Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why Mein Obama Must Win in 2012

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Barack Obama must win in 2012
A lot has happened over the past week that has taught me a lesson that guides my hand in writing what comes next: Barack Hussein Obama must win a second term as President of the United States (POTUS) in 2012. None of the Republican candidates are worth supporting and Mein Obama has finally put a Black face on the concept of Black-Run America (BRA) to the point that normal, apolitical Americans are beginning to realize something is wrong.

That the entire conservative establishment in Washington D.C. continues to exist - in an incestuous form - to  garner donations (steal is the more apt term) from old people that still believe America exists - it doesn't exist anymore - for ancillary causes such as lower taxes, stopping judicial activism,  defending free markets, fighting liberal abuses, English-only causes, stopping abortion, etc., and will never, ever say anything to oppose quotes like this from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden is enough evidence for me to understand that's it all a joke:
TR: This week The Root featured 14 black astronauts who have traveled into space. Are many African Americans coming into the program now, and are there NASA efforts to recruit more astronauts of color?

CB: There is an ongoing effort to recruit more astronauts of color, women and other minorities. That has been ongoing since 1977, when NASA recruited its first group of space shuttle astronauts. Personally, I'm never satisfied with the number that we have; nor do I think we'll ever have enough. I really want to be able to inspire young people of all races and colors to want to follow in my footsteps and become an astronaut.

One of the things we do is spend significant amounts of our education funding in collaboration with historically black colleges and universities. We have a number of scholarship programs, internship programs and grant programs that go into minority neighborhoods, all the way from middle and high school on up.

We try to use as many of our astronauts as possible who look like kids in some of the minority neighborhoods to talk to them about how they became interested in space, and how they studied and made very diligent efforts to get there. It's hard to become an astronaut; we don't want them to be afraid of it, so we try to tell them how much fun we've had in getting here.
How much fun you've had in getting there? Thank affirmative action policies and programs specifically designated and created to help Black people out, Mr. Bolden, for that's the only reason you are there.

NASA can't even find a Black scientist and recruiting from academically inadequate Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU) for Black astronauts is going to end embarrassingly, since these schools should all lose their accreditation immediately. Bolden would love to have all of NASA astronauts be Black, but the problem is that less than 1 percent of the Air Forces pilots are Black, meaning it would be difficult to find someone to pilot the spaceship in his 'ideally diverse' NASA. 

I haven't heard anyone dare criticize Eric "My people" Holder and the way he has run the Department of (In)Justice, turning it into a veritable extension of the Civil Rights movement of the 60s, except now the radicals are in charge instead of being hosed. Despite a rash of Mahogany Mobs across the nation that require police states to quell the tide of Black violence, not one time has the term 'hate crime' been used to describe these attacks.

The Tea Party was a legitimate movement of normal Americans who realized something was seriously wrong with the country they love, but it was co-opted by the conservative machine in D.C. that is comprised of lecherous career politicians reliant on donations from old people to keep aloft their tax-exempt, non-profit organizations that haven't done a damn thing to rollback the size of government since their creation.

These people who toil away at a non-existent American dream (well, if you are the type of person Charles Bolden wants to see populate all of NASA, the dream is still very alive) have nothing in common with D.C. Beltway types that sell out all principles - if they ever had any - for employment and advancement to work inane jobs between Republican administrations.

Let's be honest: name one thing in the past 40 years Republicans have done that is even remotely positive for this country? Conservatives in states like Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama have said no more and passed immigration restriction bills that most Americans approve of, save those illegal immigrants who celebrated the new Americano Dream in the Rose Bowl while watching Mexico dispose of America 4-2 in soccer, and yet no national Republican figure backs these states up.

I'm considering supporting Mein Obama in 2012, because he is the individual most responsible for putting a Black face (okay, half-Black) on the concept of Black-Run America that has existed for decades. Putting people like Holder, Bolden, and other committed hyper-Black nationalists into positions of power is causing normal, hardworking and wealth producing Americans to take notice.

The D.C. Beltway types, who haven't created or produced anything in their lives save the tried and truly hilarious failed attempts to get Blacks to vote Republican, haven't said a bloody thing about any of this. While law-abiding citizens of Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, Mobile, Columbia, Charlotte, Atlanta, and other major cities hide in fear of Black violence, Eric "My People" Holder is pressuring banks to lend to minorities so the dream of home ownership can continue unabated and property values can drop in areas these 'responsible citizens' move too.

I was told by someone recently I should do everything possible to remember the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. and judge people based on character, that this is what good Republicans should do. Well, judging by the fact that most entries here at SBPDL center around 'judging Black people by the content of their character" I'll just have to pass on this suggestion. 

Black unemployment is reaching depression-era levels, yet Black people still support Mein Obama with an 86 approval rating. Black people will never, ever turn on Barack Obama and in the lead-up to the 2012 POTUS election will be energized to vote for their hero yet again in another monolithic casting of ballots. With austerity measures hitting local and state governments, the artificial Black middle class is drying up:
Millions of Americans endured financial calamities in the recession. But for many in the black community, job loss has knocked them out of the middle class and back into poverty. And some experts warn of a historic reversal of hard-won economic gains that took black people decades to achieve.
“History is going to say the black middle class was decimated” over the past few years, said Maya Wiley, director of the Center for Social Inclusion. “But we’re not done writing history.”
Adds Algernon Austin, director of the Economic Policy Institute’s Program on Race, Ethnicity and the Economy: “The recession is not over for black folks.”
In 2004, the median net worth of white households was $134,280, compared with $13,450 for black households, according to an analysis of Federal Reserve data by the Economic Policy Institute. By 2009, the median net worth for white households had fallen 24 percent to $97,860; the median net worth for black households had fallen 83 percent to $2,170, according to the institute.
Austin described the wealth gap this way: “In 2009, for every dollar of wealth the average white household had, black households only had two cents.”
Austin thinks more black people than ever before could fall out of the middle class because the unemployment rate for college-educated blacks recently peaked and blacks are overrepresented in state and local government jobs. Those are jobs that are being eliminated because of massive budget shortfalls.
Since the end of the recession, which lasted from 2007 to 2009, the overall unemployment rate has fallen from 9.4 to 9.1 percent, while the black unemployment rate has risen from 14.7 to 16.2 percent, according to the Department of Labor. Last April, black male unemployment hit the highest rate since the government began keeping track in 1972. Only 56.9 percent of black men over 20 were working, compared with 68.1 percent of white men.
Even college-educated blacks fared worse than their white counterparts in the recession. In 2007, unemployment for college-educated whites was 1.8 percent; for college-educated blacks it was 2.7 percent. Now, the college-educated unemployment rate is 3.9 percent for whites and 7 percent for blacks.
Nearly 8 percent of African Americans who bought homes from 2005 to 2008 have lost them to foreclosure, compared with 4.5 percent of whites, according to an estimate by the Center for Responsible Lending.
Some see a bitter irony in soaring black unemployment and the decline of the black middle class on the watch of the first black president.
“I thought Barack Obama could have provided some way out. But he lacks backbone,” Princeton Professor Cornel West told recently.
West said Obama sold out the poor to become “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats. . . . I don’t think in good conscience I could tell anybody to vote for Obama.”
Wiley said Obama should be applauded for several initiatives that have helped the black middle class, such as programs to modify certain mortgages and prevent foreclosure because of job loss. But she would like Obama to aggressively counter the suggestion that first black president would be showing favoritism if he specifically helped black people.
“It’s the right thing to do for the nation,” she said. “Black people are a huge segment of the population, they’re especially hard-hit, and the country cannot recover if the black community — as well as the white community and others — does not recover.”

Most white people live around other white people and their wealth is tied into home ownership. When Black people (and yes, illegal aliens) move into a white area, white people start to move away, thus destroying the concept of 'good schools' as an excuse to live in that white area. Property value plummets, which is why buying a home in all-Black Clayton County is such a cheap alternative to buying in Forsyth County (Georgia).

Those people who sold out where they are from and moved to Northern Virginia to work as Republicans or for a government that makes every decision based on how it will better the Black community must garner a crushing blow in 2012's POTUS race. They have been false opposition all along, with yesterday's leftist, progressive cause today's defining conservative principle.

I'm not a doom and gloom person, as I completely agree with Lawrence Auster who wrote these important words:
Why do I focus so relentlessly on these stories of the massive cover-up, followed by the massive exposure, of black dysfunction and criminality? Beyond their immediate obvious interest and importance, the discoveries of black dysfunction also serve the larger purpose of this website, which is nothing less than to save the American nation. In my view, the biggest single factor driving whites to national suicide is their false guilt over black inferiority. Because whites believe, as liberalism has taught them to believe, that all groups have equal inherent abilities, they conclude that the actual backwardness of blacks must be caused by something that the whites are doing to them (or failing to do for them). The result is the paralyzing racial guilt which makes whites feel that they have no right to defend and preserve their civilization, no right to defend and preserve themselves, but that they must instead self-sacrificially open themselves to nonwhites, a self-sacrifice that takes numerous forms, including naivety about black violence, denial of the tyrannical and murderous reality of Islam, and acceptance of mass Third-World immigration. Therefore, as I began saying in the mid 1990s, if whites could see the truth that black incapacity/dysfunction is not whites' fault but is inherent in blacks themselves, it could literally save the country, by freeing whites from their suicidal guilt.

Black-Run America will end, and it won't be because the Heritage Foundation put out a white paper on why Black people need the free market and libertarian principles to succeed. Think about this: knowing how much the federal government does for Black people now and how hiring preferences in the private and public sector exist to promote Black people above their station, single Black women still only have a net worth of $5. Oh, and despite all the governments programs to bring about equality at the expense of all non-Black people, "in 2004, the median net worth of white households was $134,280, compared with $13,450 for black households, according to an analysis of Federal Reserve data by the Economic Policy Institute. By 2009, the median net worth for white households had fallen 24 percent to $97,860; the median net worth for black households had fallen 83 percent to $2,170, according to the institute. Austin described the wealth gap this way: “In 2009, for every dollar of wealth the average white household had, black households only had two cents.”

What would an actual, uninhibited free market, limited government and libertarian world without BRA guiding government, academic and corporate decisions that benefit Black people and promote them solely based on their skin pigmentation look like?

In that world, would single Black females even have a net worth of $1? How much would the median net worth for Black household be? $1,000? If you take away the artificial constructs and pressures on corporations that enabled the Black middle class to proliferate, you have Detroit, a place no national grocery stores dares enter.

No, Barack Obama must win in 2012, because the cretins prepared to inherit the government if he doesn't are even worse. Americans deserve better then the one-party system currently ensconced in Washington D.C.: both are committed to fulfilling Bolden's dream for NASA, because finding a Black person to be the face of the Republican Party - so they can't be called racist! - is one of the guiding principles of those running the Republican National Committe (RNC) and all the other various groups that comprise the "vast Right-wing conspiracy."

The real 'Right-wing conspiracy' members are normal Americans across this land who understand something is fundamentally wrong with the direction of the country, and remain without a voice. That voice cannot be filled by someone with ties to the dens of thieves who have polluted D.C. and the Beltway conservative organizations, because things will not get better.

They'll only get worse.

Obama must win in 2012. Unless Donald Trump decides to run of course, then I'm all in for the man "the Blacks" passionately hate. And why do they hate him? Because he actually has run a business and created wealth and can't be bought like the pathetic empty suits in D.C. who languish in their non-profit organizations between elections because they haven't any actual marketable skills save saying what is necessary to get elected or keep a job.

Since Trump won't run, I'll be campaigning for Barry O.

Tomorrow, we'll be returning to good old-school # posts. I just had to write this today.


Anonymous said...

If like Reagan all they can do is prolong the collapse(and if debt monetization had continued that would have been the end of "our" government in short order right there), then they offer nothing of value.

Anonymous said...

LOL! So the truth emerges like a phoenix from the ashes:

The only way SBPDL can exist is if Obama is in office. Without Obama, there will be no people to buy the 'books', no one to donate to 'emergency fundraisers', no one to buy in to the 'Black Run America' lie to line your deep pockets.

You certainly are a class act, little worm, a grade A con-man.

BTW, loser, Donald Trump was a put up by the Obama people so Obama could do a bit of performance art showing those crazies he's an American. You act so haughty but you don't have a lick of intuition, do you?


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

I wish I had deep pockets, but I learned long ago not to talk about money.

The concept of SBPDL - in its original incarnation - has existed in the minds of all people who have had a negative experience with Black people, regardless of race. Go read the # posts from start to finish, and you'll see what white, Asian, and Hispanic people talk about in whispered voices when Black people aren't around and what they talk about loudly when in close quarters with people they can trust.

No, SBPDL will be around even if Obama loses. Sorry to burst your bubble, but he lost dramatically in 2010 elections cycle and each time a new person finds this site or a site like Occidental Dissent, OneSTDV, GLPiggy, Unamusement Park, In Mala Fide, View from the Right, American Renaissance, Moonbattery,, and they stick around for a day or two, then he loses some more.

I'm not in this for money. Trust me... I'd long ago abandoned my vocation - in real life - and pursued what I was doing when I first graduated from college back in 2006 if I wanted to make money.

Doing SBPDL? I do this for fun... it's become a passion, a habit. When you do something daily for two years - whether it is running, lifting weights, working out, swimming, or writing - it will become a passion, something you enjoy doing.

Regardless of what happened to me in my personal life and real vocation, this site is a passion. If it wasn't, I would have pulled the plug on this little experiment this past week.

You see, I want Black-Run America to end... ASAP. And I'll keep writing about it until it does.

It's never been the money... it's been about sending a message. Putting out a book like "SBDPL: Year One" or "Hollywood in Black" or "Captain America and Whiteness" or "The Opiate of America: How Collegiate and Professional Sports Provide Positive Images of a Failed Community" is about showing people that not everyone buys into the BS peddled as truth by those desperately clinging to their waning power in America.

It's about sending a message.

Joel said...

Anon: "BTW, loser, Donald Trump was a put up by the Obama people so Obama could do a bit of performance art showing those crazies he's an American."

Oh, you mean that embarrassingly fake birth certificate he posted on the White House website? Don't tell me that you're stupid enough to fall for THAT.

Ok, no need to respond. I already know that you are that stupid...

bupkiss o'toole said...

Looks to me like Bachmann is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

You make a great point. Establishment Republicans (like McCain in 2008) are not as good of a choice than a vote for Obama. This country needed a wake up call in regards to so many things, most especially race. Eric Holder for example is a Godsend. Every time he opens his mouth he spews anti-white rhetoric. Obama's appointment to head NASA spoke of their main mission not being space exploration, but Muslim outreach. And the examples go on and on. These are the sorts of things that build and lead to people waking up!!!

McCain and his ilk would not have been much better, but the way I see it, Obama is driving us off the cliff at an accelerated pace. Speaking of course about economics mainly, but also exposing the apparent reasons why you do not let blacks govern whites. Blacks have a tendency to be overly corrupt, inept, and more concerned about black concerns than the concerns of the whole.

If Obama wins in 2012, I doubt we would have to look forward to election 2016. There would be a good chance the economy would totally implode, civil unrest would be rampant, and possibly you would see break away regions of some sort (South = blacks, Southwest = Mexicans, Northeast = DWLs, Pacific Northwest = Whites, or whatever...). Not to mention a potential civil war of some sort.

So unless Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, or some as of yet unknown that is not an establishment player comes along, ALL HAIL OBAMA in 2012!!!

orion14 said...

I fully support SBPDL's postion. Obama is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. He truly is the face of BRA and whites are starting to wake up to their impending doom.

Good. The sooner we can let go of the political entity called the United States, the deadliest enemy our people have ever faced in all of recorded history, the sooner we can get on with the task of building a new nation free of our past mistakes and the altrustic, liberal infested mindset that has held us back so much.

I wish it could end amicably but I'm afraid it will not. An ocean of blood is the only thing that will break our chains. Storm, BREAK LOOSE!

Anonymous said...

"Mr.Smith Goes To Washington" is on TCM tonight.

Anonymous said...

BTW, loser, Donald Trump was a put up by the Obama people so Obama could do a bit of performance art showing those crazies he's an American.

Since when does a digital image of a Hawaii birth certificate, one which contains almost 50 layers when viewed with Adobe Illustrator, count as irrefutable proof that somebody was actually born in Hawaii?

Anonymous said...

McCain and his ilk would not have been much better, but the way I see it, Obama is driving us off the cliff at an accelerated pace.

I agree - Obama is determined to use my tax money for buying AK47's and AR15's so that they can then be given to Mexican mobsters south of the border while simultaneously scheming up new and sneaky ways to disarm me and other law-abiding white folks here in America.

Spunkmeyer said...

This is now one of my favorite articles of yours. Nothing sounds greater to the ears than someone speaking truly about his justified passion or passionate justice.

Before I got to the end I was going to post that I completely agree with this article, except if Trump were to 3rd party (which is still in the cards, even NBC said they would allow him to do that and his show), and then you added him in at the end. Nice. His Vegas speech is still one of my all-time favorite political speeches (the impassioned vulgarity included).

Your comment also blew me away in a good way. I laugh whenever you mention that you are going back to the #'d articles (it should be a SBPDL drinking game), because I think you are doing great with these political and topical posts alone. Hopefully you can find a balance between the #'d posts, the topical posts, and your books. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

"The only way SBPDL can exist is if Obama is in office."


Because without Obama in office, topics such as black crime, black dysfunction, and black mayhem would no longer exist.

As always, your low-IQ rears its ugly head.

Anonymous said...

Here is a suggestion. Write an article why black people wouldn't like a Ron Paul presidency.

Spencer said...

The only way Republicans will have a shot at the presidency in 2012 is if they nominate a real conservative.There would be no difference in 2012 between Pres. Obama and an establishment Republican that plays "politics" to get votes.

Establishment candidates currently running for President are Tim Pawlenty,Mitt Romney,Rick Santorum,Jon Huntsman and Newt Gingrich.

Rick Perry is deciding,but he's also an establishment player(worked for Al Gore's 1988 presidential campaign when he was a Dem.).He is not very popular in his own state and was disliked very much(look at the 2006 gubernatorial and the 2010 Republican primary results for those wanting to know).

Now,a candidate from Texas that has announced,Ron Paul,is a real conservative in all his years as a Congressman.Gary Johnson has fresh ideas and was a well-liked Governor of New Mexico.Michele Bachmann also sounds very conservative,although I take issue with her supporting some of the Patriot Act.

Herman Cain,the businessman,is a candidate I don't know too much besides the fact that he's black,not a politician and conservative.I'd say Huckabee and Trump not being in there helped him.

I just hope that if an establishment Republican does get nominated,there is a major third-party candidate.

Anonymous said...

That paragraph by Lawrence Auster is one of the most powerful pieces of truth I've ever read in my life.

Anonymous said...

If you want Obama to win in 2012, you have nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent article. However (and not to bust your bubble), Obama is going to lose big time in 2012. With unemployment at 9.2%, a $14 trillion deficit, $4 per gallon gas, impending tax increases, and decreasing home prices, he is done. Finished. The Republicans can run a corpse out there, and still win in 2012.

The broader issue, however, and the one that relates to SBPDL, is that all of the miserable economic facts I pointed out above demonstrate the TOTAL failure of American liberalism. Confiscatory taxation on those who educate themselves and exercise their right to work hard and make more money (and the consequent redistribution of that income), excessive government spending, and mandating banks to provide housing loans unqualified individuals in the name of "social justice" are just a few of the creations of American liberalism. BRA, in all its splendor, is yet another creation of American liberalism, and has failed just as miserably (I've always contended that white liberals are more to blame for BRA than are blacks themselves). Over the next year or so, Americans are going to become less and less tolerant (and perhaps hostile toward) liberalism, and eventually by extension, BRA.

With respect to BRA, when will we reach the breaking point? When will people be fed up with being told to think one way when they really think another, especially as they continue to suffer economically? Do we really expect people give a shit about "social justice" when they lose a good-paying, respectable job and have to work at Walmart so they can eat? Are we somehow supposed to sleep better at night knowing that the AG is putting banks' feet to the fire to again provice home loans to a certain group of people who have absolutely no net worth whatsoever, while we watch the prices of our own homes go down the tubes (even moreso when members of that "certain group" decide to move into our neighborhood)? Why should I give a DAMN about free school lunches, section 8 housing vouchers, EBT cards, etc when I continually get ass-raped with federal, state, local taxes every single month, and barely have enough to save for my family's future? When will enought be enough?

Obama is finished in 2012, and, hopefully, so too will be 1960's-style American liberalism, which created BRA.

Anonymous said...

This "Project Gunrunner" scandal - using $1 million of stimulus funds to buy legal semi-automatic rifles from gun shops in border states and then allow them to be smuggled into Mexico - can be traced all the way to the Holder DOJ and the Obama White House. Obama and Holder are guilty as sin in all of this. Obama ought to be impeached as a result. Both Obama and Holder should be tried and imprisoned, preferably at Gitmo.

Anonymous said...

I was leaning toward voting for whomever the Republicans run just to make the point that BRA can end. Your points are made at the same time I'm considering them.

I just love when people bash your IQ, yet are still driven to your site and read the content. Apparently, their higher IQs come with time to dedicate to a waste of their energy. Hey, if you don't like SBPDL, make another blog and pimp it out here. We'll be sure to ignore it.

Anonymous said...

"Looks like Bachmann is the real deal" is the funniest thing I've read all night haha.

Anonymous said...

Michele Bachmann is an incredibly attractive middle-aged woman. I know it's quite a superficial remark but I had to say it.

Anonymous said...

Can America afford another Sotomayer or Kagan?

Libertarians Be Racist said...

"Here is a suggestion. Write an article why black people wouldn't like a Ron Paul presidency."

As a libertarian who supports Ron Paul I too would love to see your thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...

No Paul.

By your own admission, you're a young man. Brilliant, articulate-- yes. But having chosen to be an apostate, you are protected from the vulnerability that children represent. By effectively signing off on any chance of a peaceful resolution, you're consigning hundreds of thousands to death, pain and misery. Your consistency leads you off a cliff, like the Reds who supported the Nazis to bring about the end of Weimar. It didn't work out well for them and it won't for us if we really do follow what I hope is your advice. Because it really will mean lots and lots of deaths-- things will get really hairy as we both know if it gets much worse... Obama for 4 more would be that bad. Yes the Republicans suck. But there are some good ones.

Anonymous said...


What about Ron Paul?

I would have voted for Cynthia Mckinney if Ron Paul wasn't running. Did you see her in Libya? She is an amazing black woman. I have a "niece" that is half black and I highly encourage her to learn about positive role models like her since she doesn't sell out to aipac.

Yes, I agree the repub lineup is another dog & pony show except for Ron Paul. It makes me sick that no no one bothers to think about Libertarians or the Constitution party.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happens - whoever gets elected - I don't think white Americans are going to wake up fast enough (or in large enough #'s) to really do anything.

Things will just continue to slide, almost imperceptibly (to most people, anyway), then one day people will just start disappearing. And white Americans STILL won't wake up!

Anonymous said...

Locust- This is off topic, but what do we do after America, and by extension the west collapses in a ball of fire? We will rebuild, but how do we guarantee this all doesn't just happen all over again?

Traveller said...

Independent exist too, did you forget?

I vote USA default 2 august, no need to wait elections.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans have been, historically, little more than Democrat Lite, and I see little indication of their ever changing. Also, many State's Republican politicians, often representing agri-business concerns, are pro-Mexican invasion as it allows them and their buddies an opportunity to "harvest" cheap labor at the expense of the nation.

The outlier, Paul, talks a good money (i.e. fiscal) game, but when it comes to white disposession, he is also open borders, etc.

Another term for the Obaminator might just be the ticket. Sometimes it's best to simply let things completely fall apart, and then those that can may make something better of the situation.

In any case, the US is facing Third World status. The end of the space program shows all, and tells all. Expect increasing de-facto segregation in the upcoming years, and also much more violence. Blacks and Mexicans are already engaged in violent wars of possession. Soon, whites will have to get involved if they are to survive as a race. It will be interesting to see for whom the Federal government sides with in the upcoming years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks SBPDL for exposing the truth as well as noting other blogsites that do the same.

Jeronimus said...


Don't mind the haters -- I think you should be able to make a living from this. You give us new posts every day. I donated 10 to you, and will again when I get a chance. It's worth it to me.

I have been saying Obama 2012 as well! Hunter Wallace disagrees with me, I think, but maybe he'll come around. We've never had it so good! Worse is better, for now!

I hope your books and James Edwards' books adorn coffee tables and bathroom reading stands all over the country. It's good, light reading about modern society, and yet, I bet that these sort of "alt contemporary culture, early 21st century" genre books will be used as sources for future historians.

Jared Taylor's "White Identity" is also very good and will make a great primary and cross referencing source for race relations in the early 21st century. It's funny how angry some trolls get that some people are making a living at this. I doubt these trolls are on our side.

This is a big time in history. An irresistible force is hitting an immovable object in BRA versus white people. White people are historically a fighting kind of people, and we are getting more and more cornered every year.

Midwestern said...

Paul, you are right. Obama, if elected again, will certainly cause more whites to wake from their sleep and get to work. Is there hope? I think so. When I look around at what whites have built and created, when I see the generosity, spirit, work ethic, and love for country of white Americans, I feel hope.

When I realize that even though we live in BRA, blacks are a very small unsustainable percentage of the population. When I realize that blacks are solely dependent on whites for their existence, I know that everything could change in just one day.

Blacks don't care about politics or the success of America. What they DO care about is the transfer of wealth from whites to blacks via entitlements and programs. They demand upliftment and inclusion, but blacks cannot openly compete with whites. They are ungrateful, and detest us. We need to stop the transfer of our wealth and property.

Blacks do not care about education or home ownership or personal responsibility, or the good feeling that comes from hard work. They care about riding for free, living for free, taking from whites, and getting reparations for slavery. We need to end entitlements and cut the cord.

Blacks care about perpetuating black victimology, they hide behind a fake, overzealous type of black Christianity, all the while airing their grievances, and shaking down guilty white people for money. They do not identify themselves as Americans. They long for their African motherland. American history is not THIER history. They don't even claim it. They live on the fringes of society, and depend on white compassion and guilt for their sustenance. We need to stop feeling guilty.

Black people would like for your to believe that they are more advanced than they really are. It is part of a sham, but white people like me are not buying it. Everything could change in a day....

Anonymous said...

One thing that's worth noting is that if Obama loses, there is a good chance that anti-white riots will erupt in a dozen or so major cities. Now, the liberals and media will tut tut about how this proves America Is Still A Racist Place, but most Americans will see sore losers.

The 2012 riots may well spell the end of BRA.

By the way, Michelle Bachman is a religious fanatic. I don't care if a presidential candidate talks to god, but when god talks back, I worry.

Anonymous said...

If the economy improves even a little bit Obama should win. On the national level, Democrats have a huge advantage because of the changing demographics. The GOP needs about 61% of the white vote to win in 2012 assuming all other groups vote the same way (Blacks 95% for their boy, Hispanics and Asians from 2-to-1 to 60-40% Democrat).

Republicans are worthless. I stopped voting for them once they all started supporting affirmative action. I vote for no person or party that is racist against whites.

If ever country gets the leadership it deserves then Amerika certainly deserves a second term for Obama.

Anonymous said...

I'll probably vote Constitution Party again.

Anonymous said...

You losers need to get out your mom's basements get a job kiss a girl lift some weights and do something constructive.


MrGJG said...


That's the idea of this site.
We want to live our lives.

Anonymous said...

"You losers need to get out your mom's basements get a job kiss a girl lift some weights and do something constructive."

This guy lives in his mom's basement, has no upper body strength and has never kissed a girl. He found the site while surfing for porn and I wish he would go back to his usual activities.

Anonymous said...

"She is an amazing black woman."

Cynthia McKinney is an imbecile.

Good Neighbor said...


In your opinion we're racists. You're only saying that because we are white. Anti-racism is simply a code word for anti-white.

A black face on BRA is a positive for my race because it keeps us from sitting back and imagining that we have powerful mainstream political forces looking out for our interests. A John McCain is much worse for our race than BO. BO creates a problem, that gets a reaction that begs a solution.

~AV~ said...

Dare to guess?

Anonymous said...

"You losers need to get out your mom's basements get a job kiss a girl lift some weights and do something constructive.


I lift weights every day, kiss a girl every day, and there are no basements in Texas.

Black people are losers and everyone knows it, even them.

sick & tired

Stepped In What? said...

Let me see if I got this straight; you want Obama to win another term in office, because then everything will be really screwed up, and the white people will revolt. I've got news for you, everything is already screwed up. Our only hope is that someone, anyone, gets elected rather than Obama.

I really regret that I gave this site any money. Wish I could take it back. You just lost another reader.

See ya!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last Stepped in What?,

I said nothing about a "white revolt"... jeez. If you want your money back, I'll gladly refund it. Send me a private e-mail and you'll get it back.

But let me ask you this: What would a Republican do to help you and your philosophy win?

George Bush pressured banks to lend to unqualified minorities and Republicans cheered. Eric Holder is doing the same thing now and investors of these banks are up in arms.

What is it you want Stepped in what?

I know these Republican strategists, I know these consultants.. they are cowards who deserve nothing but scorn and ridicule. They'd rather lose the country then risk saying anything unpopular.

History will judge them for their inadequacies.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kersey ~ While I do agree that things getting worse before they get better is a necessary step towards any sort of white racial awakening, there is still the ???? step fouling things up. Empowering blacks in South Africa hasn't led to white solidarity.

You are correct in indicating that the current "conservative" establishment must go; it is merely a question of how. I have no concrete plans as to this end. I hope that the utter triumph of the left causes it to implode one way or another, but its triumph is no guarantee.

Cyprian Korzeniowski (blogspot won't let me sign in for some reason)

Traveller said...

SPDL, you do not sound well in this post.

It seems like you want more cancer so the research should be faster in finding a cure. Or more people infected with AIDS for the same motive.

Anonymous said...

Want to see what the lefties thinks about you?

Posted by a white liberal on Moonbattery blog by user "Gunter":

"Horrible racist tripe from the United States of Racism.

Your whole culture has devoted itself to marginalizing people and institutionally backing them into corners and poking them with sticks for purely sadistic thrills. Private prisons, racist hiring, racist executions, racist lynchings, racist voting, racist media, racist schools, racist books, racist churches, racist culture. Welcome to racist America.

I wait for the day I read in our unbiased media of the marginalized classes rising up and overthrowing the tyranny of the bourgeoisie white heterosexual Christian America.

You racists and beneficiaries of oppression will be crying for equality and social justice when the tables are turned on the sort of institutional race-based aristocracy which keeps white racists comfortable while the disenfranchised working class is worked to death for your comfort and privilege.

The capitalist and racist classes deserve to be put on trial for the damages.

These poor people have no jobs, no opportunity, no hope, no government safety net, no wholesome public funded culture, no place in society, no meaning, no purpose, no chance at election, no voice, and no capital. You created this state of injustice, and now you call for their persecution when misguided youth struggle against the capitalist system, just as Marx, Engels, and Lenin predicted. They are your class crimes coming back to hurt you.

All they want to say is "I hurt. Listen to me."

We need to listen and understand."

Anonymous said...

"You losers need to get out your mom's basements get a job kiss a girl lift some weights and do something constructive.


Dear asshole,
I lift weights, run, hold rank in two marital arts systems, kiss a girl who I love and dont sit in my parents basement. I own my own home that I worked hard for. I am also working hard to improve my life.

If I want my family and I to be safe in my own country that is my opinion and I am entitled to it.


Have a nice day and fuck you very much.

1111111...damn! said...

I should tell you all that Desiree is alive and well on this site. The blog owner cannot ban her because Blogger does not have that capability to block IP addresses. So she will come in many forms and continue to hoodwink SBPDL because, frankly, he is not as intelligent as her. Not trying to diss him directly, I'm only stating an undeniable fact. Case in point, remember Prof. Snape? Me and Des loved that one! If he was more clever he would be able to read her sock puppets' comments and intuitively tell which ones are hers and which aren't.


I'll let you in on a little secret: she uses Moxilla Firefox that has a plugin that allows her to block Statcounter from tracking her IP address. Thus, you will never ever know when she comes on the site and which comments are hers. Unless, of course, you get it together and use some critical thinking skills and realize that her style of writing is pretty consistent, albeit sometimes skillfully camouflaged, among all of her socks. It really isn't that difficult. Hint: the intelligently critical, long as hell comments are hers, the dumb short ones aren't. Only someone who has spent as long a time on this blog as she has would even waste their time writing a tedious rebuttal to you and your commenters. In other words, you'd have to give a crap about this site.

Does that help? LOL.

Anonymous said...


I see my comment exposing you as the con-man that you are didn't survive the gauntlet. Not a surprise, really. You have the testicular fortitude of a post-op transsexual.

But, good gravy, it seems as if someone is catching on:

"Let me see if I got this straight; you want Obama to win another term in office, because then everything will be really screwed up, and the white people will revolt. I've got news for you, everything is already screwed up. Our only hope is that someone, anyone, gets elected rather than Obama.

I really regret that I gave this site any money. Wish I could take it back. You just lost another reader.

See ya!"

Oops! I guess you're a lot more transparent than you believe yourself to be. The Obama 2012 call was too much, I think. We can see through you: your site needs Obama to push the BRA lie. A Republican in the White House would raise more than a few eyebrows at your formerly surreptitious money-grab.

Once again, SBPDL, you will be exposed in due time. Maybe then you'll be able to 'make money' on this site when you no longer have a 'real job'.


Anonymous said...

@SBPDL: Dude, I need some clarity on this article "Why Obama Must Win.." I'm not getting the point. Could you, in a one-sentence thesis statement, summarize what this article's message is? Thanks, Long-time Reader

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Thesis can be summed up by reading these two articles:

Come back and tell me the difference.

Stepped In What? said...

Stuff Black People Don't Like said:

"George Bush pressured banks to lend to unqualified minorities and Republicans cheered."

A history lesson here: Pressure to lend to minorities began with the "Community Investment Act" which was passed in the Carter Administration back in the latter 70's. The pressure was upped in the Clinton years. It was the Republicans who warned about Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae in the early 2000's. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd should both be in jail for the coverup of Freddie and Fannie. The only thing Bush is guilty of is trying to take credit for minority home ownership.

What is it you want Stepped in what?

1. Let American oil companies drill in the Gulf.

2. Reign in the EPA. Ask the people in New York. Or better yet, read today's Wall Street Journal.

3. Repeal Obamacare. You think your health insurance is high now? Just wait until 2013 when insurance, drug, medical device, and hospital companies begin to start paying additional taxes.

4. Stop promoting public sector unions.

5. Stop paying people not to work.

6. Stop the immigration of Muslims

7. Stop Limiting the amount of money companies can earn. (See Education for Profit, and Health Insurance Companies)

8. Stop putting our allies down, and being cozy with the bad guys. (See Israel and England verses Syria and Egypt)

9. Protect our southern borders.

10. Stop the class warfare rhetoric.

Socialism and Communism don't work. If think they do, move to Cuba.

1111111...damn! said...

How many times must Desiree fail Calculus I before she realizes that enough is enough?

Log off your computer, sweetie, and leave these white racists alone!

Phalluster said...

Though I didn't realize it at the time, Obama's election was the breaking point where I stopped considering myself "American". His birthright citizenship is really an asinine restructuring of goalposts in the argument of whether or not he is "American", whatever that now means. He was conceived by a whorish, broken white woman who worshiped negroes and Islam; today she would probably identify as lesbian now that Elena Kagan and Tyler Clementi are more culturally-instructive than Larry Flynt and Khalid Muhammad. His parental grandmother inspired his scorn, surely because her dissatisfaction at raising a failure of a daughter bled through into her white, dutiful personal sacrifice of raising that bastard spawn. White guys with absentee fathers hate or at least resent them on some basic level; Obama dedicated a slurping blowjob of a book to such a man.

Obama was raised on Communism and anti-white talking points: this is not even disputable. He is "American" insofar as whites are able to embrace/withstand cultural complexity and deviation from the norm, and whoa boy, a "deviation" is what he is. But I share no complex values with Obama - he is a nigger and I am "white", thanks for asking. The masquerade of his political platform means nothing to me. I tolerate "Anglos" and "Saxons", even all the way on over to Vlachs, because we share many of the same complex values and are capable of manifesting those traits together cohesively into a healthy, happy society.

If my vote for McCain 2008 had swayed the tide, I would never have drawn such a conclusion. But McCain's white skin and tours of duty do not absolve his deviant values. I am white, I will only vote for whites, and I will only fight to defend whites. Everyone else can fuck off and die, including the deviant, tolerant whites who disagree.

Anonymous said...

@SBPDL 11:47. No difference. So is your point "Six-of-one, half-dozen-of-the-other?"
FYI, I have posted the address of the latter article on various blogs in hopes of making others aware of "My People" Holder's latest plans to scuttle the economy.

Anonymous said...

@Phalluster: EXCELLENT points you've made: ("... conceived by a whorish, broken white woman who worshiped negroes and Islam; today she would probably identify as lesbian...Obama was raised on Communism and anti-white talking points: this is not even disputable. He is "American" insofar as whites are able to embrace/withstand cultural complexity and deviation from the norm,

Anonymous said...

"I should tell you all that Desiree is alive and well on this site."

No shit Sherlock.

Anonymous said...


Unlike most of your readers I happen to be a liberal Democrat. However I sympathize with your views on BRA and how much a disaster they have been for the nation as a whole. In my opinion, if the black underclass in this country weren't so numerous and off putting we'd probably have European and Canadian levels of public goods and benefits. I figure most of your audience would not be for that, but I am not here to write or debate my views on domestic public policy.

I do want to point out that blacks are the most demanding, annoying, and useless part of the liberal coalition. They are hypersensitive to every comment and will play the race card at the drop of a hat. This has gotten especially bad with the presidency of Barack Obama. Again a lot of folks may disagree with me on this, but Obama has been a disaster when it comes to advocating for liberal policies. His laziness and ineptitude cost us the House in 2010. He folded on multiple issues to a party that holds one chamber of the House and is a tool of globalist bankers. But that is not the worst part.

The worst part is this. As I mentioned previously, blacks are the most demanding, hypersensitive, laziest and least useful members of the Democratic coalition. It is a complete chore to get them out to vote (think the 2010 midterms) and they are terrible at getting along with others. However, now that Obama is President they've also started excusing all his folding and his failure to fight for liberal goals just because it is so cool to have a black President. They also accuse us liberals who point out his flaws of being racist and "not standing behind our President." Well when the President actually sticks up for us libs, we'll think of standing up for him. The only thing black America does well is make excuses: for their community, themselves, and for the President. Fuck em.

Anonymous said...

Obamacare needs repealed. Ruth Bader Ginsberg has stated that she's going to retire after 2012. Obama needs to be a one term POTUS. Period. If you think think Obama is bad now he would run wild in term 2 with executive power, Holder (if they survive scandal) etc.

I think Obama is a dead pres walking. It's up to whitey in 2012. Most blacks live in the south where R's always win. His poll numbers are just about pre-bin ladin numbers. The agitator leaves as a failure and he's created the Tea Party.--the Man.

Sagat said...

If Obama loses, we are going to see civil unrest in most major cities with large Black populations. Mahogany Mobs will be out in the streets venting their frustrations on hapless Whites, Asians and any other non-Blacks unfortunate enough to be caught in the their paths. There will be deaths and numerous injuries. All this is a given when we look at the level of Black mob violence that builds weekly.

In some cities, there will be full blown riots on the scale of the LA Riots and the Katrina aftermath. Mostly though, we'll see gangs of "youths" out causing trouble and this will last for months as DWLs constantly bleat on about racism being the cause of Obama's loss. The leftists will seek to inflame the already volatile emotions of Blacks and they'll secretly (and sometimes openly) gloat about Whites getting beat in the streets. In their minds, they'll imagine that Black violence will be turned against conservative Whites, but in truth, the Blacks will go after the weak and effeminate liberals who naively put themselves in harm's way, believing that their political persuasion somehow makes them an ally to Blacks.

If you want a wake up call for America, then an Obama loss will do it. Imagine the rage in the following video multiplied by a million:

And the 2010 Congressional victories were only an indirect stab at Obama. If he loses, Blacks will take it personally, much more personally than they took his win in 2008.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. 1:36. Enjoyed your post. Thanks for your forthrightness, candor, and honesty. (Even if you did neglect to mention black Americans' inexcusable ingratitude for being fed and housed by the US taxpayer.)
Signed, A SBPDL Reader

Porter said...

Liberal Democrat at 2:03:

Like you I don’t wish to take issue over public policy as it’s meaningless at this late stage. I would trade any point on the political spectrum to occupy the same demographic ground that I was born upon in America. Though it’s worth mentioning to the incipient class of racially aware liberals like yourself, that for years you have betrayed your people for black votes.

You’ve never been able to marshal a white majority since LBJ; so you set about replacing white voters with ones more accommodating to your cause. You slid a stiletto into the back of your own grandchildren, and for what? Higher capital gains rates? A larger budget for HUD? Collective bargaining for unions? It is to weep.

And so when liberals pass into the afterlife, I expect they can look forward to an eternity of being hollowed out and used as prophylactics by thorn-cocked Gulbuth The Rampant.

Though that’s not to absolve your mortal enemy, the businessman, of his own treason. While you’ve been busy purchasing cheap votes, he’s done the same with cheap labor…filling (formerly) white neighborhoods with low-wage but high cost hostile aliens so that every last miserable penny may be squeezed to his bottom line. His profit increases along with his own people’s misery. And when he is dead and done bathing in his doubloons like Scrooge McDuck, he will leave his grandchildren quite as you will: living as besieged minorities and wage-tax slaves paying for an enormous seething non-white underclass.

A plague on both your houses.

Sheila said...

Porter - excellently said and written. I concur, wholeheartedly - a host of plagues on both their houses.

Anonymous said...

Vote Nader!

Seriously, vote for Ralph Nader... He's the one who stood up to the Congressional Black Caucus and called them crude obscene racists playing the race card, and suggested they should apologise and resign or be demoted because Melvin Watt said "You're just another arrogant white man – telling us what we can do – it's all about your ego – another f—king arrogant white man."

Here's what Wikipedia says in their article on the Congressional Black Caucus:

Ralph Nader incident
In 2004, independent presidential candidate and consumer activist Ralph Nader attended a meeting with the caucus which turned into a shouting exchange. The caucus urged Nader to give up his presidential run, fearing that it could hurt John Kerry, the Democratic Party's nominee. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) called the upcoming election "a life or death matter" for the caucus members' constituents. Nader accused Congressman Mel Watt of twice uttering an "obscene racial epithet" towards Nader; he alleged that Watt said: "You're just another arrogant white man – telling us what we can do – it's all about your ego – another f—king arrogant white man." Watt never offered an apology.[13]
Nader wrote to the caucus afterwards:
Instead, exclamations at the meeting... end[ed] with the obscene racist epithet repeated twice by Yale Law School alumnus Congressman Melvin Watt of North Carolina. One member of your caucus called to apologize for the crudity of some of the members. I had expected an expression of regret or apology from Congressman Watt in the subsequent days after he had cooled down. After all there was absolutely no vocal or verbal provocation from me or from my associates, including Peter Miguel Camejo, to warrant such an outburst. In all my years of struggling for justice, especially for the deprived and downtrodden, has any legislator—white or black—used such language?
I do not like double standards, especially since our premise for interactions must be equality of respect that has no room, as I responded to Mr. Watt, for playing the race card. Therefore, just as African-Americans demanded an apology from Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz and Senator Trent Lott—prior to their resignation and demotion respectively—for their racist remarks, I expect that you and others in the caucus will exert your moral persuasion and request an apology from Congressman Watt. Please consider this also my request for such an expression—a copy of which is being forwarded directly to Mr. Watt's office.[14]

m k said...

Obama the black messiah, WTF!! the country has lost so many freedoms, the all mighty govt has spent more money in 3 years that the entire 2 terms of the previous president and people still think that Bush and Obama are different.....THEY ARE THE SAME, WAKE UP AND SEE ALL THE PROGRAMS FOR SOCIALISM ARE TO KEEP CONTROL OF Y.O.U. AND ARE ONLY MEANT TO BE USED FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME!!! This administration has passed do many bills in secret is should be criminal. But as long as you let big brother keep shoving lies straight up you arses with no
Vaseline then only blame yourself when the all mighty social dollar collapses and, oops, no more benefits. But hey when the sh*t hits the fan don't blame yourself just keep blaming the "other" person, it seems to be working for ya!