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The residents of 98 percent non-white Brownsville (New York City): Doing what Snow, Rain, nor Gloom of Night Can't Do to the US Postal Service

Long ago, in a nation far, far away, Moe, Curly, and Shemp Howard called Brownsville (a community of Brooklyn) home. 

Before they were known the world over as the Three Stooges, the Howard brothers called the - then - Jewish enclave home. 

Brownsville... in Brooklyn? I'm not delivering there!

Today, Brownsville is a community whose primary form of domicile is public housing. More than 80 percent of the 116,000+ people who live in the community are black, with 15.8 percent being Hispanic. Roughly 1.2 percent of the residents are white, relics left over from an era when America once existed in some form or another in the area known as Brownsville.  

The good folks at Wikipedia give this quick history lesson of Brownsville, reminding the astute reader of how rumor/conspiracy in the black community works to their advantage:
As early as the 1910s, the area had acquired a reputation as a vicious slum and breeding ground for crime. It has been known throughout the years for its criminal gangs and in the 30s and 40s achieved notoriety as the birthplace of Murder, Inc. It was a predominantly Jewish neighborhood until the 1960s, when its population had become largely black and Brownsville's unemployment rate was 17 percent. Half of all families in the district lived on less than $5,000 a year. 
Journalist Jimmy Breslin wrote in 1968 that Brownsville reminded him of Berlin after World War II; block after block of burned-out shells of houses, streets littered with decaying automobile hulks. The stores on the avenues are empty and the streets are lined with deserted apartment houses or buildings that have empty apartments on every floor. 
In September 1967, a riot occurred following the death of an 11-year-old black boy named Richard Ross who was killed by a black NYPD detective named John Rattley at the corner of St. Johns Place and Ralph Avenue due to his suspicion of mugging a 73-year-old white Jewish man. The riot was additionally fueled by Brooklyn militant Sonny Carson who spread false rumors that a white policeman killed the youth for no reason and was only quelled after Brooklyn North Borough Commander Lloyd Sealy deployed a squad of 150 police officers to the riot to prevent further looting. The officer responsible was later cleared after a grand jury refused to indict him.
One Brownsville business owner compared the climate of the city to that of Wild West in 1879, lamenting the high crime/murder rate in the community compared to that New York City. One black resident of the community called the city just "one big prison" -- without figuring out its the people of Brownsville who create the conditions in the community that are best described as a war-zone [Brownsville, the 'hood that New York left behind, Reuters, 7-20-2010]:
Josephine Spearman alternately fought back tears and grew defiant with anger when discussing the murder of her son, one of 11 shootings in 15 days recently that have made the neighborhood of Brownsville, Brooklyn, one of the most dangerous in the United States. 
"You can get a gun like a box of Pampers around here," said Spearman, 57, whose 31-year-old son Maurice was shot dead on the main street in Brownsville, a volatile, predominantly black area that has failed to keep pace with New York City's famed reduction in crime. 
Brownsville for decades has been one of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods, and gun violence is up nearly 50 percent this year from a historic low in 2009.
Passed over in the gentrification of Brooklyn, its people cram into low-cost public housing projects, trapped in a world of unemployment, teen pregnancy and extreme tension with the police -- decades-old problems that the world's wealthiest nation has not figured out how to solve.
The New York City Police Department, which is proud of falling citywide crime rates for eight straight years, targets "impact zones" like Brownsville with a heavy police presence made up largely of cops on their first assignment out of the academy who are supervised by veterans. 
As a result, it is common to see young, mostly white officers concentrating around the entrances to the projects, often employing the tactic of "stop, question and frisk" that allows them to pat down just about anyone they deem suspicious.  

In one eight-block area of Brownsville, police stopped 93 of every 100 residents versus a citywide rate of 7 per 100 residents, according to an analysis by The New York Times based on police data obtained by the New York Civil Liberties Union.

"The projects are like one big prison," said Brownsville resident Darryl Odom, 46, who knows what real prison is like, having served 13 years for armed robbery until his release in June.
Knowing all of this is important before addressing an article highlighted on the Drudge Report on May 5th. From the New York Post, we learn US Postal workers are too scared to deliver mail to Brownsville. [Postal workers too scared to deliver mail in crime-ridden Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York Post, -5-5-13]:
  Snow, rain and gloom of night might not slow Brownsville mailmen down — but gangbangers sure will. 
Postmen are too scared to deliver letters and packages to one of Brooklyn’s most crime-ravaged neighborhoods, a US Postal Service worker told The Post yesterday. 
“The neighborhood is bad,” the worker said outside the Brownsville Station Post Office on Bristol Street. “I wouldn’t want to go into those buildings.” 
Snail mail that goes undelivered finds its way back to the post office, where it can stew for several days until a carrier decides to deliver it — or residents are forced to come pick it up. 
Have you seen this neighborhood? It’s on the news every day,” the terrified employee said. 
About 50 angry residents — organized by the neighborhood chapter of New York Communities for Change — gathered in front of the post office yesterday to protest the epidemic of late mail and parcels that never arrive. 
Letter-starved residents acknowledged their nabe — rife with gang violence — is frightening but said that’s no excuse for them to miss out on their mail. 
“The postal workers have a right to fear for their life,” said Quantanya White, 38, a home health-care worker. “It doesn’t give them the right not to deliver the mail. Just because this place is bad, you’re not going to deliver the mail? 
“But I do understand why the mailmen feel fear. If I feel unsafe going into certain buildings, they must also.” 
Most galling is that the situation contradicts the postal service’s unofficial motto, according to state Sen. Eric Adams — who said he would be ringing the postmaster to request an investigation. 
“That is unbelievable. Government services can’t be stopped at the boundaries of high-crime areas,” he said. “They need to re-read that motto — through hail, sleet and snow.” 
Adams, who represents Brownsville and is running for borough president, said he hasn’t heard anything about postal carriers being assaulted or robbed in his district but added that, if that’s the case, the police should start protecting them. 
But fear isn’t the only factor — some couriers are just mailing it in, other residents said. 
“We do pay taxes,” said Crystal Caesar, 30, a social-service worker. “They could make more of an effort to ring my bell when I have a package. It’s a headache to come to the post office.” 
Other couriers just can’t hack it. 
“Our carrier had a heart attack, so she can’t walk upstairs,” said Yolanda Matthews, 58. “Now we have a different person delivering every day, and it’s inconsistent. They don’t deliver mail until after 8, and if they can’t get in the building by buzzing someone, they don’t come in because they don’t have a key.” 
She has missed letters from her lawyer and her doctor, as well as checks from the state. 
“We’re getting bad service here because it’s Brownsville — people on Riverside Drive get their mail at 10 in the morning,” she said “Something’s got to change.”
Close your eyes.

Image if for one week the New York Police Department stopped policing Brownsville; imagine if for just one week the US Postal Service stopped delivering mail to Brownsville, strategically making that week the first of the month when social service checks were issued.

Imagine if for just one week in Brownsville the EBT Card (SNAP/Food Stamp) stopped working.

Now, open your eyes.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, writing at Atlantic, has blasted New York's usage of stop-and-frisk as 'racist.' He argues the continuation of this police policy is a good reason for black and brown people to leave New York.

Close your eyes.

Imagine the black and brown population of Brownsville leaving for, let's say, Clayton County, Georgia.

Now, imagine those public housing buildings that once sheltered a population who collectively turned Brownsville into an open-air prison, were torn down.

Imagine white people rebuilding the community, planning for large amounts of green space, parks, bike trails, and honest-to-goodness sustainability -- meaning the institution of restrictive covenants.

Open your eyes.

We could have been on Mars.

Instead, we have 2013 Detroit; we have 2013 Brownsville, where the almost entirely black or brown residents have created a community whose deplorable conditions are doing what rain, sleet, snow, and dogs couldn't do -- drive away the US Postal Service.

Having lofty dreams of returning to space and exploring the universe are important, but taking back Detroit and Brownsville in the name of civilization is more important.

Much more.


Ray Scissom said...

From wikipedia:

"Many social problems associated with poverty from crime to drug addiction have plagued the area for decades..."


"Many black people have plagued the area for decades, resulting in poverty, crime and drug addiction."

They make it sound like these conditions spread like a virus, but they miss the obvious culprit.

Just for kicks, compare Whitesville, KY to Brownsville, NY:

Poverty seems to affect civilized people much differently than it does these subhumans.

Anonymous said...

A large percentage of postal workers are black. In NYC the proportion of Afro-americans is probably greater than nation wide. Why not assign only black or Hispanic postal people to deliveries in Brownsville.

Ray Scissom said...

Didn't even have to see the photo to know this was TNB.,0,736916.story

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hi, sometimes I tell you that the situation in FRance than in USA and when I read it, it's the kind of exemple that makes me say it.

In fact, in France it makes 10 years that French Postal Service dont go anymore in some areas, "zone de non droit", by exemple in the guetto "grande borne" in Grigny people who live there have to go to another area of the city to take their letters or objects!

The situation is difficult for public services because guettos in France are lots of buildings where access are not easy...When I watch TV on US guetto it's surprising because I see that guettos are not only made of building but are made of houses too...

Socialists In france say that buildings create guettos...they have to watch your guettos!! It's not the buildings who make guettos but who we put in these buildings.

In an area of Paris, we have big buildings full of asian and you can walk there and be cool...put blacks or arabs and all will be destroy...

Anonymous said...

Guess what Paul, they have imagined it and this is their solution. Export all the poverty into your neighborhood via HUD. No more isolated low income housing buildings. They'll be right next door to you in that "utopia" you just labeled as "honest-to-goodness sustainability". For those who don't know what the 21st century mantra of "sustainability" really means, let me fill you in. It boils down to the new word to describe the impending communitarian police state where you will be totally controlled and everything you do or don't get to do will be regulated. There will be no escape from “sustainability”. It's not a "utopia", it's a prison sentence created by using the hoax of global warming as the ruse to dupe the masses into going along with it. Follow the money and you’ll figure out who is behind it. Power and control is the name of the game they play. It’s all part of UN Agenda 21.

Anonymous said...


blanc (your name is tooooo long)

France will be Europes first Muslim nation. You will be Muslim ruled in 10 years.

If Charles Martel was alive to day, your own government would kill him for being a racists.

I feel so sorry for your people You are invaded by Arabs, Asians, Africans, etc. and you will soon be their slaves.

But you asked for it with your stupid "fraternity" "equality" idiocy.

PDK / K-S S said...

I saw the headline in the NYpost online yesterday, I did not bother to read the story, could have bet my life it was blacks and browns. Soon by the way, thanks to liberals and liberal ideology, the defacto thinking box imposed on all whites, we will have another group of 3rd worlders doing the very same thing, the Islamics.

Always liked the Stooges, Shemp was born in 1895, Moe 1897 and Jerry(Curly) in 1903.

I'm not an anti-Semite, I have never met a bad Jew , though I realize the Jews that go liberal are just as useless and parasitic as Christian or non-Christian, white liberals.

However, Jews, non-liberal ones, as I see them, pursue their prosperity at their own expense of honest, hard work. Therefore to report a Jewish enclave as crime riddled slum doesn't make sense to me.

However, calling it an 85% black crime riddle slum is something I could take to the bank.

The only long term hope for blacks is, unfortunately for whites, to meld their gene pool to the white gene pool, increasing the quality of theirs while lowering the quality of ours.

I would also like to point out, that when it comes to black or Islamic "mob" violence, it is not due to anger. Anger is ephemeral and further serves simply as a trigger mechanism or pretext to unleash their genuine pent up emotion of hate. Liberals euphemism the black and Islamic hate as anger, while incorrectly labeling white separatist groups as hate group.

Like good immature dolts of solid white IQ, the white liberals simply change all things around to further and support their liberal ideology. Unfortunately, it is the entire white collective that will ultimately bear the emerging cross of ruination in white culture and white gene pool that liberal ideology "in charge and giving the orders" is currently materializing.

If not for ourselves then for our posterity and gene pool we must find our "courage via earned moral resolved achieved" to secede.

Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thanks

PDK / K-S S said...


I would like to tell you that for the last 30 years or so I have disliked the French and would preferred to simply cut all ties with them if I could.

However the breath of fresh air you inadvertently bring to this, Paul's blog, inspires in me, some hope for your people.

It is the burden for all we whites of European decent, the world over, that white liberal ideology intends ruination of our race, gene pool and culture, via embracement of the 3rd worlders, those of lower IQ, and therefore unfit and incapable of assimilation into the white man's culture of civilization.

This movement is conceptually encapsulated in the old English adage, "The white man's burden".

Good luck to you and your fellow French people. Thanks.

Jim said...

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

I did not notice the word "n*****r" written in the above creed.

So what is State Senator Eric Adams' beef?

City resident said...

They keep using the word "poverty" to mask what is really happening. Paroled convicts just out of prison, drug addicts, welfare recipients, they all suffer from "poverty". What's not said is that it's self-induced, a career choice in most cases. The word "poverty" is used to make people feel sorry for them. Parolees are put in the same category as someone whose income is low due having had cancer or MS, of which the latter group is of course deserving of sympathy.

Anonymous said...

A Florida reader...

Some of the problems in Brownsville -- indeed nationwide -- could be reduced significantly by changing the classification of some laws from misdemeanor and stiffening sentences.

Quiz: In New York State, what is the range of sentencing for an assault on a person, in which injury was intended and injury did occur? I couldn't believe this when I read it:

Such a crime is an "3rd Degree Assault." It's a misdemeanor. Sentencing ranges from probation to 1 year in jail and fines. (More severe assaults, the use of a gun, etc. gets into felony range.)

I often read about violent attacks -- gang, mob, or other -- in which perps with dozens of misdemeanor arrests get three months, or probation with community service. That... is... ridiculous.

PDK / K-S S said...

To expand slightly on PDK 12:50, I would further like to point out that the hate of the lower IQed third worlders, blacks, browns and Islamics, directed at whitey, is elicited in them as they see our accomplishments, including civilization, as far superior to anything they are capable of.

They, like white liberals, pretend they believe whitey is persecuting them, holding them down, and that this alone is the sole reason for their loser status in the world of humans.

This pretended belief of course becomes their ideological illusion.

They, the lower IQed 3rd worlders, are jealous of us, but rather than accept their personal responsibility, of nature's charge to mature, swallow their false pride, and ultimately, accept what is a natural for them, station in life in our civilized culture, they choose to become hateful, and either pursue their superiority over us, or intend secretly to meld their gene pool to ours as the means to achieve elevation out of their loser, lower IQ, reality.

This, their strategies, results in the ruination of all that is whitey's; whitey's gene pool, race and culture. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


blanc (your name is tooooo long)

France will be Europes first Muslim nation. You will be Muslim ruled in 10 years.

If Charles Martel was alive to day, your own government would kill him for being a racists.

I feel so sorry for your people You are invaded by Arabs, Asians, Africans, etc. and you will soon be their slaves.

But you asked for it with your stupid "fraternity" "equality" idiocy." - I think france, and europe for that matter are in pretty good shape here. America is the weak sister in all of this, and it is precisely her weakness that will allow Europe out from under her grasp.

Anonymous said...

France have the Front National at 20% in the french presidential elections. The french are more organised and patriotic than the Anglo countries as far as the impending doom from islam and africans. And the young white french are more nationalistic and angry getting ready to asert the right to take there country back
Why any white American would be anti french is down to the neo liberal and neocohen media alliance , please form your own coherent arguments not what the MSM BS machine tells you.

Anonymous said...


Anon at 2:12. The French youth are not going to revolt. They are too flacid and they LOVE looking down on us "racist" Ugly Americans. They look fondly back to the 20's and 30's in how they welcomed the Jazz players and Jazz singers and how fashionable it was for the White French Women to bed them....oh c'est la vie.

They would rather die by the Hand of Allah (peace be with you) than admit their lack of racism has destroyed their people. The French go back thousands of years, but in less than 50 they have destroyed themselves.

When the cathedrals all turn into Mosques, maybe some little White French boy might wonder how the North Africans Muslims managed to build such tall graceful buildings.

He will be told my his Muslim Inman that Allah (peace be upon you)gave Mohammed the power to erect such and that white peasants slaves built them for Allah (peace be upon you).

And that little blonde White boy will hate his eyes and skin and beg Allah (peace be upon you) to turn him brown.

Anonymous said...

Ivan here.

Oops. I accidentally posted the following in a defunct thread. I am currently reading "White Man Think Again" by Anthony Jacob written in 1965. I am going to post some excerpts here since he just plain gets it and is so insightful.

First installment:

The people of Kenya learned to their cost that all forms of Liberalism, Humanism, Progressiveness, Multiracialism, Non-Racialism, Partnership, Integration and True Democracy, are but the engines of White destruction. They learned that they are all nothing but exalted catchwords well calculated to overthrow White Christian order and institute anarchy; lures to set the primitive against the civilized, the mob against their rulers, who if they themselves are infected with the liberal poison are all the more easily overcome.

Kenya, we must understand, is a microcosm of the entire West. Therefore let us ask ourselves, What would have been our general White position today if the world had consisted only of Kenya, with no other place for us to go to and no other form of government for us to live under? What then? We, the White race, would already have been obliterated or reduced to everlasting, serfdom, would we not? Yet however fanciful it might still seem to the white peoples of the northern American states and occupied Europe, the world today does in the most vital sense consist only of Kenya, for we cannot keep on being racially overruled and uprooted and moved on. Wherever we are now we are in effect in Kenya; for certainly the operations of the anti-White conspiracies, the techniques of the Communists, Liberals and One-Worlders, remain significantly identical whether they be applied in Kenya or Alabama.

We must all ask ourselves, and quickly: Why are these things and what purpose do they serve? Cui Bono ? — Who is the gainer? Obviously it is not us.

countenance said...

Rain didn't stop them.

Sleet didn't stop them.

Gloom of night didn't stop them.

But Bellcurvius did.

Californian said...

To expand slightly on PDK 12:50, I would further like to point out that the hate of the lower IQed third worlders, blacks, browns and Islamics, directed at whitey, is elicited in them as they see our accomplishments, including civilization, as far superior to anything they are capable of.

This is something which a lot of middle of the road whites do not understand. They think that if they are only nice to the third worlders, etc., the third worlders will be nice to them in return. Call it the Amy Biehl Syndrome.

The third worlders, etc., are thinking something quite different. For example, I've known otherwise educated Africans who believe that the reason Congo, Uganda, etc., are "underdeveloped" is due to European colonialism. They believe that industrialization was some magical event which occurred in the 19th century, and that the reason Africa did not industrialize is because European colonial governments prevented them from joining the party.

Look at the American blacks on SBPDL who claim that Africa was wealthy before the Europeans moved in and "stole" all that wealth and destroyed all their cities.

The fact that prior to colonialism, black Africans had no literacy, no modern science and no industrial base is irrelevant. They see white countries with gleaming cities and productive farms, and assume that the reason blacks do not have these same things is because YT is keeping them down. It's that legacy of slavery-colonialism-segregation-apartheid.

It just may be that this is how certain demographics perceive the world due to low median IQ, or other factors. They are generally incapable of understanding the cause-effect relationships. So they rewrite history and current events on an Orwellian scale to turn it into a mythology which places themselves as the heroic victims, and their depredations against whites as acts of liberation--whether it is the wrecking of a Rhodesia or the trashing of Detroit.

DWLs provide much of the agitprop support in this. I've brought this point up to DWLs and their response has been: "How do you know that science and industry wouldn't have developed in Africa had it not been for colonialism?" In other words, were it not for several decades of colonialism, Africans could have built all those things which took Europeans centuries.

This is ideological reasoning. Reinterpreting reality to fit a predetermined political objective. Since everyone is "equal" in theory, the unpleasant reality where some have unequal lives is due to oppressive institutions and ignorance. The path to equality becomes remove the bad institutions: colonialism, segregation, apartheid, whatever. Then crank up the agitprop machine in the schools and MSM, while excluding dissenting voices.

Of course, none of this builds wealth for the third worlders, whether in Africa or the beneliues or Brownsville. Instead, we see the continuing disintegration of white/Western civilization.

It's a vicious cycle.

Mutant Swarm said...

"Most galling is that the situation contradicts the postal service’s unofficial motto, according to state Sen. Eric Adams — who said he would be ringing the postmaster to request an investigation.

'That is unbelievable. Government services can’t be stopped at the boundaries of high-crime areas,” he said. “They need to re-read that motto — through hail, sleet and snow.' "

Uh, Eric...when they said "hail," they were talking about frozen ice turning into pellets, not bullets flying so fast and furiously (pardon the pun) that they resembled a hailstorm.

Lorraine said...

A number of points have been raised.

1) Welcome Blanc. We need Europeans and they need us. There is no time left for a divide and conquer mentality. Whites worldwide need to unite. Our previous gene pool hangs in the balance. Remember Lady Liberty is from France. Do we not need or want Liberty. ?

2) I am not an anti- Semite but lets not discount the role the Jews have played in this. Remember their loyalty is with Israel, not the States. When I was still living in DC a little while ago, I saw a number of Jews with signs saying ' we were strangers once' re: immigration. They most certainly support this and in the end, it will blow up in their face. If you study Judaism, they do not believe in the domains of heaven and hell as we do. Therefore, they do not see the destruction of European culture as something to worry about or frankly care about.

3) The Asians are not our friends. Don't ever believe otherwise. They are here to colonize the States, which is now becoming the playground for rich investors and a temp agency for imported turds to gives these guys blow jobs, wash their feet, clean their homes, take care of offspring.

4) The white middle class is a threat and has been under attack for decades. They are trying to lower the boom on us so to speak. America was a great place because it had a thriving middle class comprised of whites. The erosion will be complete if we don't act. The USA in many parts is the third world, I see this in the DC metro area.

5) Our elected politicians are useless and don't give a rats butt about us. Screw them. Time for the people to take back this country. How !

A stop buying stuff except for food
B don't buy or rent or have anything to do with squids- just found out today my favorite yogurt place is squid owned/ won't go there again
C give up TV and all media
D remember that you are a fugitive, a refugee and act accordingly
E make SBPDL and Amren your homework assignment every day./ perseverance will win!
F the most important here is not to lose hope or faith. God has kept us alive for a reason. There is a reason why we stumbled on this blog. Nothing is accidental here.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

"You can get a gun like a box of Pampers around here,"

As both are legal unlike 32 oz sodas why should that be a surprise?

Californian said...

Kenya, we must understand, is a microcosm of the entire West.

A disturbing thing is that Kenya was one of the more civil post-colonial countries. What would be the fate of white people in the Congo, or Uganda, or Zimbabwe, or Central African Empire or Somalia, or etc., etc?

And look at a reality which was not obvious in 1965: the mass migration of third worlders into Western countries. Conceivably in 1965, whites could have written off Africa on the grounds that whatever happened there stayed there. Not so today. Africa is now moving into Europa and North America. You too can have Somalia in your neighborhood.

In the bigger picture, the non-white countries have a voting edge in the United Nations. Granted, the UN may not mean much. But we see increasing numbers of white elites involved in transnational organizations, whether globalized corporations or NGOs or contractors or whatever. Third worlders are in a position to swamp white (or formerly white) countries with their votes. And I needn't comment on the treasonable behaviors of many Western elites.

Given the current situation, the world may just turn into one big Kenya--at best.

Anonymous said...

Centurion get with the program, the american left do a good enough job hating america.
Also with the muslim president if i was you id pay more attention to whats happening in your own country who are brainwashed to letting any mongrel in.
When the race war kicks in it will be in france, belgium and holland first - the anti islam movement sits at 20/25 per cent in the polls.
Expect the rag head oil countries to cut the gas of when repatriation of arabs and africans starts.
The french front national dont do political correctness and will see the numbers swell from 20% to 40% plus and thats when its game over for the muzzies - roll on that day, europe needs a civil war or 20

Extropico said...

@blancdeseinesaintdenis I very much enjoy reading some input from a Frenchman. My guess is that the French in the big city, who make money from global transactions have very different political views than their more rural countrymen. Sarkozy (The French have a duty to miscegenate!) was jeered when he visited smaller towns in France.

PDK / K-S S said...

Back around the turn of the century, I predicted France would fall to Islamic rule by 2035-2040.

Moreover, in the first 10 years of this new century, the only Frenchman with a pair of testicles, big enough to speak out against Islam, was the pulchritudinous, Bridget Bardot, or BB for short.

BB publically stated, 4 times that I recall, "Islam is destroying France", or something quite similar. The last time, as I recall, she was fined for her public statement, 10 or 25,000 francs by the French government.

France is liberal, they just don't stand much of a chance. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


O/T and O/T.

For the last few years I have been listening to the radio (background in my office). I used to listen to Rush and Hannity and Savage, etc. etc. etc. until I realized they are all frauds and NONE of them will discuss:

1) Race
2) The Federal Reserve
3) The Income Tax system

To me, they are all working for the squid to pacify those just smart enough to notice, but not independent minded enough (like us) to continue thinking.

Anyway, I was sick of the same B.S. over and over, so I switched to mindless sports on purpose. Having debates in my head with Rush and Levin only left me tense, angry and fed up. So I turned to ESPN.

Here is what I have noticed. Each and every radio show, with the exception of Mike & Mike in the morning now has a Urban black either hosing the show or with the "White" host. AND, this Negro has the dialect. They are on the radio intentionally to beat us down even further by making ghetto black accents "normal".

The squid is really really smart. Smarter than us.

Anonymous said...

Not only can they stop the US Postal Service but they can also stop an Jennifer Lopez interview in Ft. Lauderdale.

PDK said...

I tried to get into ESPN a number of years ago, thinking a few hours a week would keep me informed and updated, etcetera. I found however, that ESPN is so PC, so into the constraints of liberal ideology I quickly became disgusted and gave up on them.

Also a few years back, ESPN got Monday Night Football. They put a little black in as the play by play guy. In any event, his black inferiority complex was so noticeable and obnoxious I began to love to hate the guy.

ESPN ruined MNF. Thanks.

PS; When Hank Williams Jr. spoke his about BHO on his own time and in his own life, ESPN fired him.

Anonymous said...

Ivan here.

Excerpts from "White Man Think Again" by Anthony Jacob written in 1965:

How shall we be true to ourselves if we have no selves ? Our race is what we are; it is our form.  It is our fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters and wives and children.  They are the race.
How then shall we count it of little worth ? Shall we despise our own flesh and blood?

The Black Invasion of Britain is a twentieth-century Black Death.  Like the Coloured Infection of other western European countries, it will have to be treated as such.
The first thing the said peoples must do is to make their European homeland their own, utterly exclusive property. Not a single coloured person must remain on European soil.  For once the soil of exclusive, aristocratic racial breeding is eroded and lost, all is lost.

What has happened to the British character since the Second World War? Perhaps it never really existed and was only a popular myth round which the propaganda of the day was centred. If this was so, it seems now that this myth was being used to make us fight an unnecessary war — and that we were not fighting for our existence but for the existence of those powers which have destroyed the British Empire.

Our country is being occupied and given away without our permission.  We have never even been consulted, and our feeble voice of protest is not heard.

Until the coming of the white man America was a vast fallowness.  It was a world in embryo waiting to be unfolded; an ovum the size of another planet waiting to be fertilised by the overflowing European seed.
The 'bad men' of the West, the gunmen and killers, were almost without exception half-breeds; and it was the Anglo-Saxon sheriffs and their posses of volunteer citizens who put paid to them. It is always a matter of race.

Over one hundred years ago Macaulay warned Americans that "Your Republic will be as fearfully plundered and laid waste by barbarians in the twentieth century as the Roman Empire was in the fifth — with this difference, that the Huns and Vandals who ravaged the Roman Empire came from without, and that your Huns and Vandals will have been engendered within your own country by your own institutions."

The seeds having been sown, the plants having sprouted. we were soon to see the unfolding of the first dainty blossoms: to wit, the enforcement of racial equality and race mixture, the Communistic shaping of education, the- general tendency to debase all things, in the name of progress, to their lowest common denominators, and in the name of freedom and democracy to introduce near-anarchy as a first step to the introduction of a tyranny — with New York and Washington the un-American centres of that capital which would rule America and reduce it, at American  expense and backed by American armaments,  to a One-World slavery.  It can be said, today, that the centre of world Communism, as distinct from Russian or Chinese nationalism, is located in the United States itself.

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan

Some decades back, one of our stupivisors got really mad because pizza delivery people would not go into her neighborhood. She got the board of stupidvisors to pass some kind of ordinance requiring food delivery people not to discriminate against black neighborhoods. Totally oblivious as to why delivery people might not want to go there (getting robbed, maybe killed, and whatever else happens, no tip).
People still don't go there.

PDK said...

The UN is a joke, a bad joke, and a financial burden on the American white taxpayer, I believe we pay 25% of the UNs costs.

I for one say, throw out that anti-American, anti-white organization.

Mr. Clean said...

Looks to be a crappy article, SBPDL, probably because it is built on a faulty premise from the NY Post article. Maybe I am missing something, but that article simply quotes ONE postal employee who wouldn't want to go into the area in question, and that some residents are unhappy with their mail service. I don't see anywhere in the article that demonstrates that USPS doesn't deliver in that neighborhood, every day. Reread the article in question, and keep in mind that in some neighborhoods such as this:

1) Postal carriers have to be able to access secured (locked) buildings in order to deliver mail there.

2) In a bad neighborhood, there has to be a secure place to leave the mail (like a properly functioning, undamaged, locking mailbox), even once the carrier gets inside a secure building.

3) Packages, registered mail, etc. have to be delivered to a person readily available and willing to accept/sign for them.

4) I don't see anywhere in the article which even implies that any postal worker has been harmed, or even threatened. Bear in mind that screwing with the mail or postal employees is a federal offense.... federal prosecution and sentencing guidelines are rayciss n' shee-it.

There are probably other points I missed, but bottom line.... just seems to be negros complaining about steps that need to taken due to problems caused by negros. Yawn. USPS should be proud that they serve these inhabitants at all.

Anonymous said...


Anon at 3:26. I certainly hope you are right.

After I wrote that post I was thinking Where and How the end will start. Will it be the English soccer punks who get upset first? Will it be an intelligent Neo-Nazi underground group in Germany that wants their country back? What? What will the trigger be?

For a while, here in the States, I have been looking for a Mexican-vs-African chimp out. I do know the Mexicans are driving the Africans out of "historical Black neighborhoods", but the blacks, being cowards and no leadership (leadership of blacks comes from the squid), don't seem to put up much of a fight.

I keep waiting for a Rodney King chimp-out. Maybe we will get it if Zimmerman gets off free, but the dinky little town this happened at doesn't have the mass of uppity negresses, niglets and felons to spontaneously riot and burn down their own houses.

So, will if be France? You have no guns. You don't have the healthy, normal, moral and ethical love of guns like we White Rednecks do. Guns are wonderful, but the French are afraid of them.

Have the French got the guts to get rid of 10 million Asians and Africans and Arabs? I don't think so. Plus the squid has ruled France since 1815 (some of you will know what happened that year that gave the Squid control of the English bond market).

I don't know. Germany is too controlled. Scandinavia is still having jungle lust over black men, and England Whites are still living in the 60's, Carnaby street and all. Help me out here folks. Give me some help.

Californian said...

'That is unbelievable. Government services can’t be stopped at the boundaries of high-crime areas,” he said. “They need to re-read that motto — through hail, sleet and snow.' "

What's so "unbelievable?"

Government services, commerce and education all stop at the boundaries of high-crime areas. It's been true for decades in America. Senator Adams needs to get off of his ivory tower and drive on his own through America's inner cities, or the benelieus of Europa, or perhaps the city that used to be called Johannesburg. And he might ponder which demographic has been responsible for making them no-go zones.

You can liken the situation to that of Sadr City in Baghdad during the insurgency, with the government unable to control an entire sector of its own capital--though the Mahdi Army probably got the mail delivered on time.

So CAL Snowman said...

"She has missed letters from her lawyer and her doctor, as well as checks from the state."

These worthless sacks of shit can't even be bothered to get up off of their fat asses and go down to the post office to collect their "gibsmedat" - Un-fucking real.

"The postal workers have a right to fear for their life, said Quantanya White, 38, a home health-care worker. It doesn’t give them the right not to deliver the mail."

Of course with their entitlement mentality, the blacks would place the value of a human life somewhere between the cost of a hair weave and a pack of skittles. How sick are these people? They believe they have a "right" to have their welfare checks delivered right to their door even if it means some poor individual is murdered or assaulted.

On a personal note I would like to say I LOVE the French people and I loved visiting France. I went once in late November and we visited the Palace of Versailles when it was snowing, absolutely stunning! I love that you can find baguettes with ham and cheese everywhere. I love the sidewalk cafes and the architecture. I loved taking a tour of the Normandy beach sites. France is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Ivan here.

Excerpts from "White Man Think Again" by Anthony Jacob written in 1965:

The Supreme Court's decision to force white children to attend racially integrated classes has given authority to a wholly unnatural and wholly un-American ideology of the most devilish variety imaginable.  It is nothing short of stupefying that the Supreme Court should have dared to usurp the powers of Congress and amend — and thereby abolish — the American Constitution sheerly for the holy cause of degrading white children.

As one is obliged to repeat, it is quite impossible to understand why the policy of 'equal but separate' should be deemed immoral, and why Negroes should feel humiliated at having their own schools. 

One Southerner expressed it this way:

"lf  our buildings,  our highways,  our  railroads  should  be wrecked, we could rebuild them.  If our cities should be destroyed, out of the very ruins we could erect newer and greater ones. Even if our armed might should be crushed, we could rear sons who would redeem our power. But if the blood of our white race should become corrupted and mingled with the blood of Africa, then the present greatness of the United States of America would be destroyed and all hope for the future would be forever gone. The maintenance of American civilisation would be as impossible for a negroid America as would the redemption and restoration of the white man's blood which had been mixed with that of the Negro."

We have the Negro vote determining America's destiny and the beginnings of the same in England.  We have the British Commonwealth shattered by nonWhite participation, and the United Nations shattered by the same. We are told that the Coloured races are on the march, when everyone knows it is the White race that is on the run.

We, the descendants of those North-Western Europeans who alone repelled the infidel and pagan invaders from Asia and Africa, have the sole right to rule in our native West.

Consciously, we have been well mesmerised.  'All men are equal,' we repeat dutifully. 'We are all human beings and brothers; and if the others are less stable and less advanced than ourselves it is because we have been holding them down.' But we are speaking only with our brainwashed superficial minds

Egalitarianism is not for us. It was not designed for us; it was designed against us. What world brotherhood leads to in practice is the enmity of brothers — of white brothers. So let us have done with it; with this mongrel idealism.

Yet it cannot be stressed often enough how absolutely imperative it is that they preserve their racial identity and their way of life regardless of anything else. This means that there must be a complete refusal to accept racial integration, above all in the schools.  For unless they do this they are lost.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1797 was stating of the Negro:  "Vices the most notorious seem to be the portion of this unhappy race.  Idleness, treachery, revenge, cruelty, impudence, stealing, lying, profanity, debauchery, and intemperance, are said to have extinguished the principles of natural law and to have silenced the reproofs of conscience.  They are strangers to every sentiment of compassion, and are an awful example of the corruption of man when left to himself."

Anonymous said...

After I wrote that post I was thinking Where and How the end will start.

Look at some historical examples:

* How did the USA go from the post-Civil War Reconstruction Era to Segregation as law-of-the-land within a couple of decades?

* Why was there an explosion of white confidence, colonialism and scientific-industrial advance from the Renaissance to the 19th century?

* What got the Crusades into high gear?

* How did the Eastern Romans salvage the Empire when the West collapsed in the 5th century?

Learn the lessons of history.

Then apply them.

So CAL Snowman said...

@ Centurion

I would argue that the squids took control of France in 1789. The French Revolution led directly to the rise of Napoleon which kick started this whole New World Order/Globalism paradigm shift.

PDK / K-S S said...

All of the white world is burdened by white liberal ideology, the ideology of the immature and insane, we are all hip deep in excrement.

Islam is further advanced in both Europe and GB. Geert Wilders was the man who found his courage, of earned moral resolved achieved, and has, with great patience, worked to help, not only his own country, Nederland, but all of the white world, even speaking here in America.

Geert is forced to live in an army barracks or some sort of protective custody because Islam headhunts him for his courageous outspokenness. I believe Geert took over as the man from another around 2002 as the first man was murdered by Islam, I do not recall his name.

A few years back Geert landed at Heathrow for a speaking engagement, was subsequently held as the English liberals did not want him speaking there, but I think he was finally allowed to speak.

Pam Geller works tirelessly here in America trying to wake people up to the threat and danger of Islam. Our white liberals love to besmirch her.

Last summer, Michelle Bachman directed attention to Hillary's right hand woman. She has relatives in the Muslim Brotherhood. Liberals immediately besmirched her, and John McCain did as well.

Michelle was right, she is a decent human and American, however liberalism, those now in absolute control of our country will never allow her a higher office than her current US representative seat.

Islam pursues their superiority, ultimately seeking a global Caliphate. Islam is misogynistic and insane.

Islam began to rise in the 20th century because of oil money. They are spreading out fast because the oil will dry up and they need to have secured and ensconced themselves everywhere in the white world before that time materializes.

Our time to secede and forge a white nationalist country is a closing window of opportunity.

White liberals are the cancer of the white race and are moving us towards extermination.

Secession is the only answer. Thanks.

PDK said...


that is what I see as both the liberal and black strategy, to ultimately meld our gene pools and thusly, the greatness of the white gene pool will be lost for all eternity. T hanks.

A Geezer said...

Even China is now attracting the Black Plague Africans In China and Chinese women are burning coal.

Anonymous said...

I doubt blanc asked for it, centurion... no more than you or me are and its going down all around us. At least hes on this site and is informed. Most whites are not and live in a state of willfull denial. I had no real appreciation of the scope and scale of this crime until i found this site and some others 2 yrs ago. The crime being the new world order and enslavement of free men thru diversity, taxes, govt, etc...

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous said:: San FranciscanSome decades back, one of our stupivisors got really mad because pizza delivery people would not go into her neighborhood. She got the board of stupidvisors to pass some kind of ordinance requiring food delivery people not to discriminate against black neighborhoods.

And the food delivery business should then call the police for an escort every time they needed to deliver in those areas, and not deliver until that escort is provided.

Totally oblivious as to why delivery people might not want to go there (getting robbed, maybe killed, and whatever else happens, no tip).

They are not oblivious... they know. Truth hurts, they just want to legislate away the undesirable effects of reality.

Anonymous said...

Re: "A large percentage of postal workers are black. In NYC the proportion of Afro-americans is probably greater than nation wide. Why not assign only black or Hispanic postal people to deliveries in Brownsville.

May 6, 2013 at 11:52 AM"

Walgreens was sued for having black pharmacists assigned to black neighborhoods. A black pharmacist did not want to work in black neighborhoods. I'm sure Walgreens lost or settled the suit and the black pharmacist got quite a big settlement.

Anonymous said...

After reading the article, I went on Google streetview to look at Brownsville. You can look at the architecture of the city and see evidence of white people in the past. We have a city near me in south Alabama that was white 50 years ago. It is now destroyed and is filing for bankruptcy. And still, whites in this area don't get it. To them, Blacks are the victims instead of the cause.

rjp said...

Letter-starved residents acknowledged their nabe — rife with gang violence — is frightening but said that’s no excuse for them to miss out on their mail.

Letter starved? I am willing to bet a substantial portion of the residents can read.

Postal workers are lazy, facts must be faced. Blacks that work there have been in a form of strike since the 70s, a work slowdown.

They tend to look like the residents of this neighborhood .... hence the residents are also of the lazy variety as well.

There are many place in this country where mail is NOT DELIVERED, and they are not dangerous places. What differentiates those areas from this area is the color of the residents' skins.

It is okay to deny delivery service to white people, but not black people

“That is unbelievable. Government services can’t be stopped at the boundaries of high-crime areas,” he said. “They need to re-read that motto — through hail, sleet and snow.”

No they can't stop delivery, not in areas of poor black people. Every mail delivery person will now just get their own security officer as home healh workers do in Chicago.

“We do pay taxes,” said Crystal Caesar, 30, a social-service worker. “They could make more of an effort to ring my bell when I have a package. It’s a headache to come to the post office.”

How did she know she got packages? The slip in the mailbox, after she ignored the buzzer?

Yolanda Matthews, 58. .... has missed letters from her lawyer and her doctor, as well as checks from the state.

Welfare checks, letters from a public heath card accepting doctor, and the ever present negro representing lawyer.

Jim said .... So what is State Senator Eric Adams' beef

Take a look.

White Mom ..... MeTV, if it is offered in your area, is pretty much all I watch. Though even in 50-60 year old television shows, you can see the problems that currently plague modern television.

Anonymous said...

"How do you know that science and industry wouldn't have developed in Africa had it not been for colonialism?"

One clue is that they hadn't even managed to come up with the wheel.

Whiskey said...

Does anyone here know any Liberal Jews? No one hates hates hates Israel more than Liberal Jews. They front stuff like "Queers for Palestine" and "Peace Now" and so on. Liberal Jews put their worldview and status-whoring far above distant cousins who they don't like anyway. If Israel was nuked out of existence by Iran most liberal Jews (most in the US are liberal) would celebrate wildly.

Mr. Rational said...

I believe Geert took over as the man from another around 2002 as the first man was murdered by Islam, I do not recall his name.

Pim Fortuyn.  He had his own rising party, and he was anything but conservative; he was a flaming homosexual whose opposition to Islam was due to its failure to reciprocate "tolerance".  He was murdered (knifed to death) by an "anti-racist", a sympathizer with Muslims but apparently not a Musim himself (a self-appointed enforcer of "tolerance" for racist, homophobic scum as long as the scum aren't White).

Moondoggie said...

On another site a commenter had maybe the best take on our liberal-socialist-progressive-communists "friends"

" liberalism is the relentless destruction of everything normal and good"

Is that not the truth !

These people are the worlds cancer. We whites have to be careful on what we say and how we say things about the non-whites in public. ( But I don't anymore )

NO such law yet on what we can say about liberals. When you get the opportunity let them have it. I do and it feels good, it feels right, it is very justified. They are your enemy. Have nothing to do with them. Man, do I really hate liberals.

Lorraine said...

Wow, I have done alot of reading on the net tonite. Crazy stuff. First I read about the riots in VA beach during college week. Full on TNB man. Here's my take: if you are a small business, do not participate. Let em say 'dat be rayciss' . So what? Is it worth getting hurt? Also, the cops did nothing. SA anyone? We are a third world country. Go Amurkistan.

Then I checked out the link that Geezer posted back awhile on Africans migrating to China. I saw the pics and I laughed out loud. Good stuff man. Hey let China have them. Dude send more. How about the ones here, can they go?

This global elite DWL utopia is a clusterf$&k. I don't know how else to put it. I yearn for the days when Smetica was mostly white and Olivia Newton John was it. Really. Maybe I am getting old but this one world global temp agency is just a disaster ready to happen. My God I read on Amren that in Iowa there is tension between new Burmese refugees and the Mexiturds over factory jobs, while older white workers are fighting for better wages. What?

Look. We need to cash out of this now. Obviously that is unrealistic BUT, whites need to start thinking about working towards secession. Once we get our own nation, then No Blacks and no third worlders, none

Anonymous said...

To PDK...Pam Geller is a nut. I'm sure she wouldn't mind one bit if thousands of American men lost their lives and limbs in Middle East wars. Paul...great article!

Anonymous said...

Californian, Eric Adams probably wouldn't even know what you meant by ivory tower. He's just an affirmative action former NYPD captain, full of hatred for whites.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Jews in the US do not have children. Or have one at most and they intermarry. They will not exist in a generation except by increasingly diluted blood. They are at the height of their wealth now - it is all downhill from here . Israeli Jews have three children on average, the highest in the industrialized world, they do not intermarry and are not liberal at all. And Israel has only just begun to get in gear. They are the future. We should emulate them.

Anonymous said...

TexasJoe here...

I don't mean to derail the thread but this is just too good to pass up...

This is about to go viral and it is such a wonderful example of BAR... This negro city council woman makes a little girl cry during a city council meeting because her poster depicts "a small black man" who "turns into a big gold man." Here's the vid...

Again sorry to derail...

Anonymous said...

"Having lofty dreams of returning to space and exploring the universe are important, but taking back Detroit and Brownsville in the name of civilization is more important."

I don't think it is more important to take back these infested cities, best to look back on them as we travel into space. That is uber goal of humans (whites), conquer the stars,; we have seen it time and time again in fiction like: star trek, star wars, movies, books, etc.

Jay Santos said...

In Europe, until perhaps recently with the introduction of third-world muslims and Africans, older city areas were not abandoned to decay. The older parts of a city were just that, older architecture and history. In our infinite wisdom we hand these historic areas over to the negroes, who then immediately begin their natural cycle of destruction.

I had family in Brooklyn since the mid and late 1800's; Bed Sty, Williamsburg, Fort Greene. The houses there were brick structures, with workmanship you can't buy today, tile work, plaster and 6" wood trim. They were built to last, but you put a few generations of negroes in those structures with no maintenance and they begin to lean over and die.

It's a criminal act, what has been allowed to happen to our older urban areas. It's part of the history of the nation allowed to decay at the hands of the most destructive force we know on planet earth, negroes.

And they want their government payments delivered to them. Could you face your great great grandparents and explain to them what their country has devolved into?

Discard said...

Whiskey: You're clueless. When I lived in Los Angeles I knew bagfuls of liberal Jews. "Jewish conservative" is very nearly a non-existent species. Jewish Republicans are generally on the far left of the GOP, they're not conservative. They've had a big hand in purging the Respectable Right of anyone who has an ounce of sense. I used to read half a dozen conservative magazines during the '70s, '80s, and '90s, and I watched them go soft as the neo-cons ("former" leftists, every one) took over. And no, they don't hate Israel. Where do you get this stuff?

sword of truth said...

3 links to expose the truth, the first is about global warming lie to drive up prices of everything globaly

The 2nd is natural savagery for all to see

And the overlords


off topic i'm sure someone already told this story. listen to the black man's 9-11 phone call. who calls up 9-11 and talks like that. i'm sure the homie was excited from what was going down. this spook mentions mcdonald's and swears through out the phone call . but the funny thing is the caller sounded more intelligent than the operator. this is the kind of black person who will try to write a book or will be on every cable news liberal network or this man can always go on Geraldo "the head spic" rivera fox show. and didn't they have a case like this in Cleveland already I think it was dubbed the house of horrors back in the 1990's I think. but look out America we have a new black celeb for a couple of weeks. but the occupants were all black too! either way this can't be good. but on another note. I say check up on elderly white neighbors. well I have to take my elderly neighbor to the animal vets. she has to put her dog down and she asked me for a ride. I know this is gonna suck for her having to let her dog go so please keep her in your prayers maybe. thank you! and GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

HaroldC said...

Whiskey, I know a liberal Jew but she doesn't hate Israel in the least. She loves Israel.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about this case out of Cleveland. 3 women who have been missing for 10 years that were abducted and held. There is not mention of the alleged perps or their names which leads me to believe it is the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

Tales of the MULE!!

Anonymous said...

Africans experience 'racism' even in China:!

The are looked at with suspicion and stopped more because they 'stand out'.

Wait. What? Chinese people are racists?

Do these idiot fucking negroids ever put two and two together and realize that they are a dangerous menace wherever they go and whatever place they 'plant' their fugly asses?

Yes, the whole world is racist against the groid. I wonder why?



Anonymous said...

The postal workers would clain discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm? I wonder how many of the postal workers who won't deliver the mail are nigga's? We had an AA nigga mail delivery boon assigned to our neighborhood as she'd received so many complaints in every neighborhood she "worked" that the post office just kept shifting her un-fireable baboon butt around to different areas.
As I live on a dead end street, this boon would just stop at the entrance to the street and shove everyone's mail into the first box she came to.
After all the residents complained, she got shifted to another community soon to be blessed by her fabulous negro work ethic.
Perhaps the groids in Brownsville need to check around and see where all their mail is being dumped? You know that each Shitniqua on each street(recipient of all the mail for her road)just chimps and throws it away after digging through it for her sheeit and stuff. Or just leaves it in the box to be picked up and taken back to the Post Office at some point.
Dey be doing things negro style and keepin' it real, yo!
Even when the PO is majority black they still manage to blame it all on racism and whitey or find some other proto simian explanation for why it be dis way and it be wrong.

james wilson said...

Have the rookie cops deliver the mail.

SKIP said...

All of the post facilities I have used in the military are run, staffed and "managed" by blacks, usually works all right since there are severe penalties for fuckin it up in the military.

Unknown said...

When I came across this site some weeks ago, I thought "DWL" stood for "Dim-Witted Liberal". I'm still not sure, but I think it's pretty close. Would someone care to enlighten me, please?

Anonymous said...

The timely deliver of mail is a White concept.

The Chinese had a system and so did we. Nobody else did. Not the Arabs nor the Africans.

There is no way Whites can maintain a postal delivery system in a negro area. To them, mail men are targets, not somebody who is helping to hold a civilization together. Africans never had a civilization.

A circle of thatched grass huts is NOT a civilization. A field full of cattle is not a civilization. Runners running about taking verbal messages is not civilization.

Africans never developed civilization. It is a White Thing.

Anonymous said...

Shorter Mail:

Groids want their mail. Unfortunately, they also want the mailman, and not in a nice way.

Californian said...

"DWL" = "Disingenuous White Liberal."

The term is used for white liberals who live in a fantasy world, usually constructed from ideology, in which race does not exist. Usually, DWLs have a pathological sense of guilt which results in their pushing insane political policies.

A related group is "Conservatism, Inc.," that wing of the conservative movement which perhaps knows the truth about race but refuses to acknowledge it because it would interfere with their country club memberships.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Negroes fail to deliver gibs to other negroes. It must be The White Man's fault.

Who gives a shit. Negro fatigue. Wake me up when they start delivering anthrax.

Bogolyubski said...

Does anyone here know any Liberal Jews? No one hates hates hates Israel more than Liberal Jews. They front stuff like "Queers for Palestine" and "Peace Now" and so on. Liberal Jews put their worldview and status-whoring far above distant cousins who they don't like anyway. If Israel was nuked out of existence by Iran most liberal Jews (most in the US are liberal) would celebrate wildly.

I know a lot of them. Your characterization only fits a few of the really hard-core leftist types who follow Noam Chomsky and similar radical Marxists. The majority are complete hypocrites on the subject (as are nearly all "conservatives"): All white countries must have open borders because vibrancy and diversity is essential, but Israel is a special unique snowflake in the hot sun of the Arabian desert which must be allowed to retain its identity. The Chomskyites are the only ones who've abandoned their collective consciousness in favor of insane ideology - at least they appear to be consistent in their Marxist religion. The others make a Mount Everest-sized unprincipled exception to their globalist, open-borders utopianism when it comes to Israel.

Anonymous said...

I would be surprised if there was one white mail man in the whole of Brownsville. This area has been a no-go forever. It reminds me of a few years ago Bill Cosby complaining about not getting picked up by a cab, I was working in NYC at the time and on a lunch break my partner and I counted how many of the cab drivers who went by us were white(and we were on the upper east side, a very white area), it was about 10%. Even their own kind didn't want to pick them up.

Anonymous said...

My 5 year old has two half breeds on his T-ball team. I watched one distract him while the other sucker pushed him in the head ( the prelude to the groid sucker punch).
I stormed into the dugout and got in his ugly brown face and told him that I saw what he did and that we were going to have a huge problem if he tried that shit again. I watched him tear up and then told his white coal burning baby momma the same thing.
God damn the groid and the DWL.

Jim said...

Years ago, welfare and SSI checks were sent by mail. There would be articles in our local newspaper about postal workers having to submit to assault, battery and many insults from the recipients if the checks were late, like it was the mail person's fault. Now the funds are sent electronically.

Speaking of postal workers, I will relate a story regarding an African-American female postal employee at my local post office. I live in a 98% white county. This particular employee waited on me several times. She was very articulate, friendly, very attractive and was good at her job. It was a pleasure dealing with her. I used her example to tell myself that blacks are not that bad, that she was a fine example for her race.

I learned recently that she has been charged with stealing gift cards which were sent via mail. Got her on video, etc, etc. I was, at first, troubled about her situation but then realized that's just the way those people are.

Reminds me of the story about the scorpion asking the frog to carry him across the stream because scorpions cannot swim. The frog was concerned that the scorpion would sting him. The scorpion assured the frog that would not make sense, since both would die. Half-way across, the scorpion stung the frog. In his dying words, the frog ask the scorpion why and the scorpion responded "that's what we do".

Same with the blacks.

Anonymous said...

I'm certain it will only get worse.

The White Cancer of political correctness has achieved total victory over mainstream society, from Foxnews to NYT.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey, even if there are liberal Jews who hate Israel, WHY should we care?

Baltimore Watcher said...

Generation identitaire.

Look it up. This is 2013, you think we are the only people awake?

Ikago, en masse in France.

I appreciate Blanc name too longs posts, he is as our dark friends say "good people".

Annie Oakley said...

I thought blacks were afraid of mail, especially registered or certified mail.

Besides doesn't SS checks, welfare checks and SNAP benefits all load directly via debit card?

Did you all know that the squid bankers make like .25 each time those cards are swiped? Think of all the swiping going on and how much money they're making.

I found out today that this county near me has a 65% household food stamp participation. I almost blew a gasket. I drive around this county occasionally and these people have newer cars than me! How does this happen?

I have a 15 year old car that still runs well, because I take care of it. How the hell do these so called "po folks" afford a new car?

I found out why. Momma is on WIC and foodstamps. Baby daddy doesn't marry her and works under the table or if he does do some W2 work, he includes the baby as a dependent and gets a big ole tax refund.

It gets worse. They tax food here. But if you use WIC, you pay no sales tax on food. So the rest of the tax base (me) pays sales tax on food. Am I a sucker or what?

I wonder if folks on food stamps pay no sales tax on their food purchases either. I'm going to find out.

It gets even worse than this. If you're on disability (which seems to be half the population here with the disabled tags) you pay no property tax. I'm dead serious. So these fat cows who are too fat to walk and go on those motorized scooters in Wal-Mart are on the check, collecting foodstamps (which some states give you $40 worth of gas a month on them to go to the doctor) and pay no frigging property tax.

WhiteMom - you are right. Working class decent whites are refugees and fugitives.

Stealth economy works for me.

Anonymous said...

No glorious hopey changey improveamentation for Turdsville?
Bonus round-Who do you think the ones that vote voted for last November? (rhetorical)

Anonymous said...

Good Lord people...this is coming to a city near you! Only one answer to this problem folks, and you know what it is.

Unknown said...

Thank you, for the explanation, Californian:)

Jerry Glandville said...

Speaking of Clayton County.....

Police make arrest in Kohl's parking lot attack

Anonymous said...

Can anyone name ONE neighborhood, village, hamlet, town, city, state or country that has improved in any way when it went from majority White to majority black or hispanic? Or for that matter, how about improvement when any of the above just approached one third black or brown? Anyone?