Monday, July 18, 2011

Violence Free in Indy! Erection of Police State Keeps Black Expo Patrons from Shooting each Other

Celebrating the murder-free Black Expo in Indianapolis!
Maybe I should never have mentioned the name Brittney Watts. Her story will never be told in a text book or classrooms to make young Black children feel guilty for the way fellow Black people once acted; her death will be quickly forgotten by all but her husband, family, and close friends while the entire Atlanta establishment (including police) does everything possible to quickly forget it and act like it never happened.  In court, the killer will probably have his lawyer plea the charges down, serve some time and get out in 10-15 years.

The shooter, Nkosi Thandiwe, also shot two other white girls as he escaped (Lauren Garcia and Tiffany Ferenczy), but who cares, right? Just a coincidence that they were both all white.  Described as "respectful" by a neighbor, one is left numb knowing that the three shot by Thandiwe (and one dead) could have been your daughter or sister; wife or friend.

In reading the online stories about Watts, I thought about my friends who live and work in major cities throughout America and refuse to acknowledge the reality of Black criminality. Perhaps the best story I can find that explains the reality of Black criminality and their propensity to violence comes courtesy of Indianapolis where Black leaders, police, and city officials are CONGRATULATING themselves that the 2011 Black Expo was violence free:
The final weekend of Indiana Black Expo's 41st annual Summer Celebration drew thousands of people Downtown to participate in activities ranging from concerts to a health fair, from a celebrity basketball game to a community worship service.

But many may ultimately remember this year's event most for what didn't happen: There was no repeat of the Saturday night violence and gunfire that have marred the closing weekend of recent Summer Celebrations, including an eruption last year that left 10 black youths wounded in three separate shootings.

Although none of the shootings or fights was directly connected to Summer Celebration events or venues, the annual celebration of black culture that attracts more than 200,000 people Downtown during its 11-day run has been inescapably tied to the violence. The escalation of problems -- particularly on the final Saturday night -- has been enough to scare some people away. But a massive police presence, coupled with citizen patrols and the reconfiguring of some event times and locations, appears to have been an effective deterrent this year.

Indianapolis police reported 26 arrests, 13 traffic citations and five curfew violations from 4 p.m. Saturday to 4 a.m. Sunday. "There were no reported incidents of gun violence or gun-related activity," said Sgt. Linda Jackson, an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spokeswoman.

Vernon Williams, IBE spokesman, said officials hope it is a turnaround that will carry over to future Summer Celebrations and help erase the taint of past violence.

"We're just extremely gratified," Williams said, "that there were no serious incidents last night."

He said several factors contributed to the turnaround. He cited a concerted, cooperative effort between police and Black Expo officials and the help of faith leaders, who mustered several hundred volunteers to monitor activity on the streets on Friday and Saturday nights.

Relocating the popular celebrity basketball game to the Indiana Convention Center from Conseco Fieldhouse was another positive change, Williams said. That kept attendees under one roof, so fewer young people roamed the streets getting from one venue to another, he said, and it "encouraged more parents to come into the convention center for other events instead of just dropping their kids off."

"There is no doubt about it that Mayor Ballard and the Police Department did a great job," Williams said. "We are very, very grateful for the way they stepped up and assured our citizens and visitors safe travel in and around the Downtown."

In a statement issued Sunday, Ballard said that "thousands of visitors to Downtown Indianapolis this weekend enjoyed events filled with activities for families and children, and they did so in an atmosphere of peace achieved with the tremendous support of our partners.

"I commend the Indiana Black Expo organizers, Summer Celebration participants, Ten Point Coalition and the many officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Marion County Sheriff's Department and Indiana State Police for their efforts working together to make the security surrounding this year's Summer Celebration a success."

While the police presence was very strong -- IMPD spokeswoman Jackson said she could not say Sunday how many officers were Downtown -- Williams said it was not too much.

"When you need to get things done on a serious level, you need to take serious steps," he said. "We wanted to make this a time when families and children and adults can come Downtown without fear, and they did that. I don't think any well-meaning person was bothered by the strong police presence. In fact, I would say it was comforting."

Tracy Williams, 44, Cincinnati, was among those happy to see the added police. Williams, who was attending his 14th Summer Celebration with his wife, their three children and his mother-in-law, said he had been concerned about safety at times in the past.

"This time I wasn't," he said. "It was a lot different this year -- I think they succeeded very well in keeping things under control."

Terry Jones, 33, Indianapolis, spent Saturday night at the Westin with two friends who came to town from Fort Wayne for the celebration. The added police presence Saturday night, he said, "made me feel protected."

As she waited for others to sign up for the health fair screenings Sunday, Tiffany Parker, 30, Indianapolis, said she was happy to hear there were no serious problems Saturday. But Parker said she still prefers to come with her kids on Sunday.

"It's not crowded like Saturday," she said. "There are just too many kids running around unsupervised."

Debra Majors, 56, Avon, attended Summer Celebration events Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Majors said she is attracted by the special events, such as Friday night's free concert, the health fair and Sunday's praise service. She also enjoys reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances.

"I like seeing old friends I haven't seen in a long time," she said. "It is almost like a family reunion."
Majors said the violence that has marred past events has troubled her because it distracts from all the good things that Summer Celebration has to offer.

"It did bother me that a few people cause problems when so many people are here to enjoy themselves," she said. "I'm really glad there weren't problems this year."

Laura Walker, 86, Indianapolis, attended the morning worship service Sunday before heading to tour the exhibition hall displays -- as she has done every year since Summer Celebration began. Although she was pleased by the lack of problems in the streets outside the convention center, Walker said some of it has been overhyped.

"A lot of things have been blown out of proportion -- and it really is not due to Expo," she said. "To me, this is one of the most educational opportunities people can have."

Even a pair of Indianapolis teens, who saw their last-Saturday-of-Expo-night routine changed, admitted it was -- ultimately -- a good thing.

"It was totally different this year," Amani Walton, 17, said of the scene Downtown. "There were so many police that you couldn't hardly breathe. And they split us up from our friends because they weren't letting big groups go into the mall and other places."

Jordanna Andrews, 17, who was volunteering with Walton at the health fair Sunday, gave the added security mixed reviews.

"The last couple of years, there were a lot more people out on the streets," she said. "When you're young, you want to be around a lot of people, checking them out and having fun. But as long as nobody got shot, it's a good thing."

Yes! Efforts to turn Indianapolis into a police state during the 41st Black Expo paid off! Allocating unbelievable amounts of resources to keep Black people from killing each other (as they did in 2010) by dedicating more than 500 police officers to maintaining the peace worked! And these weren't Black criminals mind you, just Black people coming to Indianapolis to celebrate whatever it is you celebrate at a Black Expo.

An army of "Faith Walkers" kept the city streets in Indy, because without adult supervision, Black people can't be trusted!:

The faith walkers are part of the latest and most intensive effort to thwart the violence that has marred the Summer Celebration in recent years. They will coordinate with police and are prepared to intervene before violence erupts.

"We won't jump in the middle of any trouble. We're not there to act as police, we're there to act as a deterrent," Alonzo Graham, a faith walker who will be on the streets tonight, said earlier this week. "If we see something, we'll catch it. If we are too late, we'll call 911."

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers are out in force, too. As in past years, the department canceled vacations to have additional officers walking beats Downtown. They'll be looking for gang activity, concealed weapons and other potential problems.

Deputy Chief William Benjamin last week said officers visited the homes of 70 known gang members to tell them in person that police are watching them and violence would not be tolerated this weekend.
Oh happy day! Now we know how to keep major cities from descending into violence; have 24-hour surveillance in the form of low-altitude, hovering blimps and dedicate hundreds of officers (damn the cost!) to making sure Black people don't kill each other.

That the Indianapolis Star actually published this article shows how far America has fallen and how completely subservient we have become to Black people that we have to celebrate a violence free weekend.

I started Stuff Black People Don't Like as a joke; I decided to take on the name "Paul Kersey" because it represents something, elemental; when I heard the news of Watts' death (while on a trip to Atlanta) from one of her friends, I can only hope that the emotions I felt were replicated by those who knew her closely.

Reading the Indy Star and seeing that people are happy that the allocation of immense resources (police, volunteers, etc.) into keeping Black people from engaging in violence at the Black Expo puts a smile on my face for all the wrong reasons. 

This is the last I'll write about Brittney Watts. Like so many other parents, family members and friends throughout America who believe their loved one was killed, raped, or brutalized in an isolated incident, I can only share this:
These horrible mob attacks must be viewed in the larger context of interracial violence in America.  Department of Justice statistics show that 33% of white murder victims are killed by a non-white while only 8% of black murder victims are killed by a non-black.[4]  Even greater disparities exist in violent crime and robbery.[5]  The disparity in interracial crime is certainly indicative of some form of extremism, racial hostility, or selective targeting.  The mobs reflect something worse: organized and widespread anti-white ethnic violence.
The rape/ sexual assault stats are much worse:
In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.
What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.
Brittney Watts is just another name in a long - invisible to most people - list of individuals who have been the victim of a Black-on-white attack. She could have been the biggest liberal in the world; voted for Barack Obama and had "Black friends," but in the end, she died at the hands of an individual that will help make those rates of interracial crime go up further.

A belated congratulations again to Indianapolis and to the patron of the 41st Black Expo who refrained from shooting one another! What little economic impact you brought to the city was completely offset by the need for the Indy police to erect a police state on your behalf to keep you from killing one another.

So rest in peace Mrs. Watts. In a week, the Atlanta Journal Constitution will have forgotten about your story, while CNN and asinine shows will continue telling us about Casey Anthony and how she is hiding to 'protect herself' from ravenous individuals that these same shows like Nancy Grace have created.

No television show created SBPDL or the people who come here; the reality of 21st century American life did.


Anonymous said...

PercyKittensReloaded said...

The day after the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, one of my black workers came up to me and said, and I quote: "I was surprised so many white people were angry at the verdict."

I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. I like the worker, but there's no way I could tell her what I was actually thinking without getting hauled off to Human Resources for racial insensitivity, even though she's the one who broke down the reaction to the verdict in racial terms.

But somewhere in her comment was something that was left unsaid; namely that there's a very different set of ideas and values that blacks hold from whites about the law, about justice, about truth and honor, about law enforcement, discipline, jail, prison, the legal system at large, etc....

A 3 year old child had duct tape over her mouth and nose, was triple-bagged, and throw into a swamp to rot and/or be eaten by animal life, and my worker was shocked to see that there was such an outrage by white people, much less anyone in general??? Why was that shocking? Why wouldn't all people be outraged at the senseless, pointless killing of a 3 year old? And it's the same sort of reaction I read over at The Grio, where Chris Brown's defenders act as if Rhianna is the one who repeated bashed her own face against Brown's fists.

My eyes have been opened to this truth over the past 7 years and now I can appreciate it for what it is rather than pretend that fundamental differences between the races don't exist.

Anonymous said...

Negress high on dope attacks white woman with minivan, tells cops, "She be lookin' like Casey Anthony an' sheeit!"

Anonymous said...

Here is what is NOT mentioned about the Indiana Black Expo.

The free welfare hospital fills up with rape, robbery, stabbing, and assault victims, all at the taxpayer's expense.

Many local businesses close their doors early in order not to lose revenue during the event. Waiters lose money because blacks do not tip. Stores at the downtown mall lose business all week because of the loitering blacks and shoplifting.

The police department is very easy on black criminals during the week, which means that there is more crime in the city that gets excused. IMPD is afraid of anti-police sentiment in the black "community" and being called "racist", and many black crimes are not reported to the public. They pander to black gang members, asking for them to please stay home during the event instead of dragging their sorry asses to jail where they belong. They kiss the black preacher's asses all week in the media.

For an entire week, black men in ghetto urban assault vehicles blast through residential neighborhoods at high speeds, blaring foul and violent rap music. Oh yes, this happens in the suburban neighborhoods and shopping districts too. This occurs 24/7. They "cruise" down the main drag and park their cars at gas stations and sit on the hoods, which is illegal.

Indy residents are forced to listen to the noise as they stop at intersections with the booming rap noise and do not have the decency to turn it down. This goes on until 4am most nights. Thanks to taxpayers for the endless welfare funding, these guys have plenty of money for the finer things in life. You can hear the quiet rumbling of the bass all night, all week. And random gunfire. The vintage cars are loaded with huge jacked-up fancy spinning rims, custom paint jobs, painted flames, and huge stereo speakers. They drive around town all week terrorizing citizens and disrupting peace and quiet. This is black culture. The trash and litter is amazing.

The malls are packed with mobs of rowdy unsupervised black teenagers who are loud and disrespectful. Black people in Indianapolis are increasingly emboldened as the Expo week approaches. Indy becomes a "proud chocolate city" for a week, as blacks from all over the country descend into the downtown area to celebrate the many, many wonderful things about black people and their culture. White people are smart to just stay home or go camping for the weekend.

What is there to celebrate in black culture??? Joblessness, welfare abuse, dependency on taxpayer handouts, crime, gang activity, black on black shootings, black flash mobs, violence, massive victimology and race hustling, illegitimacy rates over 70%, massive degenerative disease and obesity, lack of family structure, anti-intellectualism and failing students??

I am not sure what they are celebrating. I just don't get it.

~AV~ said...

7:56 ANON

No one dares to bang a drum for a discarded black kid into a swamp for 3 years...because most whites have come to accept "black values and culture of death".

Black values are foreign to us...just as our outrage of no justice for this little girl is foreign to them.

Discard said...

How many of those 8% of Black murder victims that are killed by non-Blacks are killed by Hispanics? Most of them, I'd wager.

Anonymous said...

"...there's a very different set of ideas and values that blacks hold from whites about the law, about justice, about truth and honor, about law enforcement, discipline, jail, prison, the legal system at large, etc...."

Percy, you nailed it. To blacks, the white man's laws are oppressive and unreasonable. They want to be left alone to practice their own brand of street justice. That explains black on black crime. I have heard blacks say "let all the young black men out of jail and let the black community handle them in our own way." The white man's laws are only meant to keep blacks down, and they must rebel. No snitching, no cooperation, no remorse. This is pure thuggery and has no place in a civilized society. That is why they need to be separated from whites.

Blacks have erected a network in the black neighborhoods which helps them to evade the enforcement of these laws, because such laws inhibit the free expression of blackness and require massive impulse control. Black residents can easily hide black felons from warrants, hide drug stashes and stolen goods, and suppress information that might lead to an arrest of a fellow black. There is a black code in place and they are all in this together. I don't trust black people as far as I can throw them.

Same with the white man's demand that citizens work for a living and practice personal responsibility. Ever heard a black female clerk complaining on the job about having to work? Blacks are lazy and do not feel that they should be held to the same standards as white people.

Blacks cannot be held as equal citizens because they have no sense of justice or honor, believe they are victims who are entitled to payment, and they hold no value for human life. I have learned from experience that blacks are very different from whites in this way.

Midwestern said...

Where is foxsnooze? Isn't she from Indianapolis?

Anonymous said...

The day after the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, one of my black workers came up to me and said, and I quote: "I was surprised so many white people were angry at the verdict."

I would like to take an opportunity here to contrast the aftermath of the Casey Anthony verdict with the aftermath of the 1995 OJ Simpson murder trial verdict.

I was a full time graduate school student in the fall of 1995. I was commuting to the campus of a major university which had a very "diverse" student body back then. I would say that overall at this school, somewhere between 15 to 20 percent of the undergraduate and graduate students were black.

Being that this campus was on the East Coast, it was not long after lunch time when the OJ Simpson trial verdict was read on live TV. Many of the the students, with a great many of them black in the crowd, were all gathered around the TV sets in the student common areas in anticipation of the verdict being read. As soon as the phrase "not guilty" was heard from the speakers of these TV sets, a tremendous eruption of hooting, hollering, clapping, cheering, and even "NFL End Zone" style dancing emanated from every single black student that I could see in the common areas. It was like their favorite sports team had just won the championship or something. The white students mostly all stood there quite still and speechless, but then just walked on to their next class or whatever.

Can anybody here imagine a couple hundred white people reacting like these black kids all did when the Casey Anthony trial verdict was read? Now, although OJ Simpson ultimately did wind up with his much-deserved pariah status in the years following the 1995 not guilty verdict, Casey Anthony is getting her own much-deserved pariah status from day one. I could be wrong about this, but I don't seem to recall there being any throng of hostile protestors, the talk of possible facial plastic surgery for disguise purposes, and the need for secret hiding places, all back when OJ Simpson was preparing to leave the jail after his acquittal back in 1995.

The fact that this black co-worker as referenced in the italics above was surprised at the outrage from white people at the Casey Anthony verdict just goes to show how very deep of chasm there is between the values of white people between those of black people.

Anonymous said...

What happened to FoxSnooze site??? It was one of my favs as well and I have posted the link all over YT in the past.

Dissident said...

"I am not sure what they are celebrating. I just don't get it. "

They're celebrating the conquest of white people! They're celebrating the fact that they don't have to work, or be responsible citizens, or foot the bill for anything.

The celebration, is a celebration of their abilities to live their lives as they see fit, without regard to decency and civility and law and order.

I call it their ingrained blatitude-Black attitude!

Thanks to the welfare state and the entrenched system it looks as though it's here to stay, at least until the economy implodes?

Playing Roots Backwards said...

The title of this article could just as well have been "Jim Crow Visits Indiana". It just goes to show that Blacks are capable of behaving, but only if you have a boot on their neck.

I think it is hilarious that many of my fellow Yankees are embracing the solutions to the wild negro problem for which they once scolded southerners. Walking a mile in those southern shoes apparently isn't as easy as they thought it was going to be.

I remember drinking from a WHITES fountain as a child while visiting relatives in Phenix City, Albama. Being a Detroit raised brat, I thought it was very odd to have a fountain just for COLOREDS.

A few years later President Johnson's Great Society programs brought a lot more Blacks to Detroit and I learned firsthand the importance of isolating ourselves from the Black Plague in every possible way.

A short while later I formed a wishful theory that during the period following the passage of the 1965 Civil Rights Act that Blacks were just going through the same thing that a chained dog goes through after he slips out of his collar. Time has shown that my theory was bullshit. The dog eventually settles down and acts normal, but the descendants of cannibals only slow down when the collar is put back on.

Blacks can only control themselves when they are under the threat of the scourge, the riot stick or the gun. Without the threat of swift punishment, Blacks quickly revert to the jungle animals that the Arab and Turk slavers dragged from the bush.

As a child and a teen, I had many fistfights with Blacks.

As an adult I dumped two houses at a great financial loss just to keep my kids from reliving my childhood.

As a businessman, I fought and won two expensive court battles to keep unqualified Black applicants out of my engineering company.

I'm getting old and I am getting tired of the battle and I would like one more drink from that WHITES fountain before I move on to whatever comes next.

Anonymous said...

Foxsnooze got removed because google be raycis'n'sheeit.

Anonymous said...

Indy 500 passes without incident and nobody says anything.

Black expos* does and the participants are praised.

*Only if you choose to ignore the free welfare hospital filling up with rape, robbery, stabbing, and assault victims, all at the taxpayer's expense.

PercyKittensReloaded said...

Anonymous at 9:14

"To blacks, the white man's laws are oppressive and unreasonable. The white man's laws are only meant to keep blacks down, and they must rebel. No snitching, no cooperation, no remorse."

My eyes really began to see the truth when I went into management for a certain large corporation and had to supervise black workers. One young black male had a bright-colored wristband on one day and I asked him what it meant. He said: "No snitching to the Po-po."

I asked him what it meant (though I had a pretty good idea), and he told me that it meant he had taken a pledge, or made a promise, never to cooperate with law enforcement or work with the police. Even when the crime is "black-on-black", it's hard to get cooperation from black citizens.

As for the female worker who was surprised at how angry white people were at the verdict...what can you say? She's clearly not used to being in an environment where people are held accountable for their actions (though, in this case, the jury didn't hold Casey Anthony accountable for her actions, and rendered a verdict as mind-numbingly bass-ackward as you would have expected from the mostly black jury at OJ's trial), and she seemed genuinely surprised that a decent, civilized society would have expected Casey to be found guilty and locked away for life. That white people would have interest in locking away a non-black person and making sure justice was done seemed like such a foreign concept to her; as if white people are only interested in the law and justice if the defendant is black.

Anonymous said...

In the final scene of Gladiator, Commodus loses his sword and asks Quintus to hand him a replacement, but instead Quintus tells the Centurions to sheath their swords. Throughout the movie it looked like Quintus was the humble servant of the whimsical and unstable tyrant, complicit with the Emporer's machinations, but it turned out that he was just biding time for the proper moment to strike.

Right now we are waiting for right time. Black criminality is "tolerated" but behind the scenes the ranks of "Those Who Can See" is growing. Lash out too early, we get accused of being racism and endanger our employment. Patience my friends, Youtube doesn't lie. As the preponderance of video evidence builds, and the comment sections of the local crime blotters overflow with "Hate Facts", the day will come when Quintus sheathes the swords, and Maximus puts a dagger into the throat of Commodus.


Anonymous said...

One more soon to be forgotten nameless, faceless victim of Black Run America, but more specifically Cultural Marxism:

Absolutely disgusting! There are absolutely ZERO benefits to having these savages even brought into this country in the 1st place

Left Coast Dude

Anonymous said...

@ Theoderic

I would really like to share your enthusiasm. So far, I have seen no attempts on the part of our nation's leaders ( Europe, US, CANADA ) to even acknowledge that there is a RACE PROBLEM, and that whites are being targeted at an unusual rate by blacks. Something's going to give at some point eventually, but who knows if by then it will not be too late to salvage our race. Denouncing it, is already a step in the right direction, but I really wonder if our plight will be heard.

Anonymous said...

"...Why wouldn't all people be outraged at the senseless, pointless killing of a 3 year old?"

Blacks lack any sense of sympathy or empathy.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Midwestern" what did you do for the weekend? I stayed away from downtown.

One important schedulign change should be noted for the Indiana Black Expo. Yes they added hundreds of cops everywhere downtown, but the IBE also cancelled the new school concert. The music concerts were both 'old school' concerts. Older demographic. Two 40+ yo black women at the diner I went to this lunch were discussing this and wondering why they cancelled the new school concert this year? They are blind to their own criminal element.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake. South Africa is the template.

Midwestern said...

"Hey "Midwestern" what did you do for the weekend?"

Stayed home, planted green beans in the garden, popped some popcorn, and watched movies. We avoided downtown and the evening news completely.

Anonymous said...

"Make no mistake. South Africa is the template"

I mentioned South Africa on American Thinker, and for some reason, my post never appeared...

Midwestern said...

"...but the IBE also cancelled the new school concert."

The Indiana State Fair, which is in my neighborhood, hosted a gangsta rap/hip-hop concert a few years back and it was a complete disaster. There were cops everywhere, and I think someone got shot. I have never seen such an unruly, loud and obnoxious crowd of blacks in my life. I called the director of the fair and told her that she made a huge mistake, and she agreed. There were threats of moving the Black Expo to the State Fairgrounds and the director said no way.

Blacks are easily agitated by rap music and can quickly become a violent mob. The old school concert probably made a huge difference. It pulls a different crowd, like smooth jazz.

Our public pool has finally started playing country western music and WE LOVE IT!!!! The lifeguard said that blacks always complain about this, but the rowdy behavior drops dramatically.

Anonymous said...

Funny how we must prepare for inevatible chimpouts when hosting public events.

I wonder what the Liberals think while planning these events? Do they speak truthfully with one another? "We can't have Rap music it would invite the wrong kinds of people!"


Anonymous said...

Another thing SBPDL, IQ testing analysis. China is currently undergoing a massive genetic coding analysis of high IQ kids to investigate differences between them and average kids. Imagine doing that in the US, genetic testing of Asian,White,Jewish, and Black kids for the same purpose.


Anonymous said...

"Make no mistake. South Africa is the template"

And maybe there is a connection too. "Nkosi" and "Thandiwe" are typical Zulu names.

Anonymous said...

I thought this article was too negative. Folks in Indy should be proud that they practiced effective (Black) crowd control and nobody was shot and killed at this year's Black expo.

This type of (Black) crowd control can and needs to be implemented whenever there is the possibility of large numbers of Black youths getting together in one place. Sure, finesse the racial issue a bit, but do whatever is necessary to stop violence.

Not all Black people are bad and it's nice to see some good Black folks in Indy getting their act together.

Well done.

We're doing similar things in Chicago - it's not Right Wing White Racist activity, just effective Black youth crime control. Whatever works.

Porter said...

Make no mistake. South Africa is the template.

You are an optimist. South Africa is in rapid transformation and still 9% away from the state envisioned by our enemies. Rhodesia is getting very close to the optimal number of whites. Haiti (nearly) achieved racial perfection in 1804—as of course any attendee of American public schools is well aware.

Maple syrup said...

@ Porter

"Haiti (nearly) achieved racial perfection in 1804—as of course any attendee of American public schools is well aware. "

Maybe the government should invest in the purchase of an island somewhere near the African continent and have all the AA population move there? It would be the perfect setting for them to prove their ingenuity in building great civilizations.
They claim to have built great societies on the African continent, let us all witness the great accomplishments their superior nature can achieve :~D

Anonymous said...

Black Run Atlanta is about to get even more expensive for Whitey property owner taxpayers-

"Davis has already estimated that it will take at least four months to get through the process of firing them. It could take longer given the numbers who may stay on to fight. Davis has given no firm estimate for the cost of that fight, but it is likely to total millions of dollars given the legal rights of employees and the simultaneous need to replace them in classrooms. Some also continue to be paid while in limbo."

Taxes are high to pay the corrupt black teachers, now taxes will go up to pay for fighting the corrupt black teachers.

Once you get blacks, everything will eventually be destroyed.

We just hope that Brittney's friends got the message about negroid Diversity, same as White taxpayers are now getting from the APS.

You can have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or you can have negroid Diversity, but you can't have them at the same time.

Brittney Fox Watts, killed by Diversity. Who's next?

Anonymous said...

This is got to be the most BS I've read today .. I live down south and most of the whites I come across at clubs are no better than trash itself, only thing is media doesnt cover it,I forgot, they are the good people" LOL.. Get A LIFE !!

Anonymous said...

"This is got to be the most BS I've read today"

Congratulations on your ability to read.

Statistically, that places you in the top ten percent among negroes.

Anonymous said...

@ Brave Anon.

Write on the current thread you coward! You're the one that's full of it! You make sure to post when no one's there to counter your empty argument. Blacks are trash whether they're ghetto hoods or middle-class AA. Now, you get a life punk!

Anonymous said...

Goto non trashy clubs and get a better life then

Anonymous said...

@ Anon at 10:51 AM

"I live down south and most of the whites I come across at clubs are no better than trash itself"

Exactly, and those are the kind of trash that goes to clubs that play NEGRO RAP CRAP and frequents Negro joints! They're Chavs and Guidos ( the Nouveau Whiggers ), pretty low in the food chain.

Anonymous said...

I'm from the midwest and until I was in middle school had never encountered a person of color. When I moved to the West coast I was literally dropped into a situation that was pretty frightening as my new junior high school was predominately black. On the first day of school some young black girls came up behind me and pulled my long straight blonde hair so hard I fell to the ground. Why? I was willing to befriend any and all people and I didn't understand cultural bias nor prejudice, I simply was not raised that way.

Later that same year I became a cheerleader and was beaten by a group of young black girls because... WHY? Apparently they did not like the cheering uniforms we had all picked out together. When my mom went to the school and demanded the perpetrators be brought to the Principal, she was told she needed to keep it under wraps because race riots were looming.

Oddly, the young black boys seemed to want to protect me IF I would agree to date them. I wasn't allowed to date anyone but perhaps more significant to this thread, I was not attracted to these boys. It must have made them angry because I was confronted by one of them two years later while in High School and he cornered me and was in the process of assaulting me after repeatedly telling him NO and removing his hands from my body when thankfully, a janitor in our very large school came around the corner. I have since learned this same man went to prison for many crimes, including rape.

One thing we all need to keep in mind is that Whites are also discriminated against and we are not to blame for our skin color either. I'm tired of apologizing for being tall and blonde and of Scandanavian heritage. To this day I am, at times, afraid when I see large numbers of blacks together and I honestly believe there is something innately violent in the way they think IF they are uneducated.