Thursday, July 28, 2011

Captain America and Whiteness: Available for Kindle

Quick update: Traveling right now, so haven't had enough time to update a few posts I jotted down in a notebook on the flight. Captain America and Whiteness: The Dilemma of the Superhero is available for Kindle. After what happened in Norway, I decided it best to cut a lot of the chapter that discussed why Frank Castle is the perfect Captain America for the 21st century.

Perhaps in a month or two, I'll just post what basically became an ode to the Garth Ennis Punisher Max story and how when you strip Captain America of the red,white, and blue veneer -washing away the American jingoism with the cold rain of reality - what you have left is Frank Castle.

The best chapter of the new book is a discussion on the Two Americas storyline from two years ago, when it was reported that Captain America went to the war with the Tea Party. Marvel Comics has a history of radical leftism and in the 1970s decided that the 1950s "Commie Smashing" Captain America was an impostor (and radical racist).

They also deemed that Captain America as 'insane'; it's worth noting that that Captain America had a major role in the Two Americas storyline.

Gotta run to a rehearsal dinner now, but I'll try and get another post up later tonight.

This book might not be for everyone, but it is the sequel to Hollywood in Blackface. If you make the purchase (or buy anything through Amazon), please do so by clicking on the Amazon link in the upper-left hand corner of the site. Share Amazon's wealth!

I know this has been a slow week for SBPDL, but I've got a lot going on personally that needed to be dealt with , but please know I appreciate everyone who visits here; comments; and remains dedicated to this site.


JB said...


It is WE who appreciate what YOU are doing. Thanks ever so much, pal. Your bravery is inspiring. Your mordant wit is invigorating. You are the future. Thank you.

This is a hate site said...

Aren't you worried that another Anders Behring Breivik could use your site as a catalyst to attack people?

Or would you be flattered, seeing that you are too cowardly to 'practice what you preach', let alone write under your own name... ?

Anonymous said...

I do not think that twitter or any social networking site is affected by mahogany mobs using them to co-ordinate attacks so the answer would be no.

Dissident said...

"let alone write under your own name... ? "

So, I guess that "This is hate" is your name, huh?

Paul is more worried that unruly flash-mobs of tan klansman will provoke and commit violence than he is of some lone-nut job using this site as a catalyst to crime.

Anonymous said...

"Aren't you worried that another Anders Behring Breivik could use your site as a catalyst to attack people?"


Any other dumb fucking questions?

Anonymous said...

@ This is hate site

"Aren't you worried that another Anders Behring Breivik could use your site as a catalyst to attack people?"

No, Breivik had it against Muslims not blacks, and besides it was a lone incident. What blacks do on a daily basis to whites and other minorities is called hate crimes. Blacks maim and kill more people because of their innate racism and predisposition to violence. And yes, contrary to mainstream belief, blacks can be rabid racists. Just look at the Hutus killing the Tutsis in Rwanda and that's just one example, anyone can search anywhere and come up with an amazingly long list on black crimes.

It is not a HATE CRIME to report Black Crime, only a sick mind like yours would twist this around.

JB said...

Hey, "This is a hate site,"

You're spot-on in that pronouncement, for this site highlights the venomous hatred that a segment of our society has for anything good, decent, civilized, pure and uplifting.

So, in that sense, this is indeed a hate site.