Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"The Dark Knight Rises" Teaser Trailer --- Available Here!

It seems the entire Internet is buzzing about the The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer that will be attached to the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 film debuting this Friday.

An Anarcho-Tyranny Hero
A movie - the climatic third portion of Christoper Nolan's epic Batman trilogy - that doesn't come out until next summer is generating more buzz based on what will be in the teaser trailer then any other movie that has come out this summer.

For those who have read this site for awhile - or picked up Hollywood in Blackface - you should know I believe that superhero movies are the last realm for white actors to have the opportunity to play the proverbial bad ass, the white knight.

In the sequel - Captain America and Whiteness, which comes out next Friday - you'll understand why this is so important. Actors like Christian Bale, Tom Hardy (though he will be playing the villain Bane - part of Liam Neeson's League of Shadow's - who wants to destroy a decadent and dying Gotham instead of saving it) and director Christoper Nolan are putting together what I believe will be the most anticipated film of all-time in Dark Knight Rises.

Of all the superhero stories, the only two that make any sense are Batman and The Punisher. Strangely, The Batman is always fighting crime in a Gotham City that is set in an America perpetually stuck in the 1950s. In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne's parents were gunned down by a white guy - Joe Chill - though, as we learned yesterday, most of the crime in major cities is committed by nonwhites.

This is incidental, as the entire concept of an aristocrat training to avenge his parents death and trying to bring order to a city overrun by crime is noble, a healthy reaction to a society where Anarcho-Tyranny reigns (it should be stated that The Batman is blatant ripoff of Zorro, but whatever).

In what I believe is one of the finest pieces of fiction written in the past 50 years, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns (1986), a retired Bruce Wayne/Batman decides to return to a Gotham City to fight for justice once again. Richard Spencer wrote a great summary at Takimag, which I'll reproduced below:
Perhaps the best elaboration of the tensions inherent in the Batman character can be found in Frank Miller’s masterful graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns (1986). The conceit here is that after spending a decade in unpleasant retirement, a fifty-something Bruce Wayne is driven to once again to go kick ass on the streets of Gotham. But when the Dark Knight returns, he encounters none of the brightly dressed mafiosos of the original comic but instead a gang of teenage punk rock sadists, “the Mutants”—’60s counter culture with a gun.

Ruling the city is an effete liberal elite that offers the few remaining good people of Gotham barely a semblance of order. Among them is Dr. Bartholemew Wolper, a psychologist who’s been “rehabilitating” and subsequently releasing the Dark Knight’s archenemies, who, of course, quickly return to murder and mayhem.

On television, Dr. Wolper refers to Batman as a “social fascist,” then as a “social disease.” Comissioner Gordon—Batman’s only real ally in law enforcment—goes into mandatory retirement and is replaced by the post-feminist Ellen Yindel, whose first act on the job is to issues a warrant for Batman’s arrest.

There is some hope in Gotham. Carrie Kelly, a young girl who eventually becomes Batman’s new “Robin,” decides to join the Dark Knight after listening to her baby-boomer parents prattle on about the caped “fascist” who’s “never heard of civil rights”—“America’s conscience died with the Kennedys.”

The ultimate villain in The Dark Knight Returns is in fact Superman—whom America’s folksy, patriotic president sends off to fight the commies, deflect a nuclear weapon, and finally bring down the ungovernable Dark Knight. At the close of the novel, Batman is so alienated from civil society that his only recourse is to, in fact, “go underground,” where he plans to train an army that might one day “bring sense to a world plagued by worse than thieves and murderers.” The Joker being dead, one senses that Batman’s referring to the Wolpers, Yindels, and the rest of the establishment.

The fact that Christoper Nolan has borrowed heavily from The Dark Knight Returns (and Miller's Batman Year One) in framing his magnificent Batman trilogy is exciting, because the films are so incredibly illiberal. I haven't seen a script for The Dark Knight Rises, but it's my opinion that film will go back to the first movie, where Bruce Wayne is given the opportunity to join the League of Shadows and destroy Gotham. I'll quote from Spencer again:

In the wild, Wayne meets the mysterious Henri Ducard, who offers him admittance into a secret society that, Ducard insists, represents something much greater than the crude vigilante justice Wayne has been pursuing. Ducard is a leader of the League of Shadows, a collective in which “hatred of evil” is made an “ideal,” and which would teach Wayne to strike against criminals as something more than a man. Wayne joins, and it is with the League that he, in a sense, learns to be a Superhero, studying Ninjitsu as well as the “theatrical” means of stoking terror in the hearts of one’s opponent.  

The turning point in Bruce’s training comes when Ducard demands that Wayne actually kill one of the low-lifes the League had picked up. Wayne demurs, “This man should be tried.” Ducard’s response: “By whom? Corrupt bureaucrats?” Wayne thus learns that the League’s purpose is not simply to execute criminals but whole societies that have grown decadent and are “beyond saving.” The League has, through the centuries, served this purpose, bringing down “Constantinople and Rome before it.” Gotham’s time has come, and Wayne is being trained to be its hangman. 

Wayne rejects the League, fights his way out of its compound, and battles against it throughout the rest of the film. Much like Abraham looking onto Sodom and Gomorrah, he believes there are enough good people left in Gotham to warrant its rescue. But then what’s most important is that in Nolan’s reinvention, Batman’s origins lie not in some distant planet or ideal of Truth and Justice but in the nihilist, “anarcho-fascist” League of Shadows—Batman against Gotham. 
Tom Hardy plays Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, and it's my belief he will be the tool of a returning Ra's Al Ghul - played by Taken's Neeson - in finishing the task of destroying Gotham City, something Wayne reneged on doing and ultimately thwarted in Batman Begins. If you haven't seen Hardy in Bronson, I highly recommend you check that movie out to see what it is an actor is supposed to do in film and the energy he will channel in bringing Bane to real-life.

People who read SBPDL are probably wondering why in the world this is being written here: for three reasons. Christoper Nolan's 2010 film Inception had nary a Black actor (with The Prestige, Batman Begins, Memento, and The Dark Knight only having ancillary Black characters), showing that Token Black characters are unneeded in telling a great story that resonates with a huge audience.

Secondly, I wanted to see how many hits posting a headline that states "Dark Knight Rises" teaser trailer available here. Back in mid-2010, Google heavily censored this site by removing many of the original search engine terms that would send people here. I'm curious to see how it plays on search engines.

And third, that people all around the world are clamoring for news on a teaser trailer for a movie that doesn't come out for a full year shows that Nolan has done something special, telling a story of a character obsessed with vengeance and going outside the law to do.

As most other superhero films falter and flop (Green Lantern is one of the biggest bombs of all-time, with a budget of more than $200 million and a marketing budget nearing $130 million, generating only $105 million at the domestic box office), the tale of Bruce Wayne seeking the means to fight injustice and donning a cap and cowl continues to resonate throughout this country.

So no, I haven't been able to find a teaser trailer for Dark Knight Rises. Like many, I'll be seeing Harry Potter - and cheering for Voldemort against that segregationist Harry Potter - but will know that much of the anticipation for seeing the film will center around viewing the teaser trailer for a movie that comes out in 2012.

But knowing that millions upon millions of people are searching vainly for a teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rise puts a smile on my face. Much of the influence for Nolan's previous films comes from Miller's work and it is this line that has always resonated with me, where Wayne/Batman has beaten Superman and utters:
Batman: You sold us out, Clark. You gave them the power that should have been ours. Just like your parents taught you. My parents taught me a different lesson... lying on this street... shaking in deep shock... dying for no reason at all. They showed me that the world only makes sense when you force it to.
That the incarnation of Batman the country (and world) craves now isn't some nipple-suited wearing freak like in Batman and Robin, but The Batman ripped from the pages of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns and Batman Year One is encouraging.

After all, that Bruce Wayne finally realizes there are worse things then thieves and murders terrorizing the world.


Stephen said...

Hope this gets you a lot of new readers. It looks like Marchin Lootin Koon's dream (BRA) is collapsing, Batman needs to be quick and plant the ideas of this blog in the DWL's brain fast.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Actually, I was able to find the trailer but it appears those at Legendary Pictures have put the stop on it being sent around the net. I'll look for it again later.

It's pretty epic and it was real.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of White Male badasses, but they are all in Video Games.

Anonymous said...

"There are plenty of White Male badasses, but they are all in Video Games."

I prefer real white male "bad asses" such as heavyweight boxing champions Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko, the "pound-for-pound" best fighter in MMA, Georges St. Pierre and the best kickboxer ever, Semmi Schilt.

Steve said...

Brietbart had it in the Big Hollywood section but its since been removed. The studio is cleansing the net of this teaser.

Ryu said...

G'day mate,

I just saw Bronson and that movie is steller. It's about a charismatic hooligan who just loves fighting. The movie is alot like fight club in tone and I'd definitely recommend it.

Anonymous said...

How about the "real" badasses of today? The engineers developing our technology, the doctors, chemists, researchers furthering our civilization? They are almost exclusively white and Asian...

Ryu said...

They are not valued. You gotta work with what you have, when you have it. Today people want to see a buffed out dude who can kick ass and take names, then hack a computer system, create a new compound and then get the girl. It's the new ideal, and it's what we must become.

RYu said...


Not enough. The modern ideal is a buffed out dude who can beat up the bad guy, hack a computer network, create a new chemical compound, be a millionaire and get the girl. We have to strive to be all of those things. said...

Look behind the scenes.

Every major motion picture ever made is ultimately the product of White technical ingenuity.

Next time you attend the theater note that white people were the architects who designed the structure. White people likely designed the sound system (maybe Asians). The technology that allowed the movie to be made is from Western culture. Etc, etc.

(Then a black guy dominates the screen and says, "Yo!" and we're all supposed to be amazed.)

Also, take a look at this photo of the Oscar Awards crowd and tell me how many black folks you see. These are the movers and shakers behind the industry. (And they say the Republican Party is too White!)

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to a movie theatre in four years, but I'll be there for this one. (If Amerika is still functioning a year from now, that is.)

I'll just close my eyes during the Morgan Freeman magic nigger scientist scenes. :)

Steve said...

Well I have to add a few videos. We do have white heroes, they are not in the spot light only in a few media montages or spoken about with disdain from the DWL.

Vid 1: 2 blacks in it, one that traitor Powell the Affirmative Action General the other some unknown.

Vid 2: As a sports fan I cant believe you didn't cover this Paul! Well as a Boston area resident I have to add this for some white sports heroes!

Vid 3: How different is the world today!!??

We have our heroes, most of them are just men doing a job, doing a good job for the furthering of our civilization.

To hell with the negros!

Anonymous said...

The last movie we saw at the theater my spouse & I, was last February, is a Canadian made film with an all white cast. It's autobiographical, so there wasn't any alternative choice than to cast white people.
We still have it good here, for now|

JB said...


These movie comments make me chuckle. Since I recently saw it, I've been saying that "The King's Speach" is the whitest movie I've ever seen.

The entire production is superb, from the script to the acting to the soundtrack. I know a bit about movies, and I think this one is destined to be a cinema classic alongside such films as "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Bridge On the River Kwai."

A movie about the King of England, ruler of his people. I only watched it twice (though I'm sure I'll be seeing it again. This film can bear multiple viewings. The script is canny, and the movie is witty and cheeky), and I don't remember seeing a black person in it. No retrofitted black valet for Churchill, for instance.

Like I said, maybe the whitest movie I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, I am older than most of your readers. But I cannot for the life of me, understand why spending your decreasing-value dollars for 120 minutes of wish fulfillment 'dress up' such as this garbage, is worth ANY amount of praise, (even on an electronic forum?) from those criticizing the 'gospel of BRA'.

I read Superman, Justice League, Superboy, Supergirl etc. AS A CHILD. Back when comic books were worth the paper they were written on.... 12 cents an issue. I am now an adult. I presume your readers are, as well.
Therefore, I Cor. 13:11 is my mantra, these days.....

And to that end, I now am preparing for the dissolution of society. It's coming and we all KNOW it's coming- even Barry Baby. I have a rural retreat, I have a gun license, and I am learning martial arts with my sons, even at 50-plus years of age, because I don't have time to WASTE on Hollyweird's propaganda. And I will admit, I was a leftist of sorts, and a pacifist for much of my life.

Now, I have to overcome decades of TV and comic book propaganda that wanted me to REMAIN a 'passive white male,' just like this Batcrap movie does. I now have to force myself to stick my head down by the stinky sweaty armpit of a MMA classmate, and overcome my revulsion against physical contact, just to learn how to save (perhaps) my sorry, sinful ass by mastering one good move, in order to give my wife time to pull the f*cking trigger on a gun, should we be caught in a situation needing such skills against the denizens of BRA! For 10-1 odds that it would be a 'person of color' helps me to be prepped for them, when they start coming toward me, let me tell you!

Giving credence, therefore, to ANYthing such as this, is a consummate waste of time. If you find BRA to be oppressive to the point of considering the things many of your commenters are saying, then stop dreaming about it, and DO SOMETHING. Lord knows, the Tuskeegee Institute thugs aren't going to the gym for 'prettiness points,' but to whup some sorry white ass, should the EBT cards stop functioning. They know it, you chronicle it, and we should be reading all the old SOuthern tomes such as Dabney's to undertand why OUR ancestors never trusted 'those people.'

As Limbaugh said decades ago, 'War is messy. People get hurt, and things fall apart.' Well, I intend to live through that, and rebuild, for '....Us, and our posterity,' long after the multicultis are a pile of bones by the side of the road leading out of town, as a warning to any other 'uppity groups' who might think we will forget that we have (as Kipling noted) 'learned to hate'. Ps. 139:22.

Deo Volente.

-Fr. John+
and those with me

Anonymous said...

"Giving credence, therefore, to ANYthing such as this, is a consummate waste of time."

I tend to agree with this.

Discard said...

Fr John: I haven't been to a superhero movie since I last took my son, but let others draw martial support where they can. Not everyone loves to read books. In part, this site is aimed at them.
I agree that fantasy is far too often a substitute for actual preparation, and ought be criticized on those grounds, but most of us do not have the knack for concentration that a clergyman has. I recognize that exhortation is part of your calling, but recall the words of Sir Francis Drake, when interrupted while bowling with the news that the Spanish Armada had been spotted: "There's time enough to finish the game and beat the Spaniards too".

Discard said...

That should have been "martial Inspiration", not "martial support".

Anonymous said...

"Giving credence, therefore, to ANYthing such as this, is a consummate waste of time."

It's not about Hollywood. It's about Frank Miller.