Friday, July 22, 2011

DHS and McDonald's Both on the 365Black Agenda

What ever happened to judging by the 'content of ones character'? It seems the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has come to realize judging by the "color of their skin" is only applicable when it comes to white people.
A vigilant citizen in BRA looking out for dangerous DHS-approved white male terorists

We already know that the Transportation Services Administration (TSA) - 22 percent of its employees are Black compared to 10 percent of the private workforce - primarily frisks and treats white air passengers (whom are more than 90 percent of those who fly in America) as suspected terrorists, considering anything they carry that is more than 3 fluid ounces a threat to national security.

Now the DHS puts out an instructive training video that shows white males as the primary potential terrorists that we must all watch out for, and shows non-white families - watch the beginning of the video - as the new archetype of American family. Remember that the DHS - like all federal agencies - is also dedicated to improving the Black representation among its ranks:

The Homeland Security Department has made progress toward increasing diversity in its ranks, but still has a way to go in reaching an optimal mix of employees, witnesses told a House panel on Wednesday.
DHS is committed to building workforce that is "competent, effective and reflective" of the population, said Deputy Secretary Jane Lute, in testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee. "A lack of diversity hampers our ability to make wise and informed decisions."

Hispanics are better represented at DHS than at any other Cabinet-level agency, making up nearly 20 percent of the workforce. But black employees account for only 14 percent of the workforce, and black females make up only 1 percent.

In 2008, the department created a diversity action plan, establishing minority outreach efforts, and in April officials laid out a 120-day action plan with targeted marketing strategies and performance metrics to evaluate improvements. But several committee members expressed concern over the department's approach to outreach. Relying solely on the Internet to contact minority populations is a reflection of the "lazy attitude of the federal government in its outreach," said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas.

DHS is committed to sending recruiters to job fairs and historically black colleges and universities to engage potential hires on a more personal level, according to Lute. Representatives of the Secret Service, a component of DHS, have attended more than 1,100 job fairs since 2007, and one third of the newest recruits are minorities.

You begin to understand that normal, law-abiding white people are deemed war criminals in Black-Run America (BRA), losers of the Civil Rights struggle that exempts Black people from being judged by the content of their character and maintains that white people are automatically judged by the color of their skin; a guilty verdict that they have no ability to supplicate.

In reading a post on the subject at Mangan's, a fantastic comment was supplied by "Whiskey":
In real life, a Black man from Memphis, Carlos Bledsoe, aka Abdulhakim Mohammed is on trial for shooting and killing two White US Army Recruiters in Little Rock Arkansas. Bledsoe/Mohammed is a convert to the Nation of Islam.

Examples of Somali immigrants, the Beltway snipers (two Black men who converted to Islam), various Black guys shooting Whites (Omar Thornton), various Pakistani immigrants trying to blow up Times Square or other places, shows the vast majority of mass-killing and terrorist violence, (such as Nidal Hassan the Fort Hood Shooter) are done by non-Whites, specifically Black converts to Islam or Pakistani immigrants and Somali immigrants/refugees.

PC makes you stupid.
Speaking of PC making you stupid, McDonald's once again allows for some hilarious 365Black behavior as an off-duty Black manager attacked a white woman - video at this link - because she dared bring a service dog into the restaurant:
An arrest warrant has been issued for the manager of a Marietta McDonald's after she punched a mother of two autistic boys in the face, Marietta police said.

 It happened at the McDonald's on Bells Ferry Road, police said.The manager, Tiffany Denise Allen, told the woman that the twin boys’ service dog, Barkley, wasn't allowed inside, police said. Allen was off duty.The law, however, states that the dog is allowed inside.The boys’ mother, Jennifer Schwenker, said the incident took place on July 12 when she took the boys to the McDonald's to have lunch.Channel 2’s Diana Davis got her hands on a surveillance tape showing one of the twins and Barkley enjoying the restaurant’s play area.The family was about to leave when Allen told them there were no dogs allowed, police said.Schwenker explained that Barkley is a service dog, allowed by federal law in all public places including restaurants. 

Schwenker offered to provide proof of the permit for the dog, Marietta police said.It wasn’t enough for Allen, they said. The tape shows her following the family around the McDonald's, even down the hall to the restroom.When Schwenker tried to leave, she lost track of one of the boys. In a panic, she threw her drink on the floor and it splashed on Allen, police said.The tape shows Allen running after Schwenker in a rage, police said. Marietta police Detective Gwen Lewis told Davis that she has never seen anything like it.

Schwenker did not want to speak to Davis about the incident, but her husband said they are talking to a lawyer.Allen is charged with battery assault and disorderly conduct.
JM and Jan Owens, who run the store where the incident occurred, released a statement:“At our McDonald’s restaurant, we respect and value our customers. Their safety and well-being is always a top priority."We strive to comply with all applicable laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is our policy to make our restaurants accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities and special needs, whether or not they need the assistance of service animals."We are fully cooperating with the police department in their investigation, and the individual involved is no longer employed by our company. ”
Tiffany Denise Allen - the Black manager of McDonald's - appears to be holding a baby in the surveillance tape prior to her assault on Schwenker (she also looks to tip the scales at well north of 300 lbs). Moral of the story: stay the hell away from McDonald's.

How are these two stories related? Not exactly sure. Perhaps they show that both McDonald's and the DHS have gone 365Black, as this summer has seen more than 10 United States have horrible Mahogany Mob situations that result in martial law-style curfews being implemented.

The DHS should just wall off Detroit - like something out of Escape from New York - and place all of the nations prison population there. Those individuals who live in the Kansas City zip code 64130 - and account for 20 percent of Kansas' prison population - can also be transported there. Same for North District beat 23 in Indianapolis which accounts for the majority of crime in Indianapolis. Same for any of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America.

It's a big city that needs an influx of people to help save the economy there; pull the resources required to patrol all of the bad neighborhoods across the country by consolidating them in one place. Hell, put a McDonald's on every street corner there too! You have a massive prison-city that would require a huge security industry to maintain and I"m sure Teach for America would have no problem sending in progressive young educators to educate the children there.

Again, the DHS doesn't consider Mahogany Mobs a threat to national security; only white males are a threat. McDonald's governing corporate structure (in their personnel decisions) feels the same way as the leadership there does everything possible to promote anyone but whitey to positions of power. Even someone like Tiffany Allen. 


Anonymous said...

Tiffany Denise Allen no longer works at McDonalds.

Did she ever?

edwood said...

I hope they sue and make millions off of McD's.

Anonymous said...

BHAHAHAHAHA @ the DHS video! the Angry White Dude beat you to it on yesterdays post. But yeah as I was watching the 1t minute of it, I thought maybe just maybe it was actually a joke. The whole damn thing was so funny and absurd that it could ve been a spoof of political correctness. But it wasn't. Hopefully given its lack of subtlety it will wake up just a few more whites (perhaps double digits?) to the fact that their govt is openly hostile to them.

On a more dark note, there's another message to this: white males are the REAL terrorists, and therefore have no rights

Left Coast Dude

Anonymous said...

I heard about this incident on the radio today and figured it was a black person. Who else attacks families with babies and little kids - autistic kids no less!

Just yesterday I saw a video of a black woman on the NYC subway attacking another black woman pushing a baby carriage.

About a year ago we had Epic Beard Man - the 70-year-old white man who was attacked by some black punk on a bus - who decided to fight back and kicked the black kids ass.

About the same time in San Francisco, a black woman tried picking on an elderly Asian woman on a bus. She slapped the Asian who then turned around and beat her black ass.

In Philly this week, a pregnant white woman chased a black thug who snatched her purse. The two scuffled and the pathetic black criminal was found lying in the gutter with a broken knee.

While it is good that some of these blacks are getting some of what they deserve, we still must ask who attacks the elderly, the pregnant and the mothers of young children?

Malcolm X called white people devils. But blacks are devils. What else do you call people who physically attack the handicapped, the elderly and little children - often in packs!

Playing Roots Backwards said...

This is might work out just great. First we just wait for the DHS to make the inevitable major media spectacle out of the arrest of an unfortunate bastard that got caught with camping supplies in his trunk that include propane tanks, fire crackers and matches. Then we have to decapitate the first cartoonist that makes fun of that poor fall guy.

From then on the former victims of playground bullies that run the MSM will be too frightened of White people to dare say anything unflattering about us.

Who knows how far this could carry us? Enough media noise might even scare Blacks away from our neighborhoods.

Thank you very much Big Sister.

bubo said...

God this stuff pisses me off. The damn TSA is nothing but a jobs program for unemployable blacks to rifle through travelers belongings stealing whatever they like. Just like the USPS. What kind of jobs are these DHS positions? I don't want blacks and their deep seated hatred for "White America" making actual decisions in regards to national security.

But black employees account for only 14 percent of the workforce, and black females make up only 1 percent.

Fuck sake. Blacks are supposedly only 13% of the population. Wouldn't that mean the are correctly represented? Not in BRA. Blacks MUST be over-represented in federal hiring otherwise screams of racism erupt from the usual camps.

But several committee members expressed concern over the department's approach to outreach. Relying solely on the Internet to contact minority populations is a reflection of the "lazy attitude of the federal government in its outreach," said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas.

White people actually have to search for employment, repeatedly bumping their heads against employers who are under federal consent decree NOT TO HIRE WHITES. Blacks expect an employer to come by their house, church, jail cell etc. and beg them to come and pick up a paycheck.

Things better change in this country.

Discard said...


Younger commenters may not remember the sudden appearance of these officious slackers at every government office after 9-11. "Fighting terrorism" was an excuse for a lot more than wars in the Middle East and increased electronic snooping. Putting more people on the government tit was a high priority too, and the more diverse the better. "Never let a crisis go to waste" is a motto all politicos can agree on.

~AV~ said...

@12:46 anon

What else do you call people who physically attack the handicapped, the elderly and little children - often in packs!

I call them fucking niggers....

~AV~ said...

I hang my head in shame...I am a victim of District 18...of Sheila (where's the camera) Jackson Lee...

Locally know as the CongessWOMAN!!!!!!!!!
Who may sport a single, double or a triple decker "weave"...(depending on the occasion....)

Anonymous said...

Who is this crap targeted to? It must be blacks because they are easily swayed by propaganda

Whiskey said...

Thanks for the kind words. I am sure the terrorist/spree attack in Norway, reported to be (I am somewhat suspicious) the work of a lone White "neo-Nazi" will put PC into overdrive.

Nevertheless, the overwhelming pattern of terrorism in this country is young Black Muslim men, either foreign born, or native converts, and secondarily Muslims from Pakistan or Yemen or Saudi Arabia, doing or attempting mass killings.

I forgot the Christmas Day Detroit bomber, the guy from Nigeria by way of Yemen. Or Christopher Monckton, the Black guy in Seattle who shot two White cops. Or Roderick Shonte Dantzler. There's probably more, so many its hard to keep track of them all.

However as Laurence Auster noted, there is a decided effort to portray White males as the root of all evil (White women being exempt). DHS is merely one more way which non-Whites can single out White males for humiliation and such.

Dissident said...

Propaganda is no longer in vogue, these days they call it "strategic communications", Orwell would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Here is some strategic communication... Stop calling these botfs niggers. Most of white Amercia is so heavily brainwashed they well only see hatred and ignorance like they are programmed to when they see that word.

Be smart. I was watching "The first 48" and iut was dealing with a murder in Detroit. A young black male was a witness to a homicide and when asked "who did it", he said "an african". He meant another black male, but maybe not. Maybe if we stop calling them african American and just call them africans (separating national identity from racial identity), people when fed up enough will start making the connection... Were are africans from? Where do africans belong?

Left coast white guy

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hunter Wallace, call them "African Americans" when referring to them. That's what "African Americans" want to be called, so be it. It was an African American female who slapped a white woman who going about her business doing a very difficult job of caring for autistic kids.
It was an African American who shot three white females going about their business in Atlanta, Ga. It was an African American who shot six whites and his mulatto daughter then shot himself and it was an African American who ......

10mm AUTO said...

The last 126 terrorists have been Middle Eastern (Easterlings) or Blacks (Orks).

And DHS runs an ad saying "Watch the Whites".

What is next, Atlanta runs an anti-murder public service announcement and shows only Whites? They will have to use actors, because 100% of the murders last year were Orcs.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Monckton? He's the anti-global warming guy.

Anonymous said...

We need to start voting with our feet folks. Money talks, BS walks.

No more McDonalds. Hello Wendy's...

Semper Fi.

Marc B said...

Western hetero males have been the unofficial scapegoats for decades. This government propaganda film merely validates this policy.

Discard said...

"Western hetero males have been the scapegoats for decades."
Marc B, take a look over at Occidental Dissent. Rule by eunuchs is the most recent topic.