Wednesday, May 8, 2013

About Dr. Walter Williams "Honest Examination of Race"...

Dr. Walter Williams is a beloved economist of Conservatism Inc., an avuncular black intellectual capable of providing sound right-of-center arguments for those hoping to cite an authority figure who isn't just another white guy. 
Notice anything about the population demographics of America's "Best Run Cities" (Source:
* Raleigh's current mayor is Independent, though she was endorsed by the Democratic Party

His latest column makes the point that most of America's most dangerous cities are simultaneously  political managed and primarily populated by black people. Politically, those in control of Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Detroit are black Democrats, who owe their election to primarily black constituents. 

But he's not attempting to correlate the dangerous nature of these cities to their black population, just making the case that relying on the old canard of 'racial discrimination' for the plight of blacks in these cities isn't cutting it anymore. [Honest Examination of Race,, 5-8-13]:

One definition given for insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results; it might also be a definition of stupidity. Let’s look at some cities where large percentages of black Americans live under poor conditions. 
Experiencing a violent crime rate of 2,137 per 100,000 of the population, Detroit is the nation’s most dangerous city. Rounding out Forbes magazine’s 2012 list of the 10 most dangerous cities are St Louis; Oakland, Calif.; Memphis, Tenn.; Birmingham, Ala.; Atlanta; Baltimore; Stockton, Calif.; Cleveland; and Buffalo, N.Y. The most common characteristic of these predominantly black cities is that for decades, all of them have been run by Democratic and presumably liberal administrations. Some cities – such as Detroit, Buffalo, Newark, N.J., and Philadelphia – haven’t elected a Republican mayor for more than a half-century. What’s more is that in most of these cities, blacks have been mayors, chiefs of police, school superintendents and principals and have dominated city councils. 
You might ask, “What’s the point, Williams?” Let’s be clear about it. I’m not stating that there’s a causal relationship between crime, poverty and squalor on the one hand and, on the other, Democratic and black political control over a city. Nor am I saying that blacks ought to vote Republican. What I am saying is that if one is strategizing on how to improve the lives of the poorest black people, he wants to leave off his to-do list election of Democrats and black politicians. Also to be left off the to-do list is a civil rights agenda. Racial discrimination has little to do with major problems confronting black people.
One of the greatest factors in determining the health of a city is quickly understanding the demographics of a city. Though many good people will refuse to live in a city dominated by Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs), one would be hard pressed to compare a city like Seattle, Portland, or Austin (Texas) to a city black Democrats run like Memphis, Detroit, or Birmingham. 
Why are majority white cities like Omaha,Lincoln, Madison, Seattle and Portland - all run by Democrat mayors - so much different from majority black cities like Atlanta, Birmingham, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Memphis?

Philadelphia, Buffalo, Newark, and Baltimore are undesirable cities for white people to live in precisely because they are dangerous cities because of the preponderance of black citizens living there. Conversely, a city like Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska (both run by registered Democrat mayors) are nice places to live because of the lack of black people found there -- 3.8% and 13% of the overall population, respectively. 

24/ published data on the best/worst run major cities in America, with many of those 'best-run cities' being sparsely populated by black people yet with a Democrat mayor. How can this contradiction exist -- after all, isn't the reason Detroit, Memphis, and Philadelphia are so dangerous is because of all the Democrats? [The Best and Worst Run Cities in America,, 1-15-13]:  

Regardless of whether this happens, more pressure will be placed on mayors to manage their growing populations. 24/7 Wall St. has completed its second annual ranking of the 100 largest cities in the U.S., based on local economies, fiscal management, and quality of life measures. To evaluate how well a city is managed over the long-term, we looked at factors like the city’s credit rating, poverty, education, crime, unemployment, and regional GDP. The best-run city this year is Plano, Texas. The worst-run is San Bernardino, California.

Measuring the effective governance of a city and comparing it to others can be challenging. Each city has its own unique challenges and advantages. The strength of the regional economy, the level of state funding, and the presence of major corporations or industries can all impact a city’s prospects. They play a big part in a city’s employment levels, safety, and fiscal stability.
All those factors, of course, are directly affected by how a city is managed. Mayors, school boards, and city councils all have a role to play in that regard. All of these groups must work with the resources available to keep budgets balanced.
Only one of America's best run cities (Fayetteville, North Carolina) had a majority black population, and it was only by a few tenths of a percentage point. 

  • Thirteen of the Top 20 Best Run Cities in America had black populations under 10 percent
  • Fifteen of the Top 20 Best Run Cities in America had black populations under 15 percent
  • Ten of the Top 20 Best Run Cities in America had white populations greater than 60 percent
  • Madison, Lincoln, Seattle, and Portland have white populations that are similar to the overall percentages of blacks in cities like Detroit, Birmingham, Baltimore, and Memphis; they are even run by Democrat mayors... what's the difference?
The greatest kiss of death to a city is a growing black population that eventually reaches such a percentage of the city's electorate whereby they can begin to democratically elect politicians "who look them."

Thus is the story of Detroit, Birmingham, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, Memphis, Atlanta, St. Louis, and Cleveland's demise. 

But that's not part of the history lesson Dr. Williams' wishes to impart in his "honest examination of race"... that would make it "too honest."


Anonymous said...

"one would be hard pressed to compare a city like Seattle, Detroit, or Austin (Texas) to a city black Democrats run like Memphis, Detroit, or Birmingham."

Typo. What was the first "Detroit" supposed to be?

Anonymous said...

There is a certain level of honesty that necessarily permeates, or alternately hinders, discussion in polite society--usually topics turning upon just a handful of subjects. Much is limited not so much due to the ignorance of the writer, who often knows the truth, or even due to the desire to obfuscate, but rather due to the limitations of whoever is controlling the debate. That is, one must be conscious of the editor of the particular forum one participates in, and the limits that he has placed upon debate.

The nature of negroes is one example, but there are others.

Anonymous said...

"honest" is dishonest - orwell was right. honest means not mentioning IQ or pretending there are no differences, or pretending the differences are due to poverty & education levels, instead of what lurks beneath them. it's amazing what people will believe. take religion for example.

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionists said...

Though it be true, liberal democrat, black run area's are worse off than liberal, democrat, white run areas, white liberal democrat run areas do not prosper well. Further,liberal democrat, white run areas such as the state of California have teetered on the precipice of insolvency for years now.

Back in 1972, I read an article that impressed me so, I never forgot it.

Back then, when RWReagan was governor, should California have seceded, it would have been the 7th richest country in the world. California back then was still a republican state, with the majority voting block being non-liberal whites.

After Reagan came Jerry Brown, white, liberal, democrat and with "moonbeam" Jerry, California's financial ruination process began.

White liberal run areas don't sink as fast and as deep as blacks because though white liberals, like blacks, prefer the immature psychological state, white liberals have a higher IQ than black liberals.

The only real point proven is that if your embracing the sloth to remain immature, you are better off being immature with a physically larger, higher IQed cerebrum than as you would be with a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum.

White liberals are of the former position, and have the cerebrum power to dump the cost of their loser, selfish, socialist ideology on the collective, which by the way, makes the non-liberal whites pay the majority of said liberal ideology cost. Also by the way, many wealthy, non-liberal whites are simply renouncing their American citizenship and taking their wealth someplace else, thanks white liberals.

Blacks of course are of the latter, not only do they prefer to remain immature, but their immaturity is coupled to their physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum. Though they, like white liberals, dump their loser costs ultimately on non-liberal whitey, they just don't have the necessary IQ power to scam with the big boys of scamming, white liberals.

This difference is near identical to the difference between white collar, and blue color, crime.

The only sane conclusion in our insane world of today, here in America, is secession. Spread the word; secession is the word.

Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.

rjp said...

Best run cities does not mean best places to live. Some of these places are actually nice places.

And as many of these cities continue to blacken and brown, quality of life and their financial situation will change drastically.

Anonymous said...

Even though Raleigh and Fayetteville have higher black populations, they also have other factors driving their economies.

Raleigh is the capital, and has NC State university, Pro Hockey team, and close to the Research Triangle Park (to name a few), a major source of jobs and income.

Fayetteville is basically Fort Bragg, one of the largest military bases in the country. The military and gov't $$ keep things going there as well.

As is typical in the South, esp NC, there are high populations of blacks, but at least in these cities the economies that drive them are White run.

Check out Soul City in Warren county, fascinating story of black corruption. Thanks PK

Proud in NC

Lorraine said...

I'll be honest here, these articles don't make a crap of difference. What is a 'well run' city? Define the term 'well run'. To be frank what is the point of having a well run city such as Scottsdale when just a stones throw away you have crapped out Phoenix.

I don't know, I am quite cynical today. I am still stick on the story in Cleveland where PR scumbags locked up three girls for ten years and used them for sex slaves. Sex slavery is big in Latin American and third world countries. I find it hard to believe that the police would not investigate but I have lost faith in the judicial system and the keepers of law and order in the States.

I was picking up groceries earlier and I heard on the news that a whole sex slavery ring with a master groid pimp was busted up in toney Rockville, a 'well run' suburb of DC in a Hilton.

Where am I going with this. I guess my disenchantment and general bitterness about Amurkistan is shining through. I do not like to whine, but I can tell you a single white mom in WDC who is a working stiff I seemed to have picked up alot of drama from the police. I cannot tell you how many times the police came by place over calls from my pain in the arce section 8 sistah neighbors calling because my kids were 'causing a disturbance' by running across the floor in my apartment. I knew every police officer in my neighborhood as they all came by my place. Furthermore, they all knew it was BS as my neighbor with 'wet brains' from hitting the sauce too much was out of her mind. Regardless, they were over and on it.

How is it that the Cleveland atrocity happened without none of those neighbors or police knowing? Now the media parades the groid ' hero' out center stage so no one catches on that this stuff is happening in Amurkistan.

Neighbors saw these girls out naked in the yard in chains.

I coin this up to that these girls were of the wrong demographic, poor white trash.

I am/ was of the wrong demographic in my former building. I am a white middle mother, single mother so I GOT ATTENTION because I fit the profile of the NEW terrorists of Amurkistan- regular white people.

The police did not follow up with our vibrant diversity friends the Castro brothers because they are just poor downtrodden minorities,

Tired of it;

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...


(Sometimes I can't figure out why some of my posts get published and others don't)

Think of Blacks as the AIDS virus. There is no such thing as one. If you get just one, you get more, you get sick and you die.

Blacks are the same. Any number of them will ALWAYS increase EVERY social pathology you care to name. You will never, ever, find a city or location where the inclusion of any blacks DECREASES a social pathology. Not one place on the Planet.

But, make this comparison with Whites. When Whites colonized Africa, the pathologies DECREASED. Health care improved, education improved, violence went down, etc.

Blacks are a disease. There is no other way to describe it.

Lorraine said...

PDK I am with you. Whites with any sense will either leave or work to secede.

Why waste time on anything else?

White Mom in VA

So CAL Snowman said...

OT - Just a note on our White friend from France - blacdeseinesaintdenis. I have noticed that many people do not understand his name.

blanc - The French word for White

de - The French word for "of"

Seine Saint Denis - A French department located northeast of Paris with an area of 236 square kilometers, one of the smallest departments in France.

blancdeseinesaintdenis = White Of Seine Saint Denis

It's more or less the French equivalent of So CAL Snowman.

Anonymous said...

"Conversely, a city like Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska (both run by registered Democrat mayors) are nice places to live"

The political party of the mayor is not particularly significant unless that party has controlled the city for a long period of time. Omaha and Lincoln are conservative enclaves that occasionally elect a centrist Democrat. On the other hand, Detroit and Birmingham and Atlanta have been controlled by Democrats for decades.

Anonymous said...

many of the wealthiest areas in Raleigh are inside the beltline keeping the inner city from turning into a geotto even though its 29 present black

Anonymous said...

Omaha is almost %14 black. And its bad neighborhoods are expanding all the time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if already posted, this needs to be monitored so these brave people are not slaughtered.

Every idea starts somewhere...

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind living in Portland or Seattle despite the liberalism. One of the biggest issues that liberals have is that they don't realize that liberalism and black people is incompatible. They think that if they accept everybody, then everybody will see the light and embrace progressivism and we'll all sing kumbaya and hold hands and have peace and love. I laugh when I hear about liberals importing, for example, hordes of Somali Muslims into America. You could not possibly pick a group of people more incompatible with liberalism. Do the fools really think that just being in America is going to make them liberal? No. If you import enough Somali Muslims, liberals go bye-bye. Liberal WOMEN supporting this is even worse, because the Somalis would like nothing more than to see them all in bulky robes even in the middle of summer.

The reality is that liberal politics work if and only if they are combined with the white work ethic and the white commitment to safety and peace. Visit some of the fully white cities in Sweden, Finland, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, New Zealand, etc, and find cities that are safe, pleasant, efficient places to live despite being full of liberals. It's when you go to the cities that have been tainted by immigrants and "refugees" that it starts to break down, because those people have NO respect for white society, white heritage and white culture. All they see is SHINY FREE STUFF and all they do is take, take, take.

Before I get slammed as being a liberal...I'm not. However, I believe that left to our own devices, white people can do anything. I hate being told that there is something we simply can't do properly, because I don't think that's true...look at what we've come from, look at what we've done so far. We've been to the MOON, for crying out loud. An all-white area will have public transit that is clean, safe, efficient and runs on time. An all-white area will have a healthcare system that works. An all-white area will have a strong scientific backbone that nurtures discovery and creativity. But in America, we can't have nice things because instead we have black people. It's like Kersey always says: we could have been to Mars, but instead we had to have BRA.

rjp said...


(Sometimes I can't figure out why some of my posts get published and others don't)

Do you possibly use multiple links? They usually go into the blogger spam box. You post as Anonymous, this could be the problem. I used to use Name/URL but they were getting kicked into the spam box. I now use Google Account.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but have to rant about something I just saw...

I have been losing interest in the main sports, the thug antics of the players disgust me. This isnt easy when you grow up in the heart of NC, with all the college teams/rivalries.

So thought I would watch a little hockey tonight, its always so refreshing watching skilled White athletes. So after the 3rd period ended during Toronto/Boston game on cnbc, they cut to their studio report. And who do I see as the head HOCKEY analyst??? A freaking dark african!?!?! Unbelievable

As another poster mentioned earlier, the joke that is nbc and their affiliates is truly disgusting. The extra kick in the ass was the commercial after showing an interracial couple at the end. Barf

Proud in NC

Anonymous said...

We all know what Mr Williams meant to say. He knows what the statistics mean...but if he actually SAID it, he would be marginalized. He's walking the imposed PC tightrope.

In order to maintain my job and feed my family, I have to bite my tongue often when speaking of race issues publicly. Thus, I'm willing to cut Mr Williams some slack. He's not stupid...he knows the score. If only more blacks were as honest as him, Obama wouldn't have gotten 95% of the black vote.

Anonymous said...

"I wouldn't mind living in Portland or Seattle despite the liberalism."

Anonymous said...

With China set to surpass the U.S. as the world's largest economy by 2016 there's much less patriotic reason to keep the country together.

Also, there's an excellent article by Eamon Moynihan at titled "High Cost Of Living Leaves Some States Uncompetitive" that details what liberal thinking has done to the two showcase States of California and New York.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....The best places to be in are small towns with small populations under 4 or 5 thousand. Bigger than that you could end up living in a cluster fuck. Small towns have less corruption and less crime since every one knows each other on a kind of personal bases. Of course I am talking about majority white.

With no black or Mexicans on the warpath things are nice and laid back and people will help each other rather than steal from each other. The only problems I have seen are caused by your typical drunk or dope head, but it is usually just a bar fight. Most fags leave town for better hunting grounds so there is none of the gay rights shit to put up with.

The people are a little leery of new comers, but if the crime rate doesn't go up after awhile you will start to fit in. On weekends people will head into the closest big city for any kind of supplies they can't get locally. Life is nice and quiet except when a fire alarm goes off and you hear the locals volunteers rushing to the fire department.

How long this will last I don't know. I hope these small towns won't become GONE WITH THE WIND and the residents forced to move onto RESERVATIONS for white people. I guess it all depends on how much of the country PEDRO will lay claim to.

Whiskey said...

FWIW re Irvine CA. I've lived next door to it off and on for decades.

In the 1970's and 1980's it was still vastly White. I mean about 90% at least. UCI drove much of the economy, back then, and the place still looked futuristic -- Logan's Run was filmed partly on location there.

In the late 1980's it began to change, and by the 1990s changed rapidly:

*Gained a large Muslim population, which has colonized UCI. This includes fairly westernized, Khomeni-refugee Iranians and hard core Burqua wearing Arabians and Pakistanis.

*Become heavily Asian. The new (the place was run by DWL Larry Agran for decades) RINO-esque mayor is Taiwanese. Mainland and Taiwan/HK Chinese dominate the area, along with Koreans make up the majority population.

*Irvine still lacks a lot of Hispanics, while next door Santa Ana has about 98% Hispanic.

*UCI went from massively White to minority White (around 18% according to Wikipedia which matches what I've seen in the last few years when I've been on Campus), and 56% Asian. By comparison UCLA and Beserkely have around 30% White or did at least a few years ago student demographics.

Point being is that Irvine and UCI are now pretty much Asian-dominated, this from almost exclusively White dominated thirty years ago. Almost all of this is immigrant, Asian families don't have massive Mexican style fertility and families.

Is this change particularly positive? No. Irvine has gone from high-trust, comfortable, safe, to fairly excluding, ethno-clannish, corrupt, and dysfunctional. UCI went from safe, boring, hard-science oriented to ... well a hotbed of anti-Semitism and disruption.

Even without the most "vibrant" of diversity, making Whites a minority has real costs. By contrast, Chapman, at $57K quite pricey per year, has Whites at 62.2%, Asians only 9.7%, Class 2012.

Diversity even Asian-style prices/shoves Whites out of public institutions and creates heavy debt loads to pay for White friendly private colleges/universities.

Jefferson said...

Is there any city in America where the Black population exceeds the 30 percent mark, that is considered a desirable place to live ?

Chicago is over 30 percent Black and we know how that city has gone down the crapper in the last couple of years.

Anonymous said...

This year Flint, Michigan topped the list with 2,337 violent crimes per 100,000 people; 83 forcible rapes were reported per 100,000 people in Flint over the last year.

Detroit, Michigan came in second place on the list of the most dangerous cities in America with 2,137 violent crimes per 100,000 people, and 48.2 murders per 100,000 people took place over the last year in Detroit.

Saint Louis, Missouri came in third place with 1,857 violent crimes per 100,000 people, and 58.7 forcible rapes per 100,000 people.

Oakland, California was in fourth place with 1,683 violent crimes per 100,000 people, and 26.3 murders per 100,000 people over the last year.

Memphis, Tennessee was in fifth place with 1,584 violent crimes per 100,000 people, and 61 forcible rapes per 100,000 people.

The rest of the list of the most dangerous cities in 2012:

6. Little Rock, Arkansas – 1,490 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
7. Birmingham, Alabama – 1,483 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
8. Atlanta, Georgia – 1,433 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
9. Baltimore, Maryland – 1,417 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
10. Stockton, California – 1,408 violent crimes per 100,000 people
11. Rockford, Illinois – 1,373 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
12. Cleveland, Ohio – 1,366 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
13. New Haven, Connecticut – 1,344 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
14. Hartford, Conecticut – 1,311 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
15. Buffalo, New York – 1,238 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
16. Kansas City, Missouri – 1,200 violent crimes per 100,000.
17. Miami, Florida – 1,198 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
18. Philadelphia, Pennsyvania– 1,193 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
19. Nashville, Tennesse – 1,181 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
20. Newark, New Jersey – 1,166 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
21. Washington, D.C. – 1,130 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
22. Indianapolis, Indiana – 1,101 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
23. Springfield, Illinois – 1,096 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
24. Orlando, Florida – 1,073 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
25. Baton Rouge, Louisiana – 1,066 violent crimes per 100,000 people.

PDK / K-S S said...

Good point 5:37; in fact most times traditionally, non-liberal white republicans create excess with sound fiscal policy, then a white liberal democrat finally gets in and the government spending, cronyism, public union buying, socialism,(welfare) buying of constituents fatens liberal democrats but bleeds the country of it present wealth and limits future wealth creation.

Back in 1973, when the Arab OPEC people turned the spigot down, and limited the supply of oil causing prices to rise quickly, RMNixon saw the need for what we now call our strategic oil reserves.

Between he and GFord they stashed more than 700,000 barrels of crude near our refineries in Louisiana.

Jimmy came to office, used the oil, but put none back. RWReagan came to office and filled Jimmy's void. WJClinton came to office, used the oil, but put none back. GWBush came to office and filled WJClintons void back up.

This is typical of the immaturity and insanity of white, liberal democrats.

In a new nation, white liberals and liberal ideology, blacks and other 3rd worlders must be outlawed, or at least disenfranchised to prevent them from ruining the new nation by serving themselves at the country's, and the collective's expense, as this is their proven track record. Thanks.

Harry in Pa. said...

I probably shouldn't bother to respond to Panjoomby's remark about the mindlessness of religion but his remark was so mindless that I figured I'd just point out the irony. Listen P., the people who gave you every damned good thing you have in this country were ALL Christian people (99% Protestant, 1% RC). It was the CHRISTIAN CHARACTER of the pioneering Americans that explains the breath-taking rise to glory that has been this nation's story. Conversely, it has been the retreat of Christianity in its culture and leadership and its replacement with secularists - read that - cultural-Marxists that explains our current decline and ugliness. The sickness of sympathizing with blackness/all manner of depravity is inversely proportional to the diminution of a Biblical world-view.

ATL Kersey said...

Paul, you definitely need to cover this, the brand new Atlanta Beltline! Some DWL's actually thought that running a bike path thru the niggaest parts of the city would be a great idea!

Security concerns grow along Atlanta Beltline


P.k. this just about seals the fucking deal! these stats say it all! if somebody fell from the moon and were not aware of the way blacks are in the U.S.A. and just about everywhere else in the world these stats should help white people make up their minds about choosing a city where to start and raise a family. great work p.k. and our elderly white friends need our help also GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Mr. Rational said...

Harry in PA wrote:

Listen P., the people who gave you every damned good thing you have in this country were ALL Christian people

You mean, like Thomas "I do not find in orthodox Christianity one redeeming feature" Jefferson?

Even 224 years ago, the best minds behind the establishment of the Republic were not Christians but Deists.  Today they would almost certainly be atheists.  Arguably, "all children of God" Christianity is the single biggest factor which allowed the establishment of BRA.  The people demanding Christian government to cure the diseases caused by Christianity are birds of a feather with the Islamists wanting Islamic government to solve the problems caused by Islam.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

"I wouldn't mind living in Portland or Seattle despite the liberalism."

May 8, 2013 at 8:55 PM

From the linked article:

"Past gang membership, tattoos and a record of driving while intoxicated will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in screening applicants for the Seattle Police Department under new policies designed to boost diversity on the force and hire officers who reflect the makeup of the community.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to smooth out those bumps in the road,” Assistant Police Chief Dick Reed said at a news conference Monday at the social-justice organization El Centro de la Raza as the city unveiled changes in minimum hiring standards."

So they're going to replace aging White cops with FATPO*-style thugs? Ain't life grand.

I am SO F-CKING TIRED of negroes (spell check capitalizes this word, and I refuse to) and their b-ullshit. I'm going to work in my garden and see if I can't grow some decent vegetables, maybe sight in my new M4-gery. I am suffering from SERIOUS negro fatigue.

(If you don't know what the acronym FATPO stands for, click on my name and read about it.)

Anonymous said...

OT: Knife fight breaks out when man farts in woman's face.

Anonymous said...

RE: Atlanta Beltline

The stupid liberals are running the Monon bike trail through several black ghettos in Indianapolis too. From their Section-8 apartments, the local thugs can smoke crack and watch the pretty white girls jogging alone on the trail (by the wooded creek that runs through...).

"Security Issues" is an understatement.

Anonymous said...

OT: Bike Trail Attacks. Indianapolis, IN: Monon Trail Hate Crimes?

Ruth Holladay blog:

Anonymous said...

Lets take a look at how black mayors come into power. We know that a high population of blacks is the key proponet, but there is more to it than that. For a black man to gain power he has to chase the whites out so he has amajority black to work with. Getting rid of the whites is essentially the same process as getting the black vote, promote hatred of the white race. White hatred is big bussiness in the black community. Unfortunately they have not found a way to get rid of the whites but keep their money in the community, therefore the inevitable conclusion of a black run city is self destruction.

Mich Mike

PDK / K-S S said...

Harry in P. @1;24:

I too noticed Pan's slur of religion, and therefore, by implication, of the Judo-Christian faiths.

I don't usually read Pan, but I do usual read Centurion, and he like Pan, intimated his contempt for religion the other day as well.

This did prompt in me the urge to write a piece on it all with intentions of giving them a parallax view, from which they could then choose, of their own free will, any position they wish.
I haven't decided whether to write the piece or not at this time.

Maturity takes time, and when one is bombarded by liberal ideology, the ideology of the sick and the stupid, of immaturity and insanity, always and all the time, whether be it during liberal, public school indoctrination, or reinforcing of said indoctrination via the LMSM, achieving maturity is that much more difficult, and therefor takes that much more time.

For now, I'll only say this; when Darwin published his great work, Origins of the Species, the people of the time immediately took one of three positions.

They either chose Darwin and evolution, turning their back on religion; chose religion turning their back on evolution; or they accepted both, sensing each to have something right and correct about their mutually exclusive contents.

Liberals besmirch the Judo-Christian faiths as it challenges their own particular, secular faith where government is their God and liberal ideology is their religion and further, their much ballyhooed "Promised Land", which their Moses of liberal leaders intends to deliver them unto, is the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy.

Liberals, make a great display of besmirching Christianity, the faith of their fellow whites, and therefor the faith and the people they fear not. Moreover, Jesus allowed his own life to be sacrificed, talked about turning the other cheek, and this is just the type of guy, and his followers are just the type of people, liberals can find their "feigned noble courage" to stand up to.

However, when it comes to Islam, founded by an "inferiority complexed" man, who preferred murder over compassion, and the enslavement of all to his misogynistic, insane, born of the losers philosophy, religion of hate, they, the liberals, see no reason to courageously stand up to these people, and in fact, via their other courage feigned, their "gallantly noble' courage, choose to embrace these people, allow them to immigrate into our white lands, where of course they begin their process to conquer, submit and enslave.

Those of us who talked about France falling to Islam were talking about this very phenomenon. At the turn of the century, I predicted France would fall to Islam by 2035-2040.

By the way, if France falls in 2032, it will have taken Islam exactly 1300 years to conquer France as Charles Martel began repulsing the Islamic invasion of France in AD 732. Thanks.

Perhaps I'll write the piece in a for what it's worth post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Every post I have written concerning God or Christianity has failed to make it. Maybe, just maybe, this one might.

We bring up God without definition. Does that make sense? We even bring Christianity into the mix without backing it up a clear understand of the fundamental teachings. Does that makes sense?

This blog is un-Christian. It basically encourages the expression of emotions from dis-like to hate of those who don't "look like us".

This is NOT a Christian blog nor a Christian endeavor, thus, in my opinion, and in my mind, Christianity (and every other religion) has nothing to do with this. How do you seek a segregated, separatist, supremacist, nation with a belief in "one God" and the brotherhood of mankind?

Look how the idiotic comment by the Slaver Jefferson, "all men are created equal" has destroyed this nation.

Now, if there was a WHITE God, who defends and support the White Man, then we would have something there. But, do we have such a God? We used to.

So, keeping that in mind, I notice those who promote "God" or Christianity get to make their comments, but those of us who worship our RACE are somewhat kept quiet.

My Race is My Religion.

May I have an explanation? This is very important since beliefs found in religion have contributed to the destruction of White America and thus they must be faced. If one has to denounce the religion causing this destruction, then that decision must be faced if we wish to establish a Nation based FIRST on skin color. That is un-Christian, right?

Anonymous said...

I give Walter Williams credit for getting part of the way there. He may even believe the whole truth, but writers who stick their neck out THAT far would get Derbyshired.

10mm AUTO said...

Something like:
"You might ask, “What’s the point, Williams?” Let’s be clear about it. I’m stating that there’s a causal relationship between crime, poverty and squalor on the one hand and, on the other, black control over a city."

See Walter, I eliminated three words. I eliminated the words "Democrate, political" because they are somewhat meaningless to this discussion and the work "not", turning the sentence from negative to a positive.

Fixed it for You!

Walter can't say what the real truth is, he would be torn down, though I wonder what would happen if you had three or four negro writers go truthful all at the same time.

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...


I am not a religious person, I do not attend church. Anyone who reads PDK comments should be clear without any turbidity, that I promote a white nationalist, free-enterprise Republic, void of all white liberals, their philosophy and members of their alliance in our fully enfranchised democracy, the blacks, browns, Islamics and other loser poeples of the world.

It should be clear, I hold white liberals and their philosophy as the culprit who has both forced the concept of the white man's burden upon us, and transmogrified our FF free enterprise Republic, a winner, into their socialist democracy, a loser, to further themselves at the expense of the collective, culture, and worst of all, our white race and gene pool.

Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Ted Chappy Kennedy, Jimmy, Hillary and BHO, have, along with the others of their ilk worked with the full intention of transmogrifying America, from a Republic into a democracy, from a white land into a mulatto land, from a winner into a loser.

The God of Abraham cannot be seen because he is an intangible of non-ordinary reality, not a tangible of ordinary reality. This is why, I believe, there was not to be any idols of him as there were so many idols representing the so many gods in existence, back in the day.

The God of Abraham clearly wanted his "children", his people to prosper at their own expense, through honest and hard endeaverment.

Religion is about improving the character of the individual that the culture of said individual may prosper and win in the game of natural selection where those who outcompete the others for the same, limited, availing resources continues on, while those who lose in this competitive struggle go into extinction.

I like your thought of a white God, I think the God of Abraham is intuited as a white God.

Paul's blog is truly about the loser gene pool people the blacks. As much as others harp on their dislike for blacks and their dysfuntionalism, I ring the alarm of, among other things, the blacks intention to meld their loser gene pool to our winner gene pool, aided of course by white liberal insanity.

I appreciate Paul granting us some liberty of range in our comments and further, I suspect when he does, there is at least an apropos
point about the contribution of the Negro, or other losers, to the eventual, absolute destruction of the nation-state, free enterprise Republic called America. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please name the so-called "Christian principles" upon which this country was founded? Selling all you have and give to the poor perhaps?

10mm AUTO said...

White Mom in VA

May 8, 2013 at 4:18 PM"

No Question. If I saw people naked and in chains in their back yard I would call the cops. There is a level of "weirdness" in that behavior that would force me to talk to the women and if I was refused, call the cops. I believe in maximum freedom for Whites and I understand strange sexual proclivities but this is the real world where we all live. Come on!

Mr. Clean said...

Mr. Rational said: You mean, like Thomas "I do not find in orthodox Christianity one redeeming feature" Jefferson?

Do you have a source for this? I have seen this quote thrown out and attributed to Jefferson many times, but have never seen a source for it. This leads me to believe it is myth.

Jefferson was considered a "Christian Deist" (not my term). He was guided by the what he believed were the moral teachings of Jesus, although he denied basic Christian beliefs such the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, etc.

Among other sources, wikipedia has an entire article on Jefferson and religion.

Mr. Clean said...

ATL Kersey said: Some DWL's actually thought that running a bike path thru the niggaest parts of the city would be a great idea!

Reminds me of an incident outside of Philadelphia last year. Thanks to PA's firearms and self-defense laws, and the general intolerance of mokeyshines by county DAs, that story ended well.

Californian said...

I'll give this a stab:

How do you seek a segregated, separatist, supremacist, nation with a belief in "one God" and the brotherhood of mankind?

Look how the idiotic comment by the Slaver Jefferson, "all men are created equal" has destroyed this nation.

The USA functioned as a white ethnostate (more or less) until the civil rights revolution of the 1950s-60s. Jefferson's one-liner didn't mean much (other than abolishing hereditary aristocracy). Any number of things changed the ethnostate nature of the country, none of which has anything to do with Jefferson. These things have been rehashed any number of times on this and other websites.

Mainly, blacks and their allies got more organized than whites. They made a power grab, and invented an ideology to justify it.

Let's note that blacks do not believe in equality. They believe -- and practice -- racial supremacy for themselves. Any kind of black run polity is going to see demagoguery, favoritism for blacks, violence and discrimination against whites, and Big (black) Man rule. Call it BRA. It's true in Detroit, and it's true in South Africa. Blacks have no use for "all men are created equal" and "content-of-character (tm)."

Don't confuse the rhetoric with the reality.

Christianity functioned as an ideological foundation for Western supremacy in the 19th century. Look at the way it justified European colonial conquests. You can always hire skilled ideologues to comes up with the rhetoric to justify the reality. In the 19th century, white people hadn't the slightest problem in creating segregated, separatist, supremacist nations while singing "Onward Christian Soldiers!"

The imperative of survival comes first. Without the supremacy and separatism, the religion and ideals will not last very long. We're seeing this happen today, whether in South Africa, the benelieus of Europa, or within the USA itself.

Anonymous said...

"Just the facts Mammy"

Why Detroit is so screwed.

PDK / K-S S said...

Cali,@10:40, good post:

I agree to some, or most of your assessment, I would like add that I believe in Jefferson's time, the phrase "all men" referred only to white men and the people of his day understood that.

We as a people of a particular time frame, without realizing it, impose are understanding of things upon limited information handed down to us from our ancestors, and never realize we are of, an incorrect position.

For example, there is or was a group of people in Ireland called the black Irish. Most people of today would equate black with Negroes, however that would be incorrect.

Black, back in the days of 19th century Europe and earlier, meant white people with black hair and dark brown eyes. Further, back then, if a European meant black of African origin they were called Negroes, not blacks.

In TJ's day, black males were given 3/5ths white man status so the north would not gain an, unfair to the south, advantage in the House of Representatives. The House chose its 435 man numbers according to the demographics of population.

Otherwise it should be obvious, blacks would not have even rated the 3/5ths white man status, but instead would not have been rated at all.

I believe TJ's actual statement was, "All white men are created equall". This was our real creed, not MLKJr.'s, misinterpretation that all men necessarily included the male of the Negro sub-species of human. Thanks

Anonymous said...

School beating: Don't color our school district like this...

Anonymous said...

All the comments about the bike trails through the ghetto, we have the same problem here! Its so entertaining to watch these idiots tip toe around the obvious problem. As my dad says, if they're stupid enough to run through the ghetto, screw em.

They even have a sign warning bikers and joggers before entering the trail. Like on Jurassic Park before going into the T-Rex area. Be sure to read the comments.


Jim said...

I am a 67 years old white male, born and raised in Baltimore. Baltimore was known as a city of neighborhoods. There were many European ethnic areas, along with the appropriate restaurants.

We celebrated various ethnic festivals whereby the diverse ethnic groups shared their customs, music and, the best part, their cooking. However, that all ended when the Afram Festival (celebrating Africans) commenced. After many riots, including rampaging through our main tourist attraction, Harborplace, beating people and robbing the visitors, things changed. The police department said this situation was caused by "an outsider" setting off firecrackers and the people's thought it was gunfire and they panicked. After a couple years of this panic, a special structure was built to keep the groids indoors. Naturally, they bitched, and they were allowed to celebrate Afram in a stadium.

Anyway, that was the end of Baltimore's ethnic festivals.

Getting back to my childhood in Baltimore. I had a paper route in my neighborhood. My duties were delivering newspapers and collecting money from my customers. As the neighborhood started "changing", I was not not only cheated out of collection money (midnight movers and people refusing to pay me. I, a 12-16 year old, bought my papers at wholesale, therefore any loses were consumed by me). I was battered on two occasions by groups of black teenagers.

After I got out of the military, I got married and, eventually, moved into a beautiful neighborhood in Baltimore. Sent my kids to the local parochial school, etc, etc. However, the pastor of the school started bringing in groid students at no cost. We white folk had to subsidize their tuition. When we complained, the pastor said " it's the Christian thing to do".

After numerous burgluries, car thefts, and other n****r crap, we moved to a 98% white county.

Bottom line: It appears that I have been running from these people my entire life . I did not even mention what my mother went through with the block busting, living near a historically black college, and the BS she put up with from security issues.

When will it end?

Lorraine said...

I always meet the most interesting people at the park.

I have befriended a mom at the park from Kyrgystan (sp?), a country that used to be part of the USSR. We got into a conversation today about how the US is now investing alot of money in the area of the world. Her husband is a grad student studying public policy and she went to law school somewhere out west.

She tells me how her husband worked at a community center or a workshop or something and how people were coming in for help because they were losing their homes etc. She said these people in her husband's words were 'good people'.

She goes on to say how she got a scholarship from the US government to attend law school in the States and that she did not realize the thousands of dollars Americans take out for law school. She said she mentioned this to her classmates, the fact that she had this scholarship, and they were pissed. She never mentioned it again.

I told her straight out the US shits on its citizens and that really what is the point of becoming a citizen. I said also the next bubble to bust in the US is the student loan bubble.

I told this woman that I did not like where this country is going.

She said she did not understand until she got here how hard it is raise a family, childcare etc. I told many people have to move for jobs etc.and so they are removed from extended family, etc. who could help with kids etc.

She then concluded by stating how she felt free here because of all the different cultures,blah and that she felt more free in a place where there was not one dominant culture.

I wanted to punch her.

I hate Amurkistan. Out stupid government invest in Kyrgystan and gives money to this wench to study here, yet will not help out citizens whose family members have died in wars and who try in earnest to better themselves, mainly middle and working class whites. It also lets turds run amuck and cause violence against whites with no apologies nor punishment.

I want to secede. There has to be a way. And you know what, I think out government would want it. It does not want us. It hates us, WTF.

F&&k America.

White Mom in VA

uziman said...

Detroit's problem is solved!

Here ya' go...

Anonymous said...

About the bike path attacks, you can look up 'attacks on greenway minneapolis' and you'll find all the clues you need to see a racial pattern of violence against whites on bikes being covered up by the same whites being attacked.

In other bike related news,last year a pastor in Minneapolis asked members of his congregation to move to North Minneapolis (which is a homogenous black shit hole) so they could understand the struggle of black people.The pastor, himself being a black hypocrite, doesn't live in North Minneapolis.None of this was spoken of in local media. I had a friend who attended the church who informed me of the details.

A nice white family decided to take the friendly pastors advice and move into the North Side but shortly afterward, their son gets murdered in broad daylight as he was on his way to deliver a plate of lasagna to an ill friend on his bike.

Early reports were out that a few black kids were laughing and saying "give me your bike" when they shot and killed him but his bike wasn't stolen. It was a hate crime. The murderer was protected by the no snitch policy of the local upstanding negroes who think that the police "need to do they own job."

The number one suspect, Hezekiah Hamilton, was released from jail shortly after he was arrested and the media dropped the case immediately afterward.Sealed. Silent.

No concerts from the local hip hop crowd. No fundraiser. Just a really nice kid murdered by a fucking nigger who had a history of violent crimes already and anyone who dared to speak up was called racist.

White lives are worth little in America. The 3rd world sounds great some times when I think of how shitty my own country treats the descendents of its developers and creators.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ May 8, 2013 at 9:10 PM

If you are considering moving to a small city - under 6K population or so, make sure the place does not have any kind of college or university, IE: "community" college, jr. college, anything affiliated with a university, etc.

In order to get Federal Aid ( Bribes ) these schools will import massive amounts of diversity, usually under the guise of "sports" programs.

It's not unusual to see a large percentage of babies and toddlers of the mulatto persuasion in ant such town. Also the same goes for anyplace too close to a larger city.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey, I have lived in Irvine for the past 15 years. Larry Agran and Beth Krom (both TWMNBN) have done more to F up this city than all the "anti-semitic" protests at UCI. They have pissed away millions on a park that has nothing to show for it but a few soccer fields and a balloon ride. Those who worry about "anti-semitism" are NOT helping us. "Anti-semitism" was the original "race card" which is not surprising given the role of TWMNBN in the negro rights movement. I don't like the mooslimbs. I would like them gone. But do they control the media, hollywood, academia, finance and government? Those that do have done FAR more damage to us than the moooslimbs. Please don't distract the rest of us with irrelevant issues.

Anonymous said...

"Look at the way it [Christianity] justified European colonial conquests. "

How has THAT worked out for Britain and France? Invade the world, invite the world.

Quinnotaur said...

Well, I just had a thought. If I am not to look at the black man as still being in chains and subservient to the white race, why, on earth should he look at me as a terriboo, terriboo slave masa' who lives only to hold back and oppress him?

PDK said...

Good news; Malcolm X's grandson, another Shabazz, killed in Mexico. I'm going to read it now, but in case Paul has one more posting, I thought I'd drop this for the night owls. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Liberals besmirch the Judo-Christian faiths"

I am most certainly NOT a liberal but as soon as I hear the term "Judeo-Christian" I stop listening. That term is an invented term by nutty Dispensationalists in the late 19th century. It has since been picked up and effectively used by Christian Zionists for purposes that have caused great harm to our nation.

Anonymous said...

Twenty years ago Toledo Ohio did the same thing near UT. So many crimes occurred it became known as Rape Run. Campus police put emergency 911 button boxes along the trail that were used so often they put plexiglass over them you had to break to use, just to cut down on the calls.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Short on time, but had to share this. My girlfriend has been playing a silly Sims-like video game on her iPad where you build a sorority. Don't worry - she has decided that it will be an all-white sorority, with a strict, paper bag lithmus test. Well, all of the girls have educational goals, based on a desired career. Most are extremely modest like teacher or baker. Well, you can buy additional education at the fictitious university, at which point their career prospects improve.

Of COURSE, a negro element has to be included. This occurs in the form of potential sororiety sister "Tameka," a glorious person of color. Here's the kicker - where all of the other girls have lowly career aspirations that are only elevated with additional education, right off the bat, the negro character is listed as a pre-med student. A perfect reflection of both AA, and PDK's oft cited "preferred reality." One white girl is listed as a "beach bum."

Magical thinking in the virtual world. God help us.


Anonymous said...

'people naked and in chains in their back yard I would call the cops. There is a level of "weirdness" in that behavior that would force me to talk to the women and if I was refused, call the cops. I believe in maximum freedom for Whites and I understand strange sexual proclivities but this is the real world where we all live. Come on! '

Blacks, immigrants and low grade [criminal] Whites have a 'no snitch' thing.

SKIP said...

"Among other sources, wikipedia has an entire article on Jefferson and religion."

Well HELL!!! if WIKI says it, it MUST be true right?

Frenchwhite said...

Hello, news from france...An arab has shot a black because he fu... his sister...An arab kills an Arab in MArseille (the 29th since 2013), 10 arabs kill a white millitary because he wanted to get back his moto, 10 turkisch kill 2 white because they have been sold a bad car...And My wife has an accident of car with an African who runs away..We cant do anything..maybe if she follows him she had been hit or is reality in France...

I read today that Quebec is happuy because they have attracted lots of immigrants, sign of good weath, I learn that Algerian and Marocco are the most communauty of immigrants there since 2007!! It's crazy!! Quebec dont realize what Algerian and Marocco have made of France...

Frenchwhite said...

Hi, Sacal Snwoman, You're true, blancdeseinesaintdenis means what you say but they dont undertstand so I take Frenchwhite now...
Seine sAint Denis is a department where there are the most immigrants in France and it is the most dangerous departement. Blacks Arabs are 80% of the department, my daughter has been one year in a school there, there where only two white children, tehy dont have the right to put a church for Christmas, Mother with Niquab are everywhere!!I Have lived there 30 years...Now Il live with whites and it's cool

Bogolyubski said...


The finest argument from within Christianity for white preservation I've seen is from the fellow whose final book, 200 Years Together, is effectively censored in the English-speaking world. Here's what he had to say:

"The disappearance of nations would impoverish us no less than if all men became alike with one nature and one face. Nations are the wealth of mankind, its collective personalities; the very least of them wears its own special colors and bears within itself a special facet of God’s design." - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

This idea is so alien to the western church that I expect most of today's white Christian "conservatives" would not even really comprehend it. Such an idea not only flies in the face of things they may not like (BRA, genocidal actions against whites), but similarly debunks notions like going halfway around the world to make Muslims embrace feminism and sodomy through hellfire missiles (which many see as admirable, patriotic and righteous).

Those who have carried out the de-facto censorship have much to do with BRA and the overall genocide against whites worldwide, as well as campaign to make the ummah safe for feminism, Wal-Mart and the Amurikan weigh. They didn't carry out this massive destruction on their own and have enjoyed considerable support in their wicked endeavors from individualistic whites, who love to one-up their fellow whites over some pseudo-moralistic puffery. The path to end this is to stop playing by the rules which have been set up by our enemies. We owe them nothing.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's much easier to be blunt and plain spoken (the reasons I like this site) when you write as "Paul Kersey," instead of using your real name.

But since Williams does use his real name and has his photo attached to each column why not cut him some slack.

It doesn't require very much reading between the lines to get what he's saying about blacks.

Anonymous said...

Black man from Occupy DC kicking people in the head. A black Marxist -Leninist??!

Mr. Clean said...

Mr. Clean said: "Among other sources, wikipedia has an entire article on Jefferson and religion."

SKIP said: Well HELL!!! if WIKI says it, it MUST be true right?

(?) Note that I specifically said "Among other sources...". Right there. In the same sentence. You quoted it.

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...


What A.S. is talking about is exactly what white liberals, the world over, are in pursuit of doing.

The transmogrification of America, from a free enterprise Republic and into a socialist democracy, by said liberals, among other realities, is the means to the liberal end of a new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy via the first big step of death and destruction to nation-states.

The liberal elite are a God-complexed, narcissistic megalomaniacal personality which intends its own kind become the good shepherd lording over and tending his flock, the great unwashed, i.e. everyone else, who subsequently will reside in tyranny, poverty and misery.

These liberal elites want to live the highlife of power, fame and fortune at the expense of the mature white people's would be life in liberty, wealth and the pursuit of happiness.

These mutually exclusive ideologies, are very much that old Wild West phenomenon of the town to small for the prevailing, opposing personalities.

Should we non-liberal whites fail to secede, we are accepting the liberal's, false future Utopia as the world our posterity will inherit.

In my opinion we would here, at this point of failing to secede, be in dereliction of our duty. Thank you.

PDK said...

@ 6;52:

The people who have done harm to America and every white nation-state on planet Earth are; white liberals, blacks, browns, Islamics and all others who will muster into the liberal formation, though they ultimately have their own secret agenda.

For example, Islamics will side with white liberals until the time is right to seize their enslavement of all. Liberals foolishly pretend to themselves that Islamics are of the (liberal) spirit, but the liberal rude awakening comes with and when their liberal comeuppance manifests. As W. Churchill once said, "those who appease the crocodile, hope to be the last eaten".

Liberal Jews are liberals, not Jews. The non-liberals Jews are not out to destroy or ruin America or the West, that is the purview of white liberals and Islam. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

OT: Malcolm X's grandson beaten to death in Mexico.

Anonymous said...


Last night I was watching Netflix by cable and was watching a series made in Danmark called ANA about a guy in the 1100 century who becomes a Knight Templar.

While watching, I could not get out of my mind the beauty of the White race. The main babe in the film has such awesome hair and pure White skin. Amazing.

Anyway, during the scenes in the Middle East I could so clearly "understand" the stupidity of White Europeans being there. Sure, they though they were doing something right, but it was obvious they had no business being there. Thus, naturally, they got kicked out.

I compared this to Europe and the squid organized intentional invasion with their proxy races, Arabs and Africans. It is never going to work. It took the Arab 200 years to finally kick out the Crusaders.

Anybody watching would have realized it was only a matter of time, but who started and kept the Crusades going so long? The 1% of that time. The Church and the Feudal Lords. Same as today. The 1% trying to exterminate the White Race will only have failure.

In the movie, and in real History, the Whites of Jerusalem got slaughtered in the last decades of the Crusader hold on the Middle East. In time, the Arabs and Africans, which DO NOT BELONG in Europe, will meet a similar fate.

I see France as the flash point that starts it.

You can not mix different races together for ever.

ATL Kersey said...

From Valdosta, GA: Another Emmett Till, or just an accident??


Jay Santos said...

Lorraine said...

I hate Amurkistan. Out stupid government invest in Kyrgystan and gives money to this wench to study here, yet will not help out citizens whose family members have died in wars and who try in earnest to better themselves, mainly middle and working class whites.

I share your sentiment here in a big way. Like many others here, my family included two guys killed in wars; world wars I and II. They both lived in an America when there was no welfare state and they were working class young men during those periods. I often, probably too often, think of the waste of their lives and the pain they endured and that endured by their families on their death. I imagine their lives compared to a Tsarnaev or a Guatemalan on a disability scam and it makes me despise what this country has become. So many lives wasted, ruined for what? For this race and victim based society? I've mentioned before that if you know the score, I can't imagine how a white guy can put his life at risk in any of these current war zones. They're about to legalize 30 or 40 million illegals, you would die for a country that would do that to you?

So CAL Snowman said...

@ FrenchWhite

I'm so sorry to hear about all of the Arab bullshit going on in France. I'm glad to hear that you are getting out of Saint Denis and moving to a Whiter area. I cannot fathom a department in France being 80% Arab Black, holy shit man.

On a side note I have to say that I am a big admirer of existentialism and my favorite book is Camus' "The Stranger." After reading it, I have always wanted a little place in Algiers on the Mediterranean sea. I also wanted to say that when I visited France, one of the most incredible places I visited was the Normandy American Cemetery (this is the cemetery visited at the beginning of "Saving Private Ryan"). It's an experience I will never forget. The cemetery overlooks the ocean and it is a stunning, beautiful, yet tragic place. It pisses me off so much when I hear my fellow "Americans" speak poorly of the French. If they could just see the Normandy American Cemetery and experience the respect and admiration that the French had for American GIs they would shut their stupid, fat, American mouths.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I will admit that I have been a little upset lately. It seems like a week or so since any TEENS or OLDER TEENS have shot or killed each other. Maybe somewhere one or two TEENS have been shot, but that won't do. What I am talking about is at least 10 to 20 teens shot in one night. I also consider that a good number for a nice weekend rampage. I kind of miss the old days. What is happening in America and how much longer will this go on. Oh well, maybe things will change over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Was talking to a friend who is a lawyer and was telling him about swat teams guarding funerals when a gang banger gets buried in Chicago. He told me they are now doing the same thing in Omaha. Why would the cops interfere in blacks killing each. Maybe to save time filing reports.

Anonymous said...

"Liberal Jews are liberals, not Jews. The non-liberals Jews are not out to destroy or ruin America or the West, that is the purview of white liberals and Islam. "

We all KNOW what a DWL is. Now we know that disingenuousness is not limited to White Liberals. Look at how many "non-liberal Jews" support the Amnesty Bill. Also, think about how many refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq (and now Syria) we are going to allow in this country as a result of following an Israeli-centric foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

OT: Malcolm X's grandson beaten to death in Mexico.

Be interesting to see how the real story shakes out. Other news reports make it appear that he was killed when he resisted a shakedown in a bar. But...who knows?

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Was talking to a friend who is a lawyer and was telling him about swat teams guarding funerals when a gang banger gets buried in Chicago. He told me they are now doing the same thing in Omaha.

I'm not sure what is more remarkable here. Is it that the USA needs paramilitary police to guard a funeral? Or that this has become such a standard part of the American scene that it goes largely unremarked?

By the way, did the cops have to guard funerals like this during segregation?

Anonymous said...

No segregation. No peace.

Lorraine said...

I would never allow my tow headed son to fight any wars for this country due to our stupid government.

Loyalty goes both ways.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

To Harry in Pa....Perhaps the !% Roman Catholic contribution you mentioned..were the schools, charites, arts, & hospitals that Catholics contributed..until the gay priest scandal screwed things up. If Catholics only contributed 1% to American culture, then what percent would you give Moslem contribution to American culture?

Anonymous said...

It's easy if you view blacks as humanoid animals and therefore not part of mankind :)

Anonymous said...

""I wouldn't mind living in Portland or Seattle despite the liberalism."" - hipsters are smarter than that. Sure they'll "say" the right thing, but lets wait until they actually do it to condemn them.

Silent Running said...

Re: "All Men Are Created Equal," the colonists were speaking directly to George III and all the other "royal" parasites in England and the colonies. It was an answer to the Divine Right of Kings. Those of you who think this evidence of Jefferson's liberalism must make the argument that he thought himself equal to his property.

Read an old book on the Middle Ages and it becomes immediately clear that "Christendom" is a pleasant myth and nothing more. When the Christians weren't butchering each other over heresy, they were butchering each other over land and trade rights. European powers (especially France) often allied with the Ottomans against their Caucasian enemies, and the various papal leagues so celebrated for victories like Lepanto and Vienna rarely lasted more than a few battles. "Better a Turk than a Latin" was a common refrain in Constantinople (actually Byzantion) before its conquest.

In the words of Cormac McCarthy, war is the ultimate trade and man its ultimate practitioner. War is very often the impetus for advances in technology, and the fact that the European powers were constantly at war with each other is the primary reason they were eventually able to overcome the Turks. It had little to do with religion. If the Greeks had expanded into nation-states from their city-states, they could have done the same.

Anonymous said...

"She then concluded by stating how she felt free here because of all the different cultures,blah and that she felt more free in a place where there was not one dominant culture." - Tell her to not count on it due to two reasons.1) It is the Western European culture that has produced the society she now feels safe in, even if she won't give credit where it is due. 2)Nature abhors a vacuum.

Anonymous said...

The most glaring example of this point is the comparison between Oakland and San Francisco- a mere 10 miles apart. Oakland is 28% black (and 25% Hispanic) with an Asian Democrat mayor, and has one of the highest crime rates in the nation. San Francisco is 6% black (and 15% Hispanic) with an Asian Democrat mayor and is on the America's Best Run Cities list.

Constructive Feedback said...

My Dear Friend Paul Kersey:

First off - could you ask your friend to repeat whatever question they believe they asked of me but they feel that I am ducking? I have no idea what they are talking about but his is the first challenge I receive when I step into your turf and try to participate in a conversation with you all "Kind White Folks".

Dr Walter Williams is a confounding figure to you, no doubt.

You all largely dismissed Lt Col. Allen West and Herman Cain as legitimate vehicles to carry your message of "White Solidarity Within A Reformed Republican Party" - as they are Black men PROMOTED by the GOP to appease the dastardly DWL.

Its not that you all DON'T want the "GOP to seen as Racist". You want then to STOP TRYING TO respond to these claims.

But Dr Williams - is a Black, male, conservative - and I assume a Republican AND you affirm his views regarding "Honesty About Race".

STILL, he is disqualified because of his skin color - and your belief that "You Had Better Not Trust A Negro - They'll Cut Your Throat Once You Let Your Guard Down. We see'em do it on the news every day".

But over here we have the opposite of Dr Williams- A DWL who stands opposed to everything that you believe BUT he is "RACIALLY QUALIFIED" to be a "White Man In Good Standing" BUT FOR HIS BELIEFS.

So there you have it.
The qualifications are:


But this has been the cause of the recent "Undercover operations" you've suffered from as DWLs use their SKIN COLOR to enter into your private symposiums and then secretly record the words that you say.

MY CHALLENGE TO SBPDL is to come up with a more accurate measure of "White Interest Detection" (W.I.D.) so that you can trap DWL at the door of your meetings - JUST AS A NEGRO'S SKIN COLOR presently triggers the alarm.


If you don't I will reach out to the Asians that are 6 points Smarter than the "Good White Folks" and see if they can engineer such a machine to sell to you for security purposes.

Bogolyubski said...

White Mom:

I would never allow my tow headed son to fight any wars for this country due to our stupid government.

Loyalty goes both ways.

Once again, White Mom shows an understanding of historical realty that is unusual. Wars are no longer fought for the defense of this country or its traditional majority population. Every single one since the Spanish-American war has been fought to enrich the Banksteins - who made money both from the wars themselves and from all the reconstruction required afterwards. Those interested in an introduction to the actual purpose of wars should read this little booklet written by a Marine General who received two medals of honor for his bravery in combat fighting for the "United States" (Banksta Banana Republick).

Constructive Feedback said...

Dear White Mom:

I, a Black man, graduated from college WITHOUT A GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP and I am a natural born American.

If you ever publish an online petition to block the US government from granting aid from our tax money to Krzystan PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

I will sign up in support of your cause.

BLACK AND WHITE AMERICANS STANDING TOGETHER to keep our tax dollars from going into Eastern Europe a zone that sucked so many TRILLIONS OF OUR AMERICAN DOLLARS into an escalated Cold War.

I knew we'd find something in common at some point.

Could you send me a potato salad recipe? Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Seattle, Portland, and Austin. Not Seattle, Detroit, or Austin.

Anonymous said...

Hands down the best response I've seen to any article on any site. The only thing, however, is that I was born and raised and lived in the Portland area for most of my life. The liberalism there, and in Eugene, is intolerable

Anonymous said...

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