I don't really know what they talk about amongst themselves but it wouldn't surprise me if they let some uncomfortable truths sneak out once in awhile.


Anonymous said...

I live in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C.and had no opinions about race until my life was tempered by exposure to the black savages around me. Over time I have learned that they are nothing like me and are most likely a different species than humans. I was in Vermont a few years ago and met a white man who had a teenage daughter. His dream was to send her to a city for her college years where she could be exposed to different races. I told hm he was crazy and he would be putting his little girl in danger. Avoid the Groid.

M.G. said...

The whites that really matter (High IQ whites, Elite Whites, and SWPL) either ignore don’t care and openly detest SBPDL type of whites.

Riley is confused, bless his heart, but let's help him out.

What you have made here, Riley, is called a 'false dichotomy.' You seem to think White America can be split in two groups: Sushi Whites and Nascar Whites. One loves NAMs, and one hates them.

Think again.

'SBPDL whites,' to my mind, simply means 'those who recognize that blacks in large groups are a danger to themselves.'

If you seriously think, Riley, that Sushi Whites include none of this number, you are sorely mistaken.

This group includes Sushi Whites, Rich Republican Whites, Nascar Whites, and even--hang onto your armrest, Riley--blacks themselves.

Yes, Riley, as soon as a neighborhood or city becomes overwhelmingly African, blacks start fleeing to places run by anyone other than themselves. Curious, no?

The whites that matter don’t live near NAMS and for the most part NAMS are invisible to them.

Seeing as they bloviate endlessly about their love for NAMS and the wonders of diversity, Riley, why do you think these Sushi Whites choose to live so far from the objects of their admiration? Think hard.

There are plenty of places in this country where SBPDL whites can move to and never encounter any NAMs.

Some Whites like Sushi, and some Whites like Nascar, but what they all have in common, Riley, is that they will do anything necessary to live separated from blacks.

The richest whites will live downtown in hugely expensive, police-patrolled enclaves. The slightly less rich will, as soon as they start having kids, skedaddle out to the suburbs to get away from black predation. The poorest whites can be found in trailer parks far from cities.

You, Riley, have simply confused Sushi Whites' words and their actions. You're not the first. But many if not most of them agree with every word SBPDL says. If they admitted it publicly, they would lose their friends, family, and maybe even their plum job. Underestimate the power of indoctrination at your peril.

You can disdain 'low-IQ' whites as you like, but they are not the target of your ire. The vast majority of whites who agree with SBPDL are not low-IQ and don't like Nascar.

They are simply cowed into silence by a culture that has gone through the looking glass.

But if you stop watching what they do with their mouths, and start watching what they do with their feet, Riley, you may catch a glimpse of what they really believe.

Anonymous said...

Free Bird!!!!!!! Oh wait.

because the whites that matter

Oh my, what a racist thing to say.

I find it very funny that whites on this site think all whites are on the same team

Riley is obviously not one of the "High IQ whites" because if Riley had been reading this site as they indicate Riley would know what a stupid statement that is.

Although I do like the term 'SBPDL Whites' what was Riley's point again?

Midwestern said...

Skynyrd for me.

It is true that white people can still hide from reality. There are so many places where blacks are completely priced out, this is the new way to segregate. Whites work very hard to keep it that way. I don't blame them, however. I think it is a shame that whites can no longer move freely in their homelands.

I believe that the true revolution and fighting in the future will be between these two types of whites, not between whites and blacks. Whites, even if they become a minority, will still run the show, just with fewer numbers. Blacks are not able to run a civil society and will never have any power. They are only pawns in the game. The blacks and Mexicans will fight their own brutal war, which has already started in some cities.

I have many, many SWPL whites in my family, all are under 40, are very much like Snape, and they are blissfully unaware of the real world which includes a growing population of blacks and Mexican immigrants in my city. They would love the first video. They will have to face the reality of their future minority status at some point.

They can run, but they can't run for long, and the SWPL whites will eventually either have to join us and get their hands dirty, or support the NAMs who will be burning the cities down.

Dissident said...

"Gimme' Three Steps" and I'll be out the door!

Skynyrd is like the Pope in these parts...now you're talkin' SPBDL.....it's a Saturday Night Special.

Definitely a SBPDL supporter here.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I think that what we are getting at goes way beyond the red state vs. blue state mentality.

Personally, I'm not a big NASCAR fan, but I'd feel more at home there then at a She & Him concert.

The point of those two songs is to challenge readers (Black, white, Asian, SWPL, liberal, conservative, etc.) to ask themselves which song they'd rather hear.

The She & Him is embarrassing. Absolutely embarrassing. If you prefer that song over "Simple Man" then you need to immediately move to San Francisco or Portland, throw away your keys and never, ever leave.

I go to a lot of SWPL white people parties and it's always a weird experience. At one, people started talking about the Japanese tsunami and how they didn't riot.

Quickly, I pointed out that in floods in Nashville and in Iowa City, as well as damaged parts of Mississippi during Katrina, no rioting occurred either.

New Orleans just had a population completely different then both places. I even pointed out Katrina required Blackwater.

Someone immediately asked if that was the same group in Iraq. I said yes.

After about 10 seconds of uncomfortable silence, I quickly mentioned I was going to see Charlie Sheen in concert.

SWPL people love to sit for hours on end at overpriced bistros, especially outside on a patio. If you live in a major SWPL city, you'll notice this trend.

Also, SWPL whites love cupcake factories and cupcake stores. It's become a booming business to make these delicacies and shockingly long lines can be found outside of them.

Roissy compiled a list (courtesy of a discussion at Half-Sigma) on the tastes of what he calls proles vs. SWPL:


It's that not easy to maneuver people into labels. There is some crossover there for me.

SWPL whites are insulating themselves from Black people, but in a way much different from SBPDL whites.

I would wager that the latter want to defend their roots, the places they grew up, etc. They believe in tradition and realize that a "place" can help make a person.

SWPL whites believe that a person makes the "place" - that they can move into an depressed area, gentrify it, and build cute little shops and work inane jobs that are superfluous.

I need to think about this some more, but thanks everyone for commenting.

Also, I sent an e-mail to the guy who does Thugreport.com. Not sure what happened, but it appears to be down.

Anonymous said...

I am Skynyrd. Living here in Jacksonville, most of us are Skynyrd.

I am sure that, like myself, other SBPDL Whites are not at all pleased that the band in the shit-awful first video stole the title "Don't Look Back" from another great SBPDL band, Boston.

Anonymous said...

I have to keep the acronyms straight.

For openers, the quote from the SWPL guy Riley is fraught with grammatical errors: so much so that it was hard for me to read in places. I sense an elitist wannabee who went to a community college or a low-grade local college, who identifies with the coasts and wants to be Big Time. He was probably bullied in school, ignored by his peers and parents, and longs for a place where he might be more appreciated. So he latches on to something bigger than himself: a city far away, like NYC, Frisco, or Seattle. I was that way in high school, back when I was 16. I'm 63 now, and hopefully I've grown up a bit.

In my opinion, the SWPL vs. SBPDL debate is the old Blue State vs. Red State divide. My heart & mind is Southern, but I grew up and I live in the North. Therefore, I see both sides although I'm a SBPDL person.

There is an Iron Curtain that exists along the Mason-Dixon line. I know a guy, in Des Moines, who refuses to go further south than Kansas City or St. Louis. To him, anything further south means bullwhips, lynchings, a continually dismal region of prison camps, plantations, and KKK rallies.

I saw that same mindset when I visited friends in New England. One guy had to visit his parents in Virginia. The way he told it, he was about to drive south into a scene out of "Deliverance". And this was to Virginia, mind you, arguably the most genteel state of the original 13.

I saw it in the 1960s Kent State antiwar era. I was an "enlightened" hippie college student then. Anything, therefore off campus or not in such enlightened college towns as Berkeley or Ann Arbor was as redneck as the last scene in "Easy Rider". It was we few Enlightened against The Great Unwashed. Of course, the other side of it was The Silent Majority and hard hats vs. spoiled college kids.

This Red State-Blue State division goes back to before the Civil War, even. It goes back to the 1820's Abolitionists, the 13 Colonies, and so forth. The latest manifestations of this are now the Red State-Blue State divide, and what I call "the battle of the acronyms" (SBPDL vs. SWPL).

While each side secretly (or openly) hates the other side, each side also greatly fears the other side. The Left fears an overdue backlash from the majority. The Right fears that they've already lost the culture war.

Today, I have friends on both sides of the divide. I get along with most everybody. The key is to hide my opinions in polite company, but to be more candid at home.

Hasn't it always been that way,though? "Never discuss religion or politics in public", my Mother used to say.

Well, now we do, and SBPDL vs. SWPL is but the latest result.

Anonymous said...

I live in what you could call an elite part of town where you rarely interact with non-whites. It is a very SWPL area. And yes, we all talk in code, telling our friends how "great" the school system is and how "safe" our community is. The funniest moments comes every February when we "celebrate" black "history" month. You'll see pictures in the newspaper of our town's two or three black residents posing alongside every shameless white politician (who outnumber them nearly 4 to 1), desperate to have a photo-op to prove how much they love diversity.

Behind closed doors, we all know the reason our community is one of the safest places to live is because of its LACK of diversity. And yet, no one dares to say this out loud. Ah yes, just another typical day in SWPL America.

But having said that, I also realize that there are millions of working class whites who have been sold down the river by SWPL whites. While liberals talk endlessly about the joys of diversity, its the poorer whites who actually have to deal with these supposed benefits. This is why SWPL whites are hated and despised. Its because they're hypocrites. They preach universalism, but practice particularism. They force a system down people's throats that they themselves would never adopt.

A couple of nights ago, I was watching a HBO documentary about Ted Kennedy. One section of the movie dealt with Boston's busing crisis in the mid 70s, where the Irish basically had to convert their schools into prisons while the elites sent their kids to all white private schools. You saw film of Teddy walking to a court house while being pelted with tomatoes by angry whites disgusted with his quintessential hypocritical SWPL behavior. If there was any piece of footage that captured the battle between SWPL and SBPDL whites, this was it.

White Devil said...

"proles vs. SWPL"

I'm about half way thru Orwell's: 1984 - the 'Proles' in his story are mindless, useless units, of economic production and consumption, while the 'Party Members' produce the propaganda that keeps the charade moving.

The "Party Members", at least some of them, e.g., Winston and Julia, in my view, are the SWPLs.

Very interesting ...

Florida resident said...

To "Anonymous" of April 27, 2011 6:30 AM

Most important war we are losing is demographic one: in 2030 to 2050 whites in USA will become minority.

I do not find any new posts at SWPL; therefore I do not visit the site.
This is in contrast with SBPDL: lots of new posts.

Respectfully, F.r.

M.G. said...

In my opinion, the SWPL vs. SBPDL debate is the old Blue State vs. Red State divide.

(@6:13 Anonymous)

Is it possible what we're all talking about here is the old-as-time City Folk / Country Folk divide? As many point out, you can enter any 'blue state' you like, go out to to the country, and it starts to look 'red state' pretty quick.

Big cities have always been more cosmopolitan and tolerant; go back to ancient Rome and it's no different. Roman satirists ridiculed the city-dwellers' obsession with new fashions, foreign religions, and food fads. Conservative writers in particular really hated the urbanites--the men were effeminate, the women were sluts who disdained having kids, and they were all abandoning the old religion.

Is there just something about cities that makes people more 'tolerant'/'anti-tradition'? Or perhaps entices this type of person to leave the countryside and come live where people 'aren't so provincial'?

Furthermore, is there something about the whole American South that makes it more 'Country Folk' than 'City Folk' in mentality?

--M.G. Miles (Those Who Can See)

Anonymous said...

The spectacle of one white calling another white a racist... this is what it is all about for the leftist totalitarians. It is many things, but leftism is nothing more then a substitute religion for the irreligious. One adopts piety and then lashes out at the unwashed, much like the intolerant religious villains of history that the lefties claim to be unlike.

I have seen this tactic employed in the work place many times. Usually by a disingenuous white woman. A loud mouth boasts their liberal bona fides, next thing you know a white guy is called out for some thought crime. Woman is empowered, man is on the run. There is no defense. Now, those of us who can see understand that the racist charge is the first step in dehumanizing the target. Should something bad happen to him, oh well, he was a RACIST.

I married into a family of Ivy-educated NYC cosmopolitans. My wife renounced their nonsense and separated herself from them 35 years ago (long before we met). These urban dwellers have a open contempt and hatred for white people that rivals any racist behavior I saw in my youth, and I grew up in a Jim Crow state along the Mason-Dixon line. They even script republican/conservative bashing into the Passover ceremony. What kind of "superior" intellects and "caring people" have a large dinner and raise a toast designed to attack some of the guests? Their own daughter?

Furthermore, having traveled to NYC and Brooklyn many many times and been in the company of these academics, Wall Street types, and Ivy grads, it's very easy to see they have their own separatist mafia. Once you gain entry untold riches are yours and you can opt out of public school in favor of one of NYCs many $25,000 a year grade schools. There, the children suck the teat of multiculti and learn contempt for everyone else in society. Wasn't the original civil rights movement an attempt to open closed systems?

I look at the aging Greatest Generation men. My primitive Irish family contributed many warriors to the cause. They are all dead now. Seeing what we've become, I wonder what they think?

~AV~ said...

SWPL whites....

Can't see, that they are cracka' first and foremost in the eyes of violent roaming hordes of violent blacks...

They will either "wake" up, and come to our side out of survival...

and if they don't it might be BETTER...

we keep these clowns at arms length and allow them to be the hapless sacrifical offerings to the ever hungry and revengful violent blacks...

Darwin was a really cool dude...he postulated that the "fight or flight" reaction...

Whites = flight...black = fight...

Sacrifice the SWPL clowns and be done with it!

LET the SACRIFICES begin!!!!

Release the animals and clowns!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whites love city culture. That is why whites have created great huge beautiful cities all over the world and down though the centuries. There are too many advantages of city life to mention here. What blacks have done is to destroy city culture for whites that built these wonderful cities. Blacks use cities as a means to prey on their victims, usually whites, but also on their own kind. In cities blacks can more easily hide and have a great many victims to attack and can more easily hunt their victims and then escape. Also welfare programs are more easily accessible and housing projects make great holdup and hide out spots that lawful people avoid and even police avoid.
This is why so many US cities are taken over at all levels by blacks.
Blacks have destroyed city culture for whites. All of my family, quite large, used to live all in a large city. We all have moved to the suburbs. The county I moved to, just outside the city, was only 7 percent black when I moved here. It is now 18.5 percent black. The black undertow in BRA is very strong here. As one black said to a group of us whites in the locker room where I worked, "You whites ain't gettin' away from us."

Unknown said...

Thanks for giving me Props SBDPL.
First of all, I am not a SWPL. Most of you have low reading comprehension skills. When did I say all elite whites are SWPL?I just included them in as one group of whites that truly matter along with the High IQ and Wealthy whites. Some whites can be both Elite and SWPL, but that is not the case all the time.
SBDPL are just the bottom 10% of the white population. How many SBDPL do you see in Silicon Valley, and Capitol Hill? Or how many SBDPL attend Harvard and other elite institutions that control American society? Not many.
It's true the Elite whites avoid Nams, but it is also true the elite whites avoid SBDPL. How many SBDPL live in places like Beverly Hills, NYC, Chicago, Boston, L.A, D.C the cities that really matter for the U.S, not many. Name me any SBDPL city that elite whites and even Nams what to live in? Why do the most bright and talented college graduates want to move to Swpl cities instead of SBPDL cities? NAMS are only 26% of the U.S populations so who could they affect all whites. Like I said before, if you avoid the cities, there are many places in this country where you can live your whole life and never encounter a NAM ( s.Dakota, n.Dakota, Alaska, West Virginia, Utah, Nebraska
Also, SBDPL whites don't have the political or economic power to make a difference that is why they are relegated to venting online. IF you are an elite white, you have don't have time think about NAMS because NAMS are virtually invisible to you. The only people who are affected by NAMS are low quality whites.

Anonymous said...

Ah white anti-whites... What can you say about them?

Brainwashed by their University education to demand diversity for everyone, but are given the financial means by said education, to live as far away from that diversity as possible.

And they do!

Anonymous said...

"Any white person who likes the first song should be flayed alive, doused in kerosene, and set on fire. Hope you guys had a Happy Easter. "

Hate the song. Like the look of the girl.

Too bad there's a 100% chance, she's a libtard with all the downsides that go with it - anti-white, promiscuous, not interested in having children of her own, until its far too late, but could adopt a colored child, after her eggs have dried up.

What a waste.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the SWPL whites in Boulder will do when the Denver ghetto empties?

rural Colorado Skynyrd fan

missbosslady said...

Riley said..

"Most of you have low reading comprehension skills."

Ha-Ha, that's funny coming from a seeming illiterate whose ability to write a grammatically correct sentence, or form a paragraph appears non-existent.

As for your assessment of SBPDL's, it reeks of rank ignorance. Judging by your writing style I would peg you as a twenty-something child therefore lacking in any appreciable life experience and making your viewpoint practically worthless.

Gives us a holler when you have some living under your belt little one.

Anonymous said...

" Also welfare programs are more easily accessible and housing projects make great holdup and hide out spots that lawful people avoid and even police avoid. "

My neighborhood beat police officer told me that patrolling the black neighborhoods is extremely difficult because of the "no snitchin" family value, and because 99.9% of the blacks have something to hide. Normally they have several unrelated people living in one section-8 house, and cities are the perfect hiding places for them. ALL blacks have criminals in their families. Social services is too disorganized to monitor the blacks, so they are able to hide out and terrorize everyone. Blacks also like to sue the police dept. for racism, profiling, and brutality.

Blacks are always up to no good, never answer questions, never see anything, and never allow the police to enter their homes because they always have drugs, hidden felons, guns, stolen merchandise, and other damning evidence. Blacks never hold their criminals accountable. They never convict black criminals in a court of law. They are all victims of "Da Man", who is out to get them.

Midwestern said...

"The only people who are affected by NAMS are low quality whites."

Wow, such self-hatred!

Whites deserve affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, an affordable education, and access to safe public transit. Just because a white person is not rich does not make him "low-quality". Post your credentials and a recent photo and let me be the judge of your "quality".

Those of us who are educated and not wealthy must maneuver through the diversity mess that has been forced upon us. Those of us who love the city life must deal with NAMs on a daily basis. Some of us like the charm of the city, we think the suburbs are dull and ugly. You are only fooling yourself. Once the economy tanks further, and gas hits $6 a gallon, you will be screaming to move into the city closer to your job. You will want to clean up the transit systems to save money on transportation. Cities make sense, suburbs are not sustainable.

We all must pay taxes to support the existence of and over-breeding of NAMs. Money that could be spent on better housing and better schools we must be spent to feed the black miscreants. This will change as inflation happens and more whites move back into the cities.

Discard said...

Riley: In the not very long run, the SWPL elite don't matter. They are ornaments and parasites for the most part, not producers. If they all disappeared tomorrow, we'd still have a functioning society, albeit without movies and TV and personal injury lawyers. It's a shame that so many talented Whites have chosen to be irrelevant, but we'll gather in the survivors and put them to work.

Discard said...

Anon at 7:08 Apr 27: An overwhelming load of racial guilt is dumped on Whites through the media, the schools, and the political class. Fortunately, the guilt manufacturers also offer us a way out: become a liberal. Yes, just repeat those prescribed multicult mantras and you are off the hook for centuries of White oppression. It's just like selling any new product, tell people they stink and sell them a bottle of deodorant. And every bit as deliberate. Of course the SWPL hate us, we deny the whole premise of the superiority they think they've bought.

Unknown said...

How am I anti-white? Myself along with other elite whites do not want to have any association with SBPDL whites? SBPDL whites are like the retarded cousin we keep hidden in the attic when we have visitors. Also Midwestern are you a socialist? Why do you need the government to provide you with affordable housing? If SBPDL whites possessed the quality genes and work ethic as elite whites you would not need affordable housing. Just like NAMS aren't you guilty of being a parasite for wanting these programs just like NAMS? Why should elite whites subsidize your living when you take more than you produce?
None of you answered the following question. Name me one SBPDL city that you desire to live in? And, I mean your first choice. Just like NAMS, SBPDL can't not run good cities.
Discard: The overwhelming load of white guilt is a myth that SBPDL whites like the bring up for their failures. Similar to when NAMS complain about the "Man" holding them down. If that was the case, most whites would not be living in mostly white neighborhoods or married with white spouses. Most talented whites are not SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

"I find it very funny that whites on this site think all whites are on the same team."

Oh no, Riley, we are well aware that there is no White coalition here. As a matter of fact many of us are aware that the Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) are the biggest enemy to us and every other race in America. It is DWL who pull the strings in Black Run America. This was discussed on here in past. Blacks don't really run BRA. A more accurate term would be "Blackcentric America," or "Black Catered America."

But with that being said, I want to address the crux of your qualm, which is basically that we're a bunch of low IQ rednecks. Firstly, let's begin with the fact that you do nothing to address any of the content on this site, rather you use the typical DWL tactic of ad hominem attacks and ridicule to attempt to win your argument and your coveted moral superiority.

Next, to humor you, I am not a conservative. I'm not a redneck, hick, backwards gun-toting rural good ol' boy. As a matter of a fact I'm a 20-something college educated (liberal arts, too!) woman who lives in a condo in a trendy neighborhood of a large American city. I'm more Portlandia than Dukes of Hazzard, more Anthropologie than Aeropostale. I'm pro-gay rights and an atheist, and have traditionally voted Democrat, and even still slightly prefer them to the Republicans and Tea Party, even though I'm disillusioned with American politics at this point and don't really support anyone these days. I used to be a DWL, until I could no longer keep lying to myself to satisfy my need to feel morally superior, to not be a bad racist, and henceforth a reviled social pariah, worse than murderers and pedophiles, in the modern Western world. I am the changing face of racism, an educated, cultured, urban White who is tired of pretending like this country does not have serious problems with its black population, or that any problems we have with black Americans is the fault of mean old racist Whites.

Riley, what you don't see is that you and your ilk are the ultimate White supremacists. You are so elitist that not just any White can join the "elite whites" club, and most non-Whites certainly aren't welcomed, either (after all, he said elite WHITES). Look at the language you use: low quality whites, elite Whites, etc... To you there are the undesirable, the degenerate Whites, and then the elite Whites. It's language straight out of Mein Kampf.

Disingenuous White Liberals often live in majority White areas where only a small amount of acceptable minorities reside, such as handfuls of East Asians and an even smaller amount of Carlton blacks. If their neighborhood demographics change beyond this, they are the first to high-tail it out of there because they can afford it. The Untouchable Whites are stuck. From your safe, gated, Elite White communities you shake your finger at the lower class Whites stuck behind because you feel they give Whites a bad name: to you Whites shouldn't be lower class, that's what African Americans and Hispanics are (or niggers and spics you call them after the alcohol starts flowing).

Greying Wanderer said...

I'm guessing the bearded guy on the right is Snape.

Dissident said...

Fine then, Riley!

Just go and live in the multi-cultural cesspool of your choice...as for me; I'm going to keep my family in a town and a state that's 95% WHITE! Thank You!

Not because I hate blacks, but simply because I love my own people and my own culture.

Besides, many of those elite whites that you refer to are closet conservatives anyway. They're not the progressives that you make them out to be. Given the chance they'd rather live and be with their own...and you know it.

Most talented whites don't live within close proximity to ghetto blacks either. If they're smart and talented, then they move elsewhere. It's only poor whites that are stuck living with these people and not of their own accord.

From one of those "low quality whites" that you reference.

Anonymous said...

Is the first band a spinoff of Parachute Express or The Wiggles?


Anonymous said...

I will agree with "Those Who Can See's" comment countering Riley. There are tons or SWPL Whites who think along the lines of this web site.

Im sure Riley tightly limits his social circle to leftist/liberal SWPL Whites exclusively, and bases those experiences on a broader spectrum. Way wrong.

As for SWPL Whites in Portland. Well there is one big reason they get to be like they are, develop their own goofy hipster culture, and that is because they live in an very predominately white metro area. A lot of them fail to recognize that fact.

And even though the Black population is quite small in PDX, look at the mayhem it has been creating as of late in the news. (Gang violence) Granted not on par with cities like Atlanta, Detroit, NYC etc, But something PDX isn't used to seeing.

Ivan Urkinoff said...

"I find it very funny that whites on this site think all whites are on the same team."

The pure stupidity of this comment can not be understated.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about these "elite" whites is that not nearly enough of them are quite so elite that they can insulate themselves from the coming third-world invasion. What makes this turd laugh today will make him cry tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Riley said...
"How am I anti-white?"

"SBPDL whites are like the retarded cousin we keep hidden in the attic when we have visitors."

"If SBPDL whites possessed the quality genes and work ethic as elite whites you would not need affordable housing."

The "worldly" anti-white asks how he is anti-white and in the same paragraph answers his question.

I'll help you understand Riley, because its obvious you are a little slow.

When whites are poor, in the white anti-white's opinion, they are "white trash", inbred, stupid, rednecks, etc.

When Blacks are poor, in the white anti-white's opinion, it is because of white privilege, white racists and history that is hundreds of years in the past.

In the white anti-white world, whites are always responsible for what they do, whereas non-whites are like animals that can be forgiven anything, because nothing they do no matter how bad, is ever their fault.

See why we think you are anti-white, Riley?

Anonymous said...

My guess is Riley is a black guy who watches Bill Maher and takes notes. "Gee, he's making me so angry! And he's an "elite" too! Oh, well, back to trailer and toothless wife! At least we have our anti-black hate."

Sheila said...

Anonymous at 1:06 "I am not a conservative." You may not be now, but if you recognize and acknowledge the reality of race-based differences, you are en route to facing reality about many more "disadvantaged" groups (including homosexuals).

I was raised as a knee-jerk liberal. I grew up in a suburb of D.C., I graduated with honors from a Seven Sisters college, I studied abroad on a Fulbright Scholarship, etc. etc. - in short, I have every liberal ticket punch that Riley lists as important and as signifying membership in the group (s)he dubs "elite" Whites. How then, did I end up here? I had/have an open and inquiring mind. I learn things for myself. I view myself and others through as much of an objective and dispassionate lens as possible. In short, I view the world as it truly is.

Becoming a SBPDL White is akin, in many ways, to finding religious faith! When you're on the left side of the divide, you cannot imagine any possibility of stepping over; the gap seems immeasurable. Once you take that step into race realism (or religious faith), you look back and realize that seemingly immeasurable gap is actually one small step: the step from refusing to believe or to accept what is real, to opening your mind to the mere possibility that what you heretofore denied is not only possible, but most likely probable (and from there it's mere moments to "It's true!"

I have high hopes for you, anonymous. Many of the views you accept as received wisdom now will not withstand the test of time - please trust me on this. I know far more now at 52 than I did at 22, and I know how little I know overall. If you resist the sin of pride - in your intellect, your social status, your possessing the "right" qualifications, your holding the "right" political and social opinions, you will find life far more interesting and rewarding. You'll find previously held golden "truths" to be only so much worthless dross.

In the meantime, keep reading SBPDL. Perhaps dabble your toes in other waters - check out VDare, or Mangans, or other HBD sites. Enjoy your journey, and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. "SWPL" whites were an ongoing headache when I was on the force. Defense attorneys, jurors who couldn't stomach the thought of finding a black man guilty, and the typical activist/agitator/protester types who hated the cops that were keeping them safe. Liberals would scoff at this but I expect this from them, as they are anti authority.

Some of these people end up changing their tune as they mature or become victims of those they've defended. Most just go on blissfully believing we are all the same and that blacks are just misunderstood, mistreated, and unfairly portrayed in the media and Hollywood despite whites being cast as the villains.

I was going to comment about Mr Snape in the "Black Like Me" thread but many of you responded to him quite handily. Then again, most of you do in most posts here so I don't even bother replying.

Over the years I have been able to deprogram a few liberals and rid them of their Stockholm Syndrome. Luckily my kids never developed a gushing admiration of blacks but they were raised right and judged everyone by their actions. They had friends that were black and never called them their "black friends", nor did they categorize their other friends. They saw that I didn't do it and it rubbed off on them.

As they grew and saw for themselves what was happening on the streets, all the while listening to my police radio at home, they could contrast what was being blasted at them by the media and Hollywood with the reality of police radio traffic. The former was fictional, the latter being crime info broadcast as per statements by victims and witnesses.

When my daughter went to college, she took Sociology 101 and told the class her dad was a cop. I was invited to speak and give my experiences. When I walked in to class, it was nothing but dirty looks and indifference, except my daughter smiling at me. I introduced myself, took and answered questions, put up with childish comments about hating people and beating on them. After about 30 minutes, my calm, mature demeanor was too tough for them to shake up. The only negative instance was when a disheveled young man told me I need to start telling the truth, I suggested he needed to start bathing.

Sheila said...

"I suggested he needed to start bathing." LOL - good for you, retired LAPD. I have a zero tolerance for the "entitled" generation, just as I have zero tolerance for "entitled" races.

Anonymous said...

As no one has pointed this out yet, I will:

No one is flooding Africa with Non Africans and telling them... "If you don’t move to the cities, you will not have to encounter any NAMS" ...so we are going to create a blended humanity in ONLY Africa.

No one is flooding Japan with non-Japanese and telling them... "If you don’t move to the cities, you will not have to encounter any NAMS" ….so we are going to create a blended humanity in ONLY Japan.

Only White countries are doing this and Anti-Whites like Riley, are pushing it. It’s GeNOcide.

They aren't anti-racist. They are anti-white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD,
I always look forward to your posts. Do you think the current crop of young police officers respect the wisdom you gained in all those years, or do they feel like you're just part a part of an old-fashioned pre-Obama mindset?

Anonymous said...

Riley said:
"Myself along with other elite whites do not want to have any association with SBPDL whites?"

Too funny. He's back on the "elite whites" meme.
The only people who obsess about being "elite" are blacks.

What a clown.

TravelChick said...

"Do SBPDL white despise SWPL whites?"

Not despise, because that would imply that I cared.

"SWPL whites" are delusional, and therefore dangerous. They have been heavily indoctrinated (not educated).

I prefer to stay as far away from SWPL whites in addition to blacks. Aside from the rich vein of material to mock them with, they are pains in the ---.

We had the misfortune of visiting Portland recently. Allegedly a "top SWPL" city. This was my first visit.

Speaking to the staff at the Convention center, apparently there are "no" meaningful jobs in Portland, and "most" people are "99er's", and there is real panic about what will happen when the unemployment slush fund runs dry.

The same was echoed by the restaurants we went to, small shops, etc. Portland is....screwed and hanging by a thread. The whole city has a seedy, grungy feel and an air of desperation just clings to it.

Also, got treated to more druggies, vagrants, and homeless than any other city we've visited so far. Attempted "hold-up" twice. (Note to drug-addled, weaponless SWPL vagrants -- don't attempt to "hold up" a combat Marine if verbal threats are all you have).

Yes, lovely, lovely, LOVELY nirvana, PDX.

Couldn't wait to leave, never want to go back.

John Robert Mallernee said...


Well, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that I do indeed prefer the first video.


Well, it's her blue eyes, and it's those pink lips waiting to be kissed.

Also, there's a couple of places in the song where her voice suddenly hits a low note, and I like that sound.

Then, at the end of the video, she does that girly stuff with her hands.

So, yeah, I do like that video!

By the way, is that Nicole Sullivan flying around with the rocket engine strapped to her back?

When was this video made?

I've never heard of it.

Years ago, I used to enjoy watching music videos on MTV and VH-1.

But, then, somebody complained that all the bands were White, and Blacks weren't getting an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Well, you know what happened next.

In their effort to show they weren't prejudiced against Blacks, the MTV and VH-1 music video channels began featuring so much Black nonsense and depravity, that those channels weren't worth watching anymore.

The Blacks pretty much ruined Rock 'n' Roll and music videos.

Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

missbosslady said...

Alright, that's enough!

Riley, you're an elite? Well, then the actual question would have to be; an elite what?

Are we to understand, through your sophmoric posts, that you're something extraordinary? Really? Interesting what passes for special these days.

Perhaps you are one of the noveau riche, a pseudo-intellectual with a few sheckles in his account, but let me assure you that, this would still place you many rungs down the ladder.

New money with a smattering of education is not really something to bang your drum about. Your barely literate posts are indicative of two things; your self-loathing and the poor quality of your education.

The true elites of this country, first and foremost, would never refer to themselves as such, as this would be considered quite gauche.

I am fortunate to have been born into a fine and cultured family. On one side of my family were those that orginally developed portions of the eastern tip of Long Island, NY, some of the most expensive real estate on the eastern seaboard. Engineers by education they not only developed the raw land, but were the town planners. On the other side of the family was old money, New England Blue Bloods.

My lineage is quite solid and my upbringing was assuredly refined and steeped in tradition, the fine arts and etiquette. My family tree is stately and firmly conservative. Though born into such privledge we were all taught to be self-reliant, productive and discerning. However, no child in my family was given a free pass, we were all expected to perform and produce in this life as we had received the finest and most thorough of educations. We were also expected to conduct ourselves in a most dignified and gracious manner, nothing less was accepted.

So, you can imagine that I am quite able to spot one of my own. You, Riley, are not one of us. Your preening posts are no disguise for all that you lack. You are an elite, much like the idiots have a king.

So, kindly spare us your ludicrous rants about your supposed elitism. A six figure salary and a McMansion do not an elite make.

Of course, if you were one of the truly elite, you would know that.

Winston Jack said...

Well, that first video was OK.....until the music started, that is. I live on the left coast right in the middle of Ecotopia, but I'll take Skynard any day, and Boston's "Don't Look Back" too for that matter!

If anyone wants a good take on what this hipster "counter-cultural" phenomena is about, there was an excellent (and thoughrly scathing) artice written in Adbusters magazine a few years ago. Ironically, Adbusters is more of a SWPL publication than anything.


Oh, and White Devil, I don't mean to put out a spoiler for you, but rest assured that the hero of 1984 will go on record for saying "If there is any hope it lies in the proles!"

Enjoy the book!

Dissident said...


You lend street credentials and credence to the points that SBPDL makes so effectively on this site. Please continue making your posts and giving us your anecdotes. I always appreciate hearing from the "men in the trenches", so to speak.

"I suggested he needed to start bathing" LOL!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I agree with you on retired LAPD. Having met a number of former cops from LA (and other cities) I can tell you most of them have to grin and bear all the PC nonsense. One of my friends is going through police training right now (from Boston) and a lot of what he is doing is PC related nonsense.

I encourage everyone reading this site to post. We get a lot of amazing e-mails, but only a small percentage of people who traffic this site end up posting.

Thanks to all of those who do post. The discussions here have been getting interesting.

I would encourage those hesitant about posting to just jump on in.

Love the posts LAPD.

Anonymous said...

One thing I noticed about the SWPL video, apart from the token East Asian jumping in the background, it is overwhelmingly White, 1950s Beatnik.

Now America of the 1950s was 90% White, with segregation still in force...

What are they trying to tell us?

B. Herder said...

While DWL's and SWPL whites are my genetic 'kin', they will never *ever* be my 'brother'... While I tolerate them as much as I'm forced to, to be civil, I constantly think in the back of my mind that one day ... Yes, one day (perhaps soon) you're going to need me.
I can see, maybe soon, that if there is a complete economic meltdown in this country, we can pretty much realize scenes of utter barbarianism in most every large city. It will, perhaps, make New Orleans/Katrina look like a day at Disneyland.

When the DWL/SWPL whites realize the true nature of The Beast, they will come running and begging for protection from SBPDL whites like myself (Those who know how to hunt/survive/self-sufficient/armed/etc.) and we will have the pleasure of telling them "Eh. You're a day late and a dollar short pal. I suggest you start running in a zig-zag pattern.."

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. Thanks for the thanks everyone, I do enjoy this site and SBPDL's topic du jour. I see this site as a purveyor of truth in a PC world, where what everyone can see is dismissed by liberals and explained as something else. Kind of like what a mob lawyer does.

To anonymous who asked me about new cops coming aboard, they are products of their environment just like any other young adult. When I went into the Marines we were from all walks of life and so it was in the police academy. Towards the end of my career I met more new cops who were gay, mostly lesbian, who felt as if they were more worldly than others. They felt as if they could empathize with people they initially viewed as downtrodden and disregarded by society, feelings they had prior to becoming police officers. They joined to make a difference in people's lives, which is as noble a reason as any. Once aboard and having patrolled the streets, getting into foot pursuits with fleet footed black males who just committed a crime, trying to break up fights and arguments over the stupidest of reasons, and a multitude of other behavior that defied logic, these officers became aware that all was nothing as they thought. Interacting with blacks in their neighborhoods day after day, year after year, decade after decade will open your eyes.

This was also true of cops who came from the suburbs, who had minimal contact with blacks growing up and automatic empathy for them when they saw these blacks being detained and/or arrested. But, experience being the eye opener that it is, changed these people's minds about all they had come to believe. If anyone wants to know what is happening on their streets, get a police scanner. I suggested that many a time before to people and what you will hear is the unfiltered truth of what is happening Out There.

I will provide input when and where I can, and answer any questions as well. I will not get baited in to an argument by Mr Snape or anyone else so you will not see me responding with anger. I always keep a calm demeanor, even when I was on a skirmish line in front of anti-war demonstrators who would spit on us, throw things at us from behind the mob up front, and throw marbles on the ground in front of police horses.

Thanks again for the welcome and I hope to continue being part of the dialog.

Northwesterner said...

Midwestern said:

"Once the economy tanks further, and gas hits $6 a gallon, you will be screaming to move into the city closer to your job. You will want to clean up the transit systems to save money on transportation. Cities make sense, suburbs are not sustainable."

What happens to the city burger flippers when their neighborhoods are invaded by gentrifying suburbanites looking for a cheap commute?