Friday, May 3, 2013

The SHTF in Chicagoland

‘One creature, caught. Caught in a place he cannot stir from in the dark, alone, outnumbered hundreds to one, nothing to live for but his memories, nothing to live with but his gadgets, his cars, his guns, gimmicks...’
-      Matthias, The Omega Man

The future for whites in America is now for whites in Chicago -- hiding in their homes at night, with large portions of the city war-zones of the black and brown variety

LZ Granderson, a black man, has written we should label Chicago gangs as ‘terrorists’[Treat Chicago gangs as terrorists, CNN, 4-24-13]:
You know things in Chicago are bad when 70 murders in the first quarter can be seen as a good thing. But context is everything: Last year at this time there had been more than 120 murders, so I guess we should thank God for small favors. 
It seems inconceivable that the city President Barack Obama calls home is also the city where his family may be least safe. Just this Monday a 15-year-old boy was found shot dead in a backyard only four blocks from the president's house.  
What's responsible for the bloodshed? Gang violence, as usual. Police estimate that of the 532 murders in 2012 -- nearly 1.5 a day -- about 80 percent were gang related. And yet, despite that rather staggering statistic, the national outcry is muted at best -- nothing, to say the least, like the kind we saw last week in Boston. What is it about the word "gang" that brings out the apathy in us? Would we view Chicago differently if we called the perpetrators something else?

Unfortunately, it is a misnomer to label the violence found in Chicago today as ‘gang related’ – really, it’s almost exclusively black violence (with a touch of Hispanic violence tossed in to add a bit a spice) [Gang labeling in dispute when analyzing Chicago violence, WBEZ Chicago, 8-28-12].

Gangs were once running wild in Chicago, especially in the 1990s.

Well, black and Hispanic gangs that is. And a disproportionate amount of the victims of gang-related murder were white.

The Chicago Police Department put together a comprehensive analysis of suspected ‘gang related’ murders as part of the “Chicago Crime Trends” series [Gang-Motivated Murders 1991 — 2004]. It is this study that helps the layman understand the limited ‘white’ gangs pose to the city of Chicago’s stability and the imminent threat both black and Hispanic gang members are to the Windy City’s health: 
From 1991 to 2004, there were 3,422 gang-motivated murders in the City of Chicago. This constituted 33.0% of the murders that occurred in Chicago during this time period. Excluding instances when the Detective Division could not determine a motive, gang activity was the most common murder motive from 1991 to 2004. From 1991 to 2004, there were 2,383 gang-motivated murders involving African-American victims, 908 involving Hispanic victims, and 112 involving Caucasian victims. 
Consulting Table 1 from the study (below), you’ll notice of all known offenders for Gang-Motivated Murder in Chicago between 1991-2004, blacks represent 69 percent, Hispanics 27.5 percent, and whites only 3.1 percent.

For those victims of Gang-Motivated murder, whites represent 7.2 percent, Hispanics 30.3, and blacks 61.9 percent.

For those victims of Gang-Motivated murder who were also gang members, blacks represented 68.8 percent of the victims, Hispanics 28.5 percent, and whites 2.5 percent.

More recent data on murder suspects/victims in Chicago is a case study  in minority dysfunction.
Yes, Gang Crime in Chicago does have a color...

Between 2003 and 2011, whites in Chicago accounted for only four percent of the homicide suspects, yet six percent of the victims:
A WND review of the Chicago Police Department Murder Analysis reports from 2003 to 2011 provides a statistical breakdown of the demographics of both the victims and offenders in the 4,265 murders in Chicago over that time period. 
Of the victims of murder in Chicago from 2003 to 2011, an average of 77 percent had a prior arrest history, with a high of 79 percent of the 436 murdered in Chicago in 2010 having arrest histories. 
For the same 2003-2011 period, blacks were the victims of 75 percent of 4,265 murders. Blacks also were the offenders in 75 percent of the murders. 
According to 2010 U.S. Census information, Chicago has a population of 2,695,598 people. The city is 33 percent black, 32 percent white (not Hispanic), and 30 percent Hispanic or Latino in origin. 
For the 2003-2011 period, whites were nearly 6 percent of the victims and accused of carrying out 4 percent of the murders. 
For the 2003-2011 period, Hispanics or Latinos were 19 percent of the victims and 20 percent of the offenders.
Understanding the racial data behind gun violence in Chicago (and murder), one should immediately laugh when they read President Barack Obama is trying to use gun violence in the Second City as a means to push for gun control – in a city that has had some of the toughest gun control laws since 1982. [Obama Campaign Uses Chicago Violence to Push for Gun Control, Weekly Standard, May 3, 2013]

In a petition emailed today to supporters, Organizing for Action, President Obama's former campaign group, uses violence in Chicago to push for more gun control.
"In 2009, my schoolmate Greg Robinson was in the backseat of a car returning home from a basketball game when someone with a gun opened fire," the letter from "Ronnie Mosley," of Morehouse College Class of 2013, emails.
He died shielding his young cousins from gunfire. 
Greg wasn't a gang member -- he was a 14-year-old who wanted to play basketball. He was quiet and kind, and that year, he was the 28th student in the Chicago public school system to be killed. 
Since then, I've been fighting for common-sense gun legislation to honor Greg's memory and to help prevent this kind of violence from happening again.  
I added my name to OFA's petition to Congress demanding action on gun violence. But my voice and my story isn't enough on its own. Together, our voices are powerful enough to make Congress act  -- so please, add your name, too.  
Right now, I live in Georgia for school -- and last month I watched my new senators both vote against expanding background checks for gun sales. 
It was disappointing and disheartening. All I could think about was the kids back in my neighborhood in Chicago. We have an acronym: LIFE -- living in fear everyday.  
But bullets don't come with name tags. No one intended to shoot Greg, or his little cousins. On your walk to school or on your way home, you couldn't help but be afraid that it could happen to you.

  That's why I'm not giving up just because we lost one vote. As a country, we can and should make it harder for bad guys to get their hands on deadly weapons. To me, it's just common sense. 
Sign OFA's petition to Congress to demand action on universal background checks for gun sales, and take one big step toward making our communities safer: you.Ronnie 

President Obama, Ronnie, and anyone interested in knowing the cause of gun violence (and crime for that matter) in Chicago, please pay attention to this next sentence: it is black people – and Hispanics – who are using guns to kill their fellow citizens in Chicago.

The violence in Chicago is precisely why law-abiding citizens should carry guns to protect their person and property [Chicago Mobs and the Case For High Capacity Magazines,, 4-1-13], while simultaneously showing why white residents of the city should correctly fear both black and Hispanic males.

Instead of treating Chicago’s gangs (or a signficant portion of the black/Hispanic population) as posing a ‘terroristic’ threat to the city’s stability, we want to demonize law-abiding citizens who want to protect their property and family with guns.

Large portions of the city of Chicago are off-limits to law-abiding white people, the exclusive stomping-ground (breeding ground) of black and Hispanic gangs – though the word ‘gang’ is misused in today’s lexicon.

White America can look to 2013 Chicago as their future; though the American flag still flies over the city, it is a metropolis where they are virtually confined to certain sections of the city.

To paraphrase The Omega Man, white citizens of Chicago are “Caught in a place he cannot stir from in the dark, alone, outnumbered hundreds to one, nothing to live for but his memories, nothing to live with but his gadgets, his iPhone, his Netflix, his Plasma-screen TV…”


Dapandico said...

Lives in GA for school, votes in GA & Chicago.

Anonymous said...


PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

Our fully enfranchised democracy, has not only ruined our Founding Father’s free enterprise Republic, it has successfully transmogrified this culture into a culture of a socialist democracy, which further, always gravitates towards tyranny, poverty and misery.

Our American pledge of allegiance states, “and to the Republic for which it stands”, and further, does not state “and to the democracy for which it stands”, however, just as all liberals refuse this pledge in spirit, so too do they and their comrades, their minority allies in our fully enfranchised democracy, wish simply to use, abuse and parasitize the wealth creation that only a free enterprise Republic can beget.

Liberal ideology, born of immaturity and insanity, pursues as their ultimate goal, the reality of all that is inherent in the concept of “The white man’s burden”. That all things born of the white Europeans and all their posterity worldwide, be shared with and given to all, including themselves, without a semblance of fair compensation, and regardless of the consequences, including, most painfully of all, both our genes and wealth.

Our American democrat party, the party of liberal ideology, intends nothing less than the complete ruination of the white gene pool and all the positive manifestations born of this said, white gene pool, from anti-biotics to technological advances and beyond into wealth and happiness.

Should a new Republic emerge, like the Phoenix reborn out of its own ashes, by a separating out and away from liberals and their alliance via a secession of the republican states, a fully enfranchised democracy must be outlawed by the new Constitution, alone the law of our new land. In truth and in fact, at least as best I see it, only those who traditionally vote for the Republican Party be enfranchised, and this is older white males and older, married white females.

The republicans by definition are supposed to stand for the Republic, whilst democrats by definition stand for democracy, and obviously a fully enfranchised democracy, which is itself the purveyor of ruination to both the white gene pool and white culture. People may resent this, however sometimes it takes a real tough stance to make things work, at and for, the most optimum level possible. To borrow from JFK, “When the tide comes in, all the boats rise, the big ones and the small ones”. Further, if any individuals, with membership in the new Republic, pine for transmogrification of this new Republic, they can either swallow their own dissatisfaction or emigrate, they can either lump it or leave it, their choice.

I think in terms of the 1950s, 1960s America; with all that power, fame and fortune, but without the “rights” movements by liberals, blacks, GLBTs and any other minority groups thinking of themselves at the expense of the collective, our non-liberal, white culture collective.

The Orientals have the wisdom to keep their culture and gene pool exclusive to themselves. Further, as they borrow and steal our wealth creating culture, while maintaining their purity, they are, without doubt, eventually going to surpass us.

I suspect the white gene pool is the begetter of “the Goldie Locks” formula, sufficient IQ coupled with the strength of animation, a precious quality neither the Negro nor Oriental gene pools were blessed with, and further, I believe, that is why we are the winners so far. Unfortunately, the white liberals wish to give this away to save themselves from nature’s charge to mature, and are so cowardly and selfish, they would allow the ruination of our culture and gene pool for both now and all eternity; such cowardice and selfishness is both intolerable and inexcusable.

Should our new Republic materialize, I believe the term Solutria should be employed as part of the new nations name, because Amerigo Vespucci, (America), was just a cartographer, while the Solutreans were not only whites of European decent, but in fact were, by 1,000s of years, the first here in the new world.

This was our land, this is our gene pool, let us resolve to keep both.

10mm AUTO said...

For those who have not seen the movie "Omega Man", it is worth the time to watch, even if you are not really a sci-fi fan. Paul bring us the chilling quote about the Omega Man being surrounded, but here is the one that always made me sick. Heston is standing at the window watching "the Family" throwing books onto the fire, jumping around and reveling in the flames. He says,

"At it again, I see? What will it be tonight? Museum of Science? Some library? Poor miserable bastards."

That is what I think of when I see the "ruin porn" of Detroit, the burned out houses and buildings, the shattered libraries with millions of books on the floor and the ceiling open to the Sky, the abandoned factories and museums, windows broken. All the knowledge and achievement of Man, tromped on by lower primates, ground into the soil. The Dark Ages come again. Liberals used to protest this future, the idea of Nuclear War and its slide into aftermath horror. No Longer. They support the negro Bomb.

How long before there will be another Heston, slamming his fist into the soil of Detroit screaming, "You Maniacs! You blew it up! God Damn You! God Damn you all to Hell!"

He will be wrong, it won't be a nuclear war, just nuclear negros. Planet of the Apes indeed.

rjp said...

You state 70 homicides by the end of April, when it was 90 was actually the "magic number".

While Chicago's homicides for April hit their lowest total in five decades, the final hours of the month closed out with a vengeance as shootings left three dead and 17 injured, including the son of a slain Chicago police officer.

Don't worry though, they are picking up their pace:

Chicago on Thursday (May 2) logged its 100th homicide of the year, a RedEye analysis of preliminary police data found. ......

For the last eight years, except for last year, Chicago has logged its 100th homicide of the year in April. Chicago reached this mark on March 20 last year.

countenance said...

I personally think that there's a propensity to classify too much black and Hispanic crime as "gang related," when in reality, a big percentage of crimes called "gang related" have really nothing to do with gangs. First, it's a diversion from race, and second, it feeds and whets a burgeoning gang mitigation-industrial complex.

But if gangs are bad in Chicago, and they are, it is because there is a smooth continuum between street gangs and elected officials.

rjp said...

It seems inconceivable that the city President Barack Obama calls home is also the city where his family may be least safe. Just this Monday a 15-year-old boy was found shot dead in a backyard only four blocks from the president's house.

He won't call it home in January 2017.

He will call Hawaii home .....

Hawaii, the only state with a "natural" illegal immigration barrier.

Lorraine said...

Okay, my post did not go through earlier, so I will try it again.

People, organizations, institutions only have power over you when you ALLOW them to have that power.

Here is the thing: I don't give a damn about the banks, about law enforcement, about our leaders, about government, and I certainly do not give a fig about about the chocolate bunnies who state that whites are are not part of the democracy. Guess what, I agree, I am not part of Amurkistan as I am not one if the stupid masses. I think for myself thank you.

I have got to inject optimism here because I find this board gets pessimistic. All of the mud people come to the States because they want to be like whites. Even the ghetto turds do, they just don't have a clue do it frustrates the crap out of them and then Jayvaun et al self destruct. Oh well.

White people believe in individual thought, at least many of us used to... Those with singular vision, like those who post here who can 'see' and those who read and haven't posted yet will survive. We will survive because we will move on out of the multicultural plantation of serfs.

No one owns me. No one owns my kids. This is do because I say it is so. My thoughts will create my destiny.

This time period of so called black rule in transitory. They are losing ground in their communities. So what if we have a black president. Big deal. I don't care. So what if Mel or Gomer Powell or whatever said whatever. Poof! I tune them out. Their words have no power over me because I say so.

Yes, collectively whites are being targeted, BUT it is temporary. How do you stop being the target? You leave the abuser and someone else will later kill the abuser or you kill the abuser then. It's simple fight or flight, and either strategy works. Again, we are only victims or targets temporarily, then we move on.

It is important to note that we are no responsible for this. Again, say that again. We did not do this to ourselves so let it go because you will blame yourselves and keep being stuck.

This government will only control you and have power over you if you let it. Blacks want to dominate through violence and intimidation, which I view as a characterological and spiritual sickness. Look how abuse is rampant in their communities. They kill the human spirit which is why their cultures never amount to anything.

White culture promotes the individual spirit. It is our strength. Our weakness is that we bought into the BS that blacks possess the same character. The truth is, most don't.

We will survive and then thrive. I truly believe this as I believe this is our destiny.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...


Let's get something straight here. The "back ground check system" voted on in Congress, and defeated, was NOT what it said it was.

It was stealth registration and was aimed at law abiding White people. It was not going to make a difference. It was a hoax and I am so sick of politicians calling a new law something it isn't.

Californian said...

10mm AUTO said..."At it again, I see? What will it be tonight? Museum of Science? Some library? Poor miserable bastards."

Consider how much of science has to be jettisoned to support the official party line of BRA, such as pre-Boasian anthropology. And books like "Huckleberry Finn" recalled and written per Ministry of Truth directive. And FBI crime stats deleted from the internet. And studies of genetics which demonstrate the reality of race end up on the metaphorical pyre.

Much of science and history is being vaporized because it does not match up to the diktats of BRA.

Fortunately, there is the Internet to keep knowledge alive.

So CAL Snowman said...

OT but you will laugh your ass off PK!

You just can't make this stuff up :

Philly Nears Bankruptcy, Decides to Cover Sex Changes For City Workers

"If the United States ever does go down, the last gallon of gas will be used to drive a Planned Parenthood representative to an elementary school, the last loaf of bread will be divided based on race, gender and victimhood status and the last dollar will be spent paying a diversity officer to decide who gets the last slice of the last loaf of bread."

Lorraine said...

BRA and the sociopaths in Congress know that whites are disengaging from the system. They know many of 'us that 'see' are seeing through the BS.

This is why they are trying so hard to get our guns, as well as other measures, such as making the Internet non anonymous-

White Mom

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to a post-racial hopey changey improveamentated city near you?

Anonymous said...

@Centurion I agree. Vibrant diversities won't be turning in their off the books guns and dim bulbs who do turn their guns in will be sitting ducks. All those years of the leftists crying about right wing theocracy when their fanatic devotion to the religion of statism was the real danger.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. First of all, I agree with Countenance. The MSM and law enforcement uses the term "gang-related" as a way of playing down what is really happening.

There is a rather obvious reason why black on black murders don't get that much publicity. Namely, if they named the victim, they would have to identify the perp also. No matter how you play it, blacks would be seen in an unfavorable light and this won't do.

Anonymous said...

yep, in news-speak "gang" related means tribal, youth/teen means black thug, male (with no color listed) means black male, mischief means chimpout that got put down before the guns came out. interestingly, more of a chimp's brain is devoted to orgasmic euphoria than in a thinking person's brain (thinking person being my own news-speak for white person).

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker.....The plan of the current government is to destroy America. The country has turned into a giant freak show a la mode. Those who are not completely insane are dumber than a pile of dog shit. It is the dumb ones that get to me sometimes. I am surrounded by stupid white people. There are only a few that you can talk to about anything of importance. Gun control gets them a little upset but that is only because they worry that they won't be able to go hunting. To them guns are about hunting, not self defense. My guess is that only about one out of fifty have ever lived around black people. They are clueless about what is happening in America. All they hear about is Chicago or Detroit and that will just be some two bit story like last month when some HONOR STUDENT got shot.

I removed myself from the HIVE MIND years ago so as I watch everything turn to shit I do so as a NEUTRAL OBSERVER. I have done my homework so I know who rules over the squids. What the people are watching on their vidiot boxes is a massive world wide magic show. What they don't know is the magic men they are applauding are planning on their total slavery. They are asleep and you cannot wake them up. Save yourself and those dear to you. That's all that matters.

I loved the story about the sex change trannies in Philly. America is a fucking freak show all paid for by you and me.

Anonymous said...


Harry Baldwin said...

There was a recent program on NPR's "This American Life" that discussed the way violence affected a particular Chicago high school. The program contained this interesting comment on current Chicago gangs, which I copied from the transcript:

Maybe you think you have an idea of how street gangs operate. Crips and Bloods, People and Folks, controlling huge swaths of a city, shooting it out over drug territory. A single gang leader controlling thousands of members. A strictly enforced hierarchy branching out underneath him, with gang colors and hats tilted to the right or left.

For this hour, forget all that. The gangs in the Englewood neighborhood today are not those gangs. There's no central leader, no hierarchy, no colors. The fights aren't over drug territory. In fact, lots of these gangs aren't even selling drugs. They're different gangs, with different rules. These rules apply absolutely to boys. Girls get slightly more leeway.

Rule number one, look at a map. When I ask kids what their parents don't understand about gangs these days, they say it's this. Their parents tell them not to join a gang, as if there's some initiation to go through, some way to sign up. Today, whether or not you want to be in a gang, you're in one. If you live on pretty much any block near Harper High School, you have been assigned a gang. Your mother bought a house on 72nd and Hermitage? You're S Dub. You live across the street from the school? That's D-Ville.

When you ask kids or cops or school staff how it got like this, they'll tell you that at one point, this whole area was controlled pretty much by a single gang, The Gangster Disciples. But, and this is how most people tell this part of the story, Chicago police have been so effective locking up the big gang leaders that the hierarchy of those gangs has crumbled. And that's left a lot of room for newcomers.

Your gang might control nothing more than the block you live on. In Harper's attendance area alone, which is a couple square miles, there are more than 15 gangs, also known as cliques, sets, factions, or crews. Some don't have anyone in charge, but they do have guns. That's what every kid has told me. Otherwise, why would you call yourself a gang, they say.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a film ... set in a crumbling futuristic society ... where gangs of "teens" run wild ... speaking a strange, barely-comprehensible hybrid language, a cross between English and African mumbo jumbo ... wearing outlandish clothes, like a uniform ... they run in packs and prey on the innocent ... and the citizens are powerless to stop them.

Call it 'A Clockwork Watermelon'.

Anonymous said...


About these Chicago gangs:

We can't stop them. They are a natural expression of a particular human sub-species. All of us have "gangs". Since we are each a Homo Sapien sub-species (White, Asian, Black, etc) we will express our gangs according to specific sub-species innate patterns.

Gangs are natural tribal instinct necessary for survival. It is how we conduct our gangs/tribes that is genetically expressed.

We have no more right to change black gang behaviour than they do attempting to change ours. White expression of gangs may be through sports, boy scouts, camping or fishing camps, etc. etc. etc. Our expression will be more sedate and intellectual since we ARE more sedate, etc.

Africans are different. They will express their need for a gang through the behaviour evolution deduced for them. They are prone to violence, careless sex and more primitive behaviour since they ARE more primitive.

This is why we need to separate from them. Leave them alone. We look upon their gang behaviour with disgust since it is foreign to us...but no to them. We must leave them alone. If they didn't "like" it, it would change by them. Notice how the black Mama's or their boyfriend don't get involved? In my White community, parents are all over the place with their kids softball gang or Sunday swimming gangs. Sometimes there area more parents than kids. It's a White thing.

Blacks are primitive. They did not evolve like us Whites or Asians since they DID NOT HAVE TO.

This is why I want total segregation. I want them away. I don't care what they do, who they kill, "whose your daddy", or anything about them. I don't have the time, the interest nor the concern about them.

They can either leave, die, starve or kill each other. I do not care.


well if you look at this situation with a glass half full kinda way it's a good thing that these black law breakers are killing each other. we won't have to feed em in jail and all the tax payers lawyers won't get the black defendant check either. and if I may tell you another favorite thing of mine and that's Syria! say what you ask, well it's muslims killing muslims and just like the gang bangers i'm all for that. we are ridding this country of a lot more future attacks and very poor, stupid, and lazy niggers are being disposed of. just like their brown counter-parts muslims. there are a lot of baby jihads not being made as we speak cause their daddy's are dying daily just like the blacks in our country. at least we are not giving those middle east brown fuckers ebt cards yet! keep up the good work young blacks and keep killing as many black leroy's as you wish! check in on your elderly white friends and GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...


More on this issue of "I really don't care". Well, neither should you.

This ties in with the previous post about the Nurse who is so damn stupid that she risks here White life to help some niglet. Why?

The EMS fools who will volunteer to go into the African Kral to save the worthless life of Sambo? Why.

White people. STOP. Just don't go. Don't take the job where you have to deliver Pizza to an ape. Don't.

Don't become a social worker where your "clients" and Negroes. STOP. DON'T.

JUST DON'T DO IT. Convince your spouse, children, relatives to just stop thinking or worrying about the Zulus. They don't care. They don't care about themselves and never will, so why should the White man care about monkeys and uppity Negress Mama's and punk-ass boys?

Stop. Relax. Live withe Whites. Work with Whites. Live in a White world.

I do. It is amazing. It is clean. It is WHITE and peaceful. I seldom see negroes since I avoid them. I drive through white area, see white clients and don't watch Negro TV.

Stop feeding them. Stop providing them health care. Stop.

Lorraine said...


I feel the same way you do. Unfortunately, they will always follow us.

I met with Jared Taylor back in March. I told him that I wanted to be in a country just for whites. He said, ' you can move to Appalachiavor wherever you know but they will just keep following us'

Why can't they just leave us alone?

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

DoD - that's Devarius on DeMarquis murder.

Californian said...

Speaking of science fiction movies...the other night I happened to see the 1998 "X-Files" movie. About 15 minutes into it, I noticed something interesting: everyone in the movie was white! It's taking place in DC, Texas and England, and everyone is white.

The plot was also something to take note of: Mulder and Scully uncover a conspiracy in which powerful men are working with aliens to colonize the Earth.


I first saw this movie in the theaters when it came out and did not give the plot much thought. It seemed to be based on several conspiracy theories, including a pre-Katrina FEMA.

Yet in light of recent events, you have to wonder if the makers of the "X-Files" weren't on to something.

If nothing else, seeing a world in which everyone is white was kind of interesting. There was a dynamic there. And this as recent as 1998.

Bogolyubski said...

Harry Baldwin (quoting a Ministry of Truth broadcast):

Your gang might control nothing more than the block you live on. In Harper's attendance area alone, which is a couple square miles, there are more than 15 gangs, also known as cliques, sets, factions, or crews. Some don't have anyone in charge, but they do have guns. That's what every kid has told me. Otherwise, why would you call yourself a gang, they say.

So even a broken clock like NPR gives the correct time once or twice a day. The story was about Emamuelville, aka Shitcongo, where it's illegal to own even a BB gun (unless you're Rahm or one of the apparat, or the pohleece (did they even bother to mention that?). As this was from a Ministry of Truth broadcast - This American Life, featuring Ira Glass (TWMNBN) - the theme was no doubt the about the imperative to disarm all of those elsewhere in the country who obtained guns legally (mainly YT). Nobody there noticed that Shitcongo's draconian gun laws have been an utter failure - just braying about the need to impose them on the rest of the country.

PDK said...

A few months back some woman posted here at Paul's calling us racist, etcetera, or something to that effect. I don't recall her name.

In any event I posted a comment on her blog, decided to keep her blog on my favorites page and occasionally post there. They are liberals.

I decided to post a comment there today I wrote for Paul's to be posted on his next post, it somewhat follows up my comment on this page.

We jousted a bit over things I wrote, then some of her usual commenters, seemed to besmirch me as a conflater and such, however I pointed out multiple times in my posts, "this can be gleaned online", such as with Anthony Johnson. Further, I pointed out that my government stats were gleaned online from the government web pages.

Obviously I try to wake people to the reality of what I see transpiring and call for secession as the only viable solution to our predicament, both American and whites in general.

I also posted, as I sometimes do over at AmRem these same two posts I wrote for Paul's, and they seem to be removed. I inquired why, no answer yet, perhaps I just missed something.

In any event, I get the sinking feeling that a little guy such as myself just might not be wanted.

I thought my facts upon which I think and my thinking itself was accurate and fairly impeccable, but who knows.

Perhaps I rub people the wrong way, but just perhaps there is no need for a modern day Sam Adams or Paul Revere of the old southern Fire Eaters kind.

Scheesh, if Paul and the few others also give up on me, well, I'm not sure what to think then.

Persevering to endeavor gets ruff I guess. So thanks Paul for allowing my posts. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"He said, ' you can move to Appalachiavor wherever you know but they will just keep following us"

Move to a library or bookstore. Negroes avoid them like a vampire avoids sunlight.

Lorraine said...


Don't give up man. I like your posts.

Secession is the only way to go. Whites need a homeland. I don't get why that is hard to understand.

It's okay to rub people the wrong way, it means you are making them think, and learning involves frustration.

I used to tell my students in my former life as a teacher that when you are getting frustrated you are beginning to learn.

The sad thing is in order to do what needs to be done will involve work, thinking outside of the box, dedication, and dealing with rejection and alienation.

We had it good here for awhile in America, then squids, Jews, third world turds, et al got a ' sniff' so to speak and thought they'd chill at Whitey's for awhile. Then they thought they could make a dime by upsetting the apple cart and 'freeing' the groids from segregation. Whites are good natured and civil and went with flow, but now people are waking up. Think about how you feel when you wake up early in the am / uncomfortable. This is all uncomfortable.

What you are feeling or sensing is people defending themselves against the necessary feelings of frustration and discomfort at realizing the truth and learning that they need to make change- it is hard.

The hard part for people line us is that we will face rejection and alienation, but we must persist, that is the only way. Deaf ears will open eventually. It took decades to build BRA and it will take decades to dismantle it and free ourselves via secession,

We are the trailblazers and that is not an easy task.

White Mom in Va

Anonymous said...

@Californian, you must not have seen the 2nd X-Files movie, which co-starred some half-ass rapper (and a shitty, shitty, awful actor) as an FBI agent. Apparently, not all of the bowling balls got smashed by the aliens.

Nonhumans said...

A Clockwork Watermelon... dude i laughed to tears.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

This is is just beautiful: <a href=">CNN anchor robbed on Piedmont Avenue</a>.

A DWL touched by the vibrant diversity of the ATL in an act of spontaneous blackness...

If only YT would provide deeze youffs wit moah oppatunateez...


PDK said...

Well thanks Lorraine, I realize it is worth the effort if for posterity alone. Some days are just that, some days. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how there is any white gang activity at all. I thought the only native white gang members still in existence are the fictional ones DWL's insert into TV crime dramas. Does Chicago have some of the immigrant gangs from places like Eastern Europe, Russia, the Balkans and the Caucasus that we see in Los Angeles and the Northeast cities?

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Looking forward to some more nice warm weather for Chicago. Bang. Bang. Bang.

Anonymous said...

A few months back some woman posted here at Paul's calling us racist, etcetera, or something to that effect. I don't recall her name.

I believe Desiree called us

PDK said...


It wasn't the black broad, it was some white woman. I would not waste time, energy nor input with a black blog.

Between their IQ and their ideology, not to mention their immaturity, what would be the sense.

I figured perhaps the white woman could be saved, be awakened, but she and her kind are so ensconced in their liberal ideology, designed to save themselves from embracing their responsibility to mature, I may as well be talking to a broken record.

They figure non-white liberals can pay the entire price and bear the entire burden. All they have to do is pretend their little world of illusion they have cocooned themselves in is reality, and then proceed to protect and defend their illusion with cherry picked facts that naturally deduce their targeted conclusion of illusion.

What a waste and a shame, and at such a high cost to all whites, but that is how it is. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This article from the Irish Savant, although about England, could easily have been written about the darkening face of America:

"One third of new British babies born to non-nationals
Saw that headline of the Daily Mail today. Horrific, of course. Demography is destiny and as such the British people, those who created an Empire on which the sun never set and whose language has become the global standard are about to disappear within a few generations. There will of course still be a ‘British people’ but they’ll be British in name only. Instead they’ll be a hotch-potch of mutually hostile tribal and religious groupings, with the less intelligent ones breeding like flies, while the country becomes more like Pakistan or Nigeria every year.

Great work, nation-wreckers. Your evil deeds are creating what you wanted. White nations deracinated and dumbed down, cast adrift from the culture that made them masters of the universe, the institutions which underpinned their civilisation debased, while the nation slides into the abyss. The British people will eventually be as dead as the proverbial dodo. The only difference being that the dodo was killed off due to wilful ignorance, selfishness, stupidity and short-sightedness whereas……….eh, maybe not such a difference after all.
Karl Marx said, ‘a people without a heritage are easily persuaded.” That race of stupified, debased, degenerate mulattoed orcs, set to make up the new Britain, will be easy meat for their (our) new masters. And that’s what it’s all about. Historians will write about this era for centuries to come, just as they write of Rome today."

Anonymous said...

It's not enough that they make Somalia and Minneapolis crap but North Dakota as well?

Anonymous said...

We brought them here to us. Our mistake was letting them off the chain or not taking them back.

Anonymous said...

The U.S.A is running Al Queda in Syria a place Christians have lived in peace since Christ. That is a fact admitted by our own government. We don't need to worry about the Hajis leave em alone they'll leave us alone. As for the blacks put them back to work. Can anyone say plow the fields or tabacco and cotton.

Californian said...

Californian, you must not have seen the 2nd X-Files movie, which co-starred some half-ass rapper (and a shitty, shitty, awful actor) as an FBI agent. Apparently, not all of the bowling balls got smashed by the aliens.

Didn't see it. But it's interesting once one has taken the metaphorical Red Pill how differently one interprets movies.

Anonymous said...

2012 white woman raped in BroadRipple Village, Indianapolis. iPhone stolen and tracked by police. "Fiancee" cousin of charged male says "he din't do nuffin, he a good boy!" despite loads of DNA evidence and possession of girl's iPhone.

Two black male savages arrested, photos:

Kilroy's bar in Broadripple is a magnet for black male predators looking for white girls. The clientele is over 50% black at times. The stupid drunk white girls stumble in the streets in short skirts and high heels. They are easy targets.

This is a result of the jungle being imported into Indy's white neighborhoods in the name of "diversity". There is much more to come with Indy Connect transit expansion, I hope people wake TFU soon.

Anonymous said...

""Move to a library or bookstore. Negroes avoid them like a vampire avoids sunlight."

They don't in my city. In our bookstores, they loiter in the air-conditioning, masturbate in the dark corners, and beg customers for change and bus fare.

In the library they surf porn on the free computers, harass white people, enjoy the lax rules and let their babies run wild, chat with other teen mothers in "support groups", sign up for welfare benefits, get tax help, order online groceries, and hook up for casual sex with each other online, and linger at the "African American Art History Month" display.

The homeless black men wash their pits and feet in the library restroom.

They eat full chicken dinners at the computer stations, and stand around in groups smoking cigarettes on the front steps. They sell drugs on the 4th floor historical archives section. They sleep on the $2,000 leather chairs and stink the place up.

There is nowhere left to run.