Friday, July 1, 2011

BET States America's 500+ Black Mayors can halt Depression-era Black Unemployment

In response to Depression-era level Black unemployment across the country, the hope for salvation is that the more than 500 Black mayors across the nation can find vocations for the increasingly unemployable:
Black mayor's like ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick can create jobs...

As American politics gets more and more divisive at the upper levels, it’s becoming increasingly clear that if anything is to get done in this country, it needs to happen outside of logjammed Washington, D.C. As you can tell from last week’s same-sex marriage ruling in New York, sometimes state legislatures can have far more impact than “big time” senators and congresspeople. Similarly, mayors of towns big and small can often have drastic impacts on their locales. That’s why Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, says in a new commentary that he’s optimistic about the impact Black mayors can have on Black America’s unemployment problem.
The Black jobless rate is at a Depression-era level of 16.2 percent overall—17.5 percent for Black males. The national unemployment rate is 9.1 percent.
In November 2010 there were more than 500 African-American mayors representing cities across the United States. In a 2001 Black Enterprise survey, readers voted for the top 10 cities for African-Americans—seven out of those 10 had black mayors.
Black mayors can ostensibly have a real effect on how welcoming African-Americans perceive it to be. But Morial says they can have a notable effect on policy, too.
Touting the qualities of two newly elected Black mayors, Alvin Brown of Jacksonville, Florida, and Michael Hancock of Denver, Morial says both have told him jobs are their No. 1 priority in the months and years ahead. (Brown will be sworn into office today and Hancock on July 11.) The Black unemployment problem remains the cause of heartache and headaches for millions of African-Americans. Perhaps what is needed is more Blacks in high places attacking the problem.
Knowing that Black people rely on state and federal employment disproportionately to other races and that austerity measures will decimate the artificially-created Black middle class, putting the faith in Black mayors who mainly preside over dying cities to stimulate job creation is a clear indicator that we are nearing the end of Black-Run America (BRA).
Black people – the majority whom don’t even finish high school  and those that do barely scrape by with passable marks – have few qualifications or transferrable skills that the global marketplace demand (save for the two locked-out sports of professional football and basketball). The continued toleration by the business community of our border with Mexico’s continued violation by an unending wave of illegal immigrants is entirely due to the fact that Black people refuse to do work that Brown people gladly will.

How can Black mayors, who were elected by the monolithic Black vote of which 88 percent believe the economy is better under Mein Obama, be expected to curb Black unemployment? Cities like Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis and Birmingham continue to lose Fortune 500 companies and large businesses because the primarily Black population is incapable of supplying qualified workers.
Birmingham has lost five Fortune 500 companies that were headquartered in the city over the past 10 years, leading one to only guess as to the massive impact and blow to the local economy these departures represented:
The fact that 12 years later, five Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Birmingham have fled the city shows you just one of the many incalculable costs of Black-Run America (BRA). The majority of crime (both to person and to property) are courtesy of a Black population that receives substantial funding from the US taxpayer. The majority of the crime in all of Alabama is attributable to only 29 percent of the total state population.
Mayors like former New Orleans leader Ray Nagin will stop high rates of Black unemployment
How will Black mayors help Black people? No business owner will take the chance to open a business in cities with more than 60 percent Black populations, because the cost of doing business is too great with the cost-benefit analysis (CBA) never in the black. Black mayors reside over dying cities or are elected specifically because they are Black and enough Black people voted as a racial bloc to ensure their victory.
Black mayors also have a tendency to engage in racial cronyism (look at Washington D.C.), and the individuals they hire are hardly selected because of their merit.
Has any major city ever benefited from having a Black mayor (well, except New York City whose foray into Black mayordom with David Dinkins convinced everyone to never allow that to happen again)?
White flight is in an inevitability of a cities leadership going Black and eventual businesses flee as well when property value begins to plummet. We are nearing the end of a 67-year old experiment and it won’t be pretty.
Philadelphia and Chicago have shown us what the future will be and no magical Black mayor could come up with a jobs program to employ the unemployable at this point. When Black men get better access to healthcare in prison; when Black people disproportionately rely on EBT/food stamps, TANF/welfare, and Section 8 housing, what incentive do they have to work when the tax payer already pays them without them supplying any labor (of course, the massive prison system and costs associated with jailing overwhelmingly Black people is one example of their labor being a boon for one segment of the economy)?
Then again, judging by tests scores and lack of academic qualifications for a world increasingly reliant on mathematically adept individuals, what jobs could they perform?
Black mayors have their work cut out for them, the majority of whom were elected because of a monolithic vote and promises of improving only one segment of the community they are charged with serving.
“Escaping the madness” is no longer an option in America. The U.S. Justice Department is suing the Waukesha County community of New Berlin because that city decided against low income housing and Black lawmakers in failing cities attempting make white flight illegal.
The only option left is to ‘survive the madness’ that is growing all around us, weather the approaching storm and understand that this system that governs every sector of American life cannot long endure.


Anonymous said...

Blacks are waiting for their Obama money. He gets it from his stash. They are president now.

Discard said...

Just in case anybody wants to bring up Mayor Tom Bradley as a counter-example to the Black-mayor=disaster theorem, it should be pointed out that Los Angeles mayors are figureheads, not real executives. The City Council runs things. Mayor Bradley was a creation of the Waxman/Berman machine, a bone for Blacks, who were a mere 15% of the voters. Between the WB machine and the Blacks, 9 out of 13 votes on the Council were sewed up. All the Blacks asked for, and got, were safe seats for their politicians and the exclusion of Mexicans from patronage jobs. It's Third World immigrants who destroyed L.A., not the Blacks, but only because the Blacks hadn't the numbers.

Anonymous said...

big time post for later SPBDL, a new website called black people vs fast food! said...

Black slaves also enjoyed high employment.

Anonymous said...

"...In a 2001 Black Enterprise survey, readers voted for the top 10 cities for African-Americans—seven out of those 10 had black mayors..."

Ok. How on erf can ANYONE read this and come to any conclusion other than THE RACES DO NOT MIX, AND DO NOT WANT TO?

Negroes are NOT Americans, and do not want to be. They want America to continue to cede to their demands, and nothing else.

Why is this so hard?

Anonymous said...

always said to my black brothers
who do u think illegal immigration hurts most?
black males/ idiots!
when black males get out of prison w/ barely no marketable skills-who are they competing with?
illegal immigrants!
and when the cuts come to gov't/and their "middle-class jobs" disappear
oh my! lions and tigers and bears!
it's gonna get ugly
plus-obama's a demagogue-and that's one thing he's good at!
it's gonna get nasty!

Warrior said...

Paying people not to work is not the answer. Unfortunately that is today's reality. Black mayors are like all mayors, they want the "free" gubment money so they can fill patronage jobs. No business in its right mind is going to locate in a heavily black city. Not only is there a lack of talent in the local labor pool, but the quality of life is crap because of all the black crime. Even lotto millionaires like Freddie Young of Detroit could not refrain from murdering an Australian landlord when his daughter was being evicted for non payment of rent. If Mr. Young was so flush with cash, why didn't he pay his daughters back rent and pay the guy her rent for a year in advance or better yet buy her a house? No, his black rage took over and he killed the white Australian landlord.
Story here;

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic here guys have to read this. Emily Guendelsberger – the woman who got her leg broken in Philly by a mob of rambunctious Negro gentlemen – has written an article wherein she explains that, though the mob that beat her was 100% black, her boyfriend who was also struck is “brown” so the attack could not possibly have been racially motivated. Oh, and some black girls helped her so that means the black people who broke her leg were NOT racist. No, I’m not kidding. Her white urban hipster-nitwit tale is told here:,58379/

It is fascinating to me how powerful the force of PC brainwashing is. It’s astounding. Mass racist black mobs all over the country are beating whites and other non-blacks EXCLUSIVELY and this fucktarded moron insists anyone who describes her attack as black racism is some sort of a monster.

The Soviets would be envious. Goebbels would weep with admiration. The PC brainwashing in America exceeds anything they ever hoped to achieve. Un-freaking-believable.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Name me ONE city, just ONE that has a majority black population and doesn't have high crime, unemployment, and trashy housing.


Anonymous said...

"Even if that were so, white people would do those jobs instead. Illegal immigration is supported by businesses because it's so much cheaper than hiring legitimate workers"

White people are capable of getting an education that qualifies them for more lucarative and comfortable employment, therefore most don't have to do these jobs.

The business community supports immigrants doing these jobs because they need someone to do the work that blacks don't have to do because of the massive welfare state in this country that disproportinately supports blacks.

Anonymous said...

"Black mayors have their work cut out for them, the majority of whom were elected because of a monolithic vote and promises of improving only one segment of the community they are charged with serving."

Black vote is a block vote. Blacks vote for blacks. It matters not the least what the qualifications of the black running for office has. It doesn't matter if the black for office is a convicted felon, if he has ever been impeached for corruption while in office, nor what he is was convicted of. Blacks will vote for him or her, just as long as they are black. That's why blacks are brought to the polls in buses, vans, cars, trucks, any thing on wheels. That is also why there is a Black Run America.

Brother Anonymous said...

Yes, unfortunately, it looks like American is still not ready for a black president -- black people are still too racist.

Anonymous said...

Black mayors do create jobs - good jobs, too.
Unfortunately, they are for the bankruptcy lawyers after they've run the city to the ground.


MrGJG said...

Anon 9:04, you need to look only at this years senate "race" in South Carolina to see how true your words are.