Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why are the Whitest States so Peaceful?

Maine: The most peaceful state because of ....?
Peace has a color. Robert Putnam knew this and he sat on his study on the negative aspects of diversity for almost a decade. Larry Auster correctly pointed out that the news of a Peace Index study ranking Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire as the most peaceful in the union censored the racial aspect of the story (all are 98 percent or greater white).'s story on the subject failed to note the racial implications of the states with lowest rankings for peace, as all have significant non-white populations (some have the highest percentage of Blacks in America):
"The USPI report reveals that peace in the United States has improved since 1995 primarily driven by a substantial decrease in homicide and violent crime," the IEP says on its website, adding that "peace is significantly correlated with factors related to economic opportunity, education and health."

The group lists the ten most peaceful states in order as: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Minnesota, North Dakota, Utah, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Iowa, and Washington. And here are the least (also in order, with Louisiana leading the unrest): Louisiana, Tennessee, Nevada, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Maryland.
 The Black population of the United States is moving back to the South. One can only guess that those states losing Black population will move higher up on the Peace Index chart and those gaining Black population will move lower.

Here is a breakdown of the percentage of the Black population by state.

This USA Today article on Maine tries to attack the state as not growing because of a lack of immigrants; states that do attract immigrants find themselves turning into replicas of those immigrants native lands because the native-born residents leave.

 “White flight” transpires because white families find the Black (and increasingly Brown) Undertow untenable to be around. “We do it for schools,” these parents say, when in fact the move from an increasingly diverse city to a Whitopia is done with the implicit intent of being around other white people.

Just look at to see the worst cities and worst neighborhoods for crime in America. Low property value is tied to horrible school systems; horrible school systems are a direct result of horrible student performance.

Conversely, high property value has a direct correlation to excellent school systems. The whiter a school system is, the higher the property value, while the school system with a greater percentage of Black or Brown students is an obvious indicator of lower property value.

If Black parents (no matter what TV shows and commercials might tell you, this is an increasingly abnormality in the Black community) want their children to succeed, they should move to a Whitopia and let their child be the Token Black.

Sadly, Blacks are moving to the suburbs of major cities in numbers that swamp the Whitopia and drive down the property value at rates that render the school system untenable for the remaining white people. Just look at Clayton County and Gwinnett County outside of Atlanta; both flipped in a matter of a decade from thriving communities and are now riddled with incurable problems. Atlanta, Birmingham, and Detroit will all see suburbs that once boasted  the top school districts turn into academically arid wastelands.

When you look at the data for the entire nation, Black-white segregation has ostensibly reached new historic lows. Still, those rates of segregation were so high that the only way they could go was toward higher rates of integration. Just look at the Flicker maps of major city racial patterns of residential living to understand the situation of segregation.

To counter the absurd notions of America being a post-racial nation, Salon published this list of the 10 most segregated cities in the US with a population of more than 500,000.

 From 10 - 1, they include LA, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, New York and, finally, Milwaukee. It should be noted that many of the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America (according to are located in the heaviest Black areas of these cities.

Salon tells us:
That reality has been reinforced by the release of Census Bureau data last week that shows black and white Americans still tend to live in their own neighborhoods, often far apart from each other. Segregation itself, the decennial census report indicates, is only decreasing slowly, although the dividing lines are shifting as middle-income blacks, Latinos and Asians move to once all-white suburbs -- whereupon whites often move away, turning older suburbs into new, if less distressed, ghettos.

We may think of segregation as a matter of ancient Southern history: lunch counter sit-ins, bus boycotts and Ku Klux Klan terrorism. But as the census numbers remind us, Northern cities have long had higher rates of segregation than in the South, where strict Jim Crow laws kept blacks closer to whites, but separate from them. Where you live has a big impact on the education you receive, the safety on your streets, and the social networks you can leverage.
Blacks who took part in the "great migration" from the South in the early 1900s would be shocked to know that their ancestors are returning from whence they came. Salon fails to tell you that all-white suburbs are some of the most peaceful and tranquil places on earth, and it is only when those cities shift in the racial population that high levels of crime follow.

It's not where you live, it's who you live around that has a big impact on the education you receive, the safety on your streets and the social networks you can leverage. If you live around Black people, say in Prince George's County, chances are you will get a bad education and have a greater chance of being a victim of crime then someone who lives in Forsyth County, Georgia, where the crime is low and the schools are fantastic.

Historically, white people in South have lived around the highest concentration of Black people the longest. Stereotypes formed from these encounters that white people in Maine, Wyoming, Vermont, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon and Montana could never understand.

White Southerners have long been called "rednecks" and "racists" and holding "backwards" views on race that good Stuff White People Like (SWPL) white people and Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) find revolting. Yet DWLs and SWPL white people live in some of the whitest cities (Portland, Seattle, Boulder, Austin, New York City, San Francisco, etc.) that are seeing massive drops in their Black populations.

The "great migration" of Blacks from the South brought Black culture to areas without many Black residents. After five or six generations, it's hilarious to see that the cities with the highest levels of segregation as reported by Salon are all out of the deep South. More hilarious, Black are moving back to the South in record numbers, leaving behind prime residential areas in cities across the nation.

They move to the suburbs of Atlanta, Charlotte, Birmingham, meaning that white flight will require new cities being built farther from these metropolitan city centers. Rising gas prices negate this alternative for white flight.

A recent USA Today article discussed how Urban centers around the nation are attracting more young, college educated people (no mention of race):
In more than two-thirds of the nation's 51 largest cities, the young, college-educated population in the past decade grew twice as fast within 3 miles of the urban center as in the rest of the metropolitan area — up an average 26% compared with 13% in other parts.

Even in Detroit, where the population shrank by 25% since 2000, downtown added 2,000 young and educated residents during that time, up 59% , according to analysis of Census data by Impresa Inc., an economic consulting firm.

"This is a real glimmer of hope," says Carol Coletta, head of CEOs for Cities, a non-profit consortium of city leaders that commissioned the research. "Clearly, the next generation of Americans is looking for different kinds of lifestyles — walkable, art, culture, entertainment."

In Cleveland, which lost 17% of its population, downtown added 1,300 college-educated people ages 25 to 34, up 49%.
I graduated college less than five years ago. In that time, I've lived in two of the nicest areas in the two of the cities in America. When you start to think about long-term trends and where to raise a family, education and a safe environment for upbringing are the two most important criteria. 

One of my favorite films is Legends of the Fall and at the beginning of the film the Ludlow family moves to Wyoming to "lose the madness."

Sure you can find peace by moving to an all-white suburb in the South, but this represents a short-term solution. Just look at Gwinnett County, once the top suburb in the nation to raise a family and now an unsafe ghetto.

It flipped in less than 15 years. 

As OneSTDV pointed out, the talks in the media of the white population in the United States becoming a minority (and minorities becoming a majority) all paint a picture of inevitability. As the state of Arizona has shown, it takes but a few courageous state congressman and a governor with a backbone to defy what Black Run America (BRA) is after, namely the continued demoralization of the white majority.

Today, Alabama passed a similar law to Arizona's immigration bill. An American population that regains its future by rejecting Black Run America (BRA) could in one month deport every illegal immigrant in this nation.

Black Run America (BRA) incapacitates white people from acting in their interests. Libertarian nut-jobs go on and on about the individual, but fail to realize that every other racial group actively works as a cohesive group against the interests of white Americans.

Because of the continued use of stories from America's past presenting Black people as an eternal victim group at the hands of evil white racists, white people have been beaten into submitting to their own dispossession.

Few dare even oppose it.

To save what is left of the United States, a staunch opposition to Black Run America (BRA) must transpire. Only when white people stand up to BRA can every other problem be confronted. Conversely, once BRA is gone, the white guilt goes away too.

It's that simple.

As the peace index study shows, peace has a color.

It' ain't Black. Heck, it's not Brown either.


Anonymous said...


When all of this gets exposed for what it is, Blockbusting. I'm going to laugh my ass off.

If anything is occurring now it is "middle class" flight not white fight. Black flight doesn't exist.

Everyone knows suburbs are just code for white neighborhoods. Also the phony real estate boom and subsequent bust created "suburbs" that didn't exist prior.

It gave way for landlords who rushed out of the rental market to get in on the what seemed to be a never ending flow of cash.

Public Housing units and Apartment building were torn down to build over-priced town homes and condos in cities like New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and my home town Los Angeles(right in downtown) Most of the urban renewal promised never materialized and investors were left holding the bag.

Gentrification never truly occurred. So, instead of having housing project in an underdeveloped part of town you just have a overpriced condo in an underdeveloped part of town. Oh, well at least you're closer to your job if you still have one.

Here in Los Angeles you can technically move out of the city by crossing a street. A lot of people simply do that. The census will not accurately reflect that reality. Los Angeles loses a resident, but the overall community demographic remains the same. Atlanta is similar to Los Angeles in that regard. Most cities are.

Also all of this activity took place 10 years ago. Many of those people are returning to were they came from.

Can you really just the U. S. Census under the "leadership" of Barry the half breed?

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

As a Nevada resident, I can tell you that whatever racial problems we have in our state are not caused by black people!

Most people in Nevada are white, then Latino. Hell, we have lots of Asians, too. They say Las Vegas is the 7th Hawaiian island.

Black people? Nope.

This is a game of racial 'tag'. Latinos are 'it', poor things. You people may be the only whites in the country who prefer Latinos in your neighborhood over blacks.

In Nevada? We want blacks. We have enough Latinos.

I should note: Nevada's broke because of Republicans and rednecks in tiny, welfare-using cities along the Interstate; I bet all of them are Tea Partyers. Why do Republicans want to always say "No New Taxes"? It's hurting us.

The Right has no clue as to what to do with money. None!

North West European said...

Man, I just never leave this blog :)

Yes, white suburbs are very safe, people usually go about their business, and don't bother each other with stupid tripe. Me and a buddy once strolled through downtown Atlanta during midnight, stupid SWPLs, I know. I was solicited on every corner by lowlife hustlers, people peddling fake jewelry and distributing strip club pamphlets, and everybody were black, except for me and my friend. They were screaming and shouting at us from afar, our walk turned into a nervous trot, eyes darting around and focusing on where we were moving so we didn't stop or walk into a dead end. I wasn't terribly scared when we got back in the car, but I was shaken and glad to be safe. It would still be years before I could See. One of the streets we turned into was filled with people, a terrific jet of water spurted from a fire hydrant, and children were running about. We had 100 pairs of brown eyes fixed at us as we walked past them, it was unreal. We stuck out in a way that can't be explained, I just could not understand how two random guys could get so much attention from random strangers. It pissed me off a little too, I wanted to relax, get a drink and talk about chicks, instead I spent an hour on high alert. I've never had this experience anywhere else.

"Libertarian nut-jobs go on and on about the individual, but fail to realize that every other racial group actively works as a cohesive group against the interests of white Americans."

If you abolish the welfare state you abolish what gives these groups power, they are using your money and government against you. If the federal government only deals with security threats, domestic and foreign, and the justice system, and everything else is local and voluntary, well then there ain't a whole lot these groups can do. They have no power except for the government's, just take it away, it's that simple.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL, this is one of your best posts yet.

Black Guy, it's not "blockbusting"--it's White people trying to enjoy life without the filth, violence, disease, crime and destruction that exists everywhere black people are.

Oyster Person said...

Amusing the top segregated cities are all "blue"...ha!

Anonymous said...

Indeed your writings display a fine understanding of what you have labelled BRA; however, that focus is tertiary to the real pustulant riot that has set itself upon the West. Get to the core of the onion and the masquerading star will be undone.

Anonymous said...

Great article but Creed? Really? NF, brah. Seriously though, come back to .net and help spread the gospel to the next generation of e-fratters.

Anonymous said...

But DWL's and black agitators always say that poverty = crime. I guess that's why West Virginia is the most violent place in the country. Oh that's right, it's not. Not even close. Nope, blacks seem to cause both poverty and violence wherever they go. They are intrinsically linked.

I live in one of these black migration destinations in the south and it's kind of funny how desensitized you can get to the sheer avalanche of everyday black violence. Rapes in broad daylight. Multiple daily shootings and stabbings. Home invasion rapes. Robberies gone "bad". Drive by's, Police helicopters always circling, and that's just what the media feels compelled to tell you about. Black crime is treated like a force of nature. It just "happens" and you try to take cover before it kills you.


Dissident said...

"Black Run America (BRA) incapacitates white people from acting in their interests. "

That one sentence pretty much sums it all up.

Segregation. I know that's a dirty word in this society, but for the life of me, I can't quite understand why? What's wrong with segregating one's self from what one doesn't like or agree with? It's completely natural to segregate and unnatural not to be.

Hey Black Guy, come on and admit it, you voted for ol' Barry, didn't ya'?

I'd bet real money that you voted for that clown, but now that you've figured out that he's such a tool and an Uncle Tom, you're pissed? Am I right about that?

Midwestern said...

Great, thanks for sharing that with us.

You just don't like the fact that white people work so hard to get away from blacks. That is really the point, right? It hurts your little feelings. You are always such a victimologist, why not try to help fix the problem instead of whining? At least white people are trying to find a solution. You do nothing but complain.

Everyone wants to live with white people, because we have proven that we can live in a safe community and build value. NO ONE wants to live around blacks. (Except for you, of course.) Why is this so hard for you to understand? Every decision that whites make and every dollar spent is generally to get AWAY from blacks. Blacks do not add value, they tear down.

You have called before for voluntary segregation, so why not help get blacks off the white man's gravy train and lead them in that direction? Build your black Mecca. Black owned everything. Tell black people to stop busting up white neighborhoods with their third-world antics, and instead, create something of their own.

Midwestern said...

Hey Black Guy, seriously, you seem to be so informed about the motives of black people, and you are our self-appointed spokesperson for the black community.

Can you explain the phenomenon of black criminality to us? Why is it that places with a large concentration of blacks have more murder and other crime, and predominately white areas have little crime?

I would really like to get the black perspective on this. Thanks in advance.

Henry Blowfly said...

Much food for thought SPDL.

There comes a time, not far away, when the White Flight will have nowhere left to go.

Anonymous said...

I think we are all missing the point. We are wrong in holding blacks to the same standards that we hold human beings. Blacks are sub-human. They have a smaller brain and less chromosones. Holding these creatures to the same standards is not humane.

Anonymous said...

White societies are healthy and finctional because they are rich and wealthy.

We must ask how these white societies got rich and wealthy.

They got rich because they lkilled the natoves and enslvaed the africans.

You just wait until whties become a monority. People of Color will then be wealthy and the tables will be turned.

Midwestern said...

I am not sure where Mr. Black Guy lives where blacks are lovely neighbors, but I live adjacent to an old black ghetto in the Midwest. I walk my dog regularly with a trash bag to pick up litter (which consists mostly of used drug syringes, used condoms and blue rubber gloves, tumble weaves, empty beer and liquor bottles, chicken bones and hip/hop concert flyers), and the local blacks stare, jaws wide open in amazement. Their lives are completely disrupted by this huge demonstration of community spirit and responsibility. I have even been asked if I work for the city.

OR they try to pick me up thinking I am a prostitute (yes, with my dog and trash bag....). This one really cracks me up. I used to participate when our association (all white DWLs and gay men, of course), hosted a neighborhood clean up, and the black locals would stand in their yards and stare, but would never NEVER help or say thank you.

I have been tempted to start an online blog about this experience, I am sure that it would be very enlightening for liberals to see what their hard-earned money is funding, but I can always seem to find something better to do with my time. Black people work tirelessly to live in squalor and intimidate whites so that they stay away from the ghetto and pay no attention to them. The last thing blacks want if for whites to start moving in, calling 911, and setting high standards.

Most white people have NO IDEA what blacks do when they think white people are not looking. They try to spiff up for you on occasion, but ifv they can just avoid you, it is their preference. Unless the neighborhood is in a serious state of gentrification, white people should stay far away from majority black neighborhoods.

Midwestern said...

My DWL cousin moved to a big city in the Midwest from Rhode Island because, he said, it was just "too white".

Now he lives in an all white expensive suburb with "good schools" and also owns acreage and a cabin in the woods.

I wish white people would just admit the truth.

A Equals A said...

"I think we are all missing the point. We are wrong in holding blacks to the same standards that we hold human beings. Blacks are sub-human. They have a smaller brain and less chromosones. Holding these creatures to the same standards is not humane."

Translation: I just make stuff up as I go along.

"blacks have less chromosomes"

What evidence do you have for this fantastical claim?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:38PM:

Blacks are sub-human. They have a smaller brain and less chromosones.

Source? Link?

Dissident said...


Quit getting your panties all in a wad over the "right". You seem to think that everyone on this blog, is somehow on the "right".

Politically, I don't fall on the left or right, but somewhere outside of those pigeon-hole distinctions. It's NOT right vs. left here, at least not from my perspective. It's more of right vs. wrong, or freedom vs. slavery, or the right to self determination. I want blacks to have the same freedoms and opportunities that any other race has, but not at the expense of my race.

Race hustlers like the NAACP and the SPLC and the ADL and others shove this PC, multicultural crap down the throats of whites constantly. My feeling is that this blog is just a natural backlash against an unnatural situation that whites find themselves in. That's the situation of being oppressed and marginalized for no good reason.

This has been foisted on us by ridiculous immigration laws that favor non-European emigres'. This has been done largely by design, IMO.

The left - right paradigm is passe' and tiresome and it's a red herring to keep us fighting each other.

Midwestern said...

Stuff, I think Angry White Dude rocks and I am glad to see you on his blog. His views on American ghetto blacks are to the point and dead-on.

I especially like this quote:

"There is an overwhelming stench of hate that fills the black community. It is based on hatred of traditional American values and the perpetuation of victim status. It also teaches a total hatred of white people. There is no admonition by any of the black “leaders” for young blacks to embrace education, quit having illegitimate children, avoid crimes, be responsible and self-sufficient, etc. They are taught to be totally dependent on hard working, over-taxed American workers."

10mm Auto said...

I think we are being hard on Africans. The fact is we are expecting them to be little Englishmen when it is clear that the Elephant in the room is that genetically they are not and never will be "little Englishmen". Assuming a large genetic component to human actions and intrinsic intelligence, we expect Africans to behave in a way they have never acted in the entire course of their history, either in Africa or within White Man's culture. We do not expect Hyenas to act like German Shepherds, yet we expect Africans (Homo Africanus) to behave, respond and value as Whites or Asians do (Homo Sapien). This is foolishness. Whites build a Justice System with multiple checks and balances and Africans call it "White Man's Law" and reject it. Whites hold a code of personal responsibility of marriage and fidelity and inheritance through decent and a majority of blacks reject it to the point of fathering millions of bastard children because that is their way in the homeland. This pattern is repeated with every level and system of society. We are expecting another species to act as we do, when in truth we can see that we can not make a Hyena into a German Shepherd. Our entire Advanced Culture has been warped by this 12% of Alien population through reduction of standards, regulations requiring the advancement of the incompetent and the turning a blind eye to extreme criminality because we insist that they become like us. It will never happen.

Anonymous said...

@ Midwestern:

You just don't like the fact that white people work so hard to get away from blacks. That is really the point, right? It hurts your little feelings.

White people can do whatever they'd like. I think--no, I know--it may blow your mind, Ms. Midwestern, but black people don't care about white people. White people, though, do care a lot about black people. Hence, the popularity of this website.

At least white people are trying to find a solution. You do nothing but complain.

What solution? SBPDL fans flames; he's not a problem solver, but a herder. And this site is a place for white complaints, not solutions. Come on now. Recall Miss. "SBPDL, ban them!" Sheila.

Everyone wants to live with white people

This is true, but to the extent that the white people are not (a) trailer trash, (b) rednecks, or (c) racists. You undoubtedly fall into one of those categories, thus, the average PoC does not want to live around you.

Build your black Mecca. Black owned everything.

We tried that once. White people tore it down.

Anonymous said...

I really like this blog. I am living in Eastern Europe and we do not have these problems with black people but I cannot say for our cousins in Western Europe. Yes we have crime but it is such as drunk people or vandals. Rape and murder are very, very uncommon. We make less money then USA but our women can walk the streets at night and the kids can play anywhere. White Americans are always welcome here!!

White Guy said...

Great post, SBPDL ...

"They have a smaller brains"

This is interesting.

As I mentioned before, I had the displeasure of growing-up around Africans. I remember, as a kid, Africans used to have their hats tightened as tight as possible to fit their small heads. I used to be embarrassed, because when I put a cap on, I had to loosen it and snap the last plug into the last hole of the strap just to have a proper fit.

These blacks used to call me and my brother bighead.

I've read a lot of independent research on IQ distributions - my own personal experiences with low IQ Africans confirm the data. There is a direct correlation between head size and intelligence.

I know not all Africans have small heads - I've seen OJ Simpson in real life, his head is nothing short of massive. FYI, he was at a hole-in-the-wall bar snorting loads of coke into his massive nostrils - and he was with a White woman.

Anonymous said...

"You just wait until whties become a monority. People of Color will then be wealthy and the tables will be turned."

Like South Africa, the world leader in murder, rape, and AIDS.


North West European said...

"White societies are healthy and finctional because they are rich and wealthy.

We must ask how these white societies got rich and wealthy.

They got rich because they lkilled the natoves and enslvaed the africans."

What about the white countries that never did any of these things? How did they get rich?

Anonymous said...

Why is Desiree back? Quality of the comments threads just took a nosedive again.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

It was a mistake on my part. I was approving a bunch of comments. She said a few things that might bate people.

Trust me... I have solutions to the problem of BRA.

Anonymous said...

Why is Desiree the bitch allowed to post here? Show some backbone SBPDL and ban her.

Anonymous said...

"It was a mistake on my part. I was approving a bunch of comments. She said a few things that might bate people."

So she's continued to submit her interminable comments all this time, even when they weren't getting through?


It's like a faucet you can't turn off.

White Guy said...

I'd love to read some of the projectile vomit Desiree spewed onto SBPDL when she first learned of her ban, the hilarity that never made it to the thread ...

She is obsessed with this site because of the truth it provides, which is why she continually stalks this domain, defecating on every post when SBPDL releases her from the leash.

She is but a microcosm of African degeneracy - a case-study in Negro philosophy(excuse the oxymoron).

She's at war with reality, with nature and all this is organic - Liberalism and its handmaiden, BRA, are anti-nature and so, by extension, our Mulatto pet is too.

I hope someone brought the pooper scooper.

Anonymous said...


"Hey Black Guy, come on and admit it, you voted for ol' Barry, didn't ya'?"

"I'd bet real money that you voted for that clown, but now that you've figured out that he's such a tool and an Uncle Tom, you're pissed? Am I right about that?"

No, I'm actually an Independent, If I had to tow the party line with the rest of you sheep, I'll have to go with Ron Paul.

I figured out how much of an ass clown and Uncle Tom Barry was from the very beginning. I'm no supporter.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"Desiree" is a paid activist whose JOB is to infiltrate and dilute sights like this until all the substance is buried in her kind of childish, effeminate madness.

If you doubt that the Soros-type groups don't pay people to plaster these sights with garbage in order to make them impossible to read you are somewhat naive..

Anonymous said...

The topic is why are White states so peaceful?

The answer is in the question.

Then, you read black guy and diarrhea. And WTF? is all you can think.

Again, there is NOTHING that black guy, diarrhea, useful self-hating idiot Snape, Rev Al, etc, have said that we haven't heard already, and rejected. WE CAN SEE. We are not interested in your "opinions" about why Whites suck.

Blacks are obviously, INHERENTLY, inferior. Thousands of years on their own, and hundreds of years with us, have proven that beyond all doubt. They are savages at heart, and sub-intelligent at best.

The bell curve? It works. The 5% at the right can stay, as long as you behave. The rest of you can have your bag of reparations, and go. Now.


Anonymous said...

"black people don't care about white people."

And that's why you are so disinterested in this blog.

Oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

"Why is Desiree back? Quality of the comments threads just took a nosedive again."

If you think about it, the comments take a nosedive because people respond to Desiree with hostility and don't even try to address the substance of her comments. It just starts personal attacks. I've read this blog for a while now and SBPDL banned her for that reason.

It clearly wasn't the stuff she said, because she's still saying the same stuff. The comment thread beneath the Chris Rock post took a nosedive because some people left a lot of "STFU" comments to one of the black posters.

I think SBPDL should ban all comments like those. Desiree isn't the problem. It's the people who can't respond to her without making an idiotic personal attack.

Silent Running said...

Every now and again it's important (vital, really) to actually see what it is we're fighting for...and against. A Swedish girl named Elin Krantz was raped an murdered by an African that had emigrated from the U.S. Images are extremely shocking. But you should view them anway, and never forget.

Dissident said...

"No, I'm actually an Independent, If I had to tow the party line with the rest of you sheep, I'll have to go with Ron Paul."

Let me break it down for you this way. I'm glad you're independent, that's encouraging.

I too, am an independent voter, all the way back to Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan and straight up to the last election with the Constitution Party.

It's good to see that there are some blacks that don't vote for Democrats. There is hope (not the Obama kind) after all!

Anonymous said...

move to milwaukee. or just type in 53212 for an area code in yahoo news. nearly every horrible thing is done buy a black person. its terrible. in the last few years in milwaukee there was a black serial rapist and a black serial killer and young black kids getting teens banned from malls without guardians and around 90% of the murders are committed by blacks. i dont think any of it made the national news. my black manager talks on her phone more than she works and now she is getting in trouble for not doing her job and she is playing the race card. keep in mind she hired 0 white people while being head manager and accuses many whites of being racist. most rap/black clubs here get shut down because employees dont get tipped and because of fights and or murders/hit and runs at the clubs. i used to talk a lot of trash to anyone that said racist things about blacks. then i moved to milwaukee. selling food stamp cards, no cars (because they already crashed the one they had), way overplaying the race card, not tipping, terrible attitudes, mothers threatening to abuse their kids in public, black racism toward any white men.

i just read blacks are 6% of the wisconsin population and in 2009 we had 144 murders. in milwaukee alone about 85 (possibly more but not likely any less) of the 100+ were committed by blacks which means roughly 66% of the murders in wisconsin are committed by 6% of the population. in milwaukee there is a zip code that is predominantly black that has an infant mortality rate worse than botswana. im a left leaning moderate and all of this is disturbing me and its even more disturbing that we cant talk about this issue in public and the data and awareness and solutions are swept under the rug

Anonymous said...

"the comments take a nosedive because people respond to Desiree with hostility and don't even try to address the substance of her comments."


She gets hostility because her posts are nothing more than a constant repetition of "blame whitey" and "you're all racists", which on this blog, is never going to be treated as a sincere attempt at dialogue.

She has been banned from other blogs for the same reason.

Jack from OKC said...


When blacks were invited to build an all-black Mecca, you said: "We tried that once. White people tore it down."

Where was this black Mecca? Be specific.

@SBPDL I hope you'll allow Desiree to reply to this one question. Thanks.

Dissident said...

"Where was this black Mecca? Be specific."

She's probably referring to Atlantis, or a sunken continent off the coast of Africa. The one with the vast African civilization called Blacktopia!

The city with such incredible technological achievements such as the invention of peanut butter and the stop light?

Myth has it, that the white man with his colonial ambitions discovered Blacktopia and enslaved the inhabitants, forcing them to immigrate to mainland Africa, and thoroughly vanquishing the once proud city and civilization.

Anonymous said...

@ Jack from OKC:

That 'Black Mecca' that I'd been referring to was 'Black Wall Street' in Greenwood, Tulsa, OK. That area housed several black multimillionaires and thriving businesses because Jim Crow laws forced blacks to only shop in there. And, yes, white people tore it down out of jealousy. It was rebuilt by these enterprising blacks, though.

Another example would be Rosewood, FL, which is now a ghost town, but 'Black Wall Street' is the best example.

Race riots were white-led and they destroyed black homes, businesses, churches, schools, etc. A very destructive people, whites are.

A Equals A said...

"The city with such incredible technological achievements such as the invention of peanut butter and the stop light?"

What have you invented?

Nothing right?


Anonymous said...

Tulsa race riot - no jealousy, just a brawl that got out of control. Blacks always refer to jealousy as the reason for the riot, but have no real evidence to back it up.

Anonymous said...

@ Desiree:

Fact - Blacks have smaller brains this is a bibliography of some research for you - I am sorry that it is written in English and not Monkey:

Beals, K. L., Smith, C. L., & Dodd, S. M. (1984). Brain size, cranial morphology, climate, and time machines. Current Anthropology 25, 301–330.

Ho, K. C., Roessmann, U., Straumfjord, J. V., & Monroe, G. (1980). Analysis of brain weight: I and II. Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 104, 635–645.
Johnson F. W. & Jensen (1994). Race and sex differences in head size and IQ. Intelligence 18: 309–33

Rushton JP. (1997). Cranial size and IQ in Asian Americans from birth to age seven. Intelligence 25: 7–20.

Rushton JP (1991). Mongoloid-Caucasoid differences in brain size from military samples [and NASA]. Intelligence 15: 351–9.

MWF said...

Desiree, Professor Snape and Black Guy are all the same type of idiotic blacks who troll a white website that shows how shitty black folk are.

I'm a racist and proud of it. I steer clear of non-whites as much as possible. When I go into any retail store I ONLY ask white people for help or where to find something. If there is no white cashier, I leave and put the stuff back on the shelf.

If I ask a black, a mexican or an asian I usually get a dumb look or the old I no speaka da english bullshit. So I don't bother anymore. Unless I can find a white clerk, I'll either find it myself or go to another store.

If you continue to banter back and forth with the three morons above, they'll continue to come here. It's obvious they have no life and need the attention of whitey to confirm their pathetic existence.

As a white woman with white privilege (gag, eyes rolled), I LOVE your site. But since I'm busy living the life of Riley with white privilege and my new marriage I don't have the time to post incessantly like some of the other House Negroes who come on here.

Personally, when I see the three stooges (mentioned above posts) I scroll RIGHT PAST them. I suggest you white posters do the same thing. Eventually, they'll leave as their egos are entrenched in debate with the rest of us evil white redneck racists.

Anonymous said...

Okay I'm 14, almost 15 years old, but I'd like to think of myself as a bit more intelligent as my classmates/friends... you know. And that's not to be ignorant or bratty, just saying, because I have a very strong interest in our country's culture and the government.

I grew up in a very white town, not really having an a opinion towards black people, because I didn't see much of them, and I am white, by the way. But recently I moved with my family to a bigger city... and I really don't like it. When I go to school, I'm teased for being white because I actually take the time to do my work and keep my grades up. The majority here in this city is black and the kids are very negative when it comes to whites and our way of living.

Like I said, I've never even really thought about black people, never had an much opinion. But living here has definitely given me one. And I can say that I will NEVER live in a city like this again. It's incredibly horrifying because we've gotten to the point where black kids are allowed to tease white kids and call them 'crackers', but if a white kid says ANYTHING about a black kid, such as calling them 'niggers' or WHATEVER, they get SUSPENDED, even EXPELLED.

This is WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. I guess maybe I was a bit sheltered as a young kid, but now I realize how messed up things are.

I'm proud of being white. And I'm not going to let some black person call me stupid because I'm white. I know I'm smart, I don't need someone to tell me who or what I am. But it's heartbreaking to me. Especially that the teachers (who are white and should be just as offended) don't do ANYTHING.

I count the days down until I'll get out of this stupid negative black school. Even the condition of the school itself is disgusting. The bathroom, the classrooms, even the walls. It's only damaged, torn up, it's appalling. I've NEVER been in an environment this sad or broken up and you can bet I'm either going back to my old town or out to the country, where us whites actually do something and get the job done.

The hatred for whites from the blacks is obviously just jealousy consisting of the fact that we're progressive and they WISH they were, but they're not. So they get all sorry for themselves and take it out on us. Maybe they should try DOING something for a change. Us whites go to college, get our education and find a good job, whereas the blacks settle for drug-dealing and sticking with their ghetto gangs.

Well, good for them. At least I know better. No wonder people don't like the black environment. I miss where I'm from.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling you don't like brown eyes...?

I'm white, but my eyes are chocolate.

Zenster said...

Even the condition of the school itself is disgusting. The bathroom, the classrooms, even the walls. It's only damaged, torn up, it's appalling.

Welcome to what SBPDL labels BRA (Black-Run America). Wherever Black people predominate, you will always find this sort of decay and degeneracy, be it Africa, Haiti, Jamaica or Detroit.

The hatred for whites from the blacks is obviously just jealousy consisting of the fact that we're progressive and they WISH they were, but they're not.

As Ryu noted over in SBPDL's "The Virgil" thread:

"Whites hate blacks for their propensity for murder, arson, robbery and drug dealing.

Blacks hate whites for noticing."

There is a difference.

So they get all sorry for themselves and take it out on us. Maybe they should try DOING something for a change. Us whites go to college, get our education and find a good job, whereas the blacks settle for drug-dealing and sticking with their ghetto gangs.

Try to imagine how so much of this self-destructive behavior is excused by Liberal Whites who claim how "poverty drives crime" or that "they (Blacks) just can't help themselves", and you will finally have a solid glimpse at the "soft racism" of lowered expectations. This is the road to hell that is constantly paved by Liberal good intentions.

Well, good for them. At least I know better. No wonder people don't like the black environment. I miss where I'm from.

Keep that place in your heart. The modern term for it is "Whitopia" and you have every good reason to remember it fondly.

Again, please consider becoming a regular contributor here.

PS: Due to the grammatical clarity of your post, I am obliged to suspect that you are older than your stated age. If I am wrong, which I hope is the case, then please take that to the bank as a genuine compliment.

Anonymous said...

No I'm 14 but thanks. People tell me my vocabulary is too big, but I'm not adjusting to someone else's level...

Anonymous said...

Hello young man of 14 I congratulate you on your vocabulary and willingness to keep up your studies, keep it up and it will take you far.

I truly feel bad that your mom and dad tore you from the white utopia where you were allowed to learn in peace with out fear of a black savage driving a knife in your back.

I notice you expressed the notion that the blacks should leave you alone to work on improving themselves, and I thought I should leave you this bit of info to keep in mind.

It takes an average IQ of 90 to establish and maintain a civilized society/community and unfortunately they are cursed with an IQ that averages 80 while we Whites are blessed with an average 100 IQ.

With this in mind maybe it can help you to understand and sympathize the plight of the blak man. Sympathize and understand but do not turn your back on them because along with a low IQ there comes a base instinct to rob, rape and destroy all that is beyond them to comprehend.

Keep up the good work and good luck.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (January 22, 2012 12:02 PM): No I'm 14 but thanks. People tell me my vocabulary is too big, but I'm not adjusting to someone else's level...

Thank you for your rely and, please, never dumb yourself down for anybody. No good can come from it and anyone who would ask you to do such a thing is not your friend.

I consider the English language to be one of the most powerful tools ever invented in all of human history. There is all sorts of proof for this fact.

Having a large vocabulary furnishes you with a superb toolbox which can address problems and solutions that will forever remain beyond those who are less able to express themselves.

I will repeat my invitation that you please consider participating in other threads here at SBPDL. This site would benefit very much from first-hand accounts of the Multicultural indoctrination being forced upon American youth by classroom and MSM (Main Stream Media) propaganda.

T.L.Carter said...

Oh I didn't know about the IQ thing, but it makes sense.

Yeah, I live in a one of the safest neighborhoods here, but obviously, being in the city, that doesn't mean it really is safe. A couple days ago there was a drive-by just down the street. I was scared to death. I've never been around one of those before.

There's so much negativity and violence here. No one has respect for anyone else... and I've heard from some of my neighbors that a few black gangs have been terrorizing this area because it's one of the whitest and they don't want whites in their city.

I'm disgusted. I hate all of it. The state of the schools, the hatred of the black people against whites, who don't even care about them. I wish they would leave us alone. And I'm tired of being teased because I'm a 'cracker'.

Plus, on top of the fact that the majority of the kids at my school are black, all the white kids act black to fit in. Ugh. I would never, ever do that. All the slang, sagging pants, idiotic behavior. It's crazy.

As I said before, yeah maybe I was a bit sheltered being in that small town. But I would've been fine with staying that way.

Next year I will be going to high school. I'm assuming I probably won't be moving back home, sadly, but yesterday I found out about a magnet high school here that I could possibly go to and when I went to take a look at the school (which, by the way only has 600 kids because they pick the best) and one thing that stood out immediately was that about 95% of the kids were white. Total difference from Curtis Middle (my school).

That's not a coincidence or anything (sarcastic)...

Yeah, I hope to get into that for my four years of high school so I don't have to continue to go to these beat up ghetto schools I'm going to right now.

And Zenster, yeah I made myself a name and I'll check this page more often. It's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Look at the demographics on Wikipedia... When you find a city that has 96+ % caucasian population, you will NOT see a section talking about the city's crime rate. It's pretty simple, white Americans are not interested in living with ghetto gangstaz who will turn their neighborhood into a warzone and get their daughters pregnant with half breeds. Look at LA in 1992, we won't forget that shit.

Anonymous said...

HaHA loving this post. Looking for the whitest places in the world and found this. Yes some people do not want to be around other races and there isn't anything wrong with it. Some chose to live without diversity,regardless of their own race. Why criticize someones right to chose?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to "Barry" we are all screwed. (unless you are black)

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. I wasnt a racist until recently and even now I question my thinking. All I do know is it proven time and time again the white race is far superior! But I want to live in a place thats mostly white or atleast decent. Anyone can be a "nigger". White people included. I feel no hate towards individuals of color. Just the ones making shitty decisions and hurting, raping, and killing the white men because we are seen as racist. The most racist people I have ever met have been of a different color. I want my kids to be proud to be white and not feel about thwmselves for doing better in school or having more money. If thwy do ota because they worked for it or ive worked hard to provide for them. Not popped a bunch of kids out to cheat the system like so many ignorant fucks I see at places like walmart. Dont tell me I cant want better for my children and let them know they are white and they will always be proud of that fact. Never bow their heads in shame.

John said...

Okay let's get down to fact of facts and simple this down a little. How come in the history of the world EVERY race has advanced and evolved itself in some sort except the spear chuckers from Africa? Can't blame whites for that.

It's easy to blame others for things but if you turn the perspective on your race (which they will never do for fear of actually realizing the white way is right) then you will notice a MINORITY takes up a majority of jails, welfare, crimes, etc, etc, etc. in America. If your Mecca was so great then why not go back to Africa and build it again where "the white man" can't tear it down. Nothing but majority of blacks there. The only bad thing whites done to blacks is bring them here. Biggest mistake in the history of America. Oh and by the way your own people sold you to us. So maybe you should hate your own instead of whites.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I get the point of this article.
Blacks dont make the best neighbors...true.
I am a recent graduate and I am not racist but I will tell you of my experience with african americans so far. I had a neighbor direct from Africa who was so happy to be in the United States and was attending a JC and getting a degree and spoke of all the opportunities in the U.S. and how proud he was to be here and everyone got a long with him fine. Then a ghetto african american moved by and since then his house has been broken into, shady people show late up at night, his car window was bashed in, he started raising pit bulls and he even picked a fight with 13-18 yr old teenagers down the street over a video game in their own garage (he was walking by and saw a group of black foster children playing a video game so he diecided to jump in) and this is a 30 something yr old black man. He confronted my dad for telling his son not to go on his yard (we called the police). Where is his common sense. His front yard is a wreck, he reeks of weed and every other letter is a curse word. He tries to raise and sell pit bulls. He only lives there because his partner is a hispanic woman with a good job who qualified for the house who he has two children with. In my current neighborhood ( a black family lives next door. I wake up at 8 am to go for a jog like a week ago. Three 18-22 yr old black males live there. This one guy goes to his car around 8 am. He walks to his car. He opens the door and empties trash out of his car onto the street a 8 am. He threw one beer can, a red cup, an empty energy drink, cigerette butts, and paper onto the street directly in front of his own house then drove away. When they dont do this they get busy staring down random people until their "mom" gets home and handles business. FLASHBACK WARNING: 1.) Black college history professor at a University of California Anonymous fails numerous students on their term paper and lets the three blacks in the class hand in their paper late. The blacks in the class brag about this openly. Myself and asian classmates (at a UC most are asian) stay up all night the days before to get our papers done on time but the professor still hands out D's and F's. I confront him and tell him that I want him to "define failure." How did I fail? My paper was properly cited, the correct length, organized, on the correct subject etc etc. He replied that I obviously reused the paper. I asked him where is the proof? Can you prove this? That is a serious allegation and is against university regulations and should be reported to the dean. I told him I would force him to prove his case and that I would hire a lawyer. So I mentioned that I would go the dean if he didnt take another look at my paper and that I would force him to stand behind his actions and I also said I would bring up the leniency he granted on the black students. Guess what I got an "A" in the class. btw I showed up to the final with fever and still aced the exam.

Anonymous said...

2.) At the UC's you have blacks attempting to sell random "rap cd's" they create. Instead of working hard on a worth while major they get a degree in "African American studeies" etc. and then peddle rap cd's during lunch and talk about how they are going to college to become a successful rapper. What is wrong with these young men? 3.) Black students attempting to intimidate students in the apt. units. There is no end to the nonsense. You walk to your car in 90 degree weather there will be three black males staring you down or checking out your g/f in front of you. They look at you as though they are sizing you up then park their cars in other peoples stalls until they realized they got their car towed, then they resorted to parking their cars in the middle of the parking lot mini streets until they were busted there as well.

Anonymous said...

2.) At the UC's you have blacks attempting to sell random "rap cd's" they create. Instead of working hard on a worth while major they get a degree in "African American studeies" etc. and then peddle rap cd's during lunch and talk about how they are going to college to become a successful rapper. What is wrong with these young men? 3.) Black students attempting to intimidate students in the apt. units. There is no end to the nonsense. You walk to your car in 90 degree weather there will be three black males staring you down or checking out your g/f in front of you. They look at you as though they are sizing you up then park their cars in other peoples stalls until they realized they got their car towed, then they resorted to parking their cars in the middle of the parking lot mini streets until they were busted there as well.

Anonymous said...

4.) Apt unit 2 miles away ( I get a new apt). Black males tie up a man in his own apt and rob him. Black males vandalized the automatic gate to allow their homies in. Black males begin robbing people of cell phones on their way to apts at 11 pm. 5.) At a UC a black male parked his car outside of the library and sexually assaulted a female in the bathroom. Apparently this wasnt the first incident since the UC police were onto him for sometime. 6.) Black males fight at the bus stop outside of little ceasars. Police arrive. A week before I showed up for a pizzat at 7 pm during the summer (daylight) and 2 blacks moved towards me and one flashes a knife. But if anyone brings up the myriad of issues associated with african american culture you are automatically labeled a racist. I am not. I just want to live in peace and be left alone. But at the gas stations in southern california you are routinely asked for money from blacks. Even hispanic neighborhoods are more peaceful than all black neighborhoods. I once went to an all mexican party and I was left completely alone. But when my black neighbors invite relatives over GROWN BLACK MEN are drinking in the streets, talking about how they chase "female #@$@y", get laid, dont give a @#@#$, and the list goes on and on. I mean this is ridiculous. In junior high we had this black adolescent who stole a car at the age of 12. WOW. The black males routinely banded together and bullied other races.

Anonymous said...

7.) On a busy downtown intersection a black mom takes her two young children by the hand (ages 6-9 easily) and jaywalks and cars slam on their breaks in the middle of the rode to not hit here. My experiences in college around black neighborhoods have been like above. There are so many instances I cannot remember them all. I never kept count. I do not understand how grown men can act without manners, cuss so much and have a disregard for their neighborhood, disdain for education and run down their own cities. I cannot say that all African Americans are like this but many are. I have met quite a few who work hard to carve out their own future but the cultural influence is so hard. I had a black friend once who took his asian g/f to a family gathering and the black women verbally abused her. They dated for about two years but she left because the family was too much.My mom was driving once and when she noticed a group of black teenagers walking half on the sidewalk and half on the street. Cars were slowing down due to them but she honked (and as she came close to them but the group of young girls then blocked the road entirely and started cursing at her while completely blocking a major residential blvd.Most are not taught manners or respect. Most blacks in junior high called whites profane names. The Hispanics routinely got into fights with them at the high school level.But it is utter nonsense because at the UC I went to I was lectured on the wrong doings of western civilization. Every class brought home the story that Western Europeans and Imperialism exploited every other race and how all the problems are linked in some way to the trade of Western culture and empires. Although you cannot deny the influence of western societies on the world we live in a land now of opportunity and education and everyone is responsible for their own actions and personal character.The cultural pressures on blacks to be black is pretty ridiculous as well. I can say that meeting blacks from africa and African Americans is like night and day. To say that one race alone is superior to another is pretty ridiculous. Asians ROUTINELY kick american butts in the sciences. I went to a UC in the engineering field. When you talk to a white american they are going to school for an "art degree" or "communications degree" and many aprrently are delusional about the current job market. But that is another story. It is pretty ridiculous. People from other countries come here and take advantage of EVERYTHING. As far as race goes... in this country if you talk about how whites are racist and unjust it is ok and deemed acceptable but if you apply the same standard to blacks or even mention it you are done. Your career is over. It is literally the elephant in the room. Everyone knows there are serious issues but if you bring it up in any way other than being anonymous you will come under serious attack for being racist as opposed to someone who wants to live in peace and is just pointing out an obvious problem.

Anonymous said...

But the whole idea that the white race is superior is completely stupid. The only reason "White races" ever became powerful was because they were the first to industrialize because of the discovery of the new world in 1492. This forced them to seek technology to go to the new world and engage in trade. Then the resulting wars for empire and foreign markets increased our technology. Most of this technology had been around for thousands of years but was literally lost when various empires fell. If you think white races are superior take a close look at asians and how they beat the hell out of americans in math and science tests. Take a look at foreign women and you will see slim and conservative women. It is all cultural. Environment plays a huge role in how we adapt and react to our surroundings. Take a close look at the facts and you will see that REGULATED immigration and investment is a good thing. Have people rebuild our neighborhoods and infrastructure and invest in America.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above, if it's all cultural, how come sub-saharan Africans never evolved past spear chucking tribalism?

Also, your regulated immigration is just brain drain. Of course it's beneficial to skim the cream of the crop from developing nations, especially in the short term.

Anonymous said...

Let's just sum it up reeeeeaaaaalllly quick and save the "what ifs" and the "white man did this to us." YOUR OWN sold you to us, YOU are the only culture/race as a whole to not advance in some sort of way in the history of man kind, and the "bad old whites" are the ones who set you free. We owe you NOTHING, your race has more oportunity then any other in America. For example if on welfare (which a large majority of the black population is) you receive better housing, healthcare, etc etc etc then the average WORKING American. RGUARDLESS of color. Ok so let's do simple math. All those combined=less superiority than ANY other race. Even the president whom which is black has put us in more debt than all other presidents in the history of this country COMBINED. All fact compared to your jobberish, blaming the white man bullshit. PERIOD. END OF STORY. FACT DON'T LIE. Thanks

-from the average hard working middle class WHITE American

Anonymous said...

blacks could not get by without the help of liberal democrats giving them more lunch nat food stamps..and its all whitey's fault..where are all the black fathers out there?...disgraceful that our own government lets them get away with this life style

Rose said...

I am 53 years old and have had some live experiences that might shed some light on this debate. I believe the problem is cultural rather than a matter of intellect. I have been in work related training with black people and found them to be of equal intelligence. But here is were we differ. At that time I lived in a mixed neighborhood,mostly hispanics,but whites and blacks also. So One day it was raining and I brought my German shepherd dog inside overnight from my fenced in yard. My new bike was gone in the morning. At work and I was told that I deserved to have my bike stolen since I was stupid enough to take my dog in and not my bike
I currently live in the Mid West(white)and for 3 years 3 bikes and no fence or dogs and rain or shine we still have our bikes.
When I was a child we moved from the Midwest to La Puente,CA. We baught a newly built house in a beautiful neighborhood. Years passed and then some Puerto Ricans moved in on our block. My dad right away put the house up for sale. Us kids protested. Why would we leave our beautiful home. My father responded. In 5 years I will bring you back here and show you why. So he did. All the Whites had moved out. The grass was gone. The flower beds were destroyed.The garage and it's door were stove in from a car crash. Our house and the whole neighborhood were trashed. That wasn't from poor. That was from trashy. We learned a big lesson that day. During the discussion that ensued our father told us about the Japanese,who in WW2 were put into concentration camps for years. All their wealth and property were confiscated by the U. S.Govt. After the war they were released with nothing. They didn't complain or make any demands. They just got to work. Inspite of the prejudice and distrust of all Asians at that time,
they prospered and gained respect.
This discussion brings to mind the TV program where Oprah finds her roots in Africa and sees the squalor and suffering of her ancestral cousins.She didn't say it but it was obvious she cried because that should have been her fate. That caused me to remember a documentary I once saw where kids from The U.S. raised money to go to Africa to dig wells to make life easier for tribal people. What made it seem ridiculous was that the wells they were digging were being dug just with the use of ropes and shovels. They didn't see the irony of sending a bunch of kids over seas to dig holes for people that were able to carry water on their heads for miles, but; were not capable of digging their own well. Insane.

Anonymous said...

First of all color has nothing to do with peace period. Only when you have a high concentration of educated individuals in a particular area do you see a significant difference in the quality of life. I happen to know that some whites will move out of their neighborhood when there is an influx of blacks regardless of their educational background;they simply just don't like black people. Safety isn't the issue race is. Canada has lots of black and brown people and nowhere near the crime rate of a U.S. city of the same size. Blacks don't affect the quality of a school system bad parenting and involvement does. Unfortunately not all parents in the inner city are as vocal about their community as I'd like to see. I'm black and I'll be moving to Maine next fall and I don't care if my neighbors are white. I just don't want to live next to a child molester or serial killer.

Anonymous said...

First of all living in an all white neighborhood is no safer than the education level and moral values of that community. I live in south Philly and it's segregated to a large degree. In these white communities it's just as violent as in any other the moral and educational level just isn't there. How that's not say south Philly whites are all uneducated but by and large the blacks ,Asians,Latinos,whites are pretty much the same. Some are educated but most are of average intelligence and educational level across the board; although percentages are based on census of a given group population. Anyway a school's educational system or it's ability to affectively teach a child is based on that child's moral outlook,parental involvement, and local politics and funding. So really no matter what the situation your environment plays role in the climate of a neighborhood. If you move out of your neighborhood because someone black moved next door,then what did that really have to do with safety? In these all white suburbs the parents are more vocal,and involved with the education of their children. On the inner city that's not normally the case. Parents are rarely involved with their kid's educational process and probably not even interested. Also in communities where there is a higher level of education there are more healthy interactions with people than in communities that lack the cohesion of their suburban counterparts. Mode educated communities are less likely to tolerate crime and rely on law enforcement (after all y city tax pays your salary) but in areas where the community is rife with drugs,unemployment,and low levels of education, calling the police is frowned upon, wich brings me to the moral issue. That's primarily instilled by the parents. If your parents are of low moral standing then you may think it's OK to deviate from what's acceptable in society. In fact a community that's of average education but has a high moral standard is probably just as safe as one with a higher educational system. Points is there are hard working blacks educated blacks uneducated blacks amoral blacks and downright thugs. But every culture has that. I'll b moving to Maine next fall because of my job and I don't care if my neighbors are white or Latino or black. I just hope they're good neighbors I don't want to move next door to a child molester or serial killer.

Anonymous said...

These comments are the stupidest jumble of bs I have ever read. The article is very well written and I respect how well thought out it is, but damn, our founding fathers would be ashamed to here all you incoherent morons babbling on about a "lesser race" when you can't even put together a full coherent sentence yourselves. I'm not big on racism but damn, from listening to all you idiots babble on it's no wonder Obama won because he's a fluent speaker. If you are white and truly believe you are a part of a superior race, stop complaining, pick up a book, and prove it! Not through violence, but by becoming successful and putting someone who agrees with you back in office. And if you think that's not possible because "whites are now outnumbered by minorities", than you're even stupider than I thought

Anonymous said...

Did you know that "WHITES" weren't apart of the human race? This was a "BLACK" planet! All of the nations are out of control. The "White" race which derived from the seed of satan(Neanderthals/Khazars/Cuacasians-CAUCasus EuraSIAN Mountains), has been and still is a violent nation. The Children of Israel/So-Called African Americans were never a violent people. However, for some reason "WHITES" have this superiority complex when you were never part of the races. The truth is, if it weren't for Blacks being disobedient to Yaweh, the "WHITE" race wouldn't be here. For the daughters of men mated with the fallen angels...Ole Blue-Eyes!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in an all black neighborhood and lemme tell you it was rough but I also have been in an all white environment and its a bit of a culture shock. The blacks aren't all bad but I would say the women have an attitude a lot. And the men like the white girls which I cant blame em. Lol. I'd rather live in a diverse area only because when its all white it can be pretty stuck up and when its all black it can be too ghettto. I've met some great Black's and whites and mexicans. And I've met trashy ones too. But for the most part the blacks are the most stereotypes of all.

Anonymous said...

I love your site. Thank goodness that someone has the hutzpah to tell it like it is. I live in a state where the majority are now mexican, not latino, not hispanic, but Mexican. This state has gone to the dogs since the mass migration. Property values gone, schools pathetic, crime high, gang activity rampant, car theft, break-ins, murders, you name it. We are 30 minutes from Juarez, Mexico (new murder capital of the world). I cannot wait to get the hell out of this state and wish it would be annexed back to Mexico and fenced off with high voltage electric fences! It's not just blacks, it's Non-Whites that are a scourge on this country along with bleeding sociopathic liberals.
Whites need to TAKE BACK AMERICA!

Anonymous said...

The town I live in is going down and I believe it is from the blacks coming on up taking it over. It's 10 minutes outside Richmond,va if that tells you anything. I grew up in this town and now I am watching it go to nothing from them coming up bringing it down. I love your post by the way. It is so true!

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for anyone but myself
but I am more than willing to say what needs to be said here, "I don't like people of color." I don't like corndogs either but I don't hear corndogs bitching about my taste buds. Maybe the government will feel the need to force me to eat corndogs but I will never like them. This is not about the color of one's skin per-say but the core of the person wearing it. I don't say that white is better but I gravitate toward thoses I most idenitify with. I would never do anything to a person of color that would prevent them from having or enjoying the same things that I do. Whites seem more driven to succeed but at the same time I see many black and brown skinned people that are successful, I also see whites that are not. We have a black man as president here in the US and blacks don't make up
anywhere near enough if the vote to control the election. My actions don't prevent anyone regardless of the color of their skin from doing and enjoying the same things as I do but it seems that many of them want to blame me for the problems they face. If I were black and successful I would want to line in the safest place regardless of the skin color of my neighbors.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I (musicians & artists, gun owners, motorcycle riders, libertarian, but not nutjobs) moved from the deep south to a small college town in the midwest and am much safer and happier. The high school we live near, less than 1,000 feet away for you gun owners who know about the "gun free zone" law, has a 30% black population. The neighborhood is 90% white and middle class. Everyday, about 16-22 black students come and wait at the bus stop on the sidewalk adjacent to my house. They wait in my yard, on my porch and in my flower beds, littering, screaming, acting like animals, fighting, etc. This happens every school day. I am very proud of my home and what I worked for, and I am very protective of my family. But my home is being destroyed on a daily basis. I recently asked some kids to stop fighting in my yard and was threatened by many of the kids. It turned into a scene of rabid kids screaming at me. One kid repeatedly threatened to kill me and puffed up inches from my face. I stood my ground, did not threaten anyone, and did not produce my weapon, of course. I know the laws and consequences.
I refuse to call the cops, as I believe we should be able to handle our own problems. Furthermore, an unarmed, white teen in a nearby town was murdered by 3 cops for stealing his fathers car last week. So I am afraid of more violence against me or these kids if the cops show up. However, I am also prepared to defend my home and my family. But, I feel like my hands are tied due to "gun free zone" laws. I also fear the reaction of the neighborhood, school and local community/media if I were to be forced to defend myself or my family with a firearm from life-threatening harm.
I am a well-armed pacifist. I live in a very peaceful, whitebread state. I left the south to avoid this very conflict! Please help! Any advice would be appreciated.
-Prisoner in my own home

luckycharm said...

Black people in a way are smart. They learn the get over system. They have learned to get over on the system and whites to get what they want. For example they learn to play the race card and holler out racism when it suits their cause. This gives them power. They have learned if they take their kids to swim in a pool that's mostly white then the whites will quit coming and they will have the pool for all black kids. They learned if they start moving into a white neighborhood then the whites start moving out and the prices of nice homes start going down. They learn how to keep having babies and staying on welfare. If you look at it in a way us whites are like slaves. Were the ones who are working paying taxes for them to stay on welfare. We work and they get our hard earned money so they can turn around and spend it on drugs, rims for car and have their baby daddy living with them collecting checks. We need to put a stop to all of this. Welfare should only be for the elderly and those who are truly disabled.
When I was pregnant and not married black women were telling me to say that I didn't know who the father was and I could get everything for free. Of course I didn't listen so I worked. We must put a stop to this. They have learned to use and abuse the system. I see a lot of black seniors in my profession and a lot of then have a photo of Martin Luther King and Obama on their wall. During the government shut down several of them said they thought that they were doing this to Obama because he is black. Obama will never be impeached since he is the first black President which is BS. These people just vote for a person because he's black. So I know if Obama made the US a third world country and could run again most of the blacks would vote for him again, just because he is black. This scares me. Shelia Jackson in Texas for what I have heard got elected because he district was a mostly poor welfare district with mostly drug addicts. Do we really need people like that being able to vote. I think you should not be allowed to vote if your on welfare. Why should people who don't pay taxes but receive money from the government be allowed to vote. Responsible law abiding American citizens should be allowed to vote. As time goes on and it's very near when blacks and other raced out number us in votes the US will be a third world country. Just look at Africa and South America. The only time the blacks got it right is when they recently elected a white mayor in Detroit after the blacks caused destruction. We have to stop them for getting welfare and using discrimination. That is what has been giving them power for decades. Blacks have learned to get together in large numbers and protest. We must do the same. Putin said something like blacks hollering in discrimination in Russia wouldn't work. We need to start saying were the slaves working paying taxes so they can get government assistance sleeping in bed all day.

Anonymous said...

I am a white woman, retired teacher, and from a deep-South state. I taught at a junior high school last year. It was the worst year of my career. The white students were picked on and bullied by the black kids. The foul language they used in the hallways and outside would make anyone blush. They fought constantly, boys and girls. Their speech is impossible to understand. They refuse to learn grammar. They said they didn't want "to talk white". Their grades were deplorable. If you tried to call their parent, the number never worked. The students denied knowing any phone number or any way to contact their parent. I loved all of my students, and I treated them all fairly and equally. I think the influence of black rappers is destroying any chance young black people have in developing their own attitudes toward white people. Inner-city blacks are very different from small town blacks, but their influence is far-reaching. Thank God my grandchild goes to a school with a very small black population. There are none in his grade. I purchased my first handgun recently for the sole purpose of having a weapon to protect myself from thugs who would try to break into my home, take my car, or assault me in a parking lot. The men in my area are always carrying guns. They welcome the chance to shoot a black male. They are described as useless, lazy, breeders who do not take care of all the children they father. I think the race war will happen, but not in our area. It will be a slaughter. A cheap pistol is no match for deer rifles and shotguns. These men make their own ammunition, and they have an unlimited supply. I recently sat in at city court. 95% of those going before the judge were black, some Hispanic, very few were white. I would gladly support any effort to relocate those unhappy black people back to Africa. Wonder how many would sign up to go?

LightBulb said...

I've had the chance to travel the world and witnessed various races behaviors for many years.

It is quite difficult to remain conservative and reserved when the question is presented about black people.

I'll put it simply : They are a plague and should be eliminated from our system. But hold on...I did not say to kill them...Because the reality of life is that the weeds that dies for the winter gets reborn the upcoming summer...

Once in a blue moon, the French sent their prisoners and prostitutes to a different country as 'ambassadors'. Of course it was to get rid of them without loosing their face. The U.S should do the same and 'deport' a great majority of their black people in an isolated place. Where? I don't know. But for me, the moon is even to close.

It took quite some time for those French prisoners and prostitutes to rehabilitate themselves and become a decent society...And the black people, with their degenerated behavior, would have no choice but to evolve in order to survive as a race.

Every millennium has a stronger race that is explicitly and specifically involved in destruction/evilness. This time it is the black one, but there has been others and there will be others as well.

My word of advice, be patient; but stand your grounds... And their stupidity will soon enough bring them to self elimination.

Always remember that it takes 3 things to be human: a body, a spirit, and a soul...And unless one can prove that all 3 of them are 'black' through eternity, it would be a good idea to remain focused on the human opposed to the temporal color. Good news is, there is always solutions :)

Anonymous said...

Come down to Richmond,Va, we unfortunately have too many of them and they are starting to take over the suburbs. :( I just get tired of them always tearing things up for no reason. I have two months left in this hellhole of a city and then I am out and never coming back. I think we should segregate again. If you think about it, when was it nice? The 50's and early 60's... I think you know why.

Unknown said...

Somebody hit the nail on the head when they said to cut off the entitlements and you cut off the power.. Entitlements do nothing more then build hatred from the ones receiving to the ones giving.. And we this is what we have in America. The sad thing is, the white male will never get nominated to be President in the Democratic party ever again and there are not enough intelligent people left to vote Republican. Chile is looking better every day.

Anonymous said...

I'm black. And after reading this I have no comment. I guess humans don't want to figure out how to stick together. There are still too many people taking sides and building up on the animosity. Oh well. Enjoy your afterlife. And thanks for enlightening the future with positives. NOT!

Unknown said...

What's the surprise? I'm in Chicago; black gang banging thugs have been killing each other, and the innocent bystanders, on a daily basis for decades.
I am a liberal who voted for Obama, but denying the obvious is getting in the way of a solution.
FACT: the vast majority of murders in my city are committed by young black men.
Oh My God, Did I Just Say That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What kind of animal am I?
Wake up America.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the lily White States like Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Washington State are all Liberal. These are the people always telling us down South how racist we are and how many are uninsured and how poorly our schools are. The truth is those liberal White Democrats are the biggest hypocrites, if they lived with large minority populations they would have a completely different tune. How dare they tell us how to live when they wouldn't live next to a Black Man if their lives depended on it. These are the same people all for affirmative action and for special rights for minorities because it doesn't effect them at all. They are also the group who goes around feeling guilty about being White. If they're so guilty why don't they move to Atlanta and relieve some guilt.

Anonymous said...

As long as the majority of blacks follow Al Sharpton as their leader, it is a tell tale sign that nothing has changed. The liberal media is second in instigating and stirring up hate and violence when it comes to any black and white issue. The whites that live in states that have the greatest population of blacks will get the brunt of it. Al Sharpton and the liberal media are as racial as any racist can be.

Maria said...

I'm puertorican and I have 2 children with a white man. He's a dead beat dad. I live in a 90% white neighborhood and it's heaven. I'm not racist but this blog is right about blacks. They are a awful race. I give everyone a chance but I've had really bad experiences with blacks. In my town black people hate me because they can tell I'm attracted to white men. I'm engaged to a wonderful white man and I'm happy. He would never date a black women. Some Latinos are acting like black and have kids with them. They are mentally ill! Most Latinos do not want anything to do with black people. I feel bad for them but I don't want blacks around my family. My family has never been to prison and we work hard. I'm not a fan of racism because I believe in God.

Anonymous said...

Scariest 5 minutes of my life: Getting lost in the wrong part of Orlando at 1AM. The streets were teeming with black teens. At one point , I watched them ripping a car apart and tossing parts of it into the street. By the way it WAS a school night. Some of them looked to be no more than 12.

Just a white dude said...

I just stumbled across this blog and some of it hit home. My wife and I bought our 1st house in Gwinnett Co GA back in the late 90's. When we 1st moved there it was a great place. THEN they started building more and more apartments and extended the city bus line out there. Over time more blacks and hispanics started moving there. Next thing we knew we were seeing graffiti and vandalism at the pool house and throughout our neighborhood. We saw what was coming and sold our house. There were 2 malls out there...Gwinette Mall and Discover Mills. Both were upscale malls at one point. It got to the point where you couldn't even go to Gwinette because groups of black thugs would stand around and harass people. People who actually spent money stopped going and today it basically a crime ridden flea market. Discover Mills is in the same boat with filing bankruptcy recently.

We found a developer in the city of ATL that was trying to redevelope some old run down neighborhoods so we thought we would try that. Got a great deal on a city house, and lots of old crack houses were being bought and new development was going up. We got involved in the neighborhood association and wanted to see the area change....and it was. After a while, the local politicians started making it as hard as they could for him to build there with the rules they were putting on him. He got so fed up, he stopped building, moved out and started building in the suburbs. Keep in mind, these politicians saw their voting base starting to change as people with money moved in....and they couldn't have that. Now you have homes that people bought over there that at one time were worth $400k or more, that they can't get rid of for $200K now. After 8 yrs we sold at a loss and moved to Forsyth Co.

We've been out here for a while now and it's nice. Although, over the past yr or so we have seen an influx of Indians and Chinese moving here because of the tech jobs. They are coming to one side of the freeway and more and more blacks and hispanics are moving to the other side. We have a kid in elementary school and looked at the school rankings recently, and although they are still great, you can see a trend over the past several years with blacks and hispanics moving in...the test scores are slowly starting to drop. My fear is in 10 yrs (or less) Forsyth is gonna look like Gwinette.

We have some great black and hispanic friends that would give you the shirt off their back. We don't consider ourselves "racist", but those communities as a whole need to get it together and stop playing victim....and our EDUCATED minority friends will say the exact same thing. They don't wanna live around that shit either.

razzputin said...

When I rode those school buses (below) the greatest threat were spitballs. That town is 15 miles east of the Gary, IN cesspool of violence. It was once 99 percent safe and homogeneous, before the influx of blacks fleeing their own kind. We are to believe their motivation for relocation to Whitopia was for a better education! Does anyone believe those predators were intent on excelling in English, Algebra or Chemistry.

"Three black thugs are being charged with a laundry list of felonies for assaults, sexual assaults, and other forms of harassment on a school bus. The victims are white. The most shocking thing is that the school is listed as 79% white and only 5% black".

Anonymous said...

I just laughed so hard I choked. Whole heartedly agree with this post

Papichulo168 said...

I came across this site because I was looking for articles about "US cities withe smallest black population". I searched for it in Google and the articles that come up are "Least diverse cities in the US" or "Whitest cities in the US."
It seems that searching for cities with the fewest black people in the US is a taboo topic to write about.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - said...

"...Historically, white people in South have lived around the highest concentration of Black people the longest. Stereotypes formed from these encounters that white people in Maine, Wyoming, Vermont, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon and Montana could never understand..."

THAT ... is so true. It took me from moving from mainly military-base life (as a military dependent; a "brat") up through the 1970s -- when the military was less black than it is today in the 2000s -- to living quite a few years in white areas of the South where the black percentage was higher than in officer's military housing -- to living for many years now in a large Eastern seaboard city, to finally "awaken" to the fact that the higher the black (or brown, or brown-black) percentage of an area's population, the more dangerous, the more chaotic, and the dirtier / grittier (repulsive, if you will) it is.

Left and Right can argue about the various reasons as to just why that would be (I agree with the view on the Right), but the inescapable fact is there. Even blacks know it, see it, and recognize it, which is why they are now filtering from the urban Northeast back down to Ole Virginny and Ole Caroline and ... RUINING those states with their influx of black urban-ness, just as they ruined the Northern cities they were in (en masse) for 100 years, since the Great Migration North.

In any event, the so-called "Patterson's First Axiom" is demonstrably true. Paraphrasing, it goes: Nothing Cures Support for Integration More Than A Good Dose of Black Urban-ness.

For what it might be worth, here's a snippet from another blog regarding this "First Axiom"; the others, I find less compelling:

Patterson's Axioms
I keep referring to them, especially the First. So I suppose I better use the occasion of a blog post to explain. [ *** ] founded the Citizens Councils of America (CCA) in 1954 one millisecond after SCOTUS handed down Brown v Board, because he knew what havoc it would wreak on his beloved Mississippi and Dixie. He himself had no idea how negatively profound it would eventually be for the whole country, because he couldn’t predict that the Federal courts would later order forced busing schemes for racial integration within a school district, and in some cases, including St. Louis and Kansas City, between school districts. But he did live to see it. The Council of Conservative Citizens (CCofC) is an organizational successor of the CCA.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for your concise, simple, and accurate statement. I am 62 and have lived all over the world. I never even knew a black person until about 15 years ago.Most places I lived there just weren't any. It wasn't a matter of racism or avoiding them, there just weren't any around. One of the places I lived in the '60s and '70s was London - and there were few black people.I can't believe what I see there now - it breaks my heart. Why do they have to wreck everywhere they go? It's almost as if they WANT to destroy and despotic anything that is civilized and lovely. If they want to live their own way - fine, but why spoil and destroy other people's environment and way of life? It's disgusting. I am not racist, I just don't like how they live and the ghettos they create.I am the only white person in a black neighborhood, so, yes, I can speak from the trenches. I moved here from another state and didn't know there was a large black population here. It is a suburban area, so on the surface looks kind of nice - older turn of the century houses on large lots, trees, etc. The houses are mostly owned and have been in the families for generations. They basically keep the grass cut but - everything is just shabby - rusty chain-link fencing, litter blowing around, stained, nasty mattresses and broken furniture dumped along the road. And - what the friggin is it with black people and the fanned shopping carts?! They are everywhere! Not one single flowering tree anywhere in the springtime. No flowers anywhere. No one out gardening in the summer. Absolutely zero desire to make a pleasant environment to live in.You don't have to have money or a college education to want a nice environment to live in, and for your children to grow up in.There's just a big piece of their brains missing that they have evolved without.Because we want to live among other people who share the same fundamental value system doesn't make us "racists."

Anonymous said...

Exactly. We ARE genetically different. I believe that they have the right to live as they please - as long as they give me the same right. But they don't. They do carry a deep ingrained hatred of white people. Even my own black friends. They would never wish harm to me - but - in general they hate whites. I see awful posts from them sometimes - about destroying whites. That whole victim mentality is deeply ingrained. Anything negative that happens to them is, always, in their thinking, because they are black. If someone was rude to them - it was because they are black.I tell them, "No - the world is full of rude people. It is the same for all of us." But- they cling to their beliefs. cognitive dissonance.

Anonymous said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! I, also, was going to use South Africa as a fine example of black "culture" - (although they will still find a way to blame it on white people....).

razzputin said...

The "problem" is universal.

A race advisor to the London mayor, said drugs and gun crime were the
"biggest threat to the black community since its arrival here".

Prison watchdog probes spike in number of black inmates
52% increase in proportion of black offenders in federal system since 2000
Canada's independent prisons ombudsman has launched an inquiry into a 50 per cent spike in the proportion of black offenders filling federal jails over the last 10 years.

In 2008 and 2009 gun homicide was the leading cause of death among black teens.
Young black males die from gun violence at a rate 2.5 times higher than Latino males, and eight times higher than white males. Gun injuries are suffered by black teens at a rate ten times higher than white teens.

Unknown said...

Very true. We should send everyone of them back where they came from. Should have done it after the civil war. Thank you all for having the backbone to post truth.