Thursday, May 2, 2013

... Suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door

 "If we don't act now, we may not have much of an America left to defend." - Secretary of Defense Albert Nimzick in "Independence Day"

In many parts of this nation, there is no United States of America. When college kids can no longer play an innocent game of 'zombie apocalpyse' without being threatened by black gang-members [Zombie game at Kentucky's Transylvania University leads to possible gang threat, Kansas City Star, 4-30-13], you should begin to understand how vast areas of the nation are no longer the territory of this country -- how the law has been supplanted and the monopoly on violence is no longer in the hands of the state, but of the gang-bangers. 
Not far from Baltimore, an EMS crew sought refuge from the Black Undertow they sought to help

Read more here:
Unlike the aliens invaders from the 1996 film "Independence Day," who traveled millions of light-years to wage war on our major cities, it's our fellow countrymen who are destroying the viability of Baltimore and Chicago at a rate of one street, one neighborhood, one community at a time. [Aberdeen EMS crews locks itself in ambulance during fight, Baltimore Sun, 5-1-13]:
An Aberdeen EMS crew locked itself in its ambulance Tuesday night when it arrived at a call in Perryman and encountered a large fight. 
The ambulance was responding for a call of a sick woman in the 400 block of Daugherty Lane around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to Richard Gardiner of the Harford County Volunteer Fire & EMS Association and Edward Hopkins, spokesman for the Harford County Sheriff's Office. 
When they arrived, the EMS crew reported people were fighting in the road and they "locked themselves in the unit for their own safety," Gardiner said.
After taking shelter in the ambulance, the EMS crew called 911 to report the situation, making note that items, possibly rocks, were being thrown at the ambulance. 
More than 30 people were fighting outside the medic unit, according to Gardiner, and the unit was "basically surrounded with people fighting and throwing things at each other and was not safe to leave." 
So many people were in the area, he wrote in a message, that the ambulance couldn't get out safety through the crowd without possibly hitting someone. 
"So they stayed out, called the police and locked themselves in the unit," Gardiner wrote. 
Sheriff's deputies responded and saw no one near the ambulance, Hopkins said. The patient for whom the ambulance had been dispatched was uncooperative and would not speak to police. 
Deputies spoke to EMS personnel, who then reported nothing had been thrown at the ambulance and that they locked themselves into the vehicle out of fear of the crowd and fight. 
It is unclear whether things were thrown and didn't hit the ambulance, or if the ambulance was targeted by the things being thrown, Hopkins said. Deputies checked the surrounding area and could not find anyone who was involved in the incident, he said. 
No report was written because there was no damage, Hopkins said. 
The woman was taken to a local hospital, Gardiner said.
There is no threat to the United States greater than that of its "underclass" population. We can rebuild cities, but no city (ultimately a civilization) can survive the "underclass"
Not to be out done, but life as a home health nurse in Chicago requires a security guard to accompany each caregiver as they go about their vocational duties [Nurses dodge bullets to provide care, CNN, 3-2-13]:
Atundra Horne walks along the battered cement pathway to her patient's home with a set jaw and a solemn face. 
A computer with patient records is slung over her shoulder; a backpack stuffed with gauze, bandages and other medical equipment rolls behind her. Horne is a home health nurse, and her patients live in some of the roughest areas in Chicago. 
On this day she is working in Auburn Gresham, a neighborhood on the South Side. Horne's workplace is far from water coolers and cubicles; instead, she says, it involves drugs, prostitution and the occasional clap of gunfire. 
"There is a lot of crime," said Horne, who has been a nurse for 14 years. "It is a danger you face every day that you're out here." The threat of danger is so acute that trailing a few steps behind Horne is a security officer toting a loaded gun. A 
year and a half ago it became standard protocol for Horne and her colleagues at Advocate Health Care to travel with armed security officers, who offer protection while the nurses treat patients. There are people hanging out on street corners, there are drug dealers congregating," nurse Beth Kairis said, describing the rough areas where she works. 
"You see different crime scenes and makeshift memorials for people who were shot the night before." Kairis recalled a recent visit to care for a baby who was quite ill. As she and the security officer pulled up to the house, they found out there had just been a shooting less than a block away. 
Mobs of people filled the street; the situation was dangerous. Leaving the baby without care was not an option, but neither was entering the home under unsafe circumstances. Kairis said she ended up being ushered in and out of the home by a group of police officers. My View: How we talk about guns in my Chicago classroom "Sometimes it's unnerving just to get out of the car," said Kairis. 
"Sometimes (after a visit) I get back in the car and think, 'I know nine out of 10 people would not have gone into that house. Am I crazy?" For her own peace of mind, Kairis recently devised a plan for avoiding problems. 
The night before she does home visits, Kairis studies her patient roster and the neighborhoods where patients live. She tries to cluster her calls for efficiency and safety. "We hit the worst areas earlier in the day, then not-so-bad areas later in the day," said Kairis, who has been a nurse for six years. 
"Occasionally when something is going on in an area, we might have to change course a little bit and revisit that area later." At each home, the security officer, usually a retired or off-duty Chicago cop, often will enter a residence to ensure it is safe and then keep watch outside. 
"We keep an eye on all this stuff so that the clinician can do what she needs to do without fearing for her safety," said Tom Flanagan, a retired police officer and president of Accord Detective Agency, a company that provides security for Advocate's nurses.
If our major cities where destroyed by an outside threat/invader, we could rebuild.

As our major cities are destroyed by a population beyond criticism, we witness the continued decline of not just entire municipal areas, but the ceding of large areas of the United States over to a hostile population that no longer falls under the jurisdiction of federal law.

Samuel Francis dubbed the situation "Anarchy-Tyranny"; we at SBPDL call it just another reminder of life under Black-Run America (BRA).

Future historians will be at a loss to describe this epoch, for no foreign army brought down cities like Detroit, Birmingham, Baltimore, Chicago or Milwaukee -- it was a population (who as individuals can be assets, but as a collective represent the greatest liability to the peace and stability of a community) whose growth was almost exclusively funded by the law abiding tax payers of that former nation.


Anonymous said...

San Franciscan

This reminds me of my days as an ems first responder in East Oakland. Yup, we needed the cops before going into the housing projects. Oh the stories I could tell!!! This was the 70s. It's worse now. If the residents are that stupid (and they are) they deserve whatever happens to them. Too bad terminal stupidity isn't a crime.

Anonymous said...

"Our major cities are destroyed by a population beyond criticism." Ten words to sum up the country today. Brilliant. Keep at it, sir.

Anonymous said...

"Future historians will be at a loss to describe this epoch..."

future historians will be scratching on walls with sharp sticks and chips of stone...

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....About 25 years ago I had a friend who was part of an EMS crew. He had been in Nam during Tet so the blood and guts didn't bother him. He worked in Dayton, Ohio.
His first call was into niggertown for a HIT AND RUN. This tall skinny old black guy got hit so hard by a car that he literally got wrapped around a light pole. When the CSI guys were done they had to unwrap him from the pole. While doing this the crowd was drinking and laughing. "Yo, that mutha be fucked up. Ha Ha." "Man this shit be real. Ha Ha."

The blacks would make a false 911 call and then rob the ambulance when it arrived. Because of this they couldn't go anywhere until two cop cars secured the scene. Most of the calls where for shootings, stabbings and drug overdoses. Always when they arrived they would encounter the happy and laughing members of the crowd. For black people a crime scene was entertainment.

If the victim was alive they drove them to the hospital. If dead they hauled them away after the CSI crew were finished. Somebody was killing hookers and stuffing their bodies into storm drains. After a heavy rain the bodies would wash out along a river bed. The cops called them SEWER SURFERS. One night he helped a newbie lady cop as she barfed her guts out for half an hour. One of the sewer surfers was her first case.

The niggertown calls were the worst and he would call me late at night when he went off duty. I made a good listener. The worst thing was how the crowds would gather just so they could have fun seeing all the blood and gore. Always laughing and clowning around like this was the best show in town. He had been sober for about ten years but started drinking again so he finally quite the job.

10mm AUTO said...

So now we have to arm home health nurses (but NOT the White population in General) in Chicago? There is so much here to comment on I can't cover it in one post.

The horror of negros attacking first responders was shoved into the faces of White America in the Katrina aftermath with the shooting at the helicopters bringing food, water, medical supplies. Before, it had been mostly confined to White holidays:

(See: )

The flash mob problem has made this behavior a true nightmare. With a single, isolated incident, suddenly negro "yoots" are everywhere, shooting, slapping the sides of the "amber-lamps", throwing rocks (where do you find rocks in a city?) beating on each other and the crews literally lock themselves in their Unit. This is what a TWMNBN run city looks like. Tel-Aviv is just as bad, but the actors all look alike. (See: )

This is not White civilization. This is the downfall. I am sure in Rome in the its last years had similar stories to tell. Regular people would wonder where the services were; when the streets would be cleaned; when would the city drive out the criminal element. I am sure they asked themselves "Where was the Vigiles" (Roman civilian Police) when things began to break down. I am sure Roman citizens were waiting for things to "get better", but "things" never did, till White Flight left Rome herself a shell of what she once was, ready for collapse.

We are seeing this is real time. Millions of illegals flood into our cities without any intention of becoming citizens, just to get welfare or a job (displacing a citizen) so as to send money back to the homeland and our leaders do nothing, in fact they welcome them in to displace us. Negros are an indigenous population that has never "assimilated", with their own language, culture, religion, ethics and morals within the larger "America", their fangs buried deep into the White man's neck. Their criminality is a sick joke, even amongst themselves and our Government does nothing, in fact our chief Law enforcement officer Eric Holder is a negro and covers for his blood.

I could go on, but Paul is far more eloquent than I.

I do urge people to at least consider the option of Northwestfront(dot)org as a possible retreat as "things" will get worse, not better. Whites are less than 9% of the worlds population and White women of breeding age are less than 3%. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children SOMEWHERE, else we perish from the earth.

P.S. Ex-New Yorker, your "Sewer Surfers" story is haunting. We just are not used to that kind of casual depravity. My Grandparents used to tell me in hushed tones about the "Valentines Day Massacre". Hell, Chicago on a warm weekend can top that amount of shooting and killing, easy!

homophobe said...

"As our major cities are destroyed by a population beyond criticism, we witness the continued decline "

I agree. In the News NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay. Colorado just approved gay marriage.
Yahoo reports a campaign to have Chriss Brussard fired from ESPN when he expressed his religious beliefs that a Christian can't support homosexuality. A supposed Christian group is leading the petition.

Homosexuals are also "population beyond criticism" even christian churches are bending over for the queer activists.

Everything you say about the enemy within also applies to Queers, who seek to destroy the old heterosexual order.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....This is for the people that are trying to improve their built in BULLSHIT DETECTORS. I first notice this back in the days of Hillary and Billary. When ever someone asked a question they would answer yes but SHAKE THEIR HEAD NO. Or answer NO and shake their head YES. Hillary did this much more than Bubba Bill. As I sat there watching this I thought to myself am I the only person who notices this. John Kerry also did it a lot.

So if you still watch the video machine take notice how many politicians do this. It is called BODY LANGUAGE and I learned about it years ago. Their mouth says yes but their head says no. Very interesting.

countenance said...

One my blood uncles was a SLFD firefighter, and the first half of his career, he was stationed with the third closest rescue squad to the Pruitt-Igoe housing projects.

Yeah, he's got war stories.

Anonymous said...

Niggers gonna nig.

What's so hard to understand about that?

Anonymous said...


I am going to assume the EMS people and the Nurse are both white.

Well, I'm going to say it here. If they are White and if they are "volunteering" to enter enemy territory (people who HATE us Whites and want us dead) then I do not care about these White Race Traitors who are aiding and abetting the enemy.

Did I read it correctly where the EMS is a VOLUNTARY group? They are total fools. For that I really do not care if they get hurt. In my opinion, they deserve what ever happens since they are either incredibly STUPID or the don't pay attention.

Why are we helping the people who are destroying us? Why do we feed them? Why?

Oh, I wonder if the Nurse is PRO GUN and is a member of the NRA. I am sure she appreciates the person bringing an ASSAULT rifle (which are only used to kill children) in order to defend her sorry ass. She is probably one of these Communists who wants to disarm us Whites so her beloved little Negerians can rape other White women....who aren't nurses....but then, maybe, she can save the day by bringing the rape kit to the 12 year old White girls who was ganged raped by her little nigglets in the hood.

We are a stupid race that deserves what is coming.

Lorraine said...

In psychology we say that nonverbal communication is 85-90% of all communication,

Actions speak louder than words.

White Mom

10mm AUTO said...

Well, I found the answer. Several posts ago I asked "Where will negros and illegals find the Whites to install new glass in Skyscrapers and build new ones.

The Answer:

They won't. Breaks your Heart.

Anonymous said...

why do peeps worship Pro Afleets?

Anonymous said...

White people need to withdraw their support from these situations. I know not everyone can but if you have a choice, use your skills to help people who don't hate you. Same goes for charity - don't give where it's going to end up supporting people who would sit on their porch and laugh if you were being attacked.

R.E. Prindle said...

Very thoughtful. Tragic and true.

Anonymous said...

Off topic here, but a white girl performed oral sex on a rapper while "performing" at a concert in Minnesota

Yuk, just disgusting, and I am no prude

Jay Santos said...

A year and a half ago it became standard protocol for ... Advocate Health Care to travel with armed security officers, who offer protection while the nurses treat patients.

This little factoid is among the most important and amazing stories you've presented. The destructive capacity of negroes is impossible to capture with a single story.

Anonymous said...

Amen to the commenter who said: "White people need to withdraw their support from these situations... use your skills to help people who don't hate you..." Definitely support only your own kind. Misguided white folks helpin' dem poor li'l ghetto childs - as if that will change future black behavior or biology. as if during a chimpout a chimp will stop & say "this lady bees my ol' teacher - i shan't hurt her!" riiiight.

Anonymous said...

Another way to view the armed guard following two paces behind the nurse, is that he's forcing her at gunpoint to serve her dark underlords.

Anonymous said...

We have come to a point in time when the criminals have taken control. Now they will enact laws and ammendmants that will make it easier for their criminal enterprize. With our immigration laws geared toward letting more criminals in tje country. Dont look for some pariotic attempt to take the country back we are hopelessly out numbered. Our future leader are too busy turning every noble cause into a burn the town down riot party. They walk around aimlessly typing on their I phones, I cant talk to a college kid for more tha five minutes. They all know that it is the fault of everyone over fifty.

Anonymous said...

White people need to withdraw their support from these situations.
On the bigger scale, this is the answer to most of our problems. The reason we are swamped with all these subhumans, is because we FUNDED their reproduction, and growth, and reproduction, and growth, and reproduction. We're idiots really. Our house is infested with rats, and we think about exterminating them, or catching them & trucking them to a zoo, or moving ourselves to a new, rat-free house; when all we need to do is quit leaving plates of beans & cheese in our attic, basement, and childrens' bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. "Hip Hop Homo's" video: Jay Z, 50Cent, scarves and man purses.

This is funny, narrated by a black man, language warning.

Anonymous said...


Red line the Negroville areas. No cops, fire service, rescue service, EMS, etc. Nothing.

Let them be what they are. No Whites go in (they don't like us, boo hoo) and let them revert to rabid dogs and rats.

homophobe said...

we need to support Boer immigration to US, Canada, UK and Australia. Holland would be ideal if they have the land for them.

So CAL Snowman said...

Sort of OT - We are just getting pummeled from all directions. In addition to the insanity of letting blacks run wild in America they want to unleash god knows how many illegal alien invaders upon us. The immigration bill drafted by the Politburo of 8 is a fully realized nightmare. This is not America this is a sick joke.

America Is The Land of Opportunity For Illegal Aliens

Highlights include a $3,000 incentive for some employers to hire newly legalized "immigrants" over American citizens, obama phones for new immigrants, immediate access to welfare for newly amnestied immigrants, and offers to legalize previously deported illegals.

"In Soviet Russia the people say fuck the government. In America the government fucks you."

Annie Oakley said...

Anon-that mudsharking going oral on the rapper is enough to make any one barf and I'm no prude either.

What a slut. What an idiot. A scarlet letter on her house. With people like that in our race, who needs enemies?

The DWL's and mudshark whites like those IMO are just as big of a threat to us as blacks are.

These idiotic whites (mostly women) will defend these groids to the death. They see people like us as racistnaziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.

They are brainwashed and IMO brain damaged. I don't know if these dumb bitches are salvageable.

I know I'm being hard on white women, but mother of god, where is her self respect? She has none. She's brainwashed, stupid, naive and dangerous to racialist whites.

Ladies, if you have someone like that in your circle. Defriend them.

Men, if you come across a woman like this, don't date her and don't let your sons date her.

Anonymous said...

I read these stories and weep in shame for what my fellow whites have done to our once great nation ,i wish i could have stayed asleep like most people in america ,but now im awake & aware most of all angry the time of war will soon be upon us im afraid when that happens these obamanites are going to wish they had let a sleeping dog lie cause im cujo when mad and im mad as hell . royal oak dude...

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Amnesty and Obamacare will be the last stages of the program started years ago with NAFTA and GATT. Get away from the coastal areas and the Southwest. La Raza will start blowing away the yuppies and will be moving into their nice homes in California. They will just be taking back what was ONCE THEIRS. Cities with large black populations will become burning infernos or total and complete crime infested war zones.

To finish off the white population in the mid west the Penthouse Party may use chemical warfare and drones. Open migration into America will replace the USELESS EATERS known as white people. The churches will aid in their own destruction. Anyone who still thinks for themselves and is not under television induced mind control will be considered a TERRORIST. This was planned out years ago and is also happening in Europe. The world government and religion (Church of the Avenging God) will be there so everyone can live in PEACE, EQUALITY AND JUSTICE. All under a THIRD WORLD order. Won't that be nice.

Californian said...

Samuel Francis dubbed the situation "Anarchy-Tyranny"; we at SBPDL call it just another reminder of life under Black-Run America (BRA).

It's worth reading Sam Francis' essay on Anarcho-Tyranny. It's getting hard to find. If anyone has a URL, please post it. I believe it originally appeared in "Chronicles" magazine.

Anonymous said...

The answer...just let 'em die!! We'll all be better off.

So CAL Snowman said...

@ Californian

Is this the essay for which you were looking?

Synthesizing Tyranny - Sam Francis

"Pace W.B. Yeats, mere anarchy is not loosed upon the world. What we enjoy in this country, and to a large extent in most other Western nations, is a bit more complicated than mere anarchy. It is, in fact, the unique achievement of the political genius of the modern era: what, in 1992, I called “anarcho-tyranny,” a kind of Hegelian synthesis of two opposites—anarchy and tyranny."

Anonymous said...

Fuck em! If the 911 call is to a black zip code, unless the first responders are black, then let the animals fucking die. I wouldn't risk MY life for a one of them. Oath my ass.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

OT, but wanted to share because of the stunning display of DWL white guilt following today’s conviction of Quentric Williams in the Mitt Lenix murder. PK referenced the story in his 5.17.12 post. Fortunately, this existing felon, sub-human life form was convicted today on virtually all charges.

However, it was the words of his father that about caused me to hit the center divider while I was driving home tonight. Here is a linkto the AJC article, which recaps the facts of the case, as well as contains a video clip of Lenix’ parents speaking to media after the verdict. What I heard the father say on the radio is not included in the video clip, but part of it does appear when he is quoted in the article: “Still, the U.S. Army veteran and martial arts instructor who trains at-risk youth[™] struck a somewhat magnanimous tone when he referred to Williams.

“I regret that my wife and I didn’t get to reach out to him like we have to others,” William Lenix said.”

Prior to this sentence were a couple others, where he suggested that Williams might not have had the environment or opportunities their son had. It was a major dose of white self-hate.
I mean, these are grieving parents, so I’m not judging them, but it did smack of Stockholm Syndrome. If only poor Quentric had been provided more “opportunities” or received more “support from the community,” maybe he wouldn’t be a two time convicted felon and murderer who shot an unarmed person who dared approach him to ask for a jump. I’m sure the $1K he threw out the window was just from cashing his dividend check from one of his many entrepreneurial investments.

Here’s another one for you: imported turd, convicted felon, now engaged as a serial rapist and robber after getting released from prison in November. This occurred in Turdville a/k/a formerly one of the most prosperous areas in the explosive growth in Gwinnett County in the late 1980s. It’s now a “community improvement district.” You know, a place whites fled groids and TNB, and a sparkling, safe suburb materialized out of thin air? And are then destroyed by transplanting turds via Section 8? Love them…

Finally, just wanted to make sure everyone saw my earlier linkto the story of the fine Moorehouse stoodin afleetz who are accused of rape. I’m sure they had no choice when “muh dik” controlled their actions. Even better, two of them appear to be African groid imports. Lawyer for one has already said, “My client din’t do nuffinz!”
I could literally sit here and post this b/s all day long, every day.


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the article on the chimp out in VA Beach over this last weekend. Surprised our local news showed video of typical perpetrators. 150 arrests for "college weekend" and they were all pretty obviously subsidized students.

John Robert Mallernee, KB3KWS, in Vernal, Utah said...

This reminds me of the 1987 movie, "ENEMY TERRITORY", starring Jan-Michael Vincent.

I got my DVD from the "TWISTED ANGER" web site, located in England.

That web site will close in September 2013, so if you want to purchase a DVD, you'd better do it right away.

Californian said...

So CAL Snowman said...

@ Californian

Is this the essay for which you were looking?

That's the one.


Bogolyubski said...

Actually, I think that this might be the Francis article.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps pizza delivery vehicles can accompany the ambulances and their police guards. This way, the pizza delivery people can take advantage of the security. Two birds with one stone and all that sort of thing. in BRA!

Anonymous said...

And if EMS or any other services refused to go into groid communities because of a realistic and immediate threat to their lives and/or safety at the hands of groids, the groids will then start screaming, "Oh lawdy jeebus! Dem ebil whitey's wants da black folks to die! Dis be raycism!"
They'll never accept that it's their own doing and their own fault that no one wants to enter their hellholes or that not entering is sensible, reasonable and totally justified.
You're dealing with a feral population of sub-intelligent retards that has the collective brain power of a dead chicken. Their stupidity is vast.
Just put up signs at the border of every groidtown: Abandon hope all ye that enter here.

Anonymous said...

So CAL Snowman: Thanks for the link. That was horrifying to read. If that amnesty bill passes, this nation is effectively dead from that moment forward. Any politician that supports it and votes for it is a f*cking traitor and should be dealth with as such.
Also off topic: the US dollar is so shaky (due to our national debt that is greater than all the EU combined) that many nations have essentially gone off the US dollar as the international standard of exchange. Oil that had to be purchased using dollars can now be purchased with other currencies. Treaties have been signed (esp. in Asia) whereby the dollar is being replaced as the currency of choice by the Chinese yuan.
If the dollar collapses due to being devalued, that translates into massive inflation here. If that happens, the groids and illegals will be hit hard as there won't be any money to support the deadbeats. Stocks, bonds and investments will be hit hard too which would mean we're all screwed.
Talk about when the EBT card runs out pales into comparison to what would happen then.
Historians will probably look back on this era and call it, "The Suicide Of A Nation."


there will be a bill passed somewhere that say if your a white first responder and you do not get out of the vehicle to help a poor, poor negro you will be arrested or something like that. these nig-tards need a good lesson in group suffering! meaning that if they can't act civil then no civil authorities will show up to your call. it's as simple as that. but we have a lot of white liberal rats that wouldn't want their pets to die in VAIN!!! can't get money for that now can ya? GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

World_War_Me said...

Man, I'd love to read a blog of nothing but ghetto EMT war stories and ER experiences.

World_War_Me said...

Annie Oakley, I don't think you're being too hard on these white women. As a white woman, I think you are 1 million percent spot on w/ your criticism; they really are dumb bitches.

SPBDL gang in general: a couple of thing I've always wondered about:

1. Where did the term "mudshark" originate? I get the "mud" part, but not the "shark" part.
2. I'm also curious about "coalburner". Again, I get the "coal" part, but not the "burner" part. Is it a reference to intercourse?

I don't want to divert from the topic, but words and etymology have always interested me.

Bogolyubski said...

Yet another example of what the late Larry Auster referred to as the eloi tax being collected. The groid in question, one of those imported into Minnesota by "Christians" and paid for with YT suckah's taxes, moved to neighboring ND when his rap sheet started being a problem. In Minot, he quickly acquires a 19-year old Yankton Sioux coal-burner, fathers a bastard groid-halfling and ultimately collects the tax not only upon the dumbass coalburner but also her brother, mother and mother's boyfriend. Coal-burning is hazardous to not only your own life, but the lives of all your family. This is an unusual example as the victims were American Indians. Die-versity is our strength!

SwampThizzle said...

"mud" (coons) + "shark" (predator)
"coal" (coons) + "burner" (make sexytime with)

Also, I just had to laugh at SEWER SURFERS. How positively *vibrant*!

rjp said...

World_War_Me said...

Do not know how those terms originated, but the white male sleeping with black women term:


Is easy enogh to figure out.

Example of use:

Paul Ryan is an oil-driller and teherfore an acceptable candidate for Vice-President.

Anonymous said...

From Florida...
Regarding emergency responders, what does all of this say about the "you can't blame all of us for what these hoodlums do" faction of the community? Unwilling or unable, are they, to organize an escort, a presence at the site of civic-minded facilitators, a go-between element? To speak in their own neighborhoods about it? Right, no, of course not. That's not what Black Pride's all about, is it? It's not about helping brothers and sisters, is it? Well, if it's not, then what the hell is there to be proud of? A red line, I'm all for it