Sunday, May 19, 2013

Will Black Detroit Accept the Robocop Statue?

Back in 1987, Robocop took the world by storm. Though only a movie, the fictional story of Officer Alex Murphy's transformation into a cyborg (engineered with three primary directives -- Serve the public trust, Protect the innocent, and Uphold the law), has now been brought to life [Get a peek at the life-size model for Detroit's RoboCop statue, Detroit Free Press, May 13, 2013]:
Why would black people want a Robocop statue in their city? It symbolizes the antithesis of the Joe Louis "black fist" statue...
RoboCop’s prime directives: Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law and look super awesome as a larger-than-life statue.
Photos of the ten-foot-tall model of the RoboCop statue that will become part of the Detroit public art landscape are posted on the Imagination Station’s Kickstarter campaign for the project.
The Detroit cop Murphy-turned-robot from the 1987 cult movie looks appropriately imposing in his pre-casting form. The statue will be cast in bronze in the Motor City by the famed Venus Bronze Works.
Early this year, one of the project’s coordinators said the crafting of the statue could take up to a year. That would result in a spring 2014 unveiling, an event that could attract visitors from across the globe and cast and crew from the original “RoboCop.”Go here to see the pics to learn more about the artisans who are bringing the grassroots project to full metal life.
The city of Detroit is 84 percent black. A monument to black people exists in Detroit -- the Joe Louis "black fist." It's a fitting emblem of black power.

The movie Robocop would have you believe all the crime in Detroit is courtesy of white people, masterminded by the father from That 70s Show. In the real world, it was black crime that drove white people away from living and working in Detroit.

Hilariously, it was primarily white people who went around city hall and decided to use Kickstarter to raise the funds and bring an iconic movie character to the Motor City. 2,718 people made individual contributions to raise $67,436 necessary for the construction of the statue.

Sadly, no such location for the statue has been finalized yet in the former Arsenal of Democracy, though a cyborg fighting crime in a city under the control of an emergency manager is delicious irony:
The 10-foot-tall cyborg enforcer (a statue, not the real deal) was born out of a 2011 crowdfunding campaign that went viral and raised over $60,000. Apparently, thousands of people wanted to see the lead of 1987 science fiction movie "RoboCop" resurrected and returned to the city he was built to save. In the film, RoboCop becomes the hero of the Detroit of the future, which is plagued with extreme crime and violence.
The project has attracted its share of naysayers -- some thought it was a trivial, or disrespectful project, given Detroit's actual struggles with real financial and crime problems. Others became impatient when RoboCop didn't appear on the scene immediately. With the help of Across the Board Creations in Canada, a statue has been created out of foam, wax, clay, and steel:

But while the mood around the Motor City Monday is grim, and a statue certainly won't be helping cash flow, we can't help but be curious about when this zany project will find solid ground -- literally. As of now, RoboCop's home is still up in the air, as organizers search for a location where it will be "invited in, easily visitable, insured, maintained and secure."
 But why would Black Detroit invite in a symbol of law, order, and stability? They have already constructed the "black fist of doom" (the Joe Louis Statue), which symbolizes black power for all the world to see. 

How could the police guarantee that it would remain safe and secure?  That the overwhelmingly white - yes, it would be white people visiting the statue - tourists to see the Robocop statue would be safe and the site undisturbed by panhandlers and those scrapping metal?

When the black city government commissioned and erected the Joe Louis "black fist" statue, they made perfectly clear the type of monument they are willing to pay homage to; why would the black-dominated city government of Detroit and the black citizens of the city dare find the very symbol created to restore order - though it was only a Hollywood film - they helped destabilize a suitable monument to erect in 2013 Detroit?

At some point soon, a black leader - speaking on behalf of Organized Blackness - will call the Robocop statue racist. A manufactured crisis will emerge, and someone, somewhere will have to apologize.

After all, the "black fist of doom" in Detroit is there for a reason.

Few will want to believe it, but as comical as it sounds, the Robocop statue is a direct refutation of black empowerment.


Anonymous said...

Well, there is a statue of The Fonz in Milwaukee. No effect on the black population has been noted.

rjp said...

This has to be the stupidest looking piece of shit I have ever seen. No offense meant if you are a fan of the movie, but this a tourist attraction?

From IMDB: Detroit - in the future - is crime-ridden, and run by a massive company.

Well, Detroit is crime-ridden, but run by negoes. A company would have a only bottom line it needed to meet. A negro leader only has a bottom of a pocket which it requires cash to meet.

I can't believe people have donated cash for this project, which you know will be covered immediately with graffiti.

Anonymous said...

Where's his gun? The RoboCop statue doesn't even have a gun!

That's why this country is sinking into the abyss, nobody can be arsed to get anything right any more, not even hipsters and nerds.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....The metal thieves will haul it away. These fuckers are stealing the copper wire from street lights. I think it was Chicago where they stole school buses and cut them into scrap.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a "Back to the Future" themed statue. To symbolize going back to the past to undo the biggest mistake mankind has ever made.

Anonymous said...

Well, someone's got to say it...

"I'll buy _that_ for a dollar!"

But not for more than a dollar.

Coco Bongo said...

A dolla to holla....

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

I would like to inject a little personal note here, nothing tacky.

About a month back I started worrying my comments were straying to far from the bloggers scope, not just here at Paul's but also at the other 3 blogs I post up comments at. Lorraine, aka White Mom encouraged me to hang in there, thanks Lorraine.

About a week or 2 ago, I started signing my posts with a concluding line that undoubtedly posed somewhat more of a problem, and though I recognized this it just seemed right for me to do now.

Anon 5/19 @3:24 suggested I try my hand at my own blog. With that I thought perhaps I'm being politely handed my hat and further politely being shown the door.

I'm one of those who wish to look in the mirror and not see a nuisance or an A-hole, so I thought I would try my hand at a blog endeavor.

I came to computers in January 2010, most of what I learned, and it's not very much, was via pluck and luck, trial and error, and I still only peck away at the keyboard, never mastered the skill of typing.

In any event about a year and a half later I answered the urge to try a blog, I was however to green and let it go.

So today I sought it out, there it was and began the attempt to start anew. BTW, as I sought it out using my moniker PDK-Herald/Crier Project, all of my recent post with the new addendum were there, mentioning SBPDL as well. That is something beyond me at this time, have no idea how that occurred.

In any event I like Paul and Paul's blog and also my fellow commenters here, I see us as somewhat of a family in spirit.
Therefore I going to stay, concentrating on the subject at hand and try to keep my more PDK style material to my own blog.

I see others have a blog logo where one just clicks on, I guess I'll try to do the same.

Thanks for letting me post this, it just somehow seems the right thing to do now. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How about a RoboNigger statue, with one hand holding a gun, more the better to rob or murder, the other hand holding an EBT card for it's weekly gibsmedat, and of course, muh dick?

Mr. Clean said...

The FIRST thing I thought of when I read that Robo-YT was big and bronze was to wonder what the scrap value of bronze is. Then I read a similar thought later in the article and see it in the comments here. You don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Philadelphia has the Rocky statue near the base of the Art Museum steps. To my knowledge, it has had no problems, but then again, there is a lot of people around in the day, and it is an open, well-lit area that probably sees regular security/police patrols at night. The statue and (white) tourists doing Rocky runs on the steps are a city attraction, a must-do for many visitors.

Ex New Yorker here.....The metal thieves will haul it away. These fuckers are stealing the copper wire from street lights. I think it was Chicago where they stole school buses and cut them into scrap.

Worse, they will strip cemeteries, churches and public memorials as well. The property damaged or stolen can have very high historical, religious and sentimental value, in addition to the dollar cost of material and installation.

Anonymous said...

@PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist
" I would like to inject a little personal note here, nothing tacky."

I disagree with most of what you have to say, but, I don't think you should leave, only keep the longer, themed posts on your own blog, and stay a little closer to the theme here. What is white society if we can't have different opinions? (Without getting shot. BTW, Does it amaze no one that groids have so many drug related arguments go south? I think white kids use more drugs than groids, but they don't shoot it out, they just turn up the grunge music and make nasty posts on Facebook.)

For example, I don't think secession is the only answer. I think we can develop strategies that suit our planning ahead, non-impulse control brains, and to stay out of harm's way whilst the groids have at it, and it may start as soon as June 10, the trial date for Zimmerman.

Anonymous said...

504Realist says:

PDK I'll be sure to check out your blog,but please don't stop posting here. I enjoy your contributions.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Detroit so pardon my lack of knowledge of the local geography, but I think this statue should be placed on a hilltop overlooking Detroit, with a grimacing RoboCop facing the city that has spiraled into Third World mayhem.

Anonymous said...

"I would like to see a "Back to the Future" themed statue."

It would be appropriate for Detroit. Especially BTTF 2 where Biff got possession of the sporting almanac, became a trillionaire through gambling and changed the future of Hill Valley into a dystopian nightmare.

In Detroit's case instead of 1955 being the focul point year it would be whenever the great negro invasion began. I guess it would be about 1917 with the manufacturing upswing needed for WW1.

Anonymous said...

I think secession brought about by armed conflict as attempted in the 1860's is a non-starter. There is no contiguous region that would form the nucleus of a post USA state. The Pacific NW fantasy is just that. While Washington and Oregon have water, they also have libtards. Montana, Wyoming etc. are landlocked and water poor. The base population is small and frankly people are not going to leave everything behind and homestead there. The south is 50% groid in most areas. Again, few are going to pick up stakes and live there.

Something like secession will happen in one of two ways. A major economic collapse or loss in a major military conflict that decimates the central government, its monetary system and ability and will to project power. In this case, there is really nothing to secede from. Alternatively, a Constitutional conflict that results in adoption of the nullification doctrine. This could be precipitated by the same forces noted earlier or as a resolution to some conflict over Obamacare, legalized drugs, immigration. This would retain the central government along the lines of the Articles of Confederation.

Anonymous said...

Of course if you filled a place like Detroit with white people, they'd be acting totally the same. Oh wait Detroit used to be full of whites?

Ok, then "ward 7"...but we have a word for what it is when we replace black residents in dilapidated areas with whites: gentrification. Urban renewal. Revitalization.

As long as Marxist homo squids control both the message and the money, we are pissing up a rope.

Anonymous said...

RoboCop is a symbol of order, of fighting fire with superior fire. Naturally he is an entirely inappropriate symbol for a city that has cratered into chaos. Detroit will turn around, maybe even in my lifetime, and it will be white people who make it happen. Blacks can sing, dance, make jokes, be outlandish, but they can't govern. Detroit is the living example of the story of the grasshopper and the ants.

Jay Santos said...

That Robocop was quite a hero. His prime directive, once he becomes a reality, should be to be find and imprison negro criminals. Pretty simple programming there;

if color_spectrum => Octoroon;
seize subject;
subject = trial;
trial = guilty;
if color_spectrum <= terceron;
fire side_arm;
evacuate victims_innocent

Mr. Rational said...

The obvious thing to do is to melt down the fist for raw material for Robocop.

I'm amazed the fist hasn't disappeared already.  It's such an obvious target.

PDK / K-S S said...

Anon @7:19:

I think the civil war has left such a scare, and scar upon whites that an armed conflict for secession is no longer feasible and therefore not viable.

However, remember Abe had no pretext or excuse for war until one of Beauregard's men, Ruffian fired on Fort Sumter.

At that time the old South paid 75%of the federal taxes, and that necessarily was a problem for both Abe and the north.

One question that seems obvious is how much are non-liberal whites willing to take before the position of "enough is enough" comes home to roost, and therefore forsake their beloved independence and come together as a collective, emboldened by the spirit of secession for our own benefit and more importantly, for the benefit of our own white posterity.

At 16.7 trillion dollars in debt and rising fast on a daily bases, it is only a matter of time before we either declare bankruptcy or devalue.

One extremely important point that should be understood by all non-liberal whites is that all those who are non-liberal whites take more than they give to the collective, and further that neither socialist nations nor democracies, and in particular, fully enfranchised democracies, have a track record for longevity.

So I think this is the point we are at.

Further I see all liberal states, including the NW, as lost territory for now. Thanks.

cee anon said...

As others mentioned, local thugs will have this hideous behemoth statue picked clean of metal within hours.

"Robocop" casting whites as the criminals in black majority, black crime infested and Mogadishu trashed Detroit is the ultimate absurdity, but no surprise. In these BRA, Muslim appeasing times, few motion picture studios are willing to cast black/browns, or swarthy looking Middle Easterners as villans. Blacks/browns, both male and female, are usually portrayed large and in charge, whites as bumbling dolts in need of step by step instructions from a wise, patient black superior. Whether it's space exploration, particle physics, president, judge on the bench, or top cop, Morgan Freeman, Sam Jackson, Denzel Washingon score the hero lead. Seems to be worse since Barry O was selected Chicago Thug-in-Chief.
Not happening in European exports..yet.
Stick with the oldies, foreign and domestic.

@ PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist:
Please stay, PDK. I enjoy your erudite posts. Hopefully, SBPDL will link to any blog you decide to independently publish.

Anonymous said...

Could Robocop have prevented this senseless crime:

MuayTyson said...

@PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist, let me second you staying at SBPDL and starting your own blog. I have been lurking because I don't have much else to say. This blog is information and that is great. The evidence continues to mount they(blacks) are not like us. They are the stupidest and most violent race.

What I really want is solutions. Unamusement created flyers, great solution small but good idea. I've not seen the billboard campaign come about.

Sorry I'm just fatigued blacks, Liberals, etc. sick of them all and the destruction they create.

Nonhumans said...

"What is white society if we can't have different opinions? (Without getting shot)"
....Or be maliciously targeted by the IRS...

Anonymous said...

Robocop would be of more use in Shitcago... yet ANOTHER "teen" flash mob causes havoc on Michigan Ave.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous May 19, 2013 at 8:50 PM said: Detroit will turn around, maybe even in my lifetime, and it will be white people who make it happen.

Whites could start turning around Detroit immediately if the negros were expelled and not permitted to return. Under those circumstances, Detroit (or any other New World Mogadishu) would be a shining star and an internationally renowned paradise within a generation.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous May 19, 2013 at 6:43 PM said... How about a RoboNigger statue, with one hand holding a gun, more the better to rob or murder, the other hand holding an EBT card for it's weekly gibsmedat, and of course, muh dick?

For full effect, the statue would need to have bronze negro rubbish at its feet paws... watermelon rinds, empty KFC bucket, spent shell casings, broken crack pipe, eviction notice, etc.

Anonymous said...


Missed you all over the week-end. Seems I missed a few posts, but there is never a loss of ideas from our black population.

So, Detroit wants to build a BLACK (I thought race was a social construct) entertainment complex AND install a 10 foot stature dedicated to fighting crime in.....Detroit. (see where I am going with this?)

Ok, lets put the two together. This statue, of a WHITE man ("white" is a social construct) can be placed at the entrance to this black entertainment complex. Perfect analogy. They could even use this statues appearance to design the uniforms for the security that will be needed at this "entertainment" complex.

In a previous post here, a comment was written that got to the heart of the matter. An entertainment complex is not a wealth generating enterprise, it is a wealth absorbing enterprise. With this complex NOTHING of value is created and not a single job there creates wealth, but rather consumes wealth.

Wealth is "excess". To make this very clear, lets go back a few thousand years to simplify and visualize it. Imagine a nation where people raise sheep, grow wheat and pick olives. Somebody comes up with the idea of irrigation and BOOM, olive trees sprout and there are so many olives that not only do they have enough to eat, but they can BURN it for light, trade it to another country for fish and fruit or use it to grease down each other for tribal orgies....what ever.

That is wealth. Here is another concept. Somebody comes up with a "sheep dog". BOOM, it is possible to have huge herds of sheep. Herds larger than a shepherd can control since now he has 2 of these amazing dogs. The excess sheep is wealth with this nation can use to trade for copper, horses, etc.

You have wealth when you have excess of all those things people need (and to a degree wants). When your needs are satisfied in excess, this true wealth can be used in trade to satisfy your "wants", such as jewelry, sports events, health care and you tribal orgies......whatever.

This Detroit entertainment complex requires the taking and consuming of wealth from a source. That source will be White People. The electrical power will come from oil purchased from Arabia. The gaming equipment comes from Japan. The uniforms from China, etc. etc. etc. So this is a NET exportation of whatever wealth, taken by force from the White people, and sent overseas, so that Bantus can prance and dance and get drunk........


But, I see this is a very clever way for "connected" Africans to get all kinds of money from all kinds of Obama departments for such a development. There is going to be millions given out to "minority" contractors from the design phase all the way to the liquor distributor. Any White person who asks questions will of course be called RAYCIS !!!! This complex is going to have kick-backs, inflated contracts, costs over runs and nepotism throughout the entire endeavor. And, mark my word, it will never make money, but only costs the White People more in subsidies.....for to close it down?.....Dat be rayciss.

Anonymous said...

Where's his gun? Even a great big bronze Robocop shouldn't go to Detroit without a gun.

Other posters mentioned Robocop being at risk of scrap metal thieves - do blacks go to that much trouble for money or is it mainly Mexicans? Seems kind of work intensive unless they're high on crack or something.


hey p.k., you know damn well they should of given the raised money to black homeless people that will be sleeping next to the damn thing. to hell with detriot and to hell with those dark mother fuckers that live there. off topic has anyone seen the hillbilly hard life show on destination chan? boy it just goes to show other races how good the white race is! I just love that show it's on at ten p.m. on Saturdays. good clean reality show that show how whites really are-great people- just give it a chance i'm sure you good old boy's that frequent SBPDL will enjoy a clean white only family show with two good people at the helm! oh well and as usual GODSPEED?SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Naw, both tribes (black & browns) do it. Some more successfully than others. About once a month we get darkly funny stories from the local media about metal scrappers/thieves killing or injuring themselves. Foolishly pushing over a utility pole with a stolen car and having the live power lines land on them leading to the thieves own demise was one of the better ones i remember.

Anonymous said...


What could go wrong with the Bantu Entertainment Complex? I was daydreaming thinking about all the ways to scam the government out of money to build this thing, since ONLY the government (City, County, State and Federal) will put up the money. And there is going to be lots and lots and lots of money for this African showpiece.

You ain't gonna have Opray, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Cosby or any of the black names spend one dime on this. They are black themselves, thus they know blacks.

I can see sub-contractors re-subbing jobs through a daisy chain where each level gets paid. The contracts, all submitted from minority contractors, will be HIGH and padded.

Then when construction starts, there will be more theft and "missing" equipment than you can imagine. How many a/c compressors or Heat systems will "disappear?"

How many "foremen" will be needed? How much to pay off the black code inspectors to pass the sub-standard construction of these "qualified minority contractors?

How much for "consultants"? Numerous black consultants? How much for providing for visiting black dignitaries who will come out and see this proud edifice of black achievement?

How much for company cars? Company expense accounts? You can imagine how much the lead contractor is going to get and how much kickback from all his "qualified minority contractors" beneath him.

The legal firm? Got to have one with big fatass black buck "lawyers" doing the contracts. Actually the token Affirmative Action Partner of this law firm won't do jack shit. He is the token Negro being used to get the contract while some white guys do all the paper work and will never reach partner.

The lead engineering firm will of course be a fraud since there aren't any black engineering firm. Some clever Obama White Democrat will form a corporation, African American Engineering right in time to "win" the bid for the contract. This "firm" will sub it all out to some Chinese firm for 10 cents on the dollar.

Obama will fly out and tell us how this is bringing us all together and by working together we can end racism and end our concern over skin color, and if he had a son his son would take his boyfriend there for a night on the town and stay in the hotel overlooking the "fist" so when they enjoy the evening they can enjoy the "fist......"...........(some of you will be lucky in having no idea what I am talking about.......)

Ah, the cost of this thing. BUT, the more it costs, the more revenue going into Detroit and the larger our GDP. There will be money lavished on the interior like you have never seen. Nothing makes a Negro happy that over-the-top-niger-luxury. Purple rugs, Lime green drapes, Lavender bed sheets, Gold trimmed elevator doors, shinny do-dads all over ever wall, loud thumping music that shakes the entire place 24/7. boom...boom...boom...booom...boom..night after night (I get a headache just thinking about it)

And then the smell. The smeall of Afro-Sheen and sweat and black feminine hygene sprays, and black funky deodorant that doesn't last long and doesn't do the trick, with the stench of stale alcohol all over every carpet, chair, sofa, etc.......gag.

And of course you can't tell these uppity Negros to put out the cigars. They have arrived !!! They're movin on up to the East side......the stench of swisher sweets......gag.

Pat Boyle said...

One of the most powerful books to influence my development was Benvenuto Cellini's Autobiography. Everyone should read it.

The central action is the casting of the bronze statue of Perseus. It was the largest 'lost wax' statue ever made up until that time. That's still the process used today and this Robocop statue is even bigger than the Cellini one that is today on the Loggia in Florence.

I wonder if it can actually be cast?


Anonymous said...

Jay Santos said "...Pretty simple programming there;

if color_spectrum => Octoroon;
seize subject;
subject = trial;
trial = guilty;
if color_spectrum <= terceron;
fire side_arm;
evacuate victims_innocent"

What is dat, Ruby???

Seriously folks, Mr. Santos has suggested a way out. Just as groids use iphones and twitter to organize flash mobs, both technologies they do not understand, there has to be a way to impregnate their phones with phony apps .... "White girl over there" ... "Da Bruther ar 49th and State dun talked bad about yo mama" .... "Run from the old white dude. He got da rabies"

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous May 20, 2013 at 6:58 AM said: Other posters mentioned Robocop being at risk of scrap metal thieves - do blacks go to that much trouble for money or is it mainly Mexicans? Seems kind of work intensive unless they're high on crack or something.

True, but the Hispanics are smart enough to understand that the scrap yard might not buy their BS about how they came into legal possession and ownership of pieces of a brand new 10-foot RoboCop statue.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever analyzed the racial (There Is No Such Thing As Race) breakdown of rapes in the military?

Pat Boyle said...

Robocop the movie is like the new 'future cops in a crime drenched city' movie - Dredd.

There are blacks and there is crime and there are gangs - but in the movies they are all mixed up in a very PC manner.

A criminal in these celluloid cites is just as likely to be a white as a black. Indeed the top crooks and cops are as likely to be female as male. What are the producers thinking? How many whites are in the Crips or the Bloods? How many are in the ultra violent Mexican gangs of LA?

Hollywood used to admire itself for it's socially revealing films like - "I Was a Fugitive from a Chain Gang" or "Grapes of Wrath". But today we get screenplays that bear no relationship to everyday reality.

Everyone knows that blacks do all the killing except in Southern California where it's the Mexicans. But this harsh reality is softened on the silver screen with scripts that show complete, stable and frictionless racial integration among all the crooks.

These screen hoodlums bear the same relationship to real hoodlums as the Munsters do to the original Frankenstein. They are softened to sooth the public.


Anonymous said...

it's perfect. all the crime in the movie is committed by whites. it fits perfectly with their fantasy

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but interesting:

Mr.Ken said...

"Blacks/browns, both male and female, are usually portrayed large and in charge, whites as bumbling dolts in need of step by step instructions from a wise, patient black superior."...Great point. but this is nothing new, those of us old enough to remember the TV shows of the 1970's, when TWMNBN took over full control of prime time TV recall The Jeffersons, All in the family, Sanford and son and Good times, All of them anti-white. The bumbling white cop on sanford and son, and his far superior black partner..The white goofball who married george jeffersons black female neighbor, and almost every single white man or woman on good times. The list goes on and on and on. For those who never saw these shows, watch them on youtube or another service. If you have any doubt that this is all a planned conditioning of the media watchers mind, just watch some of todays TV commercials. The white guy is always portrayed as a retarded doofus, the black as sophisticated and cool.

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

What could be interesting on this blog is to know how readers it has and the age and social class members belong...
It has been done on fdesouche and 75% were under 35 years old and most have good qualification (as me) shows how much French Youth White is activing in France!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll start:

I'm a 30-something white guy in Chicago with an advanced degree working a white-collar job. I'm in the process of training/arming/strengthening myself for what I consider the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

re: Where's the gun?
No conspiracy here. Robocop's gun was in a hidden holster that opened up out of his right thigh.

Anonymous said...

@MuayTyson: "Sorry I'm just fatigued blacks, Liberals, etc. sick of them all and the destruction they create."
Bit of an oxymoron, there :) (or whatever it's called)

Anonymous said...

What does TWMNBN mean?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You people are so sad. Just sad. Did I say sad. And a tad jealous I might add. Signed a beautiful black woman.. Smooches

Mr. Rational said...

You people are so sad. Just sad. Did I say sad. And a tad jealous I might add.

Jealous?  Let me give you a clue:  we want nothing from you, so we could not possibly be jealous of you.