Saturday, May 18, 2013

Turn Old Tiger Stadium Site in Detroit into Complex Showcasing 'African Culture'? Isn't 84% Black Detroit Already Showcasing Enough "African Culture"?

An 84 percent black city.
An actual "artists rendering" of Urban Cafe Detroit, to be built on the empty Old Tiger Stadium Site... it will showcase "African Culture" in an 84 percent black city already boasting enough "African Culture"...

Joblessness, abandonment (white people, who were 85 percent of the city in the early 1960s), and high crime - courtesy of the black population - is all an example of what a metropolis fueled by black empowerment can create.

2013 Detroit. 

Right, Louis Farrakhan?

2013 Detroit is a city showcasing African culture in a city that was almost 100 percent white only one hundred years ago (in fact, it was the economy white people created that attracted black migrants to the city; conversely, it is the black culture these migrants imported to the city that drove away whites).

Now, an ambitious developer has the bold idea to try and break new ground: be the first developer to develop an African-American development from the ground-up [Developers Want To Turn Old Tiger Stadium Site Into Entertainment Complex Showcasing African Culture, CBS Detroit, 5-17-13]:
An ambitious Detroit businessman thinks he has a bombshell idea for transforming the empty lot where Old Tiger Stadium used to be.
Francois DeMonique told WWJ City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas he wants to see the site at Michigan Avenue and Trumbull transformed into a unique hotel and entertainment complex.
“I love this city and I believe in this city. I’ve put a lot of effort into it and my company, which is Urban Café Corporation, we are dedicated to being a part of the new face of Detroit. This may be just the first African-American development built from the ground up,” he said.
DeMonique’s vision for Urban Café Detroit is one where visitors can stay in a hotel, attend a live concert, have a first-class dinner and dance the night away all under one roof without having to drive to separate destinations.
“We’re anticipating the Old Tiger Stadium site, but there are other options and sites that we are currently in negotiation with, private enterprises and private owners,” he said.
The look of the building would be aesthetically pleasing, DeMonique said, with a streamlined, avant-garde look that will instantly raise the profile of the area in which it is built. He said the facility will influence the city’s skyline and “lift the spirits of Detroit’s residents and visitors.”
DeMonique, who’s been working on the project since 2009, said the complex would focus on “celebrating the positives of many nations around the world” from the perspectives of art, dance, music, cuisines and the other aspects. He described the venue as being “the place to be for locals and a must-see establishment for tourists.”
The hotel will be the jewel of the complex, DeMonique said, featuring its own 200-seat upscale restaurant, full-service bar, candy store, exercise room, spa, hair salon and a business center.  The third through seventh floors will have 20 suites per floor, each featuring a theme-specific decor designed around the unique cultures of various African countries. DeMonique said the designs and concepts will cover all 100 suites, showcasing different countries of Africa and the Caribbean.
  DeMonique is too late. Modern-day Detroit is already an entire city fueled by both black culture and the idea of black empowerment.

A book on baseball (The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture 2002) helps describe how the culture black people imported to Detroit - which subsequently drove white people, business, and hope from the city - supersedes any hope of turning the old vacant Tiger Stadium lot into a complex showcasing African culture.

Detroit 2013 is the ultimate example of African culture in America:

Any post-war illusion that sustained economic growth would solve Detroit’s social problems was shattered with the decline of the automobile industry in the late 1960s as well as the 1967 Detroit riot or uprising, depending upon one’s point of view. Frustration over growing unemployment, allegations of police brutality, and de facto segregation exploded in July 1967 when police raided a “blind pig,” or after hours drinking establishment. Before National Guard troops restored order, 43 people (again most of them African Americans) were dead, 7,000 were arrested, and $22 million in property was destroyed. Most observers interpreted the growing racial segregation in the Detroit area as due to white flight into the suburbs following the 1967 violence. By the 1980 census, Detroit was losing population and the city was predominantly African American, while the metropolitan area continued to grow in the overwhelmingly white suburbs.

Mayor Coleman Young is often blamed for exacerbating Detroit’s racial divide. Elected in 1974 as Detroit’s first black mayor, Young was a vocal critic of the white suburbs and champion of black Detroiters. The city’s racial divide, however, was already well established before Young arrived. Nevertheless, national perception of Detroit as a city characterized by urban desolation and black lawlessness was fostered by an influential magazine piece and book by Z’ev Chafets focusing upon the city’s Halloween-eve Devil’s Night fires as representative of decadence in Detroit. Little wonder that when the makers of the futuristic Robocop (1987) wanted to create an urban wasteland with rampant crime, Detroit was selected. (p. 137-138)
 Detroit is a city where black lawlessness has created urban desolation, only exacerbated by having a city government almost entirely composed of (elected or appointed) black people and a tax-base supported almost entirely by black residents -- who elected the black officials in charge of the custody of the city they inherited through a low-level racial war against whites.


PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

Sometimes resolutions to an appropriate understanding takes time and sometimes that time period may be half a lifetime.

When I was young I went along with the liberal ideology of abortion. Constantly we the collective here in America were bombarded with the over population of planet Earth by humans. Back in those days, 60s and 70s, I had no problem with abortion.

Decades later I saw Norma McCorvey tell her story and was moved by her story to change my mind on abortion. Most of you readers probably know Norma better as Jane Row of Row vs Wade.

Norma is in my opinion, a beautiful person, not the liberal type as in the Hollywood liberals, the beautiful people, but rather a genuinely beautiful person. Norma, a white woman, never did have an abortion, and if I remember correctly she gave birth to 3 children in her life.

Tim Tibow’s mother, Tim is a white football player, was told by her Drs., while pregnant with Tim, that she needed an abortion to save her own life. She chose not to have the abortion and both she and Tim are alive and well today.

However, though at first I accepted my new position that abortion was the murdering of innocent life, again I would update my thinking on this matter and concluded that abortion of white fetuses is murder and therefore wrong unless the mother's life truly hangs in the balance.

I furthered this understanding with the people of different sub-species of humans and concluded it was good for them to have abortions as often as they so choose, especially for the Negro sub-species, and not only for the Negros of America where the high incidents of an early death do their low IQ has been lessened by life in the white man's higher culture of civilization, but also of African blacks because the white mans anti-biotics and massive contribution of sustenance has also allowed those said blacks to cheat the nature of their own, more r selective gene pool nature.

The higher incidents of early Negro death are addressed by their more r selective gene pool strategy, and we whites have interfered with their own nature by embracing the liberal’s ideology of "The white man's burden".

So sick is the white liberal ideology, we whites have been condition to hate our own kind, right Susan, “The white race is the cancer of humanity”, Sontag, right Bill, “All white babies should be killed”, Ayers.

As our white race, clearly the superior race when judged by our collective accomplishments, slowly recedes in population percentages, our posterity is being put at great risk and peril. In reality we are headed for extinction, and worst of all, we are headed toward extinction because of our fellow white liberals and their ideology chasing the achievement of a new world, one world order, that among other realities embraces the melding of all gene pools into one.

It is what we non-liberal whites of today choose to do that determines our posterity’s fate. Can we honestly allow our children’s children, and their children to inherit a world where the only good white is a dead white?

To save our posterity of tomorrow, we must today begin agitproping for secession from the cancer of the white race, the white liberals, and their allies in this abrogation of nature, the loser peoples of planet Earth. Not to do so would be a clear dereliction of duty.

Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.

This post dispatched from the “Sanctuary of the Herald/Crier Project” pursuing secession and a future harmonious life in happiness.

PDK / K-S S said...

Since Dom loves Detroit so much I wonder if he lives there.

Café, should it not be called, The Chicken, Catfish and Watermelon free lunch on whitey place?

I would like to see showcased, many bones, some for the nose, some for the lips and some for the ears.

I think flint knives and spears along with animal skin shields would be most appropriate.

Pictures of all the welfare offices would be a pleasantly recognizable site for the visitors, as to would be the pictures of whitey's world ruined by black settlers.

Ultimately I suppose old Dom expects white taxpayer dollars to pay for it's construction and his own hefty paycheck he intends to secure for this monstrosity.

I'm sure though that white liberals will behold the beauty and magnificence of this idea, but I'm also sure they will keep their wallets closed and expect the collective to pay for. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If Obama had a city, it would look like Detroilet.

Harry Baldwin said...

I have some ideas for the Museum of African Culture.

Maybe it could feature a ghetto street where unemployed black gangbangers reenact shootouts and drivebys, like the "Shootout at the OK Corral" show they put on in Tombstone, AZ. What tourist wouldn't pay to see that? The reenactors would probably insist on using live ammo, but the tourists could watch from behind bullet-proof glass.

Maybe a ride like "The Pirates of the Caribbean," where tourists travel through tableaus like "crack den," "housing project stoop," "fight on a bus," "ghetto classroom," "inside of a pimpmobile," etc.

Maybe an interactive exhibit where you could talk and whatever you say would be instantly translated into ebonics. That would be fun and edumacational.

How about a show featuring Ghetto Fabulous fashions? Who doesn't want to ogle a 250-pound woman in leopard-print stretch pants, blond wig and highly decorated six-inch fingernails? Or see a stylish buck modeling a purple Zoot Suit from the 1940s?

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but there are lots of possibilities. African culture fascinates people, but they are understandably terrified to see it up close. This would be a chance to experience it safely.

Anonymous said...

DeMonique’s vision for Urban Café Detroit is one where visitors can stay in a hotel, attend a live concert, have a first-class dinner and dance the night away

yea and dont forget the jail!

Anonymous said...

cojo here.

If he builds it, they will come....and then they will trash it like so many urban malls.

10mm AUTO said...

"national perception of Detroit as a city characterized by urban desolation and black lawlessness was fostered by an influential magazine piece and book by Z’ev Chafets focusing upon the city’s Halloween-eve Devil’s Night fires as representative of decadence in Detroit. Little wonder that when the makers of the futuristic Robocop (1987) wanted to create an urban wasteland with rampant crime, Detroit was selected. (p. 137-138)"

Always whining about the "national preception". About what comments will "reflect poorly on the Bbbbllaaaaccckkk "community", how simple wordsare upsetting and disrespectful.

When you city is being burned down, who cares about the "negro community"?! When you are afraid to leave you house at night, why should anyone care about the national or negro "perception". Strap on a scoped 308 rifle and if you see a bunch of bucks setting fire to a building, for Gods sake drop 'em! If they are pouring gasoline against you house or your neighbors house, Shoot!

It's a Mad House....A Mad House!!

Anonymous said...

OT: Perp identified in killing of beautiful co-ed, race of perp is the expected race for these types of crimes.

Jay Santos said...

"...the first African-American development built from the ground up..."

Go ahead. It will be a disaster of unimaginable proportions. The end result will be a horror show in every dimension; dangerous buildings, violent crime, poisoned water. It will be quite an experiment in total, unrestrained corruption.

Anonymous said...

If they want to "celebrate" black culture, call the new locale "The Blind Pig" and they can take visitors on an interactive tour of the Motor City burning down in the summer of 1967.Have bios on the victims, audio from the cops and fireman under assault, the crack of sniper fire into Henry Ford Hospital.That's black culture so get down and celebrate!

rjp said...

Anonymous said...

If Obama had a city, it would look like Detroilet.

Obama had a city, the southside of Chicago, and it does look like Detroit.

I think we all know that this somebody just tooting his own bullshit "entrepreneurness" for some attention. There is no way anyone would invest in mega-million dollar project dedicated to blackness unless it was a prison.

This place would need a police station in it and even that wouldn't even be able to control the violence, the drug dealing, or prostitution that would occur.

An urgent care center would probably be necessary. A "Planned Un-Parenthood" would probably do swift business, as would a pharmacy that sold condoms, feminie wipes, and mouthwash (after blowjob rinse).

Let's be honest, no matter how nice this place was if built, it would be Detroited into shithole faster than a sinkhole can develop if it catered to black people.

Maybe it could be built and then used as an example ... "Black people can not have nice things because the have no respect for anything".

rjp said...

Anonymous said...

OT: Perp identified in killing of beautiful co-ed, race of perp is the expected race for these types of crimes.

Notice the picture of him is not displayed on the first page of the article?

He held the twin sisters and the young man hostage but let the other woman leave, apparently to go withdraw money from a nearby bank machine, the police said.

That woman called 911, and at 2:29 a.m. she told the police that a gunman was holding hostages at her home.

Dumbass ..... "Go get me some money bitch, and don't call the police." What's the limit on at an ATM? $500 bucks? But the dunbass lets her walk out with her iPhone (come on, you know she had one). There were probably 3 more of them in the house and a plethora of other gadget goodies. This stupid piece of shit could have hard party of epic proportion, tapping, well raping, twin Portuguese princesses, then walking off with all their goodies. But the groid sends one to a cash machine, with her iPhone still in her back pocket.

HaroldC said...

I think they should build it but they should only use African architecture and engineering to build it. Otherwise it would really be a monument to Western architecture and engineering and once it's been destroyed would only serve as a monument to the effects of African 'culture' on Western achievements.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Maybe the culture center can have a re-union of the 101 Airborne Division were the troops can sit around and talk about all the niggers they shot during UPRISING in 1967.

Anonymous said...

So in 15 years, Michigan & Trumbull will go from being home of the Tigers to home of the monkeys. Sadly, the corner that once saw doubles & triples will see double & triple homicides, and instead of stolen bases, there will be stolen purses & wallets.

Anonymous said...

The problem I see here is that black people will need gubmint funding to visit the center, then gubmint health care to heal the gunshot wounds experienced while there, then gubmint childcare to support the nigglets conceived during the vacation, then gubmint money to prosecute the nigglets who grow up to rape, murder and rob white people (he be a good boy) and more gubmint money to harass people who oppose the whole, niggardly idea. (misuse of niggardly, I know, but it feels right).

Why don't we just build a furnace to burn the cash. It would be so much more efficient.

Anonymous said...

I want the Popeyes or KFC franchise!

Adding on to Harry Baldwin's very creative list, another attraction could be an interactive device that translates your name into an Affikan Merkin name. For example, Frank into LeFrankian.

How about Grape Drank dispensers?

How about a game show "That's RACIST! where players are given a real life situation and the first one that plays the race card and gives a creative reason gets points. These points are then totaled up and the winner gets a big cash settlement and a new anti-racism law named after him.

Of course, FedGov will be there to provide small business loans. HUD will secure the land. DOE would tie the place into a model curriculum. NAACP and SPLC will provide historical advice to keep it authentic (Real).

Unknown said...

I'm beginning to think this article is a plant. Commenters at CBS Detroit had a good time with it but a black guy with a name phonetically pronounced de monkey? They're goofin on us.

Jim said...

This project reminds me of two sayings..."lipstick on a pig" and " n****r in the woodpile".

Think about it...first-class the night away all under one roof without having to drive to separate destinations???...full service bar (scary)...avant-garde design???. These sound like European descriptions of a good evening.

What is a first class dinner to those folks, chicken deep fried in synthetic oil, yat ka mein with Heinz ketchup, Albino parts...can the building structure handle the bass...sorry, I'm getting racist.

Anyway, these type establishments were tried in the Baltimore, Washington DC, PG County corridor. Guess what happened? Right your are. Mini-riots, shootings, TNB, loss of liquor licenses, etc.

Therefore, I believe this "businessman" has ulterior motives (see above saying re: woodpile). Is there Urban Renewal money, tax exempt BS, or other minority funding involved?

The article states "DeMonique, who’s been working on the project since 2009". What a coincidence. Guess who became Commander-In-Chief in 2009?

End of rant.

Anonymous said...

Unlike the NY Times, the NY Post shows the perp who killed the White female college student.

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

I was thinking about my cartoon days back in my boyhood circa ages 4-10 years old. My years for those ages were 1958-1964. I concluded that I was privy in some of the cartoons I watched to a somewhat of a Victorian education. Perhaps not much of a Victorian education, but still some none the less.

I mention this because the experiences I’m here talking about are now so pertinent to our present day civilization, both here in America and also all the white world.

There were lines that dealt with “civilization”, “the white man’s burden” and “Africa, the Dark Continent”. I remember an Elmer J Fudd cartoon where Elmer went to Africa, the Dark Continent and came face to face with a native Negro. Elmer had his white man’s cloths on and of course his ever present double barreled shotgun. The native Negro was dressed in a grass skirt covering only his private area, and donned a bone in his nose, hair tied up and a spear in his hand. The cartoonist was making clear to his audience the difference between the white man and the Negro, right down to Elmer being somewhat taller, implying superiority and further that the Negro was tying his hair up to look bigger than he was, thus reflecting the said Negro’s inferior being.

Most of the cartoons were from the 40’s and 50s, and the cartoonist themselves were probably born around the turn of the century. The importance here being that those cartoonists themselves would have been influenced by their elders, the people of the Victorian age, and further were here passing on down to their future generations the understandings of that time period as they had garnered. By the way, until I recently started referring to the adage the white man’s burden, the last I remember hearing that adage spoken was in a mid-70s Eagles song.

These concepts would not be embraced by liberal ideology, and further I believe liberalism has expunged these concepts from our allowed talking points.

Therefore those cartoonist were for me a link to the past, were I could garner the concepts that otherwise would undoubtedly have slipped into the lost and forgotten realm. I further recognize that I therefore become the link to the link for my fellow, younger, non-liberal whites who may have been denied this education by the liberal controlled, reality of our time.

In 1998 I was babysitting a 3 year old boy, we watched cartoons. In one of the cartoons the announcer referred to a character as the most evil man in the world, he went on to say that this particular evil man had the face of evil. At that point the character turned to face the camera and the face was that of RMNixon. This is obviously liberals and their liberal ideology, plying their craft on the innocence of children. These children as adults will always, upon seeing a picture of RMN, think somewhere in the back of their mind, he Richard, was evil. 1998 was just 40 years after I would have been absorbing the message in the cartoons of my boyhood, what a shift in messages, unbelievably and cruelly, liberals target even our cartoon aged children with their ideology.

In any event, this is just one more reason to separate out and way from white liberals and their minion allies, the losers of the world.

Secession is the answer the only answer. Thank you.

This post dispatched from the “Sanctuary of the Herald/Crier Project” pursuing secession and a harmonious life in happiness.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I did some followup on a post you made bake in May, 2011 where you wondered if the movie "Seal Team 6: The Hunt For Osama bin Laden" would have the obligatory negro as a member of Seal Team 6 despite the fact that negroes make up 1-2 % of the SEALs.

You were correct. Rapper "Xzibit" played a character named "Mule" in the movie.

bubo said...

There is absolutely nothing worthy of celebration when it comes to african culture. Fifty thousand years of standing still is not an accomplishment.

Harry Baldwin said...

Anonymous said...I want the Popeyes or KFC franchise! . . .

Anonymous, I like the way you think! I'm sure there's a pool of money to be tapped into on this. We should partner up and submit a proposal to the Detroit city council. We'll need an African American to front for us, though. Maybe Skippy Gates is available.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the Burning Man theme this year will be Cargo Cult? Yup, complete with "Who Is John Frum" posters and a giant, bamboo space craft.

Cargo cult has come to mean any exercise where the superficial components are all in place. Let's take educamaytion for example. The students must be "engaged" with "self-esteem" measures in place and "scaffolding" to help the groids taking AP physics but can't do 5+5 without a calculator. All the parts are there but the learning doesn't happen. Why? Because the groids be too stupid to learn.

So now we come to cargo cult development. All the parts will be there. The money, and the jobs, and the vision. And it will be a great economic program for...groids.

Anything to do with increasing the sad state of groids today is just cargo cult nonsense. Give them some bamboo and let them worship John Frum.

About the "developer" - the name may be pronounced as De Monkey (LOL) but google the name and if it be a troll, it be good one.

Anonymous said...

off topic...
the 'blacking' of the US and Media:

y Sharon Waxman

CANNES, France ( - Michael B. Jordan, a rising young talent who is winning new fans at the Cannes Film Festival, told TheWrap on Friday that playing a superhero of color is something he's up for.

"If it were to happen, I would definitely embrace it and take it on, for sure," he told TheWrap at a Weinstein Co. gathering where his new film, "Fruitvale Station," was presented.

He was referring to the possibility of being cast as the Human Torch in a Fox reboot of "Fantastic Four," which TheWrap recently reported is under consideration. The role was not written for a black actor and was previously played by Chris Evans.

"I'm up for it," he said, noting that he is good friends with the "Fan Four" director Josh Trank but no deal was set. "It is my responsibility as a young filmmaker, a young actor to bridge a gap between generations," Jordan added. "I feel there's a void - after Will (Smith) and Denzel (Washington) and a few other names, ...there's a big age gap."

The 26-year-old star of "Fruitvale," which has screened in competition, and the sleeper hit "Chronicle," is one of Hollywood's most buzzed-about young talents, and has charmed his way down the promenade since Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

There are some fantastic suggestions here, many of which came to mind when I was reading the story. I too would love to see this fiasco come to fruition, built entirely with black union labor, staffed by black union employees. I want EVERYTHING to be done by the blacks, from breaking ground to running every aspect of this endeavour. Without any involvement from evil whites, what could go wrong? And since blacks hate cops, let's hope they ensure there aren't any. Just unarmed security guards, preferably those Nation of Islam/Fruit of Islam assholes.

italian guy said...

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...
I remember an Elmer J Fudd cartoon where Elmer went to Africa, the Dark Continent and came face to face with a native Negro. Elmer had his white man’s cloths on and of course his ever present double barreled shotgun. The native Negro was dressed in a grass skirt covering only his private area, and donned a bone in his nose, hair tied up and a spear in his hand. The cartoonist was making clear to his audience the difference between the white man and the Negro, right down to Elmer being somewhat taller, implying superiority and further that the Negro was tying his hair up to look bigger than he was, thus reflecting the said Negro’s inferior being.
It was funny because it's true, multicultists nuts always talk about culture and how we are all the same, that's just bullshit and we all know it... as much i don't like to talk about superiority/inferiority, IQ etc. (since it doesn't matter, i just want to live among other whites) blacks just can't talk about culture, i mean these people never invented the wheel for example, can any of you say with a straight face that "black culture" i.e mud huts, grass skirts, bathing in cow piss etc. can even be compared to European culture? let's not mention technology since it's even more embarrassing for them.

rjp said...

Anonymous said...

I want the Popeyes or KFC franchise!

How about Grape Drank dispensers?

The Grape Drank dispenseries go to those that win the Great Kool-Aid Shoot Out. It's only fair, they proved they had the best Kool-Aid by dueling with other competitors.

tacticalchrstn said...

I disagree with the idea that secession is the only answer. What might really happen is that whites take back their country instead. The USA is not really wealthy or powerful anymore. We have the illusion of wealth and power because of an insane expansion of debt. If someday very soon that expansion stops things get very interesting. The EBT card stops working and even liberal democrats might decide that we can no longer afford to give section 8 housing vouchers toward destroying more perfectly good neighborhoods. Riots break out in Detroit and elsewhere. Taxes are increased on everyone and everything. The military occupies inner cities and tries to keep order. People start going hungry so the gubmint opens refugee camps. Black females and kids are bussed to them along with poor whites and hispanics. Black males, without girlfriend, momma, or grandma for support start to go to the camps too. Many whites band together for mutual support and start to rebuild the economy on a local basis. The camps turn into sprawling reservations. One will be at an old B-52 base in NE Arkansas. People on the reservation are given basic housing, food, and medical care, but no TV, iPhone, or luxury at all. Many who are able to assimilate into white culture may leave the reservation as native Americans have in the past, but many blacks cannot assimilate. Strict birth control is the rule on the reservations. Our country becomes 95% white again within 75 years.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't following the national news as much at the time; raising my children and working. But I remember well the rapid increase in whites from Michigan migrating to the South in the 1980's. New Jersey and New York also sent many whites this way. Now I get it.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine an all black casino, with all black patrons? Males in their purple sequinned suits and matching bowlers, with the requisite scepter? Obese females in ill fitting neon colored garb with matching oversized fingernails and gaudy hair colors? The gunfire and stabbings, the idiot who blows all his money and then torches the place? Will there be dice games other than street craps? This black entertainment complex would truly be an awesome thing to watch; since blacks aren't known for creating anything positive I hope there is a kind of 24 hour webcam like The Truman Show that we can watch. It would take years for black construction crews to build, and with the amount of failed structural inspections that are sure to arise, it will be so substandard that the only way to get things done is through bribes and illegal shortcuts. Kind of like Affirmative Action construction. The collapse would be epic!

Anonymous said...

Here is a great exhibit for the "cultural Center"

Or are we supposed to forget this ever happened?

Patrice said...

I'm certain this is a scam. Search on "Francois DeMonique" and the only hits are related to that CBS Detroit article.

Consider the following pompous Architectural-speak: "The look of the building would be aesthetically pleasing...with a streamlined, avant-garde look...the facility will influence the city’s skyline and 'lift the spirits...'"

Now, consider reversing the names: DeMonique Francois, a.k.a. Dominique Francon. You know, from Ayn Rand's, "The Fountainhead." ("Howard Roark" would have been a bit too obvious.)

Wanna bet it was a "phone interview?" and could "the guy's" origins be more vague? "West Africa"

Seriously. But the comments at the article are pretty hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Suspicions Confirmed

California street gangs stage fights whose locations can be accurately predicted using the same algorithm that anthropologists use to predict where lions and hyenas will fight in the wild to protect their own territories. A UCLA researcher, using the standard "Lotka-Volterra" equation on 13 equal-sized criminal gangs in the Boyle Heights neighborhood in east Los Angeles, produced a table of probabilities showing how far from each gang's border any fights were likely to occur. In the period 1999 to 2002, the formula correctly showed that about 58 percent of shootings occurred within 0.2 miles of the border, 83 percent within 0.4 miles, and 97 percent within 1 mile. [Daily Mail (London), 3-26-2013]

Anonymous said...

@tacticalchrstn - Your scenario is why I hesitate at relocating to the deep south. There are way too many groids there. We have seen too many examples of chimpouts in Memphis, Atlanta and New Orleans. I would not want to be there when EBT goes down. True, there are less restrictions on gun ownership but the best strategy is to avoid the probability of needing to use it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Turn the site of the old Tiger Stadium into a New Black Panther Memorial?

Anonymous said...

Dat Lotka-Volterra ekwashun jes be more cracker rithmatik to keep the black man down and sheeet. This homeboy don't need no differenchul ekwashun and do't be jivin me with no dienamic ekwillibreeum.

Anonymous said...

It will be a vastly modern idea. Your reservation will be made via EBT card. Most brilliant though, the 5 star hotel will be the first NEW modern structure to incorporate plywood on the windows from the first day. All hail Martin Lufer. -Jarhed

Anonymous said...

Instead of "Where's Waldo?" we can play "Where's Jesse Jackson's Car?"

Anonymous said...

Re: the 'blacking' of the US and Media

Class, what do Sharon Waxman, the Weinstein brothers and Josh Trank have in common?

Anonymous said...

Ex-Lincolnite here:

So is this Nigger Center going to be a place where YOU can participate in a drive-by shooting?

Will this new resort have Popeye's and KFC riots in them?

Are we going to get a thrill up our leg listening to inspiring speeches from Al Sharpton and Louis Farhakkan?

I am certain there will be lessons in rape and robbery with deadly weapons.

And then you can walk through the rest of Detroit's urban squalor and see just what the niggers do to places that were once functional.

I suppose they are going to need a congressional grant to build this. And I suppose our "Conservatism, Inc." Republicans will jump at the chance to send them some of our hard earned money. I say give them the money for the "Center", as long as we get to have a 9 foot deep fire trench and razor wire fence to keep the awful orcs trapped in in the hell-hole that is their creation.

Bogolyubski said...

Francois DeMonique, huh? What is it about these groids and the French names? He should be named Francois DeMerde. What Detroilet really needs is Devil's Night 24 x 7 x 365. Fires burning without end. That's how to make room for Francois & freendz to build the proposed BRA tower with squid monopoly money.

rex freeway said...

How about the ultimate African Culture show case? One way tickets to the shithole country named Africa? Talking about living the dream

Johnny See said...

Anonymous said...
Dat Lotka-Volterra ekwashun jes be more cracker rithmatik to keep the black man down and sheeet. This homeboy don't need no differenchul ekwashun and do't be jivin me with no dienamic ekwillibreeum.

May 18, 2013 at 9:22 PM

Dayumm, boi, yo sho is nollajibble!
I sho be loves me sum ebawnicks an sheeit! We gots ta win dis ting... we gots ta sho whitey we can fo sho be doin it. We can doos it, we can!

Afta we buids it we locks it up wit dem chains you can believe in!

Mufugga bix nood.


Let them build it.
Let the parasites come.
I hope the affront to civility then collapses mightily upon itself.

No to stray nogs.

They live in hell by choice.
Let them be as they will.


Anonymous said...

"the new face of Detroit"

In reality there simply is no longer a city of Detroit, just as there is no longer a Carthage, a Ctesiphon, a Babylon, a Heliopolis, a Lydia, a Scythia. All of those places were overrun and conquered by hostile aliens, and the natives either driven out, killed, enslaved, or overwhelmed and absorbed by another people.

Detroit was built by white people, specifically, not by "everybody" -- and it was an expression of their specific culture, aspirations, technology, industry, dreams and desires. Detroit without whites is not Detroit, even though the place is still there and some of the buildings are still standing (sort of), just as a majority non-white America will not be America any more (indeed it already is not), it will be some other thing, some other place.

It's like saying that New York State is "the new face of the Iroquois Federation".

It might be a funny contest around here to take suggestions about what to re-name the City Formerly Known as Detroit, or the pustulating mestizo corpse of the USA.

Anonymous said...

If this had real value, DeMonique would build this with his own money. No chance of that, I'm certain not a spades worth of earth gets moved unless the government (by which I mean whites, since Detroit is a net tax-consumer) pays for all of it.

Anonymous said...

Things to celebrate that occur in Africa. Tribal altercations, and famons.

Anonymous said...

Sorta looks like a chalk outline... w/ feet sticking up in the air.

Note the large bullet hole in the chest.

Just saying

Anonymous said...

@PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist

Please don't take this the wrong way...I enjoy your posts and think that you are a very eloquent writer, but lately it seems that you are hijacking the comments section here and posting lengthy thoughts which are mostly unrelated to the subject at hand.

You might want to consider your own blog? It's free to sign up and you might even get PK to link to it.


I got no problem with the nigger shiny new object. I will tell the world that back leaders are dysfunctional and should not be put in charge of the check book. seriously when the people don't come to the african lie(blacks don't do cultural to well do they) that would require mammy to actually buy something with real money. race realist's will point out the waste and the corruption involved with the building of such a temple to such hard working blacks from a bygone era. plus I can hear this all day why didn't they spend the money on jobs and infrastructure of the city. this will end the black run insanity will be stopped in it's tracks soon enough. I just hope they leave enough money so us whites can pay tribute to our Nordic heritage. oh wait we will pay for that cause that what good whites do. PAY FOR IT!!!GODSPEED?SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to leave this here but it refers back to the post about Kansas City's Plaza. You can play "guess the race" because the article won't mention it although half point for including a picture. The Plaza is doomed.

Anonymous said...

If they want an African cultural center, it should be built using only traditional african "afro-tech" engineering. No evil western inventions can be used in it's construction. Oops! That means no concrete/cement or steel. Now we're back to mud and sticks.
Also, no other modern inventions of the western world~ no electricity, no A/C etc.
For this center to be realistic, they'd have to just go ahead and build a primitive african village and be done with it.
Unfortunately, this center would (in reality) just be a propaganda center replete with vast exhibits on how "we done builted and invented ever'thang in da world" and "we beez ancient egyptshuns and sheeit!"
For other races, the center would be a trip through the delusional world of the negro and extremely comical. However, warnings would have to be issued NOT to attempt to correct the delusional beliefs of negroes lest one be stabbed for the effort or cause a mass chimpout.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Re: the 'blacking' of the US and Media:

Class, what do Sharon Waxman, the Weinstein brothers and Josh Trank have in common?

May 18, 2013 at 9:31 PM

As told to me by a TWMNBN friend, they'd all wind up with concussions if you dropped a nickle on floor between them.

Anonymous said...

detroit, IMO is a lost cause as the majority black population has a collective IQ below the norm. When Henry Ford built his first motor car this was an act of a visionary who could see beyond the horizon. What you get with black people is nothing, no ideas, zilch. they only know how to hold out the begging bowls like what is done in so many african cities. they could turn this into a monument to african anerican failures. As I said Detroit is now lost for good.

Anonymous said...

The tried this kind of crap in Cleveland with the new casino in the old Higbee Building on Public Square. Bottom line no sane white person would go there and there is constant mayhem and fighting that has been covered up by the media! Same shit different day!

Anonymous said...

Agreed Jay Santos - step aside in Jujitsu like fashion and let the bulls crash through the china shop in a showcase of ineptitude and mendacity.

Anonymous said...

Some choice comments:

"Nigger shiny new object"

and "Unprecedented catastrophe"

But if it is to be a monument to groid culture, shouldn't it be built halfway, then torched?

Anonymous said...

Mr. DeMonique is just another Negro hustler. No such project will ever be built, but he might be able to scam some money out of this.

Pat Boyle said...

I think there is no tourist area in the world where people go to see black people or black culture.

Lots of people go to Venice. Many of them Japanese. Lots of people want to go to the Great Wall of China too.

We go to these place to see the cultural accomplishments of the people who lived there. But as far as I know people go to black areas - if they go at all - in spite of the black people and for the natural attractions not the cultural artifacts.

Many people want to go to Africa for the big game. They want to trod the Serengeti. They don't want to see downtown Nairobi. Many people want to visit Jamaica for the beaches. They don't want to visit Kingston.

Wikipedia tells me that Kingston - a black city - has a violent crime problem. The tourists don't have to fly all the way there to experience that. Better to keep that aspect of their tropical paradise secret.

The idea of tourists being actually willing to spend their own money and their precious vacation time to be around black people, is so preposterous, so completely insane, that I predict that the government must soon fund it.

Get that guy who masterminded Solyndra. This sounds like his kind of project.


Anonymous said...

if obongo had a son he would be dalton smith:

Hofstra student John Kourtessis described a chaotic scene of fear and horror when a crazed parolee in a ski mask took his friends and him hostage in a gunpoint siege that ended with the death of a pretty co-ed.

“Somebody in this house f--ked up and owes this Russian guy $10,000,” yelled Dalton Smith, who was on the run after violating parole last month.

“I was trying to calm everyone down, like, ‘Don’t worry, just give the guy what he wants and we’re going to get out of here,’ ” Kourtessis recounted to The Post.

But there was no averting tragedy. Minutes after the incident began, Smith and Andrea Rebello, 21, were dead.

Anonymous said...

I am beyond ready for a secessionist movement into a country in which its citizens could choose the kinds of people they want to live with.

Anonymous said...

Hammurabi's code specified that if a building collapsed and killed the occupants, the builder shall be put to death.

This project should be built with groid money (funny), groid engineers (except groids can't do maff), and groid laborers.

10mm AUTO said...

Wow! Talk about an Urban Safari!

I hope it will be like those classic movies with Tarzan, his wife Jane and son Boy?

So the negros are sitting around in their grass skirts with bones through their noses getting ready to eat some poor White man when suddenly there is Tarzan's great call. You then see the negros eyes comically bug out and out of the Jungle comes Jane and Boy riding elephants and they begin to run down the negros. You see closeup's of them getting squished and the negros all start running and screaming and then there is a scene where Boy runs down a bunch on niglets and Jane get the entire village running into the Jungle in fear. Then out of the trees comes Tarzan riding the biggest, baddest elephant you have ever seen and he comes up on the Witch Doctor.

( )

You get a closeup of the Witch Doctors eyes bugging out and you hear him scream and then a great foot bearing down on the Witch Doctor. Very exciting! At the end a scene where the entire village is devastated and the White guy is rescued thanking Jane and Boy and Tarzan for saving him from "a fate worse than Death".

God I love those classic movies. Do you think it will be like that?

Fayette White Guy said...

Wow - not the news this Tigers fan wanted to see. Nothing surprises me about that place anymore though.

Anonymous said...

It's very unlikely that this loony fantasy will ever be constructed. But if by some stroke of luck it is, its inevitable failure will be another monument to black economic incompetence.

Anonymous said...

No need to secede. The economy will do it for us. Those who plan ahead will have food, water, shelter and, one hopes, "means" to preserve the self from hostile bands of groids.

Groids will have ... groid mentality, gibsmedat where there is no more dat, hostility, poor impulse control, and, one hopes, a very dismal future. For example, what will they eat when the EBT card can only be used at empty grocery stores.

If a government organization wanted to implement groid control, they would only have to turn off the water valves in the mains.

No, there is no need to secede, only a need to remain lawful, careful, and well prepared.

Anonymous said...

"...candy store..."

that means "strip club" in
Detroit, right?

a new word has to be coined for this super stupid idea

italian guy said...

Bogolyubski said...
Francois DeMonique, huh? What is it about these groids and the French names? He should be named Francois DeMerde
lmao... they are fixated with italian/latin names too and not only in real life,but in the media too... in the movies, you see black people with names like Marcus, Dante (dear lord, the father of the italian language would spin in his grave for it) etc. it's pretty annoying to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I don't see blacks simply named "Marcus". They like to add La, Da, or Le to show off their blackness. So you get LaShawn rather than Shawn, DaMarcus rather than Marcus, etc. They also have an odd desire to use phonetically spelled french words for names. Hence you see black girls named "Aunjanue".

rjp said...

Anonymous said... You can play "guess the race" ... The Plaza is doomed.

I'll play.

The suspect was wearing a blue oxford-style button down shirt, dark pants, white shirt, a snap-button dark leather hat and large framed sunglasses covering much of his face. ....

The suspect was described as 5'9" to 5'10" tall with a medium build. He weighs about 200 pounds and is approximately 50 years old.

I think snap button dark leather hat might be a clue.

Anonymous said...

It 's funny how when ever black geniuses come up with a plan of renovation that is going to turn the ruins of a black run city around it always seems to be fanciful entertainment center geared toward black culture. The whole premiss is ridiculous. It will showcase what is really wrong with black culture, it is it's aversion to work and responsibility. They can never make a city as large as Detroit become solvent under a service oriented economy, especialy one that expects to make money off of entertaining only blacks. They need industry and manufacturing jobs, but for factories to fuction they need workers and most blacks are content living off of tax money of those motivated people who see a job as way to achieve the American dream. Factories are not willing set up shop in a city where the blacks in charge will shake them down at every opportunity. But hey a black disney world is just the ticket. Imagine all the rich blacks flying in from all over the world to be entertained in Detroit lol....


Bayoneteer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PDK said...

If it is to be built I say make it a 2 tier structure. One tier can be the illusion hall where all visitors see blacks as actually a superior race accept that the evil white man persecutes blackie into loserville.

The other tier's hall can be called the reality hall, whereby visitors see the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth of the Negroid sub-species of human.

Should the reality hall be opened, the look on Al Sharpton's face alone would be worth the price of admission. Thanks.

robins111 said...

I had tear running down my face at some of the hilarious comments in this thread,

Coco Bongo said...

Maybe more like this...


Tiger Stadium is much too small to showcase the cultural acheivements of modern Africanus Urbania. The City of Detroit itself stands as a fit and fitting monument to the majestic mayhem which is modern blackness.

Mr. Rational said...

If a government organization wanted to implement groid control, they would only have to turn off the water valves in the mains.

Water, gas, electric, and the landlines and cell towers.  Put up roadblocks so vehicles can't get out, razor wire to stop the foot traffic.  Do this in January in Detroit, and the fires the groids started by themselves would finish the job.

I'd suggest putting Hamtramck and the Arab parts of Dearborn inside the cordon too.  Arabs are more functional but an even bigger danger; let them fight it out with Homo africanus before we have to deal with the survivors.

AnalogMan said...

I agree with previous posters, this story is parody. If it's not, it should be. I mean, come on! Strip that guy's name of the faux-French spelling (the Francois should be a clue): Demonic. Apt, no?

cee anon said...

Afro Culture, eh? Definitely a high priority project in a dead broke city as Detroilet.
I think somebody is pulling our chain. This can't be real.
But, if it be so:

I prefer the "Westworld" concept
Real live criminal activity, shoot-outs with real high penetration ammo, gang warfare, drug dealing, all of it.

Anonymous said...

"Showcasing black 'culure'?????" What a sick, sick concept.
If it's black "culture" that Joe Negro wants to showcase, it would be most appropriate to distribute guns to 15 to 20 "TEENS" and let them have at each other - replete, of course, with screaming,wailing bullet-dodging fat welfare queens and their parastic broods.

Anonymous said...

The only problem with this (okay, one of many problems) is that blacks would only visit it when a black (un)cultured event is going on. Whites would never visit it because they've grown tired of black (un)culture in daily life. Who'd want to pay to see Pookie, Latrine, and Placenta doing what comes naturally to them? What would the exhibits be? Purple drank tasting booth? Dress like a pimp or a whore? Rolling a blunt with one hand while driving?

I've grown tired of dealing with blacks and their antics.

Anonymous said...

Ha this is hilarious! What a disaster this would be. Funny thing is they tried to build a whole city for em here in NC, "Soul City". Im not joking that is the real name. Anyhow, the hustler behind that project made the $$, and "Soul City" is just a few crumbling buildings amid the tall grass in the NC countryside. Yall should check it out, ive mentioned it before.

Proud in NC

Amazed in NC said...

Soul City? Looked that up on MS Streets and Trips. It probably failed because no rich whites would dare step foot in there and with no rich whites to fund it, coupled with corrupt/incompetent management it went belly up. Seldom see parasites in large numbers without their hosts.

My wife noticed large numbers of blacks out early in the morning and said "see blacks are out early in the morning." I replied with "how old were those blacks? (all elderly)" She then asked "do n*ggers grow up to become blacks?" "Some do and some don't" was my answer, but why waste your time on any of them?

World_War_Me said...

I bet the featured product at Soul City was "Soul Glow".

World_War_Me said...

Hmmm, perhaps what one should do to guarantee funds both thru gubmint grants and assured income through admission fees is to call it "African Museum of African Civil Rights™ and African Culture™". The gubmit would just be absolutely dying to throw money into such a PC endeavor, and the assured income through admission fees would come from public schools all across the land bringing in busloads of students, both voluntarily and involuntarily, for a field trip of glorious indoctrination. Talk about a captive audience. They probably already do this in BURMIN-HAM, but I wouldn't know as I won't go anywhere near the place anymore, not even to go see one of the the Broadway in Birmingham shows (too scurry).

Anonymous said...

We forced them to u.s soil, so stop complaining.

Anonymous said...

This is perhaps the funniest thing I have ever read