Thursday, May 2, 2013

The 'democratic process' isn't for Whitey Anymore...

I wonder why I live alone here
I wonder why we spend these nights together
Is this the room I'll live my life forever
I wonder why in LA
To live and die in LA
I wonder why we waste our lives here
When we could run away to paradise
But I am held in some invisible vice
And I can't get away
To live and die in LA

- Wang Chung, "To Live and Die in LA"

So we know that the United States government spends $500 million to diversify the medical field (primarily to get more blacks as doctors); the Obama Administration awarded $227.9 million to Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in 2012; and $4.4 billion Pigford case (signed into law by Obama in 2010) was nothing more than a racial shakedown.
Mel Watt, Obama's nominee to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency, believes 'majority of whites shouldn't be part of the democratic process'

Well... we now know Mr. Obama has decided to nominate Mel Watt to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) - overseeing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, which can't be shut down because it would adversely impact black people [Winding down Fannie and Freddie could put minority careers at risk, Washington Post, 2-21-11] - and his views on race fit nicely in line with those of Attorney General Eric Holder.

He believes white people shouldn't be part of the 'democratic process'[Obama housing nominee: Most white people won’t vote for black candidate, should be excluded from ‘democratic process’, Daily Caller, 5-1-13]:
President Obama’s pick to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency once said that a “majority of white voters” would never vote for a black candidate and that they should be excluded from “the democratic process.”
The White House announced Wednesday that Obama will nominate Democratic North Carolina Congressman Mel Watt to take over the FHFA, which regulates Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the country’s government sponsored mortgage companies.
Watt, the former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, has in the past accused white Americans of racism.
“There would be a substantial majority of white voters who would say that under no circumstances would they vote for an African American candidate,” Watt said Oct. 14, 2005 during a Washington hearing held by the National Commission on the Voting Rights Act.
The Voting Rights Act should be expanded to “adjust districts to take [racially motivated voting] into account,” Watts said.
Such voters “need to be factored out of the equation,” Watt said, because “I’ve got no use for them in the democratic process.”
According to a contemporaneous report of the hearing published by the Cybercast News Service, Watt said that black voters — unlike whites — don’t have “an absolute commitment” to voting for a candidate based on race.
“Black people have not had the luxury of being able to say, ‘Under no circumstances will I vote for a white candidate,’” Watt said in his remarks.
Obama would win 43 percent of the white vote in 2008 — the largest share for any Democrat in a two-man race since 1976 — along with 95 percent of the black vote.
Mel Watt must not know how Carl Stokes became the first black mayor of Cleveland; how Richard Arrington became the first black mayor of Birmingham; how Maynard Jackson became the first black mayor of Atlanta; how Harold Washington became the first black mayor of Chicago; how Coleman Young became the  first black mayor of Detroit; or how Richard Hatcher became first black mayor of Gary. Hint: it was via an almost unanimous, monolithic black vote in each city.
The future for white males in Black-Run America (BRA)

In each of these cities, black voters had the opportunity to cast a ballot for a candidate that "looked like them" and actively campaigned for their votes as a sign of racial loyalty. 
Let's put it bluntly -- in these cities (save Chicago), whites were pushed out of the democratic process by black people voting as a collective; by black people voting for candidates whose only platform was their blackness.

A loss of legitimacy.
Thinking about those lyrics quoted above from "To Live and Die in LA," I come to this part of the song:
In every word that you say
I feel my freedom slip away
I feel the bars come down around me
And I can't get away
I can't get away
We still cling to the illusion this is our country -- Sam Donaldson put it best: "It's our country now."

And the 'democratic process' is for "coloreds only"... get to the back of the bus, whitey.


Lorraine said...

I feel very afraid for my children. At the same time, I also know that the more the stupid USA aka Amurkistan excludes whites, the closet it comes to its death.

White males are maligned in this country. I fear for my son's future.

Here is my take: screw them. Let the mF burn. Why do we want to be part of something that 1.) doesn't want us; and 2) is dissolving any way.

I have dual citizenship, Canadian and American. I told my Sis a few years back to make sure that she should get Canadian citizenship for her kids as well.

I suggest everyone here look at options outside the USA as well as look at the Pacific NW. I want to learn how to homestead and be independent. That is how the whites be this terrible game, disengage and become independent. Let the Nigs have it. They will eff it up and the 1.) want us back or 2) the Chinese will become their new masters... Very bad!

The mistake the South Afticans made was buying into the political mood of kumbaya and by also staying.

Hey, eff Amurkistan. It and its stupid groid rulers don't want us, fine peace out. Check ya in ten years when the country is run into the ground, which it will be.

I say all white men and their families bum rush the northwest front and homestead and hang. Go rogue and get off the grid. That would be beautiful.

White Mom in NoVa

Anonymous said...

It's not just white democrats who will vote for a darkie. Repubes will just as eagerly vote for Gomer Powell, Herman Cain, or the next Great White Republican Hope. That is, if their messiah doesn't turn out to be a mexican instead.

Anonymous said...

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if they vote as a bloc for the negro without questioning his character, if they attack medical workers, laugh at their own injured, and then demand whitey come and fix their problems, it is fair to say that niggers are animals and fucking useless.

Niggers are fucking useless animals.

Anonymous said...


The first link, "$500 million to diversify the medical field", is broken.

10mm AUTO said...

"Such voters “need to be factored out of the equation,” Watt said, because “I’ve got no use for them in the democratic process.”"

All those who ridiculed us for being paranoid about Obama, you lie.

This is the final disenfranchisement. What BRA wants is for Whitey to pay up, right now and not just shut up, but shut up and DON'T VOTE. Paul has been saying here about negros taking over an area and once they get to a certain concentration, they go for the gold. Well, here it is.

They have reached so many in Government that they no longer want input from the majority population on anything! Just shut up and let the Orcs handle it.

Are you really going to put up with this Mr. and Mrs White America? Is this what you call Freedom, to have filthy blacks spit on you and your institutions, destroy your cities and towns with violence, drive out and bankrupt your businesses and stores, rape your wife and daughters, beat you son or screw his mind so he turns into a Wigger and by law you have NO say in the course of the civilization given to you?

If you agree with this, you do so with my utter contempt.

Anonymous said...

Racial tribalism is the natural state of human affairs. For a brief period in the West, we White men flirted with the notion that if we were fair to all, all of us could live peacefully on a hill in the city of a thousand lights.

It's clear now that was a college-educated, weenie-man delusion. How many will have to die before the Whites understand the rest won't be satisfied until we are all dead.

Annie Oakley said...

Whites have to learn to be covert. We must pre-qualify other whites to make sure we're on the same page racially.

It's financial, political and maybe legal suicide to have an honest conversation about race or have fellow white racially aware friendships with the wrong white person.

I've said it once and I'll say it again; these mentally ill self-hating whites are our worst enemy, far worst than non-whites.

They won't kill us, rob us or rape us but they will squeal on us for the least little thing to gain points with the rainbow crowd, or money. Not to mention all the confidential informants (most of whom are white) who make a living by sending your neighbor to prison for some stupid shit.

You've got the church going whites who love the baby Jesus and believe we're all the same. Even as they're being gang-raped by 5 groids, they won't admit it's a racial thing. They'll just keep praying until they see the baby Jesus in heaven.

These same mentally ill defective whites will import thousands of Somali blacks into your neighborhood for Jesus, God, country, cheap labor, it doesn't matter. And if you bitch and complain about it, they’ll make you a target.

What does that leave us? The 3 percenters. Only 3 percent of whites get it. One famous racialist has said time and time again, whites are sheep. They will go with the ones who have the power, might makes right.

So if the 3 percent racially aware whites are in power, the lemmings will do whatever they're told to do. So don't worry about the untermenschen. They'll go along if they think they're getting foodstamps, WIC, section 8 or any other free shit that you promised them.

Then once you get into power, BAM! You do what is right for whites. And that means if you don’t work, you don’t eat. No more sitting around eating cheetos, watching Judge Judy and collecting welfare if you’re healthy.

Just like our psychopathic folks now do (lie and say what they think you want to hear) until they get what they need.

Whites have to play hardball and stop acting white. We have to think and act like non-whites. And I don't mean like the violent ghetto bastards. I mean racial solidarity, stealth economies and underhanded tactics to get what we need.

Being honest, nice and accomodating will get you killed. The only way is OPSEC and white solidarity.

Get out of the system. If you're working for yourself, you can't be fired and the poverty pimps can't intimidate your boss to get rid of a racist.

I’m no economist, but this phony economy will not last forever. Eventually the bough will break and the cradle will fall. The middle of the country will be OK. The coastal cities and mostly non-whites cities will be killing fields. That’s why it’s important to be in rural areas, like now. If we can stay out of the way and survive round one, we’ll be OK.

Anonymous said...

Will this fucking country collapse already?

Anonymous said...

Let me preface this post with an apology for my horrid use of punctuation and grammar.I'm not a writer.

One day the BRA might press too far.I pray I don't see that day.

I feel there are many ways to solve the issues of race in the US in a non-violent way.Through voluntary secession,through protest and demanding our rights as white people,pressuring our local politicians directly and making our voice heard,demanding scientific inquiry and eugenics if necessary etc.

The democratic process has hardly been utilized nor has the potential economic and social solidarity of whites and civilized people of all races been harnessed and leveraged to a meaningful extent.Put simply,we hardly tried to put up a serious fight or to raise our concerns publicly yet.

This brings me to something else which I think is important to remember.We're at an awakening/recruitment/opinion testing phase in the new 'race realist' movements.Some posters here at SBPDL have said that it doesn't matter much how we present ourselves or the language we use because we aren't here to appease the blacks and others.This,to me,is missing the point.We want,as people against BRA,to look like the calm,collected,approachable and intelligent people that are superior both in our approach to the subject of race and knowledge of the relevant political topics,but also superior in character.We should look and behave as superior people because we are.We can be firm in our resolve and yet remain civil.In fact,it is imperative that we do remain civil for the sake of the younger generation who are looking for guidance,mentors and role models.

I'm not saying that there should never be complaints or slights against other communities at times but that the ways of the past, which tried to harness youthful angst,and make a destructive rebellion are not viable in today's social climate any more than they have been in any other time in recent US history.We need to treat ourselves as billboards and for the end of BRA to be the product we subtly advertise.

Think what you want about Jared Taylor but one thing he does which few others can is bring people together in large numbers to discuss taboo issues such as race problems,and he does it with undeniable grace and poise.We don't have to adopt his "WASP" academic tone but if we're to survive,our image must be that of people you'd want to be around.People who hold high western values and who speak fearlessly and with pride without resorting to childish insults and other low forms of communication.We are the descendents of true kings.We should act like it.

All of this brings me back to my original point.We have been threatened.The POTUS is placing into high position people who have declared the fruits of our ancestors labor as their own,and people who want to deny us rights and power in a system wholly created by our ancestors for the benefit of ourselves and our future generations.We are being conquered.Plain and simple.Our system is being usurped by people with no means of maintaining it and with no other use for the system but to attack us with it.

Today,our duty is to raise awareness and defend our interests intellectually.But if tomorrow after all other means have failed and BRA continues its advance against us,it is our sacred duty to defend our rights with our blood if need be.

Let's hope it never comes to that and let's do what we can to continue our intellectual struggle against our oppressors by developing our image as the great, and strong people who we really are.We deserve the best for ourselves and our families.

Never despair.Never think anything negative about yourself or your people.We truly are a great race.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

You know what saddens me? I could have compassion for blacks if they were just stupid and docile.

But, they are violent AND stupid which is...uhm...not good. For ANYONE. :(

Anonymous said...

Ughh this clown is a disgrace to the otherwise great state of NC. We've had a few guys like this. Look up Floyd Mckissick and his "project" Soul City if you want to laugh. Made tons of $$ off that shakedown. Shake my head every time I drive by it..

Would actually make for a great article PK...

-Proud in NC

Anonymous said...

Mel Watt is a serious, professional racialist who has played Sec. 5 of the federal Voting Rights Act like a harp for two decades. Following the Long March of the Republicans into the State House and Governor's Mansion in North Carolina, it would have been a simple courtesy of Congressman Watt to have let them know of his planned departure from what is probably the most Gerrymandered congressional district in the South. Then the people of Charlotte, a growing new Black majority ironically not in a Section V County (because of Watt-sponsored litigation) might have been served with a fresh district. As it is, the interstitial zones between the lanes of I-85 will have to be represented in Congress by someone else.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! And great movie reference too, classic film. - Chance

Anonymous said...

Each day I realize how right the segregationists were. Once you give into liberals, even a little, you've conceded something that will be amplified later. White people lost their legitimacy on racial issues long ago in the eyes of many, thus we are where we are today. A groid who hasn't the intelligence to clean bathrooms for a living is about to head an important federal agency despite his blatant anti-white prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Hear that, kiddies? The Mighty Negro has no more use for us.

Let's all just go die. It's the *progressive* thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Mel Watt is right. White people have no say in how the country is run. This has been proven time and time again. There is no such thing as a DEMOCRATIC PROCESS in America. Think about it. Why would the ruling class actually allow the peons to have a say in who rules over them. That is not how things work.

You are owned. You are property. What I like is when I read someone leaving a comment on YAHOO or elsewhere about VOTING THE BUMS OUT OF OFFICE. Hey nerd bag how has that been working out for you these last fifty years. My other favorite line is "I don't vote the party, I vote the man." Hey we got another dumb fuck winner here. This really is a great system. Not only do you get to vote for two pre-selected crooked scum bags in a rigged election, but you can also vote when you are dead. I was reading a few months ago about all the politicians in California that got voted into office by dead people.

Elections all across America hundreds of thousands of DEAD PEOPLE are voting for their favorite candidates. I heard some ladies talking one time about voting for some fuck head because he had a nice smile. Nothing is real. We are all just pawns in a cosmic chess game. The only way to become free is to stop playing the game and stop believing in the the bullshit. Everything is bullshit. Everything.

bubo said...

God damn that movie is awesome. So's the soundtrack.

It was 100 percent free of lib bullshit.

This racist negro clown and his 85 I.Q. will easily slide into his high 6 figure position with little or no real opposition from anyone, including the Republicans, who have no balls.

Don't worry about this country anymore, it isn't worth saving. Just take care of yourselves and your families.

One pissed off Irishman said...

Good, disenfranchise us sooner...see what happens...

Bemused stare said...

Seeing this makes me lose hope. WTF is wrong with our people that allows them to see statements being made of this nature and still not give a damn.

Anonymous said...

Wake up White Folk! The end-time is upon us.

Brent Farve said...

Kiera Wilmot, a 16-yr old Bartow County High School student, tries to blow up her fucking school and gets expelled. And of course......... that's racist

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Inadvertently deleted this comment from 10mm Auto:

10mm AUTO has left a new comment on your post "The 'democratic process' isn't for Whitey Anymore....":

Attention People who are Signing in on the Blog SBPDL. We of the United States Racial Equality Electronic Internet Board have deemed comments submitted here to be harmful, insensitive and egregious. The White community's paranoid complaints about dynamic black vibrancy has been deemed a Hate Crime against Social Justice and Diversity Inclusion. Any further comments that do not reflect a love of black people will be dealt with harshly.

Thank you and have a nice Diversity Day!

Anonymous said...

OT: Hip Hop Illuminati (Global Elite/New World Order) 6 part series by Holly Hood

Holly Hood is black, and used to manage rappers in the hip-hop industry. Now she runs a ministry to spread awareness about the illuminati and its connection to entertainment.

This was posted in my twitter feed, so I watched it.

Are blacks in the entertainment industry the willing tools for the globalists and their agenda to destroy our society? Have they all sealed the deal and sold their souls for fame and fortune? It made me wonder if blacks are truly the devil's workers. I am thinking Oprah, Obama, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Tiger Woods, and so many others.


Anonymous said...

No surprises here. I recall all the stories (of blacks in cities where they come to be the majority population)taking over all the city departments and jobs and excluding all other races.
Whenever a black talks about fair play, justice, equal treatment etc, your bullshit alarm should go off at least at 130 decibels. They're just presenting an image for the gullible to swallow so they can get what they want and then go for the throat.
Watt is just another example of what blacks are like when they think they have the power and can get away with everything they want to do.
I also like how he plays the typical, "We is all sweet innocent black downtrodden angels dat would nebber be like dem ebbil whiteys" routine.
He's pure nigger through and through.

Anonymous said...

In the words of Tim Leary( not a role model); tune in, turn on, drop out. Burn your voter registration as visibly as possible. Do not even think about supporting the enemy. Find like minded Whites and
support each. Do not form groups or make lists. See Dimity Orlov's blog for further insights into diversified resistance. Read, study, plan, communicate. Love your race and remember the fourteen words

Anonymous said...

What do you think they meant by "we shall overcome one day"? There is no "common good" in their minds.

Only what is good for blacks. The Founding Fathers and the Constitution mean absolutely nothing to them.

FUBU = For Us By Us. That applies to everything.

They want complete control of everything. They want to bring Africa's third-world to the white West.

Anonymous said...

Whites are now the niggers.

Anonymous said...

I thought fannie and freddie couldn't be closed because it would adversely impact China. Darkies get excited because they have one president out of 43 but their halfbreed messiah who wouldn't be in this world without a white communist gangbang whore is just another corporate figurehead.
When sobamacare kicks in and I walk in and see some affirmative action banjolip moon cricket doctor I'll just turn around and walk back out.

Bemused stare said...

This is why, "such voters need to be factored out of the equation".

Michael Fabricant, the Conservative Party's vice-chairperson, confessed he was unsure what voters were saying. "'I hope there will be some serious research about exactly WHAT message UKIP voters are giving: none-of-the-above, or specific issues," he said in a Twitter message.

It has reached the point where they are genuinely confused that whites might do something as bizarre as voting in their own interest. Obviously if you decide that you are not keen on being exterminated, there must be something wrong with you.

Don M said...

I used to joke about the creation of a Federal "Extraordinary Commission to Combat Racism (& White Privilege)" - ECCRA...

Modelled on the Soviet CHEKA and later NKVD (National Committee for Internal Affairs) with TWMNBN brains and groid brawn, naturally.

Now I'm no longer laughing. Watt would make a perfect "Senior Comrade ECCRist."

If you have not had the chance to see the movie "Chekist", I highly recommend it. It is freely available online and shows exactly what our elites fantasize about on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Drudge has article today about white male suicide way up. My local newspaper had a similar article. They came up with every lame excuse for it except for the truth that is laid out in this article. Good Work SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

k, "$500 million to diversify the medical field", is broken.

from what I hear, MDs in USA are now Indians.
Last Med Ed conference I went to was
young asians.
in LA.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that John Boehner's daughter is marrying a ganja smoking Jamaican?

Anonymous said...

"gods of color" by gunnar sinclaire (available at amazon) anticipates so much of this, in a satirical, over the top manner. turner diaries & hunter (by you know who), also anticipated much of this. some amazing folks saw this coming many decades ago. i'm finally catching up, thanks to Paul Kersey & others.

Ryzzia said...

The numbers on the article were almost 6 Billion dollars for NOTHING. Bill Maxwell from the St. Petersburg Times worked at an HBCU for a few years and his impressions of black "honah stoodents" was the same as mine. The kids were worthless and did not want to learn or do anything. They felt that because they were black we had to give them the degree and they did not have to do any work to get it. No wonder we are so in debt to China...our "leaders" are spending us broke...

Anonymous said...


I want to hear from our South African or Rhodesian friends. (Notice I didn't use that Zimbabwe word. There was no "Zimbabwe" before the White man arrived. There were only grass huts)

How are they handling their situation? We here in the former America will still have about 200 million Whites, even when we lose all power, so I want advice in coping. I wish to help my 2 children survive the hell that is coming.

Do they stay in one area only? Do they only buy and sell to each other? How do they do schools, since there is no way a White girl in South Africa can attend a Zulu school, just like here in the US no White girl is safe around Sambo and LaToilette.

Also, how difficult is it for whites to get out of South African/Rhodesia and move to the last of they dying White nations?

Anonymous said...

Ivan here.

Get a copy of White Man Think Again by Anthony Jacob. It will raise, still further, your level of awareness by putting the race war being waged against us right now in an historical perspective.

Jay Sanstein and other may think the threat arises only from the fuliginous African parasites but the Indians and Chinese, though less virulent, will also swamp and destroy our people and our civilization.

There are no problems that Americans cannot solve save one: their replacement by other peoples. THAT cannot be solved. History is littered with examples of Indo-Europeans being swamped by indigenous peoples with only the faint hint of their racial remnants echoing in the faces of their descendants. For once a people is replaced, their character, their institutions, their values and their culture slowly begin to erode away until those of the replacement peoples prevails.

Even our Christian faith shall be lost in the sea of non-Europeans for without the sustaining nurturing influence of Europeans and Christianity, our institutions cannot long survive. The false abstractions of equality and liberty that lie behind the leftist façade notwithstanding, we are individuals rooted in kith, kin, soil, history and ancient traditions which we derive from our ancestors. God made us such. The false universalism that has been offered by our subverters has only served to deracinate man and strip him of his essential sustenance.

Say hello to South American, then the Ganges River, then South Africa, then Zimbabwe and finally Haiti where our fate awaits. Say hello to the new world order. Tolerance? Inclusiveness? Understanding? Heck, we're all politically correct multiculturalists now!

When sovereignty is derived from "the people" rather than God no other outcome is possible than that evident in our Satanic demos driven dystopia called America.

The Augean Stables that are now America shall not soon be cleaned and only then by an Herculean effort by awakened Europeans.

And that, like it or not, is the way it is. Demographics have shifted inexorably against us, as they shall continue to do, at an ever increasing rate.

Dissident said...

Paul Kersey kicks some serious a$$!

Anonymous said...

Ivan here.

Many here advocate allowing the system to crash and burn. Trust me, when this ball of wax begins to crumble the fallout will be horrific and the outcome far less than certain. The military and nuclear power of the USA shall be aligned against all people of European descent. Even a cursory study of history does not bode well for the future of our people.

The malignancy and malevolence that the left and their henchmen will bring to the task of our extermination is beyond the capacity of most to imagine. Study what happened to the whites in Haiti, the whites in former Rhodesia and the whites in South Africa.

Study the fate of Americans who today raise nary a whisper about the ongoing war of extermination against our people. 35,000 white women were victims of sexual assault and rape by blacks in 2005. Black on white murders continue at an accelerating pace. And yet the squid indoctrination is so effective we continue our bovine march into the sunset of our people.

Our future has already been spelled out in the killing fields of the Katyn forest, the incinerated remains of Dresden and Berlin, the plantations of Haiti, the farms of South Africa and Rhodesia and any inner city of the United States of America.

No, a reset will be an hellish nightmare whose outcome can only be guessed at. We are a tempest in a teapot here on SBPDL. Yeah, more people are awakening but even here the level of the existential threat is not fully comprehended.

Mr.Ken said...

a “majority of white voters” would never vote for a black candidate. Well Bravo, smokey. you got one right, because I would never, ever vote for a black, under any circumstances- for anything. racist?,maybe. realist?...absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Ivan here.


Hypothetical: Al Gore runs against Reverend Manning for president or governor. Who do you vote for?

Anonymous said...

Dear Whitey

Boogity boogity boogity

Mel Watts

Anonymous said...

“I’ve got no use for them in the democratic process.”- Just their tax dollars, communities, schools, cities, industry, commerce, R&D, and basically everything else.

Jay Santos said...

Ivan here.

... Jay Sanstein and other may think the threat arises only from the fuliginous African parasites

Ivan - I understand that you've got certain limitations. But didn't you promise PK on an earlier thread that you would not attack other contributors to the comments section? It was only a week or a week and half back. Did you forget?

Californian said...

Each day I realize how right the segregationists were. Once you give into liberals, even a little, you've conceded something that will be amplified later. White people lost their legitimacy on racial issues long ago in the eyes of many, thus we are where we are today.

Disturbing, but there is truth here. Most white people back in the 1950s-60s thought that ending segregation meant ending obviously discriminatory practices such as separate water fountains for blacks and the like.

Supposing the "civil rights" movement had been honest and said that ending segregation really meant the rise of affirmative action and forced busing and a war on poverty and flash mobs and the criminalization of anti-black speech and support for marxist terrorist fronts in Rhodesia-South Africa and the destruction of entire cities such and the dispossession of white Americans from their own lands.

How far wold it have gotten?

Not very.

The "civil rights" movement was and still is something of a fraud from day one. It's basically a front for the seizure of power. What you are seeing today is the inevitable extension of white people capitulating since Brown vs Board of Education.

This is why George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door. It had nothing to do with the integration of public schools. It had everything to do with blacks exploiting white weakness to take over those schools as well as the cities in which they were built. There's nothing odd about this. The entire history of the world has been groups with superior will to power overcoming and subjugating less forceful groups. Blacks are doing what comes natural.

In all this, blacks have had the full support of the DWL establishment which, through either sheet ignorance or sinister scheming, has pushed the agenda which PK calls "BRA."


blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hello, it's incredible, today I learn that in Norway a deputy has asked to stop immigration from Romania, Bulgaria..and France because these people act in gang too much!! This deputy surely consideres Franch like Arabs and Negros because everywhere in Europa; blacks and arabs from france burn, rob and kill!! Have you got this image from this part of French people too? Are they doing the same thing in USA??

Californian said...


I don't want to discount what appeared to be the obvious inequities of segregation. Obviously, depriving large numbers of citizens of equal access to public goods and services did appear to be contrary to American ideals. There was the more practical economic matter of having to have two sets of public facilities (those separate water fountains again). And there was the crude violence against black upstarts.

But for every Emmett Till back then, there are today thousands of white people who have been murdered or otherwise had their lives destroyed by blacks. For every segregated water fountain back then there is today a minorities-only government contract. As for the whites-only public schools which Governor Wallace defended: blacks now largely control them. Whites have been forced out by the general trashing. White parents have had to place their children in private schools out of sheer survival (and thus are paying twice, once in tuition and second in taxes).

And it never ends. You'd think that after half a century of social engineering, blacks would say, "OK, enough, we're ready to drop the race hustling and hold up our end."

Of course, blacks do not say this. And why should they? They've got the power. Why would anyone in their right mind surrender power? (We might ask this of DWLs, but than again, I have to question whether or not DWLs are in their "right minds." They appear to be suffering from a collective Stockholm Syndrome.)

It just may be that the ideal of "equality" is impossible for humans to achieve. We've seen equality fail throughout post-colonial Africa. One-man-one-vote becomes one-man-dictatorships or tribal blood baths. And I needn't comment on how "equality" played out in Mao's China and Pol Pot's Cambodia.

Blacks appear to hold the power in America. But I think it is transitory, it's a facade. They really lack the self-discipline and perhaps the IQ to utilize it efficiently. The schools and cities and countries they control fall apart, from Detroit to Liberia. In the end, blacks have to have white people bail them out. And white people still are in the majority in America. A consistent resistance would cause the facade to collapse.

The issue here is: how to get whites to be racially conscious--and then use that consciousness to reestablish their power.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago this country's State Dept issued a self-righteous and arrogant criticism of Russia's last presidential election, citing "fraud and irregularities." they pointed out that Putin won 90% of the vote in some places as proof.

I'd like to see Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issue a similar report on Obama's re-election and mentioning that he received well over 100% in some areas.

Californian said...

OK, I am beating this thing to death, but I did want to make one more observation:

Each day I realize how right the segregationists were.

I used to wonder how an otherwise progressive man like Woodrow Wilson could become a total segregationist.

Now I can understand.

The dilemma which blacks present is this: when they act collectively, they attempt to seize total power and dispossess their competitors. There's the obvious lessons from Haiti to South Africa. In America, blacks have their crude race hustles, their endless violence, their dreary power grabs as PK dutifully records.

Woodrow Wilson stopped this from the White House, George Wallace tried to do so at the school house door.

Blacks force whites into a dilemma: either whites give in to the endless race hustles and violence (and thus accept their own subjugation); or whites stand their ground (and appear to be opposed to "All men are created equal").

The answer is that blacks (in their organized political form) do not want to play it by the rules of the social contract. Whites have, in good faith, given blacks everything they have demanded. Blacks have full legal equality. But this is not good enough for blacks who, in return, attempt to dispossess whites, whether by legal means or via violence.

It's blacks who have violated the social contract by refusing to play it by the rules.

And again, this was possibly what Wilson and Wallace had in mind.

One thing to consider: after the American Civil War BRA v. 1.0 was in power. Yet within a generation, it had been overthrown and a race realist social-political order was in place. How did Americans make this transition?

What lessons are to be learned?

Artist said...


My late, former father-in-law was French. I also work with a French young lady who is from the Alpine region. I also belong to the local Bastiat Society and know an older French woman there. They are all civilized white people. Actual French.

The older woman has lived in the US much of her life. The younger woman has been working here about 4-5 years now. She works at a university in a very PC environment. I asked her recently how she liked the US. I expected her to say she didn't care for it. Her answer surprised me. She said it seems that if one works hard enough you can become what you want here. She also said it's surprising that people own their own homes here, which she said is relatively rare in the EU.

Anyway, not many Americans are aware of the multicultural problems overwhelming Europe. Even if they have traveled to Europe they seem unaware of what is happening. So many American believe Europe is a slightly different version of the US except with more interesting buildings and longer vacations.

I'm of Irish heritage and in 2007 visited my grandfather's home and met my relatives. Ireland was beginning to be encroached by africans then. The Irish are blunt speakers. They would not fit in the US where speech is heavily regulated. They were quite unhappy about Somalians and Roma. Ireland was awash with former Warsaw Pact people then. I understand they left when the economy crashed.

I find your posts very interesting and very important. I try to keep up with EU affairs and the problems of multicult and islamisation. You give us some insight to the real things happening in your country.

The mexicans are the muslims of America. They may be Catholic but I find that of little value. Latin Americans love socialism. They will be the ones who cement socialism and totalitarianism forever in the US.

Unless we can form a third party that will attract the youth and re-establish the Constitution we are doomed. The average white voter is clueless. In fact, I was at the Bastiat meeting last night and we were reviewing the 50 year debt charts for the US and the EU. It's mind-boogling what we are doing to ourselves.

Artist said...
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Anonymous said...

Northern Scandanvian Lutheran here. On November 6, 2012, Jesse Jackson Jr., an African-American, was reelected with 63 percent of the vote in Congressional District that according to the 2010 census was 62.4 percent black. He was able to craft a landslide defeat against his two white opponents, despite being hospitalized for bipolar disorder, despite having not fundraised or campaigned, and despite being under a widely publicized criminal FBI investigation for campaign fund misuse to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars to purchase such necessities Rolex watches, Michael Jordan sport memorablia, and home redecoration.

Yet, here we are being lectured about white racist voting patterns. For more similar reading on the subject, here's an interesting article by Ta-Nehisi Coates entitled "Fear of a Black President" for your enjoyment.

Ta-Nehisi Coates posits the following questions: "Who would truly deny the possibility of a black presidency in all its power and symbolism? Who would rob that little black boy of the right to feel himself affirmed by touching the kinky black hair of his president?"

You cannot make this stuff up, lol.

Homey M Holmes said...


No, when Americans think of French people, they think of guys in berets with loafs of bread. It's funny, it reminds me of the recent Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris, which I didn't like at all. The theme of the film was "anti-nostalgia," and yet the vision it presented of France was totally nostalgic, even the parts set in the present day -- not a black Arab in sight.

Bogolyubski said...

The Chamber of Incitatuses, populated with an "opposition" party filled with folks like Juan McAmnesty, the Pink Palmetto Princess (Miss Lindsay), conquistdores like the "conservative" Rubio will wasily approve something as outrageous as Mel Watt for a high bureaucratic office.

That's only part of the problem, however. All those folks in SC, AZ and FL who vote Repuke made it possible - and the vast majority of them were white and not members of TWMNBN. In a sane country, someone like Mel Watt would never have been able to run for office. As anon of 7:10 pointed out, the legions of average "tea-party patriots" and "Conservative Christians" are the ones who are falling all over themselves to show the oligarchs how "anti-racist" they are by supporting groid mountebanks like Gomer Powell, Herman 'Nightrain' Cain, Ben Carson, etc. They just don't get it. They'll still be singing hymns to equality as groid DHS stasi rape their wives and daughters and march them to a ditch.

The squids and their loyal nomenklatura have to be laughing themselves into tears by now. For all the HBD boasting of high white intelligence and low groid intelligence, it's curious to note that this high IQ apparently cannot protect against a directed campaign of genocide. The self-hating religion whites believe in is so overwhelming it trumps even their basic survival instinct. They deny it's happening even though those participating are starting to drop the pretense altogether. As far as I know, there has never been anything like this in world history.

Anonymous said...

"I don't want to discount what appeared to be the obvious inequities of segregation. " - I would discount said appearance, because it is the number one argument trumped against us. How did segregation prevent them from pooling their own capital, cleaning up their own neighborhoods, building their own cities, and so on that every other group which suffered much the same prejudices at first did. It should be clear that it did no such thing. Asians were subjected to a similar regime, while hispanics were not(they had to fight to get their non-white identity from the Federal government in the 60s and 70s). were segregation the sole determining factor present, hispanics should be further ahead than asians. The "obvious" inequities of segregation can be laid at the feet of a far more basic inequality, and any ideology that purports the absence of said inequality is false.

Anonymous said...

I read this site and the comments every day, it gives me hope that we can one day have our countries back but when it's slow I'll read other sites around the Internet and what I read coming from blacks and brainwashed whites just makes me literally sick. It just seems like we're too outnumbered, anyway sorry to be a Debbie downer but I just had to get it off my chest.

Anonymous said...

Ta-Nehisi Coates posits the following questions: "Who would truly deny the possibility of a black presidency in all its power and symbolism? Who would rob that little black boy of the right to feel himself affirmed by touching the kinky black hair of his president?"

But there have been numerous black presidents, from Haiti to the rainbow nation of South Africa. Plenty of possibilities there. Why didn't Ta-Nehisi Coates and his comrades migrate to Liberia, Congo, Uganda or Zimbabwe where they could touch the hair of Samuel Doe, Mobutu, Idi Amin or Bob Mugabe?

(Wonder how those worthies would have responded to a mass hair groping?)

Californian said...

"I don't want to discount what appeared to be the obvious inequities of segregation. " - I would discount said appearance, because it is the number one argument trumped against us.

That's something I was driving at.

We're given such a one sided view of segregation that it ought to be questioned. The party line is that blacks were discriminated against because of the color-of-their-skin. But seriously, would government and business, not to mention the apparent majority of whites, implement a system as expensive as segregation simply because of some trivial prejudice?

How did the USA go from Radical Reconstruction to Segregation so quickly? This required a massive change in how white Americans viewed blacks. Could it have had something to do with content-of-character? Why did Americans see these things back in the 19th century, but mostly fail to see them in the 21st century?

The odd thing is that while "the terrible legacy of segregation (tm)" is thrown up to whites by the Ministry of Truth, there is little depth to the DWL/BRA line on this. It's as if they are afraid to delve too deeply for revealing some unpleasant realities.

Segregation was supported not simply by what amounted to the rightwing in those days, but by Progressives (such as Woodrow Wilson) and populists (Wallace, etc.). If so many people across the political spectrum supported a system, then one can not dismiss it as blind prejudice. If anything, it is the DWLs who operate out of prejudiice since they refuse to examine the argument for segregation.

Be interesting to dig deep and see what motivated the segregationists.

How did segregation prevent them from pooling their own capital, cleaning up their own neighborhoods, building their own cities, and so on that every other group which suffered much the same prejudices at first did.

Just quite possibly blacks were collectively more functional under segregation than they are today, at least if we look at things such as marriage and crime rates.

One more thing: with every civil rights program in force, why do we see the massive dysfunction from the black demographic today which PK exposes? Why can't blacks pool their capital, etc?

I know, I know..."the terrible legacy of segregation (tm)."

Anonymous said...


Under segregation, blacks were better off:

Less bastard children
More families
Less Welfare
Black businesses
Tuskegee Airboys
Harlem night clubs
Better dressed
Self respect.
Jazz, blues,
Black women were able to get and keep black men. Today, what normal black man would want a black woman?

Segregation was good to American blacks, just as slavery (in America) was the best thing that ever happened to the Africans.

Segregation was never, and is not, the least bit "evil" or cruel. It was a benefit to the blacks and us Whites. When our society realized that segregation, within the same territory, would not work (confusion, costs, police), then it was time to either divide this nation (which will happen) or send them all back to Africa (which will happen to a degree).

Segregation is the only sane thing left. If it is not done, then the result is violence....and it won't be my fault...

Non-savage said...

It's sad. That Wang Chung video reminds me of the 80s. Civilized people were still in control and civilized conduct was still the norm. It's hard to believe how much has changed in such a short time.

Anonymous said...

Black people are the absolute scum of the earth.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind more negro doctors as long as they only treat their own kind. Nobody else should be subject to their incompetency.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I don't mind more negro doctors as long as they only treat their own kind. Nobody else should be subject to their incompetency.

Yeah. You don't want an African performing brain surgery on whitey:

Anonymous said...

"How did the USA go from Radical Reconstruction to Segregation so quickly?"- This is a subject that OD has written quite a bit one, suffices to say, military occupations are expensive, and people don't like sending their sons off to do that sort of thing forever, especially to their own countrymen. Likewise the media, and even the radical republicans couldn't hide from the failure of their policies. Today I suppose that they can, and that they aren't genuinely trying to uplift anyone to equality this time, but tear us all down.

Anonymous said...

Your statement about them being useless isn't true by any means. For example they have been in the past quite hard working and productive. When proper motivation is applied.

Discard said...

Segregation was beneficial for all Whites and most Blacks. To this day, Whites who consider themselves to be "liberal" live segregated lives. The sort of diversity they are so anxious to enjoy is a luxury, the sort of thing only the privileged can enjoy. They like their Darks to be limited in number and carefully screened for quality. They want Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel Washington.

Anonymous said...

i moved to australia 10 years ago. i love it. my kids attend a 99% white public school. i make over a 100k a year in a blue collar job. crime is low. opportunities abound. australia found 18trillion dollars worth of oil a few months ago. yes i said trillions.
yanks do really well in oz give it a look

Mr. Rational said...

The Voting Rights Act should be expanded to “adjust districts to take [racially motivated voting] into account,” Watts said.

Such voters “need to be factored out of the equation,” Watt said, because “I’ve got no use for them in the democratic process.”

I agree; populations which vote 97% for Black candidates just because they are Black should be factored out of the political equation.  They should be factored out of the welfare and residential equations too, which would have salutary effects:  if they were residing and voting in Liberia, they wouldn't be part of our criminal justice equation any more.

Mr. Rational said...

Jassi:  you may not be a writer, but PLEASE put a space after each comma, semicolon, colon, period and question mark.  One of the essential ingredients of readability is....

(you knew this was coming)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational,

You're right about the need for space. On that particular post I'd written much more than is allowed on the blog and had to continuously edit and remove portions until it would be accepted for posting.

Be well,