Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hope Springs Eternal: "Warmest Weather in Seven Months" Spawns Overnight Bloodbath in Chicago

It was only yesterday that a story broke of a high school baseball game in Chicago being cancelled because of a genuine fear of, not errant fly balls, but of errant bullets [Chicago 2013: ritzy public high school forfeits baseball game on South Side over drive-by fears, Daily Caller, April 30, 2013].

We are days away from the release of 'Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicagoland' - a book that is being edited by VDare's most penetrating political mind James Kirkpatrick - which I believe will be the most powerful SBPDL book yet
Coming June 2013

You'll understand why people fear the South Side of Chicago, the true legacy of "The Great Migration."

More to the point, you'll understand why it isn't the advent of spring and the "warmest day of the year" that is responsible for the gun violence in Chicagoland [3 dead, 17 wounded in shootings across Chicago overnight, Chicago Tribune, 4-5-1-13]:
At least three people were killed and 17 wounded in shootings across Chicago overnight as the city saw its warmest weather in seven months. 
In one of the fatal shootings, three men were shot in a parking lot across the street from the headquarters of the UIC Police Department, police said. The shooting happened around 10:40 p.m. in the 1000 block of West Maxwell Street, Police News Affairs Officer Amina Greer said. 
All three men were taken to Stroger Hospital of Cook County. The conditions of two of them, 19 and 21, were stabilized at the hospital, Greer said. The third man, 19-year-old Tytrell Jackson, was pronounced dead at 11:13 p.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.
Here's how the Chicago CBS affiliate excused away the violence [3 Dead, 16 Wounded In Overnight Violence, CBS Chicago, 5-1-13]:

Three men were killed and at least 16 others were wounded in gun violence across the city from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning.
The spike of violence occurred as temperatures climbed into the 80s and the city basked in the warmest weather yet this year.
It also comes after Chicago police reported that the number of murders in April (24) was the lowest in about 50 years, WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports. During the first four months of the year, Chicago reported a total of 94 murders. It’s the first time since 1963 that the city had fewer than 100 murders between January and April. 
“We are looking at progress,” Police Supt. Garry McCarthy told the CBS 2 morning news, but he acknowledged that “we are going to have good days and bad days,” like Tuesday night.
"Good days and bad days..."

That's better than blaming pilgrims, Sarah Palin, and the NRA...

But the violence plaguing Chicago is not unique to just the Windy City.

Coming June 2013, "Guns, Blacks, and Steel: American Cities After the Civil Rights Era" will dare go down the road where John Lott, Glenn Beck, and the National Rifle Association (NRA) fear treading.

Edited by VDare's Kirkpatrick, "Guns, Blacks, and Steel" is the book to read when hoping to understand the reality of the gun control debate in America. It's the book to read when hoping to figure out why so many American cities (Rochester, Memphis, Gary, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Savannah, Camden, Newark, Buffalo, Baltimore, and many others) are morally and fiscally insolvent.

It's the book to read when hoping to understand America's future, unless we have the courage to stand and say 'no more.'


Anonymous said...

The parents of the baseball players were guilted into submission. The game will take place this Saturday, 5/4/13.

Anonymous said...

Was at a college fair last night where a UIC rep. was saying what a great place it was to go to school. Chicago colleges were well represented along with Detroit and Birmingham, AL (I'm not even kidding). They're all trying to get kids in from far enough away they don't know how dangerous it is. Who on earth is dumb enough to cross a state line to go to college in Detroit or Alabama?

10mm AUTO said...

As a Gun guy, I look forward to your book Paul. Are you going to be offering a signed copies?

If your research matches my own, it will find that the White rate for gun crime is about on par with Europe and the black rate is about on par for Nigeria.

Blacks have never invented a firearm or improved one or even defined a new accessory, yet they are responsible for some of the most heinous act with them.

The Japanese defined Swordcraft and Bushido; the European defined riflery and Chivalry; the American; personal honor and pistolcraft. Each advanced race has defined itself buy its weapons and its control of such, except for the negro race.

They just slaughter.

This would not be happening if Whites had a Country of their own.

Anonymous said...

It was only yesterday that a story broke of a high school baseball game in Chicago being cancelled because of a genuine fear of, not errant fly balls, but of errant bullets

The proper terminology is, "The game was canceled on account of light to medium ground fire." said...

cross posted

Anonymous said...

Should all Chick-fil-a to the list of things to blame. After all that company doesn't share Chicago's high moral values.

Anonymous said...

global cooling makes us safer - blacks commit fewer crimes when it's cold. can we set some volcanoes off & cool the atmosphere? maybe have another "1816: the year without a summer" (due to a volcanic eruption in 1815).

Anonymous said...

I had a revelation about blacks: crime is just what they DO. It's the role they play in the ecosystem.

In Tampa recently, a black tried to rob a white guy w/ a shotgun; the white guy took the gun from the black, and the black ran off. Then the black and a friend came back ... and asked for the gun back. The white guy smashed their car window; I'm sure the blacks were shocked. They were just gittin' dere Gibsme on.

I'm sure most blacks being prosecuted for murder are positively shocked when they are sentenced to decades in prison for their crimes. They were just doing what they've been doing for eons - taking what they want by force - and mean ol' YT had to go and ruin it for them. It's just not fair ...

countenance said...

I predict that Guns, Blacks and Steel will be PK's best seller ever.

In their native environment and on their own, blacks did not invent a written language or the wheel. Much less political doctrine or firearms. Most of them don't deserve to be covered by the Second Amendment, therefore. Lucky for us that a large percentage of ooks commit felonies, thereby disqualifying themselves from it.

Californian said...

The proper terminology is, "The game was canceled on account of light to medium ground fire."

That is funny.

But did Capone ever shut down a ball game in Chicago with gangland violence? Makes you think how far the situation has degenerated.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:28.

"They were just doing what they've been doing..."

So right. Whenever and wherever blacks gain power and freedom--and one is of no use without the other--blacks have recreated the social system of their former African homeland. They instinctively remake their nest in the pattern of their Darwinian shaped inheritance, just as birds, ants and bees will when their home is disturbed or destroyed. And this is not to speak ill of blacks. We whites do the same thing.

But black civil life was based on hunting/gathering and the cult of the warrior. Every youth, to be accepted into manhood had to commit some deed of daring do against the neighboring tribe, which in contemporary America happens to be White people.

The very existence of our (White) "home" style is anathema to blacks. It is an obstacle to be eliminated because every environmental niche can only be filled by one species. They sense this as "oppression" though it is not really that because Whites, in general, don't give a thought to blacks one way or another--they just try to live their lives as best they can within the system. But this ignoring blacks is just what sets them off. It makes them feel dissed.

And so since we can't assimilate them or ignore them we buy them off with ransom money in the form of "social services" that are open ended and have an ever receding horizon. Kicking the can down the road.....

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hi it's the french man, I was looking on Bronzeville today in Wiki, it seems in France like SArcelles, only building full of niggers!

I'm interested by Paul's book, will it be possible to send it in France or will Amazon will autorize to download it on Ipad in France? In fact some books as the Bell curve are not sold in France, not politically correct...

Anonymous said...

Was 2 shooting that 3 people got shot
The way chitcago compstat works this will only count a 2 shootings (not 6) it's the way they cook the books. Thats why the FBI won't use thier stats.
Any city that uses compstat cooks the books this way
a robbery now is stolen property report
it's all a liberal lie

not a cop
just a informed person

Unknown said...

While I share your general philosophy, Paul, I think you are too quick to dismiss the weather as a causal factor in the violence.

In entomology, the study of (6-legged) bugs, they use the degree-day model for predicting pest activity. This is essentially a measure of accumulated heat, typically above some baseline like 60 degrees; different entomologists use different models, but they all agree that pests, and pest activity, are driven by hot weather.

I don't think this blunts your message one iota to acknowledge this truth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous, above, who attended the college fair, next time you go to one, ask if they embrace diversity. When they say "WHY YES, of course", ask if they have a White Student Union.

Negroes and Guns? It was never intended that Negroes have guns.

Citizens, White Male Land Owners, were covered by the Bill of Rights. Negroes were considered 3/5 human (Jefferson got that right) and were never expected to be citizens with any right to vote, own guns, own property,etc.

This nation has been going down hill ever since those OTHER than White Male Land Owners have been "given" the right to vote. The American Republic was based on exclusivity of voting to those most responsible and most cognitive of what a Republic is. There is no way a Negro can comprehend such a White concept.

As for everything else, I wonder when something is going to snap. I read many blogs and the tension keeps building and building. I am reading things that would be considered outrageous 10 years ago but are being expressed by more and more Whites.

I wonder what will trigger the "event" we all anticipate?

Mr. Clean said...

countenance said: Most of them don't deserve to be covered by the Second Amendment,...

or the Eighth Amendment. Or the Fifth (due process). Ideally, we could just repeal the Fourteenth Amendment and take it from there....

Anonymous said...

Ahh good ol' Chicongo, yet again. Looking forward to your new book...

When I was in little league, the opposing coach (black of course) chimped out on an ump and got ejected. His thug son came outta nowhere, hopped the fence, and starting beating the ump with other blacks (ump was white of course). And there I was, in the batter's box, watching my first real taste of TNB. I can still hear the screaming of the White parents yelling stop it. Turns out, the son had lots of charges including sexually assault on a minor...

Any news on Billboards?? Thanks

-Proud North Carolinian

Anonymous said...

Also wanted to say I saw the movie Agenda: Grinding Down America last night. WOW! I highly recommend it. Shows how BRA came into power. God Bless to all!

Agenda: Grinding Down America

-Proud in NC

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Darn. Only 3 dead and 17 wounded. They should do like the old time MOB HIT MEN. When a guy went down you moved in close and put a couple shots through his head. With the proper training blacks could increase their kill rates to a much higher number. Enough of this shoot and run bullshit. Take a little extra time and do the job right. Oh well, what can you expect from a bunch of high school drop outs.

Jim said...

Could that 3/5 human thing have something to do with IQ?

Jefferson was a smart guy.

Dissident said...

Whenever you see the Dissident on the street; you'd better damn well know that I'm "dealing the steel".

.45 Glock to be precise.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I just found out that JIM TUCKER passed away on 4/26/13. He was the American Free Press reporter that always covered the BILDERBERG meetings.

Unknown said...

As a former inmate the majority of blacks blame (them people) meaning whites for their incarceration and rarely take the blame or consequences of their own actions.

Anonymous said...

Lmao&Smh at all the ignorance....

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:34

"Lmao&Smh at all the ignorance...."

This sounds like a nigger doing the car-won't-start laugh. You know, it goes like this,

"Huh! ... uh-Huh! ... uh-Huh!"

It's always done with a big "If we be in Africa, you be my supper." nigger grin.

I now do it right back. Stops every nigger in its tracks.

Anonymous said...

Warm weather be racist.

rjp said...

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hi it's the french man, I was looking on Bronzeville today in Wiki, it seems in France like SArcelles, only building full of niggers!

blancdeseinesaintdenis, just so you know, in a lot of places, Chicago being one, using the word "nigger" is looked upon as one of the most vile offenses one can commit. And using the word nigger in the presence of a nigger is risking death, especially if multiple are around. I have used it twice in the presence of those who do not feel as I do (apparently) and received stares of disbelief that the word that must never be said was said.

If you want a book that you can not get in France, I am sure someone can help you.

Mark customs form: Text Book, Gift, Value $5.00

Amazon might not sell to you but check

They are a used book listing site:*listing*softcovers

The Bell Curve price listings start at $1.54, but watch on the shipping cost. If I am ordering multiple books, I try to find one seller from which to buy all (this can be "tres difficile"), otherwise you get hammered on the shipping costs. Some sellers may not ship to foreign addresses either as it requires actually going to the post office to fill out the Customs Form.

Mr. Clean said...

or the Eighth Amendment. Or the Fifth (due process). Ideally, we could just repeal the Fourteenth Amendment and take it from there....

There are more than just three or four amendments that need repealed. One could easily argue that everything after the 9th should be.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the death and mayhem if they actually understood firearms and how to shoot properly.

Lorraine said...

Well I am happy to report I am in VA and outta WDC. Thank God.

I was busy moving so I have been out of the loop.

I just read the piece on New Haven. And then today's piece.

The story about New Haven mirrors my recent DC living experience. The building I lived in where I paid 2 k a month to rent, unbeknownst to me, was a community development project. Translation: it was coupe of ghetto turds that was gutted out and painted up so that white hipsters could move in and pay exorbitant rent and get to live next to Section 8 turds. On my way out yesterday, I was harassed by the section 8 sistah who was convinced that both if my kids were by two different 'menz who gibs muney' to me. This groid is bat shit crazy from drinking alcohol , a wet brain so to speak. My parents have my son so I could move out- this grrrrl friend yesterday was asking me where he was as I was packing my things in the elevator. She went on to ask ' how many social security numbers ya got, how many keeeeids ya got ' as if I am a welfare queen playing the system.

I lost it. Full on negroe fatigue set in' we are moving away from you' I yelled. I continued, ' my son is gone so he is away from you and niggers like you,' 'My family cannot go to parks here because your little niggers . ' I went on... ' stay the hell away from me and family nigger!'

You know what, it felt good. And I continued to yell at her.

I was known by her and her grrrrl as crazy. That is good. The crazier the groids think you are, the better.

Today I read these threads and I realized that the turds just don't have a clue. I think ExNYER summed it up the other day with likening them to dogs sniffing around and seeing what they can eat or f$&k or just piss on. That is the most thought the turds will put into anything.

This former neighbor of mine is so corrupted end polluted in her thinking that any amount of rational thought or intellectual stimulation would be lost on her and her groid kin. That race is all flash and form and no substance.

It will never dawn on my stupid neighbor that I moved because of her.

The NAACP is a cloak organization for the squids to try to usurp money and power from whites. They are an arm, just as the SPLC, of the world elite to enslave us.

I am part Dutch and part Slavic. I am hearty and I can deal with alot. I am willing to sacrifice, and in fact have done so by having my kids- plan on more.

The greater evil here are the squids and elite who foist the turds on us. I have faith that there will be a white homeland, it will take awhile to form and we won't see it, the future generations will.

When I was packing the other night I invited a neighbor of mine over. Ge us ten years younger than me. He is leaving the building as well due to section 8 neighbor domestic violence issues. He is a democrat but voiced disappointment over Obummah. I kent go into everything we talked about, but I introduced him to a little race realism talk. He is someone who can 'see'. I have faith that if I keep modeling courage and change behaviors, others will come out of their shells.

It was liberating to tell that woman what I said yesterday. The message must be repeated over and over again without fear. I have a feeling that this dumb turd has had her shiney black arce kissed her whole life.

There is nothing to fear and nothing wrong with whites saying look we have had enough, we do not want to live around black people because they create horrible communities. It is the truth and it may hurt, but that is not our problem.

Let it loose white people!

White Mom in WDC

countenance said...

Mr. Clean et al.

Let's hop in the DeLorean and head for December 15, 1791. Find the authors of the Bill of Rights. Point to that second article, and then point to their black slaves. Ask them: Does this apply to them? Of course they would look at you like you were crazy. Repeat for most of the other amendments.

We don't even need to do that. All we have to do is look at a little bit of inconvenient history: The same Congress that passed the Bill of Rights and sent the amendments to the states for ratification also passed the Militia Act of 1792, which restricted militia service to free white men.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

I'm sure I speak for most here in saying that I'm thrilled for you to be out of there! When you're dealing with the Section 8 cancer, the scenario you described - living in the closest possible quarters in a multi-unit condo situation - is completely unfathomable to me. In my townhouse, I was at least across the street from them, and they still woke us up at all hours yelling, fighting, drinking 40s in the driveway in lawn chairs, selling drugs, etc. Being across the freaking WALL from them is unthinkable to me. And then to have your kids there, too! I would be on trial for murder in that scenario... Not to mention paying $2K/month for the privilege while they pay $300, split among their homies.

Good luck to you in VA. ANYTHING has got to be an improvement for you!

Gwinnett Gladiator - spreading the word of SBPDL, one small, conspicuously-placed piece of paper at a time...

Anonymous said...

Hence the expression "I caught a case." Have you ever noticed that the longest word they know is "incarcerated?"

- nutmegger

Anonymous said...

Hey Proud North Carolinian,

was the TNB you first saw anything like this?

I've yet to buy a book of Paul Kersey but I think I'll just get them all soon. The thing is that the blog is so good that I never saw any reason to buy the books. It'll just be to support the cause that I do it.

Be well,everyone.

Anonymous said...

@White Mom in WDC

Won't you have to change your nom de guerre?

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

I have one other observation that occurred to me today, which also relates to the excellent discussion on the New Haven thread. I think there is some evidence that negative (or reality-based to those of us who can see) information about the Section 8 cancer is being cleansed from the internet. Likely by the angels at HUD. Now we know that race realists are everywhere, with their comments appearing on literally every news forum across the country that still permits comments. We also know that the prevailing opinion of Section 8 housing and public housing and housing assistance is viewed very negatively by, at the very least, tens of millions of Americans. I’m not the only person that had my property value destroyed by it. For sake of argument, let's put that number at a conservative 15 million people.

Of those 15 million, some of them likely have some firsthand experience with Section 8, as do some of us. Further, some of those people must also have computers, and might be inclined to express their opinions on internet forums from time to time.

Now if you look up virtually anything imaginable on the internet, you can find endless information, however obscure the topic. For example, I just searched for hatred of kites (no, that’s not a typo!), and found 1.6 million results. Within seconds, I was reading the opinions of individuals that despise kites.

Similarly, there are millions of bloggers, activists, etc., that are pissed off about virtually anything under the sun. Even Negros. That being the case, would one not expect it fairly easy to find, say,, or things of that nature? Do more people actually hate kites than Section 8? I mean, I know just from my own research on unloading my house that Section 8 has infiltrated gated communities with $400K homes. Particularly in Florida. No one that owns a $400K home is at all pissed off about the sudden appearance of TNB next to their lakefront lot?

However, it was quite easy to find this little bit of government propaganda.

I have just downloaded the two reports that are referenced and will be reviewing them and report back, but I’m so relieve that there is “…No Relationship Between Crime and Section 8 Vouchers …”

Gwinnett Gladiator

Annie Oakley said...


Good on you for telling that sheboon off. I’m almost positive that 99% of the whites she encounters either cower before her or just take the abuse.

Whites are in an abusive relationship with blacks. It’s almost like being a battered spouse. Eventually the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in and the battered spouse identifies with the abuser. We have become SO afraid of these bullies, we don’t stand up to them.

That is what has happened to many whites. We have bent over and kissed our own ass and flagellated our own race so many times, it’s second nature to be self-hating.

Unknown said...

Warm weather be racciss n sheeit.

Dan said...

Robel Phillipos. Johar's bestest buddy since high school. Ethiopian with American citizenship. Probably hip deep in plot, waist deep in helping Johar escape.

We have black implicated in the story now.

K said...

A liberal. And there are millions of them.

Anonymous said...

Ex Lincolnite here:

I just wish the kill ratio in the nigger on nigger shootings was just a bit higher. But perhaps the aiming will get better during the long, hot summer.

Another funny story about where I live. A jive ass coon walks into the bar. He is going on and on. He won't shut up. After a while, one of the regulars makes a move to the restroom. While the nigger keeps flapping his gums. As he drinks he becomes more and more obstreperous. Then the local guy turns to this now belligerent nigger and tells him, "You know we have uncapped wells around here and you know what, no one would ever find you."

The nigger stopped, thought for however his attention span would take him, finished his beer, and left. That was a while ago, and we have never seen his like again.

If more white people would control the nigger problem like this one local man, we would have fewer problems in America today.

10mm AUTO said...

""Anonymous said...

Imagine the death and mayhem if they actually understood firearms and how to shoot properly.

May 1, 2013 at 6:50 PM""

Still would not help. Even if Orcs were trained, there is nothing more lethal and decisive as a White man with his weapon. Mental focus, joy of battle and the decisiveness of Courage and the Honor are beyond the negro. He only attacks from behind or in a pack.


Or with pistol

This is the White mans arena.

Give a negro a rubber ball and a hoop and they are happy.

Its da trrble, trrble lag'cy of da slabery.

rjp said...

Lorraine said...

I was known by her and her grrrrl as crazy. That is good. The crazier the groids think you are, the better.

Lorraine (White Mom) is correct. The crazier they think you are the more scared they are.

After an incident in high school that I have alluded to the word was:

"dat 'rjp' he be muffukin kwazy".

Anonymous said...

Racial segregation 'jail style' coming to a kabuki theater near you:

That's some 'end of times' sheeeit.

SKIP said...

"The proper terminology is, "The game was canceled on account of light to medium ground fire."

HELL! we don't cancel anything here in Afghanistan for such trivial matters, mortars, rockets etc. etc. just business as usual.

SKIP said...

"Lucky for us that a large percentage of ooks commit felonies, thereby disqualifying themselves from it."

YEAH! a good thing for us that criminal blacks can't own guns!

SKIP said...

"a robbery now is stolen property report"

Perhaps we could call it "undocumented acquisition" More politically correct sounding ya think?

SKIP said...

"There are more than just three or four amendments that need repealed. One could easily argue that everything after the 9th should be."

Be patient, the Obanegro and his regime are doing their best to do away with ALL of them AND the Constitution itself and Congress, Senate and the SCOTUS is helping all they can.


you know that i'm a big believer in the bill of rights and the constitution. but what has sped through my mind last night was why doesn't the dirt-bag jew mayor in chi-CONGO deploy the national guard after a certain time or maybe on the weekends! but it says a lot about how certain democrats like gun violence so they can produce the numbers of dead people to help in their efforts in trying to take all guns. and it's not that I got a problem with these niggers killing each other. I have a problem when it spills into our white communities. I know the naacp and even the HNIC obama will cry racism or civil rights bullshit and we are just picking on the poor black people in America once again. to that I say too fucking bad and cry me a river. until the black community can contain itself then they should have to put up with a couple of humvies full of American guardsmen strolling in their hoods. but then I thought if this were to happen the violence would go down and when it came time to take it away the numbers would go right back up to where they were before the nat.gaurds presence. and this too would tell America that blacks have to have our help in everything in society. no new news here right? and the naacp wants to move these section 8 niggers into our communities and you and I say fuck that shit niggers. do certain white people(DWL's) understand that they are the ones who will lose if they let low-class niggers into and around your picket fence and your pure as snow white children. but those pig liberals just love diversity, just not in their neighborhood right? we got to take/make a stand! oh your a nigger! no thanks, your not welcomed here! check on your white elderly neighbors(I do) and GODSPEED?SEGREGATION NOW!!!

JD said...

Who cares? Let them keep killing each other. For every dead black male, that's 10 or 20 black babies that will never be born. Let em have at it, I say! Let them self-exterminate.

Dissident said...

Wow, people! Watch this Swedish Parliamentarian take it to the multiculturalists.

Listen to the rape statistics that she gives of the beautiful Swedish women at the hands of the invaders (code word for Muslim Negroes)?

We Need Women Like This In Politics..

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Meanwhile, back in the ATHell, I just came across this gem of enlightened negro behavior by some stoodin afleets...


blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Thanks rjp, in fact i have tried by amazon.UK and in fact, it's OK they sell it to france...

Today I learn that Case Shiller Index has risen to 9 points in one year and that Nevada, California and Arizona have seen property values risen to 20 points in one year!!!
Fabulous, it means that US people have money, it's not the crise!! Can you tell me if black cities are concerned too? On newspapers they recommand French people to invest in...Detroit where there are big houses for 28 000 dollars!! So whats happened??

Anonymous said...

White legislator goes ballistic during session. This is a geat video!

Listen to the negro voice in the end trying to quiet him down. Reminds me of how things were during reconstruction when the whites had to deal with negroes in government.

Anonymous said...

As a few other commenters have mentioned, it's best if blacks think you're crazy, really crazy. They will be scared of you and tell other blacks to leave you alone, too. My 75-year-old aunt lives in a completely black neighborhood. As it was going black the niggers kept telling her it wasn't safe to stay and told her to move. She would always retort "Why am I supposed to be afraid of you." That's all she said - they never had a comeback. This past winter one of them helped her shovel foot-deep snow from her driveway - he asked her if he could help. Just imagine that. My old aunt has the tables turned to where blacks are polite to her and do work for her for free. And it's all because they think she's a crazy, white sort of witch woman. It's their only explanation for why she's not afraid of them.

Lorraine said...

Thank you everyone for your support. I have learned a great deal coming to this blog.

I believe that white people's biggest terrorist threat is our own government. It employs domestic terrorism via Section 8 and other groid freebies. Our publuc schools employ terrorism. Child Protective Services has destroyed the ability of the black family to discipline its offspring and now look where we are at. CPS will use extortion to destroy white families and take people's kids away. As NYer points out, there are little snitches and informers out there ready to stab you in the back over anything, be it a free appliance or god stamps. I told you about my sons school using 'home visits' to spy on families. Section 8 turds are being deployed en masse to destroy white communities, acquired wealth, and spy on white families. Blacks are corrupted hessians or paid mercenaries.

We can hide in the mountains for now , in conceal and carry states, and out in homes that are far away from one another like our West. What's next though? Dropping bundles of groids smack dab in white homes via drone aircraft? Not that far fetched.

What is sickening to me is how the Fed is behind this and how this is so contrived. It is truly sick and demented. I realize that I am a refugee in my own homeland but I embrace the positives: I have money, I have my kids, I have my health, I am able to move quickly , and finally I am not afraid. When they see you have fear, they will come after you. The Feds and their turd mercenaries are just thugs.

I am convinced that at some point there will be a civil war.

Thanks again and keep the faith!

White Mom

Anonymous said...

I know I post the same message on multiple thread topics, but it bears repeating. Arm yourself and your loved ones NOW. Buy all the ammo you can afford. Store food/water and network.
A huge storm is coming.

Anonymous said...

See how the police state treated the innocent sheep of Boston. Nary a protest. Home of the Boston Teaparty and synonymous with patriots. Come out of your homes and bleat for the Stasi.

Baltimore Watcher said...

Welcome. We laugh, and shake our heads at the nignorance.

Baltimore Watcher

Californian said...

Whites are in an abusive relationship with blacks. It’s almost like being a battered spouse. Eventually the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in and the battered spouse identifies with the abuser.

This is something I've also observed. Blacks come on strong, whether as race hustlers or gangbangers or burning down a city. DWLs lack the force of will to stand up to them. So they rationalize away black transgressions. Like an abused spouse, DWLs will defend them from criticism, often quite fanatically.

Abused spouses/DWLs also believe that the power-of-love(tm) will transform the abuser. Look at movies where the white woman takes in a black reprobate and turns him into an upstanding citizen.

As I say, it's a weird psycho-sexual thing.

Anonymous said...

. It's their only explanation for why she's not afraid of them.

There was a tale in the news of a gal confronted by [latinos?]
in LA.
. It's their only explanation for why she's not afraid of them.'

only takes 1 bullet.

rjp said...

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

On newspapers they recommand French people to invest in...Detroit where there are big houses for 28 000 dollars!! So whats happened??

Real estate (houses) do not really appreciate in value until the black people are gone. The south and west sides of look the same or worse than they did after they rioted and burnt everything out. Until either mexicans or gays move in and clean things up, they will be dumps where no white people will want to live.

Now there is the occasional house that goes up in value but most do not. Detroit is done until somebody starts buying it up by the block and building secure gated communities.

As for Case-Schiller, I think it is just bullshit. The only way an idex can be accurate is when it tracks the same things every day/month/year.

Anonymous said...

I think we should offer houses and property in these areas free of charge to approximately 100 retired Navy SEALs under 60 years old.

They will be paid 1 million dollars a year to "upgrade" the property and proactively "patrol" the area. Each tenant would be authorized to be fully armed and to "kill terrorists". The property will be fully surveilled and each occupant will be equipped with Google glass to document every antagonistic threat and then every merciless target kill, beating and lesson they dole out to infringing predators.

There would be a civil society established with 5 years at much less expense than the trillions of dollars in failure that is being subsidized now.

If not Navy SEALs, import Russian Mob. They would fuck these animals up worse than their grease-caked checkbook.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are afraid of crazy Whites. I once got lost after a Jefferson Airplane show, stoned on LSD. I was in a foul mood, not being able to find my car, and so sat on the roof of a pimpmobile, with my boots hooked on the edge of the driver's side window. After a time, the Black pimp came up and yelled at me to get off his car, from the other side of the street. He didn't care to get any closer to an obvious lunatic. Later that night, I asked a Black homo for directions. As I stood there, several other Blacks came up and shook him down, a robbery by intimidation. But nobody said a word to me.

Anonymous said...

Gun violence? But the glorious rainbow shitstain known as Felonois passed a law? Are you sure? Minitru wouldn't lie to me.

Anonymous said...

Gwinnett: Another gem on that link is the story of 3 whites walking through a black neighborhood and being attacked with the nigga's screeching, "Whatchoo dooin' on dis street? Dis be our street, crackers! Dis be our area!" In Austell, Ga.
However, since Georgia has no hate crime laws it won't be prosecuted as such and the article stated it was unusure if the Feds would pursue it as such. lol~ AS IF that would ever happen with Holder in charge.
And yes, the story is complete with a sister of one of the perps playin' the "he didn't do nuffin" card. It's just a case of mistaken identity. Sure.
Now let's imagine what would be happening if the races were reversed. Howls of racism, protests, widespread MSM coverage and DWL outrage.
F them all.

Mr. Rational said...

As the resident grammarian here, I'd like to offer an OT comment on a mis-spelled phrase for those who may never have seen it in print:

some deed of daring do

It is spelled "derring-do" (with the hyphen).