Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Evil Lurks in the Heart of (White) Man? Gadsden County's White Minority fight to Save County

A story that few people noticed when it happened will now be discussed and it comes to us courtesy of Gadsden County, Florida, the only county in that increasingly racially embattled state to have a majority Black population.

From what we can gather, it seems that members of the white minority in the county attempted to make a power play - they didn't fire all Black police officers and march them out of the main precinct with snipers on the roof as the new Black Sheriff Victor Hill in Clayton County did to white officers in 2005 - and take over the local government, getting rid of incompetent Black government employees in the process.

Of course, Black government employees in DeKalb County (Georgia) led by former CEO Vernon Jones discriminated against white employees, but this is hardly the same thing as 'disenfranchising' Black voters as is going in Gadsden County. 

It should be noted that - as of 2009 - 30 percent of the Black people in Gadsden County were on food stamps/ EBT cards compared to only five percent of whites.

What evil lurks in the hearts of white men in Gadsden, as they try and place competent people in government positions instead of Black people placed there solely for the color of their skin?:
White Gadsden County officials successfully conspired to remove or demote every black supervisor in county government, multiple lawsuits claim.

What's more, the suits say that an African-American commissioner played a key role in the plot.

The ringleader, according to court filings, was another county commissioner, Douglas Croley, who was depicted as referring to black employees as "the Tribe" and was the only white on the five-member commission leading up to the 2008 election.

The suits say Croley schemed with Commissioner Eugene Lamb, who is black, to defeat another incumbent black commissioner and replace him with a white man, Gene Morgan.

Once they succeeded, the suits allege, the new commission majority of Croley, Lamb and Morgan pressured a black county administrator to resign. They replaced him with a white man and gave him a "hit list" of black supervisors to fire in order to "whiten up" the staff.

The lawsuits are the latest chapters in an uproar that surfaced in August when Gadsden County public works director Robert Presnell filed a complaint alleging that illegal campaign contributions were involved in a scheme to elect Morgan.

Lamb and other commissioners fired Presnell four hours after he made his complaint. Presnell filed a whistle-blower suit against the county. In a settlement last October, the county gave Presnell $22,500 and back pay, and restored his position.

Now attorneys for a handful of former county employees accuse Croley, the other commissioners and County Administrator Johnny Williams of violating the civil rights of more than a dozen black employees who were fired or demoted.

Doug Croley has made it a "personal mission'' to rid the county of as many minority employees as possible, two of the lawsuits contend.

Croley refused to comment on the accusations. He and other Gadsden commissioners contacted by the St. Petersburg Times referred questions to Tallahassee lawyer Brian Duffy, who did not return telephone calls.
"All the allegations are false," Williams said. "That's probably all my attorney will let me say."

Lamb, the black commissioner who allegedly sided with the white commissioners to get rid of black employees, refused to comment.

"I can't talk about it,'' Lamb said.

The NAACP has reported the affair to the FBI, according to Dale Landry, president of the NAACP in Tallahassee and vice president of the group's North Florida charter. 

"You won't find one black supervisor left," said Sam Palmer, president of the Gadsden County NAACP. "They called it reorganization. It was reorganized, all right."

NAACP chapters in Gadsden County and neighboring Tallahassee plan a rally in Quincy just before the next County Commission meeting Tuesday.

Palmer said he expects students from Florida State University and Florida A&M to join the protest.

The lawsuits concern the only Florida county in which blacks form a majority of the electorate. About 55 percent of the county's population is black, with minority voters outnumbering white voters 16,525 to 11,436 in 2010.

Not to be outdone, but the St. Petersburg Times editorial section opined on the situation, siding with "the Blacks" whom nearly 1/3 of rely on public assistance merely to eat (how can they be expected to properly govern themselves and allocate taxpayer money?):
Many of the vestiges of Florida's racist history have faded over the decades — except in Gadsden County, where it appears discrimination remains acceptable and flourishes.
After an apparent plot by the white political establishment to systematically oust black elected officials and government workers from their jobs, the U.S. Justice Department and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi should investigate and move quickly to protect the civil rights of residents in this small county trapped in a time warp.
As reported by the Times' Lucy Morgan, several white Gadsden officials, in an effort to "whiten up" local government, manipulated local elections to ensure greater white representation on the County Commission. Once that was accomplished, they methodically culled black supervisors from the ranks of county employees.
The disturbing revelations came to light last year after Gadsden County public works director Robert Presnell stood up to the bullies and filed a complaint alleging illegal campaign contributions were used to displace a black county commissioner with a white commissioner. Presnell was immediately fired by the commission, but he later received a whistle-blower settlement of $22,500, restoration of back pay and his old job back.
At the center of the controversy is Gadsden County Commissioner Douglas Croley, who has been named in three civil rights lawsuits as the instigator behind ensuring the County Commission was no longer controlled by black commissioners. Croley also was the leader in insisting upon the removal of black employees, whom he referred to as "the Tribe." An attorney for Croley and other commissioners denies they did anything wrong, but the changes appear too coordinated to be unintended. It seems apparent that Croley and his cronies regarded Gadsden County as a personal political fiefdom exempt from election and civil rights laws and basic standards of human dignity.
Along with the civil rights division of the U.S. Justice Department, Bondi, as the state's chief law enforcement officer, also has an obligation to vigorously investigate if black residents of the Gadsden County were disenfranchised as a result of Croley's effort to unduly influence local elections.
It would be nice, albeit naive, to believe Florida has moved beyond its often sorry history of racial discrimination. And in so many areas of the state, a compelling case can be made that progress has been substantial. In Gadsden County, it seems, time stopped in the 1950s. 
 Wait. Isn't St. Pete the same city where Officer Thad "Stu" Crisco is under fire for telling a citizen about a high crime area and that it might not be safe to go near?  Black crime in Orlando, Miami, Tallahassee, St. Pete/ Tampa is astonishingly high, but the Southeastern Conference (SEC) caliber Black recruits that come from these same thug neighborhoods mean we will tolerate the crime for wins on the football field!

All Croley - the only white person on the county commission - and his friends are guilty of is trying to get white people elected at the expense of Black people in Florida's only majority Black county. When Black people voted 96 percent for Mein Obama in 2008, the media applauded and said this was a watershed moment for democracy.

When white people try and get representation it means disenfranchising Black people. By voting monolithic for Obama in 2008, didn't Black people disenfranchise everyone else?

It should be noted that back in 2004, Gadsden County elected its first Black Sheriff in Morris Young. Let's read the St. Petersburg Times wrote on this joyous occassion, when the citizens of that fine county were no longer trapped in time but up-to-speed with Black-Run America (BRA) progressive idea of always improving life for Black people at the expense of everyone else:
It was after 10 p.m. when the final vote tallies flashed on the wall of the Gadsden County elections office on Madison Street. Outside, people had waited all evening, milling around anxiously or hunkered down on the sidewalks with their children.

Now the street erupted with cries of "Thank you, Jesus!" Someone lifted a toddler with beaded braids high above the crowd. People surged into the elections office, blocking the projector that beamed the results onto the wall.

"I don't want to be disenfranchised, Miss Shirley!" one man shouted to Shirley Green Knight, the county elections supervisor. "Put it up! Put it up!"

Outside, they were singing We Shall Overcome. The crowd - mainly black, some white - knotted around Morris Young, a tall man in a gray blazer with a small gold cross around his neck. Young stood calm, with one hand raised in the air. He had just won the sheriff's race by 64 votes - ultimately 115 after a recount - to become the first black sheriff of Gadsden County, the only county in Florida with an African-American majority.

Sometimes a big thing happens in a small place, only to be overshadowed by big things going on elsewhere. On this night, Florida had chosen a president, and the rest of the country was still making up its mind. In 2000, Gadsden tossed out about 1,800 votes in the presidential race, the highest percentage of disqualified ballots in the state. This year the county's handful of discards wasn't nearly enough to change the course of the election.

Yet something big happened in Gadsden, where the median household income is $10,000 less than the national average and fewer than one in seven residents has a college degree. It started long before the election and came to a head when 78 percent of the county's 26,884 voters lined up at tiny churches, tree-shaded libraries and town halls.

Through the warm fall months, politics took up residence here, seeding the grass with signs and filling the air with honking car horns and greetings shouted purposefully from street corners. Six-year-old children held forth on the presidential race ("Bush got to go, Miss," one boy told the head of his after-school program).
In a county of C, D and F schools, the superintendent of schools' office was up for grabs. And in a brick building off U.S. 90, Sheriff William A. Woodham, a white Alabaman with a diamond ring and a disarming Southern manner, was retiring after 34 years.

Young defeated Chief Deputy Sheriff Ed Spooner, whom Woodham supported.

Outside the elections office, the people sang: "Na-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!" The crowd of Young supporters moved up the street, into the town square. By midnight, they had reached the steps of the white-columned courthouse. Young stood on the steps and called for silence.

"I want to thank everybody who believed in me, who stood on that corner there," Young said, pointing to the corner of Madison and Jefferson streets. "I stood on that corner alone sometimes."

He campaigned there all day, even in the rain. Once someone threw a can of Coke at him; another time it was water. People hurled rocks. Drivers called out "n-----" as they passed.

On the steps of the courthouse, a supporter told the crowd: "He stands here to represent Gadsden County as a whole. Black, white, Hispanic, Asian - he's your sheriff."

The crowd roared.

Morning found Spooner, 54, taking calls on a cell phone in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office. He said he wasn't bitter.

"Sometimes these things happen to make you do something better," he said.

Sheriff Woodham, a pale man with watery blue eyes, says the election came down to who was more popular.
"I think qualificationwise, Ed Spooner's head and shoulders more qualified," Woodham said, easing himself into a chair in his empty office. "But Morris is a super nice guy."

Woodham was appointed sheriff in 1971 and won re-election eight times since. He admits he didn't have much experience himself when he started - he had been a juvenile court counselor for five years and a trooper for a year and a half - "but I did have a college degree," Woodham says. "And I was capable of learning."

Young has been in law enforcement for 16 years and now works for the Sheriff's Office as a school resource officer. He went to Chipola Junior College in Mariana. He ran for sheriff in 2000 and lost. Other black candidates have done the same.

Black leadership isn't always the answer, Woodham says. Look at Gretna, Young's hometown, which is mainly African-American and has an all-black town council. 

Blacks and whites agree that Gretna has problems. At Smith's tire shop in the center of Gretna, Thomas Davis, 31, a Holiness minister with a goatee and a gold tooth, says that two weeks ago, the town misplaced his wife's check and cut off the water at his house. 

Black people may make mistakes, he says, but it's about time Gadsden had a black sheriff.

"It's time for a change," Davis says. "We asked for this. We prayed for it. A lot of blacks get along with Sheriff Woodham. We go along to obey them. Why can't they obey a black sheriff?"

About 3,500 people live in faded, listing trailers, tin-roofed houses, brick ranches and grand wooden mansions in Gretna, a web of dirt roads shaded by pine woods and century-old oak trees in the middle of Gadsden, which is west of Tallahassee and just south of Georgia.

Besides Smith's tires ("At Smiths We Keep You Roolin," says a hand-painted sign out front), there are two convenience stores and the Hole, a rented house off U.S. 90 where people gather to drink on the porch.

On a recent day in Gretna, police had to board a school bus to break up a fight. John Williams, 63, saw it all from where he sat under a spreading oak selling mustard greens, turnips and sugar cane off the bed of a red pickup. Williams voted for Young, but it didn't have anything to do with his being black. He just wanted to give the young man a chance.

"You do something wrong, you face the consequences. It don't matter who be sheriff," Williams said.

Across town in a white house on a sandy road next to a big, open field, Young greets supporters, squeezes hands, accepts congratulations. There's a half-eaten sheet cake on the kitchen table, and well-wishers crowd the couches watching the TV news. By Wednesday, someone has spray-painted the word "n-----" with a heart on the hood and sides of a pickup belonging to one of Young's white supporters. No one is surprised.

Young, 39, is softspoken and straight-talking. He's a deacon at his church, and you can hear church in his sentences. In the quiet of his dining room, his phone rings nonstop.

"Yeah, I'll be a good sheriff," he tells a caller who backed his opponent. "Y'all just stand behind me, man."
During his campaign, Young promised to devote attention to a string of unsolved killings of blacks in Gadsden County in the last decade. He pledged to reduce black-on-black crime, which he says accounts for 95 percent of reported crime in the county.

"The law should be colorblind, and our jail is full of black men and women," he says. "White crimes are committed here in Gadsden County, but they seem to go unnoticed."
The jails in Gadsden County are full of Black people because Black people commit the crime. Didn't you learn anything at the National Network for Preventing Crime in the Black Community?

It's 2011: Black people should run every local, state, and federal government agency. To think otherwise means you live in the bad-old-days and wish for a restoration of a time when Detroit and Birmingham had thriving economies.

Let's be honest for a second: Gadsden County offers us a glimpse, a microcosm, of what life is like for the dwindling white minority in South Africa and for those areas around America where white flight has turned over the reigns of power to Black people, freshly in control for the first time.

As Unamusement Park has shown, Black crime in all of Florida is an insane problem there, that for merely mentioning gets you suspended from your job as a police officer (or saying an area is bad which is synonymous with Black).

Are you sure you want to be a minority in a country that - when white people are a majority - fanatically subscribes to a Black-Run America (BRA) governing philosophy?

If one was to look at Croley's true motivation for trying to save Gadsden County and get white people in places of power, one would only need to look and see how the business sector of that county is doing. With Black people in power, have businesses left, which means tax-revenue generated and collected is collapsing?

Is the cost of doing business in Gadsden too great because you have to pay the Nigga Tax? If so, then you can understand why Croley and his white minority partners would want to go back to the old days.

Things seemed to work then.


Anonymous said...

Newspaper reports always discuss proportional diversity representation except when a newer group wants to join an already diverse group. Then it is just assumed to be at the expense of whites. The NY Times I believe just did an article about this happening in NYC, and they once again expected the political clout to just drain from whites.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Sambo Sez: "The law should be colorblind, and our jail is full of black men and women. White crimes are committed here in Gadsden County, but they seem to go unnoticed."

Unnoticed by whom exactly? The police? The victims? Perhaps Sheriff Sambo has already helped himself to some of the crack rocks which were seized as contraband and being stored in the evidence locker at the police station.

Does this mean that when my white butt goes to a Walmart somewhere in Gadsen County, and I walk out of the joint with the biggest flatscreen TV that I can carry without paying for it, that my crime will "go unnoticed" because of my white skin?

Sheriff Sambo must be basing his perceptions about "unnoticed" white crime on that silly old SNL segment from the 1980's where Eddie Murphy put on makeup and a toupee to disguise himself as white yuppie type. Then Eddie Murphy discovers that as a white male, he is able to get his newspaper from the drugstore for free, a cocktail party starts on the city transit bus as soon as the last black rider gets off, and he can get thousands in cash just handed over to him by the old white man loan officer at the bank without signing any paperwork, showing identification, or answering any questions.

See the old SNL segment here:

Anonymous said...

During his campaign, Young promised to devote attention to a string of unsolved killings of blacks in Gadsden County in the last decade. “ He pledged to reduce black-on-black crime, which he says accounts for 95 percent of reported crime in the county. "The law should be colorblind, and our jail is full of black men and women," he says. "White crimes are committed here in Gadsden County, but they seem to go unnoticed."

First he says 95% of the crimes are black-on-black then goes on to say White crimes go unnoticed . I don’t know that those crimes are going unnoticed. I would think if 95% of the crimes in my county were being committed by Black people, I’d want to focus my efforts there if lowering the crime rate were my goal. What the hell is he saying??

As for the big scandal on Whites trying to get Blacks out of those positions, I simply don’t know enough from what was reported to form an opinion. Other than what they’ve said about it being racially motivated and I take that with a grain of salt. Once you say “White” it can only be racially motivated, right? What’s going on in that town? Are the Blacks they were trying to remove corrupt? Incompetent?

Porter said...

Let's be honest for a second: Gadsden County offers us a glimpse, a microcosm, of what life is like for the dwindling white minority in South Africa

If I may paraphrase a remark made here once by Silent: inevitability is a term of the tyrant. The future is not decided. This is why those who have any care for the world they bequeath to their children must fight now in whatever manner they are able. They must do this because we know what their future holds if our countries are lost. And it’s not South Africa; it’s Rhodesia.

South Africa, preceded by Brazil, is merely a way station. When an area devolves from 50% white to 15% and the news report crows about its increasing “diversity,” you know the subtext: Only 15% to go until perfection!

And so every new demographic report trumpeting our demise is released to a maniacally gleeful media which then displays large group photo banners on their websites with one more white face airbrushed away to be replaced by that of a “vibrant” conqueror. And those whites that remain in the photos…one can almost see the grimace behind their eldritch grins. They seem to intuit what is happening to them, but haven’t the mental tools to articulate exactly what it is…since that thought…would…be…racist!...back to smiling.

I sometimes want to ask of race blind whites, do you not know death when you see it?

Get Smart said...

Paul, that Gadsen County Boys video is pure gold! Especially the 2nd half, once the song is over. Good find, going into my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure Ol' Bubba and Vicki Sue the white trash hillbillies are committing robberies, rapes and drive-bys in precisely the same #'s as DaMarcus and She'Qualiana. It's just that that good ol'boy redneck sheriff turns a blind eye to these crimes. It's perfectly acceptable! Of course!

Being white is so great. We get away with everything, and let Darky take the fall. Ah well, think I'll go prune my money tree now. Bonjour.

Jeronimus said...

Very good juxtaposition between the earnest, self righteous liberal Green Day pining to be a minority, and the menacing rappers.

Rap music is the soundtrack of Multicult Hell. Ultimately the DWL's will perceive this and want back the world they are cowardly working to destroy.

In rap music there is rhyme but not reason, and it is the Unreason of hip hop world that makes it Hell.

Of course it's going to provoke an incredibly pro-Euro, pro-civilization backlash, I believe.

Out here in flyover America, the white bourgeouis deal with the Hell of Unreason every day and it makes them ultra-conservative. I never meet a snarky liberal unless I go to a college town like Northampton MA or a nice section of a large city like Boston.

People who don't have kids can afford to be more liberal. But when you have children, you have to prepare them to survive in the world of Unreason. They also sense this, since it is time in history when they open their eyes -- they are born into it, and thus intuit it.

The ones who go whigger are the ones who are scared of it and surrender to it as quickly as possible.

Those who maintain their euro ways of life are the true rebels and warriors of the spirit, and envision taking it all back from the cowards and traitors.

Anonymous said...

"Paul, that Gadsen County Boys video is pure gold! Especially the 2nd half, once the song is over. Good find, going into my favorites."

Yes, the truly pathetic part is the guy tossing and turning in the bed with grandma-flowered sheets. And the junky ghetto grandma kitchen, and all of the dick holding, and the animalistic posturing, and the celebration of black poverty, and the filth of the house, and the toddler-style colorful matching outfits, and the low rent sound track, and the pretty long girl-braids on the guy.

I bet a few of those guys are wearing house slippers on their feet and have bathed themselves in "fresh" white Johnson's baby powder before the shoot. Hilarious!

Black culture is so SO very different from white culture. Blacks behave more like Africans to day than ever before. I don't even know where to begin. Blacks have no idea what goes on outside of their little microcosm.

Stephen said...

I think a far more appropriate song than the Green Day song would be this.

MrGJG said...

Why is it always black on black crime that gets these people's attention?
I'm guessing a large majority of those crimes is merely a case of one brotha gettin the drop on another brotha first.
I suppose if the black crime rate was the same, but 95% of the victims were white, the black crime problem will have been solved.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes, in terms of blacks all is lost. But the country is getting more Asian, Hispanic and Arab. Will they put up with BRA the way whitey has?

Of course not.

Anonymous said...

@SBPDL and Its Readers: The content of this article dove-tails with a parallel scenario that occured in Hancock County, Georgia back in the 70's. The struggle between blacks and whites for control of its county seat, Sparta, got the the point of both sides arming themselves with automatic weapons.
Then-governor Jimmy Carter even had to personally intervene and mediate. There's a book called "Black Boss" which should be REQUIRED READING FOR EVERYONE ( It shows the consequences of a militant, uneducated bunch of thugs commandeering political power of a once-prosperous town. Today, Sparta, Georgia is a synonym for complete and total failure. If I'm not mistaken, there MAY be one convenience store operating today in a town that once had a very lively business community with a beautiful and thriving downtown area. "Black Boss" details how despicably corrupt black power-mongers used millions of federal dollars to run the town and county six feet under.

Anonymous said...

The white man's time is OVER.

1. Birthrates favor People of Color

2. Fighting favors PoC

3. White WOMEN favor PoC

Face it white boys. You guys have lost. Get over it. Go back and cry in your mother's basement and let the human race begin to improve.

Anonymous said...

@SBPDL: I just went to to confirm the availability of "Black Boss." Here's one of the reviews about "Black Boss" that Amazon had posted:

"I was a small child of the riots that occurred in Sparta. My Father was a deputy and was involved deeply in protecting the town that night. Our home was riddled with bullets. I am white. We had a black babysitter the night this occurred. My family trusted her with our lives. She hid my siblings and I until the riot was under control. She is one of my childhood heroes still today.
Today, I serve proudly in the US Armed Forces and am very proud of my father and the citizens of Sparta. What that town has had to endure over and over is shameful. The town's leaders who gain control do so on a platform of change, but upon entering office, seem to be sucked into the mesh of corruption.
I have not seen a single improvement in my home county in my life time.
Every attempt made to bring about a potential change for better, is shot down by town leaders. I believe that this book was an indication of what was to come... The children of Sparta have a right to live a life outside poverty and welfare."

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:12: You said "Face it white boys. You guys have lost.... let the human race begin to improve." So what you're saying is that we can all look forward to black-run prosperous, successful societies, such as Haiti, Zimbabwe, Detroit, etc., etc.? Lovely.

Anonymous said...

"The white man's time is OVER."

Paul, please stop allowing this idiot (probably the chubby mulatto) to repeatedly post this same moronic comment over and over again. It's boring, it's tiresome, it's unintelligent, and it serves no purpose whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

"You guys have lost."

Yet we shall eat. We shall create. We shall love, learn and prosper, even if we become a minority, (which I doubt). You don't know white people like I do. The idea of white weakness in part of your black mythology.

When black and whites compete openly, whites always come out on top. Larger brains. Look at Afreeka for proof of this. Black run anything is not sustainable anywhere. You will be begging for whites to save you from the underclass blacks in the next few years when the "EBT card stops working" (credits to Occidental Dissent).

Anonymous said...

At Anon, at July 14, 2011 9:34 AM

Forget about the troll who wrote this insane statement, IT only wants to garner attention, so IT can feel alive! Let's kill IT by ignoring it's unwelcome presence.

Anonymous said...

" Well, yes, in terms of blacks all is lost. But the country is getting more Asian, Hispanic and Arab. Will they put up with BRA the way whitey has?"

Honestly, if we could substitute the whole African-American population for White Arab Muslims, it would be a major improvement.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon.

"Face it white boys. You guys have lost. Get over it. Go back and cry in your mother's basement and let the human race begin to improve. "

Poor simpleton, the human race will NEVER IMPROVE as long as there are POC ( Blacks )!

bill said...

@ Anon 9:12:

"White boys have lost..let the human race begin to improve"

Re the first part of that. There are still getting on for a billion whites on the planet. They still control virtually all of the ICBM technology. Some millions of them have served in the armed forces of developed nations, accruing some serious combat experience in hostile territory.

A Freikorps is developing.

No non-white armed polity has yet won a conclusive and long-lasting miltary victory over a white one (excepting the Japanese in 1905 over a tottering Russia). The political settlements won by arms by east asians were more a result of white faint-heartedness than anything else.

As for the second part... Well, the Chinese and Japanese could maintain those worthless luxuries developed by whitey such as, well, powered flight, antibiotics, the internal combustion engine, computers, electricity generation, mass availability of potable water etc ad infintum.

But should the demise of whites you so ardently hope for come to pass in its entirety, do you think the new masters will be in a rush to confer those benefits on you with such largesse as we have?

Dissident said...

To Jeronimus.

Excellent commentary by the way. You make some very cogent points. Well done!

I especially like this sentence, "Those who maintain their euro ways of life are the true rebels and warriors of the spirit, and envision taking it all back from the cowards and traitors. "

Nice summary.

Dissident said...

Hey anon @ 9:11-Ha, that's ironic 911.

Guess what simpleton.

1) Only whorish white women like the darkies.

2) Fighting favors the darkies? Guess that's why the Russian heavy weight Klitskcho just just reduced one your best fighters to rubble.

3) The only reason white birthrates are down is that whites, unlike you darkies, have to support their own children. We don't embrace welfare as heavily as you people do. We actually have to work and pay those taxes don't you know? So, weese can be a supportin' us a few ghetto gremlins.

Don't you know that?

PS. You'd better hope that the white mans time is not over-EVER! Why, because you know damned good and well that Hispanics aren't going to take care of your simple black @$$e$! As a matter of fact, they're going to kick your simple black @$$e$ out of every city they choose to do it in.

So, just place your head squarely between your legs and kiss the big BOOTY goodbye.

Anonymous said...

On "progress": there is an interesting correlation between Asians and whites enrolling in schools and patents/ academic achievement. What has ever come out of black schools except "community organizing committees"? Certainly nothing in my field. Chemical engineering is 100% white/Asian. So the progress "they" want is one of "sharing the wealth" that no one would produce if it weren;t for whites/Asians. Even with preference and affirmative action black "scholars" largely amount ot nothing.

~AV~ said...

LMAO! More Section 8 seeking thunder thighs breeding niggers...

Anonymous said...

don't feed trolls

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:12. I see that our favorite troll is back with the same, tired, old message: The white man's time is over, women prefer POC. Geez, get a new message.

Wait, that takes a little intelligence. What was I thinking? And you are deluding yourself if you think that all white women favor your kind. Some white trash does, but most white women find blacks to be repulsive, and almost all white men find black women to be repulsive. YOU PEOPLE ARE SO DAMN UGLY!

And, as others have posted, one only needs to look at all of Africa, and cities like Detroit or Newark to see what life in a black majority nation will look like.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had never read "The Creature From Jekyll Island", that book was the catalyst in my wakeup to a whole host of events. I couldn't understand how I was oblivious to our financial system, the shadow government and that America isn't really what grew up thinking it was.

Then Barack Obama got elected president. I thought "well, I don't like the guy one bit, but at least black people don't have an excuse anymore, they can become anything, even POTUS." Then I realized that they can't. I realized that we are not merely the same, save for skin color. Contrary to the brainwashing I had received at the public university and the corporate one that followed I was beginning to realize that blacks may be feral animals. I live 50 miles west of Detroit, and realized that these monsters completely gutted what may have been arguably the marvel of the world at one point. I did research (am currently reading the Bell Curve), and realized that blacks have never had a major empire or civilization. I now realize that not only are they, as a group, incapable of civilization, but are only adept at destroying it.

Now, my wife are building a new home in Northern Michigan and dumping the beautiful house that we have been raising our children in because we fear what is going to happen once austerity measures hit the black community. Should I have taken the Blue Pill?

Anonymous said...

"The white man's time is OVER."

Then who will stop the Hispanics, Asians and Arabs from killing and re-enslaving the Negro?

1. Birthrates favor People of Color

Blacks in Africa have a high birth rate but low life expectancy due to disease, famine and low IQ. In the U.S., it is Hispanics who have the highest birth rate. And they don't like blacks.

2. Fighting favors PoC

Eight of the top 10 heavyweight boxers are white. The only black hope - David Haye - just lost every round to the superior white man Wladimir Klitschko. Five of the top 10 "pound-for-pound" MMA fighters are white and three are Hispanic.

Black men are only favored in fighting when they attack in packs against women, trannys (who they secretly lust after) or old people.

3. White WOMEN favor PoC

All women favor white men. Look at the data from dating sites like and f*cking sites like Ashley Madison.

You know you dream about your white "prince charming" sweeping you off your feet and looking past the fact that you are 300 pounds and look like Esther Rolle.

Ryu said...

I don't know which Anonymous to thank, but I will definitely read "Black Boss" because or your recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Icoyote said on July 14, 2011 at 2:37 PM

I wonder if someone was offering $10.00 per hour jobs how many of these folks would run to sign up?

On -AV-'s link

2. Fighting favors PoC

Only if it is a 6' 5" black man V a 5' 1" woman.

Unsurprisingly, the 155-pound Huerta knocked the guy out cold.

Anonymous said...

Your message is starting to resonate:

Also Charlie Rangel re: debt ceiling debate has pointed out that cuts would impact black employment w/the gubmint-- and thus are unthinkable

It really is all happening...

Anonymous said...

Why even respond to black trolls? Other races dominate every aspect of human culture. If you want to get an idea what's wrong with black men just ask a black woman.

BluEidDvl said...

"1. Birthrates favor People of Color": Firstly, we are about quality, not quantity. We have always been the minority on the world scale yet our peoples created this world!. Look at EVERYTHING around you, all of it the product of white genius...Moron!. (oh, & birth rates ebb-flow thru different time periods, that can easily change, & most assuredly WILL with the coming financial collapse).

"2. Fighting favors PoC": Haha!, yeah right!, dream on!. We SEE how you cowardly homies are. You sucker-punch some poor sap then kick him in the head while he is down. Or you rape some defenseless elderly woman. One on one, you are UTTER cowards..Not to worry, your comeupance is coming, soon!.

"3. White WOMEN favor PoC": Dreaming again?!. Yeah, we have all SEEN the type of white women who go for the "bruthas". With out fail, fat, ugly stupid, morally depraved, or ALL of the above. In fact they do us a great service. These type of women going for you helps us to isolate them from the European gene pool, thus making us healthier! (it weeds out the mentally-morally unfit).

You flipping morons come on here & spout your drivel without the slightest concept that this world was created by US (Ahh, I see, it's insane jealousy!). You are but usurpers, parasites. You only destroy & degrade. Since you hate us honkies so much, would not you using all of the technology that the white man created make you a hypocrite??. Be honest, if you truly hate us give up your car, refrigerator, air-conditioning, your computer, okay lets say EVERYTHING!. Oh, & the democracy thats gives you the freedom to spout your insanity!.

You had best not anger us too much. Whites are in control of the worlds entire medical & genetics research programs. Since we have isolated specific genome sequences for specific racial groups, it would not be very difficult for a scientist to create a "designer" virus that targets only the negro genome... Something to ponder "homie"!.

Anonymous said...

Re white birth rates: Whites are the only race that bought into the bullshit about population control starting in the 1970's. No one else did.

In both Europe and the US, we were told the "population explosion" was going to destroy the planet. Babies aren't "green", you see. Especially not white Western babies from civilized, capitalist societies.

The green movement and its many offshoots are Marxist and anti-white. The anti-family, anti-hetero, anti-birth campaigns all spring from the same goal - wiping out white, Western, capitalist society. The good news - we can fuck our way out of this! So get to work, white people! It's the best job you'll ever have.

Anonymous said...

"The good news - we can fuck our way out of this! So get to work, white people! It's the best job you'll ever have."

There you go! Every cloud has a silver lining. LOL

Anonymous said...

"The white man's time is OVER."

What's funny to me about these kind of statements is that it seems people who make them don't realize that what they're seeing in their small little worlds is not reflected in the arenas where the REAL power lies.

Correct me if I'm wrong..there are no Blacks at the Bilderberg Group conference. That's an elite power pow-wow we know about. Those guys run the world. So, don't go doing the victory dance anytime soon because those guys are not about to make room at the table.

Anonymous said...

Listen to this conspiracy theorist's insane rambling above at July 14, 2011 3:38 PM.

You've been reading too much of David Icke's Fiction. Get back to earth, please!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who thinks I'm an astronaut

I do apologize if I wasn’t clear as I see you came away with something from my comment that was not intended. My point is that to say the “White man’s time is over” is ridiculous. The most powerful people in finance, industry, labor, education and communication, are not including Blacks. Within their spheres of influence, yes they do run things. While they may not directly run the world they certainly influence it enough and do so in ways Blacks are nowhere near. The attendees are in positions to do that.

I don’t see what’s insane about stating that. There’s no secret anyone needs a decoder ring for there. I’m not clear on what you think was ranting or being a conspiracy theorist, either. They don’t hide who they are or that they meet. It’s simple enough to know who attends. I’m really not sure what you’re referring to.

I haven’t read David Icke. I’ll be sure to look him up.

Anonymous said...

"3. White WOMEN favor PoC"

PEOPLE of color maybe. Those that go for blackmen tend to be the Michelle Moyer types who have never done a days work in their lives and now she finds she might have to as her meal ticket is behind on child support.

Anonymous said...

"...In Gadsden, where the median household income is $10,000 less than the national average and fewer than one in seven residents has a college degree."

Stupid is as stupid does.

NO wonder this area electes niggers.

-Fr. John
For Christendom and her People.

Jack from OKC said...

You said, " Now, my wife are building a new home in Northern Michigan and dumping the beautiful house that we have been raising our children in because we fear what is going to happen once austerity measures hit the black community. Should I have taken the Blue Pill?"

Not that! We're going to need people like you when the Dark Age (lousy pin intended) arrives.

In expectation of that - I believe - temporary -civizlational catastrophe, my wife and I have taken the following measures: 1) We are piling up stocks of food; 2) We are building up medical supplies; 3) Most importantly, we bought firearms and lots of ammo; 4) We have bought and will continue to buy precious metals, i.e., specie. We prefer silver.

For medical reasons, neither my wife nor I drive so we have prepared ourselves to stick it out here in the city, or, if a friend decides to take us to his country house, we won't be coming emppty-handed.

bubo said...

Gadsden county is also home to the famed Chattahoochee insane asylum. Now called the "Florida State Hospital."

An aside, as a child my dad and grandmother spent the duration of WW2 over in Gadsden co. with her family. He still has many tales of living in the country during that time.

As for this: Anonymous said...
The white man's time is OVER.

1. Birthrates favor People of Color

2. Fighting favors PoC

3. White WOMEN favor PoC

1. Hispanics drive birthrate, not blacks. Blacks are finished on this continent.

2. A small insignificant European country called Belgium conquered a huge swath of Africa. They could do it again if they wanted, or a country like France could destroy the entire continent. So no, POC lose again.

3. Not really. Black men just have nothing to offer. White women don't want to live life in the squalor of a HUD complex tending to puff head babies while her "man" shuffles between jail and umemployment. Average black men have almost absolute zero chance of getting a smart, educated, beautiful white woman. Black men can't even get black women to marry them, much less white women.

Artur said...

If you watch the whole 10 minutes of the last video, it becomes ever so apparent that niggers are truly not human.

They are even worse than even we thought.

Watch that video, get UNDERSTANDING about this failed mutation of nature.

Negroes are the cockroaches of humanity. If they weren't so goddamned loud, obnoxious, ugly, uppity and dangerous, they would be worthy of true pity.

As it is, gullible white people have created that most loathsome form of modern proto-humanoid, the 2011 American yard ape.

Niggers never created a thing - not even themselves for chrissakes!

It was Gullible Christian white people who poured food aid into Africa (thanks Geldof, thanks Bono), DOUBLING the population of the Dqrk Continent in a short short 30 years time, to ONE BILLION in 2010.

One BILLION negroes in Africa in 2010 (up from 500. in 1980).

God Help Us All !

Discard said...

Artur: I am well past my best years, but even I am likely to live to see Africa swept by mega-famines. Maybe that's why the Arabs of northern Sudan just agreed to allow the Negroes of southern Sudan to secede. When the food from the West stops arriving, the Arabs will have their hands full feeding their own, without a race of over-fertile, under-productive Blacks to look after. I'll bet those Sand People will be able to build a border fence a lot faster than Uncle Sam can, and a lot more effective too.
We will be awash in dreadful pictures of skeletal children and dried out corpses, but all we will be able to do is watch nature take its course. The do-gooders have only postponed the calamity and made it worse.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the second "music" video embedded above:

The title of this "song" is, "Dem Boys Hot," which is a phrase in pidgin English/"Ebonics" apparently. How low of an IQ does it take for a black to actually write in such a functionally illiterate manner as this?

At the 4:00 mark of the "Dem Boys Hot" video, we see a card entitled, "BEHIND THE SINCE" on screen. This would be more evidence of functional illiteracy - some black who produced this video does not know the difference between the words "scenes" and "since" apparently. The video which follows the "BEHIND THE SINCE" card at the 4:00 mark is quite unremarkable anyway - all it shows is a bunch of underclass blacks idling around their ghetto environs and babbling incoherently in "Ebonics" to the camera as it pans around.

The blacks in BRA have never shied away from using modern technology - in this case, camcorders and computers - to show off how repulsive and dim-witted they are.

Anonymous said...

"As it is, gullible white people have created that most loathsome form of modern proto-humanoid, the 2011 American yard ape."

Beyond the crudeness and lack of intellectualism in this comment, yes, it is true: the black underclass is white American made, as LBJ's Kerner Commission report boldly pointed out in the 1960s.

Anonymous said...

Beyond the crudeness and lack of intellectualism in this comment, yes, it is true: the black underclass is white American made, as LBJ's Kerner Commission report boldly pointed out in the 1960s.

That was the Kerner Commission's theory 43 years ago but what's the excuse now? Tons of money and white guilt later. What's the excuse? Trillions of dollars and special attention and favors have been dumped into blacks and still they are chronically hyper-violent, dumb, unreliable and more racist than whites or any other group.

The black underclass is made by blacks and nobody gives a fuck about your finger pointing anymore.