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The Philadelphia Experiment: The Streets of Philly Forever Changed

Liberty isn't cracked; the future of Philly is
(Sorry this one is so long... the more we researched Philadelphia, the more needed to be added)

When the population that built and sustained a city is replaced with a different population group - harboring opposing cultural values and norms, plus ability – it’s obvious that that city is in for a rude-awakening.

At a time when DeWayne Wickham writes a column in USA Today chastising Mein Obama for failing to address the Black unemployable rate, news of Philadelphia's transformation from majority white to a plurality of Black people has been reported.

Did we say unemployable? We meant unemployment. Sorry about that. The Huffington Post reports that the Black unemployable… unemployment, Black unemployment rate is reaching Depression-era levels in some cities.
Discrimination in Black-Run America is only aimed at white people (that’s what diversity really means, replacing white workers with non-white workers), so relying on the trusty old excuse of racism isn’t going to cut it. Not when the EEOC and the Department of (in) Justice are prepared to sue on the behalf of minority employees.
Our hero, Richard Lapchick, just published a report entitled The 2010-11 Associated Press Sports Editors Racial and Gender Report Card, which laments the lack of People of Color (PoC) in sports newsrooms across the country. The key element to understanding “diversity” is contained in the first quote from Lapchick below:
“The worst news was perhaps that the percentage of sports editors who were women or people of color fell 2.3 percentage points from 11.7 percent in 2008 to 9.42 percent in 2010. White males in particular increased by 3.0 percentage points for sports editors.
“But there was good news with gains for women and people of color in the categories of assistant sports editors, columnists and reporters. For columnists, the percentage of women or people of color jumped 5.7 percentage points (from 17.5 percent to 23.2 percent). The increase for assistant sports editors was 2.8 percentage points (from 19.3 percent to 22.1 percent), and for reporters, it was 2.4 percentage points (from 20.8 percent to 23.2 percent).”
That kind of honesty from Lapchick about what “diversity” really means isn’t found at It’s only good news for “diversity” when white people are replaced with PoC. Judging by the state of Detroit and Birmingham, two cities that were once majority white but now are 90 percent Black, replacing white people with Black people and “diversity” wasn’t cause for celebration. Now Philadelphia, a city that once was overwhelmingly white, now has a plurality of Black people:
African descendants have called Philadelphia home for centuries, with the first U.S. Census, in 1790, listing 2,099 "free" blacks and 373 slaves.

Today, the city's black population is 644,287, according to the latest census, and for the first time it clearly outnumbers all other racial or ethnic groups. (See graphic.)
This evolution happened even though the number of African Americans in the city, excluding Hispanics, declined about 1,800 over the last decade and their share of the population remained about the same.

Key to the new black plurality: the continued steep decline in the city's white population. In 2000, each group accounted for about 42 percent of city residents, but the white share is now 37 percent, after a loss of 82,000 people.

Meanwhile, an influx of Hispanics, Asians, and other groups - now 21 percent of the city's 1.5 million people - boosted Philadelphia's total for the first time in 50 years.
The black plurality coincides with another trend: More and more middle- and working-class African Americans are leaving the city for suburbia. Since 2000, the black population of the city's Pennsylvania suburbs jumped 26 percent - by 47,000.
"You need to look at it not only from a racial-ethnic point of view, but also the distribution of incomes," said Mark Mather, senior demographer with the Population Reference Bureau, a nonprofit in Washington that interprets census data.

Are relatively "higher-income blacks moving away from the city, leaving behind a poorer population without a lot of prospects?" he asked. "That wouldn't bode well."
Jacquelynn Puriefoy-Brinkley, a former president of Yeadon Borough Council, is a retiree in her 70s. She recalled moving to Yeadon with her parents in 1947, along with other "mostly upper-middle-class" black residents who lived in an enclave on one side of town.

Puriefoy-Brinkley's father owned several businesses and was a salesman for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Yeadon was about 10 percent black, she said. Over time, a larger cross section of African Americans from the city moved in.

Today Yeadon is 88 percent black. NAACP membership forms are available at the circulation desk of the public library. A shopping strip includes the Mohammad Ali Variety Store across the street from the Harlem Cafe.

Going from virtually all white to virtually all black is certainly no triumph of coexistence, Puriefoy-Brinkley acknowledged, but she feels the pattern of movement has been basically positive.

"Maybe the upside," she said, "is that people who didn't have opportunities to live in decent housing or walkable communities have those opportunities now."
With whites abandoning the city, the school system has become a violent reminder of what an all-Black city looks like. The children of the new Philadelphia will start getting condoms at the age of 11, after a study came out reporting that 25 percent of students were sexually active. Larry Auster reported that The Philadelphia Inquirer was running a story on the horrific conditions of schools in the city, where Black grade school students were engaging behavior similar to that found in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Nothing is shocking anymore:
At Southwark Elementary, a K-8 school in South Philadelphia in October 2010, a 10-year-old boy "body slammed" into his teacher with such force that she suffered a concussion as she fell to the ground.

In June 2009, a Douglass Elementary student issued a startling warning to a second grader at the K-8 school in North Philadelphia whom she was choking: "I know where you live, and I will burn your house down."

In April 2008, in a third-grade classroom at Taylor Elementary, a K-5 school in Hunting Park, one child held a knife against a classmate's throat and threatened to cut off his head if he snitched.

At the K-8 Morris Elementary in North Philadelphia in February 2008, an angry 9-year-old punched his pregnant teacher in the stomach.

In December 2007, on the playground at Richmond Elementary, a K-5 school in Port Richmond, a 10-year-old girl's classmate forced her head down to his groin.

During the 2009-10 school year, an Inquirer analysis shows, eight of the top 10 highest rates for morals crimes in the district were recorded in elementary schools.

More than half of the 177 elementary schools - including K-8 buildings and other early learning schools - reported a morals crime in 2009-10. Ninety percent have dealt with at least one sex crime in the last five years.

The school system is also overwhelmed with young students living amid poverty, violence, and disorder, some of them largely unparented.

Often, the district has failed to heed the warning signs of violence in its youngsters and figure out a systemic plan to address the problem, with dire consequences.

"By the time they get to middle school and high school, [violence] metastasizes like cancer," said Charles A. Williams 3d, director of the Center for Prevention of School-Aged Violence at Drexel University.
That 72 percent of Black kids in the United States are raised by a single parent (don’t forget the invisible parent, the American taxpayer) shows why the problems found in Philadelphia are widespread (here’s a breakdown of single-parent households for states by race).
Escape from Philadelphia?
This article from 1996 had hope that the Black crime rate would drop in Philadelphia. 15 years later, we know such hopes were misplaced.  Back in 2007, Black people marched together in “The City of Brotherly Love” hoping to end Black-on-Black crime. USA Today reported:
Thousands of black men turned out Sunday to support a volunteer effort aimed at reducing violence in this crime-plagued city, lining up for several blocks to register.
Volunteers who join street patrols as part of the "Call to Action: 10,000 Men, It's a New Day" campaign will not carry weapons or make arrests but will instead be trained in conflict resolution, organizers said.
"Nobody else is going to magically come into this community and get it done," said real estate developer Abdur-Rahim Islam, a lead organizer.
Mayor John F. Street, music producer Kenny Gamble and other black community activists joined Police Chief Sylvester Johnson at Temple University for the kickoff rally.
Acknowledging that police alone can't quell a run of violence, Johnson called for 10,000 volunteers last month to help make the streets safer. Philadelphia endures a reputation as one of America's deadliest cities, with about a slaying a day and many more non-fatal shootings.
The nation's sixth-largest city has nearly 1.5 million residents, 44% of them black. It has notched more than 320 homicides this year. More than 80% of the slayings involve handguns, and most involve young black males.
"These (volunteers) can prevent people from being arrested. They can go out there and do things for kids to prevent them from getting in trouble with the criminal justice system," Johnson said.
Non-blacks were also welcome, but organizers stressed the need for the black community to solve its own problems. Most of the victims of gun violence in the city are black.
This attempt at marching failed too.
The Christian Science Monitor reported that same year:
Nationally, the murder rate for African-Americans is more than three times the average: 19 black murder victims per 100,000 people versus five for the general population.

In Pennsylvania, the disparity for black homicide is even more pronounced: 30 per 100,000, or six times the national average, according to a study released last month by the Violence Policy Center (VPC), a gun-control research group in Washington.
Those numbers are "disproportionate, disturbing, and undeniable," says the VPC report, which analyzed crime data from 2004 in its study. Moreover, almost 80 percent of black murder victims in the US were shot and killed with guns, the study found.
Philadelphia follows the pattern. The vast majority of black murders in the city – 3 in 4 – are from gunfire, according to police.

Overall, murders have been on the rise – 406 last year. Of those, 317 were gun-related, compared with 233 four years ago. And it's the city's black residents and neighborhoods that feel the effects most acutely.
The so-called Black middle-class has fled Detroit and Birmingham, just as they flee Philadelphia. It doesn’t matter, as the Black Undertow will follow them as they settle in Whitopia’s. What they leave behind our empty skyscrapers, boarded up buildings, and unsafe streets, the former monuments to a long-gone people, the latter reasons for their departure.
Why Philadelphia’s Black population hasn’t demanded (like Pittsburgh Black population) that the news stop reporting Black crime is beyond us.
That the violent crime is monopolized by Black people in Philadelphia (and Detroit and Birmingham) is a sign of what any city that becomes majority Black can look forward to entertaining:
There are many Black men in and out of prison that, according to some experts, three generations of related men are sharing the same cell in some cases.

Recently a coalition of African-American men — professionals, community leaders, city officials, clergymen and others — announced the formation of a 10-year plan to address some of the problems facing Black men, especially those related to crime.
Bilal Qayyum, president of the Father’s Day Rally, said that The Agenda would focus on education, economic development and health and criminal justice issues.

“We have 2,400 Black murders between 2000 and 2009. Out of that number, 2,458 are Black males so you get a sense of the size of the problem,” he said. “We have a 48 percent high school drop out rate and 48 percent of Black males are jobless — that is they’re not just unemployed but they’re not even looking for work, not even being counted.”

Another aspect that creates a continuing crisis for Black males is the growing number of high school dropouts — as much as 48 percent don’t graduate.

“Let me give you a snap shot of where we are,” said Mayor Michael Nutter. “In 2010, in the six-year cohort, 54 percent of African-American males graduated from high school. Of the 2010 homicides, 86.9 percent were African-American males. African-American males were 65.5 percent of the admissions into the Philadelphia Prison System in 2010. These statistics demonstrate there is a real crisis among Black males.
If you don’t have an education, if you drop out, you’re already a step behind everyone else. If you drop out from high school your options are already limited and if you’re a Black male and turn to a life of crime, life is already against you.”

Bowen said that for Black males under the gun there is a deep sense of hopelessness and that for anyone in that condition sees life from the perspective of survival by any mean necessary.
Philadelphia, Birmingham, Detroit, and a whole host of other major cities are metropolitan areas that will experience massive riots over the summer of 2011. We’re convinced they start in Atlanta.
USA Today’s Wickham shows that some Black leaders realize Mein Obama has failed to provide a national jobs program for Black people, comparable to a New Deal-style organization. Wickham fails to admit that a disproportionate amount of tax revenue goes to support Black people already, but that’s alright, we’ll forgive for the faux pas.

But what the entire ruling Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) class, who lord over Black-Run America, has failed to do is admit what "diversity" really means - thanks Mr. Lapchick for providing that service! - and why any law-abiding citizen of this nation should be excited that yet another major US city is now a no-go area.

The streets of Philadelphia aren't safe for one reason, and we have a feeling Rocky could never be made there today.


White Devil said...

Hillis beat Philly's Vick for he Madden cover!

Anonymous said...

What I have always been curious about is how misleading the 50% graduation rate really is?

Its no secret that a "Dumbing Down" of educational requirements, is official policy, to either get blacks through or accepted to, schools. (IE: Naval Academy acceptance standards etc)

So when we look at the 50% graduation rate, which is dismal, How many of those 50% who graduated, really shouldn't have due to reduced educational standards, set so low, as to almost be worthless?

OG said...

If there is higher black unemployment than white unemployment, it all comes down to two things;
1. Education
2. The reliability of performance, accountability, and analytic reasoning that come with education.
Blacks are not doing well on the education front. I don’t care what the arguments are for the reasons behind it (I believe the problem is “Nurture” vice “Nature”), when someone is illiterate or barely literate, they are not employable in today’s business environment (maybe that’s why we have so many blacks employed by government….but that’s another story for later).

In DC, 36% of the adult population is functionally illiterate (guess what? They aren’t White). That means 170,000 adults with less than a 4th grade education. Another 26% have between a 4th and 8th grade education. The poorest city wards, Wards 7 & 8, each have an adult illiteracy rate approaching 50%. Guess where the highest levels of unemployment are? Fewer than 10,000 adults in DC attend adult literacy courses.
I’ll wager Philly’s numbers are not much different.

No matter what measures are used, blacks are not coming up as someone any employer would want to take a risk on. Less than 50% of blacks graduate from High School. AT LEAST 20% are functionally illiterate i.e. they can’t read their own diplomas (education equal to not more than 4th grade). Another 50-60% of Black graduates have less than an 8th grade education.

Four year college graduates fair a bit better but, according to a 2006 study when it comes to reading comprehension, 4% of Black college graduates (0 White) are functionally illiterate (less than 4th grade education), 20% (3% for Whites) have an education equal to 5th to 8th grade, 61% (55% for Whites) are somewhere between a 9th and 12th grade education and only 16% (42% for Whites) test to a college level. For math skills, it is far worse. 6% of Black college graduates (1% for Whites) are functionally illiterate, 43% (15% for Whites) have 5th to 8th grade skills, 46% (45% for Whites) have 9th-12th grade capabilities and only 5% (40% for Whites) have college level math skills.

Throw in employers experiences with reliability, dependability, consistency, etc, you know, the kind of things employers want to see in an employee; Blacks have a major problem when it comes to jobs. There is NOTHING President Obama or any other political leader can do if Blacks don’t accept accountability for their own educational shortfalls and start admitting that if they aren’t educated, it is no one’s fault but their own.

Anonymous said...

Why do Asians, Arabs and Mexicans - who come over here without a word of English and no money - manage to find jobs?

Yet blacks - despite trillions in taxpayer handouts - can't find jobs, graduate high school, get married, stay out of jail, refrain from selling drugs, keep away from gang attacks on non-blacks, speak proper English, keep up the appearance of their homes/neighborhoods, care for thier children ...etc.

Anonymous said...

"Hillis beat Philly's Vick for he Madden cover!"

For those who don't follow sports, Hillis is a white running back and Vick is a black quarterback. This is amazing as black sports heroes are almost always glorified to the exclusion of better white athletes.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Not to make this a thread on Peyton Hillis, but here's something I wrote quickly for the "sister" site:

Ivan Urkinoff said...

The comments section of DuhWayne Wickman's column is frikkin awesome!

Anonymous said...

Excellent read. No brainer info, however, that wherever majority black population occurs, and hence black control, things INEVITABLY turn to sheeeeiit. Detroit, Newark, Joannesburg anyone? How about Haiti or Zimbabwe?
De facto, the Negro race is incapable of producing and sustaining a prosperous, successful society.

Anonymous said...

I have a relative who is a child psychologist in a Gov't agency in Philadelphia. The black parents (mama) are always trying to get him to sign off on them getting crazy checks for their little spawn. Crazy checks means getting SS disability checks, of course the mama does what she wants with that free money

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. When I was on the job I got to meet many coppers from all across the country, whether they were in town on business or as a tourist. I met many a cop from Philadelphia and the stories they told reminded me that it wasn't just us in LA that had it tough (not that I ever thought so). Our stories were near mirror images of each other with one common denominator.

The stories we swapped all had the same thing in common- violent blacks coddled and defended by liberal whites with seemingly no end to their crime. There was a violent group called MOVE that killed a police officer and committed many other crimes, all under the guise of racial unity or oppression. The Philly PD later dropped a bomb on their house and a bunch of people were killed.

We also talked about the darling of the left, Mumia abu Asshole; all these years have passed and this vermin is still alive.

All in all, cops in Philly have a tough job and I don't envy them one bit. With Philly now being a majority black city I predict a lot more demands and a rise in Part 1 crime. Time will tell but I would bet on it.

Anonymous said...

I have a relative who is a child psychologist in a Gov't agency in Philadelphia>>>>>

I must mention that he does not sign off on the kids crazy checks. He never has from what I hear. The black mamas have to find someone else and hopefully they don't.

kurt said...

Alright I have read a great sum of the articles in this blog. I'm white and in my 20's im not extremely racist but I did work in Atlanta around Cobb and Gwinnett and I have worked around these ghettos. It's unreal the stares we got and one negro actually snuck on site with a hard hat and safety vest and stole a company truck with thousands in equipment. They came out at night and stole pipe rollers despite their uselessness outside the job. They begged for money and road around our dozers in gokarts while we worked but what's most distressing is the idolizing of these people. This next white generation has no qualms with signing up for entitlements and idolizing jersey shore tards isn't helping. Lowering our standards in all aspects has created leeching whites who care nothing for morals. I mean really when an African American gets a ticket to private school cause they are 115% below poverty? Where is the incentive to do good or strive to be great? And if blacks are so prestigious and proud why do they need a hand out my mind set is to create my own greatness through as little help as possible especially from govt master. All im saying if you give two kids out of ten candy just because they did average or below average on a test how will the other children feel? How will they react? I don't think it would make for positive results. I'm done ranting and sorry if im not with topic of the blog

Anonymous said...

Why do Asians, Arabs and Mexicans - who come over here without a word of English and no money - manage to find jobs?

One thing about Muslims who own convenience stores. They are armed and do not hesitate to shoot armed black pillagers. They are totally free of any white guilt. They see the world as it is and refuse to die at the hands of our native born thieving class

Anonymous said...

Could it be possible there is inter breading going on their community hence,the lack of basic skills,its true many kids dont know their fathers,and many absent fathers have numerous kids,

Anonymous said...

Blacks usually go for anything that is free with gusto; except education. I wonder why that is , hmmm?

Blacks are breeding and creating a very low i.q. class of people, usually poor with no reason to subsist on anything other than a government handout. All the while, proclaiming the very system feeding their sorry asses as racist-this is taught to them and is patently false on most counts in my opinion.

You cannot have it both ways and a breaking point will be reached sooner or later. It's going to be ugly too.

A mostly white, overtaxed public is growing weary of this current situation. Everyone I know (who is white btw) says the same thing. It is not racist to not want to support buffoonery and low class people who don't even try to better themselves. If you don't try, you do without. That's how it should be.

Former Black Militant said...

I would advise anyone interested in racial studies to understand natural selection and evolution. Immigrants(my parents Jamaica), black and white, tend to do better than native American blacks because in order to make it to America out of one's homeland is an indication of willpower and most likely intellect also. These immigrants are therefore naturally selected as the smarter of their group population while in the case of native black Americans who were captured blacks, (I might add by other blacks and sold to slavers), there was no natural selection process for these people and many of whom would have never made it to America on their own and are simply in their wrong habitat and may not be cut out for this type of advanced civilization.It is very easy for me to distinguish between both these types of black people while for whites it might be like when I watch Chinese movies where everyone looks the same,it's called cross-race effect. I can observe a black person for about 2 minutes and by his dress , mannerisms, accent, vocabulary, put him into the n- group or the black people group to use Chris Rock"s philosophy, while to whites black might all look alike, but we are not,becuase I'm proof "Cogito ergo sum". Again, I like many articles on SBPDL and I like pointing out the ignorance of popular black culture myself because I see it as detrimental to America and to my two children who are black in color and will have to deal with the negative generalizations that will be made about them. Continue your critique but I would advise objectivity, appeals to emotion leads to blind hatred of which I have seen traces of here at times, if your website is to go mainstream and I hope it does, most people do not want to be associated with hate but will accept the truth if they feel it is leading..... to maybe, exposing bad behavior in an effort to shock them into reality.

Donzo said...

"One thing about Muslims who own convenience stores. They are armed and do not hesitate to shoot armed black pillagers".

So true!..There is a convenience store very close to our house owned & operated by Iraqi-Kurds (very nice folks btw). I remember one time a few years back I stopped by after work & picked up a couple of "oil cans" of Fosters. While I was at the counter about ready to pay a very menacing black in a hoodie walked in. It appeared as if he was scoping the place, he looked around, probably realised there were to many people in there to do anything then left (didn't purchase anything)...I looked back at the cashier (Masoud) & he had his hand under the counter. After the black left he pulled out this huge Taurus .357 from under the counter & smiling said " this is what we use on ni**ers". Got a real kick out of that!.

Laz said...

Sad. Puts a whole new spin on the phrase "brotherly love".

Anonymous said...

Dude, read this:

Black People don't like Thomas Sowell

Blue Eyed Devil said...

Ask any non-liberal, middle class, white person that lived in Philly what they thought of former Mayor Frank Rizzo's approach to keeping blacks out of decent white neighborhoods and you'll no doubt get a favorable response.

As Ret'd LAPD mentioned, Wesley Cook aka Mumia Abu-Jamal is quite the darling of the left. Never mind that this piece of shit shot and killed Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. He also was a voice on NPR before getting fired for his radical views. He was Information Minister for the Philadelphia chapter of the Black panthers at the age of 15. He would also refer to cops as "pigs". For folks like me that grew up in PA and remember the news stories that came out after the Faulkner shooting, it wasn't hard to figure out who was guilty.

You can get the chilling details for the murder of police officer Danny Faulkner below.

If you want to dig a bit deeper...check out the folks of MOVE as well.

I would imagine some folks wish Frank Rizzo was still around.

Dissident said...

"One thing about Muslims who own convenience stores. They are armed and do not hesitate to shoot armed black pillagers. They are totally free of any white guilt. They see the world as it is and refuse to die at the hands of our native born thieving class "

The same thing could be said about the Koreans. Remember them taking care of the business in LA during the Negro uprising after Rodney King?

I'm sure retired LAPD could tell us some dandy stories relating to that. Go on YouTube and type Koreans protecting their LA businesses.

Whites seem to be the only race that doesn't take care of their own self interests, but this is slowly changing; thanks to the help up SPBDL and other websites.

If blacks don't start taking responsibility for themselves, then I fear there's a major backlash coming.

Just you wait till' those welfare checks stop rolling in-it's just a matter of time. Philadelphia and many other cities will resemble Hiroshima and Nagasaki; except those cities recovered, I seriously doubt that black majority cities will.

M.G. said...

There is NOTHING President Obama or any other political leader can do if Blacks don’t accept accountability for their own educational shortfalls...

How badly I wish this were true. Obama's got a little something called the EEOC, and that's all he needs. Here's Mr. Lopez, one of its lawsharks, explaining how Washington can force you to hire incompetents:

"We have a race discrimination case out of Chicago (that involved) a contracting company for custodial services. They had a predominantly Eastern European and Latino workforce and the (lack of) representation of African-Americans compared to the availability was statistically significant....

We resolved it for $3 million and approximately 550 people benefited - the people who applied but weren't hired. The consent decree requires the company to actively recruit African-Americans."

Refrain from reading the article if you have high blood pressure.

~AV~ said...

Gateway Pundit has been awaken....more eyes that can see....

See snippet below and I have included a link so we can see comments "over there"....

Media Report on Flash Mob Theft Spree Has “Racial Undertones”

posted by Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit - 47 minutes ago

Speaking of racial undertones… A flash mob theft spree occurred Monday at a pricey store on Dupont Circle in Washington DC. See if you can figure out what the media missed in their coverage. A group of 20 ...

~AV~ said...

Hey Paul...

how long before the looting and rampaging begins in Birmingham post tornado?

We have had scores of tornadoes and other disasters across the US...the past 2 weeks...(ThugReport attested to that)...and we haven't heard of LOOTING per se...

I am really curious...if Birmingham will be the first to tip to black organized and directed chaos and crime?

~AV~ said...

The LOOTING has already started...

the first...

an YUP...

all of her know the dirty low down truth...

Anonymous said...

Convicted cop killer wins new sentencing hearing in Philadelphia

April 26, 2011

A former Black Panther convicted nearly 30 years ago of gunning down a Philadelphia police officer was granted a new sentencing hearing Tuesday by a federal appeals court, sparking a threat by the prosecutor to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.

In its 32-page decision, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals accepted defense arguments that the jury instructions at Mumia Abu-Jamal's original 1982 murder trial were unclear. The court's decision does not grant Abu-Jamal a new trial and his conviction of murder stands.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

The first action of a restored and sane United States of America would be to execute this darling of the DWL and SWPL-types, Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Anonymous said...

Philthadelphia is only going to get worse, now that city council passed legislation that FORBIDS employers to inquire about the criminal history of prospective employees.

It used to be pretty easy to stay out of harm's way by simply avoiding public transit and embattled neighborhoods. Now that criminals are going to be imported directly into the workplace...I can't see it ending well.

The "flash mobs" of 2010 took on distinct racial overtones, despite the local media's vigilance in downplaying that aspect. This was no small feat. It's hard to downplay the racial aspect when a group of "youths" start loudly chanting "black boys, black boys," while stomping a hipster chick's teeth down her throat.

Somehow, the DWL population failed to learn a lesson from this, and still believe that they will somehow magically be spared the next time people find an excuse to riot.

I'd encourage anyone still living there to start making plans to leave, ASAP. Philly is a powder keg just waiting for a big enough spark. Sad but true.

Greying Wanderer said...

"All im saying if you give two kids out of ten candy just because they did average or below average on a test how will the other children feel? How will they react? I don't think it would make for positive results. I'm done ranting and sorry if im not with topic of the blog"

You are on topic. There's a sensible way of doing things but because that leads to "disparate impact" we have to put up with the consequences of a whole society that is being organised in a stupid and self-destructive way.

Anonymous said...

Just remember,

it's not white flight.

It's ethnic cleansing.

M.G. said...

Could it be possible there is inter breading going on their community hence,the lack of basic skills,its true many kids dont know their fathers,and many absent fathers have numerous kids,

(@Anon 6:45)

May I present some anecdotal evidence of this?

Last year in Chicago, the city finally tore down the last 'Cabrini Green' high-rise (legendary housing project). This comment thread is bunch of Chicago cops reminiscing about working there through the years, on the front lines of black savagery. (Long but worth it, it's truly one for the ages.)

Several of the cops comment on the very thing you mentioned, asserting that it was 'an open secret' in the social services community that in-breeding was at epidemic levels there.

Laz said...

@ Former Black Militant:

I've always thought along those lines too (educated immigrant vs descendant of born and bred slaves) but, I find it a little far fetched that all that whites see is a ni**er. Frankly, I'm surprised it takes you 2 minutes to decide whether you're talking too a black person or a ni**er. Everyone I know can pretty much tell right away.

I'm not trying to attack you. I just wanted to point out that there are more people than you think that know the difference.

Midwestern said...

Laz said:

"I'm not trying to attack you. I just wanted to point out that there are more people than you think that know the difference."

So true. Many black victimologists convince themselves that all white people think that all blacks look alike. We have all heard this worn out charge. This is typical negro logic. Blacks work endlessly to express their blackness, pants hanging down, actin' a fool, etc. and now we are all paying attention but they still say that we clump them all into the same category. Not so.

Most whites can instantly tell the difference. They don't even have to speak much, and we know. The blacks who complain about this the most are jealous that they will never be accepted into white culture.

To their credit, even DWLs know the difference! Their black "friends" are only the educated and English-speaking token blacks who are able to successfully mimic white behavior and reject black culture.

I would send this one out directly to Black Guy, my old buddy, but he has reincarnated himself into Snape or one of the other "new" DWL commenters.

~AV~ said...

Former Black Militant's post...makes my point...

In the black world you are either a nigger,
or an Uncle Tom...(black Americans have set the rules)

We all know what any UN-Uncle Tom (aka nigger) who would read Former Militant's comments...would call him...

We all know...all of us understand the game here.

I have many Uncle Tom friends and co-workers...and it amazes me the insight they have shared and have really discussed race and the ever changing rules of the "race game" openly.

They have givem me the heads up on what "whitie needs to know".

ohhhhhh read this...from Huffington Post....comments should be DWL ripe!

State GOP Rep: Minorities Earn Less Because They Don't Work As Hard

her quote...

Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, said minorities earn less than white people because they don’t work as hard and have less initiative.

“We have a high percentage of blacks in prison, and that’s tragic, but are they in prison just because they are black or because they don’t want to study as hard in school? I’ve taught school, and I saw a lot of people of color who didn’t study hard because they said the government would take care of them.”

missbosslady said...

I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking about Philly and the historic buildings and artifacts that reside there.

I hope there is a plan in place to protect these things, though I seriously doubt it, however I am quite confident that when the natives pop their corks and go on their wilding these will be the first things obliterated.

Pvt. Maggot said...

I wish I had room for the Academy of Natural History's hadrosaur. I'd be happy to keep the 3rd floor mural of extinct birds for safekeeping though.

Anonymous said...

The later chapters of E. Michael Jones' The Slaughter of Cities deals with the destruction of Philly's white population. While Jones is fringe and could use a lot of editing, his research suggest that C. Dolores Tucker, Pennsylvania's first black secretary of the commonwealth, profited from a blockbusting real estate business that drove white ethnics (political rivals) from Philly and provided cheap housing for blacks.

He also has a lot on the work of Philadelphia's super-SWPL Quakers in racially "integrating" white neighborhoods in destructive and self-serving ways.

Isn't the Friends' Committee a major backer of Mumia's cause?

Former Black Militant said...

When I am solving chess puzzles, I don't think how a white or black person might move in the position, I just make the best possible move I can make. Many of the time because I am a decent player it is often the right move that Kasparov or Fischer made in the game that provided the puzzle and sometimes I get it wrong but I'm not thinking race but good chess principles to guide me. So since white people are better at playing the "living in western democracy game" and if you play good moves, like getting an education, being polite and dressing respectable in public, saving money, people say you are acting white, I don't consider it white, just the right moves for the position,while I respect the intellectual achievements of white people, I have no desire to "mimic" white people but I try to learn from the best of what any human group has to offer and that of course includes white people and I try to make the best moves I can in life, if people want to call that Uncle Tom they are mistaken and that's a major problem with black people,they identify correct moves with white people and because they don't want be an Uncle Tom, they make a counterproductive move not to be "white" and it is usually the wrong move. If you played chess like this you would hardly ever win a game and the principle follows in life as well.

Anonymous said...

I am 64 and did not see a black person until the Watt's riots. I started college, pre-med at an urban college. I had one black person in my classes although the school was 80% black. Affirmative action had just started. He was taking double the units we all were and in fact had already been accepted into medical school. He would run in and put his tape recorder on the front desk, turn it on and leave. He did not take the tests with us and would actually laugh at our study groups saying he was "chosen" and did not have to waste his time studying.

Dissident said...

@ anon 6:53.

That man wouldn't happen to be Micheal Jacksons medical doctor would it?

"Chosen" Huh?

Did this man actually get through medical school? Tell me he didn't.

@ Former Black Militant:

Did you say that you had white/black parents? If that's the case; I'm curious as to why you identify yourself as black and not white. Would you be so kind as to explain this to me. If a persons 50/50 what makes them decide to call themselves one or the other?

I worked with a guy that was mulatto and I noticed when he was with whites he acted white, but when he was with the bro's he acted like them?

What makes people of mixed racial heritage adopt a specific race. I have my ideas, but I'd like to hear it from someone that's been there and done that. You seem honest, care to take a stab at it?

Anonymous said...

In answer to your response. We both made it into med school. I still do not understand affirmative action. As a woman I did not get special help. I ended up getting two scholarships but they were due to my grades. Why did this person not have to attend class? We all had the same opportunity. The satisfaction I feel from obtaining my degree would not be the same if I did not earn it.

Former Black Militant said...

My parents are non-white Jamaican immigrants but my Grandmother was half Irish. As far as the mixed race, picking one race over another question goes, I ask that same question too, I believe Obama is just as white as he is black but historically mixed race people have had an easier time socially among other darker blacks who often find light skinned "blacks" more attractive and the "red-bone" a light skinned women of color, (Halle Berry, Beyonce,) are sought after women among black men, but maybe these light skinned mixed race people do not get that special type of love from the white community and thus have traditionally chosen to be a part of the "black community".

Anonymous said...

The same thing could be said about the Koreans. Remember them taking care of the business in LA during the Negro uprising after Rodney King?

Was the full video of the Rodney King incident ever broadcast?
You know the one where he is stopped by California Highway Patrol in Los Angeles and is asked to assume the position for those being arrested but refuses to and makes a move towards the female police officer who draws her gun to shoot him because she has the right to defend herself but is told to holster it by the just arrived LAPD senior officer who tries to reason with a guy they suspect might be high on Angel Dust or PCP and after his refusal to do so for 4 minutes he is finally beaten.
What is that police officers reward for saving this lovelife thug's life?

Anonymous said...

Why the hell is everything about black people always focused on the MEN only?! I'm a woman, what the hell about WOMEN?! We make up 52% of the population, you know!!