Tuesday, September 20, 2016

After Black NFL Players Spit on the National Anthem (for an America Long Dead), Ratings Down for Second Straight Week

It is happening.

There's no denying it anymore. [Monday night ratings down, again, Pro Football Talk, 9-20-16]:
The NFL continues to be America’s pastime, but fewer people are passing the time watching NFL games.
According to Austin Karp of SportsBusiness Daily, Monday night’s Eagles-Bears snooze-fest generated an overnight rating of 8.3. That’s an 11-percent drop from last year’s Week Two Monday night matchup between the Jets and the Colts, and it’s also the lowest Week Two Monday Night Football rating “since at least ’09, and likely further back.”
The league has now seen an apple-to-apples ratings drop in each of the seven prime-time games this year. Next week, it may not get any better, with the Texans facing a Tom Brady-free Patriots team, Brian Hoyer and the Bears facing Dak Prescott and the Cowboys, and a Falcons-Saints Monday night contest that goes up against the first presidential debate.
Typically, ratings expectations have been linked to the size of a fan base. With the numbers sagging in 2016, some have argued that the games lack star players, specifically at the quarterback position.
If that’s the case, the NFL has no one to blame but itself for: (1) suspending Brady four games for an equipment violation; and (2) scheduling two Patriots games in prime time during the first four weeks of the season.
Meanwhile, some have asked why PFT keeps pointing out that the ratings are down, given that PFT has a vested interest in the ongoing success of the NFL. Apart from being committed to always telling the truth even when the truth hurts, it’s important to spot troubling trends early and address them quickly in lieu of sitting back and making excuses for a dip in the metrics that determine the success of any business. Whatever the reason(s) for the decline in viewership, the NFL needs to be worried about it — and it needs to be taking action to turn it around instead of waiting for evidence that will suggest it’s not an aberration.
For decades, people have been begging those descendants of the founding stock of America to simply embrace four simple words: "Wake up, white man."

Four simple words, combined to elicit prescribed response.

And now, because black NFL players take a knee or raise a black power fist during a national anthem for an America that no longer exists, potentially tens of millions of people are on the verge of discovering a reality they've long been blind to... that the America they once knew no longer exists and the America their children/grandchildren will inherit is little more than Africa or Mexico.

Professional and collegiate football is nothing more than an opiate, feckless entertainment unworthy of your investment.

Turn it off, for good.


Gwoobus Harmon said...

It was completely predictable - more blacks and police have had some lethal interactions, one in Tulsa, one in Charlotte. Both good boys who dindu nuffin ....

This is the ultimate escalation. Expect massive black power fists during the anthem this weekend. Expect more TVs to be shut off. Expect stadiums to begin emptying by the end of the year.

This is the greatest thing we could ever ask for.

We NEED those images. Every NFL team is roughly 40-45 blacks, and 10-15 whites. The visual impact of both sidelines having 80 blacks doing black power fists and only a handful of white players continuing to stand during the nation's pledge, should remove any fantasy that this nation is not separating racially.

I for one welcome it.

Proudyt said...

No problem for me. I'm a Bears fan and couldn't care less if they go 0-16. Fed up with anything and everything black. Bring on hockey (95% white).

Anonymous said...

NFL = Negro Fatigue L_____?

Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one's discussed Terence Crutcher yet, the unarmed nog who darwinized himself in Tulsa OK by ignoring the orders of a female cop.

Shooting looks pretty clean to me, he ignores the cop, walks back to his car, puts his hands down and reaches into his pocket or into the open window of the SUV before she shoots.

Hearing PCP was found in the car and it was not disabled in any way. Also heard officer was trained to recognize signs of PCP abuse. That would explain all the backup she called in, and also give additional reason for his behavior besides the usual deficiencies. Going to be interesting to see what else comes out as time passes.

Anonymous said...

F*ck the NFL! I was a regular NFL watcher (not a fan) before their heavy-handedness in 1990 or '91 when the voters of Arizona voted "no" to having a MLK holiday. That was a real eye-opener. They went from a league that included negroes to a league that is about negroes.

Much the same with college football. Used to piss away money going to games, etc. Now I barely watch on free tv. This year I'm watching Stanford for Christian McCaffrey. Amazing athlete! North Dakota State is a team worth watching, too.


Anonymous said...

I was bored as hell tonight and I'd just like to thank the brave and noble freedom fighters in Charlotte, NC for chimpin' out and giving me an evening of must see tv. To be perfectly honest from the helicopter camera it kinda looks like an NFL Game!


Ambrose Kane said...

I hope their ratings continue to drop. I don't mean to personally condemn those who closely follow football and other negro-dominated sports but, seriously, we as Whites have got to start weaning ourselves from this stuff. Our nation is imploding, there's a soft worldwide genocide against Whites that's occurring, Western civilization is at the brink and on the verge of being destroyed by fanatical Muslims still living in the 7th century - and it's like pulling teeth to get Whites to set their priorities straight and to turn off the damn TV!

What more does the NFL have to do to prove its anti-White bias? How much more can it insult this once great nation before you stop watching this trivial, highly-paid negro nonsense? There was a time when national sports meant something. It was handled with greater respect, dignity, and the players generally conducted themselves with self-control. They at least loved the USA. Now, we essentially have a bunch of ghetto thugs on the field, and a collection of spineless, politically-correct football franchise owners who are too afraid to say 'No!'

We have become a nation of pussies.

Bird of Paradise said...

Hey you leeches you Black Power crinimals and scum suckers if you think america is so bad the you can leave any time you want to and we would'nt miss you just go to the airports and ports and say GOOD BYE and GOOD RIDENCE

Anonymous said...

I have to thank blackie for this, for without his tribalism, need for attention and biting the hand that feeds him, none of this would be possible.

The first week or two of quitting something is always the hardest. Soon afterward you wonder "how was I a slave to this?" as you realize life went on if not outright improved. White people have been doing this, and it is about time. No one will agree that tv, particularly watched in abundance, is a good or healthy thing.

These blatant displays of disrespect and looks at muh have given many a white male time to reflect, something that their Bantu former heroes seem incapable of ever doing.

Anonymous said...

Emperor Goodell the lefty rat has come out at least twice stating he supports the protests.
If he didn't approve they would have ended long before now.
Right now in Charlotte there is rioting with 12 police officers injured due to a black cop shooting a black man who brandished a pistol.
The case in Oklahoma is a farce as well as the black motorist had just got out of prison after a 9 years sentence for drug trafficking.
The police also found PCP in the car of the poor innocent motorist.
He had an active warrant issued August 30th for DUI, resisting arrest, drug trafficking and public intoxication.
Just like BLM the narratives are a fraud.

Anonymous said...

In other news everyone is circling like vultures around the most recent cop to defend herself from a huge black man not complying with police orders and putting his hand into his car.

One thing to note is that the recent Tamir Rice copycat was not bought by mainstream America so they have moved onto this story.

The second thing to note is that this time the officer involved is a WHITE WOMAN.

Now is a good time for all those inclusive feminists and SJW white women to get a good look at how race trumps everything. They will get to see first hand the sexism in the black community and how black men make white ones look like angels by comparison. They can see good and clear how when the white man isn't the target, that THEY can easily replace him as that is their position on the victim totem pole- the bottom.

The only group that gives black men a run for their money are Muslims, I would hate to see who would win over the other in a woman-hating and abusing contest. Watching (((lesbian feminists))) defend Islam online is one of the most pathetic things you can witness.

Paintjob Theory said...

"We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause."

Whether or not the "Racial Program for the 20th Century" was real or not, this alleged quote was entered into congressional record in 1957 (pre-integration). In short, if this was a hoax it was serendipitously a masterful prediction of things to come. Of course the pamphlet "The Negroes in a Soviet America." can actually be found which is yet more evidence of a deliberate use of the black African as foot soldiers to destabilize western civilization and bring about world communism. All brought to you by the same folks who brought you the Bolshevik revolution in Russia... the usual suspects.

We come now to a turning point. The time is very near where we are either forced into a clash of civilizations (whites vs. Africans) or we prepare to go quietly into the night. The way things are being pushed with such fanatic absurdity I often speculate on whether those who are scripting this show aren't trying to create some sort of backlash. If the white man can't collectively decide he has been pushed too far and push back we pretty much deserve our fate. If we do finally realize that there has been a war waged against us for at least a century it will not go well for whomever we perceive to be our enemies.

rent slave said...

Line should read:"Little more than Africa,Mexico,and Damascus.'

Eddie in St. Louis said...

YES, WE CAN! (kill nigga-ball) After all, we are doing Black Players a favor. When the career is over and the Taxman gets his money, after the Bentley has been repo'd and the Entourage is gone because they're broke. When the multiple Baby Mommas are looking for cash, they might as well have stayed a Hood Rat.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how brainwashed I was.
I'm awake now.

Brian in Ohio said...

We can only hope that the NFL decides to "turn its life around".

You know what happens then....

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

"Polls taken during World War II indicated the majority of Americans identified "the uncontrolled negro" as "a greater danger to the nation" than "a Jap soldier" (at least until 1944) and more dangerous than "a Nazi"... throughout the entire war!"

Too bad we didn't act on this

Anonymous said...

This means that white people are starting to practice what they preach! It might also mean that most football games are yawners as you mentioned. If we can start to empty stadiums of white people, then something good came of this. Blacks have degenerated for years! This degeneration is nobody's fault other than black men and women who have chosen to be slaves to the government that gives them just enough food to live, and a roof over their head, and their bucks sell drugs and commits crimes for gain. This is the violent life they chose. Not too much different than in the Congo and Haiti. Negroes are stupid here, and stupid over there as well!

Mr Didndu Nuffn said...

Ratings down for a second straight week. Gee, what could it possibly be? Typical media, blame it on everything except negro players trashing the national anthem. They (including the media) deserve everything they get.

Cheeseman, Detoilet said...

Oh how I love diversity. To think I once thought Seattle was an alternative
to the hell hole I reside (can't call this living) in now.


NY Girl said...

Today's opiate is Brangelina. But she's adopted a freakin' Benetton ad, so it's all good.

But in more optimistic news, a couple more Dindus with Oppositional Defiance Disorder learned the hard way that not listening has negative consequences. So it really is all good!

Jim Christian said...

The Negro Football League, going the way of the Nothing But Africans basketball league. Besides, at 4 hours a game with all the commercial opportunities, who has time for all this? A game used to run 1:05 to roughly 3:30 in the afternoon. it's pushing 4hours and more with overtime with reviews and commercials before and after every kickoff, punt, first down, before and after extra points even, it's maddening (pardon the pun) to even watch. Actually, unwatchable. I watch the Pats because I'm in Boston, but the rest of em? Never anymore, not for ages, because: commercials.

Now? The new Black politics are repulsive. I'm sick of it. The NFL could have told these guys we're private industry, this doesn't look good, you have to do this on your own time. Do it again, you'll be suspended 4 games, no pay, do it again, you lose a year because this is bad for the game. You'd see how fast all this goes away. These folks will carry their politics all the way up to the point that they don't make it up to the paymaster. Force them to put their money where their big fat mouths are, you'd see, all this comes to a screeching halt. And the NFL could have done it without penalty and gained back some of the respect *I* lost for them when they bowed to feminism and dressed the players in pink all through October, not to mention the dumb-assed blondes on the sidelines pretending to be sportscasters only because:feminism. They're idiots because they shit all over their customers, White males. The ones with money, the ones that USED to buy their shitty jerseys and knick-knacks.

They shit all over the White Male, they ought to lose the White male, and maybe, finally, they are, a little. It's the Fantasy Football Faggots that are keeping the ratings up now, degenerate gamblers that THEY are. Idiots.

Mr. Clean said...

Ambrose Kane said...I hope their ratings continue to drop. I don't mean to personally condemn those who closely follow football and other negro-dominated sports but, seriously, we as Whites have got to start weaning ourselves from this stuff.

Or suggest/establish/promote YT (or at least non-negro) football, officially, de facto, or otherwise. Separatism.

Unlike most other sports, I would actually watch football. But I fell away from this crap years ago, and apparently, it is significantly worse now.

Jim Christian said...

Anonymous, good catch there. I was wondering the same. I may be wrong, but I believe the Tulsa shooting gets a pass because:feminism. White women own the world now, perhaps they get to kill Blacks, no problem. Maybe we should just give the White Female cops like this Betty Shelby a license to gun Blacks when these morons get out of hand. She dropped that guy and "Down Goes Frazier!". Not a peep out of Tulsa since. Maybe Blacks are under tighter control than in Charlotte, or, maybe Tulsa paid the family off so fast and gave so much there was no problem? Also, maybe White women cops can kill criminal Black males because White women are the primary victims of Black male-on-White crime. It surely is a philosophy White Female-dominated America can get behind.

Odd juxtaposition there. White male cops kills Blacks, problem. White Chick cop kills Blacks, NO problem!

Anonymous said...

"Ugly ass mufuggaz. Yeah dey shot my mufukkken daddy den dey tazed hims azzzzzz. He ain't got no mufffuggggen gun ya beyotches pigs ass oooogaaaa boooooogggaaaaa chimp chimp chimp bix nood."


These wretched black whore welfare queens are always ready to "beat some mufuggen ass."

In the good old days, this back bitch would have been beaten down and had her teeth kicked in, never to chimp again.

Anonymous said...

"Prepare yourselves, your family and your friends, for a dangerously toxic, racially inspired, coordinated Democrat use of racism to drive an election. The scope of what is coming has never before been witnessed in our lifetimes."



SC Native said...

Negro Fatigue Legions

Pat Boyle said...

I'm looking for a new blog in which to post my occasional comments. When I started posting comment here this blog was much different. It is less congenial now to my kind of remarks. So I'm looking for a new home base.

I used to post to Steve Sailer's blog for years. Then I switched to here.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

"Polls taken during World War II indicated the majority of Americans identified "the uncontrolled negro" as "a greater danger to the nation" than "a Jap soldier" (at least until 1944) and more dangerous than "a Nazi"... throughout the entire war!"

What is the source for this? I'm not disputing what is being said, but would like to see more.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I consider you one of the more erudite commenters here. I'll work to keep comments that attack you personally from being posted (only those that debate with your points in a civil manner).

Anonymous said...

FWIW, you can email the league at


Anonymous said...

I never did understand why so many White people enjoyed watching negroes get paid millions to play a kid's game with a ball. I remember being 10 yrs old and just naturally being irritated by it. My uncles were those assholes that paint themselves the team colors and sit shirtless in January tomcheer for their negroes. They wasted thousands of dollars on season tickets and junk with their negroe team's logo was EVERYWHERE in their houses.

As a child i enjoyed pro wrestling, primarily because the top stars and champions were nearly all White. This has changed over the last 20 years or so, so I no longer watch pro wrestling, or when I do I watch old WWF and NWA 80's matches or early 90's. I started noticing the shows getting blacker and blacker so I just stopped watching it. And i would just watch it on tv, I would never dress up inna costume and waste thousands on ring-side seats.

When I see these rabid Negroe Felon League fans I just see overgrown children. Imagine if they spent the time and money they waste on the Negroe Felon League and used it to teach their kids how to do basic mechanical repairs, or plumbing, or self-defense, or learning a foreign language, or piano, or even gardening. Instead of just sitting there gettng fatter drinking beer and ignoring your kids while you cheer for negroes that are being paid 100 years of your salary each year so they can play with a fucking ball.

Anonymous said...

Desperation sets in...


Cederq said...

Pat, start you own rag blog and you can post any damn thing you want and spam any comment that upsets your delicate disposition...

moondoggie said...

I read this blog every single day. I have not commented for several years. Although some of your comments are kind of out there, I enjoy reading your insight into things. Your comments are thought provoking and give me pause to think about what you have said. I look forward to your commentary. Please keep going. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that most of the 11% simply switched to ESPN2 or vowed to "only watch college football" henceforward.

Anonymous said...

I loved the NFL when I was a child. Then I got too busy to pay much attention as an adult, but I still loved the NFL.

Now, f*ck the NFL. They can get me back as a fan if they completely expunge guys like Kaepernick and his ilk. Obviously, they won't because "fear-of-blacks-rioting" syndrome exists.

The Engineer

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

NFL = Negro Fatigue L_____?

Any suggestions?

September 20, 2016 at 8:19 PM

Negro Fatigue Legion?


And a brief Q&A that can be answered by the acronym of NFL:

Will any of us ever tune in to watch the feetsball again?

Not Fucking Likely

Should welfare be abolished?

No Free Lunch

Can this house divided continue to stand?

Not For Long

Anonymous said...


Eddie in St. Louis said...

Pat Boyle please hang in here. you're entitled to your opinion and I respect it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, I think this site just posts some comments and drops others. Anytime I speak in anger about the Negro, those posts usually don't make it through. You can comment on True News USA about anything and put it anyway you want. People are usually chided for NOT using the "N" word.

What I don 't understand about this blog is that sometimes the N word is allowed, and what I would consider pretty tough language is allowed, so I must admit I don't think I understand PK's rules.

The differences between the blogs: True News USA is mostly tongue in cheek; but there are serious posts as well. Most of the posts on this blog are more cerebral than the others, therefore, I can't imagine what you said that your posts were not getting printed.

Personally, I don't care if PK prints this or not, I just note in my head that it was not printed.

What I am about to say, some may not like, but I think many of the people on this site wallow in their own anger and don't suggest any solutions to the Negro problem.
I think a well balanced blog would give examples of fixing the problem. However, PK did suggest that not watching NFL Football would be one way to kick back against Negroes. I would agree with him on that point!

Bottom line: if you want unfettered ability to blast out F bombs and tell the Negro what you truly think of him, then True News USA would be your home. It has about 20000 to 25000 hits per day worldwide, and it is a blast reading the comments. I actually look at several blogs other than SPBDL.

Detroit Refugee said...

Tuning out the NFL is extremely easy for me.
You can count on one hand the number if games I've actually watched start to finish on TV.
We did however, watch the Chimp-Out last night at work. Thank you FoMoCo for the brand new computer!! Since Ford values a Diverse and Multicultural workplace, our comments toed the party line. In private, your guys spoke the exact opposite.

Anonymous said...

Please Pat Boyle, stick around. You are one of the reasons I enjoy reading here.

Anonymous said...

Calypso Louie waits patiently for the mothership with rims and spinners:


Anonymous said...

More info on the poor innocent black motorist mercilessly gunned down in OK:


Mr Didndu Nuffn said...

This is off topic but should be shared with y'all. Misleading title- what it really means is more appeasment and kissing black @ss. Not a bad idea though.


Anonymous said...

The "negro problem" isn't going anywhere.
It will be used to usher in the global neo-Babel hivemind system.
Deplorables who don't fit in with Bolshevik groupthink will be eliminated.
Inferior races loves socialism and the precious equality because they couldn't compete otherwise.

"Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal." ~
Friedrich Nietzsche

Anonymous said...

Steve "wrong answer" Harvey denies being involved in NASCAR racial discrimination lawsuit:


Anonymous said...

Yes we can:


Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle said ”I'm looking for a new blog in which to post my occasional comments. When I started posting comment here this blog was much different. It is less congenial now to my kind of remarks. So I'm looking for a new home base.

I used to post to Steve Sailer's blog for years. Then I switched to here.

Any suggestions?”

Pat, this is the only blog that I read daily and one of three blogs that I read regularly. I read with interest each and every comment that you post although I don't necessarily agree with all of them. I certainly can't tell you where to post comments, but I can say that your absence would lower the quality of the comment section of this blog. I honestly hope that you stick around.

Anonymous said...

I clicked the linky-thingy that PK embedded in the post and read through some of the comments. Most of them aren't leaning our way in terms of certain realities. Dey wants da feetsball, lawdy, lawdy, just without the protests and PC. Some commenters pointed out the the lack of personality in the broadcast booth, while others mentioned the across the board ratings drop as things become more balkanized out there in TV-Land. I saw a few glaring examples of idiocy, such as a comment where someone couldn't believe people were tuning out of the game because of the national anthem flap, and deciding to pass on the "three hours that mattered."

Sorry to bust your little red wagon there, Sparky, but the NFL needs viewership in order to justify the broadcast rights fees and advertising rates they charge. Lower viewership equals lower broadcast and ad revenue. The players could make their political statements off the field . . . but talk is cheap. If they really felt so strongly about it, they could go on strike, or donate some of their salaries if that would make them sleep a little better at night. They could even maybe do a PSA spot and TRY to clue some of their tribesmen in on certain street realities . . . such as how to behave during an encounter with the cops, for instance. Of course, that would require a little more effort and commitment on their part, and we know the stats on that score, don't we sports fans?

Remember Natalie Maines? The lead singer of the Dixie Chicks who made her remarks about being ashamed she was from the same state as George W. Bush? How'd that work out for them? If you are a public figure, you have all kinds of media access, willing or not. Anything you say gets picked up and broadcast. How about Sinead O'Connor's little stunt on Saturday Night Live? You're free to express your opinion . . . but you also you have to recognize that not everybody is gonna agree with it.
If the court of public opinion is on your side, okay, you got to spout off a little and raise awareness about whatever. Bear in mind, your income is dependent on the good-will of the public at large and if you piss off the people paying your freight, you better have a plan B.

Anonymous said...

I have shown my kids how to have a sports conversation without ever watching a game and it's really not that hard because die hard fans will do most of the talking. My oldest checks the scores before work because sports talk is necessary for his job. Lots of good whites have to talk sports to keep their jobs but you don't have to watch them or buy so much as a bag of hotdog buns to support sports. I like to slip in comments about how I prefer the suits and ties on the sidelines years back to those long braid things and tattoos you see now. Everybody agrees and I hope some of them watch the game less happily with my comments in mind. It's a delicate business to keep your job and open eyes to our race problem.

Anonymous said...

Brian in Ohio said...
We can only hope that the NFL decides to "turn its life around".

Ha Ha! The NFL is a good league. It dindu nuffin!


Anonymous said...

OT but went over to FN blog and he's blocking comments after getting his ass whupped about the two useless criminals that got shot recently. Quite frankly, as long as Blacks keep supporting scum, I'll keep supporting the Cops that kill them.

Brian in Ohio said...

Jim Christian said...
Anonymous, good catch there. I was wondering the same. I may be wrong, but I believe the Tulsa shooting gets a pass because:feminism. White women own the world now, perhaps they get to kill Blacks, no problem. Maybe we should just give the White Female cops like this Betty Shelby a license to gun Blacks when these morons get out of hand. She dropped that guy and "Down Goes Frazier!". Not a peep out of Tulsa since.

Yeah, I figured something was up when I saw the officers face plastered all over the MSM immediately after the shooting. You NEVER see that. But she is a woman, so feminism.

Her vagina might actually save her from being Darren Wilson`d. And the fact that she is a woman might save Tulsa from a chimpout.

In my opinion, from her picture, she looks much too friendly to be a police officer.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Here in Cleveland we are witnessing TNB from the entire Browns management.
The idiotic owner hired a "genius" black general manger, who was previously a public housing manager among other things. He promprtly hire all black head coaches and assistant coaches. They then hired a washed up darkie QB. Robert Griffin, or RGIII as the wacko sports talk guys call him. The scouts wanted them to draft a white
qb. They didn't and they faced Carson Wendt, who the scouts wanted, in the first game. Wendt looked great and beat them the first game. RGIII who was famous for injuries, didn't finish the first game.He is out for at least 10-12 weeks. After the game the darkie head coach was talking the black talk, "I guarantee the fans will love me, we are gonna win big" After a loss, this guy has done nothing.

The next week the backup white QB. who is actually pretty good, got injured and now they are on their third QB. I hope they lose every game, which a lot of people are predicting.


Anonymous said...

If i were a celebrity and depended on the public liking me to earn my fortune I would NEVER reveal my opinions on ANYTHING political in any way.

But then again i'm not an 80 IQ homie who is unable to understand consequences.

Anonymous said...

O/T but I noticed that P.K. keeps blog links on the right side of the screen and wondered if any of you have taken the next step and started your own blog. The reason I bring this up, is that people go searching for answers to taboo questions. The more sites that they come across championing realist views the more they can realize that they are not alone in their search for the actual truth when it comes to race.

I was going to hoard this list of topics to myself (took me all of a minute to brainstorm) but I realize that we are in desperate times and more alt-right voices need to be broadcast and heard to help reach those whites who are still redeemable. I must also note that P.K. has probably covered all of these topics and then some, but if you plan on starting a blog I would like to know your extended thoughts and experiences on the following topics:

The grievance totem pole

Conflicting coalitions- Muslims, blacks and WOMEN?

The common enemy that is the white man, source of all the world's evils

The tribal nature of blacks that trumps EVERYTHING

Anti-violence marches etc.

No snitching policy that shows little value for black lives

The inability to obey police commands

The N word in music and how it keeps other races from being able to sing along

How money solves all problems (even death) in the black community

Mulattoes who were paid for and raised by white parents but then identify as black

Blocking freeways as they see fit

Kneeling for anthem, disrespect of the American flag

Assassinating cops

Deceit in every aspect of their lives

How they destroy the very schools that are given to them for a FREE education

Lack of parenting, particularly black men who abandon women for "better things"

Affirmative action and all the fallout that comes with it

Anti-social personality disorder

White guilt and how to exploit it for maximum effect

The experiences of good Samaritans in the black community

Black environmentalists (haha)

Black animal activists (again, never heard of one)

Tipping and how it is a gauge of compassion, empathy, and civility

"Shots Rang Out" and other phrases that strip the negro of accountability

"If a white person did it they would be in jail"

The misconception that white people want to touch black women's "hair" (gross)



Illegal firearms among blacks

History of black riots, reasons behind them

How they are screwed when Latinos become the major demographic- no white guilt

Rampant theft of anything and everything that they can get their hands on

Lack of diversity in NBA and other sports

What blacks think about gays

The vulgar slang language that has come to be known as "Ebonics" (lazy baby talk)

How they strive daily to meet all of their worst sterotypes

Their utter hypocrisy on nearly every subject imaginable

Their preference for white women over black women- self hatred

How so many of them have outstanding warrants and are always skirting the law

How loud and rude they are in public

Their version of Christianity - you need to yell and make a spectacle of yourself

How they spend more money on rims or a speaker system than the car itself

The percentage of the "non-vital" government workforce

Their smell

How they treat non-white races


Stories from section 8 landlords

I ran out of paper and decided to stop there, but as you can see their differences in behavior are almost limitless. Hopefully this helps and can get more of you writing and exposing other whites to the utter fraud that is diversity and egalitarianism when black people are involved in the mix.


Valkyrie said...

Anon 8:19 pm
how about Negro FAILURE league?

Jimh said...

NFL = Negro Fatigue & Lassitude

FD 80215 said...

I have a suggestion. Keep writing right here Pat, love your stuff. I don't comment much but I'm here everyday. Now check out the Nation of Islam leader who is urging blacks to stop spending their money in Charlotte. Caught a video of it on Yahoo. It's good for a serious laugh. They is gonna stick it to da man.

Anonymous said...

Why has this blog become less congenial?

Anonymous said...

Pat - Please don't leave. You are the only reason I visit this blog. Your comments are always so insightful. I just wish they were much longer.

The Umpire said...

Speaking of football, did y' all see a trailer for "Concussion," with Will Smith?
The Cult of the Magic Negro has so many weapons: the media; the press; TV shows;
music; clergy; the government (federal, state and local); K-12 schools; colleges
and universities; gullible, naïve, thick-as-a-brick, credulous, unquestioning,
know-it-all, clueless, indoctrinated, blind, brainwashed, shallow sheeple
brainwashing each other, acting like de facto evangelists for their politically
correct cult (i.e., the blind leading the blind).

Last but not least, the sheeple are brainwashed through movies. In this case, a
magic-Nigerian negro comes to America and forces the defensive, reactionary,
secretive, white-male-lead N.F.L. to stop covering up and acknowledge his
magic-negro revelation--that....that....wait for it....that....

DR. NIGERIA: "Repetitive head trauma chokes the brain." Uh, it does?

WHITE DUDE'S VOICE: "Drop it, or they'll be doing your autopsy, Mr. Omalu."

Yeah, there they go again--DOCTOR Magic Negro! It makes me extra suspicious about
DOCTOR Ben Carson running for President. Think about it: with all the debates he
was in, with all the media coverage he received, the Cult of the Magic Negro now
had even more opportunities to brainwash the sheeple with DOCTOR Carson or
DOCTOR Ben Carson, the brilliant pediatric neurosurgeon from John Hopkins (e.g., debate moderators asking, "Doctor Carson, how do you respond?").

Hmmm, then again, maybe we should cut the powers that be some slack: maybe they're
just pandering to whiny, black-American lobbying. After all, 30 years ago, when
Bill Cosby (a.k.a. DOCTOR Cliff Huxtable) was the King of the Family Friendly Hill,
he was causing a rumble with his grumble. What grumble? That he was none-too happy
--despite his very own magic-negro-propaganda show--about the way blacks were
being portrayed by Hollywood! Yeah, there y' go--the sheeple need to see more
magic negros like...like...wait for it...like....BILL COSBY! Uh, not the REAL
Bill Cosby of course, but the fake one (i.e., DOCTOR Obstetrician). Once again,
style ahead of substance.

DR. NIGERIA: "Tell the truth. Tell the truth!"

Uh, ALL the truth? Like the truth about Venus and Serena Williams?

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Please Pat Boyle, stick around. You are one of the reasons I enjoy reading here.

Ditto here, Pat. I enjoy the comments from many of our bloggers here. I don´t always agree with Pat, or for that matter, anyone. We all have our own framework of survival. The big things we can all agree on. Let´s list them:

1) If you find yourself in proximity of the negro, move. Take note of the exits, weapons readily at your disposal (that would include car keys), anything that can be turned into a weapon (when purchasing a bottle of wine or beer at a convenience store, it can quickly become a deadly weapon). In short, be smart, be aware.

2) A negro moving into your building, block, neighborhood, is NEVER a good thing. Start rethinking your options, moving, selling, subleasing, anything that will remove the cancer from your presence.

3) When driving through a known negro area, lock the car doors and make note of where your cell phone is, along with the nearest po po station.

4) When visiting a doctor, dentist, dermatologist, etc. for the first time, pull the doctor, hygienist up online. Study the photos. You´ll know what to do or what not to do as the case may be.

5) Recognize that whenever you unavoidably interact with a negro, a cost/benefit analysis must be done. For example, is there another non-negro cashier? What is the likelihood of this negro causing me harm or at the least, frustration and inconvenience? Plan accordingly.

It should go without saying that we should all turn off the boob tube. It is a 24/7 brainwashing expedition. I cannot stand watching the negroes in tv commercials, smirking at the idiot whites who cannot manage to put their shoes on correctly in the morning while getting dressed.

Lastly, some of my posts don´t get posted. Often times it is because I am late, and Paul has already started a new story. There have been a few times when I have ranted off the charts about (((our allies in the Middle East))). I have said a few things I am not proud of, but firmly believe in my heart anyways. I will spare you all of sharing those thoughts (as well as the very real possibility Paul won´t publish it). I got banned from Infowars, Michael Snyder´s Economic Collapse, and Kunstler´s site. I try not to take any of it too personally.

I was posting on RT the other day and noticed some self described young people discussed having their posts limited or not posted at all on foreign sites. They hinted at it being our NSA friends or some such. I don´t know, but lately I have been unable to post my comments on the Daily Mail. Seems there are quite a few of us ¨deplorables¨ whose voices the PTB wish not to be heard. Colin Flaherty had his Youtube account ¨suspended¨. We indeed live in interesting times when the truth is shut down and propaganda and lies reign supreme.

Anonymous said...

Here's another savage demon here-is this a negro? He looks like it, and the crime will shock you, even when you know what these monsters are capable of: http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2016/09/21/suspect-in-quadruple-murder-served-16-years-in-prison-for-killing-pregnant-wife/

Janie In Detroit said...

Pat Boyle,

Don't go anywhere please, I really enjoy your comments and always look forward to reading them. My all time favorite was when you said "we should "kill that baby" (reference the mudslime off spring of the San Bernardino mudslime murderers)! That was spot on and classic...some people are assholes, just ignore them and keep coming back!

Anonymous said...

To Pat, gee, your comments are the ones I look forward to. Remarkable insights on many levels. Don't look for another outlet. We really do need you right here. Respect and best from Detroit to Oakland.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Got to agree with moondoggie. No matter what site you might switch to, there's always going to be those...deplorables!
Oops, I forgot. Proud to be Deplorable. Vote Trump!
(Really though, stick around.)


Anonymous said...

So the two most recent events these ghetto martyrs are screaming about have already been shown to be more of the same crap as the Ferguson hoax.

Dead felon number one was indeed armed and a threat, and poor martyr number DIID NOT have his hands up begging po po not to shoot. Both kills appear like textbook cases of criminals earning the Darwin Award, 2016. No tears for either of these violent, lawless men.

Anonymous said...

Mass. High Court: Blacks Have Special Right To Run From Cops


Black men may have a legitimate reason to flee Boston police during investigatory or “Terry” stops, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Tuesday.

The court found that systemic racism in the Boston Police Department may be considered in conjunction with a suspect’s decision to flee from police during a stop.

Anonymous said...

Stuck in Mississippi says...

Pat Boyle, I like your thought-provoking posts and have learned a lot from reading your comments. Please stay.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please stick around Pat Boyle. The comment section would be poorer without you...

Anonymous said...

Well, the idiots in Charlotte managed to find a way for one to shoot and kill another one, so now the city is finally getting serious with them, rubber bullets and riot gear and arresting them.

What a joke these creatures are, can't even go 24 hours into their ranting about police shooting one of them without showing us why police have to shoot them.

I just hope these things wake more Americans up.

Pat Boyle said...

Several people asked me to stay and no one had a suggestion for another blog I could frequent. So it would be impolite if I were to quit now.

I wasn't upset because of something someone said to me. I'm a bit tougher than that. Rather the opposite. When I post remarks elsewhere I usually get insulted. I'm treated better and with more civility on this blog than just about anywhere else.

I was afraid of getting stale. I don't want to repeat myself. That was why I quit Sailer's blog. I was beginning to bore myself.

At this very moment I'm watching the Charlotte riot on TV. Very amusing. I enjoy this kind of 'reality television'. I enjoy it, the blacks enjoy it, and the cops get overtime. So I guess we will see more of these types of events in the future.


Anonymous said...

A Brief for Whitey:


Ex New Yorker said...

Pat Boyle....Hey man, hang in there. This is still the best site on the net. I like your post. Sometimes you say something that I don't 100 percent agree with, but so what. I'm sure I've made comments that you may not have agreed with. Freedom of speech is what is important. I am always open to new ideas with a different perspective. We are all in this together. Truth has no limits or rules. I consider the commenters on this blog as family and still miss some of the old timers. I'm just hoping you won't become one of them.

Anonymous said...

Spooks doing a good job for Trump. Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

from link,

NFL football is the greatest show on earth. TV ratings are down in general.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Pat, maybe make some more videos? Those were great. Yes it's getting crazy here in NC. But since so many liberal transplants have moved here, and proceeded to tell us locals that we're backwards etc, I can't help but love watching their worst nightmares come true.

Get your popcorn, guns, ammo, and food/water ready folks. God Bless.

NC Guy

James Bold said...

"I wasn't upset because of something someone said to me. I'm a bit tougher than that. Rather the opposite. When I post remarks elsewhere I usually get insulted. I'm treated better and with more civility on this blog than just about anywhere else.

I was afraid of getting stale. I don't want to repeat myself. That was why I quit Sailer's blog. I was beginning to bore myself."

Why didn't you say so?  Pat, come troll the Field Negro blog with me!  The amount of sheer stupid has to be seen to be believed, and I'm sure you'll get as many belly-laughs as I do.  The allergies those clowns have to unwelcome facts cause the most amazing reactions, like SJWs only more so.

You probably want to adopt a pseudonym, though.  There'd be a significant likelihood of being doxxed otherwise.

Racoon said...

Pat, you are a beacon shining through stained glass in this blog.

We all need cogent facts repeated from time to time, and although you may feel that you are getting "stale" repeating the same incontrovertible truths regarding TNB, just remember there are newly awakened curious who just might come here and see those truths so eloquently explained in a non-biased manner for the first time, and have their awakening vindicated by the evidence.

Soldier on!

Anonymous said...

Three years ago an article was written predicting the NFL to be bankrupt within 5 years, they pointed the finger at the public's loss of interest due to the violence of football. Boycott football at all levels, from peewees to college to "pro". It's our racial obligation.

Anonymous said...

Good, good job. Now get to your local gun range and drill drill drill.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle- I enjoy your comments, sometimes agree sometimes not, but keep posting.


oogabooga said...

You're great Pat. A bit pretentious, but great otherwise. And silly!

Anonymous said...

I recall talking to a young woman I met at college who was South African. She was the first person I had met who felt a physical loathing for blacks. She had been harassed and pushed around by black goons and it showed. She told me in SA , during times of political strife ( which meant almost all the time ) ANC thugs would accost other blacks on the street and ask if they were ANC; if not, death. Just like that.
This is the reality of third world politics. This is where we are headed. In Minnesota the Somali goon was asking people if they were muslim or not. If not, in goes the knife. People who watch too much TeeVee should talk to a few people who have lived, and likely fled, the third world. What we call terrorism they would call politics.
All I can say is that if this constant mayhem is to your liking you will do just fine in the new America.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Kinda ironic that a 64 year old Baltimore resident was beaten and robbed by a group of feral black "teens" while sitting on a park bench reading a book, yet none of the mainstream media coverage. Blacks consistently test poorly in reading, and math, and no matter how you tweak the curriculum, and the technique, they still fail. The very thought this latest negro rallying hero was sitting in a car reading is laughable. Despite their inherent dishonesty, blacks are terrible liars. Like the clown in Bait Car, who tries to convince police he was taking car to keep it from being stolen! Even when video evidence proves otherwise. Of course, this guy did have brain damage from a bike accident, so maybe that made him an idiot savant, with super negro reading abilities.

Brian in Ohio said...

Pat, glad your sticking around. I love your stories from your social worker days.

A book! This one had a book! God they are terrible liars.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Marc B said...

We've hit peak NFL. It's going to be a slow trickle away from big time football, so it won't take too long for the same people sick of pro football to connect-the-dots and understand the role coaches, boosters and administrators in NCAA Div. 1 ball play in facilitating on-campus thuggery.