Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back to Blood: Why Not Just Cancel Urban Beach Week in Miami?

The Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis should be cancelled

Black Biker Week in Myrtle Beach should be cancelled. 
Why not just cancel Urban Beach Week? Because it's 'too black to fail'...

Basically any event that caters to an exclusively-black crowd should be cancelled. 

But they can't be cancelled, for the nature of being an event for black individuals to collectively gather means these events are 'too black to fail'. 

Urban Beach Week in Miami is a perfect example of this concept. 

Instead of canceling an event draw an unwanted quarter of a million (or more) unruly black people to Miami, the city must strategically prepare for a reverse Bay of Pigs incident [Exclusive Look At Urban Beach Week Security Measures, CBS Miami, 5-21-13]:

Sun, sand, music and heightened security pretty much sums up Memorial Day Weekend on South Beach. 
The Miami Beach Police Department is currently preparing for the annual holiday weekend party, commonly referred to as Urban Beach Week, by beefing up security as much as possible.

“Prevention is key,” said Detective Vivian Hernandez.

Prevention takes a lot of planning, which started not long after last year’s festivities ended.
Cameras, both mobile and stationary, have been installed throughout the city. Ready to be deployed throughout the city of Miami Beach are a total of 62 light towers, twelve visual messaging boards and three watch towers.
Roughly 400 officers per shift from multiple agencies will pack the streets of Miami Beach.
In addition to extra bikes and ATVs, the Police Department has a new vehicle on loan referred to as an LTV.
CBS 4 News had the exclusive first look at this 140-thousand dollar light tactical all-terrain vehicle, similar to the ones used in the military.
“This is the only one of its kind,” an officer explained to CBS 4′s Lauren Pastrana. “There’s no other vehicle like this on the market at this time.”
But instead of war zones overseas, cops will use it to protect the city of Miami Beach, as well as its residents and visitors.
“A dark beach at night, I would compare it to dark alley in a big city."
The camera uses infrared technology to detect heat signatures on the beach, so even in the dead of night, officers can see people on a small screen mounted inside the vehicle.
“We could easily pick up a heat signature on this camera close to 3/4 of a mile away,” the officer explained.
In a tech truck about a mile from the heart of the action, another network of surveillance cameras can be viewed on one giant screen.
Eighteen cameras placed throughout the city, in partnership with the Miami-Dade Police Department, will help alert officers if trouble occurs.
“When a crowd develops, people watching those cameras can let the officers know, ‘Hey, please respond to that area. Make sure everybody is safe. Make sure nothing is developing or becoming a problem’.”
Memorial Day Weekend 2013... this is why those brave men stormed Normandy and fought the Japanese in a bloody racial war on islands like Iwo Jima: so black people could engage in behavior requiring the type of armaments and supplies usually necessary to guard suspected terrorists at a place like Gitmo. 

Welcome to Miami, right?
The reason for the deployment of military-style equipment at
Urban Beach Week in Miami

Though last year's hip-hop flavored party in Miami wasn't as violent as the 2011 version of Urban Beach Week, the Miami Herald pointed out it took police state measures to ensure peace, tranquility, and some modicum of order was established among the throngs of blacks. 

Well, this year the kind, gentle hearts at the ACLU are upset at the display of police power - and the deployment of high-tech weaponry better suited for guarding IRS Offices across the nation from angry, overweigh Tea Party members - and have already made the case that Urban Beach Week is legally 'too black to fail' [Miami Beach residents, businesses, police brace for Memorial Day crush, Miami Herald, 5-23-13]:  

Read more here:

While residents and business owners brace, the ACLU will be on high alert. The group’s local leaders say Miami Beach’s increased security measures could be considered discriminatory.

“We wish the city of Miami Beach would welcome visitors to Urban Beach Week, who happen to be black, the same way it welcomes visitors to every other big event, like Art Basel or the boat show,” ACLU Miami president Jeff Borg wrote in an email. “Instead, city leaders have been working hard to suppress this one group.”
The ACLU has taken to the radio to explain people’s rights and to tell them to report possible complaints or problems on the ACLU’s Florida website. The group will have ambassadors roving the island all weekend.
 The Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis should be cancelled

Urban Beach Week in Miami should be cancelled. 

A bill should be sent to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference by the city of Chicago to pay for the hefty monetary amount necessary to cover for the preponderance of black murder offenders in that city. 

Not just for 2012, but for every years since MLK marched in Chicago. 

With interest. 

But our anger shouldn't be targeted at the people who make Chicago unsafe; who roam the streets of Miami during Urban Beach Week and require police-state measures to control; who bring dysfunction and chaos to Indianapolis during the Indiana Black Expo; no, our anger should be targeted to those in control of Black-Run America (BRA). 

After all -- it's only black people engaging in stereotypical black behavior that is responsible for the police beefing-up security in Miami. 

In a simple phrase, it's simply 'back to blood' for blacks during Urban Beach Week.

Read more here:


Anonymous said...

All "black" events should be denied legal permits unless the Negro organizers can provide at least 75% of the funding for the necessary police presence.
Why should my tax dollars be wasted on refereeing the inevitable violence between Jamal, Tykekius, and the like?

Anonymous said...

Cheer up. Think of all the crime that will not be committed in other cities owing to the perpetrators being in Miami for the weekend...

Anonymous said...


You know, I don't live far from Miami.

I think that I'll go there and hang out with the people of color. They are in support of diversity, multiculturalsim and "can't we all get along?". Right?

I'm sure they will like a White dude like me to join in racial harmony, since "race" isn't real anyway.

Blacks have always said they wanted to be included with mainstream society, I am certainly mainstream, so we should all have a great weekend on the beach.

Beer, sand, babes,...what could possible go wrong.

Anonymous said...


When will they host the "Sub-Urban Beach Week?" Too White?

In regards to my previous comment, I wonder how many White people will be there. If it is "mostly" black, then why isn't this discussed? WHY is it mostly black? Is there some rule that Whites may not attend?

Where are all the "I'm not a racist" Whites? You would think, with all the non-racists Whites about us, that there would be a significant number of Whites at this function.

Don't you find it amazing that very few Whites attend, yet you can't find a single racist among your closest friends? Ever notice that? Those of you who have some "I'm not a racists" White friends, tell them about this festivity and invite them to go with you. Good for a sick laugh? No? There must be picture from previous events (showing 99% Africans). Don't point it out, but keep telling your friend it is cool, hip, current, etc and ON MIAMI beach !!!! Tell them you can drive them there. Watch their reaction and when you can't get them to commit, bring us RACISM !!!!

I also wonder how many stores and restaurants at this beach will be closed. If anybody can get info on that, please share it with us since it always is good for a laugh. I can imagine the look of disgust on the faces of these Africans when shop after shop is "closed for repairs", "closed for remodeling".

Jim said...

While serving in the U.S. Navy, I spent about three weeks in Toulon, France. My ship was being repaired in a shipyard as a result of an at-sea collision with another vessel. Toulon was a working class, safe city with very friendly citizens, with the exception on the local arab population.

There was a certain area, known as the "A-Rab District". It was off limits to all U.S. military personnel due to violence subjected upon non-Muslims. We were warned that if the area is entered that "you were on your own" in the event of trouble. Neither local police nor MP's or SP's would respond to that location.

Fast forward to Miami Beach 2013. The same warning should be given regarding Urban Beach festivities. Warn visitors that they are on their own regarding police protection. Local businesses could hire security contractors, such as, the group formally known as Blackwater, for protection. I am there are many former soldiers and Marines who could use the work. give the local businesses a tax break or something similar to help with the costs of private protection.

I realize this suggestion seems ridiculous, but not canceling such events is just as ridiculous.

In fact, putting up with the African-American terrorism within our, formally, great metropolises makes no sense to me.

One day an incident will occur which will be be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I want to be around when that occurs.

MuayTyson said...

Very good comment anon 3:19 PM, I was about to say the samething. Since black events are exclusively black and not safe for anyone else blacks should foot the bill. Taxes that pay for the Fourth of July fine ALL America is invited. There are NO exclusive White events.

Blacks need to be treated like adults adults pay thier own way. I also think that only black business should be open that way they get the money and the business from black events. All other businesses should have the right to close and refuse service.

This is all about solutions. Information is great and PK contribution now we need to think of solutions.

Anonymous said...

Northern Scandinavian Lutheran here.

It is quite fitting that Urban Beach Week takes place on Memorial Day, from Wikipedia:

"Following President Abraham Lincoln's assassination in April 1865, there were a variety of events of commemoration. The first well-known observance of a Memorial Day-type observance after the Civil War was in Charleston, South Carolina on May 1, 1865. During the war, Union soldiers who were prisoners of war had been held at the Charleston Race Course; at least 257 Union prisoners died there and were hastily buried in unmarked graves.[12] Together with teachers and missionaries, blacks in Charleston organized a May Day ceremony in 1865, which was covered by the New York Tribune and other national papers. The freedmen had cleaned up and landscaped the burial ground, building an enclosure and an arch labeled, "Martyrs of the Race Course." Nearly ten thousand people, mostly freedmen, gathered on May 1 to commemorate the dead. Involved were 3,000 schoolchildren newly enrolled in freedmen's schools, mutual aid societies, Union troops, and black ministers and white northern missionaries. Most brought flowers to lay on the burial field. Today the site is used as Hampton Park.[13] Years later, the celebration would come to be called the "First Decoration Day" in the North.

David W. Blight described the day:

"This was the first Memorial Day. African Americans invented Memorial Day in Charleston, South Carolina. What you have there is black Americans recently freed from slavery announcing to the world with their flowers, their feet, and their songs what the War had been about. What they basically were creating was the Independence Day of a Second American Revolution.”

I don't know how people in Miami could tolerate it. Memorial Day in my neck of the woods is a ride out to the country lake and a slow easy pontoon ride and ice cold beer followed by a campfire. One thing you would not see is any "youths" terrorizing people and businesses.

Times may be changing even in my sheltered neck of the woods. Today, in the city, I saw something something that left a bitter taste in my mouth: a Trayvon Martin lookalike (approx. 15 years old) walking with his drawers showing, taking off his wife beater shirt and walking shirtless on our city sidewalks on the main street. For many of you this might be common, but for me, well, I had only seen this on T.V. before.

rjp said...

Anonymous said...

Cheer up. Think of all the crime that will not be committed in other cities owing to the perpetrators being in Miami for the weekend...

I actually did think of that when I was typing my last comment. I am sure we will have an "event" in Chicago over the weekend, just like last year, and wondered how worse they would be in 5000+ of "Chicago's Finest" didn't leave town.

Today from about 3:55 to 4:35 or so I heard a helicopter hovering over Michigan Avenue. It's becoming a regular occurance at what is the busiest time of day for foot traffic because of people getting off work.

rjp said...

MuayTyson said...

Taxes that pay for the Fourth of July fine ALL America is invited. There are NO exclusive White events.

It won't be long before Fourth of July in Grant Park / Navy Pier area is black only, except for the people on their boats in the gated harbors, in Chicago. They have already destroyed the "Taste of Chicago".

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....My late wife grew up in Miami Beach in the 1950's and early 1960's. The white people living there use to call it PARADISE. It ain't like that no more.

Now it is mostly Cubans, Haitians, Blacks and Jamaicans. Miami Beach at night is filled with night clubs, drunks, coke snorters, crack smokers, high dollar hookers, fags, dope dealers, pick pockets and other riff raff. The club life is where the big time Cuban and Columbian dope dealers party along with their crooked lawyers and scum bag politicians. More dope is sold in Miami Beach than booze.

The whole area is filled with really fucked up people and most of the businesses cater to rich folks. FUCK MIAMI BEACH. High class trash is still trash. Let the niggers tear the place apart. Who cares.

Anonymous said...

If blacks behaving badly is happening and you can safely video it by all means do so and publish it on Youtube or elsewhere. With no comment. Let the visual speak for itself.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous 3:37 PM said...Cheer up. Think of all the crime that will not be committed in other cities owing to the perpetrators being in Miami for the weekend...

LOL, you are right, it is like public housing. They are going to pull their monkeyshines wherever they are, it might as well be concentrated in one area for most efficient wildlife management.

rjp said...

Miami Beach proper area: 7.0 sq miles needs 400 cops per shift.

“A dark beach at night, I would compare it to dark alley in a big city."

Allow me to re-write that.

"A beach at night occupied by darkies, I would compare it to a big city alley occupied by darkies."

Urban Beach Week is legally 'too black to fail'

God forbid negroes not be allowed to trash a tourist destination. The hotel maids must hate the day this is over. Rooms stinking like a negro whore house (booze, bucks, skanks, and blunts).

The ACLU will have ambassadors roving the island all weekend.

No, what they will have will be roving uppity negroes, both male and female, in beach attire and with drink in hand looking to stir shit and/or get their freak on. After all it is a par-tay.

Mr. Clean said...

In the northeast, the Memorial Day weekend is an important ($$$) weekend for shore communities. I don't know if that is the case for Miami, perhaps their bread and butter are the winter months. In any case, perhaps it is a good week for Miami beach businesses to close for "renovations"?

Anonymous said...

the loudness, the rudeness, the venereal strains, the pregnancies, the lard cluttered fat-bodies teetering towards obese disability, the sour breath of sugary drank, the poor tipping, the foul stench of a poor diet, the antagonistic dancing, the hair weaves, the butchered grammar, the shit-encrusted dreadlocks, the knock-off loud-color fashions.

damn it. why wasn't this event held last Monday in moore, oklahoma?

bubo said...

ACLU fruitcake Jeff Borg should be forced to mix with his favorite people this weekend. Preferably at night, by himself.

But he won't. He'll be miles away, tucked in bed while a war between blacks and civilization rages in the streets.

God I hate liberals.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

I remember the John Rocker story; the man who interviewed John and then posted the article with John confessing his non-liberal, "truth of reality" perspective was a professional hit man, who cut a living by besmirching non-liberals. What a miserable schmuck schlemazel.

I do not recall his name but he was employed by Sports Illustrated at the time.

John might have subliminally understood what was transpiring and simply decided to let his inner understanding of reality out, knowing full well he might just as well have been in the public confessional of the Church of liberalism, and therefore aware of the price he would have to pay for speaking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth.

Jackie Gleason had his own variety show in the mid 60s, and as I recall, it was live from Miami beach. Jackie used to end his show calling Miami Beach the greatest city in the world.

When a young, Sgt. Elvis Aaron Presley returned home from active duty in 1960 he was asked by a reporter what he missed most about his beloved Memphis Tenn.. Elvis replied, "Everything".

Both Jackie and Elvis, genuine icons of my youth, would fail to recognize their beloved cities if they returned to life today.

I imagine that when the reality of it all hit them, and sunk in, they both, grown men and all, would have broke down and cried.

Thank you liberalism. Thanks.

Mr. Rational said...

Miami Beach should close all the liquor stores and inspect all incoming vehicles for underage persons carrying alcohol.  It should arrest all minors in possession.

The inspections should be carried out by plainclothes officers with militia support carrying rifles.  At least two dozen people with rifles, some on elevated platforms giving a commanding view, should be in sight of all vehicles attempting to enter.  Those vehicles should be given every opportunity to exit the area... after having their license plates logged in case they return.

After those measures reduce the crowds by at least 90%, public order should be enforced strictly.  Arrests should be made, vehicles should be impounded, movements of "teens" into residential areas should be broadcast in real time using Twitter and/or text messages, and use of force by locals against trespassers should be studiously ignored (as in, officers told not to take any info about locals' use of force, "dint see nuffins").  That would put an end to "Urban Beach Week".

All ACLU observers should be invited to introduce themselves to the police, and should be followed ditto.

Anonymous said...

Mel here,

The Sports Illustrated squid that interview John Rocker was Jeff Pearlman. The article was Dec. 27, 1999 entitled At Full Blast.

ExNewYorker2 said...

Short of canceling these festering black cockroach events, I propose another solution which could neutralize any black event scheduled in any city: simply organize a white flash mob of epic proportions to flood these motherfuckers out wherever they decide to congregate. I predict once the perceived blackness of an "exclusive" black event falls below 50%, the novelty will be lost and the scumbags will be disparaged from planning such events in future.

Call it #OccupyUBW

Lorraine said...

What could go wrong is some black woman could slip a rufie in your beer and then you black out and have relations with a purple moose.

White Mom in VA

Lorraine said...

This post rocks! I laughed my butt off!

White Mom in VA

bubo said...

You know what else irritates me? The use of the word urban as synonym for blacks. These are the least urban people on the planet besides abos. Blacks never built any great cities, they just happened to have lived in them and ruined them.

White people are urban. Asian people are urban.

SwampThizzle said...

I just heard about a super-secret free Kanye West concert in Antarctica - the continent, not some stupid club - next weekend. But don't let anyone, especially the black trolls who haunt this site, find out about it. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I live 20 minutes from myrtle beach, and they were already sued for 1.2 million by the naacp for doing that. So I highly doubt they want the same thing to happen.It don't matter how much violence the negro causes as long as they get their way.

Anonymous said...

"Cheer up. Think of all the crime that will not be committed in other cities owing to the perpetrators being in Miami for the weekend..."

Remember the Doritos commercial where Jay Leno says "Munch all you want. We'll make more."

Strange how Birmingham's leadership of color did not want to support NASCAR because dat be fo da White folks yet Miami Beach has to spring for security for Blackfest.

rjp said...

bubo said...

You know what else irritates me? The use of the word urban as synonym for blacks....

They take. That is all they do. And they take words too.


Well they went actually smart enough to take them but news-orgs started using the terms so they would never have to say BLACK in regard to a crime.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. Yes, one Jeff Pearlman did the John Rocker interview.

Pearlman is best know for his Walter Payton bio, for which he was heavily criticized for writing about Payton's womanizing and drug use.

I remember Jackie Gleason's mid 60's TV show in which he rapsodized about what a great place Miami Beach was.

Anonymous said...

"Prevention is key" ...

Too bad someone didn't realize this 100 years ago.

So CAL Snowman said...

Miami is the perfect example of the bullshit society that is America. As Ex-New Yorker said, Miami was once a White paradise. My favorite documentary of all time is Cocaine Cowboys. No other documentary I have seen shows just how fake and sick the United States really is. Cocaine Cowboys documents and explores the rise of cocaine, organized crime and cuban/latin violence in Miami during the 1970s and 1980s. It's like watching a real life Scarface. The reason I like the documentary so much is that it shows how White Miami (a microcosm of the USA) became a drug and violence infested hell hole due to Cuban and Latin immigration and the subsequent crime they bring. The United States Federal Government could have intervened at any time during the 1970s to save Miami. The Government could have stopped all latin/cuban immigration into Florida and the US and deported all of the dangerous cubans and latinos. Instead, the government looked the other way as god knows how many mystery meat third world turds poured into South Florida. My favorite part of the documentary is when they are talking about the Federal Reserve Bank of Miami. During the early 80s, the Federal Reserve Bank of Miami was sending more money to the Federal Reserve than ALL OF THE OTHER FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS COMBINED! The Federal Reserve expected the Miami branch to send in about $12 million per year. The Miami branch was sending in around $600 Million per year. The government knew what was going on, but they didn't care. They were getting a huge piece of the action and destabilizing and fundamentally changing society at the same time.

Cocaine Cowboys

AnalogMan said...

Lorraine said...

What could go wrong is some black woman could slip a rufie in your beer and then you black out and have relations with a purple moose.

Trying to imagine that, but I can't. Even unconscious, I don't think I could be induced to do that.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question. Are these I assume, taxpayer funded cameras, subject to the Freedom of Information Act? Meaning we have the right to see any footage that they record.

HaroldC said...

These sort of events are going to be held somewhere. Best that it be held in a city already majority minority. If Miami Beach were to in some way block it then it would simply be held somewhere else. The response ought to be to vigorously enforce the law against attendees. HD cameras need to be installed in every public venue to record the criminal activity that will occur. This includes drug use/dealing; assault; disorderly conduct; violation of sound ordinances; public lewdness; public urination; public drunkenness; etc. Further Miami Beach ought to put a curfew in place. Temporary detention facilities need to be built.

Look on this event as an opportunity to put more Blacks off the streets and put them into prison.

Anonymous said...

South Day-tone-a is the place to be!

Anonymous said...

It is ironic that in one of the blackest cities in America (i.e. Atlanta), we were able to squash Freaknik...I guess it's because black leaders are immune to charges of "racism"? The black mayor and black city council did perhaps the ONLY positive thing for this city when they started denying permits and using the police to stop the event cold. I guess that the city leaders of Miami don't have this privileged position from which they can dispense 'common sense' policy decisions.

Anonymous said...

You either have sec 8 rental, a new drug market or your local hotels are cheap and advertising family reunions or church gatherings

Anonymous said...

You may have transitional housing or your nearest large urban center has exported a gang family to your area because the kids are rival gang members at school so they move them all expenses paid to a new school district to finish thier education. This is very common in Chicago to the tune of 300 per year

Anonymous said...

It will be cold until Monday. Sat/sun will be bad at night on mag mile and Mon at all beachs bad. The redline construction wont slow them down

Anonymous said...

It already is! Only misguided tourists end up at the Pier any day.
In Chicago, if it is free, it is all black. The only exceptions are the free CSO concerts.
There used to be a great fireworks display on NYE in Grant Park that was minimally attended, but the city can't afford it anymore.
Fourth of July is a reason to stay out of the City and the bleed into the burbs is so bad that a lot of towns din't have firewaorks anymore. Too expensive.

Anonymous said...

Good point! If they can't "take it" over they are not interested in it.

Anonymous said...

bubo said...

You know what else irritates me? The use of the word urban as synonym for blacks. These are the least urban people on the planet besides abos. Blacks never built any great cities, they just happened to have lived in them and ruined them.

White people are urban. Asian people are urban.
May 23, 2013 at 8:01 PM

Excellent point and damned poignant and truthful. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm of the opinion that they should not take any extra measures for security, beefed up police presence, etc...They should just let this event happen in all of its animalistic glory. Then when the whole city is in ruins and all of the hoopties have gone home we can send in the ACLU types to clean up.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

On Jackie Gleason's variety, mid 60s show, I remember the opening announcer saying, "Live from Miami Beach, it's the Jackie Gleason show", I also remember in the conclusion of every show Jackie saying, "Miami Beach, the greatest city in the world".

From Paul's blog I learned Detroit, a century or so ago, was called "The Paris of the West".

It seems white man built, cities such as these, come to symbolize one of the big problems with the liberal ideology of the white man's burden.

For whenever the white man builds a metropolis of exceptional attractiveness, the non-white, lower IQed, different sub-species of humans, simply cannot resist their urge to indulge in something both beyond their gene pool, and by extension, beyond their cerebrum, which is incapable of creating and incapable of maintaining, but highly capable of parasitizing.

These lower IQed humans of a different sub-species, for example the Negros, may as well be locust, who upon spying out the white man's fields of agriculture, descend upon said white man's field of agriculture, always to take through feasting, but never to give back anything in return.

And so it came to pass, that God said unto Abraham, "Better move away from the liberals and their lower IQed, different sub-species of humans, or eles suffer the fate of extinction".

A good and wise God was he.

Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I like the old fashion methods of negro crowd control-German Shepherds and fire hoses!

Anonymous said...

African Americans invented Memorial Day OMG wiki give it a rest I am soooooo sick and tired of African americans invented everything now all our holidays too....jesus Christ what country on earth rewrites it's whole history for a bunch of whiny ass freeride didn't invent squat slaves....I do not care about your slavery and do not want to listen to your BS about what you imagine you invented or founded....groid fantasy history..

Alej said...

Secession, followed by stringent voter qualifications and the abolition of all welfare except temporary medical- or accident-induced disability.

Viola' ! It's 1955 all over again.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that when the dramatically increased crime rate caused by the presence of mobs of unruly blacks requires an increased police presence, this is called discriminatory.
Only a DWL who is safely tucked away in his or her DWL fantasy land (who has nothing to risk or lose) would do so.
DWL's who protest in such a fashion should be bussed in and forced to attend and given no police protection. After all, blacks engaging in TNB is just blacks expressin' dey cultcha and sheeit. We couldn't have the police stop a group of negroes from cracking open the head of a DWL or robbing them, now could we?
DWL's talk the talk so force them to walk the walk and put their safety and their very lives on the line.
I'm sure if they were told this was going to happen and they had no choice but to attend, they'd balk and begin to spew and sputter excuses why they couldn't.
DWL's are such assholes. Or as Desmond Tutu of South Africa put it: Liberals are people who are willing to support you as long as they have nothing to risk and nothing to lose.
They really do fall into the category of useful idiots. The people pulling their strings must view them as not only useful idiots but as cataclysmically retarded as well.
Hear that sound, DWL? It's the sound of laughter.

Anonymous said...


Having lived in Miami from 1959 to 1963 (Cubans drove us out), I remember well watching the Jackie Gleason show. I believe it was at the Fountainblue hotel.

"From the Sun and Fun capital of the world, Miami Beach.........."

Starring Jackie Gleason:

"How sweeeet it is!!!" (That tea cup he was holding was full of scotch)

Also, Goldfinger, A James Bond film, had a scene filmed at that hotel. I was still just a kid and I remember the scene of the girl painted in gold. I think it was my first "sexual" reaction even though I didn't quite understand what I was, not the girl........the GOLD......(joke there. It really was about the girl, but I was too young to figure it our......yet.....but the fact she was topless on the bed painted with gold........I still see the if I can find some chick willing to let me spray paint her...............ah, to be young again.........maybe that explains why today I hang out in the paint section of Home Depot........)

Speaking of Miami at that time, I attended Auburndale Elementary. Every kid was WHITE. The entire town was WHITE. I then attended Snapper Creek Elementary when my dad bought a home in "HEFLER HOMES" developement not far from the old Dadeland Mall. EVERY BODY WAS WHITE. Up the road was a huge "olympic size" pool that came with your home ownership. Everybody was White. When Miami went Mexican/Cuban/Haitian, they had to fill in this pool. Some ugly building is on it now. Public pools only work with White people.

We lived right down the street from Americas' first Burger King. Burger King started in Miami. I also remember one of the very first Kentucky Fried Chickens.

I was in Miami about a year ago for a continuing education course (how to bill Medicare) and sought out my old home. ALL CUBAN. All Hispanic. Not a White person around. I was actually in a foreign country and I was the only White person. Strange.

There is no way multiculturalism will work. I had to get out of there.

City resident said...

What, cancel it? Then they'll really get mad and riot even harder. People are too scared to risk having that happen.

Mutant Swarm said...

If White people had their own country, this wouldn't be happening.

We must never forget this. We lost what was ours through sloth, weakness, and invasive parasites. We've had seventy years of infighting, religious bickering, and just plain laziness. Now, that time is over.

We won't be able to take back what once was the United States of America all at once; let's face it, some of these places are just not worth fighting and dying for.

We must begin by creating White communities...communities of the mind. Like-minded people must gather and speak plainly about the issues that face our people. IN PERSON. No more hiding behind a keyboard; get out there and talk to your White neighbors and those in the community. (This does NOT mean inviting strangers into your house. Use good judgement.) You might just be surprised at what happens.

Just the other day, I stopped into a local market for a few items, and fell into conversation with a total stranger. When I mentioned that I was moving out of a suburb that I had lived in for 25 years because of the "changing demographics" (as I called it to her), she went off on a quietly desperate rant about where she lived. She had been sold a bill of goods by a real estate agent. Since the rent was cheap, she had moved into an apartment building that had a fancy sound name ("Shoreside Villas, or something similar). She discovered too late was that the place was infested with groids. She described her fear of her neighbors, the constant noise, and all the TNB anyone here can describe. But now her deposit money is gone, and she is putting the last of three kids through college by herself. She said that once he graduated, she'll be out of there no matter what...if she lives long enough.

She was saying it to a total stranger. This never would have happened ten years ago. Especially not between two total strangers. Things are changing, and blogs like this one are part of the reason.

So go out and strike up a conversation with a White person. I'm willing to bet that each of us knows how to "test the waters," and find people that are becoming aware of the problems we face. Let's take advantage of it, while the Lyin' King's plate is full of Benghazi and IRS scandals.

Anonymous said...


It is going to be fun. Imagine Hispanic police policing Africans. They HATE each other. Also, the Cubans own Miami and know it. They, unlike Whites, will not take kindly to Africans trashing their #1 Tourist mecca, and as a previous commentor said, trashing their drug and booze clubs.

I hope any White cops, if there are any stupid enough to be in Miami, call in sick and stay home.

Miami should pull all their cops. Tell the ACLU that they want the visitors to feel welcome, to party, to feel "at home" and to enjoy themselves. Then stand down and let the massive fights occur.

The fights will occur. That is the very reason the ACLU is so interested. They know. They damn well know the Zulus are going to cause more problems than Whites would and they WANT it to happen.

Somebody should sue the ACLU for racism since they don't send observers to White festivals, like NASCAR, Ted Nugent concerts, Rascal Flats concerts now do they? If the ACLU sends observes to BLACK events, then what does that say about this pre-judging by them?

Will the ACLU send black people as observers or Whites? That is going to be interesting. If they send blacks, then doesn't that mean something? What stupid liberal ACLU white fool will go there? Will the ACLU have something to say if their White observers get kicked and beaten but a black one doesn't? Will any of the ACLU observers be squids?

I hope there is a lot of coverage about this event, but I am sure the Non-White Media of our country is going to avoid ANY problems.

It's Time said...

And oh God, can you imagine the smell wafting through that sea air? Yuck, yuck and yuck!

Anonymous said...

miami police are latinos, controlled by latinos seems they also agree about the need to control the groids

Anonymous said...

Wshh has this one covered

Anonymous said...

The thing people don't get is that the turds think they are just behaving the same as everyone else does.

Most boons spend as little time in white society as whites do in coon society. They actually believe that whites trash things too but that "the man" cleans up after them because of racism and the terbul legacy of de slabery.

Groids don't know how violent and antisocial they naturally are. Can u blame them for not knowing tho, when they average an IQ of 85?

Anonymous said...

Yes they should all go to Jeff Borg house. People like Borg will be some of the first casualties when this goes pear shaped.

He wants to die like all dwl do...someone should help him

Anonymous said...

"I think that I'll go there and hang out with the people of color."

well, every TV commercial now has at least one nig at every white gathering

the most frightening is Verizon commercial where a young white women is walking down a deserted urban street and a nig jumps out and grabs her hand

she should'a tasered the dude

Big Bear said...

The ACLU employs the same magical thinking when it comes to positing why the police don't respond to Art Basel or boat show patrons in the same way as they do UBW. It is not black that is the issue, it is behavior. I would think the ACLU must know this, but typical of mentally ill people, refuse to rationalize it.

White people need to stay away from these events. Stay far away. Wait until the blacks have left, and the trash has been picked up, before returning. Avoid the groid.

In addition to the natural beauty here in Idaho, I have the pleasure of attending large events (Ironman Triathlon, classic car fest, hydroplane races) and seeing nothing by a sea of smiling, laughing, respectful white faces.

Anonymous said...

"Avoid the groid."

that's a bumper sticker!

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...


I must say, I like the name of your elementary school, "Snapper Creek Elementary", yes sir, there's a name a white, non-liberal can surely appreciate. Thanks.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Anon @12:45; I like that too. thanks.

Anonymous said...

So every time black people are inconvenienced the NAACP gets paid, ineresting.

Mich Mike

Jim said...

When I was eight years old, back in 1953, my parents and I vacationed in Miami Beach. We traveled by train from Baltimore. We even had a Pullman to sleep in. Such great memories. Our room overlooked the beach. When went to dinner, my dad and I dressed in a coat and tie. The only blacks I saw were the porters and waiters on the train.

A highlight of the trip was a boat ride to an island called the Monkey Jungle. Monkeys ran loose on the island. It was so cool.

You know what this is leading up to, don't you? I'll be brief. Nowadays, you don't need a boat to see said monkey jungle.

I visited Miami Beach about four years ago. Parked my car at the Haulover Park lot in North Miami Beach, and biked to South Beach. Not far from the parking lot I wandered upon a nude beach. All white people. This was about 10:00 AM. Checked it out, saw mostly old, fat white guys. Got to South Beach and saw many police cars with blue lights flashing. Apparently, this was local high schools final exam day, and tons of kids flocked to the beach. Large majority were black. First time a saw a thong. Things were pretty much under control because of the police presence.

Anyway, later headed back to vehicle in North Miami Beach. Since it was so hot, I decided to do some swimming (at the nude beach, of course). This time, 4:00 PM, the old fat white guys were out-numbered by slim white NUDE women and others. All white. There is an old saying. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". My major problem was the same a George Castanza's shrinkage issue. Hey, the H2O was cold.

It would interesting to see if the groids find out about this place. I would not want to be a white woman on that particular beach this weekend.

Just wanted to share my Miami Beach experience.

Anonymous said...

Well at least there will not be any shark attacks, because the sharks think the groids are whale poop!

Anonymous said...

I lived in Miami in the early 1980's. Two bumper stickers I remember where "Pray for mi - I drive on Bird Rd." Bird road was heavily congested with Cubans. The other was, "Will the last American leaving Miami please bring the flag!"

You know, this Hispanic invasion wouldn't be so bad if all the women looked like Miss. Venezuela. Instead, we have squat Mexicans 5'2", 150 lbs. pushing a baby stroller with 3 other future diversities in tow.

Anonymous said...

"Black Biker". Isn't that a bit of an oxyMORON?

Blacks on bikes are like frogs ice skating - unnatural.

What was it a Hells Angel ex-bf said to me? "God created Hondas to......"


FWG said...

I grew up right near the area in North Myrtle Beach where the event is centered. I have a buddy who is a cop, and this year he was in the epicenter. Says it was the longest weekend of his short career. Usually my family goes out of town so as not to deal with the nonsense.

Harley week is the week prior and doesn't cause near as many problems. The area had been trying to de-emphasize these events, but I'm not sure what the current climate is as far as that goes.

Unknown said...

You signed your statement wrong, it should be White Trash in VA