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#290. Colin Cowherd

Richard Lapchick, who recently blasted Advertisement Agencies for being too white, previously blasted AP sports reporters for being too white as well, obviously oblivious to the fact that 50 percent of Black males are illiterate and never graduate high school; a substantial more are in jail; and relative few possess a college degree making them eligible for employment in this field. The study stated:
 Richard Lapchick, The Institute’s Director and primary author of this report, noted, “After four years from the 2006 Report to the 2010 report, there was some change in the five key positions we examined for race but little for gender. In fact, the overall grade for racial hiring practices improved from a C to a C+. There continued to be a failing grade for gender in all five categories. I think it is encouraging that APSE and AWSM had a combined event this year. I am also encouraged that APSE has continued to request the report knowing that the news would not be good. I applaud its determination to get better.

“It is important to have voices from different backgrounds in the media. This report shows that in 2010, 97 percent of the sports editors, 85 percent of the assistant sports editors, 86 percent of our columnists, 86 percent of our reporters and 90 percent of our copy editors/designers were white. In the 2008 report, those numbers for the same positions were 94, 89, 88, 87, and 89 respectively. The percentage of males in those positions this year are 94, 90, 90, 89, and 84. In 2008, the percentages were 94, 90, 93, 91 and 84, respectively. The 2008 report showed a terrible lack of opportunity for people of color and women. In spite of that, there was actually a decline in 2010 for opportunities for people of color as sports editors (from 6 percent to 3 percent) and copy editors (from 11 percent to 10 percent). The percentages of people of color increased for assistant sports editors (11 percent to 15 percent), columnists (12 percent to 14 percent) and reporters (13 percent to 14 percent).
Like Daniel Tosh, Colin Cowherd understands pushing the envelope on race sells
Sports reporters have to tread a fine line when covering sports, because the intersection with pernicious, unsightly racial matters is always there, behind virtually every problem. ESPN, a network that is 365Black and dedicated to advancing the proposition that Blacks are superior athletes whenever possible (watch the ESPN 30 for 30 Documentaries to see how Black-Run America – BRA – was peddled through sports) is hiring as many non-white males as possible for Sports Center and for other broadcasting positions, but not fast enough. 
Knowing that 80 percent of the NBA athletes are Black and 67 percent of the NFL athletes are Black means that the white guy covering sports must continually hide his head in the sand and never admit what his lying eyes tell him. These are the big two sports now (don’t ever mention baseball, that dying sport that only matters when sports writers bemoan the lack of Black athletes following Jackie Robinson’s dream; or NASCAR or the PGA, two sports that predominately white writers chastise for their lack of ‘inclusion’ and ‘racial diversity’), as evidenced by how much money is generated through both the collegiate and professional variety.
No sports writer dare mention the racial statistics of those who go bankrupt upon retirement nor those who refuse to pay child support to their litter of kids, for the wrath of organized Blackness will disable that writers career faster than Jimmy the Greek could eat a pita.
To point out the poor social behavior of athletes like Michael Vick, JaMarcus Russell, and Vince Young (guys who would rather ‘make it rain’ then practice throwing the football) would be denigrating all Black people, because when you single one Black person for their questionable character, organized Blackness logic dictates you single all Black people out for their questionable character.

Here’s what Black athletes fail to understand: sports survived and thrived without their participation. Southeastern Conference (SEC) football stadiums were built on the backs of white athletes who played both ways in a time before highly specialized athletes were needed to play one way (and take off most plays) and offenses were designed to capitalize on the speed of Black athletes who could never survive the type of practices that Bear Bryant, Shug Jordan, Wally Butts, Bobby Dodd, Col. Neyland, or Johnny Vaught put their all-white teams of actual student-athletes through.
Now, SEC schools recruit primarily thugs who require special admission to even gain acceptance to universities that then spend millions keeping them academically eligible. These Black athletes come from cities long ago abandoned by the white alumni who cheer them (but move far away from them whenever a city starts having ‘bad schools’) and are basically kept afloat thanks to government handouts (EBT/Food Stamps, Welfare, Section 8 housing, and free lunches in school).
What Black athletes in college and professional sports is that they perform in a vocation that is largely entertainment – which Cowherd understands and is one reason why ‘The Herd’ is such a popular show – and two, largely irrelevant – the absurdity of which Cowherd also understands.
Without positive examples (and that word is loosely used, because many of the Black athletes turn out to be criminals who refuse to pay child support and go bankrupt upon retirement) set by Black athletes, one is hard-pressed to ascertain where positive examples of the Black community would arise.
Certainly not academics, where cheating is the only way to see positive gains; certainly not city planning, since every majority Black city or county descends into economic and moral madness; certainly not from their vocations, since the top 10 jobs for Black people (as of 2009) require little more than an eighth grade education; certainly not the military, where standards have to be lowered for Black kids at the Navy and Air Force Academies so they can gain admittance, and Special Forces requirements must be lowered so Black people can feel… special.
Sports survived – and thrived – without Black athletes. Sure names like Bo Jackson and Hershel Walker are proudly stated by SEC football fans, but it is because of the foundations built by nameless white athletes at Auburn and UGA (a school who in 2006 required almost every Black athlete to be a special admission student and worse, more than 1/3 of the team majors in something called Housing) for more than 80 years that allow these Black athletes even a modicum of fleeting fame.
Black athletes aren’t needed in college baseball to keep the sport popular, so why do people believe that if college football instantly became 85 percent that it would lose any popularity?
Black people’s propensity for getting in trouble with the law starts in high school, where Black people are disproportionately the recipients of school discipline at rates that far exceed those of other racial groups. Primarily because they refuse to abide by the laws governing civil behavior, all in noticeable patterns in such disparate locations as Grand Rapids, Michigan, Seattle, all of Texas… hell, everywhere in the United States:
Nearly 60 percent of junior high school and high school students get suspended or expelled, according to a report that tracked about 1 million Texas children over a six-year period.
About 15 percent of the Texas seventh- through 12th-grade students tracked during the study were suspended or expelled at least 11 times and nearly half of those ended up in the juvenile justice system. Most students who experienced multiple suspensions or expulsions do not graduate, according to the study by the Council of State Governments Justice Center and the Public Policy Research Institute of Texas A&M University.


The report indicates a disproportionate share of African-American students getting removed from school classrooms for disciplinary reasons.
• MALES: • According to the study, 83 percent of black male students had at least one discretionary violation - compared with 74 percent of Hispanic males and 59 percent for white males.
• FEMALES: The same pattern applies for female African-American students - 70 percent for African Americans compared with 58 percent for Hispanics and 37 percent for white female students
This continues into both college (see this article on a Florida HBCU, where crime is just as common as giving a teacher an apple once was) and into adulthood. Of course, prison is a safer place for Black males then the real world, a fact that even the redoubtable Colin Cowherd has yet to state on his show.
With Black athletes possessing the character of a guy like Ray Lewis roaming the fields of the NFL and the courts of the NBA, you can see why this is true.
Sports writers, always hoping to remain chummy with the Black athletes they cover, must never chastise Black behavior. Like most white people, they believe that Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech incapacitates them from judging Black people by both color and the content of their character, since judging an individual Black person by their character is tantamount to judging all Black people by their character.
Colin Cowherd is an entertainer who just happens to talk about sports, much in the same way Daniel Tosh of Tosh.0 is a comedian who uses Black people as props in most of his jokes, because most white people (and non-Black people) privately are well aware that the stereotypes of Black people are true.
They wouldn’t be funny, worth listening, or ruthlessly suppressed if they weren’t true.
Wait, who is this Colin Cowherd you just mentioned? Cowherd is an obnoxious, hilarious, witty, opinionated radio and television personality for ESPN who pushes that fine line regarding race – sometimes crossing it – and continues to attract a massive audience where Black jock-sniffers like Jim Rome just look like water boys in the process
His show, The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a syndicated talk radio show broadcast on ESPN Radio affiliates throughout the United States and online at In 2008, the Herd added a simulcast on ESPNU. The show features commentary on sports news, perspective on other news stories, and interviews with popular analysts and sports figures. Although a sports broadcast, he often reflects on personal life and business as it relates to the sports world. Demographics and regional preferences are frequent topics of his program. The majority of his conversations primarily center around the National Football League (NFL) and college footballMajor League Baseball (MLB) and the National Basketball Association (NBA). He also has a featured segment, Spanning the Globe, during the second segment of his show. In this segment, he interviews reporters in different parts of the country to talk about the day's main topics in their region. with mentions of recent topics from
Cowherd has a massive audience of hard-working white males who enjoy hearing his refreshingly candid views on sports (entertainment) and his inane inclusion of pop culture references in the process. He understands that most sports fans don’t connect with the predominately Black athletes of today and instead root for teams that their fathers rooted for, and pull for those athletes like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and other white athletes who seem like normal, well-grounded individuals.
The dirty secret that pervades all sports is that the overwhelmingly white fan-bases of NCAA football and basketball; the NFL; the NBA; MLB; NASCAR; UFC; PGA; and tennis are just watching to be entertained. 50 years ago, these sports were just as popular – save UFC, which wasn’t around – and much whiter.
A monopoly like ESPN didn’t exist to broadcast every conceivable game to help manufacture the concept of Black dominance in athletics. You had ABC Wide World of Sports and one college football game a week, showcasing primarily white athletes that white fans cheered for; that is the dirty secret of sports.
Primarily white beat writers and sports reporters worship at the altar of many of the Black athletes they cover, hoping to get the inside scoop to further their careers (and eventually work for that monolith ESPN), all the while refusing to write articles that would show a morally questionable of these Black “Gods” they cover.
They revere these athletes, something Cowherd doesn’t do and which has enabled his show – The Herd – to be syndicated in radio markets across the country. Perennially whiner Chad Johnson (who changed his surname to Ochocinco for proper branding) complained that Cowherd had the temerity to make fun of his Black athletes penchant for opulent spending, lashing out:
Chad Ochocinco publicly bashed ESPN Radio and ESPN2 TV host Colin Cowherd on Twitter today after the sportscaster insulted the Bengals receiver on air.
According to Out of Bounds, "Cowherd said something to the effect of '70% of NFL and NBA players are broke within 5 years of retirement,' and used Ochocinco's name as part of his point." Ochocinco did not take the mention lightly.
In a series of tweets, Ochocinco urged Cowherd to "just say I don't like this black guy!!" He proceeded to tell the host that "your girl is cheating on you" and suggested that Cowherd "try EXTENZE," the "male enhancement pill" most recently pitched by former coach Jimmy Johnson. Scroll down for the entire barrage:
Colin Coward with all the negative going on with athletes how do u find a way to lump me n yo show just say I don't like this black guy!!

I guess Colin won't be happy till I get a DUI, arrested, well hell maybe I should get accused of rape, maybe that'll make him STFU!!!!

@espn_colin its not my fault your girl is cheating on you, its your fault, try EXTENZE and stop worryin about me! Lmao-have a show bout that

@espn_colin you look like an extra from the movie LORD OF THE RINGS, get your lisp fixed before you do your next show !
It's okay to judge by character
 Cowherd was recently attacked by John Mitchell of for daring to point out Black males strange ability to have children in such devastating numbers outside of wedlock, proving that once again white people cannot judge Black people by the content of their character unless they desire unleashing the mighty powers of organized Blackness (which will always defend the abhorrent social and moral decisions of Black people):
After hearing the ignorance that oozed from Colin Cowherd's mouth the other day, I have no doubt that if he didn't know already he would swear up and down that Tom Brady is black.
A few years back, Brady, the three-time Super Bowl champion quarterback of the New England Patriots, knocked up his girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan, and then promptly cut out on her, leaving her to attend Lamaze class all by her lonesome.
Pure class.
Brady left his pregnant girlfriend for another woman, so-called supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and eventually married and fathered a child with her.
Presented with this scenario and not knowing that Brady is indeed white, one has to assume that Cowherd would automatically say that Brady is black, and that this is stereotypical black male behavior. After all, Cowherd, a loudmouth ESPN screamer who apparently sees himself as part sports talking head and part Daniel Patrick Moynihan, ready and willing to dole out misinformation and snake oil to anyone who tunes in.
Shortly into John Wall's rookie season in Washington, Cowherd concocted a wacky correlation between Wall growing up without his father in his life translating into what will be Wall's inability throughout his career to be a true leader.
Uh, what? Nobody with half a brain believes this, especially the people who are paid to build NBA franchises. But Cowherd too often engages in stereotyping to cover up his lack of understanding of the sports he is paid to talk about.
Earlier this week he was at it again, proclaiming that the NFL, with its majority of players being black and reared in single-parent homes headed by women, couldn't possibly be prepared to handle the stern discipline coming from Commissioner Roger Goodell.
Cowherd employs the work of another pop sociologist masquerading as a sports columnist to back him up when he refers to a recent piece by CBS' Gregg Doyle. In the piece, Doyle miscasts as a widespread a feeling among black NFL players and media outlets that the commissioner is purposely disciplining black players more than whites.
Please, with the possible of exception of the James Harrison's rant last week, nobody in the NFL is calling Goodell racist. As defined at, a racist holds a "belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others."
I guarantee you that neither Doyle nor Cowherd, who probably hardly ever sets foot inside of an NFL or NBA locker room, is privy to one conversation involving an African-American athlete who shares these view.
This writer is correct: most Black athletes call themselves $10 million slaves or read William Rhoden’s book 40 Million Dollar Slaves and demand more money to foolishly spend like Dez Bryant. They joke about the New York Jets’ Antonio Cromartie’s inability to remember his nine kids names and debate the merits of various strip clubs to make it rain in.
Guys like Colin Cowherd and Daniel Tosh understand that there exists a huge market for racism in this country, because when most people are outside the earshot of Black people, jokes are constantly made at their expense.
Talking or writing about sports for a living means you have to close your eyes to the fact that most of the athletes you cover – Cowherd’s favorite are the NFL and NCAA football, the two big sports – will be Black athletes whose only ticket to success in America is based on their athleticism.
That ticket is short-lived and the communities they come from are largely Black holes that no one ventures into unless it’s a white college football coach hoping to recruit the next generation of Black athlete that will require millions of dollars in tutors to keep academically eligible.
Cowherd – and Daniel Tosh – understand that judging by color of the skin isn’t a smart move, but they understand that judging by the content of character is a viable business decision. Neither one of their shows or careers would be as popular as they are if they didn’t.
Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes Colin Cowherd, because eschewing the widely held rule in sports journalism – thou will not criticize the off-the-field behavior of Black athletes – he has threatened to make more and more people aware that judging by content of character is acceptable.
For some reason, most people forget that it’s okay to judge by content of one’s character. It’s time to start doing that.


Anonymous said...

u are on a roll
u're writing is concise/ to the point
irrefutable[ sorry- i'm no spella]
anyway- ur blog is the BEST take on
bra- keep it up and God bless u

Anonymous said...

Just about every black influence on America over the last 50 years has been negative.

When was the last time a black author wrote a good book? Maybe they have but I haven't seen one.

When was the last time a black director made a good movie? Menace 2 society was good but it illustrates the fact that unless they're talking about the hood or blackness, they got nothin'.

We have a word for white people who take black influence seriously....Whigger...and they are the lowest form of whiteboy.

Anonymous said...

I'm very encouraged by guys like ToshO partly because they're reaching young people. Of course, they're going to be increasingly attacked the more popular they become. We mustn't hear the truth, you see. The truth is bad for society, so the media and government think.

It's funny how black crime is made out to be just a mysterious part of America's "gritty, urban reality." The liberal media pretend like crime in black neighborhoods just materializes out of the air somehow. Blacks themselves are never to blame. There's always some abstract and unseen force "thas killin' our babies in da streets" when in fact it's always black males pulling the triggers.

Black crime has been covered up via generalized tsk-tsking about the allegedly violent nature of allegedly brutish America itself. The fact is, if you remove black crime from the stats, the crime rate in America is quite low. Especially violent crime. Even lower if you remove hispanic stats.

Blaming allegedly violence-prone America is a way for Marxists and others to both damn America and also to cover up the inconvenient truth about black criminality. Imagine the conversation that would take place about America if we were honest about black criminality and underachievement. That idea scares the hell out of blacks and white liberals. It's a devastating threat to the various con games they're running.

Imagine what America could be if we were honest instead of collectively lying to ourselves every minute of the day.

Will Hollywood ever make a movie about the horrific black-on-white machete "Zebra murders" in San Francisco in the early 1970's? Obviously, no. Hell no, in fact. They'd have to tell the true story of blacks as horrifically evil, racist monsters attacking whites and they will never, ever tell that story.

Anonymous said...

The NBA is one of the two big sports, but baseball is dying? What on Earth are you basing this on?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Baseball ratings and attendance (outside of Boston, New York, St. Louis, Chicago and a few other markets) is horrible.

Basketball - notice I mention both college and the NBA - are very popular and ratings for the NBA and NCAA are better than baseball games.

Anonymous said...

Cowherd is about as conservative as you'll get on sports radio, which is not saying much. On the other hand, he's very entertaining, and occasionally will say something realist, such as ridiculing black NFL players (or was it the NBA?--they are interchangeable) for thinking that their league commissioner is racist, when he pointed out that league discipline is probably the first time in these people's lives when they've had to live by rules. Discipline, that is, expecting players to act semi-civilized, is seen as a personal attack, and therefore racist.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the other sports but for you to say that the NBA is just as popular today as it was 50 years ago is just unbelievable to me; the Michael Jordan era made it the international phenomena it is today and that was twenty years ago right?

Btw I think Pete Maravich was the shit even though it's irrelevant

You can't expect a black athlete to be snatched out of the violent, hostile & aggressive streets of the ghetto and expect him to act uppity like already established people who have been millionaires for generations. Now his kids is a different story. Middle-class & higher has a mindset that must be gradually learned.


One Radical said...

I can only tolerate baseball these days because it attracts non-thugs in America.

The class difference between football/basketball players and baseball players (black or white) is obvious when you watch a post game interview, kind of like listening to a Duke basketball player interview versus an Auburn player.

Anonymous said...

Arn't the vast majority of professional Basketball teams losing money?

And weren't the last finals the most watched in years?

The reason for both is because of white players. Teams are losing money because they arn't putting enough of them on the court, and last month's finals were popular because of Dirk Newitzki.

Anonymous said...

The reason those streets are house violent, hostile & aggressive Black people is because violent, hostile & aggressive Black people live there.

There are plenty of economically distressed white areas. West Virginia comes to mind. Why is the crime rate so long there?

Oh, that's right; the economically distressed aren't Black.

Anonymous said...

"Menace 2 society was good"

Opinions vary.

I thought it was god-awful.

Anonymous said...

"but baseball is dying? What on Earth are you basing this on?"

Ratings have been dropping for years, attendance is abysmal.

Anonymous said...

"the Michael Jordan era made it the international phenomena it is today and that was twenty years ago right?"

The sport of basketball may be an international sensation, but the NBA is not.
NBA ratings in America have steadily dropped since Jordan's retirement.

Anonymous said...

"You can't expect a black athlete to be snatched out of the violent, hostile & aggressive streets of the ghetto and expect him to act uppity like already established people who have been millionaires for generations."

You can't expect ANY black to act ANY way other than like a nigger. And they weren't "snatched", you fucking idiot.

"Now his kids is a different story. Middle-class & higher has a mindset that must be gradually learned."

His kids "is" a different story? Another retarded nigger, trying to act all smart an' shit. It's Shorties will be far worse than it is, although they'll have lots of bling an whatnot.

Go to a black site, you idiot...

Anonymous said...

22 of the 30 NBA teams lkost money last year. Both attendance and ratings have been declining for years while the NHL is rising in both areas.

And the NHL does it without a major network contract.

The NBA is dying and the all-black or mostly-black U.S. teams usually lose to all-white teams in international competitions.

The NBA should be at least - at least - 50% white if they picked by talent.

A perfect example of BRA in action.

Anonymous said...

Most of the NBA is like black run cities. They are dying a slow death. Most arenas are half empty. Ratings are in the tank. The NBA hasn't been popular since the Michael Jordan days of the mid-1990's. Notice that he wasn't a tattooed thug.

Baseball attendance has actually been up over the past 10 years. There was a slump in 09/10 but if you haven't noticed, the economy has been in the shitter.

I'm in my 30's and I haven't watch sports in about 10 years. If I ever do, it won't be a game with a bunch of ghetto thugs.

Ryu said...

I also do not watch sports. I cannot relate to black players. Their conduct in and outside of the sport is generally abominable.

Anonymous said...

"There was a slump in 09/10 but if you haven't noticed, the economy has been in the shitter."

For the record, I wasn't discounting the effects of the bad economy...

However, I live in Florida, and I can assure you that attendance at Marlins and Rays games is at an all-time low. Both teams are literally playing for empty stadiums.

Anonymous said...

You can't expect a black athlete to be snatched out of the violent, hostile & aggressive streets of the ghetto and expect him to act uppity like already established people who have been millionaires for generations.

Who makes black neighborhoods into violent ghettos? Black people do. When do cities turn to hellholes and die? When they become majority black. The ghetto itself isn't the problem, the people living there are.

As long as black people think that acting non-ghetto and civilized is "uppity" they are fucked.

And hardly any families are "millionaires for generations." That's self-pitying black bullshit. Other races just go to work every day and earn their way. They put their time in and earn what they've got. They don't claim others got everything handed to them and act like resentful children about it.

Anonymous said...

The NFL is popular because of white quarterbacks. Take those away and it will die a slow death too.

I'd bet a 3 dollar bill cam Newton busts as bad as Vince Young and Jermarcus Russell.

He'll break some good runs but he'll fumble like Culpepper and hit the open cornerback often.

How many pics did he throw in the championship? Every NFL defense is better than the one he faced that day.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 6:04

The Jaguars play to half-empty stadiums too so it might be a Florida thing.

And didn't the sell off the roster after the Marlins won the championship? That might also be why.

Anonymous said...

People who make an obscene amount of money playing a child's game while simultaneously going on a veritable crime spree in between seasons who subsequently go broke within days of retiring.

What are "BLACKLETES", Alex.

Correct FOR $2,000!

Whiskey said...

The NBA is on lockout because like the NFL, no foreign money has materialized. Stern spent lots of time and money trying to make the NBA a revenue generator in China in particular and failed. The NFL is popular only in the US, not even Mexico cares about it. Baseball is also losing money, the Dodger and Mets being badly run examples, but many smaller market teams have the same problem. The NFL is on lockout because the owners took out heavy loans expecting rising revenue and it has not happened. TV revenue has flattened. Still good but no growth. Revenue sharing makes smaller clubs profitable, but still guys like Jerry Jones have a heavy nut to make each month and year.

By contrast, from a low base admittedly, English Premier League has grown quite a bit in the US. So has globally the fast-format "20" Cricket league in India, and Rugby and Rugby Union. Some of these sports true have much lower income levels than say, the NFL, but have a global base (particularly soccer and rugby). Basically sports are entertainment for guys, and White guys with some money at that. You can't sell a Lexus to impoverished people.

Stephen said...

I used to be a big Jacksonville Jaguars fan, back when Coughlin was the head coach and they had White quarterbacks, they were a powerhouse. Then for some reason they niggerfuxated the entire team with the exception of a tight end and the kicker. They have not recovered since and they lost me as a fan. Burn in hell NFL!

Anonymous said...

Loc -

"You can't expect a black athlete to be snatched out of the violent, hostile & aggressive streets of the ghetto and expect him to act uppity like already established people who have been millionaires for generations."

You have a good point, but I would like to respectfully point out that you are making a mistake that a lot of people make. You are equating the average white person with a millionaire whose family has been rich for generations.

The overwhelming majority of white people aren't millionaires. They are working-class and middle-class people who go to work every day and do their best to raise their kids and contribute to their communities. A typical white person is an assistant manager at Jiffy Lube, he's not George W. Bush. For example, my dad drove a taxi, and my mother was a nurse at the local hospital.

One of the reasons why white people dislike blacks, as a group, so much is because black people can't stay out of jail, raise their own kids, or get and keep a job. The average white person, who is not a millionaire, struggles every day to do these things -- and mostly succeeds. Then we see black people, with their 70% illegitimacy rate, and it's like, WTF? You expect me to support these people? It is hard to me to feel any kinship with someone who does not support his own kids.

I have lost patience with blacks. But I truly believe that most racial tensions would disappear overnight if black people would simply stay out of jail, get married and raise their in two-parent families, children, and go to work every day. In short, if black people would simply start acting like productive members of society, most racial tensions would disappear overnight. There would still be cultural and political differences, but for the most part the races could peacefully coexist. Sadly, that does not seem to be happening. Black people have gone backwards -- a lot -- since the civil rights era, and their culture seems to be becoming more depraved every day.

I think that white people will stop paying to support black people in the very near future, if black people do not get their act together. I personally could not care less if they become "angry" and riot.

In my opinion, that's the real basis of white people's attitudes toward blacks. A lot of black people -- 70% of black people, in the case of illegitimacy -- aren't pulling their weight. White people like me aren't rich, and we work hard every day to support our families and lead responsible lives. Black people should do the same.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone I know this is completely off topic but its a harsh reminder to all of the whites who think that anyone else other than their own ppl will protect them when SHTF.

Look @ the pure cruelty of these 3rd worlders

Left Coast Dude

Anonymous said...

i noticed about 4 or 5 yrs ago
when espn had panels to discuss shit
and they had 2 or 3 niggers on
and i thought " these people don't speak english very well"
m. irvin/ s. sharpe-they babble
though, even tho i hated him as a player
deon sanders ain't too bad

~AV~ said...

At 12:57 anon....

Early in the science of medicine, doctors were puzzled that large numbers of women died after childbirth when the child was delivered in a hospital. The mystery was blamed on miasma, an evil like fog that envelopes the soon to be doomed. Where in fact it had to to with the doctors going patient to patient without washing their hands.

Fast toward to the ghetto.... Until the white nan washes his hands of nigger problems and especially from financially supporting the ghetto nigger... The inexplicable miasma will be conveniently used as the excuse.

Niggers need to be solely responsible for niggers... We need to give up on the District 9 plan, it isn't working.

MrGJG said...

Baseball may not do well on TV, but as far as live attendance goes, other than immediately after the 1994 strike, it's been on an upswing.
Baseball, unlike basketball and football has alot of Hispanic stars, who for me are easier to root for than American blacks.
Most of them are appreciative and grateful for the opportunity, unlike groids, who consider themselves high priced slaves.

Midwestern said...

"But I truly believe that most racial tensions would disappear overnight if black people would simply stay out of jail, get married and raise their in two-parent families, children, and go to work every day."

But this will never happen. Never. Because we are not the same. You are projecting your white middle-class decency and value system onto blacks, and biologically, they are not able to live in our complex society or mimic your behaviors for long. They are Africans. If you want to see how blacks will naturally behave, look to Africa and it will make sense.

This experiment with blacks has failed. Factor in their lower IQ, the deeply rooted victimology in black culture, their seething hatred for whites, and their anti-American sentiment, and you will need no further explanation. When place in direct competition with whites like you, blacks fail miserably and the light shines on their dysfunction. We need to encourage them to not have children for a few generations, and we need to separate ourselves from them.

Should we hate them? Probably not.

Should we keep funding blacks for more of the same? Absolutely not.

Should whites start working toward a positive white identity and fight to preserve their homeland in America? Absolutely.

Midwestern said...

Worth repeating:

"The reason those streets are house violent, hostile & aggressive Black people is because violent, hostile & aggressive Black people live there. "

I am a good example of this. I am white, and live with my family in a gentrifying old black neighborhood. Been here 12 years. I have many, many white l neighbors who live like decent, hard-working citizens. Some of them are poor, or have limited income. Some are renters. Some own local businesses. We have formed clubs, crime watch groups, we have cookouts, dinner clubs, and we watch each other's children. None of the blacks have done this, and they have lived here for 50 years.

We whites live amongst the blowing litter, the boarded up blighted houses, the tall weeds and grass, and the roving packs of black teen thugs, the black prostitutes and the broken sidewalks. Some of us grew up in neighborhoods exactly like this one. Yet we have not become ghetto thugs. We have not started raping and murdering each other. We keep working and contributing to our community. We do not demand to be cared for, and we do not claim to be victims.

When I see a prostitute, I call 911. When I see a broken sidewalk or window, I call the Mayor's office. When I see a rental full of criminals and drug dealers, I call the Prosecuctor's office for nuisance abatement. Things are getting better because I demand that they get better.

This line is used over and over by black victimologists and those DWLs who enable the dysfunction of black culture. Don't fall for it. Just with their presence, black people destroy homes, neighborhoods, corporations, economies, schools and entire cities.

It is not the surroundings, it is the people.

Anonymous said...

Baseball Attendance:

Joel said...

"For the record, I wasn't discounting the effects of the bad economy...

However, I live in Florida, and I can assure you that attendance at Marlins and Rays games is at an all-time low. Both teams are literally playing for empty stadiums."

I'm not discounting the claim that ratings for MLB have been down the last few years. But citing the abysmal attendance of Marlins and Rays games doesn't really say much; these teams have always struggled for attendance.

Anonymous said...

MrGjg at 4:43 AM.

Baseball does very well on TV also if you include local ratings. MLB's TV rating and audience are the highest of any sport in the USA when you consider the local ratings. Also, unlike Football or Basketball MLB is very popular outside of the US, particularly in the Far East and Latin America. The national pasttime is doing quite well, and it is not dominated by ghetto thugs like football or basketball.

Also, as far as attendance goes it is far higher than it was historically, despite virtually every game being televised unlike 30 years ago or so when few were televised.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, baseball attendance has been trending up over the past 10 years. Just because your market sucks, it doesn't represent the entire MLB. You can check out all the attendance numbers at ESPN for each team in each sport. I'm not a sports fan, especially not baseball, so I don't have a horse in this race. I used to watch NBA and NFL until they became fuxxated.

Anonymous said...

"But citing the abysmal attendance of Marlins and Rays games doesn't really say much; these teams have always struggled for attendance."

LOL Good point.

Laz said...

"Baseball ratings and attendance (outside of Boston, New York, St. Louis, Chicago and a few other markets) is horrible."

Man, you can't tell from here. The Texas Rangers have had over 2 decades of nearly sell out seasons- in the heart of football country.

Anonymous said...

"The NFL is popular only in the US, not even Mexico cares about it."

I think 50 million Mexicans who are Dallas Cowboys fans and the 500 million dollars they spent last year would have something to say about that. Why do you think the Cowboys franchise has been the biggest money maker in sports for like forever? Just about every Mexican I've met is a Cowboys fan.

Dissident said...

Hey Midwestern.

I love reading your posts. Concise and to the point, without mincing the words. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Sports reporters have to tread a fine line when covering sports, because the intersection with pernicious, unsightly racial matters is always there, behind virtually every problem. "

Selena Roberts is white so sack her sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, I put my thoughts on your post here.

Anonymous said...

Regarding that last Youtube embedded above - the standoff scene with Cedric the Entertainer:

I could not stop myself from laughing at all thosee double-digit IQ blacks in this scene that were holding their pistols sideways. That's supposedly the "gangsta" style of firearm handling. Only a GD fucking retard would ever make a regular habit of firing any type of gun like that, so I guess this demonstrates yet more proof of how idiotic blacks are in general. Marksmanship, safety, and proper firearms handling practices are apparently foreign concepts to most blacks, yet we are told in this scene by Cedric the fat and uppity negro that whites all want to do things the "black" way. No fucking thanks, I'll pass. Achievements in corporate America, my ass - it's more like affirmative blacktion in action. I'll just keep on firing my guns the "white" way too - also known as the sensible and correct way.

Discard said...

Anon at 2:33 PM: You're right, poor firearms handling can cost you. When I first learned to fire the Colt Government .45, I confounded my instructor by getting stovepipe jams every three or four rounds. It seemed that my loose grip on the weapon allowed it to climb so much during recoil that it was sort of chasing the empty shell, and the slide was catching it. "Hold that weapon like you were holding a gook's throat, shithead" was his advice, and the problem was solved. If I was to be in a gunfight, I'd choose a Black opponent if I could. At 50 feet, a Negro is more deadly with a basketball than with a pistol.

Anonymous said...

As a young black male college student, it absolutely disgusts me to see how many black athletes can't even seem to conduct a simple post game interview without having to resort to using ebonics. It pains me to see how many black males blame all their problems on white people. White people aren't holding us down, we are holding ourselves down and have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia Plaxico Buress

Not as many laughs as Seinfeld but .... .

Marksmanship, safety, and proper firearms handling practices ... we are told in this scene by Cedric the fat and uppity negro that whites all want to do things the "black" way.

What? You absolutelty sure you don't want to to clubbing with a gun unsecrured gangta' stylee with a round in the chamber and the safety off?